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  1. Whoops, they should be fairly safe then.
  2. Shh, once it becomes common knowledge the country will become infested with muslims.
  3. Don't hold your breath. (borrowed from the witty ripostes thread)
  4. Have you tried the electronic check in machines at airports? Fucking thing wouldn't read my passport, until I put it in the wrong way up!
  5. What's wrong with being friendly and trying to break the ice? Anyway thanks to all posters for the tips and new ice breakers
  6. Sloppy seconds, . How about would you like me to warm her up for you?
  7. No matter what I feel very sorry for him, to outlive your children is not what any of us expect. To lose them in an atrocity like this is even worse. No matter what his publicly stated views may be, perhaps he will support the ground swell of opinion that islam is evil and its objective of global imposition of sharia must be opposed. More and more of us are seeing through the lies and deceit of our political class and the complicit media.
  8. Under the reforming principles of Nu Labour from 1997 to 2010 it became a criminal offence. Part of the grand scheme to criminalise the entire population of the UK. (it was actually introduced by Boris Johnson (conservative) but lets not let facts get in the way of my prejudices against Bliar and Brown)
  9. The "bullyable" personality is what intrigues me. Some people by their personality, body language, voice seem to be inviting others to bully them. There was a workshop receptionist at the main dealer a friend worked at when he left school. I would often notice him getting a hard time from customers when they came to collect their car and it wasn't ready for some reason. It was always the same guy. The problem would never be his fault but he would always be shouted at or spoken to harshly. The other receptionists with the same task were not. He was probably too meek and customers sensed this and intuitively knew they could force their frustration on him. The others spoke more assertively and suffered less.
  10. My password is “I can’t tell you”. I don’t like to lie if I’m asked.
  11. Yes you're right. Its similar to the route I took. Only I was even lower than a burger flipper, I did the washing up!. Wonderful testament to the education system, IQ 135+ and I left school with my first job as a washer up. To be fair it was a part time job I had while at school, along with a paper round in the morning and a Saturday job on a bakers round. My motivation was to leave school and earn some money. No plans for what to do with the money apart from having a good time. I had a motor bike so that was a drain on my money. No plans for a car then. Jobs were plentiful back them, I tried a variety. Several years later I took the opportunity to return to education, a government training scheme that paid an income whilst in full time vocational education. That route has now been superceded with the student loan system. I suppose my current political principles are in favour of a loan as opposed to a grant. But on a practical level the income I received whilst on the scheme was far closer to the salary I had been earning than the current system. And there was no charge for the tuition.
  12. If there are jobs for them. I don't mean burger flipping. Quite frankly its well known that teenagers can be bolshy and difficult to control during the years after puberty. Many would benefit from experiencing the self discipline having to support and look after themselves in the world outside school.
  13. If his action was illegal why wasn't he court martialled? To wait for so long after the event to prosecute him is what I suspect fuels the grievance the protestors are demonstrating about.
  14. Good idea. What are they going to do with all the income?
  15. That's experience. I learn better with a teacher. In my case its because of the discipline to actually do something because I'm basically lazy, in an academic environment.