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  1. My shimano discs were bulletproof right up to the minute they weren’t😀 from then on it was a fight to make them work at all. Various diagnoses from pad contamination pad material, rotor wear, fluid leaks etc. were worked through but ultimately I was left with an unreliable set up. With brakes that’s kind of important. rim brakes? Make sure the blocks are sited correctly and the cables are at the correct tension....
  2. I’d go for whatever is easier to maintain. My view is that hydraulic discs have superior performance in ideal conditions but fail in irritating ways and more often than you’d like. My experience corresponds with the earlier poster. Pad contamination, leaks etc. are commonplace and not easily diagnosed or fixed. Annoyingly discs have become the fashion despite little performance/ maintenance benefits, buying a bike without them yet a decent component set is getting ever more difficult. I’m going to go retro and pick up a few steel clunkers that I can maintain easily. For those worrying about weight. That’s not an issue for me. At 14 stone 10 lbs I know there’s a way of addressing it! That’s with cycling approx 3000 miles a year commuting.
  3. Yep arseholes with kids are as bad as arseholes with dogs. Both act as arsehole multipliers.
  4. This probably deserves a thread all of it's own. It's definitely a polarising one. My observation is that some (and it's a lot) people who own dogs begin to suffer the mental delusion that their choice of pet and the behaviour thereof cannot be questioned by well, anyone. It is a great shame in my opinion that dogs have become fashionable, they deserve better. It simply increases the number of arseholes that are also dog owners. In an overpopulated island it's even more noticeable. Simple pleasures such as visiting various beaches is now entirely less fun simply due to the volume of dickheads and their animals. If you have children then it's obviously great fun watching as some slobbering hound comes belting at your kids with intentions unknown. "He's just being friendly" is the oft heard refrain. This doesn't happen once or twice, it happens almost all the fucking time now. There's rarely an apology, it's appears the rights of dogs to do whatever they want outweighs the rights of my children to play without fear. Now you could say it's unreasonable fear given the likelihood of attack. However, if I don't know the dog I assume it represents a danger. It's not just one dog, it's a succession of the bloody things. Something that's lost on the owners no doubt. The thing is in my view it's just downright fucking rude to impose my choices on others. If my kids were running about pissing on other people's gear I'd a) be mortified, b) discipline them forcefully to ensure it didn't happen again. Dog owners? "Just dogs being dogs why let it bother you?" Same with dogs in pubs. Once upon a time there may be one well-behaved mutt asleep under an old-timers feet. Now? It's like a fucking pet shop with various fashion accessories yapping at each other and generally being a pain in the arse. But they are "much loved family pets" and thus must be tolerated. God forbid should anyone have the temerity to mention the behaviour of said animals. It seems to provoke something very similar to road-rage. "How dare you? My dog blah blah blah excuse, excuse, excuse....." The ability to listen and empathise appears to have been overridden..... I love dogs and in the right situation would have one or many and all would be well trained.. Suburbia and densely populated places though? Nope. Just a final point of rage. Any cunt that bags shit and then hangs it in a bush should be made to fucking eat it. Seriously what sort of utter cretin does this?
  5. I honestly believe that most worker units in the west have been utterly compromised by unending propaganda. They will throw the doors open without one inkling they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. I have yet to have any one of them answer "If open door immigration is such a good idea at what point do we offer the entirety of the population of Africa treatment on the NHS?". They stutter and obfuscate. In an unequal world without borders, people will traverse the globe to better their lot. Just as they always have. You need look no further than the Native Americans to see how this all ends. Resources will eventually swing to the dominant culture.
  6. I hate this shit. There's definitely a concerted nudge effort at work here. However, the sole purpose seems to be that we can increase the carrying capacity of the planet. This is fucking insane thinking. It's like being on a ship, finding it's sinking because it's got a massive and increasing hole in it and suggesting that the best answer is to get more passengers on board with more buckets to help bail it out. My diet will remain utterly unaffected by this rubbish. I'm not missing one steak because some muppet wants to allow Africans to have 8 surviving children. Fuck em. I
  7. This is hilarious and should be debunked. It's almost like it has been written as a wind-up by someone who knows what nonsense it is. 1. Value for money Hmm they have confused "cost" with "value". Yes the women's game may cost less to view but that does not mean it has greater value. I can go and watch my son play for £2.50. It's nowhere near value for money....... he's shit at it and so are all his little friends. 2. More goals Jesus! Where to start? There are more goals in U7's football than at almost any level I can think of. Could it be there are more goals because defending / goalkeeping is laughably bad? 3. Women stick to the rules Awesome misuse of stats. Or perhaps people officiating the women's game just don't feel the need to send as many people off? But for direct proof of the opposite being true see Cameroon. 4. Global competition "There have been four times as many men's World Cups as women's, but the women's tournament has already produced four countries as winners from North America, Europe and Asia. The greater number of teams with a genuine chance to lift that treasured golden trophy arguably makes the women's game all the more exciting." Er no. There will have been 9 women's world cups after this one is complete. With a maximum of 6 winners (though 5 remains a possibility). The first 9 editions of the men's world cup produced 5 different winners. 5. LGBT+ support Fuck off. Also we'll see how trans-friendly it is when someone like Didier Drogba fancies being a lass................. Are England women better than men? At what? Having tits? If it's about playing football there's a really easy way to find out isn't there? Which will never happen due to the fact it'll be an absolute embarrassment for the women involved.
  8. To be fair I’m all for this complete lack of context applied to all achievement. Marta can get fucked. I am in fact the all time highest world-cup scorer having done so in the park in 1980 pretending to be Zico.
  9. Twas indeed brilliant. For all his insanity he's great entertainment.
  10. Every available space in the U.K will be sacrificed to housing to ensure GDP continues to rise GDP per capita will decrease and productivity will continue to fall. The two points above will never be connected. The history of places will cease to be taught. All people have always lived everywhere. The seas will be emptied. The last Bluefin will be sold for millions and eaten. Aquaculture will destroy the environment in which it exists. Michael Gove will continue to be a massive cunt. There will be massive atrocities as Islamists attack others as and when the opportunities arise. The state will remind us that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. The population of the UK will officially pass 70 million (real total 100,000,000) Water will be metered in every property and hose pipe bans will be the norm despite record rainfall as reservoir capacity is reduced to allow spaces for housing. Gastric bypass surgery will become a rite of passage. Facial tattoos in customer facing roles will become the norm.
  11. Here's the propaganda piece mentioned up-thread. We have a similar set-up where I live. If your bike is stolen, the police mention that you're best off going to the caravan park and taking it back. They won't go there obviously. "In April, a regular Ipsos Mori survey for the So-Called BBC's Crossing Divides season found immigration was a concern for 11% of people - the lowest level since 2001." This is because you fucking mongs that EU immigration has in fact dropped to next to zero exactly because of the Brexit vote. There's still another side to be managed but EU immigration currently isn't an issue and people aren't fucking idiots.
  12. Fucking hell racist arseholes. Diversity is our greatest strength remember. Sadiq said so. Anyway I'm sure this isn't anything to do with cultures recently imported to the U.K. It'll be the latest thing that Darren and Chardonay from Bracknell have added to their wedding list.........
  13. I wonder if the Maori, Aborigines and Plains Indians had members of their tribes utter similar sentiments? "Come on chaps some of these white fellas are alright and there's only a few of em. Worrying about nothing"
  14. I’ll see your twat and raise you two twats People exposed to the real world find out it’s a bit tougher than their SJW dreams. I particularly like the part where the twat indicates it’s not her fault at all for going because, well that would be unfair...