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  1. Nah. Just a industrial sized can of pepper spray and a big fucking knife. Bears generally just want to get away from humans and will huff and do false charges to scare you. But if they do get too close, bear spray is very effective. It’s horrible stuff - I know as I had a can go off on me accidentally as the trigger got caught on a branch going through thick bush. Tastes like hot sauce.
  2. I keep away from the high mountains this time of year - spring is when the big heavy avalanches come down. Won’t head up there till June. The valleys are perfect now, no snow or flies and no fire bans yet. Bears are up and hungry though. Saw some big ol tracks near my camp last weekend, but only black, not grizz. Weekend of finding & chopping wood for the fire, fishing and drinking. Perfect.
  3. Bollocks. Proves nothing. Santa was from Turkey and he’s definitely white.
  4. Running out of space now. Looking into getting another arm grafted on.
  5. Did it bite you? Do you now have a yearning for a tight spandex body suit and shooting silk from an orifice?
  6. Illegal - no warning labels!
  7. Bollards? As they are all nerds, I assumed they were just crappy Davros costumes.
  8. As a Neanderthal, I’m in for a huge compo against you sapien bastards
  9. Mrs Cavey is completely bemused by my ability to walk into a clothes shop and scan everything like the Predator, conclude that there’s nothing I like and get out within 1 minute. Apparently I’m doing it wrong and I’ve got to spend hours touching stuff and trying clothes on, even if I have no intention of buying them.
  10. Some of the latest post processing has sharpened up the image somewhat Super dense
  11. Missed opportunity - the ugly one should be orange and called Donald