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  1. Did you get that from the wheels on the car? The girl in that pic is Melinda Messenger not Jordan/Katie Price:
  2. I have so far managed to resist googling “free-bleeding” to know whether it’s a real feminist activism thing or inspired exaggeration.
  3. stoicism noun 1. the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint.
  4. You’re much better with wheels or sheep than cleavage.
  5. He is believed to have commissioned the Bayeux tapestry. I didn’t think catholic Bishops could acknowledge children though.
  6. Wow, one person in decades makes it an unacceptable risk? Are you applying for a position with SAGE?
  7. I used to enjoy camping on a cliff edge. It’s glorious to open the zip in the morning and have the drop off two metres away and just an endless expanse of sea and sky beyond. I wouldn’t do it with a small child though.
  8. One of my brothers got interested in genealogy for a couple of years. He managed to trace an impressive amount of family tree, including... ... no-one of any note whatsoever.
  9. Definitely. But it’s her choice, and easier to reverse than a split tongue or crazy face tats... ...when she comes to realise that generally people do the things they do for a reason. Beauty standards aren’t arbitrary but correlate to procreative fitness, bitching about them simply will not actually change them. Anymore than all the “body positivity” activism in the world can save an obese person from diabetes. Good of her to clearly signal up front what an entitled, insufferable nightmare she would be in any relationship though. Edit to add: don’t know how the quote got fucked u
  10. Yeah, same dynamic here. We let the kids decide on this one. They decided they would take the tests. So far the wife is totally on board with saying no-way to vaccination for at least 2 years. However I suspect that may change if (when) it prevents us from visiting her family in HK.
  11. It’s certainly a component, how large a proportion is an open question. It’s noticeable how impossibly extreme “alpha male” physiques in film have become standard. Harrison Ford playing Deckard in 1982 was very much an Everyman physique, as was Roger Moore’s Bond. Nowadays no one shoots a topless scene without 6 months steroid enhanced gym work and 48 hours of dehydration. Probably has as much of an insidious effect on men’s self esteem as “Sex in the City” type shows have on women. Instagram dials that up by an order of magnitude.
  12. For all intents and purposes, all higher level junior competition cancelled again this year. FFS! I suppose that teaching kids there is no reward for hard work, is the more appropriate lesson in our new utopia. Really fucking grates though.
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