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  1. sleepwello'nights

    Starting your own business

    Good on you, well done. My issue was lack of motivation, I had no strong desire to follow a particular course, I just drifted along on the currents. Things turned out well, more by good fortune and luck than judgement. However I often think I could or should have achieved more. Now I've passed the accepted retirement age I still drift along with a couple of micro businesses, no real pressure, enough to live on in relative comfort. Still, frequently the thought comes to me: what shall I do when I grow up?
  2. sleepwello'nights

    Is this site a balanced mix of opinions?

    No news is good news. The news is always depressing, always has been, and probably always will. There have been some nice words to describe us on here, contrarian, realist. Myself I'm a miserable bastard. I enjoy a good grumble on here. I just think how can you be truly happy unless you've got something to grumble about (ITMA). Anyway we're where we are, at the pinnacle of the greatest period of enlightenment that has ever existed on our planet, peering at the drop below, or can we not see the further reaches to the summit because our view is hidden by clouds.
  3. sleepwello'nights

    Bye bye Treason May?

    It'd be a bit too cold in the winter for a soft southerner like me.
  4. sleepwello'nights

    Jordan Peterson

    Bit highbrow in it! I got lost when they made references to the works and concepts of eighteenth century British philosophers that I am ignorant of. I reckon it will take me six months or so to get an appreciation of the concepts essential to understand what these guys are talking about.
  5. sleepwello'nights

    And a fucking another ....

    I bet that the shithole areas in the UK are incomparably better to the shitholes that they come from. The real solution though is to improve the countries they flee from, not bring our country down to a lower level.
  6. sleepwello'nights

    Health and Safety jobsworths

    Another good reason for using contactless credit/debit cards. All those coins and notes carrying god knows what contaminants on them.
  7. sleepwello'nights


    And of course the nasty Donald Trump now being accused of instructing his convicted lawyer to pay off Stormy.
  8. sleepwello'nights

    Shooting in Strasbourg: 1 killed, 3 injured

    Has the police officer who shot him been suspended whilst an enquiry is commenced to establish whether the officer acted in accordance with official policy?
  9. sleepwello'nights

    Trivial Things that annoy you

    Oh, I don't know, sometimes it gets them to the right height
  10. sleepwello'nights

    What little things do you do, to test yourself?

    I've never broken into a corner. I tend to brake before the corner. //pedant off
  11. sleepwello'nights

    Chelsea racists

    and the fans?
  12. sleepwello'nights

    A fat, black, muslim lesbian walks into a bar...

    OK. Not by the Soviet Communist leaders.
  13. sleepwello'nights

    A fat, black, muslim lesbian walks into a bar...

    I always thought they were called alternative comedians because they weren't funny. Not by the Soviet Communists.
  14. sleepwello'nights

    Shooting in Strasbourg: 1 killed, 3 injured

    I wonder if there is any more news about the taxi driver? Is he a diverse enriched person or was he forced by the attacker to assist his escape?
  15. sleepwello'nights

    Tonights vote - how many will vote to depose Treason?

    They have some really fit women who can speak English.