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  1. Captain Cavey

    Hornsea 1 wind farm

    Evil Hydrocarbon advocates! Burn them! Oh... wait
  2. Captain Cavey

    Hornsea 1 wind farm

    With decreasing baseload, what happens when the wind don’t blow - can we rely on our European partners to stop the load shedding?
  3. Captain Cavey

    Hangover cures

    An invigorating hot yoga session followed by a Kombucha sub colonic irrigation. Failing that, a pint of Guinness and a fry up.
  4. Captain Cavey

    Yank statue smashing fad spreads to Blighty

    Ja nee. Jy praat baie kak, boet
  5. Captain Cavey

    Yank statue smashing fad spreads to Blighty

    Afrikaans surely (or Klingon, hard to tell the difference)
  6. Captain Cavey

    Favourite sporting moments

  7. Captain Cavey

    Trump's progress

  8. Captain Cavey

    Trump's progress

    I think this is it
  9. Captain Cavey

    is joe root a batey boy

    ..for a reach around?
  10. Captain Cavey

    Boohoo bans wool

    Excellent idea. I choose beaver.
  11. Each classroom at my kids school has a cute little rainbow sticker on the door saying LGBTQ Safe Place. I can only assume that the connection hallways are a no-holds-barred gauntlet run.
  12. Captain Cavey

    trans madness

    Then ask them to point to it on a map for further confirmation
  13. Captain Cavey

    Granny Grease

    Mmh. A couple of questions: 1). Is it dishwasher and microwave proof? 2). Do you need to wear earplugs, or is it below 90 decibels? 3). Will it loosen your fillings or chip your teeth?
  14. Captain Cavey

    Sports what we invented

    On the contrary, I went to an Aussie rules game in Sydney last year. Totally fucking confused. There seemed to be about 8 refs and a handful of water boys/coaches on the field during play. There was also a couple of butchers standing next to four goalposts with no crossbar. Scoring also seemed to a bit numberwang, although I must admit to being very very drunk.
  15. Captain Cavey

    Rachel @ 50

    With what? 20 years! I thought there was a high risk of gangrene setting in after a few days.