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  1. The economist Guy Standing argues the opposite in his book: “The Corruption of Capitalism: Why Rentiers Thrive and Work Does Not Pay.”
  2. Hail the Tripod


    So we’re not 45 minutes from doom? More importantly how is that cunt not in prison after being exposed lying to deliberately precipitate the deaths of thousands of people???
  3. I find it odd that everyone seems to think it’s desirable to have free trade with a despotic regime that keeps over 1 million people in concentration camps and harvests organs from prisoners. That’s before the commercial issue of blatantly flouting IP laws internally. Fuck tariffs, China should be subject to extreme sanctions. As should a number of other countries that “we” have been targeting as preferential trading and investment partners such as KSA.
  4. Hail the Tripod


    Snopes said it wasn’t true, which is basically the same as a public enquiry according to the MSM (on this particular issue).
  5. Hail the Tripod


    I don’t think it was implied it was his own kid’s birthday party, just a party they were invited to.
  6. Hail the Tripod


    Attending a kids party at 5 in the afternoon, in no way whatsoever precludes going to a nightclub 20 miles away in the early hours. Even if there were multiple diaries notarised by senior judges showing that he did go to Woking for pizza in the afternoon, they would still not constitute an alibi of any kind. Which kind of makes you wonder why he even brought it up...
  7. Hail the Tripod


    Epstein wasn’t procuring kids and using them for servicing the wealthy out of the goodness of his heart. He was doing it to blackmail people. Who got hold of his stash of blackmail material? Who knows who is being threatened, and what they might do to try to get out ahead of threatened releases. It was all to predictable that pizza would feature in a memorable way, as it can then be blurred in with #pizzagate “debunked conspiracy nonsense”. They worked it in in quite a subtle yet memorable way. Clever. They couldn’t sort out his body language though. He’s no poker player!
  8. Are you suggesting “Sarah Tetley, from Melton Mowbray” is telling porky pies?
  9. Michaela Strachan went at it hard back in the day. Still tasty.
  10. I wouldn’t say I found the love of my life at a mate’s birthday party in Oxford 20 years ago. It was certainly lust at first site. She is funny and clever, and the most bilingual person I have ever come across (no trace of a foreign accent in either English or Cantonese). Traditional, politically conservative, and very family focussed. She is also a superb cook. It’s not all roses though, she is unable to accept any kind of criticism, almost never expresses any gratitude and struggles to tolerate any imperfections in the children. She also thinks the solution to any problem is to pay someone else to fix it, which can get really annoying. Still hot as fuck at 48, which helps a lot. Ordinarily she dresses in a classy, rather formal way, but when we go out just the two of us she’ll dress overtly (outrageously for a posh restaurant) sexy: short skirt, fishnet stockings and knee high boots, slut red lipstick. Only when it’s just the two of us though, she says there is no quicker way to lose friends than dress like that around their husbands, and she’s probably right. Our dynamic seems to have settled to, she keeps me well fed and sexually satisfied, I take care of everything else. Over the last 20 years or so we have moulded into each other, and I can’t really envisage my life without her.
  11. I recently signed up for “freespeech.tv”, it is Gavin McKiness new venture. The interface is great but not much content so far. Pretty much just him and Milo and Soph.
  12. The Sun are taking the piss out of the marketing director today, putting their add directly under a feature about obesity/diabetes:
  13. Well when they have to ban a 14 year old girl for saying child sexual exploitation is bad, you know they have jumped the shark.
  14. I used to get loads of interesting content come up in the recommended section. In the last two weeks it has seriously nosedived.
  15. Hail the Tripod


    Bad enough that she’s called Emily. Emily, also known as The Awakening of Emily, is a British film of 1976 set in the 1920s directed by Henry Herbert, produced and written by Christopher Neame, and starring Koo Stark. Although R-rated, the film is considered avant-garde rather than pornographic, as is sometimes claimed, with a cast of mainstream actors including Koo Stark in the lead role. It is the story of virginal schoolgirl seduced by adults. Her first sexual experience is a lesbian encounter with Augustine Wain a Swedish painter who lives nearby. Emily later loses her virginity to the painter's husband. It was Koo Stark’s only substantial acting role, before she caught the eye of our noble Prince.