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  1. So there I was watching a bit of footy and I flicked over to sky sports news to see other scores. They had a ticker going with those and some 'news' in the middle. So, the news was an item on how trump cheats at golf. Listing what he does and nicknames. Followed by a jokey comparison to the north Korea claims of their leader doing a round in 34 shots. Msm still not getting tired of the old trump's an arse meme.
  2. So this million man march - If it was made up entirely of previous leave voters then I might see they have a point. This bleating on about 'we didn't know what brexit meant'. Well ok, but presumably you voted remain anyway. Dressed up in your blue flags and yellow stars.
  3. You are Margaret Georgiadou and I claim my €5
  4. NewryH

    trans madness

    I got my son insured thru' diamond insurance which says it's designed for women. Should have put 2 quotes thru' as a man and woman to see if there was a difference. Pretty sure they can't differentiate these days.
  5. Same here (apart from the religious bit). Never really drank at home. Back before children as well it was maybe a bottle of wine on a Friday night with the missus and a curry. When I go out, I'll drink as much as I can for as long as I can. Going out like this though is once every few months. Never been into having one glass of wine or one beer. If i have one, I want 10. Bit like jaffa cakes - I can leave them in the cupboard, but if I have one, they're all gone.
  6. The trouble is comparing scotland football at any level to England and saying it's crap. Of course england is way ahead with all the money. It keeps coming up because the ugly sisters keep hinting at playing in England. I think they should fuck off and then see how the Scottish game develops. (Though tonight's score is pretty shit). Scotland needs to be compared to similar sized countries to see how they develop.
  7. You can't be a member of the EU without any MEPs. So presumably tha will be another standoff.
  8. It did as I saw some black pixels on a white screen form the shape of an amount of money. Therefore i was loaded and had mentally spent the pixel display.
  9. Oh well. My z lister wealth has evaporated. The bank has taken it's money back.
  10. There is also the ballymurphy massacre investigation going on as well. One I'm not familiar with at all (though I only moved here 15 years ago). Sounds every bit as bad as Derry tbh.
  11. Agree with malthus above. It's one of those where a decision has been made about guilt or innocence by people and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. I get the feeling that until the victims families get any kind of result then this will continue. Dare I say a bit like Hillsborough.
  12. Dup are a supply and confidence party and not an official coalition. I'd be surprised if any gov wasn't able to get suport from anyone that offered it.
  13. A good read.
  14. I know. And I'll likely crack as I'll probably burst out crying if I walk past a branch or a copper! No part of me is thinking I'm actually £400 better off.