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  1. Yes, HL sends an email via your account. You can click a box on the email that tells Hl you want the dividend taken as cash, or do nothing and the dividend automatically gets converted to shares and added to your holding. Cant remember what happens to the remainder after the shares are added. I think it's converted from euros to pounds and paid into your cash on account, but can't recall for definite.
  2. TRIG sounds interesting, the thing I can't quite work out is whether the dividend that lands in the bank is 5.78%, or 5.78%- Annual management charge (1%) - ongoing charge (0.08%) 4.7% ?
  3. I've had a postal vote for years - I think my last trip to vote in person was on the question of whether there should be a Welsh Assembly - it's been very convenient, but during last years referendum and again yesterday, I found myself thinking it would be nice to go to the polling station and stand in a booth and have a shared experience with others. It's probably nostalgia, but I do intend to vote on the day, at the polling station next time.
  4. That was my thought too. Then the pound went down after the election results and it looks like the FTSE went up. I heard that's because a lot of FTSE companies trade more abroad than in the U.K.
  5. Anything you could put the word "bankers" next to. Theyve had a mention in a lot of the labour publicity I've seen, with the implied meaning of bankers = bad guys who labour will "tax" or "restrict" or something, because labour = good guys
  6. Interesting point about the international audience. it could be they're thinking of the post-brexit world - making the UK look big and generous to the world, a bit of PR to get other countries thinking of us in warm, favourable terms ahead of negotiating trade deals
  7. I like that the link to the So-Called BBC website works, even with the "So-called" in there. Didn't think it would! Anyway, back to the foreign aid discussion.. why guarantee a foreign aid contribution? Out of a choice of that, no tax rises or protection for pensions, it's a restriction on spending options that's surely the least likely to gain votes.
  8. Interesting poll. Where/when can we see the results?
  9. Hello to everyone and thanks to spunko for creating this shiny new website. I've picked a shiny new username to go with it (I posted about 6 times on the other website as darkwelshman and then forgot my password...its good to have a fresh start!). I look forward to commenting about 6 times again...and then many more after that