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  1. Just a note on the provis stuff. Its reflective characteristics are indeed awesome and the jackets are well enough made. At night they are probably best in class. However, on a grey day with any mist they are basically highly effective camouflage. So if you're going to be cycling in the daytime my opinion is that a hi vis jacket with reflective material is a better all rounder.........
  2. The problem is we have two stated immigration policies One is utterly insane and would effectively represent the death on the U.K. and yes especially England as a nation The other is being made by a party that has form for totally failing to do anything about immigration despite promising to do so. Fuck em all.......
  3. Yeah and what if their purpose was to rise as the ruler of the 4th Reich or something.................. Personally I believe it's all just random shit and humans are conditioned to see patterns in everything and thus they do. It makes us susceptible to indoctrination which is then exploited, sometimes with the best of intentions (we all know where those lead) We are alone and pointless. That realisation on its own is enough to drive some of our species mad. I recognise it's not for everyone but I'm happy with it.
  4. On the plus side I've been resigned to this outcome since we found out the results of the plebs voting in 2016. The "er...wait a minute... we didn't actually mean it!" started immediately and has never stopped. We will never be allowed to leave properly. Too many vested interests with too much power. When people talk about leaving without a deal as an act of self harm, they fail to comprehend that leaving with a bad deal is so utterly fucking stupid that only the most moronic would countenance it. Vassal state. No say and paying for the privilege of taking it up the jacksie. FUCK ALL OF THEM. I'm not even going to bother walking to my polling station for this one. It has been made absolutely transparent we don't live in a democracy. Votes only count if they align with the desires of the powers that be. The fact there's an entire cohort of my fellow countrymen willing to cheer them on as they ride roughshod over our democracy makes me in equal part sad and massively angry. However, there's literally nothing I can do about it. The die is cast. As I said FUCK ALL OF THEM.
  5. Oh look................ What a massive fucking surprise. Though obviously it's driver's faults for inadequately dealing with the complexity of dynamic smart motorways. Rather than the fact it's clear from the outset that people would be killed.
  6. There's some truth to what you say. However, dismissing the Brexit vote as effectively nothing is to misread what's gone on. Immigration is now so "in your face" that virtually no area escapes it. This isn't primarily about race it's about cultural invasion. If you have two taps filling a bucket with water and one of those is owned by a neighbour who refuses to turn it off, then turning off your own tap is a bit moot. However, when your neighbour no longer has control of the tap, what's your excuse for not managing the rate at which the bucket fills? The body politic may indeed try and swerve this but the game is up. People don't want unfettered immigration and will vote to stop it. Politicians now know this. Someone will state that this is their aim and will gain electorally as a result. However, in order to get there Freedom of Movement must be ended.............. Otherwise both taps remain on.
  7. I give you the Talbot Samba........ This thing was shocking. For some reason it had a massive steering wheel, the worst gear layout I've ever experienced and a clutch pedal travel of approximately 1 metre (or that's what it felt like). It also had an almost complete inability to accelerate. Pressing the accelerator pedal led to an increase in noise, not speed..............
  8. The ways things are going this Parliament may just decide that elections are inconvenient and do away with them. They know what's best after all.
  9. O.K, we remain in. Then fucking what? Do these morons seriously think that 17.4 million people will just say "that's fine, go ahead"?
  10. Can't we make Geoffrey Boycott a cultural attache please? "Your ancestors killed my ancestors" "i don't give a toss"
  11. I'm highly amused by it. Leavers can be described as Far-Right Racist Xenophobic Stupid Old Too white Fascist Little-Englanders Without compunction. But suggesting that conniving with a foreign power is treacherous or that binding a Prime Ministers hand is surrendering has them crying in their soy lattes. FUCK OFF. You make your bed you fucking lie in it.
  12. Er.......... This lot are fucking mental.............It's very amusing. It's like watching checkmate that the loser won't acknowledge.
  13. Despite being appalled by tactics I'd be careful with language. Hurty words do not always lead to hurty actions. The opposition still fail to sell any reason for remaining at all. it's either so self evident that any right minded person should get it (I don't) or they need to make the argument (which they don't). The opposition are rubbish. Seriously rubbish...........
  14. There's a degree of fear in the remainers here which requires debate to be shut down. Words such as "traitor" have consequences. Painting people as surrendering wankers has a cost. The problem is that the traitors and the cowards aren't willing to pay it!
  15. It's fucking hilarious. Bo Jo has just slain the Jo Cox dragon!