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  1. Weren’t miners shut down during corona isnt that why all metals are mooning
  2. are we already out of the deflation cycle? because it seems like absolutely nothing happened and everything is ATH again
  3. so is the dollar still at risk of catastrophically mooning or what? seems like nothing happened other than 1 week of panic in march

    Three Gorges Dam

    I bet the capacity is significantly reduced from silt build up and no maintainance on that, but still don’t see why it would collapse

    Three Gorges Dam

    I don’t get why it will collapse looks like all these videos could be from anywhere
  6. Dont even bother, why even bother trying to claim you aren't racist? If you are white or support anything that supports White people or allows them to be seen in a positive manner, you are a racist, that's what racism is. Just get over it an stop pandering If you really have to respond then a sentence about child mortality in the 1800s early 1900s, child slaves e.g. oliver twist, soldiers used as cannon fodder in endless european wars, ask what happened when white people left zimbabwae, haiti, detroit, etc etc and then ignore her
  7. USSR was a closed system. No one goes in, No one goes out. The West isnt There is no saving this
  8. Burnley is an awful depressing place to live. It's like the worst of every caricature of modern British towns. Traffic is terrible, all the houses are slave boxes with loads of shit new builds, cars parked everywhere on tiny roads, potholes everywhere, shit public transport (i.e. none), loads of takeaways with seemingly a huge underclass of willing customers I counted the number of Mosques or 'Islamic Community Centres' on google maps last time I was there, and I'm sure there were almost 15 all in the north part of the town. As many, if not more than there are Churches The white part wasn't good either, or the town centre. Reminded me of a nuclear holocaust
  9. Racism, hate crimes etc
  10. Whoever flew that plane is a hero I will be donating to any funds set up to support their upcoming legal battle
  11. Just seen that the Camp of Saints is under review by Amazon, aka they stopped selling it I wonder why
  12. Where in the UK are u free of BAMEs?