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  1. Been busy mate....... doing fuck all.... again.
  2. It seems that you boys (and girls) have NOT been preparing very well! You'll all be in trouble when the brexitwogappocalypsearmageddon happens.
  3. The elite don't want you to travel, Travel broadens the mind, and deprives the exchequer of revenue, and we can't have that....
  4. If they were serving soldiers, how can they be terrorists? I thought the army were fighting terrorism?..... oh wait..Maybe they are?


    I think they are awful, especially on women. I once dated a very beautiful young thing, imagine my surprise to find a pair of wings tattooed on her lower back whilst... well, you know...
  6. One of the main reasons I started my own site, and why I also visit this one, is, there are no ads. Fuck Google incidentally
  7. Traitors list: Edward Heath Margaret Thatcher Tony Blair Any of the Bank of England Bosses from the 80's onwards The Guardian and virtually all it's staff the So-Called BBC And an infinite number of smaller contributors, who sought approval by sucking establishment cock, whilst dropping the rest of us in the shit.
  8. The elite, and their cocksucking media friends, are ever so slightly worried that they're losing control of the situation, that's all. One should expect a backlash from these assholes, considering Trump has been elected, We've voted to leave Europe, and people are becoming tired of muslims raping our kids, blowing them up and having our own media defend the cunts. Stiff upper lip chaps, the ride will get much worse as more people realise they have been lied to, and cheated, for almost twenty years.
  9. I know Mr.Pin, and some of the brightest people I've met are Black Kenyans, it does not however mean that had whites left Africans alone, they would have inevitably developed a satellite communications network, a space shuttle and would have been millionaires to a man. The whole argument is complete bullshit. We are different, and the sooner some people realise this the better.
  10. In answer to the OP, It's perfectly obvious that white people were more advanced, there are many reasons why, and, has already been stated it takes thousands of years for a mindset to develop. We in Northern Europe had no option but to plan, because if we didn't, we'd starve to death in winter. We had to plan to stay alive, this planning involved nearly every aspect of life, from food to accommodation, to tools and everything in-between. Africans in particular have never felt the need to plan, it's not to cold there, and food is available all year round, especially around equatorial regions. They simply didn't have to plan to survive extreme weather, and so never did. Plus they're the laziest people I've ever encountered, which is a real impediment to advancement. Sub saharan Africa didn't even have the wheel until the Arabs turned up wanting to buy all the surplus slaves that the Africans themselves kept, and sold, around 12C-13C? The real problem here is one primarily of envy. People in poor African countries see the advances we have, like communication, health care, education and an actual economy that doesn't rely on handouts, and they want this stuff, who can blame them? The trouble is, they have never developed anything remotely like a cellphone, or a communication satellite, and so it's easier to demand these things using western guilt, aided and abetted by a large number of 'Guardianista' tossers, who actually think that because we're so civilised, we should just give all this shit away for free, two thousand years of development for fuck all, in the hope that they'll become civilised, instead of bleating about something that stopped two hundred years ago in Europe/America, and was essentially started by Africans themselves in the first place. Having said that, the intransigence of people generally to realise that races are quite different, and to accept and work with those differences, is a serious mistake, on both sides of the fence. Feel free to insert RACIST at any point.......
  11. What the eye doesn't see, the heart won't grieve.
  12. Black people are generally ill equipped to deal with westernised methodology and systems. The stats speak for themselves. What black people DO excel at is sports, simply because they are constructed slightly differently. The number of successful black sports-people is testament to this. Unfortunately, there are racists, both black and white. They will attract various people to their 'doctrine', and some of those people will be famous, which appears to lend 'weight' to whatever agenda is being punted at the time. The fact is, the intelligentsia from both sides are the real problem, not your common Joe. The desire for power and dominion does not simply reside in whites.
  13. @Spunko. I despair at the level of unpreparedness here. Come the total collapse of society due to a combination of meteor strike, immigration, global warming, flooding and come dancing, there will be a lot of red faces on DOSBODS; Well, don't say I didn't warn you.