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  1. The big Oxfam thread

    Exactly, the charities changed but the press didn't pick up on it. Now they have they're acting like a bunch of wolves tearing their victim to shreds. Their highly paid executives need to face down the bullying press and start leading their organisations and to do what they were set up for. Mind you they do need to put more effort into resolving the main issue that I see as corruption and population growth, not putting sticking plasters on the symptoms.
  2. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I see it as a result of the structural changes that have happened to our society during my lifetime. The traditional roles of men and women are no longer relevant to our patterns of life. Technology has changed work. Heavy manual work, that men are more biologically suited to than women, has been transformed. A heavy goods vehicle for example that 60 years ago needed physical strength to drive is now just as easy to drive as a car, power steering, power brakes, sat nav. So women are no longer constrained by the their lack of upper body strength compared to men and can do the jobs that were mainly done by men in the past. Men now work in offices where pressing a key on a keyboard doesn't require physical strength. To me biological determinism is a strong factor in life. Each sex is different we exhibit different personality traits and each sex have different strengths and weaknesses, obviously there is an overlap but the averages show clear differences. With the lessening of clearly defined roles we become confused and the boundaries become blurred. No wonder that men start to act like women and women start to act like men.
  3. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    These women have everything a man could want, muscles, moustache, hairy chest!!
  4. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    For fucks sake, just be yourself.
  5. The big Oxfam thread

    I disagree, I'm glad some are now starting to stand up to the howls of protest from the press and show some backbone and leadership. The complaint in itself was not that big a deal. Charities becoming self serving entities for their senior executives is the problem, it didn't just happen but the press made little mention of it. The press and twatterati acting like a bunch of bullies annoys me. Where were the investigative journalists when Charities started lining their own pockets?
  6. Center Parcs

    Funnily enough I think exactly the same. Centre Parcs off the list of my holiday destinations then. I know of a same sex couple who both had a baby each after they married, from artificial insemination. There was gossip that it was from the same father. I don't know and don't want to know how these things work, if its possible or true. I just feel such disquiet for how the children will grow up, they're both boys, without a father. Two mothers doesn't seem a good idea. I understand that sometimes circumstances will arise where children are brought up without a father, but in the past these tended to be exceptions. I understand it is far more common now and it seems to be expected that the conventional family of mother, father and children will be the exception. A brave new world. How then did our society evolve and survive so long unless that was the most suitable family group. Other groupings have existed, and some probably still do, but from what I have read they became anthropological dead ends. Is it that our technological advancements remove the need for the conventional family grouping that I grew up with?
  7. Steptoe spied for Czech secret police & Soviet Union

    I doubt spying is glamorous and exiting like the James Bond image, I prefer the style of John Le Carre, people leading mundane lives passing on snippets that have little relevance and are only meaningful as part of a much bigger picture. For example the unit an individual soldier captured during a war is from. In itself fairly unimportant until a strategist pieces together the units other captured men are from and then works out the enemies overall strategy from the way they have assembled their forces. Steptoe probably had the arrogance of youth that convinced him that his political views were right and that he would make life better for our country. We should know by now that economies are too complex to work under central command apart from very short periods when there is a clearly defined objective, war time. Some politicians know better of course! What I find objectionable is the way most politicians lack conviction, the policies they support seem to be governed by expediency and self interest. Even if they start out with the highest ideals the world of politics soon renders them impotent and they succumb to short term pressures.
  8. never tell me ive no option

    Rule 4. Never let your children do anything that will make you dislike them.. JP had this covered.
  9. Jordan Peterson

    I was going to order mine from Amazon. I'd checked the price, it was £13.60. When I went to order it for some reason the price had gone up to £16.00. Not a lot more but WH Smith still had it at £13.60 so I got it from them. I've just looked now and Amazon's price is back to £13.60. perversely the paper back version is £36.42!
  10. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    Cause or effect?
  11. The big Oxfam thread

    Charity begins at home. To salve my conscience about being a selfish cunt, I buy a lottery ticket. The Direct Debit I pay it by makes up the two DDs I need to qualify me for the interest rate on the current account it is paid from. So its not a totally unnecessary expense.
  12. Jordan Peterson

    Some startling but so obvious observations once you've read a chapter and they've been pointed out. I wonder why I never realised them so lucidly before. And I've been very introspective and self analytical. I've only read the first three rules so far. Over the last three days I've read a chapter each morning and then digested the contents throughout the day.
  13. Kids and cars

    The obvious point is the appalling lane discipline displayed by the majority of drivers in the clip. I was thinking of getting a dash cam, I think I better not the footage could incriminate me.
  14. Its finding if the advisors deliberately misled. There is so much legislation to try and curb these abuses. Take out a financial services product and tsee the reams of paper produced to ensure that you are given "best advice", the reams for "know your customer". The legislation is there, but people are still cheated.
  15. Islamification of Europe

    That's where I think the present course will take us. I read some time ago an intelligence analyst seeing civil war as an inevitable outcome. He said he couldn't predict the event horizon. So civil war is inevitable but not known when it will occur. I agree with your analysis that there is no organised "right wing". If the present trend continues a leader will emerge and the consequences will be devastating for our country and maybe Europe. To temper that view I do think we tend to underestimate the actions of the authorities to curb Islamic extremism. Whether the authorities are doing enough I have no idea.