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  1. Turkey breast joint from Tesco. Roast pots. Some green beans roasted with lemon that I saw the hairy bikers do. Rachel Allen did a quick chicken biryani today. I might have a go at that tomorrow. It's all a bit strange. Usually at least on take away at the weekend and usually don't know if my children will be about and want fed.
  2. There will be a national clap the nhs day every year - on the 26th March.
  3. Been watching 30 Rock. A comedy about an NBC comedy show. Starring Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. It started in 2006 to 2013. Its quite funny in places and quite SJW in others I suppose - but at 20 minutes an episode it has passed the time. As with most US comedies it probably has too many episodes (6 * 20). Noted (so far) a couple of quips about Harvey Weinstein (one very funny) and also a 'when is rich white man's history month'.
  4. He will always get money for whatever he wants. This whole 'stand on my own feet 'earning' money' is nonsense.
  5. Was in Tesco (still no beans or hand soap) and there was this faint clapping from some of the ten customers. Madness.
  6. Saw this on the news last night in Spain / Italy? Looked good for what it was and no doubt heartfelt. Trouble is, copying it just seems naff and will lead to 'why aren't you clapping?' you heartless bastard. Like the Diana stuff - 'why aren't you overcome with grief? you heartless bastard'
  7. Just get a big shopping list of essentials and keep it in your car - then tell plod that you're of to the shops.
  8. But but but - they'll starve (in their enormous house)
  9. Thanks for that. It has the following under 'Staying at Home' You can go out for one of 4 reasons - one being... any medical need, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person. and The Government has also identified a number of critical workers whose children can still go to school or their childcare provider So - looks like wife 'could' go - but it is mixing households (and she has a cold anyway). I'm not that keen though.
  10. Bit of a specific question - and can likely be merged ….. Wife getting it in the neck as her sister wants her to look after her three young children (4,6,7yo) during the day. Sister-in-law is a health visitor who has been asked to work in the hospitals . Her husband is a builder and is carrying on working - otherwise there is no money coming in (they've just bought a fuck-off house, holiday etc). Local school isn't open and husband doesn't want them going there anyway. So - my take was that sister-in-law stays at home and looks after her own kids. She is not happy - and 'has' to go to work. Wife has a cold atm (proper cold, nothing suspicious yet),so my children are being asked to babysit (18 & 20yo). Wife is afraid that her Dad will crack and go and babysit. He is an OAP on probably at risk. Is there any rule around this - can't find anything specific. I thought your own kids looked after first, then you can do the nhs work.
  11. So, what are these? Every death seems to be accompanied by one of these. Is this a way to reassure us?