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  1. a whole page of very similar thread titles would look so neat
  2. Always enjoyed the Foxtons share price thread on ToS. The change in numbers is so pleasingly measurable and quick to follow.
  3. TRIG sounds interesting, the thing I can't quite work out is whether the dividend that lands in the bank is 5.78%, or 5.78%- Annual management charge (1%) - ongoing charge (0.08%) 4.7% ?
  4. Must admit, your comment about the bat added a whole line of thought that never crossed my mind before...πŸ˜„
  5. you said, he's amiable. It adds to his attractiveness. Along with that blond hair - I do enjoy the look of an attractive blond haired man. Just for clarity, I am male.
  6. Having posted the lovely Mr Flintoff on the "I'd go gay for" thread, I thought he'd fit in very nicely in this hall of fame as well.
  7. How's about this fine fellow...? In my head he's posting a picture of me on this very thread and thinking "ah yes, Second Mouse. I would go gay for him". A mouse can dream
  8. ENFJ Protagonist. First few sentences say I'm a natural leader with passion and charisma. Only 2% of the population. I rather like that!
  9. The generations seem to get divided up in a few ways, relate do to birth rates, societal events, economic factors, so as a rough guide.... baby boomer= Born late 1940s to mid 1960s gen x = mid 60s to sometime between 1978 and 1982 gen y was the vague name they used to describe the generation after X, while they waited for them to find an the end the name millennial seemed to catch on, so that's early 80s to the turn of the century gen z = 2000 onwards. Until they get some defining characteristics and the name is changed
  10. I was temping at a university at the time. Had to take an enforced day off and lose a day's pay because of the national bank holiday for her funeral. Everything was closed, there was nothing on TV or the radio. A total vacuum of a day. Funnily enough, at the start of 1997 Evita was released at the cinema. I remembered discussing with a friend how the hysteria of Evita's death was so over the top, nothing like that could happen in the UK..
  11. I've had a postal vote for years - I think my last trip to vote in person was on the question of whether there should be a Welsh Assembly - it's been very convenient, but during last years referendum and again yesterday, I found myself thinking it would be nice to go to the polling station and stand in a booth and have a shared experience with others. It's probably nostalgia, but I do intend to vote on the day, at the polling station next time.
  12. That was my thought too. Then the pound went down after the election results and it looks like the FTSE went up. I heard that's because a lot of FTSE companies trade more abroad than in the U.K.
  13. Anything you could put the word "bankers" next to. Theyve had a mention in a lot of the labour publicity I've seen, with the implied meaning of bankers = bad guys who labour will "tax" or "restrict" or something, because labour = good guys