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  1. NewryH

    Holiday insurance

    Thanks people. It looking around 12-15 pounds which is cheap enough, but of course it depends what isn't covered. I'm sure alcohol will be taken. Just hope he has my paranoia about heights and balconeys.
  2. NewryH

    Holiday insurance

    Son off on a weeks lads holiday to Spain. Any recommendations for insurance? Thinking more for falling over and getting hospital treatment rather than any skiing type insurance.
  3. NewryH

    The texting mp

    I Wonder If the main girl went to the paper after only a couple of texts and they basically encouraged her (them) to carry on until they got enough for the story. I also wonder if he got enough back from them to store in his wank bank to see him through his inevitable divorce.
  4. NewryH

    The texting mp

    Opposed brexit according to wiki.
  5. Internet speed greater than 12 mbps in my house.
  6. NewryH

    The texting mp

    Andrew Griffiths (me neither) in trouble for texting 2 bar maids depraved messages for 3 weeks. Presumably all one way then.
  7. NewryH

    World Cup 2018 - Knockout Stage

    And Tunisia.
  8. NewryH

    Trump's progress

    Incredibly well balanced panorama on BBC one - trump. is the president a sex pest. Carefully putting both sides of the story and challenging all accusations.
  9. NewryH

    What movie are are you watching

    Not sure what enders game is. If it's hunger games, then fair enough that/they were pretty good and specifically about teenagers. I suppose having diverse stroppy teens appeals to the cinema going audience (meaning geostorm).
  10. NewryH

    What movie are are you watching

    Geostorm. Crappy popcorn nonsense, but even this was made worse by seemingly having stroppy teenagers in positions of great authority. Init.
  11. NewryH

    No pension needed

    Motorcyclists were called organ donors in my brothers hosptal. They would get quite excited on rainy days.
  12. NewryH

    Bugs, Changes & Glitches - report here!

    Yay. Working now.
  13. NewryH

    Bugs, Changes & Glitches - report here!

    I recently upgraded the version of samsung internet to but can't say that it was exactly around the time I was getting this issue. Attached screen grab from my phone. Not much to see really. The 'reply to this topic' box gets highlighted in orange, but no keyboard appears. 'Quote' just sends me to the top of the page.
  14. NewryH

    Should I or Shouldn’t I

    Well obviously you have to go now - just to report back on what it was like.
  15. NewryH

    Bugs, Changes & Glitches - report here!

    Hitting 'quote' just sends me to the of the page. I can 'submit reply' but it doesn't do anything.