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  1. Mental Floss

    Favourite sporting moments

    This ended tragically but watched live it was an awesome occasion and an just an unbelivable comeback. Benn got absolutely battered and only the fact that he's properly mental allowed him to continue........
  2. Mental Floss

    Favourite sporting moments

    My favourite thing ever. I remember the excitement and feeling of relief as Jonny sorted it out. I also remember John Howard looking as is someone has pissed on his own personal chips. Well worth seeing. Most of all I remember Andre fucking Watson doing his damnedest to ensure an Australian victory. If he wasn't bent, it's still about the worst refereeing performance I've ever seen. We had them on toast up front but were utterly unable to make it count due to Watson't interpretations of the laws.
  3. Mental Floss

    Colleagues habits that annoy me intensely

    I didn't realise before that I suffer misophonia. Sniffing makes me rage. it's a good job I don't work in an environment where we've recently had a massive influx of Indians who culturally see nothing wrong with doing so constantly. Oh wait............. I do.
  4. Mental Floss

    FYRE Documentary

    I must admit it does seem like a massive missed opportunity. Get all the self declared "influencers" in one place at one time. Then nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  5. Mental Floss

    Holocaust Denial

    That's an entirely fair shout. I was responding in part to others commenting on the Muslim angle. It is indeed interesting as I have no knowledge whatsoever regarding historic enmity between Hindus and Jews. I suspect there's also an element of influence on public policy that concerns me. According to the 2011 census there were less than a million Hindus in the U.K (seems underdone to me). They also appear to be largely passive. That's not the case for all populations. But as you say "Asians" are not a homogenous group and I should be more careful!
  6. Mental Floss

    Holocaust Denial

    I know some think differently and I'm aware that there are reasons for exaggeration of the numbers. However, personally I find discussions in respect of this topic difficult. Views are entrenched. The tactic is to somehow advance the argument that imprecision in numbers somehow invalidates the horror of industrialised murder that was employed by a seemingly sane modern, secular western power. Once a chink in the argument is exposed, there's all too much willingness to jump to a wholly unsupported conclusion i.e. it didn't happen at all, the Jews, homosexuals and other undesirables were not targeted and basically it's all a big fuss about nothing. Survivor testimonies + contemporaneous accounts by liberating troops are ignored in favour of theories espoused by those with an agenda. As far as Muslims are concerned? There's a proportion that viscerally hate Jews using Palestine as a convenient fig leaf. it's that simple. A number probably that wish the Germans had done a "better" job. We have more Muslims in the population and that % is inexorably increasing. If you're Jewish, that means more people that hate you living here. No doubt the feeling is reciprocal. The desire for genocide will tend to do that.
  7. Mental Floss

    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    Yeah but that's like 2011. 2011 seems like the Wild West compared to now!
  8. Mental Floss

    Extremely strange story...

    Not being annoying but under which statute does this "right to privacy" fall? I can see the bloke is probably failing to comply with GDPR (the horror!) and is likely in breach of the Human Rights Act 1998 (article 8). We'll have to wait and see I guess but the GDPR breach wouldn't be a criminal matter and using the HRA1998 seems massively disproportionate. But then the world has gone entirely mental.
  9. Mental Floss

    Extremely strange story...

    I first read this story last night and my dosbods senses started tingling. It may as well just read: "Something the So-Called BBC finds objectionable has been subject to legislative enforcement impacting a member of a protected group" There's virtually no useful information presented. It's bizarre beyond belief. What's the charge? If liking fucking women becomes a hate crime we're well beyond the Rubicon.
  10. Mental Floss

    Andy Murray

    Very sad to watch to be honest. I loved tennis when I was younger and despite never playing near his level I'm pretty sure much of the physical damage I have now is due to time spent hammering my body playing 000's of hours on hard courts when I was growing up. Murray when he started and for a fair portion of his career was comparatively physically and mentally weak. Opponents bullied him, he had poor stamina, was susceptible to heat exhaustion and often looked for a way to throw the towel in earlier than perhaps he should. Admirably he transformed both. On the mental side despite a tendency to the negative he harnessed / controlled that to great effect. Physically in my view outside possibly Nadal he became the strongest most conditioned athlete on tour. He put on significant muscle mass and made massive cardio gains. At his peak it was this that set him apart (and a great returning game). However, I believe the price he has paid is due to these physical changes. Federer for example doesn't put anywhere near the strain on his body to play his game. Anyhow I hope he finds peace. He's a construct partly of his mother's desire. That singular focus of virtually his whole life is being taken away. I hope he can find peace with that. It's not going to be easy I fear.
  11. Mental Floss

    I think I'm getting too old for all this...

