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  1. It may have been wrong to select Anderson, Broad AND Archer but Leach and Root created a more than respectable spin attack and despite the 10 wicket victory, England were not massively outplayed. However, India were without a doubt the better side and deserved to win so it's not sour grapes but a statement of fact to say this was a disgrace of a pitch. By all means prepare to favour the home side but 30 wickets and less than 400 runs in under two days is not a Test Match wicket but a lottery. One of the Indian commentators said fast, flat bouncy tracks mean batsmen just need to
  2. Slightly different figures but similar result. I paid £5k for a 3.26kW system in 2013 compared to a quotation of over £10k 2 years before. Based on the Solar PV Payback Calculator provided by the installer, the system should have delivered 19500 kWh by next month whereas actual production has been over 21000 kWh. FIT income plus savings from Solar Boost fitted to immersion and electric car charged during daytime whenever possible means the system paid for itself within 7 years. Panel degradation might become a factor but I imagine inverter replacement will be the first majo
  3. Joe Root, Alastair Cook, Mark Ramprakash, Nasser Hussain and even Geoffrey Boycott all stand out as good players of spin, although in Boycott's case he probably bored the bowlers out of the attack! But you're right of course, most English Test batsmen are not renowned for playing spin. And why would we expect them to be? Not being brought up to deal with world-class spin bowlers on spinning pitches means you come to a sub-continent Test needing to learn very quickly. Some can, others not. Much like overseas players used to a Kookaburra ball on hot, dry, crumbling pitches ha
  4. Oh no doubt Ashwin's figures would have been much better than Leach could manage. Ashwin is a better bowler who developed his skills on spinning pitches but what the stats indicate is that no matter how much damning with faint praise is directed at Leach, give him a spinner's pitch and he can deliver the goods. As you suggested regarding Underwood, comparing two bowlers from different countries or generations is not just a matter of their wicket total or economy rate but the wickets, weather, technology etc. I remember an Australian (I think!) commentator talking about Jimmy A
  5. Jadeja and Ashwin incomparably better than Bess (hah!) and Leach or Leach and Rashid? Unarguably, and while we're at it let's point out the youthful Pant is in no way overshadowed by Jos Buttler or the fact that while praising Joe Root's form, it's Kohli's elegance and grace the Indian TV commentators wax lyrical about . But it is a team sport and India just lost a home Test by over 200 runs: if that's down to losing the toss and having to bowl before the pitch disintegrated then maybe they need to prepare pitches that give some help to bowlers from Day One. And as it is, Leach
  6. Bulb slightly dearer on standing charge but cheaper per Kwh Electricity Unit rate 15.7752p per kWh Standing charge 20.7176p per day
  7. I've used a borrowed "briefcase" type to date similar to https://www.offgridcamper.co.uk/product/120w-12v-24v-folding-solar-panel-without-a-solar-charge-controller/ but while it works OK and can be moved to pick up direct sunlight, the need for storage space plus packing and unpacking hassle means I tend not to use it other than when parked up......which is usually at night! The plan is to install https://www.offgridcamper.co.uk/product/120w-black-reinforced-semi-flexible-solar-panel-etfe-rear-junction-box/ or something similar on top of the roof-top tent. Efficiency will not be as good i
  8. Probably not relevant to the more ambitious projects being considered here but I have a modest setup in my pickup, designed to cope with off-grid camping, particularly in Winter and as far North as the Arctic Circle and above: yes, I know, quite niche requirements! The system consists of 2 x 110ah 12v batteries connected in parallel and charged via a CTEK DC/DC unit able to take input from the vehicle alternator and solar panels. So, fast re-charge with the engine running, trickle or better charging from the panels dependent on orientation and length of day. LiFe
  9. You could be right @The XYY Man but writing as someone in their 70’s who is equally tired of this boomer-bashing I wonder if it’s more to do with the type of person the complainants are in touch with and how those relationships are handled? I certainly know the odd person in my demographic who criticises younger generations for wasting money on iPhones etc but know very, very few who in any way approach @JoeDavola's redundancy payment of 3 times take home salary and a pension that leaves them better off than when they worked level of wealth. Yes, my house is probably worth Joe’s 5 ti
  10. MONTAGNOLO Shutterstock Made from pasteurized cow's milk Country of origin: Germany Region: Allgau Family: Blue Type: soft, blue-veined Texture: smooth Rind: natural Colour: pale yellow Flavour: buttery, creamy, piquant Aroma: aromatic, rich, spicy Producers: Käserei Champignon
  11. Meanwhile in other parts of the world: https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/covid-uae-china-registers-vaccine-use I understand the plan is to begin vaccinating teachers next week............
  12. Cream-based sauces usually “split” when frozen then thawed, giving that cottage cheese appearance and a change in flavour. One option is to freeze the basic sauce without cream then add this after defrosting but that’s obviously impossible if you just want to freeze some leftovers. Another approach is to use a flour and butter roux to emulsify the cream sauce as you make it. This will then freeze, thaw and reheat without the change in texture or flavour.
  13. Duck

    Buying a Car

    I haven’t driven in Canada but based on Winter driving experience in Northern USA and Europe, I agree with this article - https://driving.ca/subaru/forester/auto-news/news/roundup-drivings-picks-for-cars-to-survive-a-canadian-winter - that good Winter tyres are the single most important factor. If the 300k trip is along good, well-ploughed roads and the cabin is close to the highway a two year old petrol Subaru Outback such as https://tinyurl.com/yxrpayub might fit the bill although 11 years with Zipcar and rentals suggests cars are not a matter of status for you …….. so why not go older,
  14. There are lots of early Leafs around (2012) still fine on the original battery but reliable range does come down to 70 or so miles in many cases. The newer - 40kWh - models have caught out owners who imagined the increased range and one or two fast charges would mean 300-400 miles in a day would be easy. Anecdotally, many of these have found the same as @Popuplights friend: repeated fast-charging takes longer and longer as in the absence of a cooling system, the battery software throttles down current rate to keep temperatures down. All in all, if you're in the market for a £35k + EV then
  15. It partly depends on what you want to do with it! A smallish joint of brisket from, say, Morrisons or Tesco will cost about £9/kg and cooked for several hours in a slow oven is a good introduction to the cut if you've never cooked it before. Good as a Sunday roast if you get it in the oven early enough, excellent with salads, in sandwiches etc. The "secret" is long, slow cooking so doesn't do well if you're trying to roast potatoes at the same time. If you have some experience of cooking smaller joints in the oven or just want to jump in feet first (I wouldn't!), a half or whole bris
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