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  1. It doesn't help much, but he was 'only' 77 at the time of the crash. Still mental that any bus driver had just done two seventy hour weeks. I think the company are going to get hammered. My uncle was a taxi driver at age 80 in Edinburgh. Only did one night a week to keep his hand in. I can only presume he had to pass fitness tests.
  2. NewryH

    Retire in your forties

    Dogs, horses, stocks?
  3. NewryH

    Black guys and white women in adverts

    Maybe I'm seeing things that aren't there - but there was a pampers advert on earlier (don't ask), the sort of 'everything your new baby touches has to be super soft' - with the image of a new born (out of the womb) being cuddled by the mother. It was a white mother with, I'm pretty sure, a mixed race baby. And just for good measure - though no hint of a relationship - a picture on the So-Called BBC site ....
  4. NewryH

    The bodyguard

    ** no spoilers ** While it's ok Sunday night drama, I do wonder about the ott under representation of white men. Unless of course they appear a bit dodgy. E.g.operator in secret service ops room is a mixed race (?) Woman. Random policeman on duty at crime scene is oriental. Large number of police extras are Asian.
  5. NewryH

    So. Who is it. No names!!!

    I don't like self quoting, but ......
  6. NewryH

    So. Who is it. No names!!!

    'Top' soap star is the same as 'top' footballer who usually ends up with a collective 'Who? Oh yeah played once for Aston Ham' I wonder what her definition of 'messed up' is.
  7. NewryH

    The big teacher thread

    I think everyone has missed the point. He needs to learn better English, as it's mathS. With an 's'. He's even got room on his shirt for it.
  8. NewryH

    Rat traps

    Vermin or not, I think drowning them like that is cruel. I have no problem with a quick snappy trap death.
  9. NewryH

    Coolest things you’ve owned

    Not bad. He could almost pass off as a woman.
  10. NewryH

    STIs, what are the real risks in 2018?

    Marry her. Then you don't need to worry about having sex with her.
  11. When I'm king of the world, there'll be a siren every work day that goes off at 11.45. Every non worker has 15 minutes to fuck right off into a shed type thing whilst everyone else can get things done at lunchtime. They are allowed out again at 14:00. Other siren times to be agreed.
  12. NewryH

    STIs, what are the real risks in 2018?

    I certainly wouldn't be going anywhere bareback.
  13. Thought it was Richard Bacon, looking at the picture.
  14. Can't say I like her voice (that Bryan Adams duet was very shouty). But she looks good there. Just need to know what bus she travelled on.
  15. Belinda Stewart Wilson. Will's mum in Inbetweeners. No idea what she was like younger, but she must have been cracking.