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  1. Yes, get enough footage and you can tell any story you like:
  2. I used to occasionally go to a gay S&M club night called “Warriors” at Turnmills. Fantastic techno but weird clientele, middle aged men in pink leather lederhosen and naked, shaven headed lesbians who chain their slave collars to railings. I used to go to Heaven and G.A.Y. too from time to time but they were relatively tame. If you like a bit of high energy techno: https://m.mixcloud.com/LostGayLondon/rr-fierce-recorded-live-at-warriors-turnmills-1996-part-1/
  3. Having been on a few nights out on the town with some paras, I would describe them as hard as nails and entirely fearless. Not outstandingly bright though.
  4. That doesn’t seem like good imagery to me...
  5. I get mine done for free at the hairdressers training college at Smithfield. I occasionally take my kids to get theirs done at an old-school Italian barber’s shop nearby (owner is called Sal and they have a massive picture of Al Pacino as scarface on the wall). One time I was in there and a woman stuck her head in the door and asked how much for a woman’s haircut. The owner and his son looked at each other with discomfort like they knew this was going to turn into a nightmare. Fortunately for them they employ a woman who happened to get back at that moment, and stood by the door pointing out the four line of site and two other nearby hairdressers finishing with (estuary accent) “You got six proper places to choose from, why would ya want to get it done in the barbers? That’s mental.”
  6. This is true, but hides the fact that most of that population are now old. Also their birth rate has been insanely skewed towards males under the “one child policy” so in the 20-35 age range only about 35% are female, and they’re hardly breeding. They actually have tiny breeding population relative to their overall population. It’ll be interesting to see the effects of such a precipitous population decline.
  7. 0-16 = Child 17-29 = Young woman 30-44 = Mature woman 45+ = Old lady
  8. China is running at 1.6 children per woman. One of the lowest rates in the world: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/356.html India is at 2.35. Overbreeding is only really an issue in sub-Saharan African or Sunni Muslim countries.
  9. Well that’s certainly true. I wasn’t really thinking about a new 250 mile Tesla though. If we got a second car it would have to be cheap to buy and cheap to run, so an older leaf or some such with probably 50 mile range in winter sufficient to remove any range anxiety for the more distant swimming/football runs.
  10. If you’re into pure “bangernomics” it’s probably a dead loss, unsurprisingly. Tbh, it probably only makes sense if: you want a nice, sporty yet practical car, and mostly do short local runs or you live in/near a congestion charging zone in which case it’s probably the best car in existence.
  11. I’m not going to be able to answer to DOSBODS frugalista standards, because I don’t care that much and can’t be arsed to track it all. I have been extremely happy with it. We live near a train station and work from home or walk/train to London. No car commuting. Also, because of the traffic, parking and a sedentary job, if I have to pop out to the bank or whatever, I cycle. Car is used mostly for running kids to: school, sports venues, friends houses. Also for going to the supermarket. All very local so we use hardly any petrol even though the battery range is only 30miles (much less in winter). Even when my wife goes to CostCo which is about 22 miles away she just plugs in there while she’s shopping. Have been up to Glasgow and back once which came in at 46mpg on the petrol engine. We also go to Torquay on holiday twice a year so run on petrol for the whole week. No VED, or congestion charge when we go up to London maybe once or twice a month. If you put it in race mode it is virtually indistinguishable from a standard Golf GTI, a little heavier in the corners but still blisteringly fast. It has all the mod-cons, including the ability to defrost windscreen and preheat cabin from an app on an icy morning. It’s been brilliant so far. If we got a second car it would definitely be an all electric.
  12. I was talking to a rather upper middle class woman who was going to a homelessness awareness thing, where a bunch of (mostly very) rich people go and sleep in a park as a huge group for one night. No tents, because they are pretending to be homeless and definitely not just camping. Still, she was taking a camping stove and kettle so she could have a cup of hot chocolate before bed, and she would probably sack it off if it rains. She seemed to genuinely believe it would allow her to empathise with a homeless person! I have crashed with some tramps in a Lloyd’s lobby service back in the 90s and to be honest, it may have been somewhat more an authentic experience but it was still only one night. I think Jarvis Cocker nailed it in “Common people”:
  13. I will ensure they dispose of it in a quiet corner of Richmond Park. Hopefully we’ll get some mutated, killer Bambi-monsters to bring those “Lib-Dem” voting locals back down to the real world.
  14. My 4 year old Golf GTE has a recall fault. Problem with the battery apparently. So they are going to replace it with a newer better battery.