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    Hail the Tripod got a reaction from Fischer in Jordan Peterson   
    Well I don’t need a proxy dad, or a new messiah. I like JP because he is just about the only pop intellectual saying anything that isn’t completely and utterly banal.
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to unregistered_guest in Lib Dem’s reach for the middle class vote 😳   
    Can I just say that I'm shocked, mortified, horrified...
    ...that we've had a page of posts in this thread and no-one has yet told the joke about Little Johnny!
    The teacher in Little Johnny's class is asking each of them to do a presentation about what their dad does for a living.
    Little Johnny stands up at the front and says, "My dad's a male stripper. He goes to hen parties and women stuff five pound notes down the front of his G-string. and some nights he has to service a whole minvan load of really fat ugly women..." 
    The teacher is rather taken aback by Little Johnny's disclosure to the class and takes it up with the school's safeguarding lead.
    "It's about Little Johnny..." she begins.
    "He's told the class that his dad's a male stripper who shags ugly birds?" inquires the safeguarding lead with a smile.
    "So it's not true then?" breathes the teacher with a sigh of relief.
    "Absolute bollocks," replies the safeguarding lead. "His dad's a LibDem councillor. But we let him tell everyone that his dad's a sex worker to save him the shame and embarrassment of admitting that to his friends."
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to JoeDavola in 1 in 5 men are Billy no Mates   
    No pegging until the third date young lady, you don't want him to think you're a slut...
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to DoINeedOne in 1 in 5 men are Billy no Mates   
    Most of my friends are now working 7 days a week just to pay the bills no time for going out and social media doesn't help a like or comment now seems to be a way of staying in touch, i have noticed over the years we seem to slowly be growing apart
    from the times we would meet just for a few beers on a Friday night or all go skiing once a year etc....  now it seems to me most are struggling to keep there head above the water 
    Also i think as mentioned community is important me and my partner were talking about how when we were kids all the neighbours knew everyone and lived there for years, and all seemed to keep there house nice and presentable
    Compare that to the last few places i have live where my neighbours don't even say hello or move on after a year renting everyone seems to be dumping rubbish in there front gardens
    My old flat seemed to have new neighbours every 8-12 months because nobody seems to stay in the same location for that long looking for cheaper place to rent most likely as with friends struggling to keep up with the bills
    Metal health is going be a huge problem in the future much worse than it is now
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to GBDamo in 1 in 5 men are Billy no Mates   
    Most friendships are forced and slightly exploitative.
    Either from parental groups, you are dumped with your parent's "friends" kids.
    Then school, you get to pick which little retard is most aligned with you. Or, you're left with the little retards that no one else likes.
    Then relationships, "I don't like your friends" so you end up in a group of couples who can barely tollerate each other, but hey we're friends but competitive ones.
    Then work, you are socialising with those whose course is one you want to navigate, mostly it's passive aggressive competition.
    I've got three real friends I've stumbled across in life, they want nowt from me and I from them, but we can descend on each other without notice and just chew the fat and chill. Sometimes we go years without getting in touch then its like we were never away, that's enough for me.
    Maybe it's me but there seems precious little time to forge and maintain social relationships, so i dont tend to bother much.
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    Hail the Tripod got a reaction from crashmonitor in Thomas Cooked   
    I’d always pick Devon or Cornwall over flying to the Med. There are no shortage of beautiful spots.
    I never really understood why people crave being uncomfortably hot.
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to Libspero in 1 in 5 men are Billy no Mates   
    I thought it was ever thus..  you get married and become a family man?
    I’m much more distant from most of my “best friends” than I’ve ever been in the past,  but we all have families and responsibilities.
    What I love,  and I think is almost unique to blokes,  is that you can go years without speaking to an old friend..  then within 2 minutes of seeing them it’s like it was yesterday.
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to Tdog in 1 in 5 men are Billy no Mates   
    Almost one in five men have admitted that they have no close friends as the UK becomes increasingly crippled by a loneliness epidemic. 
    Around 18 per cent of men said they did not consider themselves to have close friends with 32 per cent stating that they did not even have a best friend, according to the survey by YouGov. 
    Read this article in the DT that i can relate to, being one of the new breed of Billy no mates.
