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  1. Captain Cavey

    In memorium

    Someone should have warned him.
  2. Good bollocks, or bad bollocks? (See above)
  3. How very dare you. You can’t get more masculine than this
  4. Was talking to a Russian who was learning English and he asked “when something is good, why do you say “it’s the dogs bollocks”?” I was completely stumped . Good question.
  5. Looking forward to similar initiatives in disciplines where women are overrepresented.
  6. In about 100 million years, plate tectonics will fuse together North America and Asia. The Pacific Ocean will disappear. Don't go long on Hawaiian property.
  7. Speaking as a pedant, statistically, you are quite correct.
  8. Ok Heinz Wolf, you’ll be telling us that Dyson didn’t invent the Hoover next!
  9. New advert drinking game: cucked white male = 1 sip mixed race couple = large gulp gay couple = down in one mixed race disabled muslim gay couple = 1 yard and tequila shots
  10. Captain Cavey


    Is Durham still a bipolar place? By day a picture postcard tourist mecca, and by night a post apocalyptic zombie war zone with packs of dogged up feral chavs from the surrounding ex-pit villages hunting for any wayward southern student out after the sunset curfew.
  11. Barbecue with no beer? Recipe for disaster.
  12. I thought “context doesn’t matter” was established by legal precedent Oh yeah, that was Scottish law, not English.
  13. So, do these companies also promote lifestyles where people share bodily fluids with the opposite sex? If not, are they hetrophobic?