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  1. sleepwello'nights

    What the So-Called BBC fail to report on thread

    Alternatively they could be employed by the state. The right wing political ideology might call it Communism or the left wing might say it's National Socialism. Either way it would be the same; state control.
  2. sleepwello'nights

    Darwin Award Candidates

    Where were the crocodiles?
  3. sleepwello'nights

    Tajikistan attack: Four cyclists mown down are identified

    I formed the opinion that 100% of the worlds people are arseholes, all of us at some time or another. We might well be kind and considerate to some of the people all of the time but not to everyone all of the time.
  4. sleepwello'nights

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Just had a look at the Secret Barristers Blog to see how much humble pie he had eaten after The Appeal Court's criticism of the Leeds trial. Seems that our support of TR makes us amongst the dregs of society.
  5. sleepwello'nights

    Westmister car of peace

    Isn't this the reason why the media are losing credibility. Once you become aware of it it is very noticeable how slowly and deliberately the alternative motives are introduced to try and detract from the obvious reason for the attack. Soon it will be pointed out that social and economic deprivation are the reasons why immigrants from the third world become so disillusioned by life in the West that they attack us. Finally it's concluded that it is our fault that we are attacked. We must do more to help them.
  6. sleepwello'nights

    Westmister car of peace

    Just noticed this: "Officials say that even if the crash this week was a copycat strike, it does not necessarily mean that it was a terrorist one. "
  7. sleepwello'nights

    I’m back!

    Don't you like her? #meneither
  8. sleepwello'nights

    Tajikistan attack: Four cyclists mown down are identified

    Its true. Unfortunately it is easy to take away and destroy, of the hundreds of people they met on their journey they encountered a few of a very small minority who at that time let evil take place.
  9. sleepwello'nights

    What the So-Called BBC fail to report on thread

    The experiment in Norway didn't prove very supportive for the concept.
  10. sleepwello'nights

    Tommy Robinson thread

    "Far-Right thug Tommy Robinson has been sunning himself with a German Islamophobe at a luxury resort in Tenerife while on bail." They can't stop tarring him with this derogatory term. I used to accept it as a valid description of TR until I watched the YouTube video of his talk at the Oxford Union. It was only then that the realisation of how islamaphiliac our authorities and media started to dawn. The efforts they were making to discredit his opinions and actually silence him shocked me. Before then I would not have believed that any of our institutions would treat anyone so unfairly.
  11. sleepwello'nights

    Massive bridge collapse in Italy.

    From the comments: "The bridge is subject to constant monitoring, even beyond the quarterly inspections prescribed by law," said Stefano Marigliani, director of the Genoa section of the network.. .. "It was absolutely monitored, we didn't have any reason for concern." I wonder what the truth will turn out to be. Could the inspections have been more thorough, were they adequate, what should they have been looking for. In hindsight there was a problem, are those speaking out now doomsayers whose time has come?
  12. sleepwello'nights

    I think we'd better be going home now, Johnny!

    Still not understanding you. Are you talking about your inner self, a metaphorical person or your wife?
  13. sleepwello'nights

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    You understand. Too many believe educational attainment is proof of competence, it ain't necessarily so.
  14. sleepwello'nights

    Trivial Things that annoy you

    And you've never been a bit pre-occupied and sat in a row that you thought was your seat? Anyway we did move three rows back for what difference it made!
  15. sleepwello'nights

    I think we'd better be going home now, Johnny!

    When who's lying next to you?