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  1. There's a vid on here somewhere with a bloke ranting at TR. He's banging on about unions (RMT I think) and communism being the ppl to defeat TR. He thinks he's representing the working class. He couldn't be more wrong!
  2. He's right though. See my post in the islam Vs lgbt sex ed thread. The working class is not what it has traditionally been portrayed as. It is no longer about wealth, background etc. It now defines those who work, those who strive, the doers. As opposed to those who protest, those who live on benefits, those who positively discriminate, those who lie through their msm channels, those leaches in parliament, the public sector and HE (not all of them, but most). It transcends wealth religion colour and creed. These are the new class/political lines. If brexit was resolved, this would be laid bare PDQ for all to see. That is why they dont want it resolved.
  3. We are headed towards civil war. But worse. This war that begins in individual EU countries will eventually polarise the countries of the world themselves and then. WW3. Ok ... thats a big openning statement. So let me explain..... BREXIT. The hot topic of the moment right? Wrong! It's just a delaying tactic.. kicking the real issue into the long grass. For many years now, the western world has been set on a path of polarisation. At first it was easily contained as "the haves" Vs "the have nots" red Vs blue if you like. The 2 party system was set up. Easy. Everyone knew which side they were on. But then, the immigration began. The EU began. Which caused which? Who knows? But the point is that the true underlying psyche suddenly became focussed. What ppl are starting to realise is the truth about themselves. That they are either .... A) ppl who want to work, strive, produce, profit and serve the community. Or B) ppl who want to leach, virtue signal, moan, do nothing and blame. This transcends race, creed, religion, everything. Brexit was the first divider. The first polarising issue. It scares the hell out of the old red Vs blue system because it exposes the differences within their own number. THAT IS WHY IT CAN NOT BE RESOLVED! If it were resolved one way or the other, in or out, then the truth would be laid bare. That truth being that you are either an A or a B. These will be the 2 sides in the upcoming wars and the focus on what differentiates them becomes sharper day by day. Personally, I take some comfort in 1. knowing that the armed forces are all type "A". 2. Back on topic.... type "B" eating its own tail in "LGBT" Vs "Islam"
  4. sbn

    Rose Hanbury

    From L to R. 1 is mental. 2 can do the ironing.
  5. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness.... all the way. Never fails to simultaneoulsy infuriate and tittilate! ... I'm not sure whether to masturbate or fulminate.
  6. I just looked at the 1st picture. Its bollocks.
  7. It's a tricky one isn't it. The chap who thinks he's getting a Lamborghini. If he gets it through ticket sales to the glastonbury mob.... well, good on him. I hope he does. But how would it be viewed if there were just 1 slight alteration to the lineup... no men. So now its an all women Downs burlesque troupe. Wiggling their booties to an audience of cheering punters... They love doing it. Still cool with the So-Called BBC? All I know is that if someone invited me along to view such a spectacle.... I would probably avoid talking to them again.
  8. I have no idea where to put this. Cant really blame the So-Called BBC for it, but they must have had a wankfest reporting on it.... its just so 'on message'. Seems to me to make the exploitation of John Merrick as a circus freak show look positively humane by comparison. Maybe I'm just old and outdated in my views, but I found this very hard to watch. Stop the world. I want to get off. How would/will this be viewed at any other time than right now?
  9. But hey. From what I can tell, thats life! You grow old. You learn. You try to pass on your knowledge to others. But you are now just an old bimbling fool. You get angry. Then you stop caring. Then you die. Have some beers and a laugh along the way and you will leave at peace with the universe.
  10. I used to feel like you. Then one day I woke up and I was one of the old ones.... Now try telling the young ones how it really is. Ooooooh. You have really just started on a very depressing road.
  11. I can beat that. I think. 789 years.... I'm 8 miles away.... wins on multiples maybe.
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    Black Hole

    You're right!.. which makes it even more interesting. Too much wine for me... time to sleep it off. ... reminds me of a something spinning off-balance.....
  13. sbn

    Black Hole

    Understood... but its defo hexagonal. Why? Hex occurs a lot in nature.
  14. "You asked us before and ignored us. You do get another answer until you enact the former" That's how my paper will be spoilt. Imagine if every brexit voter did this. They would have no idea how we would have voted. With the balance of power being as it is, even a small number of ppl would have the parties falling over themselves to win us over.