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  1. Sure, where do we find unbiased information?
  2. And yet there are stories of children that have started in the most appalling conditions who manage to make a success of their lives. The whole benefit thing is its spending other peoples money on yourself. The money obtained in the first place by someone spending someone else's money on someone else. Perverse incentives. Despite sounding insufferably smug I do think there but for the grace of God go I.
  3. No argument so you resort to threats of violence. Typical left wing communista.
  4. Nature or nurture? This is a reverse example of a phenomenon I can't grasp. When experts say a child who was abused grows up to be a child abuser. Surely they can see how harmful it was to them and make a conscious decision not to inflict that suffering on their own children. It is often said we grown up by imitating our parents but we also have free will and the ability to make our own choices.
  5. So you have no fucking idea what its like to be priced out then .
  6. That'll be fun. Most of the sub post offices round where I live have closed. There is one main post office in each main town. Last time I went in one it had lengthy queues. As you say there are existing small business advice networks already in existence. Don't most local authorities fund and support them?
  7. I think we've had our set to's before. There was a poster with views identical to yours, but there have been changes to user names, it may not have been you. Like I said there is little an individual can do to change the economic environment we find ourselves in. You have to adapt your strategy to make the best you can. I've always found that its the changes in policies that new governments bring in that are most disruptive and involve re-assessing tactics. I much prefer the status quo. When change happens you have to be adaptable. As to your claim that you are priced out, well if a house is what you want then there are many available in parts of the UK for well under £100k. I'm sure you could afford one of them. Or even further afield in lots of places in Europe. It seems you think it is your birth right to live in an area of your choice with houses priced at levels you deem acceptable. This ignores the fact that many others choose to pay more for them. Price controls have been tried in the UK before and in many other countries, they have never worked. We all know; well most people do and I think everyone who posts here does, what it is to be priced out. There are parts of the country I cant afford to buy a house I would like, I'm priced out of buying a Bugatti, not that I want one and so on. Regardless of how we vote in this election my feeling is that we will remain in the EU whoever wins. Its been summed up earlier as to how the outcome will be which party or coalition gains power. So now the issue is to assess how my current strategy will play out or whether to make changes to adapt.
  8. Good point. "During this time period, there were 1622 Islamic attacks in 52 countries, in which 8845 people were killed and 9852 injured." Just had a quick squiz down the list. I counted 15 attacks in European countries. The rest are predominantly in the Middle East, including Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  9. Its a fair summary as I understand it. The Democrats allegation is that Trump wanted the Ukraine authorities to give him some information on Biden that could be used to discredit him. From what I've read and watched on the impeachment enquiry there is no evidence that Trump used the withholding of aid to Ukraine to force them to give him the information he wanted. The witnesses have said that they assumed that it was implied that Trump would withhold aid if not given the information. There are lengthy videos of the impeachment enquiry on You Tube so you can hear for yourself the witnesses for the prosecution giving evidence. If you have the desire to form your own opinion. In general their evidence seems to be someone was told that someone heard Trump say something although the whistle blower did not hear it himself or even give evidence. It is all hearsay, inadmissible as evidence in UK law. The Democrats case is the assumption that Trump implied aid would be withheld. The UK media are only reporting the Democrats side. The opinion the reports I favour, I may be biased in favour of Trump, is that whatever witnesses the Democrats have called cannot provide strong enough evidence to support their allegations and if the case was heard in a court then it would be unlikely to succeed.
  10. “Epstein made Bowers and his financial institutions hundreds of millions of dollars,” one banking executive told True Pundit. “It really didn’t even matter that Epstein stiffed Citi for $30 million in defaults because he brought so much new money, new blood in. Citi made far more than it lost.” And that's what matters to the banks. Why would they involve themselves with a clients private life and morality if the loans they made generated profits for them on activities that were not illegal.
  11. Tempting, but it is a runout model. As opposed to the 8 which is at the start of its cycle. Personal contract purchase Representative APR 5.9% Monthly payment £1199 Deposit £2999 Term (months) 48 Fixed interest rate 3% Cash price £107,290 Credit amount £84,408.62 Guaranteed future value £42,778.50 Total amount payable £122,012.88 BMW deposit £19,882.38 Contract mileage 32,000 Excess mileage charge 25.51p per mile
  12. From "How many left" 33 were registered in 2018 and 342 in 2019 so far. About 10 or so of the 2018 registered cars are for sale on BMW's website. Including the one I was given for a day's test drive. If you look at some BMW dealers in Scotland they are offering discounts up to £20k on their web sites. With BMW dealers, I'm told, they have to buy a quota of all models. That seems the reason why it was possible to buy a pre registered 6 series for about £35k off list price. They were heavily discounted because the list price seemed to have been set too high, 20% off was the start point for any negotiation. It was never that big a volume model in any case. I really enjoy mine, even though I don't use it much.
  13. I'm not disagreeing with anyone's opinions on whether we should or shouldn't turn the other cheek. I'm search for a theological argument why we shouldn't. Anyone?
  14. When I was in Shanghai a couple of years ago I saw quite a few Bentley's, Rolls Royce's, Mercedes S Class's and many other top of the range European cars. The hotel we stayed in in Bejing had a Lambirghini dealership next to it. Much the same as in Moscow. Make of that what you will. The 8 series BMW I'm currently lusting after are now available around the £60k mark. These are a couple of months old up to a year old some with less than 1,000 miles. List price, depending on options, is around £110k.
  15. Yes but he didn't physically harm them.