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  1. So, I have a fair bit of life insurance, but wife is getting nervous about illness cover. She has a friend who is very ill and hubby has taken off work as a carer and they are now skint. I suppose I've always thought it will never happen to me, but I'm now thinking I should have some - seeing how I'm getting old (somehow I've got to mid fifties). I'm too late to sign up to a company scheme for this year and it's likely to be a competitive rate (critical illness). So i need something to this year. Going rate seems to be £100pm or more. Seems very expensive. Anyone got either or both?
  2. The one on the right reminds me of life of Brian 'men' at the stoning.
  3. Poor sod killed 3km away from an explosion.
  4. Yes he did. They may have been wooden, but they were his.
  5. NewryH

    Curry thread

    Well, you can say that if you like. Though you'll have gone down in everyone's estimation.
  6. NewryH

    Curry thread

    Agree about the next day. Used to get a takeaway after the pub and then try very hard to not eat it all so there was some for the morning. Got to the stage where me and a mate would order an extra portion so it could be left overnight.
  7. NewryH

    Curry thread

    Chicken methi Madras hot please.
  8. Bbc has been plugging 'swishing' all day. Basically, virtue signalling women swap clothes at 'events' I.e. drink a lot of wine and pretend they've saved the planet because they aren't buying new clothes. However, the So-Called BBC itself had an article on this new phenomenon in 2008. Of couse, if anyone gets a heads up on any of felicity Kendall's appearing, then please let me know.
  9. See Joe's point above about worrying too much...
  10. NewryH

    Darcy Dumped

    'How can you possibly be enjoying yourself without me'.
  11. I took it as the latter - re the 'anyone fancy a Chinese' thread.
  12. I suspect he knows. As you suggest, I suspect Brenda ordered a test done fairly early on. I suspect they wouldn't comment either way as it would imply that there was some doubt.
  13. Putting things back in their original box. Companies must employ Tetris wizards when they originally pack them. So when it comes to 'keep the box so when can pack it away', mere mortals have no chance. (Nearly got all the Christmas decorations away now).