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  1. Less about wasting wood, more about wasting time cooking on a fire for hours, drinking beer and talking shit. I offset my Greta scowls by also cooking on a twig stove for lightweight camps
  2. Not really DOSBODIAN enough is it, all these electronic gizmos. You should be using a Potjie (pronounced similar to a cockney geezer would say Pikey). Also known as a Kaffir Pot, but not called that too often these days. Takes all day to cook and supervise whilst drinking beer. Slow cooked oxtail stew from this is sublime.
  3. But you need to weld a Corby Trouser Press to the other side to complete the setup. (Just don’t mix them up!)
  4. Too skeletal. Would be like rattling a bag of spanners.
  5. Captain Cavey


    Is this the birthday girl? Wonder what he gave her?
  6. Captain Cavey


    You didn’t spot the 7’ 2” prop forward on the right then?
  7. In the bush, one uses a simple filter, what what.
  8. I’ve the simpler Delonghi espresso maker below. This was a replacement for a more sophisticated one that lasted about 7 years - the seals blew and was spurting superheated steam from multiple orifices. I went simpler as I don’t need all the milk frothing attachments (although this can do it, it’s very basic, never used and that sort of stuff is for ladies, the infirm and the effeminate). This has a heating block rather than a boiler, so it’s very quick to get up to temperature. However I suspect this would not work for long in a hard water area. Go to is the double portafilter and extract a thick creamy long black. Fnarr
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    I also have no recollection of watching this. However, at that precise time I do recall I was acting honourably by taking my children out for some Kentucky Fried Swan.
  10. Sitting with anticipation of the bollocking you’ll be getting from our in-house disgruntled northerner when he reads that you have an Aga. This should be good.
  11. One of the best curries I ever had was from a roadside hovel a few kms from where Osama was slotted. Overrated: classic French underrated: Laotian
  12. Jeez, are you sure you’re not my gran?
  13. It’s being underreported. Back in the late 90’s when I was working in Zim, a friend who was a Doctor in the maternity unit in Harare said that they secretly tested for HIV on routine blood samples taken from mothers coming in. It was 100% !
  14. Guess who’s coming to dinner? Well fuck me it’s Sidney Poitier ! you may need to mash up his food though. 92 years old