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  1. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    It shouldn't be the university's job to make sure graduates earn whatever money or get whatever job. How can they control that? The only way that happens is if the university has some sort of training scheme agreement with companies - and then why doesn't the company do it themselves. University has now just become an extension of fucking school. League tables need to be banned and student intake needs to be dropped by 90%. It would be great if universities did go back to being a place where the lecturer could be an eccentric who smoked a pipe, worked in an office looking like gandalfs library, played with electronics in the lab until 2am, and went down the pub at lunchtime. Maybe that is an extreme romanticised view, but we all know that universities used to be a place where oddballs like that would exist.These days lecturers are basically secondary school teachers. I remember reading an application note by Jim Williams - an analog circuit designer about how he used to work on circuits. In it there's a quote about his time at university: from Any element of that subculture definitely doesn't exist these days. And there's just too many students to even allow it to develop Engineering degrees these days are littered with bullshit management modules and really there is no creativity or self-learning until maybe the final year project, after 2 and a half years of being spoonfed basic stuff you should just learn yourself in a textbook. Even the final year project isn't that creative anymore really for most of them. 90% of the students shouldn't be on the course and are just panicking over whether their grade will get them onto some graduate scheme. University is marketed on all the 'extra-curricular' activities like rag and student elections and being shitfaced and vomiting before 7pm. The standard and quality of all courses, the standard of future academic researchers, literally everything possible would go up dramatically if you had 20 students instead of 200. Lecturers could easily incorporate their research into the teaching with this number. As it is its just pointless.
  2. Perhaps next week we will get an article about banning NASA and all evidence of space travel, since this has a troubled history with Nazi scientists inventing it all.
  3. They can never shut up about it. Looks like a campaign will start now to rename Aspergers syndrome, if the So-Called BBC had their way
  4. That cunt in the military uniform just said they told Russia what airspace they would be using beforehand So its another WWF move Funny how the US generals are always old white guys. Won't be like that when the spics outbreed them in 30 years. I wonder if they will be so obedient of their Jewish overlords.
  5. are u fucking serious? is this a troll? i still dont believe anything will happen and think all of you being played by Donnys epic tweets are morons. Its just another WWF move that Putin was probably whatsapped about a week ago
  6. Odds on war with Russia?

    Considering that is the ONLY possible way to deal with them... anything less is just encouraging them
  7. Bitcoin!

    I'd still rather have 10k in a non scam crypto than in a bank when GFC2 hits
  8. Bitcoin!

    If Bitcoin wasn't made by doing pointless calculations, but instead by doing something useful, it would probably be a $1m by now
  9. Bitcoin!

    25k ARK 1k Skycoin Put about 4k in in total I'm expecting I might lose the 4k by the end of this
  10. Altcoin thread

    IF BTC goes back down everything will tank Ark is up only about 3x in BTC terms, the rest is because BTC was only 2k when I bought it
  11. Altcoin thread

    Ark up 20x since my first buy Still think its the best investment in the top 50 Angry I didn't put more in at the start. Now its worth 3x my available cash there is no point putting any more money in. I also lost 95% of my money on another one, E4ROW, which was an ERC20 token for poker that was supposed to give holders a dividend with the rake. Seemed like it was a scam which of course every ERC20 token is. Its mad but I still think there's another 10x to be had from altcoins. It might be the biggest bubble in human history. But putting money in now is madness
  12. Bitcoin!

    The best thing to assume is that whatever money you put into crypto is lost. Even if you hold 500k GBP in it, getting it out at all is going to be a challenge and it's probably guaranteed to lose close to 10% in fees on whatever method you chose. One thing I'm pretty sure of is that if enough people try to cash out in coinbase in a short period they will literally run out of cash and have to stop withdrawals
  13. Bitcoin!

    CME derivatives will allow Bitcoin exchanges to run fractional reserve and then cover their positions with derivative/future positions.