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  1. Apparently someone has been arrested for leaking a photo on twitter of Sala's dead body taken at Bournemouth mortuary
  2. Searching for his keys? Bull' He was trying to retrieve his phone After he pissed everyone off with his mobile phone antics during the film i heard folk walked out stifling a chuckle.
  3. I see people going long haul to US / Caribbean etc but avoiding europe, i think alot of people is a combination of punishing the EU scum for the negotiations / demanding 90bn or whatever, people vote with their feet also the airport security rigmarole has pissed people off no end, getting your family touched by a foreigner working for a scum security company like G4S and a "comply or lose your 5k holiday" threat. ^ Cruising is up massively as people give this the heave ho also terrorism fears billionaire losing 3 kids at the 5 star spa hotel breakfast buffet has really rocked alot of women who would otherwisw have dragged their family to somewhere like the Maldives who have the largest % of citizens who traveled to fight for ISIS
  4. No its not "just how it is" Make a formal complaint quoting the equalities act and they will either have to offer Men only sessions or scrap the women only sessions. Plenty of examples of this if you google it. Do not let religious zealots in Burkinis demand exclusion of british folk.
  5. My local pool has implemented Men only sessions after complaints about female only sessions they had to offer men only to be fair under equality legislation, or they would lose the women only session. (alot of pools have had their women only sessions stopped by complaints under the equalities act, so if you local pool doesnt offer men only swim then make a formal complaint) So what did they do? Put the only men only session on friday mornings 11am-12pm I havent been and i doubt there are many in attendanc due to most people working at that time during the day, (also could be a gay thing)
  6. This ^ (This is what the Samurai did as they aged, culminating in writing their memoirs in a cave somewhere, we are not supposed to still be around at 60) Do this and women will gravitate to you naturally.
  7. Sufi mosques in particular have been warned of the threat from violent fundamentalists, who regard the Islamic sect as heretical.
  8. Alright don't get your knickers in a twist Death toll in Sri Lanka bombings revised down to 253
  10. These people must be pulled out from this place,” said a local provincial council member. “We don’t want them.” Signs in English and Sinhala posted outside said: “We don’t need Pakistan refugees.”
  11. Could be so but im of the view that all troops were indoctrinated with Bushido and issued a copy of Hagakure so upon seeing thousands of enemy troops in their fighting prime surrendering en masse without a fight (singapore etc) they were looked upon as cowards and treated very harshly. China / japan had always had bad blood and japanese troops were sent to Manchuria to "practice" before the outbreak of WW2 The Bushido code was brought back specifically for WW2 troop training so yes WW1 it wouldnt have been in revival.
  12. It sounds like a war fighting doctrine with similarities to the Japanese Bushido code, In Bushido dying in battle and giving a good account of yourself is considered the highest honour (even commiting seppuku rather than be taken prisoner) & living to an old useless age without having done so is considered wretched cowardice. This is how the Kamikaze / Banzai charges were enabled en masse during WW2 In post war japan the US occupying administration banned the book the Hagakure (which all troops were issued with) and all martial art training to try and put this resurgence of Bushido back down, the ban remained in place until the late fifties when the Arts re-emerged as "spritual" arts with alot of the rethoric removed or toned down.
  13. That is probably how they managed to get reservations at those top 5 star hotels Wealthy, well educated, fluent in English etc etc Would have ticked all the boxes if there was any security screening. I'd imagine there was if guests were going to be potentially mixing with Billionaires and other monied types. That is probably why they chose to stay there thinking it was as safe as could be in a country like Sri Lanka. Just goes to show wealth doesnt gaurantee safety, anywhere on the planet, ask Gianni Versace.
  14. There was a failed attack on a fourth major hotel this just been revealed today: Wickremesinghe said on Tuesday there were more explosives and militants “out there”, and acknowledged there had been a prior warning about potential attacks. He also revealed there had been a failed attack against a fourth major hotel,
  15. Wealthy upper middle class suicide bombers at the 5 star breakfast buffet: “This group of suicide bombers, most of them are well-educated and come from middle or upper-middle class, so they are financially quite independent and their families are quite stable financially, that is a worrying factor in this,” he said. “Some of them have I think studied in various other countries, they hold degrees, LLMs [law degrees], they’re quite well-educated people.”
  16. 2 saudi aircrew were killed at the Cinnamon Grand in sri lanka on sunday MBS showing how its tackled?
  17. Reports of illegal flights happening in the UK at the rate of one per day, hmmm i think there are a great many more going unreported, the UK private aviation rock has been well & truly turned over RE colour blindness its quite simple, once "Dibbo" went VFR after flying into heavy cloud he couldnt make head nor tail of the Artificial Horizon instrument, and thus flipped the plane over onto its back and went down screaming with Sala punching & clawing at him all the way.
  18. Meanwhile after 2 Saudi aircrew were killed whilst overnighting at the Cinnamon Grand on Easter sunday MBS wheels out 37 islamic extremists and chops the heads then has the Sunni extremists body & head hung on a pole in Riyadh main square as a warning to others:
  19. It could be a shift in tactics Lots of very high profile well connected and monied people were at those breakfast buffets.
  20. A fifth grader at the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC, Kieran Shafritz de Zoysa had been on leave of absence from the school for a year, living in Sri Lanka, the New York Times reported. Sidwell Friends is a Quaker private school that has educated the daughters of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Parents and students were informed on Monday.
  21. Look at them lot all brandishing blades, would be headchoppers. Probably find similar types in the Maldives & Mauritius too Indian Ocean Spa retreat bookings just took a nosedive then.
  22. Well i guess that has put paid to all those wives nagging the husband to take them on a luxury indian ocean holiday to Mauritius / Sri Lanka / Maldives etc It has emerged that the Maldives has had one of the largest exodus of citizens travelling to Syria to fight for ISIS. I wouldn't want to be in an isolated straw hut at the end of a pier with those types about, or relying on the type of "neighbouring guests" you might get.