    Nicely put. I attended an "agile immersion" course and was informed that faith in the method was of central importance. I immediately consigned the entire methodology to the "bullshit" folder. Even the nomenclature of their stupid fucking ceremonies wind me up. A "scrum" is about the most profoundly unable thing on earth......
  12. Mental Floss

    Manchester stabbing

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. We're never going to agree I'm afraid. Your response falls very much in the "workable solutions" space that as per my previous post I'm calling out as direct constraint to countering the threat that I believe is posed to our society. I can certainly concur that in the short term creating conditions hostile to Islam would instigate a reaction that would likely be problematic. After all the creed doesn't have a particularly great record when it comes to peacefully advancing its arguments does it? However, taking the opportunity now whilst it is still possible, might be the only opportunity we get. There seems to be some idea that our society / culture is strong enough to bend Islam to its will. Given that Islam has existed for approximately two millennia without any significant reform I'd suggest that this a false hope. It's a domineering creed with conquest at it's heart. Pretending it isn't, or closing our eyes to that won't change its essential nature. As for the curtailment of freedoms argument. This is interesting indeed. In the U.K our freedoms have been systematically diminished by the state and continue to be so. Freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom to protest, freedom to defend oneself have all been subject to either the hard power of the state in terms of legislative enforcement or soft power of the establishment which has had a chilling effect on the populace's capability to even have open discourse about where inviting a Cuckoo into the nest is likely to end up. However, it appears that religious freedom especially when it comes to a certain one is largely unhindered by such chipping away. At the moment it's like the worst of all possible worlds, we lose ours and they keep theirs. To be honest I think we've already lost and it saddens me that it is so. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing as someone no doubt brighter than me once remarked. The state now encourages us to do as close to nothing as humanly possible whilst keeping a lid on things. When a self-declared Muslim terrorist disemboweled and dismembered children at a concert in our own nation the approved response was toleration, tattoos and singing. A sign of strength? Not for me I'm afraid. A sign of a culture that has forgotten that freedom is fought for.
  13. Mental Floss

    Manchester stabbing

    Well said. Additionally, the original poster (to whom you replied) in my view falls into the now deliberate trap that the tptb have set for the populace. "Workable solutions" is bounded by the rules that currently significantly constrain ANY action that targets Islam. We could quite easily adopt a number of fairly straightforward policies to change the situation. Ban further mosque building, ban Islamic dress in public spaces, prosecute any Muslim preaching hate against protected classes under existing laws, close Islamic faith schools and ban opening any new ones. That's just for starters. However, such thinking is now so far beyond the pale that it can barely be spoken. We're at an inflection point, we either decide we value secular democratic culture more than Islamic theocratic culture or we appease and are overwhelmed.
  14. Mental Floss

    Invasion flotilla spotted off Kent

    I saw this and once again thought "this is what passes for leadership now?" What he means is that there's no political will to deal with the problem. There's a whole range of options from actually sinking the boats through to just giving up and declaring our borders fully open to anyone. Personally I'd shy away from sinking them, but I would intercept any found at sea. Confiscate the vessels and return all occupants to France with no more than a cup of tea and foil blanket. Any making landfall would similarly be picked up and immediately returned to France. I wouldn't bother even trying to establish who they are. There are no "asylum seekers" embarking from the French coast. France is a safe country these are people attempting to enter the U.K. illegally.despite all the bollocks about irregular migration. These people are criminals and we have become too soft to treat them as such.
  15. Mental Floss

    Moroccan murders - almost certainly a terrorist attack

    I understand the point you are trying to make but in my view the two things are not as divisible as you present. The fact is that the events in New Zealand came as a massive shock to that nation and the west in general precisely because the culture of New Zealand (bar some interesting Maori places) is largely benign. Some of the safety is based on the principles of equality ingrained over time in that nation. They have a female Prime Minister for example The same is generally not true of Islamic societies. The roots of this being codified in the text of the Q'uran itself. As is the belief that non-muslims are worth less than muslims. It's from this base that the true mentalists build their belief system. It makes Islamic society fundamentally incompatible with secular western democracies. Does this mean all muslims are bad? Of course it doesn't. But to pretend that Islam isn't a wider problem than simply the decapitating extremists in my view is incorrect. If you value equality, democracy and secularism then Islam is an issue that can't be ignored.