    But what are the reasons that people are choosing to avoid their so called friends .... for me its because ive moved away and now have a kid to raise .... but even without this some of my so called chums were at one time fucking other friends birds ... a night out involves getting drunk then someone ordering cocaine and i can't stand that crap, and it often leads to trouble .... the fact that certain ones seem to be on the scrounge, and the simplicity that after a while we've not a lot in common. 
    But is it really an epidemic or just the way it's always been that people get older and they just can't be bothered with other peoples crap?
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to Sgt Hartman in Jordan Peterson   
    It's a good point and I'm a fan of the bloke.
    To be honest, many of the things I've listened to with him over the past year or so have made me think the guy needs to take a break. He sounds absolutely fucking knackered and all of this stuff with his wife would tip most over the edge - we're all human. There's also an army of malignant SJW wankers just waiting for him to make a slip-up so that they can descend upon him in a flurry of self-righteousness and soy.
    He needs to take some time away, the more he does while exhausted, the higher the chance he's going to drop a bollock and when he does, it will be like feeding time in the progressive zoo. 
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to SpectrumFX in Jordan Peterson   
    For a lot of people nobody had told them to before, so he was very much filling a need, and I'm sure he's helped many people I read his book, and found it useful. I think most people would get something from it.
    You're totally on the money about how the modern environment is fucking awful for young lads. Poor bastards.
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to Libspero in Jordan Peterson   
    Bit harsh,  he “sells” advice/psychological-insight/entertainment..  and for the most part he gives it away for free.
    He’s also an accidental “snake oil salesman”..  were it not for speaking out publicly against SJWesq authoritarian compelled speech laws he would still just be a lecturer in the university of Toronto.
    He only moved into the public sphere because they took his job (or at least made his position untenable), so he went on full attack and took the media and government advocates to task over it.
    Yes, he is admired by many..  but deservedly so..  he took on a world of SJW fanatics and won.
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to Libspero in Jordan Peterson   
    Peterson has been very shrewd at picking his battles. There are lots of topics where, when pushed, he refuses to give an opinion because he knows that one wrong soundbite will allow his critics to smear him into obscurity..  similarly as happened to Milo.
    If Peterson is refusing to debate people/things,  I would guess he is simply picking his battles. Very sensible really.
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to SpectrumFX in Thieving Romanian Pikeys   
    The plan was the mass movement of people on a continuous basis, in order to disrupt the individual social cultures of each nation as part of a plan to smash the nation state and build a new European identity from the broken pieces.
    I don't think the people who thought it up give a shit where the Roma live.
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Thieving Romanian Pikeys   
    This will just accelerate the creation of walled and guarded neighbourhoods, Brazilian-style, and the favelisation of the rest of London.
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to The XYY Man in What movie are are you watching   
    I'm currently glued to a film called ''The Labour Party, And Its Relationship With Working People.''
    I'm watching it in reverse to ensure that it has a happy ending...
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to Rare Bear in Good graffiti in Ilford   
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to Frank Hovis in White Flight Towns   
    I really struggle to think of anywhere I less want to go.
    Someone on the radio who had been in the navy was asked about his most memorable visit and it was whatever is the main port of Pakistan because the smell hit you several miles off shore and then got worse.
    Dirty, overcrowded, unsanitary, hot, dry, predominantly sunni muslim and with the standard mistreatment of animals that these cultures always foster.
    It's a place to which I would never willingly go unless I was driving a tank.
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to sbn in Candace Owens   
    She really makes Brand look like the idiot he is.
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    Hail the Tripod got a reaction from Frank Hovis in Interesting Facts thread   
    I used to know Mathew Corbett’s daughter. She didn’t talk about the Sooty business at all, ever. She never mentioned any festering bad blood in the family either though.
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    Hail the Tripod got a reaction from Heart's Ease in Interesting Facts thread   
    Quite interesting story of some fake houses in one of London’s super-prime residential areas:
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    Hail the Tripod got a reaction from Boglet in Most attractive woman on the planet?   
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to Happy Renting in Interesting Facts thread   
    Had a brief look to see if I could find the article I read, but couldn't.
    Did find this in the Daily Mail though
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    Hail the Tripod got a reaction from Carl Fimble in Most attractive woman on the planet?   
  24. Cheers
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    Hail the Tripod reacted to Boglet in Most attractive woman on the planet?   
    OK then but it depends who's asking the question. If it's my wife, then someone safe and predictable like this.

    On here though, Jen from work.