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  1. Come on now everyone - I'm getting sick of coming back here to find no new news and pointless argument. What's done is done. We have all made out positions clear. If anyone is on the fence, just read it all. I'm out. ....anyone know how I can block a thread?
  2. Lot of great films WW2 informations attached to that. Led me on to these: Disturbing, fun, familiar, evil.... Overwhelmingly obvious thing in all of them though - he was a fucking weirdo.
  3. Don't get me wrong folks. IF the Home Secretary genuinely has NO POWER to properly deal with this woman in the UK, then we have greater problems in this country than Ee'begum. IF that is the case, then I am all for dumping her on someone else until we CAN sort out our own internal governance affairs. But we should be honest about it.
  4. Hardly! She gets to live with her kids. Fed, housed, bound to be a mental health charity worker in there somewhere. Bet she's been offered the jab already!
  5. Of course on arrival!! Her family should bear sole costs until she is 16 and thereafter as UK taxpayers, which I believe they aren't (fuck knows how that works).
  6. Ah but sometimes, wafflyness CAN be next to godliness. But IMHO only as a counter to waffliness as a distraction tactic. AFAIAC Ee'begum should be brought back and imprisoned for life with her kids being placed with non-religious families. The British tax-payer should fund this. Anyone who has an objection to this should be firstly ignored, and if they persist, publicly thoroughly investigated. That is the British, and correct, way of doing things. Yes, it would cost money. But the money is well spent if the message is sent to all. "Terrorism and treachery will
  7. Yes, @Rave, I strongly suspect that public opinion in this country is very much against our shared view on re-patriation. Such is the power of the MSM. Maybe the MSM is one of the smaller levers that the Priti is allowed to pull. Edit: I have now read back into the thread, and @Rave, in @Warlord Velmoth's defence, I fear you might have been guilty of an overly-waffly post*. *This phrase trips of the tongue and I intend to use it again.
  8. Sorry if it offends anyone, but I'm partially (maybe entirely) with @Rave on this. She is our mess. WE should have to wear it. This is all on us! Our willingness to invite and encourage all manner of homicidal madpersons into and within our country. She SHOULD be dealt with in THIS country!
  9. Indeed, I remember lots of hand-wringers begging for Hindley to be released (she's a changed woman now etc). Always met with a flat "NO. FUCK OFF. SHE'S DYING IN PRISON." from whoever the HS was at the time. They had the power then. What has changed? Hindley - Risk to the public? : Probably Minimal Public opinion: Respected.
  10. ....errr..... no thanks - I've still got a bit of @Mrs XYY's hair stuck in the back of my throat. But in a game of "what is this car?" I reckon A7 is your best bet as an answer!
  11. I cant cross swords with you on 2 threads! - anyway.. check this lot out...... https://www.google.com/search?q=austin+seven&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjAzMfrrovvAhUFonEKHW9DA50Q_AUoAXoECBsQAw&biw=1074&bih=702 It's like 100's of random cars!!!!
  12. @The XYY Man I don't think there's much room in Elvis's bum. Even for your mouse cock. I'm not sure even Stokie could power through that backlog.
  13. I just made a very humorous post about @The XYY Man on another thread. About him having "Austin Seven" eyes. Everybody laughed, it really was a top quality gag. You should look it up. Anyway, because I care a lot about my material, I actually did a search on Austin Sevens and Fuck Me! - no 2 look the same!!!! I don't think I have ever seen a more diverse range of cars under 1 model name!
  14. Head like a cue-ball Pug nose Austin Seven eyes Piss flaps of Jimmy Somerville. What's not to love!
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