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  1. Until the revolution. That only arrives after our bellies are empty and we have nothing to lose. Bread and circuses keep us happy and allow us to grumble to our hearts content.
  2. The USA is an example of how immigration overwhelms the indigenous population. It becomes an invasion. In this instance the country became far more prosperous and the incomers improved their lives immeasurably, at the cost of the native Indians who weren't able to adapt and wanted to retain their own way of life. Some argue that the sustainable native way of life was better than modern civilization. Most of us prefer our modern day conveniences. It is the Anglosphere that those from the rest of the world seek live. The average person leads a more comfortable life in our developed lands.
  3. And not forgetting that there is legal immigration and illegal immigration. There is a tendency to conflate the two types. The container deaths of Vietnamese were not legal immigrants. Their deaths were directly attributable to those facilitating illegal immigration.
  4. Our sat-nav took us on a route through Leicester a year or so ago. We drove through at school leaving time, about 15:00 -16:00 ish. It was very noticeable that most of the children in the suburb we drove through were of asian ethnicity, Indian, Pakistani, mostly. From what we noticed a large number were wearing Sikh turbans. Obviously the major employers in the textile industries would have encouraged their arrival in the mid 20th century. The attraction for the employers was lower wages for their workforce and for the new arrivals a better standard of living and quality of life compared
  5. A local company advertised for a handyman. One chap came along for the interview. Q. how are you basic carpentry skills, A. non existent. Q. electrical wiring, A. not a clue. Q. decorating A. appalling Q. Minor repairs A. hopeless Why have you come for a job as a handyman. I live just round the corner.
  6. You need good eyesight and a steady hand. Easier to find one on here: https://bhi.co.uk/repairer/
  7. A fourth viewing today, and an offer has been made. Asking price less 2% of our reduced price, wife is over the moon. Our agent tells us he has nothing to sell and is ready to go. I'm now contemplating all the work I'll have to do, clearing clutter, emptying the garage...... We'll now have to start looking in earnest for our next, probably last home.
  8. Are the items mentioned exactly the same or are they cheaper copies made with lower grade materials? I recall there were issues with car parts sourced from India or China that were made with lower grade materials that might fail in service and not have the longevity of OEM components. Probably not important if its a hair clipper, would be more of a problem with automotive or with aircraft components.
  9. Perhaps the country would run better if politicians didn't interfere so much. We should look for leaders like Napoleon's favourite generals, competent but lazy. They won't do anything until it really has to be done., As opposed to what we seem to have, incompetent and industrious.
  10. There is no question that our bodies change as we age. Medcram update 65 talks about oxidative stress. Oversimplifying the presentation Covid-19 blocks a pathway that reduces the production of super oxides in the body. The presence of super oxides causes inflammation and other unwanted effects. One of the causes of an increase in super oxidation is aging.
  11. There was a book written in the 1950s by a Russian author. Lolita by Nabokov
  12. Agree totally with you. She looks ill to me. It's a very unflattering picture, the hair style and dress make her look very gaunt. She really needs to put on some more weight.
  13. That reminds me of when there were general elections in the UK when I was at primary school. Obviously 5 - 10 year olds had little if any idea of politics. I lived on a Council estate in Woking, most tenants were factory workers. In the weeks before a general election there would be groups of kids forming groups in the playground supporting either conservative or labour. The largest group were always chanting support for labour. I was always surprised that most general elections were won by the conservatives. The first labour government after 1945 -50 was Harold Wilsons in 1966.
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