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  1. Captain Cavey

    Drunk action adventure

    Is it no the wee small hours there? Still at work and sober me.
  2. Captain Cavey

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Presume #1 can fuck off and do the ironing.
  3. Captain Cavey

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Third in from the right
  4. Captain Cavey

    It's Friday so inevitably: knife attack in Germany, 12 injured

    I remember a time when the only big event on Friday was Crackerjack
  5. Captain Cavey

    The end of Dr Who?

    Probably watched in from behind the sofa up to the age that I learned how to self abuse *. Never watched it since. * also behind the sofa
  6. Captain Cavey

    HURRAH...First Black Miss Universe GB

    Look at the size of those fucking feet! Definitely a bloke smuggling watermelons.
  7. Captain Cavey

    Is your phone listening to you

    Tried Alexa at a friends house. Response was: “I’m sorry, the default language is English. Would you like me to change that?” Bitch.
  8. Captain Cavey

    Going to school during Eid certificate

    The school should have other events like: • casual dress Friday (male only) • heads off Tuesday • three legged race (offspring from very close relatives) • goat spit roast (a multi activity event)
  9. Captain Cavey

    I'm a Lady!

    I hope you’re machine washable
  10. Captain Cavey

    I'm a Lady!

    So if I self identify as an attack helicopter and commit a crime, do I just get impounded in a yard somewhere?
  11. Captain Cavey

    A good news story. The boys in the cave.

    Have they been invited to play an exhibition match with Man U yet?
  12. Captain Cavey

    The Workhouse

    No. That’s a £10 scratchcard win. The lottery win is being born in YORKSHIRE* * I hear time and time and time again
  13. Bluetooth enabled hair colour change and inflatable fat suit to allow you to go stealth when the SJW Thought Police are looking for someone to lynch
  14. Captain Cavey

    Weird shit wot I found on't net

    Impressive McPherson Strut
  15. I’m doing this but it keeps freezing. Should I jump out the window to re-spawn?