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  1. Too expensive to buy for a one-off project but worth checking if the free trial of Camtasia is "fully featured" - - as this will allow you to play and record the YouTube video then edit (if necessary) and save in many different formats. Alternatively, if you have access to a Mac with up to date OS then Screenshot will record all or part of the screen, with sound and save it as a .mov file. If necessary, this can then be converted to MP4 or just download Quicktime for Windows.
  2. To be honest, it's mainly Duane Allman's guitar solo.......been said many times of many people but what a talent, what a sad loss.
  3. Not disagreeing with you just wondering how Boris can possibly deliver either a good deal for Brexiteers or no deal at all by 31st October. What scenario would make this possible?
  4. Isn't Corbyn's goal less to do with leaving or staying in the EU than gaining power in the UK? I assume: Outlawling of no-deal Brexit bill goes through Opposition refuse an election prior to EU Agreement to Brexit extension Boris makes token effort to re-negotiate withdrawal agreement, EU refuse Boris government resigns citing inability to govern in absence of election Queen invites Labour to form government and they are supported by other opposition parties on basis an election is held immediately after extension is granted EU duly grant an extension Interim Labour government is unable to enact any serious non-Brexit legislation but negotiate a slightly revised withdrawal agreement on which they will fight the general election claiming they have - in 3 months or whatever - produced a solution to all the Brexit delay and in-fighting November or December election in which Labour and other (current) opposition parties claim they have a solution that will be accepted by Parliament in contrast to two Conservative administrations that have failed to resolve the Brexit problem Both Tories and Labour suffer losses in election and even if Farage wins seats, a majority Labour or coalition of Labour/Lib Dems will form the next government
  5. Really? Discussion with LK used BBC's own mikes, lavaliers, very directional, close to the speakers and even then the crowd noise was evident. BJ at the lectern using different mikes providing a common feed to all the news organisations covering the speech: less directional and picking up more of the background chanting. Back to the So-Called BBC and the cutaway to the aerial shot was prompted by Fiona Bruce explaining what the chanting was and where it was coming from. I may have missed it but I didn't hear her or Laura Kuenssberg suggest the crowd was large, although that's maybe why you put the word in quotes? BBC gets a lot of well-deserved criticism but I can't see anything wrong here and as for Laura Kuenssberg she strikes me as an excellent, even-handed political journalist. It's a great pity the So-Called BBC and other MSM outlets have so few like her.
  6. HOC Science and Technology Select Committee criticise government by stating financial incentives to buy cleaner cars are insufficient but neatly sidestep any damage to their own political ambitions by swiftly transferring the need for change to the public widespread personal vehicle ownership does not appear to be compatible with significant decarbonisation. At face value those statements suggest maintenance of financial incentives plus investment in public transport but that cannot happen as money spent on EV purchase incentives sees money lost on fuel tax while improving rural bus services just does not have the impact of something like HS2 or another runway at Heathrow. short-term political objective of appearing to be concerned - done short-term political need to be seen to be doing something, even if only talk rather than action- done link between emissions, fuel tax, electricity cost, car manufacturing - ignored Next step for the committee? Maybe a series of fact-finding missions to various parts of the globe and if she’s still popular then a photo-opportunity with Greta. What will actually happen? My bet is amongst a series of contradictory and mutually excluding EV incentives, fuel tax increases and scrappage schemes we will gradually see road-pricing introduced.
  7. Duck

    Jim's Jalopy

    JLR's replacement for the Defender is due to be launched later this year (September?) and in production from 2020. Information is obviously short before launch but rumour has it the entry price will be £40k plus. JLR are pushing the go-anywhere, tough-as-boots-heritage angle but comment they see their market as "....the young, affluent fun seekers". At that price there will be little interest from farmers, landscape gardeners etc. while vehicle-dependent travellers will be put off by the price and the inevitably complicated electronics making field-repairs virtually impossible. If Jim Ratcliffe's project offers a genuinely rugged 4x4 at below Defender cost with no or very few electronics they might well find a niche market.
  8. So I should take my head out of the sand/my arse, trawl the media for religious zealot outrages, pick them apart while simultaneously denying same media have any authenticity and talk myself into hysteria? Nah…..I prefer to be patronised for not being part of the forum consensus.
  9. Rather than having a pop at all bin lorry managers, wasn’t @SNACR suggesting the idiots were those claiming they were in the frontline of the war on climate change? If so it might also be the case that claims the majority of the population do not foresee civil war because they have no vision and are unable to extrapolate events and circumstances is similarly frontline posturing. The position you take does not allow of any other viewpoint because to disagree I apparently suffer from a personality defect you have identified, lack common sense and have my head in the sand. Nonetheless, your vision of partition and civil war strikes me not as supremely aware but utterly nihilistic.
  10. Not sure where you got "paradise" from, just offering personal experience rather than condemnation or approbation.
  11. Not in my experience. Yes, kids looking for handouts run after and even jump on vehicles driven by Europeans, blokes turn up on mopeds trying to sell you stuff when parked up in the middle of nowhere but tourist routes and hotspots excepted the locals I’ve come across were friendly enough. If I was after a 5 star resort holiday I guess the risk of lunatic religious extremists looking for targets would be off-putting but rural Morocco and less touristy cities such as Meknes have never presented me with any problems.
  12. Ideal, can't imagine why I didn't come across this before. Thanks.
  13. Oh, that sounds like a good idea: would you mind saying which make/model?