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  1. Reck B

    Hot Bogging

    You’ve forgot splashback protection. To stop other people’s germ-infested toilet water getting into your backdoor, always lay a sheet or two on top of the water before going.
  2. Reck B

    Don’t die on the weekend.

    Thanks all for your kind words and experiences. In floods reading them. X
  3. Reck B

    Don’t die on the weekend.

    Don’t die on the weekend. It’s inconvenient. And see your GP within four weeks of your death. Otherwise it may be marked as ‘unexpected’ and the police may have to be called if you die at home. That’s a couple of things I’ve learned these past 24 hours. I’ve notified the family and friends with the news and now it’s time to tell you, fellow ascii malcontents who make me smile and think more than a lot of the 3D people in my life. You may have seen some recent posts about his diagnosis and subsequent care. My dad has died. At 9am this morning 08/09/2018. I held him as he shook and swayed and gasped his final breaths. Thankfully Mum heard my shouts and made it into the room at the very end, when his last words were “I have a lovely wife. And a lovely son.” I’m glad I was with him even though the whole experience is etched on my brain and I can’t close my eyes without seeing it happen again. He beat the 3 -6 month expectancy by 6-9 months and fit in a ‘proper’ African safari in October. He skied chamonix with me and his grandkids this March. He cut the grass on Thursday and his body gave up on Saturday morning. What a trooper. I’m gonna miss him.
  4. Reck B

    Magnet Fishing, always catch something

    How could you tell how many times the safe had been opened?
  5. Reck B

    Healthcare pop quiz

    Tried to do a poll, but can’t on my phone for some reason. Anyway, do you have what it takes to be an NHS healthcare professional in 21st century Britain? Let’s see! Question 1. A cancer patient is brought into hospital with a family member who provides you with a bag of medication and a list of dosages/times. One of the items on the list says “zoromorph 20mg (x2) 9am and 9pm” the zoromorph is in 10mg tablets. Do you; a) give the patient 40 mg of zoromorph twice a day b) give the patient 20 mg of zoromorph twice a day c) ask for clarification Question 2. The patients family notice that the cannula used to administer anti biotics hasn’t been changed for 5 days and leaked slightly during the last dose. Do you; a) change the cannula immediately b) say you will tell someone else to change it, risking around half the next dose getting spilled down the patients arm Question 3. The patients family have noticed that he is not getting his twice daily blood clot injections as they have not been copied from the list onto his notes. Do you; a) ignore the family for 2 days and tell them this needs approval from a Dr despite the prescription being written on the box which was brought in on day one b) quickly seek to resolve the query and administer the medication as prescribed. question 4 the NHS is a) the envy of the world b) a gigantic, expensive shambolic fucking mess.
  6. Reck B

    Something to cheer you up

    He was something to do with getting this advert banned from the underground I think; Edit - yep;
  7. Reck B

    The Papua new Guinea is fucked thread

    Cracking 'choon'.
  8. Reck B

    Bobby Madley behaving badly...?

    Bobbys wife caught him balls-deep in the family retriever. ”that’s disgraceful behaviour, Bobby, just how low can you go?” ”dachshund” he replied.
  9. Reck B

    Westmister car of peace

    Holy crap. I didn’t realise you could get that sort of information from a number plate. Creepy. still, I’d better do something about my leaky manifold, I suppose.
  10. Reck B

    It’s educashun Jim, just not as we know it #y

    A lot of you dosbodders are IT nerds....Has anyone anywhere in the world ever referred to a word processor and a printer as an "IT printing system" ?
  11. Reck B

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    My overall impression was that TPTB took the MM case as an opportunity to practice their 'dark arts' in manipulation. A psyop using a very emotive subject matter if you will. Plenty of stuff which didn't add up in the case which was routinely picked apart from the hive-mind, normally guffing out of the mouth of the McCann's official spokesman(!), Clarence Mitchell kindly lent to them by the government. I guess the whole case really opened my eyes to how vast the chasm between official narratives and truth can often be. I wish I could find the blackwatch(?) post, but it looks like the site no longer exists
  12. Reck B

    katie price shot down allegadly

    My mate just sent me the sex-tape. Here's the opening scene;
  13. Reck B

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    I read hours and hours of forum posts on the MM case and agree with the similarities here. One thing which happened which I’ll never forget was the arrival of a new member on this particular forum (3 aguidos) who posted a few long and very detailed posts, almost in a narration style, with open questions and new details and pointers, almost as if the poster wanted to ‘move the story along’ - I can’t quite remember the users name, blackwatch or something similar. As quick as he/she arrived, they fucked off again.
  14. Reck B

    Swedish student "saves" man from deportation

    She's the female equivalent of a white knight but far worse. There must be some kind of 'payoff' in her motivation other than to look good to her peers - my Freud radar suggests it is unconscious psychosexual desires to be taken, possibly angrily, by a man with testosterone levels far exceeding her emasculated countrymen which has lead to this type of irrational behaviour. Looking at her picture, one might deduce that any potential lover might indeed be required to knock the dust from her pussy first.
  15. Reck B

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Comparing the percentage of muslims in each prison is a bit of red herring imo. If he stayed in Hull, total population 1056 / 7% muslim = 74 Onley - total population 750 / 30% muslim = 225 Considering it only takes one nutjob, I think solitary in Onley may have been a safer place.