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  1. Alternatively there is an ingrained, rotten culture in Happy City and similar organistations, many other staff secretely feel the same and they will end up getting more funding to spread their bile.
  2. nice. Remember the old style ring pulls on cans of drink? If you detached the 2 pieces, you could flick the ring part using the curled part and it flew quite well, like a tiny frisbee. My schoolmate flicked one from one side of the classroom towards me. It was flying towards my face & rather than flinching, I did this really pronounced 'wink' gesture and caught it in a fold of skin between my eyelid and upper cheek, ninja style.
  3. I love it when things like that happen! I once spat out a peice of chewing gum and volleyed it straight into a streetbin about 10 metres away - carried on walking like a boss.
  4. You had 3+ stone of hair? ahhh, pinny beat me to it.
  5. I can't decide whether to vote for Ann Widdecombe or Sargon of Akkad. @Frank Hovis you're in the southwest aren't you? Let's block-vote!
  6. Reck B

    VCR question

    It's one of them blue movies I used to hear about.
  7. In that case I'll spoil the ballot by tracing round my cock.
  8. you can vote for more than one candidate?
  9. According to the FCA's financial lives study; (full report here
  10. I’ve got a black 1996 convertible celica with 45k miles on the clock which I’m going to keep hold of. Can’t be many of them left.
  11. Comment below the article;
  12. Sorry to hear about your mum @lid. It’s been 7 months since my dad went and re-reading my post reminds me what you must be feeling. Take care of yourself mate.
  13. Reck B


    Mum has a bit of an infestation of the at the end of last summer. There were easily 500+ around her front door and there have been loads in the bathroom over winter.