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  1. The local “go-to” beauty spot was always very busy. They started charging for parking a couple of years ago. Absolutely deserted afterwards. Both the cafes went bust. Not only do they have to install and maintain ticket machines which are regularly vandalised, they also lose revenue from the cafes. People don’t get to enjoy the beauty spot, and vintage car rallies no longer stop there, motorbike enthusiasts lose a hangout. It’s just a lose, lose, lose. Rather than reversing the policy they keep trying to make out it has been so very lucrative. Like if you say it often enough it beco
  2. I pretty much agree. I don’t think she looks like a boy though, I would say she has objectively good facial bone structure. I always liked Wendy James much better when it came to trashy popstrels selling themselves with sex. I was more into Annie Lennox, said no straight man ever.
  3. She was definitely attractive, and her songs were catchy and she marketed herself well. I don’t see any dramatic change in her nose.
  4. NHS no longer tell the parents what blood group children are for that reason.
  5. It can take up to three years for babies eyes to go brown. My elder son still had blue eyes up until around his second birthday. Funnily enough they are now a much darker brown than my younger son whose eyes haven’t changed colour at all since birth.
  6. “Recessive” refers to expression in the phenotype, not heritability in the genotype. People with less melanin have an advantage at higher latitude (probably quite substantial before winter sun breaks, sun beds or vitamin D tablets became available). The whole tribe would probably have already lightened substantially before the first truly blue eyed individual appeared on the scene.
  7. I read a book that went into it in some detail, and pointed out that the specific gene combinations are generally assumed to be equally distributed for those likelihood calculations. But clearly that is not the case, it will surprise no-one that 19% of the next generation of North Korean children won’t be born with blue eyes even though both parents having brown eyes in the chart in the OP suggesting they should. The actual chances of 2 blue eyed parents having a brown eyed kid are significantly more remote, although it is technically possible.
  8. Hail the Tripod


    My wife lost her job and has decided to be a housewife for a while as it would be difficult to get a job she would enjoy at the moment. Middle class women tend to regard their job as a lifestyle affectation, rather than economic necessity. In times of economic stress they just decide to be housewives rather than stack shelves at Tesco or work the tills at McDonalds.
  9. Anything promoting integration and adoption of British cultural traditions is welcome (or would be if I watched any adverts). To be honest half the families I know (including my own) are mixed race, although none of the black husband/white wife combo so beloved of advertisers are still together.
  10. Aren’t airlines in enough trouble without deliberately turning away massive numbers of potential customers?
  11. Helicopter money to feed the toxic debt spiral.
  12. Nonsense, he has always been a vacuous narcissist with no principles whatsoever.
  13. My son’s secondary has just sent a whole year home. Although the first boy to come down with it appears to have caught it from his father who works in a care home. If it’s already ripping through the local care homes again, what’s the fucking point in worrying about it spreading through the school?
  14. The government has launched a £300 million “Winter survival package” for sports which “lost major spectator income due to Covid-19 restrictions”. The sports are: Rugby union, horse racing, women’s football, the lower tiers of the National Football League. One of these is not like the others. Also Rugby League fans in the former (and soon to be again) red wall must be fucking fuming.
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