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  1. Tremor South Wales?

    Here in the Pacific Nortwest, I’m due a M9 megathrust any day now. That’s a lot of energy release.
  2. Raping kids doesn’t seem to be much of an issue in the UK. Killing a dog on the other hand - that could be the trigger.
  3. Mmh. Double bluff. Have you ever flipped a tortoise onto its back?
  4. Which Father Ted character are you?

    Feck. I’m Ted I wanted to be a lovely horse.
  5. The big Oxfam thread

    Are we not falling into the trial by Twitter trap here? This gives the impression that he found some kids arse sticking out of the rubble and went for it. He said he took a lady friend back to his room on a few occasions and no money was exchanged. I don’t know what happened, but would want to see due process before hanging him based on social media speculation. The only facts we do have is that there are charity fraudsters making big 6 figure sums. Hang these bastards.
  6. Islamification of Europe

    I’m not going to click, but wtf. Is this true, or was it “I’ll nick you tyres too”?
  7. The big Oxfam thread

    Having been an expat in many a shithole, their behaviour is no surprise. The combination of being away from home and with a millionaires income (relative to the locals) makes for a lively lifestyle. Work-drink-fuck. Repeat until you head home on rotation. The worst are the diplomats - just wait till the puritan mob turn their attention to these guys.
  8. Love your saggy boobs

    Agreed. But I’m thinking of a way to make them look nicer.
  9. Favourite Youtube Videos

    Before the salmon arrive, the grizzlies look very skinny. It doesn’t take long for them to fatten up and get properly scary. On the other hand, black bears (like the tree climbing one) seem to prefer breaking into bins and spreading it all over the garden, but at least they don’t eat people that often.
  10. Favourite Youtube Videos

    On a similar theme
  11. Dangerous things we do every day

    Posting on here. If the authorities find out, I’ll get deported.
  12. Street View World Tour

    I used to spend weekends on this beach on an island off north east Malaysia. Hired a fishing boat to take us out there and then just camp on the beach. Its a bit more touristy now and a resort has been built in the next bay,102.752265,76.42h,-9.1p,1.56z
  13. Biggest rocket ...

    Nonsense! The women were in charge of reading the maps and giving directions: Wrong turn dummy: Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster heads off course towards asteroid belt