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  1. It seems as though whatever shady stuff is about to blow up against the democrats, they blame the other side for something remarkably similar first.
  2. Youth centres will definitely stop gang crime. girls, drugs, booze, fighting or table football and a drinks machine? Epshtine? fucking antisemite.
  3. He needs to address the grotesque levels of imbalance in his glasses first
  4. Ahh. Optical illusion. his glasses are perfectly level, but his head is on the piss. whats going on with the opaque lense over his right eye? Did someone spaff on it?
  5. The cunt can’t even put his glasses on straight.
  6. Reck B


    I might make a YouTube video of me saying “gurney” quickly 100 times in a northern accent. ”gurneh, gurneh, gurneh, gurneh, gurneh...” see how long it stays up for.
  7. Reck B


    Because she is a plant. She is not one of the real victims - the next stage will be for her claims to be totally blown out of the water and we’ll all go ‘What a silly conspiracy theorist I’ve been!’ This tactic has been used before.
  8. Reck B


    Not in mine! I guess in this story there are a few questions that need answering; Were there any underage girls? If not, were they there against their will? If not, why doesn't he just admit that he likes banging nubile chicks?! There's no shame in that and this interview has only made him look like uncle fester.
  9. Reck B


    I'd recommend watching the whole thing. It's incredible. What an absolutely fucking idiotic thing to put out by the royals. The Queen's son FFS ! - the royal family are finished. There is no coming back from this. I was trying to work out why they have agreed to do this - Is there something big about to drop? Are the whole family just so incredibly stupid and too far removed from reality? Perhaps we'll learn that the (much promoted) photo turns out to be an irrefutable fake and we'll all go " ahhh well, it must be all bollocks" when in reality the fake photo was put out there as a red herring for this very reason? Whatever happens, this interview will do NOTHING to clear Andrew and EVERYTHING to make him look guilty as fuck.
  10. Inject the booze and drugs straight into your eyeballs first.
  11. I'm still waiting for my owl.
  12. If the Brexit party won the election, their MP’s wouldn’t have a clue what they were doing in Parliament and a Brexit Party government would be a disaster.
  13. Reck B

    trans madness

    Crikey. I hadn't noticed the stainless steel, ribbed butt-plug! (to be fair, I had to quickly choose a "chastity belt image" as a few of the staff can see my screen from their desks!