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  1. Now I finally understand. There is a tweet that says: Barrister's Horse Retweeted Dan Salt @danieljohnsalt No to that deal No to no deal No to a deal Next up no to Brexit MPs are such pathetic liars, they think people don't know what they are doing when it's blindingly obvious. The saddest part is they think it's clever and subtle. They're embarrassing. 2:33 pm · 19 Oct 2019·Twitter for Android 121 Retweets 458 Likes
  2. Not quite, its letting others know what your opinion is that causes trouble. I've found
  3. I wonder what the Japanese think of our primitive toilets. The ones in Japan were technological marvels. Shame I couldn't understand the instructions in Kanji characters.
  4. Is it a big deal? I first saw/used squatting toilets in Italy in the 1950s. This was in North Italy and I think I even used one very near the Italian Swiss border.
  5. I feel that we are tremendously lucky to have be living in a Western capitalist democracy. It isn't perfect it has faults and there are inevitably differences of opinions about the political landscape and the direction we should take. All my life I have always had enough to eat, had good housing, good health care, been schooled, worked and lived in a safe environment with good amenities and infrastructure. I think we are very fortunate. I have two children, neither of whom chose to go to university, both were more than capable of attending and obtaining a degree. They both work and are enjoying the benefits of living in the UK. Neither seem to have suffered from the complaints some of the 30 and forty year old posters on here mention. My parents weren't rich, both worked all their lives, so I'm not from a privileged background. I accept that I grew up in the post war era so you may consider me one of the entitled boomers who benefitted from post war prosperity. I often make a similar statement as a preface to stating my opinions on current affairs. I am not complacent about the need to safeguard the country from potential dangers to its security that political changes could bring about. I fear that authoritarian policies are gaining traction and are leading to restrictions on the freedoms we accept as normal. I ask myself what can I do about my fears for the future. Then I take the easy cop out option that most of us do. How much of what we have is down to the stability and environment we were fortunate enough to live in and how much is due to the decisions we took? Generally I am thankful and think there but for the grace of God go I.
  6. Vandals, look at the damage they've caused to the moon's surface!
  7. From a quick skim read that is not what I voted for! Looks very much like BRINO.
  8. Which is why my post mentioned moving into index trackers. What point are you making about my concerns?
  9. Just like the Aral sea in central Asia.
  10. This article mentions desalination plants on the Mediterranean side:
  11. What about the Mediterranean side.
  12. I thought Israel had shown it could be done.
  13. I was speaking to a friend in the building industry yesterday. He remarked that those he knows in construction are still working flat out. Brickies are on £250 a day, and some are even paid by the brick. He reckons some he knows are working 3 days a week, once they've clocked up £1500 they finish for the week. Doesn't correspond with the anecdotes from others on here.
  14. Could be the Coolidge effect.