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  1. Why mention his middle names? I guess they're funny. (I mean the mail)
  2. No Swindon said in the commons there were 100s of thousands marching. *should be jo swinson. But my auto correct seems better
  3. Hedge your bets by putting a bet on that it does.
  4. Should probably go on the 'famous people you know' thread, but I went to school with bolan's cousin. Though I only found out when I didn't believe him after the accident. That's about all for me and famous people.
  5. Reps for sven hassel. Read some of his books as a kid.
  6. Just pretend you didn't find it? Is it compulsory to use it?
  7. NewryH

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    Just imagine if that picture wasn't faked. We'd have probably left the eu by now.
  8. Watched cleanskin. A bit of a reaction to 7/7. On the plus side, tuppence middleton gets her baps out.
  9. The Benn act specifies the wording to be used in the letter.
  10. NewryH

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    And crossing her legs to maintain a slimming figure. Classy.