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  1. Don’t forget the frenzied looting of comfortable brogues and Coldplay albums.
  2. Blubber fires can be quite intense!
  3. Maybe they’re getting milk from soyboy moobs now
  4. I see a white and gold dress.
  5. It’s being reported on ABC, NY Post and Fox. Strangely nothing on the BBC who are always very keen to report on race related issues in the US (e.g. lots of coverage on the Dems VP selection of a very white black women)
  6. Surprisingly for a population filled with virtue signalling, green leaning, anti carbon based fuel hipsters, you don’t have to get far off the woodland trails to find piles of Kleenex behind bushes. Often there’s no sign of shit, so ladies - j'accuse!
  7. Ok, Ben and/or Jerry, instead of just virtue signaling, why don’t you form a paramilitary wing and go sort out the problems at the source and eliminate the incentive to leave corrupt shithole countries.
  8. My go to is Looks like Stoke is being nuked. Good.
  9. Southern Africa hadeda. One of the loudest most annoying birds ever
  10. Want some money? Then get the sponsorships by looking like this (and not some medieval peasant)
  11. The horseflies (clegs) in the highlands are particularly brutal, but are slow and easy to swat before they get their big teeth in. However, if you don’t notice, they can bite your arm clean off and start beating you with it.
  12. This has appeared at the corner of my street. Good advice. Any other tips?
  13. Surprisingly big birds. I also like galahs - first time I saw one was when it slammed into my windscreen in the bush in WA. It was a very colourful event.