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    Spygirl helps airline!
  2. Duck

    Any Urology gurus on here?

    The reason I wrote the situation with catherters, TWOC and TURP is confused and I’m unclear why another type of procedure - Rezum - would be indicated is because I was trying to understand why it was impossible to successfully perform TWOC and thereby return to the post-1st biopsy position with the major problems handled by medication. If, as you say, the medication is ineffective after a while and a potential side-effect could affect eyesight (Tamsulosin/Flomax and intraoperative floppy iris syndrome - IFIS?) then Rezum does seem worth exploring further. If TURP is the only realistic option I suppose there’s a calculation to be made as to whether potential complications of retrograde ejaculation, incontinence and erectile dysfunction are something you might have to deal with. I certainly understand your feelings about the urology department you’ve been dealing with. Everything from insensitive bedside manner to outright incompetence via delay and contradiction is the last thing you need. If you have faith in your GP and s/he can arrange for you to see an urologist at a different hospital that might help with regaining some confidence in the system but failing that and if funds allow, I would be tempted to see someone privately with a view to them reviewing all the notes and test results and advising on the best course of action, whether that be privately or via the NHS but armed with an authoritative “outside” opinion. Sorry to hear you’re having to go through all this and hope you have more luck in the near future. Best wishes
  3. Duck

    Any Urology gurus on here?

    You probably know all this but for the sake of clarity, BPH or benign enlarged prostate is very common in older men and while the symptoms of increased need to urinate are annoying and can be uncomfortable, medication that aims to reduce the size of the prostate (Finasteride) or counter the urge to pee (Alpha Blockers such as Tamsulosin) is often very helpful. PSA tests can be a useful measure of prostate health but are far from being an accurate indicator of whether cancer is present. The accepted maximum figures for a particular age can be a guide but as an example, my PSA has been in the 8-10 range for several years, much above what would be typical for a man of my age. BPH symptoms, a high PSA and a digital rectal examination (DRE) identifying a much enlarged prostate with a granular texture is, I believe, a good reason for a biopsy or other further examination though bear in mind that Finasteride and biopsy will each affect subsequent PSA scores. It sounds as though things were going along OK for you after the first biopsy but rapidly went downhill after the PSA went to 7 and you had a second biopsy. Assuming neither biopsy indicated cancer, it seems the situation with catherters, TWOC and TURP is confused and I’m unclear why another type of procedure - Rezum - would be indicated. Would it not be best to get back to the situation after the first biopsy, i.e. no indication of cancer, medication making life bearable and only a raised PSA to worry about? That way, 6 monthly PSA checks plus DRE’s will give you and the GP an opportunity to use Watchful Waiting to see how quickly - if at all - PSA is rising and leave TURP or Rezum as possible future treatments if and when medication ceases to be effective? Easy to say at a distance and not suffering the problems you’ve had to endure but rather than a surgical procedure I think I would be pushing the GP and urologist to get rid of the catheter and return to medical treatment of BPH.
  4. Duck

    The big BBQ thread

    No, not pedantic although my answer may be. Each of the slatted "grills" in my barbecue takes exactly 2 x 70 cm slices of pork, that once cooked can then be transferred to keep warm on one of the solid plates set higher!
  5. Duck

    The big BBQ thread

    Pork tenderloin, beaten out into approx. 70 cm slices, marinaded for at least 3 hours in olive oil, cider vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, chilli and wholegrain mustard. Cook for 2 minutes per side on barbecue..........'tis good!
  6. Duck

    Mobile Workshop

    This looks sufficiently strong, is demountable and comes with built in pillar drill, lathe, power hack saw, workbenches and vices plus electrics.
  7. Duck

    Camping Gas

    Depends how often you use it and what for! Gas lights or single burner stove for camping/power-cuts then standard canisters are OK and available from stores such as Go Outdoors. If you're running a larger stove, regularly camping and will be using a vehicle to carry it then a 4.5 Kg butane cylinder is the most economical but if you want to use it outdoors in winter then 3.9 Kg propane will be best.
  8. Duck


