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  1. Reck B

    Sausage theme park fails because Brexit

    I quite enjoy the odd Black Farmer sausage. Buy not making them considerably longer than a white farmer sausage, they did miss a marketing trick though.
  2. Reck B

    trans madness

    PMSL ;-)
  3. Reck B

    Abortion at 9 months WTF???

    There’s something not quite right about this post! 😆
  4. Reck B

    Abortion at 9 months WTF???

    Gavin Mccinnes had a professor at his college who argued that it is morally right to ‘abort’ an infant up to the age where it becomes superior to a chimp (verbal communication etc)
  5. Reck B

    Fuckin' Weather

    Thanks for that... To be honest, my wallets taken an absolute battering in verbier already. 24chf for a ham and cheese toastie where I’m sat at the moment... 😮 mind you, I’ve saved 2 days of lift passes 😂
  6. Reck B

    Fuckin' Weather

    We’re all early 40’s in body, mid twenties in mind.. just an area with some choice of bars would be good. Nothing too packed as I want to avoid my arm being bumped!
  7. Reck B

    Fuckin' Weather

    There seems to be a bit of mixed opinion on it - depends where the break is, splinters etc. i found a thread on a mountain bike forum where I guess the injury is quite common. Seemed to be veering towards surgery/pinning the bone but nhs reluctant to offer (due to cost, probably) i just want best chance of maximum range of movement as I’m very active- tennis, cricket, swimming, 3 kids etc. Plus it’s my right clavicle. We’ll see when I get back to uk..
  8. Reck B

    Fuckin' Weather

    Yeh, gutted. So much powder here in verbier.. Plus I’ve got another week booked in next Friday with the family.. hoping to get it pinned early next week but expecting a battle with the nhs.
  9. Reck B

    Fuckin' Weather

    Hey swissy. My flight back to Bristol has been cancelled, so I’m staying in Geneva overnight courtesy of EasyJet. I’m with a couple of mates who are up for a bit of a night out... any advice on where to head? Nothing too upmarket, I broke my clavicle snowboarding yesterday, so I’m stuck wearing a hoody 😂
  10. Reck B

    Telford, twinned with Rotherham

    I scanned a few pages of comments. not one mention of the obvious.
  11. Reck B

    Invasion flotilla spotted off Kent

    “She’s large and thankfully not in charge” “3 colossal love holes and multiple highly configurable cock-creases” ”requires air compressor to inflate” “Takes up to 8 migrants (oars not included)”
  12. Reck B

    Blow Up Dolls

    Does it mean; ‘Colossal 3 love holes’ as in, wow! There’s a lot of love holes for your pleasure. or ‘3 colossal love holes’ As in, you’re going to have trouble touching the sides of the 3 love holes. Trying to avoid disappointment here.
  13. Reck B

    The Peasants are Revolting, warns IMF

    I think the IMF have their cause and effect the wrong way round. They say; I think this is more accurate; The next global downturn could make anger in countries such as US, France and Britain far worse.