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  1. The French couldn’t make Concorde commercially viable either. No one else ever bought any. The fact that BA who are relentlessly unable to make a profit in any other part of their business managed to make a tidy theoretical profit from Concorde says more about our national talent for state sponsored financial fraud.
  2. Except the Russians independently developed a Mach 2 commercial passenger jet. Just about every country of any significance has supersonic military jets at this point. Supersonic planes are easy enough to observe. The Concorde story would be equivalent had it been the only supersonic plane ever made, had only flown 5 times, without passengers, in places without any radar coverage, and the world’s militaries were still trying and failing to create a supersonic fighter jet.
  3. Unmanned probes have gone there. That is (for all intents and purposes) beyond reasonable doubt, because as mentioned up thread you can independently verify it by bouncing lasers off the mirrors they placed. Unmanned probes with cameras float around the solar system taking all sorts of interesting shots. I don’t think anyone is questioning the story of space exploration in its entirety, just how out of place the moon landings are in the context of human technological development.
  4. Yeah right, graveyard lurker! You’ll be trying to convince us you like garlic next.
  5. You should break the site rules and set up a comedy sock puppet account: β€œSupreme Space Commander Tim Peake.”
  6. $5 billion + the eventual bailout bill. https://mises.org/wire/elon-muskss-taxpayer-funded-gravy-train
  7. Oh, I know this one. Regolith isn’t like terrestrial sand, it’s actually a kind of highly radioactive asbestos on steroids that has such abrasive edges that it binds pretty well even in the absence of moisture. Fortunately, despite its apparent ultra-toxicity, you can breathe it for days with no lasting negative effects.
  8. And by sacrificing air and any radiation and particulate shielding they made room for the important stuff, like battery powered dune buggies and golfing equipment.
  9. Maybe, or maybe they added the train tracks after the event...
  10. Go to prison in America, and then let us know.
  11. Thomas Baron blew the whistle on slack safety standards in the early stages of the Apollo program. I’d say he lost his pension.
  12. Given they put remote guidance in for the camera, it’s a shame they didn’t do the extra bit for the buggy propulsion and steering, then they could have had a lunar rover.
  13. When people on here start calling you β€œBald Andy”, you only have yourself to blame.