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  1. WorkingPoor

    Freelander of Peace

    Okay, some hard questions that need to be asked here: 1: where were the snivelling police? how come some chivato is selling his story to the media about how he "was covered in phillips blood" after pulling him out of the wreckage? 2. where were the moronic "royal protection" goons? how come no security convoy ? 3. was the "freelander" armoured? ie armour plated, bulletproof glass, run flats etc etc? is this the reason he survived the impact? Feel sorry for the injured women in the other vehicle with broken bones & their 9 month old baby who was in the car.
  2. WorkingPoor

    Big explosion at convenience store in Leicester

    I still think the illegal Vodka distillery was in there somewhere. maybe it was obliterated by the 86 litre of petrol stacked in the basement guy fawkes like ?
  3. WorkingPoor

    Big explosion at convenience store in Leicester

    Yes, Kurd didnt want to split the insurance payout with her, so he killed her in the shop. (Kurd and Viktoria were captured on cctv together when taking out the insurance policy just days before the blast) I still think Viktoria was a dodgy Roma and not an innocent victim. They knew the payout would be bigger if people died they basically premeditated the murders of the family upstairs and one of their own gang. All round nasty scum Still they'll die inside most likely or be very old & frail if they ever do get out.
  4. WorkingPoor

    Nairobi attack

    Moving optimally does look "camp" Relaxed is always faster than tensed. Try doing a task tensed up like "macho man" then do the same task relaxed like a zombie / spaghetti noodle etc You wont endure very long tensed up but can go on for hours relaxed.
  5. WorkingPoor

    Nairobi attack

    I wonder if he was chummy with Brendan? A British man killed in an attack on a hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, has been named as Luke Potter by the international development charity he worked for. In a statement, Gatsby said it was "shocked and saddened" by the death of its Africa programmes director.
  6. WorkingPoor

    Syria- 5 British soldiers killed?

    "Daesh" probably couldnt even muster a 5 minute shelling now. More likely syrian regular army artillery salvo onto islamist terrorist positions.
  7. WorkingPoor

    Syria- 5 British soldiers killed?

    Were they killed by "Daesh" mortar fire ? Or actully killed by some other group (like syrian regular army" ) mortar fire whilst embeded with islamist rebel groups? You wont get the truth on this.
  8. WorkingPoor

    Man stabbed on train

    They are about £400 for a good lightweight kevlar vest they need to be grade 2 or above "stab & spike" protection to be any good. Police & prison officers have this level issued as standard. You still get punctured but only the tip to a very small depth as the kevlar weave traps the blade and prevents it going in more than about 2-4mm i think its worth getting one the way things are going. also for the unseen cowardly stab in the back that seems to be common. You can get "mail shirts" too (chainmail) these are the ultimate but pretty heavy apparently.
  9. WorkingPoor

    Man stabbed on train

    He's a drill music DJ goes by the name of D1 youtube channel is filled with banned drill music videos
  10. WorkingPoor

    Man stabbed on train

    Check your sump pan for damage / oil leak if you've mounted a grass verge to get away. i could be dented & leaking
  11. WorkingPoor

    Man stabbed on train

    Yes, run away is the best option but not on a train ala guildford thread.
  12. WorkingPoor

    Man stabbed on train

    In a self defence scenario the best way to stop a weapon is to get inside and stop the weilders arms from weilding it. you need to close them down so they cant swing it at you you dont want to focus on their weapon you want to trap their arms that are controlling it. Of course running away is the primary choice but thats not always an option especially if your with your family etc
  13. WorkingPoor

    Drill Music Stab Culture

    What gets me is white nippers listening to the shit drill music and trying to change their accent to a nasal dialect / talk like they have a cold, just sounds ridiculous in a small market town there really are some complete nuggets out there.
  14. WorkingPoor


    Japanese knotweed
  15. WorkingPoor

    Manchester stabbing

    His name is Pavlo Lapshyn At least get it right.