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  1. Yes, well a plug in hybrid. A Golf GTE. Acceleration is fantastic.
  2. So if your Dad didn’t wear something, it automatically is relegated to the category of children’s clothing?
  3. They have always been worn by adults.
  4. “The Doctor Shipman of teabags” printed on the bottom of the inside of the mug. With a little DOSBODS logo beside it.
  5. People who I would say have achieved note in an impressive way and I haven’t become aware of anything that has made me dislike them particularly: Steve Redgrave, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Johnny Wilkinson, Matt Le Tissier, John Cleese and Billy Connolly.
  6. Fuck! I’ve worn converse for decades, this is the first one on the identity politics boycott that I’m actually going to miss. edit to add: the advert’s shit, but the YouTube comment stream is gold.
  7. People have always enjoyed watching other people get eaten by lions (or similar), if they fail in their testing. Roman games, Masai coming of age hunts, Indian snake charmers etc. The only real entertainment value in shows like this comes from the suspense of knowing the lions will get the handlers if their mastery fails for a moment. I think to an extent, that is also what people find really repulsive about modern trophy hunters. Going out into the bush in a jeep with a team of experts to keep you safe, then shooting a lion from half a mile away with a high powered rifle. Taking a photo standing over the corpse like the victor of an epic showdown. It’s disgusting because it’s taking a primal urge and cheating most abhorrently. To get respect, do it like a Masai tribesman: go out at night, on your own with just a spear, try and kill a lion. That would sort the men from the fat, middle aged dentists.
  8. I definitely would though. Cute but spoiled and difficult chicks are catnip to me.
  9. Uuuuurrrrrrrr... Joeyyyyy! Classic example. I’d pretty much forgotten about that! I also remember a few years later there was a program about Tourette’s syndrome, teaching us to be solicitous to those afflicted. In one segment he was out shopping and at the till he suddenly shouted “Fuck off, big nose” at the check out girl. It became something of a standing joke for a few years just to shout it at your mates when they weren’t expecting it or when it would particularly embarrass them.
  10. I take considerable consolation from the fact the teachers that are trying to indoctrinate the kids are laughably bad at it, and the kids generally go 100% the other way. During the US election a couple of years ago, the teachers obsessively expressing their “Trump derangement syndrome” to the kids resulted in the kids breaking into pro Trump chants at the drop of a hat. Which was rewarded by the sight of adult teachers openly bursting into tears. Even now at football training whenever we call out to them to form a wall they quite often chant: “Donald Trump! USA! Keep the Mexicans away!” Equally after being required to read “The boy in the dress” there was a craze of making a circle with the fingers of the left hand below the waist, anyone who conspicuously looked at the gesture then got punched “because that means they’re gay”. Teachers blow a fit, and the kids genuinely think they’re unbelievably pathetic for getting so crazy about a joke. It’s then left for parents to explain that playing rough tricks on your friends is fine, but it’s really not acceptable to actually punch people just because they’re gay.
  11. In theory it’s a good argument, and if that was actually what was being taught I would agree. However the reality is that the agenda within schools is driven by ideology every bit as rabid as the religious objectors. We are already at the stage where impressionable, vulnerable children are being railroaded onto puberty blockers, and then sex change operations, by activists who can seemingly fire from their job or prosecute anyone who raises any objections. Nothing moderate or tolerant about it!
  12. After life, Ricky Gervais new comedy show is probably his best work yet. Out on Netflix. Absolute masterclass of bittersweet comedy.
  13. Yes, there’s no actual evidence this even happened.