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  1. Did he take that low approach to avoid the airport landing charges?
  2. What doesn't make sense is why the NHS don't have enough trained mid-wives. Its not as if there's a shortage of training resources.
  3. Of course, and there are some jobs where the physical effort is too much for older people. There are also some jobs where experience and maturity are well suited to us older folk. One that springs to mind are the Judiciary, often mocked for being out of touch but where experience of life is very important. One of my better investments was to defer the state pension for a number of years. The lump sum that had accumulated was very pleasant, as was my wife's. She still works by the way and is receiving her state pension as well. I don't think she's stopping a younger person from being employed because her employer always has vacancies that they can't fill.
  4. So its OK to continue working as long as you don't draw your pension but defer it instead? There was an article I noticed recently about US companies asking older ex employees to come out of retirement and return to work. It surely can't be because they want to stifle the career prospects of their younger employees.
  5. Are the prices asking prices or actual prices achieved? At the moment I'm noticing lots of reductions in asking prices.
  6. When I was, much, younger my Italian olive complexion helped me pull some stunning blondes. .
  7. Where's the pictures? Thanks @Hail the Tripod. Any more?
  8. With 24 hour nights what else is there to do?
  9. I'm coming round to @Funn3r's opinion of her .
  10. And its the very "lefty white" people who seem to think that they are following the principles of the enlightenment who are destroying the culture that fostered those very principles. Ironic eh?
  11. An IQ score is not restricted to a specific test. The tests themselves can be separated into different types; numerical ability, literacy, spatial etc. What they do is rank those who take them. The "most intelligent" have higher scores than those who have lower scores. We all have a mix of abilities. There is a strong correlation with high income and IQ. (I'm one of the exceptions that proves the rule )
  12. and the Irish who built our canals. ??? and the Indians who brought trade to Africa. Exactly. And why are we trying to automate everything so that we need less people to do the jobs?
  13. I don't understand what you have against IQ. Basically the services realised during wartime that those with higher IQs were generally better able to perform more complicated tasks than those with lower IQs. It is often that times of conflict are the spur to use resources more effectively. Whether someone with a high IQ score will be more industrious than someone with a lower IQ is down to their personality and temperament, but there is no doubt that the person with the higher IQ is more capable. The US army will not recruit anyone with an IQ of 85 or less because they are pretty much incapable of performing any worthwhile soldiering task.