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  1. I hope (if re-elected) he starts kicking ass properly. He’ll have 4 years of not worrying about re-election and will have had 4 years of putting his people in place.
  2. @Dave Bloke ‘a avatar sends me into a trance. I have no idea what he has posted, ever.
  3. do these things detect/track irregular heart beats? I've had quite a few palpitations over the last week or so - I had one last night in bed which made my body move it was so strong. Normal restng heart rate is 47bpm according to the iphone/camera monitor.
  4. Kiss Cum Toe. Sounds like the sort of thing a red indian sex pest might order.
  5. There’s some crackers for Alexandria Occasional-Cortex A Caesarian Toxic Old Zero A Satanical Exorcize Odor
  6. That’s great. How much does the kit cost to get an image like that?
  7. I grew up believing an anagram of chesney hawkes is cheesy wanker. it never occurred to me there is a missing r and one too many s’s and h’s cheesey whanks isn’t quite as amusing.
  8. She thought they were going to play hide and seek. a 16 year old girl? Did she have learning difficulties?
  9. No need for lube with these kind of antics;
  10. I joined the bitcoin revolution just after breakfast this morning. I didn't have any cash, so I invested the foil lid from the top of my milk bottle. I've just checked my bitcoin account and I'm a multi-millionaire! Please plough your money into this obvious scam so i can cash out at your expense when it all goes tits up. To be fair, if the mirror are promoting bitcoin in this way, we're at the media attention phase of the classic "psychology of bubble" chart and there could be some big gains to be had. just get out at the right time.. I've spoken to a few friends who have done quite nicely out of bitcoin (so far) but they appear to be in denial that it could ever crash.
  11. So with the lack of much else to do, Ezekiel took it upon himself to measure horses and donkeys cocks, then wank them off to see how much sperm they produce and write about it in the journal of the era? Sounds odd, but I guess there are plenty of Guardian writers living less worthwhile lives than Ezeikel.
  12. In this sentence, it's interesting that Ezekiel felt the need to distinguish between the difference in the penis/spunk ratio between 2 very similar looking quadrupeds. Ezekiel sounds like a bit of a wrong'un.
  13. I watched the conference last night. I suspect it was designed primarily as a 'shot across the bows' to facebook/twitter/youtube etc. He mentioned that the Whitehouse have already set up a way to report social media bias against conservative views. I guess ultimately that he might start making noises about whether they are able to retain and continue to enjoy their current light-touch/non-existant regulation as platforms or enter the very different world of publishers.
  14. He also mentioned during an interview that he was visited in prison by people from/who wanted to "unite the right". His response to them was telling. Basically "fuck that, I don't want anything to do with you"