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  1. Yeah create a new term like "EcoFascist" ? thought I heard that the other day somewhere, down New Zealand way?
  2. Many of the protesters have demanded that the Government limit how many times individuals can fly each year. Extinction Rebellion ringleader Robin Boardman-Pattison declared during a television interview this week that flying 'should only be used in emergencies' ^ A good idea, public flying should be strictly controlled and certainly not for "lesuire" or non essential travel
  3. Its more fun though, imagine some red faced entitled boomer dickhead screaming in your face about "his holiday" & that "he works" etc and then yelling back that "he doesn't care about the planet or future generations" as your being cut free from a Heathrow travelator people like this need disrupting.
  4. The authorities will run a heavy media psy-op on the masses "look at these unemployed ruining your Easter holiday bragging rights" etc etc and heavily publicising the fact that the 3 superglue train protestors have been remanded in custody until may 16th to discourage anyone else from joing the growing movement the organisers are on the right track with their "getting as many arrested as possible" policy as this will swing public support poll tax style Swampy was made a hate figuree by the authorities during the battle of twyford down for doing nothing more than chaining hismelf to trees, it backfired and he became a modern day hero brits love the underdog
  5. A coffin in the middle of the road attached to a rope holding a man up a tree, if the pigs move the coffin the man falls from the tree, fantastic, one piece of rope costing the capital of greed millions and saving the planet at the same time it was a lo-fi technique used by protestors saving trees from the big logging companies in the tasmanian rainforests
  6. Yep i thought so, uninsured off road "buggy" driving parents better see the bank manager Santorini buggy crash: Brit couple who plunged to their deaths named as London teachers
  7. Heathrow tommorow Props to them if they can pull that off and thoroughly consign the sheep like xmas & easter "getaways" to the dustbin.
  8. It's the whole "people watching" thing women go in for with their bitchness etc, Blokes just hit the beer and perv on scantily clad babes (anything other than their chubby missus) You do get the odd permatanned henpecked numpty who thinks it's all grand and has been throughly neutered by the old battleaxe though. Usually the soon to retire "job for life" boomer type who's in the factory every weekend to pay for it all. Can be found sporting an M&S or Next summer casual range chosen by the wife.
  9. "There is a deep remorse for those whose holiday and family plans will be disrupted tomorrow. It is not our intention to cause further separation." Go On Bonnie Lads!
  10. Update Cookie Settings NEWS Extinction Rebellion protesters plot to shut down Heathrow Airport TOMORROW Campaigners wrote 'tomorrow we raise the bar - we are going to shut down Heathrow' in a WhatsApp group as they urged supporters to 'keep rebelling' over the Easter Bank Holiday
  11. Extinction Rebellion are targetting Heathrow tomorrow. Like xmas if you want to get out you should have gone 10 days ago.
  12. Yes this ^ I used to be a 2 holidays a year man, sun & ski etc but since i got into staying at home i've found so many hobbies & interests here that im perfectly content never to visit an airport ever again, so much so that ive even let my passport lapse. If i want to experience the "benidorm" vibe i just go to my local pool and bash out a hour of lane swim. Can't imagine heading up to Gatwick tonight bumper to bumper & womdering if Johnny drone man is going make an Easter comeback The other thing that it took me a long time to realise is that every worker & local chivato sees tourists as mugs to rip off & fleece, a ski trip to Sestriere was the final straw, every Eye'tie was just out to grab the seasonal cash from the skiers, restaurants that had been boarded up all year were opened up with strict limited menu's and if you asked for something different or to alter your order it was met with an abbrupt No. Fuck'em let em go under & the airlines too.
  13. I work nights and eat out of petrol garages
  14. And now the first biggie: (boomers) German nationals reported among Madeira bus crash victims Authorities say 29 people have died after a bus carrying German tourists crashed in the popular tourist archipelago of Madeira. Dozens of others, including the driver and tour guide, have been taken to a local hospital. Local poverty stricken driver probably pulled an 80hr week running on amphetamines or something. Could be a thread crosser with "cruise ships" as i suspect being a costal town this crowd were disgorged from a floating germpit, there was a second coach folowing.
  15. Well that time is upon us again when lots of people drag their wardrobe thousands of miles away and drag it back a week or so later to snap a few photos to impress the jones's on facebook, Women spend most of the year planning and booking multiple holidays (always to hot destinations never anything cool or interesting like skiing or summat) while the bemused old fella is out doing lots of overtime to pay for it all, Then come the tales of horror............. I'll kick it off with this one: Santorini: Two British people die on Greek island