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  1. Youtubes information on their fact checking service. The fracking story was checked by Snopes
  2. If security services across the world already know (and have in their posession) what compromising stuff their enemies hold, I wonder if they are tempted to just release it all, clear the stable out and damn the consequences? I wonder at what point the fall-out from a 'dirt amnesty' trumps the inability run your own affairs without external influence/bribery?
  3. I was reading something about Chinese students in the west working for the CCP to keep the other Chinese students in line. here you go. From the Indian times. Fuck knows how I ended up reading that article..! https://www.indiatoday.in/news-analysis/story/how-china-communist-party-has-lens-on-dissent-by-overseas-students-1708921-2020-08-07
  4. That’s quite a clever tactic. I’ll give that podacst a listen later too.
  5. There's a sweet spot in between which I like to think still exists - the 'cool British reserve' . - You're right though, our politicians and media need to fuck off out of it.
  6. I went to a baseball game in San Diego a few years back and it was the first time I had experienced the 'USA!, USA!", " Stand for YOUR military heros in the East Stand" star spangled, flag worshipping, 'America firstism' was impressive in a scary kind of way.
  7. Thanks for posting, I needed a laugh - I'm currently crying with laughter at this (tbf, I've had 4 pints at lunchtime & moreover I'm deeply immature) The last paragraph is Pulitzer prize material. They must have so much fun in the Daily Sport office.
  8. "I'm the best President since Lincoln" Perhaps it's quite clever in that it might actually make people research why (for once) he holds someone in higher regard as himself. Which remarkable Presidents have there been since? Jefferson, Washington? Kennedy? - If 50% of what he says in terms of the fight against the 'deep state' turns out to be true, perhaps history will record him as such. "I'm the least racist person in the room" The notion of being more or less racist than someone would require some kind of natural/uncorruptabe "scale of racism" which is as patently absurd as th
  9. I was thinking exactly this earlier. Perhaps humour will break through peoples fear-induced hypnosis? Imagine being dressed in a hazmat, then going and sitting in one of these cafe bubbles with 5 of your like-minded mates and getting totally shitfaced.
  10. One of many daily reminders of the madness of it all. 😂
  11. We’ve got similar on Exeter high street. I’ll take a pic tomorrow when I walk past.
  12. "Accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty"
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