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  1. Because it’ll be (almost entirely) bullshit. The economics of it wouldn’t have worked. Raising children is expensive, especially so when more than half die before becoming useful. Also your female slave is then unable to contribute much for long spells, and quite likely to just die in childbirth. Not to mention that slavery was always pretty contentious, with activists trying to free slaves right from the beginning. It’s always going to be cheaper to just buy defeated adults in a situation where that is allowable. Mostly where slaves did have kids it was because their owners had been shagging them. It’ll be just like the bullshit about how white settlers gave the Indians blankets deliberately infected with smallpox. Utter bollocks.
  2. I’d like to buy the Whitley Park estate and restore it. The “Witley Wonder” underwater ballroom would be my “man cave”.
  3. Fucking retarded government actions saw the U.K. shield the healthy population and totally fail to shield the care homes which is where the vulnerable are.
  4. Not Alan Moore’s superheroes. “V for Vendetta”, “Swamp Thing” and “Dr Manhattan” are supremely unconcerned with human issues of legality.
  5. Yep, from now on only Achaean demigods can play Achaean demigods.
  6. Reckon he’s more “suck bat” than sackbut. @The XYY Man
  7. If people learned from the mistakes of others we’d be living in utopia.
  8. They’ve obviously seen how successful Labour have been in hoovering up millions of voters from the world’s shitholes and using them to gerrymander the voting system, now the Tory’s are trying their own version. I mean HK immigrants aren’t going to keen on left wing authoritarian policies.
  9. All the office people happy that they can now work from home and don’t actually need to be in the office, will soon find that an accountant will surmise “we can get ‘bums on seats’ for a quarter the price in India”.
  10. Doubtful. More like, one person on a £200,000 salary doling out £300,000 of taxpayer money to their mates without any oversight.
  11. I love the way that after all that time and expense they just ended up with a 50:50 split.
  12. James Earl Jones did the voice acting for his father, blonde and blue eyed Anakin. Now that Hollywood is embracing strict apartheid principles, surely Disney should re-release Star Wars with a white voice over dubbed in for Darth Vader? I think they should have Joe Pesci do it. ”Da foice is strawng wi’ viss one.”
  13. That’s still not the same as it being legal.
  14. Mauritania abolished slavery in 1981, the last country to do so, and criminalized it in 2007.
  15. It’s not the bloke that left their boot open that’s the problem, it’s the bloke who left the tap on.