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  1. Mental Floss

    This is so, so, sad. Heartbreakingly sad

    Incredibly sad. However, also a window into the consequences of what using technology to meet people actually means. It's far easier to appear benign and even interesting in asynchronous communication. The true nutters just need to know a little about you before they can unlock the key to your online persona and make a far more informed play regarding what's likely to for want of a better word lead to a fuck. There was a time not so long ago that the plays you made had to be spontaneous and usually happened in the company of other human beings. We are built to survive and the "nutter" radar has no doubt saved many a woman. It's still 000's (or even 100,000's) - 1 against being murdered and online apps are not to blame. However, I suspect they lower the odds.
  2. Mental Floss

    Bye bye Treason May?

    If it wasn't tragic I'd be finding this funny. There's a dance being done by both sides and they are both so afraid of using language that may offend that they simply won't mention it. By no means was the entirety of the leave vote to do with immigration. However, in my view a sizable portion was and still is. Despite experts consistently ramming the "look at our GDP!" message home people can see for themselves the effect on quality of life that filling the country up with people from everywhere is having. The "but what about our old people?" guff is "there was an old woman that swallowed a fly" planning. It's madness. It's also the fact that the EU are so intransigent about their "red lines" that raises the hackles. England (yes I know it's about the U.K but the "benefits" of immigration are not equally shared) is the most densley populated major economy in the EU. It also has an attractive benefits system compared to many. The fact that the EU cannot comprehend the damage this does when mass migration occurs makes them our enemy. They don't care if other cultures overwhelm ours. As long as their project continues. Amber Rudd thinks she's being awfully clever by suggesting that Norway + (though the trend seems to be to add +'s with abandon why not Canada ++++++++++++ surely that's even more awesome) will be acceptable. I imagine a significant proportion of leavers have a flow chart that goes something like this Start > "Does the suggestion give the U.K control of who is in the country?" if answer = 'N' then that's not leaving. Get fucked.
  3. Mental Floss

    Bye bye Treason May?

    That's a very interesting point. I had considered the fact that perhaps seeing a country crash and burn beyond their auspices may indeed motivate a particular type of behaviour. I guess I'm a rationalist at heart and the idea that both sides would be involved in nose cutting to spite collective faces seems a stretch. However, the more I see of our political classes the less rational behaviour I see. We may well indeed be witnessing a perfect storm of hubris / idiocy on both sides.
  4. Mental Floss

    Bye bye Treason May?

    They're going to win. By "they" I mean the appeasers, the globalists and those in Parliament that have set themselves up as beyond the reach of democracy. Also they don't care about the consequences, they are going to call the bluff of leavers. It's a dangerous play but it's the one they are making. I hate being negative, but the relentless propaganda is having an impact. We're now at the stage when anyone other than a remainer (which is what May's deal is) is being portrayed as a stupid, dangerous hateful miscreant who will (nay must) be held personally responsible for any negative consequences occurring should we leave the EU in any meaningful way. IMO we're getting perilously close to a situation where physical attacks on leave voters will occur. It takes a particularly strong sort to stand up in the face of such tactics and our leadership is entirely lacking in this regard. In fact there are no leave voices that can sound a clarion call that might rally people behind them. I have a wide social circle, leavers have gone quiet imo through fear. In my opinion the tactics are these (and for remainers it's heads you win, tails they lose): Theresa gets her mongrel deal through. Very little change from the status quo and and easy stepping stones back in when it becomes apparent that there aren't any real benefits to leaving at all. Which given how shit the deal is will surprise no one. Theresa fails to get her deal through Parliament. The mood music has already been set. "No deal" (already a misnomer) must be avoided "at all costs" and they mean that literally. We will beg to be allowed to remain if necessary, pay more but leaving (catastrophically crashing out unprepared over a cliff edge to use all their words) on WTO terms is impossible. Given the above, TPTB are feeling ever more confident that they'll be able to get away with a "Will of the people" play. A referendum which splits the leave vote will be entirely acceptable to them. Anyone worth their salt will see it for what it is i.e. treachery, but it matters not. They will say that "when facts change people can change their minds too" and celebrate a victory for logic and common sense. The EU for all their bluster want the U.K in the club. The thought of a former member outside thriving will kill the EU dead and they know it. What happens next is anyone's guess. The democratic contract between Government and populace will have been broken and willfully so.
  5. It is fantastically annoying. If challenged, you'll be confronted with "Well we just wouldn't go. There's no way they could make us" as if being being able to opt out of fighting for your country is some sort of civic virtue. Now WW1 the benefit to society is arguable but WW2 "we just wouldn't go" = Ze Germans win. All the Jews (and anyone else deemed not good enough) die and the U.K is lost with Nazi domination guaranteed. They really have no idea at all. Hopefully they'll never need to. My grandfather (the finest man I ever knew) was a navigator in Blenheim Bombers in the Middle East after escaping the sinking of the Lancastria (a true horror). His Pilot was killed after attempting to rescue the crew of a crashed plane. He burned to death in front of him. Not sure Hugz and lolz sorts things like that out.
  6. Mental Floss

