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  1. The 'white supremacist' swedish child killed: Warning NSFW NSFL
  2. That’s the sort of efficiency that makes it so shocking when when a white man does it He soloed a KS of 50 in some tin pot village mosque, while 10 Arabs with machine guns and grenades storming 3 locations with people packed into crowded rooms in the middle of Paris can barely reach 100
  3. You think just cos she was exposed to it that means she wants to stop it? If a no deal happens they will just jack up immigration from Pakistan tenfold
  4. Brexit is completely irrelevant The best outcome would be to remain and form an alliance with Orban Even if we leave with no deal, nothing will change The same politicians will be there, the same vested interests, the same lobbyists How can you run this forum and not see that
  5. The best outcome is that they postpone it theres at best 2-3 ‘brexiters’ in parliament, they won’t win any vote brexit is irrelevant anyway. It’s just a tool that needs to be used to show how anti-white and anti west western governments are
  6. Maybe people will wake up and realize that the entirety of WW1, and WW2 especially, was also fake news
  7. In the future people won't enter relationships to reproduce, they will just buy the sperm or the egg surrogate off the internet. And then in the distant future it will all be done in a test tube. That should sort out 3rd world immigration also. Because when push comes to shove, literally everybody (even BAME SJWs) chooses the sperm from Asger and Asgrid over Abdul and Amatullah
  8. Been waking up to the sound of banging metal and scratching in the early hours for the past few weeks. At first I though someone was breaking into one of the apartments but I’ve since isolated it to be coming from the shower drain, and it stops as soon as I go into the bathroom. this morning I did more investigation and went down to the basement and started tapping on the big drainage pipes. Managed to make this rat start moving and I can clearly hear it running around in the pipes. Is this a big problem and what damage can it do inside these pipes. What can the council really do if it’s in these pipes going to the sewers? Never had a problem before. It’s also -10C here so will it fuck off back to the sewers when spring comes?
  9. Why are you guys interested in this Infrastrata PLC?
  10. It’s a good decision. I bought an apartment in peak bubble arse end of 2015 during the migrant crisis when I realised the entire planet will give their lives to live in Northern Europe think I’ll be negative equity in a few years but in hindsight I’d do it again. The pleasure of ownership is easily worth the loss of if it turns out that way I will do everything I can to never rent again
  11. Dead I regularly go winter bathing and in the North Sea in winter I reckon you've got 10 minutes maximum to get the fuck out before you pass the point of no return. You hear these estimated time frames for how long you can technically 'survive', but there's a big difference between actually surviving and still being 'alive' but on your way to certain death no matter what. Probably also why a lot of people struggle to understand people staying on a ship that's sinking. If it's winter the water is certain death unless other boats are there and you can get out in a few mins, and so there is always hope the boat might stop sinking long enough for help to come.
  12. It was over mine too and I've got a massive mortgage and student loan and an unstable job which will leave me in negative equity and unpayable repayments when the house price crash happens and interest rates go to 10% Still was the best purchase I've ever made You wont regret it. Watching some of those 4k wildlife videos on it is a life changing experience
  13. Bought a BenQ PD3200 4k monitor just before christmas I think its probably the best purchase I've ever made.