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  1. Hail the Tripod

    Mental mental chicken oriental

    I don’t. Having viewed several videos of this event, those kids behaved entirely admirably.
  2. Hail the Tripod

    trans madness

    There are loads about Michael/Michelle Obama.
  3. Hail the Tripod

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Not so sure. In that second pic where you think she looks OK, the writing on her t-shirt clearly identifies her as someone who rejoices in getting away with being a thoroughly obnoxious arsehole.
  4. Hail the Tripod

    luxuary items

    Well if the bar for being considered a luxury item is set at cans of Stella, then almost everything I buy is luxurious. I certainly overpay for fresh food and the odd item of clothing here and there. I have an electric car, which is really just an expensive indulgence. Swimming club for 2 kids is eye wateringly expensive at well over £2kpa.
  5. Hail the Tripod

    Favourite Food?

    I thought they added a bit of human piss to help it ferment a bit before consumption?
  6. Hail the Tripod

    Favourite Food?

    That pervy hypnotist took advantage of you! #caveyToo
  7. Hail the Tripod

    What colour babies?

    I’ve seen her before on a couple of shows. Troublingly odd couple, even before they latched on to the “race issue” freak show ploy.
  8. Hail the Tripod

    Favourite Food?

    I’ve had them. They’re not great.
  9. Hail the Tripod

    Favourite Food?

    I had jellyfish once in Hong Kong. I like pretty much all seafood, but jellyfish is proper fucking disgusting.
  10. Hail the Tripod

    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    It’s not just that. It’s also just confirming to societal approval. They just want to feel like “good” people. Basic peer pressure is actually stronger in many adults than in kids, IMO.
  11. Hail the Tripod

    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    I don’t believe in the Jewish conspiracy either, but the anti-white male agenda in media is certainly real.
  12. Hail the Tripod

    Favourite Food?

    Prawns in garlic, chilli butter with a fresh baguette.
  13. Hail the Tripod

    Chinese, Not SJW, Just Get on With Shit

    1. Socialism/communism killed untold millions of Chinese within living memory. 2. They are mostly pretty racist themselves, and are quite comfortable that. 3. The “white guilt” indoctrination doesn’t have much impact on them. 4. Culturally family is far more important than the individual. My wife is HK Chinese, very concerned with family. Very conservative. She is part of a group of school mums who go out together quite regularly. One time she and the other Chinese mum and the Indian mum in the group all went out for dinner in Woking while all the other mums went up to London to see a play. As I picked them up to give them a lift home I asked why they hadn’t gone to see the play. They told me the play was some fantasist bullshit about the refugees in the jungle (Calais), and that baizou shit like that is only for white women.
  14. Hail the Tripod

    Lezza killas

    My 9 year old ate a whole raw Thai chilli straight off the plant the other day, after watching me do it while teasing his older brother about not being able to take it. He cried a bit, we gave him lots of milk, and tried not to laugh too much. They were fucking hot to be fair, I was regretting eating one at that point too. Still... What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (and hopefully wiser). I didn’t realise it could have been a matter for the police.
  15. Hail the Tripod

    Jacob Rees-Mogg