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  1. There are lots of early Leafs around (2012) still fine on the original battery but reliable range does come down to 70 or so miles in many cases. The newer - 40kWh - models have caught out owners who imagined the increased range and one or two fast charges would mean 300-400 miles in a day would be easy. Anecdotally, many of these have found the same as @Popuplights friend: repeated fast-charging takes longer and longer as in the absence of a cooling system, the battery software throttles down current rate to keep temperatures down. All in all, if you're in the market for a £35k + EV then
  2. It partly depends on what you want to do with it! A smallish joint of brisket from, say, Morrisons or Tesco will cost about £9/kg and cooked for several hours in a slow oven is a good introduction to the cut if you've never cooked it before. Good as a Sunday roast if you get it in the oven early enough, excellent with salads, in sandwiches etc. The "secret" is long, slow cooking so doesn't do well if you're trying to roast potatoes at the same time. If you have some experience of cooking smaller joints in the oven or just want to jump in feet first (I wouldn't!), a half or whole bris
  3. My experience too. Rear-ended by a young driver, NFU very helpful on the phone and organised loan car at no additional cost. A week later they decided the car was a total loss and asked what we would consider a reasonable settlement. Quoted an average of autotrader prices for similar mileage and age but NFU said they had done the same exercise and felt we were undervaluing by £500.......went with their offer! Definitely more costly than many comparison site quotes but very efficient, quick to deal with queries and no nasty shocks when you need to claim. Just wish a company
  4. A family member has run a 24kWH Leaf for 2 years now. Bought at 25000, now up to 45000 miles. They aim to stay within the 20%-80% range for all round-town type journeys but will charge at home to 100% or rapid charge to 80% if commuting. Now 6 years old the battery still has 12 bars (i.e. has not noticeably degraded) but they treat 70 miles as a realistic range, a little less in winter, a little more in summer. Our 30kWh Leaf is a couple of years newer, under 30000 miles, still has 12 bars and realistic range is 100-110 miles. We’ll use rapid charge on a long run but otherwise try to
  5. I didn't have the money for exotica but a friend took me out in his 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS, which absolutely blew me away. OK, I was driving a rather tired Spitfire at the time but the Porsche was my first experience of a quality car. The acceleration and handling were wonderful but it was the quality of the build that impressed me most. Had a Sunbeam Sport from new in the mid-70's and you're right, it was a cracking little engine. Problem was the distributor constantly became loose and the twin carbs went out of tune as soon as you left the dealer. On the rare occasions timing an
  6. Being over 70 I'm lucky enough (hah!) to have owned as a daily driver or otherwise driven lots of 1960's and 70's cars. Bearing in mind a £6k budget and therefore ignoring some of the exotica .......... MG Midget - pretty enough but just forget it unless you're 5' 6" or less and slim MGB - big enthusiast network, good parts availability and easy to sell on but restored will be well over your budget and unrestored will probably be a money pit. Despite the hype and ubiquity, not particularly engaging or interesting to drive. Mini - again, lots of support around and decent parts av
  7. We moved into a house with an earth floor that had become loose and resulted in the stone slabs sinking and generally being very uneven. Neighbours and a local builder told me there was one tradesman who specialised in this work so asked him to take a look. He told me it would cost about £3k (adjusted for inflation), which seemed expensive as he said he would be finished in 2 days, 3 at the very most and there would only be himself and a labourer working on the job. I - very politely - asked why it cost so much: “…..it’s down to the labour and materials plus 30 years learning t
  8. @lid has already posted this video in the Coronavirus thread to mark John Prine's death from Covid-19 complications but here again to celebrate the collaboration of two talented songwriters. Probably wrong but I wonder if Prine used Iris DeMent on two of his albums because her distinct voice just works so well with his words.
  9. Come on @spunko and @MrLibertyRedux, generalising the current behaviour of anyone over, say, 55 as los[ing] their shit or typified by selfish MAMILs and the 60 year old fat rosacea women pushing people out the way at the supermarket is just silly. The sort of behaviour @Hopeful and @Austin Allegro describe in their villages is ridiculous, of course. If those are the same people who deny their accident-of-birth good fortune, believe you can’t go wrong with bricks and mortar and quote 15% interest rates in the 1970’s as evidence of their own hard times then the criticism and ridicule
  10. I can understand them trying to reduce their losses by asking you to shift your booking later and imagine that if you refuse, trying to ignore any request for a refund. However, the government instruction seems very clear: 1. Businesses and venues that must remain closed To reduce social contact, the government has ordered the following businesses and venues to close: Accommodation Hotels, hostels, B&Bs, holiday rentals, campsites and boarding houses for commercial use
  11. Duck

    DIY Help

    I'm probably the worst plasterer in the world so keep that in mind when looking at https://www.wickes.co.uk/British-Gypsum-Gyproc-Easi-Fill-60-Compound---10kg/p/117660. I used it for a large repair on a wall that had been damp. Once the source of the damp was cured I was left with about 3-4 sq mtrs of crumbling plaster to remove before reaching a solid "edge". Two coats of this did the trick although the sanding out of imperfections created by my awful plastering technique took a lot of time!
  12. So far as I know there is no special FAC-Air category but distinction by centre or rim fire rather than calibre is definitely not the case: the certificate specifies the calibre of firearm and amount of ammunition you are able to own and store and for any firearm requested you have to provide good reason. If you're aiming to hunt, calibre(s) granted will depend on anticipated quarry and land you have available to shoot over, which Police may want to inspect and discuss whether you understand the lie of the land and in which directions it would be unsafe to shoot. Otherwise, maximum
  13. Because he's slim, doesn't smoke has no serious underlying conditions we know of and has the best medical attention (our) money can buy?
  14. The tests were carried out by the NHS in Aberdeenshire, where they met the criteria required for testing Is that a Scottish-only criteria or maybe one for really important people we cannot do without? 90% certain my wife currently infected but having a test to confirm the infection would require her to be in hospital unable to breathe on her own.
  15. My wife became very shivery and generally felt unwell late Friday evening. By Saturday morning she was running a high temperature, had a lot of pain in her back and felt utterly exhausted. No cough but a slight feeling of tightness in the chest, which she put down to the (mild) asthma from which she suffers. Sunday saw continuing exhaustion and fever with persistent pain in lower back but responsive to paracetamol. Temperature only just in fever range on Monday, back pain subsiding, still very tired but able to wrap up and sit in the garden for an hour. Today, temperature back i
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