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  1. I doubt he has any remorse, he still has that smug surety that he knows better than everyone else. He’s just bitter that everyone else knows and it impairs his ability to manipulate them.
  2. More taxes to fund more social engineering. Not sure that is the “change” most people are desperately looking for.
  3. With you 100% on (inter)national charities, but there are loads of desperate local charities genuinely helping kids or the old and infirm.
  4. I’d say the crisis is actually well advanced and we are approaching total collapse of voluntary organisations (not including fake charities that cycle government money straight back to politicians via “lobbying”). I’m peripherally involved with running a cub group, a kids football club, and a kids swimming club. All of them are run by less than a handful of people who put in vast amounts of time and effort just to give other people opportunities. Ungrateful, antagonistic crap like this will simply end most clubs. They could have had a quiet word, or just laughed it off. They certainly didn’t have to go for maximum humiliation of a well meaning, if misguided, effort to provide sporting opportunities for women.
  5. While it does seem a bit inappropriate, they could probably just have had a word with the organisers who would do something better next year, rather than try and humiliate them in the (inter)national press. Sounds like a very real chance that the few volunteers who run the whole club walk away, and the club folds. No more tournament. Brilliant.
  6. I have no idea really, but I suspect there may be a huge overlap between the women in these places and the ones already ignoring anyone on Tinder who doesn’t conform to their ideal (i.e. everyone who isn’t a con artist).
  7. I’m pretty sure we have a few train enthusiasts on the forum. The Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway is a good day out: https://www.rhdr.org.uk/ Go down to Hythe, get a ticket for the bar car. Have a few drinks while enjoying the steam train ride, with beautiful scenic views. Get off at Dungeness have a wander round, get some (really good) fish and chips and a few more drinks at the pub on the beach. Get back on the train, have a few more drinks on the way back to Hythe. It’s like going back to a massive scale idealised version of the 1950s. And getting drunk there.
  8. As long as the Conservative party don’t win a single seat, and Labour don’t make any gains, the message will be absolutely crystal clear.
  9. Gendry seems to be Lord of the Stormlands. What did he do, walk up to the gates of the impregnable castle of Storms End and just let them know that some dead burd had given it to him at dinner one night in Winterfell? Seriously, in Roberts rebellion Storms End held out for years, why would whoever has seized it just give it up like that? The whole premise of the “Game of Thrones” completely fell apart with all the power grasping feudal lords just meekly accepting the authority of Bran the dorky who has no army or power base backing him. WTF??? Stupid, thoroughly inappropriate, “happily ever after” ending.
  10. “Harold Rex interfectus est” - If you fancy a gander at the famous tapestry, do not go to Bayeux to queue up to shuffle round it briefly. Instead, there is a near perfect reproduction of the Bayeux tapestry beautifully displayed at “Reading museum” (really just a wing of the town hall). You’ll probably have the place to yourself for as long as you like, even at the weekend, and it’s free.
  11. This is definitely my favourite of her videos, as it combines several subjects that I, too, like to rant about. The poetic, powerful phrasing the fast, rhythmic delivery and the angry disdain oddly puts me in mind of Rage against the machine’s better tracks. Absolutely brilliant!
  12. Having never heard of this kid before this thread, now one of my subscribed channels has a piece on her being “deplatformed”:
  13. There’s a gang of mid-teens who cycle around together making a nuisance of themselves locally. I’ve heard stories from some of the mums at school that adults have tried to tell them off for their behaviour, only to be jeered at and had litter thrown at them for their trouble. I was out running during the winter and my route takes me through a subway under the station. They were there on their bikes, about 8 of them completely (deliberately) blocking the tunnel. They heard me coming and turned to look at me but made no effort to move. I could see from their attitude that they were waiting for me to ask them to get out of the way, and that they were planning to take the piss. I didn’t slow down just gave them a really loud deep “Oi!” and wave one arm aggressively in a sweep them out of the way movement. The acoustics of the tunnel really amplified my shout. The little shits absolutely jumped out of their skins, and dived out of the way, as I continued, still not slowing down, right through them. Seen them a couple of times since being a bit rowdy and insolent to passers by, and when I’ve walked past they go very quiet and turn their eyes down.