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  1. When are this complicit scum shower going to return to normal opening hours? And 24hr opening for the bigger complicit scum showers? It is looking increasingly like the supermarkets were complicit with HM Scum Government in claiming to be closing early for "restocking" The bottom line is the complicit scum shower were ordered to close early to keep people indoors as a sort of unofficial evening curfew. What utter craven scum they really are.
  2. It is quite apparent now that demand for "pubs" to reopen was baloney, who is peddling this sh*t? What the majority of folk want opened are the Gyms / swimming pools / boxing and MA training halls and all the other sporting activities and hobby clubs people engage in, get all that open and folk may go for a pint and a bite to eat afterwards. Only the old duffers are going to specifically go out to sit in a pub all day nursing a pint of doombar or something.
  3. Im sorry but no-one was really going to "pubs" before this crisis broke out were they? They were refuges for the chav druggy menace & silly old duffers who bored each other to death with football talk whilst supping a pint of john smiths. Likewise restaurants were going out of business on a weekly basis too. They were all toast before this and now they being finished off, think of it as a mercy killing Saw some sad youth twat walking past glaring at his phone about 23:30 last night, probably went out hoping to recreate the piss n bullshit "great" nights out he thought he was enjoying before lockdown. Only the real die hards will be trying to go back to these places going forward, they were the ones who were peddling it as "fun" It is time to get some of the big redundancies underway.
  4. Yeah i once paid the post office £250 for a weeks travel insurance to Europe due to an existing medical condition i as being treated for. Some people have to pay alot of £ if you want it all above board & kosher
  5. there is no repatriation cover though better not stray to far from blighty They'll ok the med treatment in the EU cos they can claim it back but they wont be paying for any air ambulances etc let em rot i say
  6. All the holiday restart is "at your own risk" and the buck has been passed back to the consumer. "Caveat Emptor" You'll get your die hards - NHS / Public Sector entitled sorts going I just hope people dont give a penny to any "just giving" "my daughter fell off a moped in tanzania" type ploys
  7. Annecdote: I was tramping along Monte Gordo beach one morning at around 6am & 2 teenage girls came running down the beach and jumped into the surf in bikinis i thought "bit early for that" given that the sea is generally freezing, then i twigged They were taking their morning wash in the sea Do not underestimate the poverty in Portugal
  8. Exactly! Alot of the pretty girls go and work for arab airlines, i dread to think what happens to them in Dubai
  9. Authorities in the Australian city of Melbourne have confined people living in nine housing estate tower blocks because of an outbreak of coronavirus. The 3,000 or so residents of the blocks are being told not to leave their homes for any reason for at least five days. At least 23 cases of infection were found on two estates in recent days. The state of Victoria recorded 108 new cases on Saturday, its second-biggest daily increase. Australia as a whole has seen 104 coronavirus deaths. There have been at least 8,362 infections nationwide. Why has Melbourne's virus outbreak worsened? Australia sends army to Victoria to fight Covid-19 Victoria State Premier Daniel Andrews said the latest figures there were a very real concern to everybody. How different is the response in Melbourne? The city is putting "stage three" restrictions on 12 suburbs. People there will only be able to leave the house for four reasons: work or education, exercise, medical care or care-giving, and shopping for supplies. But the nine tower blocks in Flemington and North Melbourne face a "hard lockdown". Bet they feel smug they took all the guns away from australians last year.
  10. Its "alright" but very melancholic Bit like australia really "nothin doin" Gets invaded by spanish in summer months too (utter crettins)
  11. It's alright, but a very poor place, all the young leave to go and find work abroad, you'll find highly educated hotel receptionists etc as the only real work is in tourism or Orange growing etc The reason they are kicking off is this will totally sink them with no tourists. The country never really recovered from the lisbon earthquake and much of the housing is all the old world orange roof white walled villas etc It is cold and damp from october to may and the construction of the housing is not set up for that. + the sea is freezing (atlantic) so they dont even have that warm med sea vibe
  12. i heard covid is raging along the algarve from Lagos to tavira all down to locals throwing illegal raves with 1000's in attendance one party in lagos threw up over 70 confirmed cases. They have been diddling the figures as have most european countries, only UK & US have been honest Portugese prime minister & tourism minister = nasty pieces of work. These people only want our money dont be taken in by them. I shall be switching to Greece (when they decide they want to allow brits in currently put an extra 3 weeks ban on us)
  13. I have holiday'd in the algarve for years now (monte gordo altura villa real tavira etc) But the way they have kicked off & slagged of England tonight due to the FO quarantine ban i now think they are real calculating snidey s**m. True colours have been shown. They were playing everyone with a "land of smiles" type play like the thai's. It's time to rot!
  14. I just sat through all 19 episodes of the original V mini series they recently showed them all on ForcesTV it was more Falcon Crest than i remebered as a kid in the 80's with the bitchy leading ladies brilliant sci fi hokum though (independence day totally rippied it off years later) Sybil Danning as Mary Kruger "the dark angel of Dallas" My god i loved the 80's