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  1. sbn

    Have I been radicalised?

    27... bottom end of borderline
  2. sbn

    Wellness eggs

    I think you'll find..... <takes observers book of ac\dc from the anorak pocket, and shoves sellotaped glasses to the very top of the nose with middle finger>..... while you have correctly quoted the often (twice) used triple couplet number structure used by our Australo-celtic rockers..... that the subject of the thread was applying (man)butter to a lady whom there did seem to be a "whole lot of". AFAIK nobody was having trouble with their high school head, or double dealing with their best freind. So I maintain my particular quoted numbers were correct.
  3. sbn

    Wellness eggs

    While the deed could be considered dirty, I think 42-39-56 are the numbers you might be looking for if it's Rosie you're after. </ACDCPEDANTMODE>
  4. sbn

    Dr Who Bingo

    Hey. Watch it. One of those is me.
  5. sbn

    The great crash sweepstake

    The end will be chicken flu...... mark my words.. sickly chickens....
  6. sbn


    I have a long list of cousins... who are also still alive.
  7. sbn

    Great Game soundtracks

  8. If i was 25 in a hotel room. For 4 days with a girlfriend. Again. I'd be stress testing the bed springs to the point where ppl were requesting transfers from the rooms next to me. Again. Sack the bank off entirely. And IT while he's at it. Oh to be young. Again
  9. sbn

    Historically, it is off the Richter scale

    What aboot the Bru? Ahm no gehn wi'oot the promis o' at least 12 gallons o' th' orange nectar..... pre ingedients change of course.
  10. sbn

    The Political Compass

    Economic Left/Right: 1.13 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.56
  11. sbn

    Come back knockoutjohhny!

    Mine. Relatively cheap. Understated. ... veiny hand !
  12. Cellmate: "What's very long, very black, very hard and usually full of seamen?" ..... Cellmate:"WRONG!!!" Edit: Nothing inferred by the "black" bit other than his submarine was black. ....and the cocks in all the best cellmate jokes
  13. sbn

    The Sweden is fucked threadäyhä One with which not to fuck.
  14. sbn

    Dosbods Chatroom?

    Make this thread a chatroom. What's the difference?
  15. sbn

    Old Car Spotting

    There's not many of them about. Even replicas.