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  1. NewryH

    Escape from LA

    She would probably get a smack in the 'shithole' area so she tries it on in 'better' places.
  2. There was that drug mule monkey type thing in which ever hangover sequel there was. Got shot, so not great for it.
  3. I wonder if Andrew is suddenly not sweating again.
  4. Well, the prime minister is playing for man utd tonight. And he's black. Just shows what you can do with a bit of effort.
  5. I think black swimmers should be able to run along the side of the pool as they're not very good in the water compared to white ones who are privileged.
  6. Not so sure it's anti-white - but football commentators need to stop being so bloody racist... There is "evident bias" in some football commentary relating to the skin tone of players, according to a new study. In 80 televised games analysed across four European leagues, including the Premier League, players with a lighter skin tone were praised more often for their intelligence and work ethic. Meanwhile, those with darker skin tones were "significantly" more likely to be "reduced to their physical characteristics or athletic ability", such as their pace and power......… Can't help feel that the 'survey' was asked to find racist attitudes and, sure enough, it did. I wonder how many surveys are unpublished as they report back that 'well everything's OK actually'.
  7. Looks like wlm is becoming a sign of racism. I suspect it was done to get the reaction it is getting - but i cant help feel the reaction is over doing it to to get brownie points.
  8. But if chicken tikka masala was invented in Britain by Indians where does that leave us? It's a pakora minefield. I'll have to check Twitter to see what I'm allowed.
  9. So if I get a curry from the Indian that is actually owned and run by Bangladeshis - should I feel guilty (other than than the usual white man guilt I have about everything now)? Who is appropriating in this example?
  10. So there you have it. Black people can't possibly be racist. #ibelievelewis
  11. What do you mean 'differently abled'? Different to what exactly, I think you mean 'equally valid abled' you heartless divider you.
  12. NewryH


    Slightly off topic, but watching the sky one 'comedy' avenue 5. Apart from it being shit, obviously item one on page one of the brief is 'have peopie of all races and genders in every scene. Every scene'
  13. Saw unabomber series on Netflix. Very entertaining as I didn't know much about it before. Maybe not the most accurate portrayal.