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  1. I love F1. Guilty pleasure. I love the technology and the technicalities. Without doubt Lewis is probably the best driver of all time. He’s won in non dominant cars which is an anomaly. But fuck him and his virtue signalling. Interestingly the mixed race chap (Lewis) has just been penalised for punting another mixed race driver off the track. Brilliant and avoids Lewis abusing his position to promote a movement that hates me because of my colour.
  2. Anyway all of this makes me laugh. Eastern European gang masters have effectively secured elements of the food supply business. they run a closed shop that hire only others of their tribe. This has occurred almost entirely at the expense of white British people. Yet no one gives a fuck.
  3. It’ll be like New Year eve times 10,000,000 Amateur hour drinkers getting fucking smashed because they don’t know how to drink. Its going to be carnage. A&E will be stuffed to the rafters.
  4. "Italian authorities have sent in dozens of riot police and soldiers to quell disturbances in a town in southern Italy which has seen a cluster of Covid-19 cases. More than 40 Bulgarian farm-workers living in a complex of five blocks of flats in Mondragone north of Naples have tested positive. Now 700 people have been placed in a so-called "red-zone" quarantine for 15 days by the regional governor. Clashes between the foreign workers and locals began on Thursday as the Bulgarians tried to leave the zone to go to work." This diversity is strength thing is working out really well for everyone isn't it?
  5. My mate had a 3.0 Capri and it was just dangerous as fuck. The steering was hilarious you'd turn the wheel and an indeterminate amount of time later the car would move vaguely in that direction. I've been on boats with more direct steering than that monstrosity.
  6. I don't actually care how good they are. They look "gay". A mate of mine bought one and didn't actually turn gay though so perhaps they are alright after all.
  7. Jesus, that's a devastating piece. If true of course. I'd hope that it has been checked for factual accuracy. I'll give the author the benefit of the doubt for the time being. It's certainly a plausible narrative. The left have managed to cobble together a bunch of factions that have quite different interests / outlooks. This looks like 100% friendly fire. Personally I believe that being naive and well meaning as I'm sure these people were shouldn't carry a death sentence. But what these people generally are unwilling to face is that they are signing the death warrant on our culture and it is our culture that by and large gives the likes of the victims the ability to live as they see fit. However, the shutting down of debate with cries of "Racism" and "Islamophobia" have let the debate be framed by the naive. "Why would anyone hurt us? We don't want to hurt anyone!". The dilution of secular British values especially in favour of anything to do with Islam should be seen as terrifying to these people. They won't have it though and thus things like this happen.
  8. If already up please merge. This is just fucking awesome. The racist confederate flag wavers are out to lynch me... actually no. It’s your door handle you fucking baiter.
  9. Be careful with the 4th entry. I brought a scrubber home once. Pissing fire for weeks.
  10. Black hackathon? Well that's just fucking disgusting given Rwanda etc. Ohhh they mean something else...........
  11. Lewis really needs to consider his chosen drive too. Lots of F1 teams that weren't using slave labour in WWII. Only a massive hypocrite wouldn't resign.
  12. That's the thing. I've never been nicked. I've never assaulted anyone. I'd quite happily carry a weapon to defend myself against amok attacks but I can't do that as the law forbids it. I may develop a limp and get myself a walking stick with a very heavy handle element...........
  13. Really sorry to hear that. This is my local area so I'm spending time crossing my fingers I don't know them but at the same time realising that's just heartbreak for another group of people. We should never be forgiving and forgetting this shit. We should be taking positive steps to stop it. Like if you claim asylum and commit a crime you get shipped back and fuck your "rights".
  14. I saw this and just thought: "Fuck off" I actively want to be divided from stabby muslim mentalists thanks. That particular "community" isn't integrated anyway. They are insular and don't play an effective role in the wider community as their right to worship as they see fit appears to trump all else. I'm past hoping that they westernise and join in with civil society. The male youth are fake Muslims (all bling, drink, drugs and cars) but when push comes to shove they still identify by their creed before their nation. The females are covered and coerced. Those that attempt to escape run the risk of being disappeared on a trip to the homeland. No one ever asked me if I was cool with sharing the country with them. As it happens I'm not. I'd be happier if they all fucked off somewhere else.
  15. As pointed out before unless you're willing to go all in and lose your career and all that entails it's not possible to "do" anything. The state have fully occupied this ground and there's no place for the unorthodox. You can't even talk to people freely without risking plod turning up to talk to you.