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  1. ....ah - that's why i love this place..... the technicalities of fingers-in/fingers-out - you don't get these high-brow conversations on TOS.... you just don't.
  2. I'm sure there used to be a few early hours posters here? Maybe night shift jobs have now gone? Maybe CV has returned the world to daylight living?
  3. Dare we ask for a similar picture of Mrs XYY? oh shit... what have I done?
  4. Dude - you said it yourself "I’m 100% in the ecosystem and it’s just not worth the grief using a different OS" Which means you've at least thought about the alternative. But it's too painful now. Bet you wish you'd done it 3 years earlier. Now imagine yourself in 3 years time.
  5. No, seriously, you had the following conversation? "Hey Mrs XYY - your luxurious blond hair is looking particularly radiant tonight... ya cunt" "What do you want you old cunt?" "Could you come into the bathroom and take a picture of my 'arris?" "Have your nauticals come back?... y'cunt" "No - I just want to post it to my mates on the forum - they will like it!... bunch o'cunts.."
  6. Because I can't believe she's not been bagged. Because she was very pretty, and because I think everyone should provide animated GIFs to see more of these ladies' characters.... Marilyn Monroe
  7. NAMES please people - it's the rules!
  8. Badly worded poll. This peak, or all time peak? I took poll the way Spunko intended, but others clearly think it refers to this initial pre-lockdown thread.
  9. Only when they post on the important threads! Welcome.
  10. Apologies - my second bad.
  11. And lastly for tonight... not because I am running out of material, but I need some sleep.... Jamie Lee curtis.. - I might be getting a bit too modern in these early hours - sorry. Whom I've heard rumoured might be a man..... but frankly, old chum, I don't give a damn!
  12. Then there is young Sigourney! - bit thin-lipped for my taste... but those pants!!!
  13. ...Speaking of Young Frankenstein... Madeline Kahn - That mouth!! Sadly taken from us too young at 57 :-( Bit of animation to watch her glow...
  14. Remember Frau Blucher (neigh brrr) from Young Frankenstein..... quite tidy in her younger days was Cloris Leachman - 94 and going strong!