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  1. For now. They'll be back, also look at RIO mortgages.
  2. Exactly. That's a benefit of BTL you gear up your income. At today's low interest rates under £500 will repay the loan over 25 years. You should look at my next posts that give an indication of repayment mortgage instalments.
  3. a lot of lenders will allow a term up to when you reach 80 now. Interest will be under £100 a month. If yo want to pay it off over 10 years then the simple arithmetic works out at just over £400 a month. That would leave it a bit tight, although doable with a rental income of £500 a month. Repairs might cause negative cashflow from time to time. The house would be paid off for you at 65. When you could sell or receive all the income. That's if you wanted to look at it as a long term savings plan. Here's an online calculator where you can play around with different scenarios: Risky if you think prices might drop.
  4. I'm really curious about how therapeutic treatments are evolving for Covid-19. I don't see much reported by the broadcast media, unless it is about an experimental anti-viral treatment or "the vaccine". I don't self prescribe although I have found that GP's don't keep up to date with all treatments, unsurprisingly because it would leave them little time to see patients I suspect. When I suffered an asthma attack once the GP who attended my house call, yes it was a long time ago, prescribed prednisolone. When I asked my GP later he didn't seem to know about it. Also with the onset of BPH my research showed that Tadalafil relieved (ha ha) the symptoms. The GP I saw refused to prescribe it although the urologist he referred me to did prescribe it. It has a very pleasurable side effect btw .
  5. Widely available and other Corticosteroids are available. Research is inconclusive on Budesonide and Medcram reports that it is not as effective as others. Good news for you, and me, is that asthma sufferers have a lower risk of being seriously affected by Covid-19.
  6. There was a discussion about this on the radio yesterday afternoon. LBC Maajid Nawaz, a moderate muslim, stated that it was forbidden in the Qu'ran to use a place of worship from another religion as a mosque. He gave a source. He is against the idea and suggests it should be kept as a museum and should never have been converted into a Mosque as it was previously a Greek Orthodox Cathedral. A listener phoned in who was of Kurdish extraction. He summarised Erdogan's policies as trying to gain favour with the islamic majority of Turkey. Hence his nationalistic posturing in the region to bolster his strong man image to retain popularity with the electorate. He also said the Erdogan was becoming increasingly under pressure from within. The listener pointed out that Erdogan's policies were subjected to fierce criticism from the Turkish community in the UK. Maybe unsurprisingly because these may have included some who left Turkey because of Erdogan's policies. He also said that the UK Turkish community were in favour of socialist policies in the UK but did not support them for Turkey, no LGBT rights, same sex marriages, etc. Quelle surprise!
  7. A £50k mortgage over 25 years would only cost about £50 a month. BTL would make sense with with rental income in your area of what £400 - £500 a month?
  8. I found this very interesting. Have the medical profession dismissed the medication he has found successful out of hand or are doctors following up on it despite the lack of official guidance on its use? I'm off to search for it on Medcram.
  9. Sometimes I find it difficult to assimilate information or instructions. I then dismiss then to use my time on other activities. When I return to the ideas that I had difficulty with after a break, whether it be a short interlude or a longer period, my subconscious has been digesting the problem and it then makes sense. I don't attribute it to God, arrogance is a trait I possess , isn't that the process the Dr. Richard Bartlett was describing?
  10. You won't like the Muesli diet then. You don't live any longer, it just feels like it.
  11. Well it seems you can't RELYON them anymore.
  12. The worst thing about reaching my age is not so much about my failing physical abilities but the deterioration of my mental abiliities. It takes me longer to assimilate things. When someone speaks to me it takes, what seems to me a second or so, to digest what has been said, rather than to pick it up and respond immediately. A new fangled parking machine I have to read the instructions and then work through them again to understand them. When younger I seemed to be able to assimilate instructions more or less straight away, that's with the exception of Chinese to English instructions. They've never made sense.
  13. I think its all part of the plan. We're going Japanese. Financial system and all.
  14. This bit sounds more fun: fucking a younger woman who really enjoyed my company