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  1. Hail the Tripod

    How to make democracy work

    The legislature could just be made up of people chosen at random to do one year in the commons, like jury service. That way you don't get career politicians, and you don't get all sorts of cynical horse trading for personal advancement.
  2. Hail the Tripod

    Most attractive man on the planet?

    Just about everyone prefers Connery.
  3. Hail the Tripod

    Trans mass shooting

    Yeah but to me it reads like "she" is a MTF, so wouldn't be taking testosterone.
  4. Hail the Tripod

    Croydon cat killer

    That just begs the question...
  5. The hetero couples look passably like siblings too. Maybe that's why they feel mutual interest but are disinclined to shag.
  6. Hail the Tripod

    Croydon cat killer

    Missed this thread before. I know someone who lives in Reigate, 12 miles from Croydon. His cat was decapitated during the night and arranged on a tree stump near their front door. Probably four or five years ago. He was 100% certain it was done by a person not another animal, and from his description at the time it seemed obvious that was the case. Animals don't clean cut through a cat's neck with no other injuries then lay them out for display. This is just another example of police deciding that ignoring actual crime is much easier than dealing with it.
  7. Bad enough to put up with a sexless marriage, let alone to admit to the world that you're such a loser your wife doesn't feel any desire for you.
  8. Hail the Tripod

    Operation Nookie 60

  9. Hail the Tripod

    MDMA and autism and Dosbods meets.

    Bacon fractionally increases your risk of terminal colon cancer, but it's delicious so I still eat bacon. MDMA fractionally increases your risk of minor cognitive impairment. A night on ecstasy is a shit-tonne better than a bacon sarnie! I gave up all drugs (bar alcohol) when I had kids because being aware you do always have (potentially immediate) responsibilities ruins the highs, and the lows are unbearable. I remember my time taking LSD and MDMA with great fondness and no regrets though.
  10. Hail the Tripod

    The Second Invasion of America

    That was one element of Diocletian's economic reforms that ultimately destroyed the Roman empire and set up a thousand years of abject poverty in Europe.
  11. Hail the Tripod

    Netflix/Amazon Prime bargain bin shitty movies

    I like really slow paced TV and Film. Loved Blade Runner 2049 and Westworld even though there is no denying they were really slow. Missed American Gods, because although his early comics were good, Neil Gaiman seems to have stagnated badly as a writer.
  12. Hail the Tripod

    Netflix/Amazon Prime bargain bin shitty movies

    You know that if you VPN to a server in another country, your UK Netflix credentials will still grant you access to the local catalogue? There's a lot more content available if you access via a USA based VPN server, which I do quite often. I imagine the Italian catalogue will have a lot more of what you are after.
  13. She doesn't need sex, because feminism has already fucked her.