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  1. "Protesting against the insulting of his religion." Why doesn't he just fuck off to somewhere where they don't insult his religion. Oh, life is more comfortable in the West.
  2. sleepwello'nights


    Is this better?
  3. sleepwello'nights

    which expensive cars

    Pointing out to someone who criticised him that the written criticism omitted an apostrophe.
  4. I reckon it changed when The Donald had a chat with some of the Saudis.
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    Can we have a picture of Victoria Pendleton's bottom.
  6. sleepwello'nights

    Venezuala - who gives a fuck

    err, I thought it was because Maduro and his cronies continued to steal all the money just like Chavez and his cronies did?
  7. sleepwello'nights

    which expensive cars

    At 10:35 I thought is this guy @Wight Flight's mentor?
  8. sleepwello'nights

    Brighton tragedy - man killed last night

    Was that you @Chewing Grass ?
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    Have his thighs been photoshopped? If not I'll give up all thoughts of cycling and stick to walking and driving.
  10. sleepwello'nights

    Brighton tragedy - man killed last night

    Not much speculation on the murder of a muslim drug dealer found stabbed to death in a car that crashed into several vehicles. Sounds like a delightful family, two brothers go off to fight for Isis. Whose father was convicted of witness intimidation. An uncle who been imprisoned in Guantanamo. "Adbul was very popular with his friends" obviously not so popular with his enemies. Still as Ken Clarke would say he is as British as you and me.
  11. sleepwello'nights

    Hardware (network) advice please

    Not a lot. There is a software package I use that says it has to be installed on a stand alone PC or a server and wont work if its installed on a NAS drive. A techie client of mine says its possible to configure a NAS drive so that package thinks its a server. I've not delved into it any more as I just run it as a standalone package. That's the only issue I have with using a NAS drive. As separate storage that can be accessed from other computers on the network it does what I need. One day I'll get round to exploring the media server functions available from it.
  12. sleepwello'nights

    Resident Parking

    What really amazes me about the inevitability of territorial disputes over parking is how the planning authorities are prepared to perpetuate them. On residential areas that were built before car ownership was so widespread its often not possible to prevent them. On new developments, and I mean housing estates built from the 1980s onwards it should have been realised that most households would have more than one car and parking arrangements incorporated into the layouts of the estates. It seems to have been done in some developments around that time. Since then although multi car households have become more common the planners restrict parking provision to just over one car per household. I think its 1.25 cars per household. It may be the developers wanting to increase housing density because of the cost of land with planning permission and the desire to increase profits. That is exactly what planning permission is designed to prevent, developers building for short term gain whilst ignoring longer term effects. As our children grew up we went from a one car household to a four car household. Fortunately the estate we lived on could cater for that. We could get four cars on our drive. That's not possible on the new developments we seen in recent years. Often its not possible to park one car on a drive, if the house even has a drive. Perhaps they want to increase the take up of public transport by making it impossible to park a car near your house. But the provision of public transport doesn't seem to increase and it seems that the planners do all they can to make car ownership the only way you can travel. Out of town retail parks, business parks far from residential areas, recreational areas on the outskirts of towns. Mostly outside a reasonable walking distance. Now they seem to have enlisted the aid of car designers by cars becoming too big for the spaces provided in car parks. The designers may be hamstrung by having to comply with the spate of safety features in new regulations.
  13. sleepwello'nights

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Yes, imagine if it was Egypt during the Arab Spring.
  14. sleepwello'nights

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Thanks, I found that presentation interesting. Judging by his appearance and the way he was dressed I think he must have spent a lot of time in France, which makes me consider his understanding of the French psyche very credible. He was a very engaging presenter, slightly eccentric maybe but convincing. Yet another myth of modern history shattered by the truth. All the comforting tales of national solidarity amongst the allies slipping away. Revisionism laying bare the truth is far more telling than the sanitised propaganda I was brought up with.