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  1. Delete please. Not worth the hassle.
  2. Thinking better of it..........
  3. Mental Floss

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Yeah but he made her fear for the sanctity of her foo foo. They even laughed. The monsters. They laughed.
  4. Mental Floss

    The Netherlands is fucked thread

    Surely 7 lone wolf mentally ill men guys. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  5. Mental Floss

    Trump's progress

    Are you even allowed to say things like "For fucks sake even if it happened misjudged (and potentially fully misrepresented) sexual advances between peers at 15 years old has destroyed your whole life? Really? Fucking grow up" The bar for sexual assault has been lowered to spin the bottle basically. Fuck off.
  6. Mental Floss

    I'm under attack by the Workplace Diversity Nazis

    GDPR is your friend here. I believe the legal basis for diversity and inclusion data can be justified under the "significant public interest" provision but only where the data subjects consent could not reasonably be given. You can simply object. If asked why. I don't believe I'd trust anyone with data regarding my sexuality.
  7. Your dogs, your life, your perspective. Right? You'll think so. Now it might appear I'm being an argumentative cunt. I am. However, there's so much unsaid In this story that the "fucking idiot dog hating pet owner" doesnt do it for me. Fucking drama queen police annoy me even more so my rationality may be suffering.
  8. Yeah god forbid anyone takes authority at face value. Best assume they are going to fuck you over. Now personally I agree with that sentiment but assuming the majority of the populace think likewise is unlikely to be founded. I'd bet decent money that the new pariahs love their dogs and are horrified that they are now assumed to be uncaring fuckwits. As has been stated previously decision making suffers under pressure. A terminal cancer diagnosis might throw you just enough to forget two dogs in a car.....
  9. FFS. Not great but highly unlikely to be malicious and a very millennial response indeed from those supposed to be upholding the law. Attending hospital with an appointment time is a fucking lottery. You will be given an 8:30 appointment time along with potentially hundreds of enriched individuals who are supposed to turn up at the same time. They won't. Additionally a special class of queue jumpers will also arrive from prisoners through to terminal junkies. What your appointment time actually means is that they (the NHS) have run some stats and are running as close to 100% efficiency as they can manage. Your time or priorities mean nothing and i mean nothing. Complain? Back of the queue. Question the system? Back of the queue. Need a piss and miss the weak tannoy announcement asking you to make yourself known? Missed appointment card marked..................... Also question the maths. Is temp increase linear or exponential? It's important to know if an extra 5 minutes = death or a bit hotter.........
  10. I reckon they did it just for the halibut!
  11. Crocs. Roundly condemned as mong shoes.Great utilitarian footwear for garden / camping type shit.
  12. Mental Floss

    High functioning autism....

    "Well done. Most of you have probably done the test from a static IP address which can be traced to you. Someone is probably selling your sensitive personality data already." I thought the same thing. As soon as I saw "download here" I bailed. Basically the lot of you have just provided persons unknown with data indicating that you may or not be on a spectrum. Certainly of value to someone I imagine. I don't think I'm autistic. I am however massively paranoid!
  13. Mental Floss

    Tube incident

    O.K. having slept on it I've considered what I originally posted and decided I'll try again. What we're looking at here is not an accident. It's not some random event that could not have been predicted or mitigated. It's a result of policy. This is not a child sadly led astray by malign forces, he's an enemy combatant and a traitor. In times not so far back in history he would have been tried and summarily executed. Now? We're worrying about his mental health. The likes of Sadiq Khan seek to excuse the failure of policy with bollocks like "it's all part and parcel........." No it fucking isn't. The architects and executors of this policy have no mandate to invite the world to these shores. There has been no debate and no plebiscite that determines that. The oft heard "well people could always vote against it" is nonsense. The body politic in the U.K is rotten and beholden to the ethos of globalism and multiculturalism. Innocent lives are literally now being sacrificed to these and yet all we hear is that opposition is "Racist". Eventually there will be a reckoning.
  14. Mental Floss

    Tube incident

    Dammit I'm actually afraid of writing what I wrote even here hence the edit. We're lost.
  15. Mental Floss

    Telford, twinned with Rotherham

    It's the perfect combination of self loathing that seems to have become a British trait and institutional political correctness. The results are scarcely believable and horrific. Muslim men have been able to rape and in some cases murder with almost complete impunity. It has not been hidden, it has not been unreported it has been deliberately ignored by the arm of the state responsible for enforcing the law of the land. Children have almost literally been sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism. Senior Police officers should not be apologising for failures, they should be on trial for complicity. In years gone by communities would have sorted this for themselves. Perpetrators would have been hurt or killed. The right to self protection even at a collective level has been stripped from the British populace who are now wholly reliant on a Police force who are not primarily interested in enforcing the law (unless you're speeding then you're fucked), they are interested in things like "community cohesion" which is code for ensuring that the natives don't get uppity when newcomers start acting like medieval hillbillies.