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  1. Hail the Tripod

    So Assange Wasn’t Exaggerating..

    Beeb journalists continue shamelessly slurring Assange, even while reporting the (seemingly) accidental official confirmation of a genuine conspiracy against him. What a despicable bunch of cunts.
  2. Hail the Tripod

    Pathological demand avoidance

    He seems to be popular enough. He is terrible at all ball sports, and mostly disinterested. I do insist on them doing plenty of sport but he gave up football and went with swimming early on. He should make the county finals in a couple of events again this year. It’s made him seriously strong too.
  3. Hail the Tripod

    Pathological demand avoidance

    I had a number of crappy jobs when younger, including the night shift on a factory production line producing cheap air fresheners. There was a quite attractive girl working there, so I started working near her and got chatting. Turned out she already had 2 kids despite being only 19. She told me (paraphrasing): "When I had the first one, I was doing tons of speed all through the pregnancy, and he came out all hyper. Boy has so much energy I just can't be dealing with it. But I was young then and didn't know no better. So when I had the second one, I wised up. The whole time I was pregnant I didn't take no speed, just smoked LOADS of spliff. That one came out well mellow, hardly makes a fuss at all." While I don't think she had a great grasp of science, you obviously can fuck kids up in the womb. My wife was still on the pill for the first three months she was pregnant with our first. Doesn't seem to have done too much damage, although his index finger is longer than his ring finger like a girl.
  4. Hail the Tripod

    Carnivore diet

    Definitely. Almost worth its own thread really. Person A - "In 1947 an alien spaceship crashed at Roswell New Mexico." Person B - "LOL... You'd believe anything." Add a bit of potential secret real world knowledge: Person A - "In 1947 an alien spaceship crashed at Roswell New Mexico. Afterwards the US military took the wreckage to a secret base named Area 51 in the Nevada desert. You won't find it on any map, but it's well documented, it definitely exists." Person B - "Wow! Really?" In fact, the second scenario is intrinsically more unlikely than the first because it has all the unlikeliness of the first baked in plus some extra unlikeliness, but people credit it as being more plausible because you have added in elements of "secret" knowledge. (Apologies to any "Disclosure" Mulder and Scully types on DOSBODS)
  5. Hail the Tripod

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Obviously very little to do with Brexit. I wonder if this is actually the beginning of the downstream effect of limiting child benefits to 2 children only?
  6. Hail the Tripod

    Carnivore diet

    There's a seeming proliferation of autoimmune diseases, and all sorts of other psychiatric "illnesses" with limited scientific treatments and a dearth of cures. Diet is an obvious "go to" potential solution. Choose any crazy diet configuration and someone will be selling it as the cure to almost everything. How many other diets have been promoted in ladies sections of newspapers in the last 6 months, but haven't been picked out for a thread on DOSBODS? There is also the fact this diet seems so extreme, and the more extreme something seems the greater the stronger the placebo effect (which is certainly significant). So it probably actually works quite well (in a way).
  7. Hail the Tripod

    Carnivore diet

    YouTube, not "Big Farmer". The regular "quirky diet feature" in FeMail was bound to pick it up sooner or later.
  8. Hail the Tripod

    Pathological demand avoidance

    Yes, they seem to assume the other 98% of children spring from the womb eager to say please, tidy their rooms and do their homework without being asked. FFS!
  9. Hail the Tripod


    Source? The LSE took away a markedly different message. http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/2018/08/16/a-second-referendum-is-clearly-possible/
  10. Hail the Tripod


    Depends what is on the ballot. If there is one it'll be a 3 way referendum: Remain Leave (under May's shitty deal terms) Leave outright They'll be hoping it splits the leave vote just enough for Remain to win.
  11. Hail the Tripod


    That's exactly what we voted for. It's amazing how the public discourse has been massaged to the point where it is assumed that Brexit requires a "deal". We were presented in the referendum with the "best" new deal Call me Dave could renegotiate or just leave outright , and we voted "No, not the new deal, we'd rather leave". We didn't vote for another renegotiation; we voted to leave! I suppose it was assumed the politicians and civil servants would spend the two years disentangling the regulatory framework rather than assuming it wasn't going to happen, so it'll be harder in the short term than it should have been. The opportunity for a relatively well ordered sundering has been wasted. A good deal was never on the table, because it sets a precedent for fragmentation of their 4th reich.
  12. Hail the Tripod

    Uber loses $1bn in a quarter

  13. Hail the Tripod

    Eu draft proposal thread

    If it wasn't indefensible they would have released an executive summary. They are deliberately hiding the horror behind 500 pages of obfuscation.
  14. Hail the Tripod

    Eu draft proposal thread

    “Brexit means Brexit” was a fairly uninspiring slogan by May, but it did get me to vote Tory for the only time in my life. Should have known better.
  15. Hail the Tripod

    Life/ youth extension

    Errr yeah, posted a long YouTube clip of him on page 2 of this very thread, along with a fairly similar synopsis.