    Various lovely escorts?
  9. Duck

    Scumbag employers

    Spy's no-nonsense, accept it and move on advice certainly resonates with my experience. It was suggested to me that I should resign or a disciplinary process would begin, which I would lose and that would have a detrimental effect on future job prospects. It was unfair and unreasonable, I was knocked back and found it hard to let go of the emotions ranging from hurt and anger to a desire for revenge! The specialist employment lawyer I saw fully understood the situation and felt the last thing my employer would actually want was a disciplinary process: they would hope I was so upset and disappointed (or philosophical!) I would promptly resign. As the company's disciplinary process allowed for an accompanying legal adviser at hearings, notice that this was what I intended would, I was told, result in the company needing to involve their own legal advisors who would, in turn, have to respond to my lawyer's requests for documentation, witnesses, evidence of adequate and timely performance monitoring etc., etc. He was absolutely right as after some senior management indignation and threats, the company's lawyers agreed with mine that a reasonable financial settlement would see me resign at once and save the company a protracted and expensive disciplinary procedure. I couldn't pretend I was happy the day I left and many years on the experience still rankles but using a specialist lawyer helped not only to defuse the situation emotionally but saw me leave with a settlement that gave me lots of time to look around for the next job before finally deciding I was never again going to be anything other than self-employed!
  10. Duck

    Odd childhood things that you took as normal

    I can remember as a small child in the 1950's going out with my Mother to pick rose hips from hedgerows near our house. I don't know where they were sent off to but clearly remember getting my rose-hip collector badge each year....wonder if Mum got paid?
  11. Duck

    World Cup Sweepstake anyone?

    I'm hoping for Iceland so please could I have 19?
  12. Duck

    The big BBQ thread

    Suggestion 1: As a treat, I used to barbecue a side of salmon but came to the conclusion that unless you do so on a solid plate or oiled foil (thereby robbing the fish of the smokey barbecue flavour) then the necessary turning and movement on the grill was likely to break up the fish or see the skin sticking. I now cut the salmon into portions and marinade for 30-60 minutes in equal quantities of brown sugar, olive oil, soy sauce and honey plus some finely diced garlic. Drain, cook on the bbq for approximately 10-20 minutes while brushing with the marinade. Serve as it is or with a simple sauce made from creme fraiche, a little chopped dill, the juice of a large orange plus a little salt and pepper to taste. Suggestion 2: Finely chop herbs of your choice - I use a mix of mint, parsley, dill and a little rosemary. Reserve some for the sauce then place the remainder in a shallow dish and mix with a little olive oil to give a thick marinade. Using portions of any white fish (not too thick so plaice, dabs, sole etc are good), coat with the herb and olive oil mix then refrigerate for at least an hour. Cooking will only take 5-10 minutes on a hot barbecue but turn regularly and when the fish begins to flake but is not dried out.....serve with the reserved herbs mixed with natural yoghurt and a little lemon or lime.
  13. Duck

    Hey legal experts - tyre advice please

    May not be enough to find out who the freeholder is, you need to be sure the business owners are not jointly responsible for road and road "furniture" maintenance. Even if you easily sort that one, the most you could hope to get is £40-£50 compensation for a half/two-thirds worn tyre. No chance of getting a second replacement irrespective of what the car maker advises.
  14. Duck

    The big BBQ thread

    Depends on whether you're using a Weber style barbecue or, like me, an "open" style. I aim to reach about 72 C in the oven and use 30 minutes or so on the barbecue to add another texture to the meat. If you have a Weber, are prepared to "feed" it with charcoal over a few hours, less time in the oven and more on the barbecue should be OK but (a) it's a lot more work and (b) I'm not convinced it improves the flavour. I'm tempted by a proper smoker (home-made or commercial) and do the whole thing in that but I'm happy with how things work at present! Whatever approach, I think the crusted basting-glaze needs a period of direct, relatively high heat and there needs to be enough of the basting sauce to offer with the pork when its served.
  15. Duck

    The big BBQ thread

    Rub: Salt, black pepper, sugar, dry mustard, smoked paprika, cumin and sometimes cayenne pepper. Basting sauce: Cider vinegar, molasses/black treacle or demerera sugar, worcester sauce and ketchup all heated in a saucepan and applied warm or hot. Leave it in one place for too long and yes, large lumps will break off and stick but regular basting and turning will produce a rich, thick and slightly charred surface. Check internal temperature reaches 72 C but not much higher or it will be too dry!