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  1. In fairness that's me leaving a pub. I can have just gone for a pee, but if 2 minutes later I'm in a taxi, car, bus, train then I'll need to go.
  2. There was that picture a while back of a young lady propped up against a urinal have a pee. Maybe grand natonal?
  3. Looks like there's a few 'started my own business / work for myself'. It would be interesting to know a bit more. Obviously not so we can track you down, but a bit like ..... IT firm, gardener, outdoors, Amway seller, professional fop.
  4. Ms Sadó was awarded a trophy and a vibrator for getting the top spot in the competition. Lol.
  5. In NI there is no brexit party option, so it will be ukip. The TUV are campaigning on a no deal brexit platform, but they are more backward than the DUP.
  6. The north went nuts just as I moved over here 15 years ago. Crashed back again a few years ago. I thinks it's rising but not too bad (I'm not in Belfast and not really looking).
  7. NewryH

    Pet peeves

    Wasp or dog shit on the end?
  8. Whataboutery is very common in Scottish football when trying to crticise one half of the bigot brothers.
  9. I think I would like to be able to afford a proper house or flat for that sort of money.
  10. You could put them on a wire rack. That way both sides get cooked and is less sticky.
  11. Five live had a 20s take over day today. Fucking nonsense, but one interesting item.... A radio one dj who is 29, rents a room in north London somewhere for £750pm. He wants to buy somewhere up north so he did a features about Manchester. Guy he spoke to lives in a disused building (not sure type, maybe an office) in a room he has 'made his own'. Shares a bathroom with the other guardians. All for just £375pm. He's 26 and owning his own house isn't in his plans. Fuck me. I would have thought he would be paid to office sit and prevent squatters. He can be kicked out anytime if the building is sold. It's ok though as he's only 1 minute from his work.
  12. I'm hoping it's because they don't want to give them the publicity and 'fame'.
  13. NewryH

    VCR question

    The Artist?
  14. Jesus. Terence is a cock. On his feed he also mentions that 'devil's advocate' shouldn't be used. Wonder if he wets his pants with ladyshave ads mentioning women.