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  1. If the shop is still as busy as ever, it’s probably closing because the burden of rent/rates has become insurmountable with their pricing structure. Same reason McDonalds “flagship” London stores are wildly unprofitable.
  2. PM has the power to appoint 1000 new pro-Brexit life peers if they wanted to, but Boris is fundamentally a Europhile (who only courted the Eurosceptics to distinguish himself from Cameron).
  3. Journalists telling everyone else to #learntocode again?
  4. 1) We are the Borg. 2) Resistance is futile. 77.4) We have no respect for sequential numbering systems.
  5. There is a “school contract” you have to sign to access the parent portal for my son’s secondary school. The provisions contain statements fundamentally saying that in the event of dispute about what’s best for your child you cede final say to the school. Fuck that. They then keep telling me I should know x because it is on the parent portal or to review the “monitoring report” (for your child’s academic progress) on the parent portal. Two things really puzzle me. Why anyone at the school thinks it is reasonable to try and force parents to sign something like that? Why any parents do?
  6. There is literally nothing in the rules regarding of self-defence that requires the defendant to be indoors. You don’t even need to be defending yourself, it can be defence of another person or even someone else’s property. Whether the jury was correct to accept the plea of self-defence on the facts of the case, is a matter of fair speculation. The fact is that with a plea of “not guilty by way of self-defence” to a murder charge, the court can ONLY find guilty or not guilty, there is no scope in law to accept self defence and still find the defendant guilty of some lesser crime. To propose otherwise is simply wrong. Sometimes the law is arguably fucking stupid with these defences. After the titanic sank, prosecutions were brought against some survivors for pushing others back in the water when they tried to climb into the life boats. It seems reasonable to believe the defendants were trying to prevent the boats being swamped and everyone drowning. Some entered a plea of self defence, some entered a plea of necessity. The court found that the necessity defence was invalid as you can’t argue necessity to privilege one life over another and sent the defendants down for murder. Other defendants plead self-defence and it was held to be valid and they were acquitted. A common sense assessment would expect the law to treat people who had acted the same in the same situation roughly the same despite the specific phrasing of their motivations. No, same actions, slightly different legal rationalisations, devastating outcomes for some.
  7. A murder charge can be commuted to man slaughter with certain pleas, most commonly diminished responsibility. Not for a plea of self-defence though.
  8. The woman’s chair looks really good. Perfect for attractive women in above knee length skirts.
  9. The defence wasn’t that they were “arsing around” so it shouldn’t count, the defence was a plea of self-defence. A self-defence claim is a blanket defence if upheld. It NEVER commutes a murder charge to manslaughter in English law. If a self-defence plea is accepted by the jury you are always entirely cleared of that charge. Nothing odd about this at all from a legal point of view, standard for hundreds of years.
  10. There’s no Bahnhof zoo in Guildford. Guildford’s only zoo is called Wetherspoons.
  11. Latitude would seem to be a factor to some degree. It’s shit up north in the winter.
  12. That’s not new. It’s been a popular theory on this thread from about page 25.
  13. My 13 year old likes to jump on me when I least expect it, like a toddler except he’s now the size of a smallish adult. He was hanging out with his friends after school and ended up coming out of the station about 1 minute behind me as I was coming back from work. He snuck up behind me and jumped on me. Unfortunately my response when out on the street is rather different from when i’m mooching about at home. I elbowed him in the stomach and swung around with my fist flying. I only just stopped myself from smashing my fist right into his face. Gave him a right shock.
  14. Steve Hughes: Big Issues And Bill Hicks: It’s just a ride.