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    My son, just turned 17, has a football team mate who is the same age and has a full arm sleeve. Idiot dad gave him £500 as a present to get it done. Just looks so wrong on someone so young. (Looks shit on anyone any age imo).
  2. I know I'm a bit older than Hugh jackman.
  3. What happened to his tiny head?
  4. In your two examples they are still take and should be the same (as you say). Maybe if the first one has battered her as well, then that should be taken into account in sentencing. The grey area is when drunk woman decides that she was actually raped when she realises he was an ugly git in the morning. Not including passed out drunk here, but a bit pissed.
  5. And really small people sitting on them. Usually bare foot as well.
  6. Fucking luton again. I was born and raised in Luton and am actually here now visiting my mum who lives in a part that has yet to fully benefit from enrichment. I try to defend it as a town and actually met someone I know at the airport who had also flown in from Ireland. He was quite dismissive of luton as a town. I was trying my best to talk it up. I was in the town centre shopping mall about 2 hours ago. Fuck me, what a shithole. It gets harder and harder to see the good side. Really quite sad.
  7. Civil war sounds familiar....
  8. Trying to remember a fact I'm sure was on here a while ago. Something like .... 'a us presidents grandaughter was born in the 1700s'. It sounds amazing but when you do the maths it just about works.
  9. It's called the peace dividend.
  10. There should be complete freedom of movement over the border of people (and goods?) as there is now. Any sort of check would immediately mean the ira and uvf start (continue) killing people again.
  11. The horror of no deal is a remainer way of trying to stop brexit.
  12. NewryH

    Sobering Day

    In the medical world bikers are called organ donors. Some transplant people get quite excited on rainy days.
  13. She could always get a job at Yorkshire airport and be on telly