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  1. They are sh*te, alleged "hunter / killer" subs. Beset with problems and disasters from launch. (ran aground leaving barrow, and surfaced into a the underside of a cargo ship off Gibraltar wrecking the conning tower) My city hold the dubious honour of a rating "reggie moondog" blowing the head off his commanding officer in the control room whilst docked here in southampton. The officer bullied him mercilessily during a 6 month deployment at sea he was kept couped up in the well documented cramped & inadequate living quarters on these new subs.
  2. the primary kamikaze tactic of ww2 was to come in low over the sea and climb vertical at the last miniute, into a position like pictured above, then flip her over the left wing into a vertical dive, and put her straight down through the main deck elevator. The Eternal Zero:
  3. Yes i played a part in the construction of both of them, there is miles of my welding on them. Prop shaft seals are not a black n white / cut n dry thing. There has to be space / clearance for the shaft to spin inside the apertures of the A & P (supporting brackets) So given this, the exit point of the shaft from the hull must have space and clearance to allow for some oscillation of the prop shaft. This is mitigated by a rubber gasket seal not unlike those found on a car. They can / do, & will leak. Like is said it's nothing new
  4. Just boredom and a novel fantasy whilst being up high somewhere. I climbed up into the roof of a shipbuilding berth with a colleague once, we went up as high as we could go and leant on the handrail overlooking the ships below, My colleage asked me the same question "do you ever feel like you wanna jump when you get up high like this?" I said err..."yeah i do, better go back down now" This guy was a bit of a weirdo, paranoid type and been done for stalking etc
  5. What like that book suppository building?
  6. What about the other shooting at pearl harbour naval base earlier this week? was that a saudi too?
  7. So called aviator nuggetry. Any chance they can get to get airbourne. word is the sc*m only get to fly these days when some important event is happenIng otherwise all flying is strictly needs based only. Lets hope Jezza gets into no10 beforee xmas, really clip this crowds wings.
  8. The "kicking in doors with his black doc martens" comment is supposed to project some sort of "fearless warrior" image like they tried to do for the volunteer girl leader. No fearless warriors there except for the ex cons who knew how to go about taking a murderous knifeman down.
  9. Some info on the 3 wounded at the rehab conference: Mr Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, were killed by Usman Khan at a prisoner rehabilitation event on Friday. Two women and a man were also injured in the attack before Khan was shot dead by armed officers on London Bridge. ---- I wonder if it was the 2 public sector women in the learning together photograph? Maybe the target was all 5 leaders on that programme? ---- Some more bizzaire commemts from the dad about his son 'kicking in doors with his black doc martens' Weirdo. David Merritt previously said he would not wish his son's death to "to be used as the pretext for more draconian sentences". And writing in the Guardian, he said: "If Jack could comment on his death - and the tragic incident on Friday 29 November - he would be livid. "We would see him ticking it over in his mind before a word was uttered between us. Jack would understand the political timing with visceral clarity." He added: "What Jack would want from this is for all of us to walk through the door he has booted down, in his black Doc Martens. "That door opens up a world where we do not lock up and throw away the key. Where we do not give indeterminate sentences, or convict people on joint enterprise. "Where we do not slash prison budgets, and where we focus on rehabilitation not revenge."
  10. That is what happened i think.
  11. So, some reports said there was a morning session for the prisoner rehab group and then the perp launched his attack at the start of the afternoon session (post lunch break) what sort of public sector lunch break would you get in central london? 2 hrs?
  12. I gotta admit its pretty fucken badass taking a Narwahl tusk to someone, like proper neanderthal shit
  13. No to be fair i have only seen whats been posted on here and the odd bbc victim story. I really cant be bothered with all the fake "fog of war" 24hr rolling news coverage of "first responders" running about looking important hours after everything has returned to normal.
  14. Hit by a flying narwahl tusk after it was hurled like a javelin by a Polish crook at a child murderer (after police bopped the jihadi) ? lol who knows, was anyone even stabbed at monument junction? or is that "fog of war" too? or maybe a an unconnected county lines drug stabbing?
  15. well that was a fairly clairvoyant post given yesterdays events at borough market!