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  1. There are theories that there weren’t suitable plants and animals for domestication. Although, you can domesticate foxes in about 30 (fox) generations, so you would think animal husbandry works pretty effectively whatever flora and fauna you start out with. Fox domestication experiment is fascinating in a number of ways: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domesticated_silver_fox
  2. The oh so wonderful indigenous people had spent 600 years relentlessly destroying the artefacts until those monstrous Europeans came in and took an interest.
  3. For some reason this really reminds me of this classic Ali G line, from back when SBC was actually funny: ”Everyone was well into Tashid Vegi because she was all well fit and had nice skin and whatever and you had to spend 75p even for a touch and Zoe Lewis who was a bit dodgy, looked a bit rough, she was 25p for fingers and thumbs."
  4. I always just pull them off. Some I have to unlace them before I put them back on, some just slip back on with a shoe horn.
  5. I bought some shoes in “Shoe zone” once because they were unbelievably cheap. My feet just felt instantly sweaty and uncomfortable. I only ever wore them twice, they were so unpleasant. Cheapest isn’t always optimal.
  6. Converse certainly aren’t an expensive brand. Popular though. I have quite a few pairs of trainers at the moment. Some dedicated for running, a white pair for tennis and a couple of pairs of “fashion” trainers for general use.
  7. Yeah right. Only 6 months until the emergency measure of income tax expires. We will all have so much more money to spend! Unless they renew it for another year... 221 straight years of emergency. What are the odds?
  8. I had to go to Salt Lake City once for work. I had no idea that it is situated at a particularly high altitude. Trying to avoid jet lag, in the early evening I went to the gym at the hotel intending to do a hardcore workout so I would be tired after dinner. Started off on the running machine. After about a minute i half collapsed gasping for air and literally fell off the back of it. I was caught completely by surprise.
  9. Who’s going to indoctrinate the children if they do that?
  10. I said similar to my Mum who is unquestionably highly vulnerable, and she just said, “I’m not sure I even want to live another few years if I can’t give my kids and grandkids a hug.” It’s not going away, at this point we just have to live our lives and roll with the punches (while keeping fit and supplementing zinc + vit D).
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