    Bye bye Treason May?

    We won't the questions will be: Do you want to remain in the EU's land of milk and honey with tangerine rivers and marshmallow skies? Are you a filthy racist that wants to leave because of all the wogs? Do you wish to leave because you understand the the type of hegemonic power invested in the EU is profoundly likely to be of disadvantage to any sovereign nation? Any old split will be enough to end with the withdrawal of article 50. It's a game and they know how to stack it.
  7. Mental Floss


    I'm so astounded by the gobshitery that May displays I can barely believe anyone is so stupid. By trying to play the middle ground, you lose any of the benefits of either end of the spectrum. At this point either: Fully throwing our weight behind euro lunacy and taking as much as we can from that corrupt edifice OR Accepting the the EU are not serious about achieving a deal and therefore leaving with no agreement are both FAR superior to the bollocks May is trying to foist upon us. Thing is she isn't a leader, shes a follower so the idea of vassalage doesn't worry her.
  8. Mental Floss

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Now what would be absolutely hilarious now is if Gove resigns. Only because it would finally once and for all remove all scintilla of doubt over what a duplicitous survival first git he really is.
  9. Mental Floss

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Unless she's actually a T-800 (or later variant) surely she can't survive this?
  10. Mental Floss

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I try and avoid negativity and hate. However, at times my resolve is tested. A shambles of a woman in charge of a shambles of a government opposed by a shambles of an opposition. pretty much the only thing binding the whole shoddy edifice together is a collective desire to in some way thwart the will of a significant proportion of the British populace. My view is the fix is in. There will be some bluster, but this monumental fudge is not about what's best for the U.K. Its about providing the political class with a way of saying "we have respected the referendum" whilst kowtowing to their European masters. We are now so weak it'll work too.
  11. Mental Floss

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed, yet I still am. You know the "no deal is better than a bad deal" stuff? Well this is the very demonstrable proof of that yet here we are. Permanently condemned to vassalage to an uncaring and undemocratic institution. This is madness. It's what they want (tptb) but seriously binning the whole thing off and enthusiastically embracing euro lunacy would be better than what is being proposed here. I have rarely if ever been so angry. Disenfranchisement is difficult to take. I don't think they see the danger in what they are doing. At best that's the likes of me done with the social contract. The state can get fucked if they think that they can do what they want without my consent. At worst? Well if you make people unhappy enough don't be surprised when they finally show you.
  12. Mental Floss

    Twat of the day.

    Interesting definition of "forced" there. In my view a more accurate portrayal of events is "having been offered the best help available by staff at the airport he decided such help was not suitable for him and decided to make his own way through the terminal." The rest of it is just "look at me" bollocks.
  13. Delete please. Not worth the hassle.
  14. Thinking better of it..........
  15. Mental Floss

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Yeah but he made her fear for the sanctity of her foo foo. They even laughed. The monsters. They laughed.