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    He could end up suicided tbh He looks like he’s absolutely shitting it


    This interview is an absolute car crash Shaun Atwood on YouTube went to that house and filmed the white bannister in that photo I don’t know how he’s going to get out of this and she isn’t even going hard on him with all the info we can get from YouTube I can’t believe they’ve approved it


    Unless the Clinton Mafia can maintain control of the US next year, this story will never go away.
  4. There’s your evidence that ‘educashun’ does fuck all sorry, I meant proof
  5. It's a massive virtue signal that glorifies war and the noble myth that all these people died to save our 'way of life'
  6. Not all cats are like that. Some may get a new owner, others won't go near another human they aren't familiar with, others might survive a bit by still being half wild. But in reality dumping a domesticated cat outside is a long winded way of killing it. If its rubbing the sides of its mouth on stuff to mark scent then it obviously considers its current place/owner as home, even if its not very affectionate. When they get old they will spend 99% of their time indoors anyway, other than to go to toilet, even the wild ones.
  7. The only option you have is to vote for For Britain
  8. That already happened Look at Rhodesia, South Africa, and every other white built country. Then look at Plumstead
  9. The rat fucked off on its own Probably get another one this winter when it gets back to -10
  10. His goal is to cling onto the job for 2-3 years. This will ensure the networking and the length of time for it to be ingrained in history that he was the PM, to allow the kick back after he leaves. Same thing May did. He's not gonna give it up after a few months lol
  11. Because it’s the only way to defend yourself. This guy could have been fucking Brock Lesnar. 6ft3 260lbs with DNA like a gorilla and UFC heavyweight champion, and on steroids he would still have been fucked 20vs1 against axes and machetes Do you think 18 years for the axe thrower and then less than 4 years for 3 others is enough for ruining someone’s life permnantently? Make no mistake this was a racist attack. If 20 white men had gone with axes and attacked a pakishop, this would be everywhere in the news. A gun is the only way you can feasibly defend yourself, get justice, and not be put in prison yourself. How could any court argue against self defense if 10+ people came armed with weapons towards you and you shot them all? Yes and probably if guns were legal these muslims would have had them too. So back to square one Agree on mass deportations and sterilsations. But that won't happen before the police collapse and you either have a gun or die