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  1. Hail the Tripod

    Education, education, education

    I had a couple of friends who stayed on to do Maths PHDs. They were absolutely certain that you could just walk into a job £80k minimum at the end of it. They had to seriously revise down their expectations afterwards. I doubt most "soft science" PHDs give any employment benefit at all anymore.
  2. Hail the Tripod

    Weird shit wot I found on't net

    I have always wondered how people get to these proper fucking weird fetishes. Did he always dream of getting photographed sticking his freshly shaven genitalia in an exhaust pipe while wearing women's lingerie? Or did he experiment with lingerie a bit, then waxing, then photographing himself in costume, then car fucking; incrementally normalising each element until doing them all together is the only way to get off?
  3. Hail the Tripod

    Not safe zones

    Yes, after all BMW stands for Break My Window.
  4. Hail the Tripod

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Fucking hell, the world is a weird place. I have never heard of that, and if i had a hundred years wouldn't have guessed that it was "a thing".
  5. Hail the Tripod

    Jordan Peterson

    Gnarls Barclay - Just a thought
  6. Hail the Tripod

    Jordan Peterson

    Me too. I quite like the idea that our reality was a quantum superposition of all possible realities that decohered in the act of becoming self aware, with history then instantly resolving itself backwards through time all the way to the big bang. We collectively are God, and simply by our conscious existence we brought our reality into being with a word.
  7. Hail the Tripod

    Jordan Peterson

    Or maybe after several centuries of chaos and splintering in the former West Roman Empire as relentless factional infighting wreaked havoc on the previously prosperous region, the pope (and people) looked east and admired the stability provided by the East Roman (Byzantine) model of injecting some God into the path of succession.
  8. Hail the Tripod

    Jordan Peterson

    Doesn't say anything of the sort in the Bible though. In fact it is fairly explicit on the nature of God: According to the bible "God" is not a physical sky fairy, but a formless consciousness (or perhaps the dawning of conscious self-awareness in humans).
  9. Hail the Tripod

    Jordan Peterson

    The existence of analogous elements in myths from across the world are the basis of the concept of "Jungian archetypes", a theory that underpins Peterson's analysis. Perhaps tangentially related: people report strong commonality of experience from the use of very strong hallucinogenic drugs, with more than a hint of some of these archetypal characterisations. Once you get thinking deeply about what is holding a mirror up to what, our vocabulary can very quickly start to feel inadequate, but some ideas can be seeded in "fantastic" parables that instinctively resonate with people. Or something...
  10. Hail the Tripod

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    The USP of Novichok is that it can be kept as two separate virtually harmless components to ensure safe handling, and only mixed when actually required. Why use Novichok specifically if you're not going to use that capability? Although given, the non-existent motive, and the outcomes for the victims seems largely inconsistent with an assassination attempt using Novichok, I suppose there is no reason why any other element of the story should be remotely consistent or credible.
  11. Hail the Tripod

    Jordan Peterson

    Jason of "Jason and the Argonauts" has some striking similarities, evil uncle seizes the throne casts out the rightful heir who is given asylum and trained by outsiders (a centaur), then pursues a quest to reclaim his birthright. It is quite clearly a quest story working on the level of magical adventure, with a personal path to enlightenment subtext.
  12. Hail the Tripod

    A good news story. The boys in the cave.

    Not just Tesla though is it. Fingers in several huge, and several more potentially huge, pies: http://www.wired.co.uk/article/elon-musk-tesla-spacex-empire
  13. Hail the Tripod

    Jordan Peterson

    The Lion King is really a retelling of Hamlet which in turn is a retelling of an age old Scandinavian myth of Amleth.
  14. Hail the Tripod

    Jordan Peterson

    Only those based on very old fairy tales, I think. He's not a fan of Frozen.