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  1. My nan (90) agreed to have the Pfizer jab a few weeks ago (and she has never had a vaccination and is shit scared of needles/operations/doctors in general) - she's been suffering badly with shingles since the jab.
  2. Totally agree with this bit. It does seem lately that the tax rates at the higher levels act as a 'ceiling on aspiration' (unless you go way, way beyond them.) People seem to hover around that tax rate thinking "what the fuck is the point in earning any more, if such a massive % will have to be paid in tax"? (and maybe even lose child benefit etc) hence the introduction of weird terms into the language as 'salary sacrafice'. Salary sacrafice! FFS. It's more about keeping people in their lanes and less to do with the government needing money to spend on public services. They clearly
  3. I think @spunko may have had a bad delivery experience with Herpes. (or maybe actual herpes?)
  4. Well considering she is someone who (presumably) consented to Boris Johnson climbing on and blowing his beans up her muff, I am pleasantly surprised at some of the sense she's written there.
  5. Came across Entheogenic this last year - amazing stuff imo;
  6. Reck B

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    You can 'de-mainstream' youtube with a chrome / firefox plugin. It seems its a prescribed block-list (so it may be geared towards american MSM) but you can request additional orgs. https://demainstream.com/
  7. Know Thyself. People don't or won't at least try to understand the inner workings of their own minds. They live at the mercy of nefarious others who do, and they will be pushed and pulled and bent all out of shape until they've deviated so far from their own true nature that they end up living through a life as little more than programmed a machine, repeating the mantra of the day fed to them by the 'toxic programmers' of the MSM and social media. There is little mental bandwidth left for a unique thought if you lazily decide to let these opinion formers do your thinking for you. It
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