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  1. Find a band you lile that sings in the language you want. Rammstein and oomph taught me german. Albeit a rather eclectic vocab
  2. Looks like they do to me... on the RHS What are quim tits? I like the sound of those.
  3. The machine reads the separators as 0101 whereas a 6 on the RHS is 101. Looks the same to a human eye.
  4. Basically. They DO. But only the 6s on the right hand side of the barcode. But then didnt the bible say something about the mark being in the right hand? So the code for a 6 on the RHS looks identical to the 3 separators to the human eye. Basically snacr. You're wrong in terms of everything else apart from machine interpretation.
  5. Aye. LGBT = GOOD, Islam = GOOD. Whoops birmingham protests. Corbin = GOOD, NAZI = BAD. Whoops anti-semetism. Brexit = BAD, Tory = BAD. Whoops Kenneth Clarke et al. BAME women = GOOD, Royalty = BAD. Whoops Meghan Markle The list goes on and on. ... must be very confusing being a socialist.!
  6. William Herschel described a possible ring around Uranus in 1789
  7. Light pollution is a not a problem for moon, most star clusters and planets... they are very bright so shine through. But it is a nightmare for deep sky dim stuff like galaxies. But for those, if you want to see them well then you will need to track them on a long exposure photo to collect the few photons over a long period. So you need to be out in the country, in a field, prefereably after its rained to clear the dust from the atmosphere, best in winter (sun is more blocked by earth) and quite a few £k lighter in the pocked for the kit! In these conditions at 3 in the morning, you should really be using that large mirror to take a good look at yourself!
  8. My scope is called a dobsonian. It is the most basic type. Basically a 14" concave mirror in a wooden box with a bit of lightweight scaffolding to hold the top end. You have to steer the whole thing by hand as the earth rotates to keep track. Could prob pick an old one up for under £500. If you want to track stars for photos of dimmer objects then much..much more! Camera was just phone held to eyepiece!.. moon is so bright you dont need a long exposure so it doesnt move much! Just realised there is actually 1 star visible in the sunset photo!
  9. Another bit of moon from the eyepiece of the 14 incher....
  10. A little bit of moon through "me big'un"...
  11. A cracking sunset from a stars.. but bear with.....
  12. Great. An astronomy thread on dosbods.. I will do my best to upload some pics.... A moon coming out of a chimney.. android phone...