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  1. It’ll make your eyes water.
  2. ...and who don’t like going around bends.
  3. More importantly, can she handle a stiff MacPherson Strut?
  4. The source? No grounds for complaint - it does exactly what it says it will do.
  5. Heard a story of an older bloke, loads of money, but had a bit of a temper and thought he was God’s gift. Anyway, he married a 6 year old ffs! He also had a winged horse.
  6. Just tried the pencil test and it’s disappeared! Should I go to A&E?
  7. His motorcade ran me off the road once, the bastard, so good riddance.
  8. So long ago now that I can’t remember the cost, but think it was about £20. Dragged some witnesses out of a bar. Didn’t tell the family until about a month after. Do I win anything?
  9. Dunno. There was only one floorcam installed.
  10. On a cold night drunken stagger home, eating a kebab thinking “this meat’s a bit tough” Next morning found I’d bitten off a chunk of my glove. Probably the healthiest part of the meal.