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  1. NewryH

    Football star goes missing over English channel.

    Bit tricky over the Atlantic to get off though. Albeit possible I'm sure
  2. NewryH

    OMG! Thats is so like 1990s!

    Presumably she allows him enough 'product' to look after his 'im a twat' beard.
  3. NewryH

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Agree about his bank. On the downside though, presumably every shag since wouldn't have been as good.
  4. NewryH


    Bill Burr.....
  5. NewryH

    Hoax hate

    BBC have put up a suggestion that it might not be true and may even be another site to the story.....
  6. NewryH

    Favourite Food?

    A roast lamb Sunday dinner. A sit down curry.
  7. NewryH

    moped rider stabbed to death

    Maybe he's from the Surrey Majdouline set?
  8. NewryH

    We are women, we are strong ....

    Big story on BBC, unsurprisingly from a female journo. Fireman Samantha.....
  9. NewryH

    Chinese, Not SJW, Just Get on With Shit

    I worked as a contractor for a Japanese bank in London. The full timers (brits) were taking the piss in getting work done. The reason given was that in Japanese culture, if you were given a task, then it is expected that you will get on and do it. It was 'rude' to ask how it was progressing. Hence a somewhat 'relaxed' working environment.
  10. NewryH


    Of course 9/11 had many actual victims
  11. NewryH


    Slightly tenuos about 9/11 as he wasn't in the building. I survived the aldgate bomb by not having worked there for 3 years.
  12. NewryH


    Sorry. Meant that she was also talking about her genitalia on the radio and then mentioned she had her pants on. So she didnt make sense.
  13. NewryH


    Apparently she had her pants on. So doesn't make sense taking about her genitalia.
  14. NewryH


    The woman behind the new law was interviewed, and said that voyeurism only really applies to places where you can expect privacy - like your home or a changing room. Otherwise there is an old public nuisance law that would usually deal with peeing in the street etc. Have to say that anyone who wants to take a picture up a skirt is a twat and deserves being lifted. If the receiver was able to, then the preferred option would be a good kick in the nuts.
  15. NewryH

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Dammit. Knew I should have been more Pacific. I presume the same customs checks will be carried out in Calais as well as dundalk.