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  1. Comforting to know the CRB or DBS or whatever its called now checks are so thorough, not.
  2. I'm going to show off the new thing I learnt today on DOSBODS, Coulter's Law covers it.
  3. Now you're being silly. How can you type out a sensible factual statement about what the schools are teaching. No, No, NO, you've got to sensationalise it give it some sort of homophobic, racist, spin, bring in some nationalist or religious spin, if you can, to get everyone up in arms for one side or the other. That's the way to do it.
  4. Reading this post brought back memories of when I shared a flat in North London in my late teens. It was two top floor rooms in a large house, Ferme Park Road, I think. Between Crouch End and Finsbury park, long before the area was gentrified or enriched, or whatever happened to it. The house is probably worth a few million now. The house was occupied by several families, mainly Windrush types. Friendly and hospitable. The husband from the flat below came up with a few beers on a couple of occasions and we'd sit, chat and listen to music. I also remember another occupant, gorgeous black (are we allowed to say that) lady in her late twenties early thirties. Never got further than a smile and good morning, shame. We used to go to the clubs in Wardour Street on occasional nights out. They finished really late, about 01:30 maybe 02:00. Then we'd walk home, there were no all night buses. I think the last bus ran just after midnight. There would hardly be anyone around once out of the West End. Never saw any trouble. I know there were fights and the like, you could read about in the papers. We never saw any. The immigrant population were mainly Italian, Greeks, Polish and West Indian. Now the enrichment and diversity is very noticeable from skin colour. The second generation Windrush became Jamaican Yardies and now the Arabic and Pakistani elements are far more prevalent. There was never much trouble on the night buses, we didn't have any. A possible solution then
  5. Did you know that a bottle of cheap wine is the same weight as a bottle of expensive wine
  6. What troubled me about the reporting of the behaviour of the Oxfam employees was restricted to the use of prostitutes. Now what actually happened was that employees directly aided the local economy by paying for a service, most likely offered without coercion or trafficking or any force whatsoever other than the offer of money. What was not mentioned was the scandal of how little of money collected by the Oxfam charity is actually used to provide for the uses they claim and how much is paid in administering the charity and the salaries of its executives and staff. Therein is the real scandal.
  7. Its all the fault of the Conquistadores. Payback time for colonising most of South America and taking all their gold.
  8. I'd be interested to see some of the income and expenditure accounts for some of these struggling pensioners. My wife and I are both in receipt of state pension. We could live relatively comfortably on them if we had to. Granted they include additional pension elements not just the basic pension, even so. We live in the South East and in our own house, so not one of the least expensive areas in the UK. When I say live relatively comfortably on them I'm looking at the basic standard of living we would have. we'd certainly have enough to eat, heat the house, pay our council tax, phone/broadband, insurance, water rates and other essentials. If we didn't own our house then we'd most likely qualify for additional support for housing costs. If the TV Licence was an issue then I'd cancel it and listen to the radio or read books instead. That is if there is still a public library nearby. What rankles though is the largesse of the government for those who choose the benefits lifestyle and the encouragement of immigration for those who do not benefit our way of life. I would prefer those who enrich and diversify our country to contribute to it not just drive us around in taxis, wash our cars and provide alternative cuisine.
  9. Naturally, they are renowned for their impartial, fair and balanced coverage.
  10. You missed the bit where the presenter talked about the exploitation of negro slaves from Africa to work in the plantations in the West Indies.
  11. Leading to Baroness warsi complaining that insurers load the premiums of any insurance quote if you have an Islamic sounding name. Clearly evidence of islamophobia!!!
  12. Half your age plus 7. So a fifty year old woman is well within bounds for a 70 year old man. He could even find a 42 year old within his range.
  13. My perspective is different to yours then. These latest incidents which seem, to me, to be related to the exposing of low level state corruption, indicate a growing awareness by those involved that their activities have been noticed. Corruption can take many forms and is not just confined to creaming taxpayer money. In some cases perpetuating the system could just be to keep a job. It only has to involve self interest over public duty. The environment in which these activities take place is changing.
  14. Hmm. Yes it doesn't. You've exposed a failing of mine which is skim reading and assuming that the article related to a related topic. Having read it with concentration I can see that I've linked it to something else I was reading. I'll go and stand in the dunces corner for a while.
  15. In the article: "“If you come to these meetings, I think you can learn a lot from them,” Sen. Linda Collins-Smith, R-Pocahontas and a vice chairman of the subcommittee, said Monday."