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  1. This ‘lost civilization’ was probably another Ancient Rome or Greece which got totally wiped out I don’t see what’s so controversial about that i was into Graham Hancock until one day on the Joe Rogan show he literally said ‘maybe the ancients Egyptians used telepathic powers to build the pyramids’ and how that theory shouldn’t be ruled out because people like URI Geller today have claimed they can move spoons with their minds
  2. It’s Israel and every politician who supports Israeli interests who wants this war I don’t even know who those in the video are but I 100% guarantee if you research them you’d find a track record of them blindly supporting Israel or having Jewish links You don’t even need to research it anymore. All of them stand for the same thing -Israel -Mass immigration -LGBTQ rights -‘climate change’ -‘free’ trade etc
  3. She’s Jewish The primary warmonger in all of these Middle East conflicts is Israel
  4. Sounds like more bloat trying to justify their jobs I had a project application rejected last month where on the evaluation form it literally said "Weaknesses: Only men" for the evaluation of the team. Also had one recently where the evaluation was I don't have the 'experience' to carry out the project. And then when you actually get a project, part of that has to be allocated to pay for 'admin' work where they will tell you what you can and cant spend it on. To just submit an application involves endless meetings with the universities admin for accounts, and then their 'fundraising' offices who try to help you write your bullshit application. My contract runs out in August yet I've got money to employ myself for another 4 months until the end of the year... except I'm not allowed to do that due to some HR rules. So instead I have to spend the money on something else or the university take it and throws it down the drain. Universities have massive, and I mean massive admin sections who do fuck all other than get in your way. They are all on permanent contracts too and earn more than all the academics other than maybe a few 60+ year old professors. When you buy any supplies it has to go through 3 people. Back in the day, you got the money and did what the fuck you wanted with it. Yea I'm sure a few people spent it on questionable things but the overall waste was less than what it is now. When you submit a patent the university takes 66% of it and you have to involve a bunch of twats in the 'tech transfer office' whose main job is to block you in every way possible. Again, it's just another middleman between you and the patent attorny. Then after you submit one you will have these idiots sending emails about how I need to ask for permission to apply for a project or do a presentation on it. These people don't know anything about your work, nor do they care, nor do they answer emails outside of work hours. There's even someone at the university whose role is to print business cards, and you technically aren't allowed to do that yourself. When you ask for the paper to just print it yourself they deny you. It would just be better if they sacked everyone in the admin until it was a ratio of say 1:30 of admin:technical and just distributed all the funds back to the academics and let them make the decisions. Most good academics overload themselves voluntarily with work and removing the insane amount of politics and middlemen would help productivity exponentially. Still better than working in a company though. But the admin bloat is a long way from ending when its those who are making the decisions in the university. Each year they come with more admin initiatives on helping you to write your application, 'commercialisation' etc. These are all just a waste of time and built on the belief that everyone is equal and its just 'education' that is needed. When in reality when someone's work is either shit or it isn't and there's not really much you can do about it.
  5. The public don’t have access to EPO, testosterone and HGH Makes a difference for most injuries
  6. They sell drugs, and employ illegal immigrants
  7. It’s technique and your nervous system isn’t very trainable Part of why muscle injuries heal but if you damage a nerve you are basically fucked forever The CNS doesn’t heal well or adapt to training very much
  8. Would be interesting to know what TUEs Joshua has Especially considering we know every athlete on Team GB has them and his answers to questions after Millers failed tests were very Lance Armstrongesque
  9. All the lamb is slaughtered halal now as well
  10. Bakez

    Bye bye Treason May?

    O’brien is clearly on the autism/aspergers spectrum
  11. So what do I do? Looking to buy a 55inch TV Do I just buy any 4k one and disable the smart feature?
  12. i didnt buy it the catholics and protestants fight eachother pointlessly when in 30 years their country will be halal
  13. All the way to Denmark and Sweden how diverse
  14. It doesn’t when it comes to ethnics and ‘refugees’ if you think any country in Europe is different, you are seriously mistaken it was very recently that Denmark gave asylum seekers about 40k a year, but somehow it’s branded as anti immigrant because a token right wing party got a few votes