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  1. anyone got safari?

    Yes....having a problem?
  2. Formula 1 Grid Girls axed

    Go by other names for dancers and skaters as well but cheerleader tights in this case.
  3. Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    I can appreciate you don't want to stop posting on the HPC Brexit thread but anything you write, whether it be serious or light-hearted is likely to attract spittle-flecked ad hom attacks. You've got people determined to paint you as a racist misogynist and while I respect your resilience, isn't it time to cut off the "oxygen of publicity" from them? I've just spent an hour reading the last 15 or so pages of that thread, the quality of which has plummeted since I last looked in a few weeks ago and I'm really quite shocked the HPC Moderators have allowed it to develop as it has. Let them continue digging their hole, no need to lend them a spade!
  4. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    20 + years ago interviews on radio and TV could be challenging but in general, open questions allowed interviewees to develop their argument. With people who knew their subject inside out, the interviewer's job was to steer, to keep the issue on track but politicians -particularly ministers - are seldom in post long enough to become experts, hence the use of briefing papers and media training to disguise in-depth knowledge by concentrating on a few key points, largely ignoring actual questions and using responses such as the real question is... and ...let me just make this point. Interviewers become frustrated, abandon open questions in favour of trying to trip-up the interviewee and we have a tennis match of competing objectives producing lots of heat but little light which most of us ignore as we can guess what will be asked and how it will be answered. Not surprising that Cathy Newman - used to a challenging, argumentative interview style - comes off second best against someone who really does know their subject, is happy to debate it in detail and has nothing to hide from probing questions.
  5. Swiftkey

    Ummmh.....probably depends on whether the driving is performed by or to the pedants but drives we pedants to distraction.... could be more elegant? Just wondering.
  6. Lost luggage

    Airlines are quite quick to provide small amounts of money for "essential" items - toiletries etc - if baggage is delayed but will drag their feet if the bag is lost. They will ask for dates of purchase and receipts for EVERYTHING and no matter what you provide will still argue the toss and not recompense above £1k. Did you get a claim form at the airport? If not, contact the airline customer service department immediately with name, address, date of travel and flight number saying you will be lodging a claim within 21 days of the flight (more than that and they will not consider claim) and asking for a claim form. If you still have your boarding card send them a copy of it and hold on to the original. Write out a full list of what you have lost and don't forget the case itself. If you had something valuable in the bag and a receipt for it then by all means provide a copy but otherwise just tell them it is not your practice to keep receipts or record dates of purchase. No matter what you do or say the airline will not pay out more than £1k and usually much less but the greater the calm yet determined fuss you kick up the more chance they will eventually find your bag!
  7. Injuns are not stupid

    Yes, "contracts" were a regular theme and he certainly didn't waste any time on niceties or even empathy. I came away from many threads with respect for the way in which he challenged generally accepted views through clear, detailed and rigorous arguments, which seemed to make some posters almost incandescent with rage!
  8. Forget the money, what about, .....the walk in shower cubicle complimented by a luxurious roll top bath. How did you control yourself?
  9. Seems to me that many tailgaters - no matter what the speed limit - don't really want to overtake so they can go faster, they just want you to! That way, a speed camera will get your registration rather than their own.
  10. Smashed glass on our Car

    That's what I remember as well but when I called Autoglass recently they told me no more depots where you can go for a repair, everything done at your home or work by man-in-a-van.
  11. Cricket Thread

    Thanks for the link, I think depression at the manner of the loss had stopped me looking for some reasonable analysis! I doubt ECB will "...learn any lessons..." from the tour. Selection mistakes will be ignored or blamed on injury while the inability of some to hold their drink will help obscure the real problems of inadequate leadership and a lack of ambition. I can understand ECB's pursuit of T20 and the ODI as cash cows and promoters of cricket to a new audience but it might help if that audience could experience cricket on terrestrial TV and see the game played on wickets that encourage pace and spin rather than surfaces resembling my lawn when it's wet and in need of a trim.
  12. Dosbods wine club

    The only place I can see it is Laithwaites, who have the 2016 vintage at £12.99 per bottle but the Wine Society have a 2016 Chapoutier Costières de Nîmes, La Ciboise that looks like good value at £8.25 Unfortunately, several contributors to the thread have said they never drink French wine so we could both be whistling in the wind here!
  13. Another advert thread

    How much? Without being rude to Ms Ryder Richardson she's probably low second or third tier celebrity but with a positive, non-controversial image. On that basis and if it's a one-off, no promises of a further campaign, no "appearances" or other PR and whole thing completed in one or at most two days then probably in the £6-10k range.
  14. Woodburner installing.

    Looks great! OK, 3.5k is frightening but the stove is so, so good and EE is right "... Open fires are wonderful but stoves are exceptional because you can control the burn rate..." More importantly, does Mrs Sgt Hartman like it?
  15. Woodburner installing.

    That looks smashing.....good on ya!