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  1. Bakez

    Four weekly bin collection, Conwy, Wales

    SJWs and liberals view dustbin men as scum
  2. Bakez

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    bullshit cliche argument IMO I could say the same for German soldiers fighting against Soviets. British soldiers didn't ensure Europe was 'Free' when they left half of it (including Germany) under the Soviet Union
  3. Bakez

    The normalization of gang rape, film at 11

    Why are you surprised ive lived 4 years in Denmark and saved one girl from rape by Somalians at 4am in the morning where I actually had to fight, seen 30-40 year old Arabs cruising 5 in a car wolf whistling at 15 year olds, and heard the same stories as Rotherham. It’s got a reputation as the only Western Europe nation to have a hardline on immigrants but to be honest I’m sure it’s just like the U.K. 20 years ago where it was all obviously covered up It’s a fucked society with a lot of independent SJW women,. But all the ones I have been with seemed to hate Arabs with a passion and want mass deportations of foreigners. But the SJW crowd is strong and also paraded by the So-Called BBC, eg the IVF article today. It is massively progressive Not sure what the difference is between here and the U.K. since all the females on my side hate immigrants so much that if they see a Greek woman with an English man they actually get angry about it eventually there will probably just be two parallel societies in Europe. One white and one immigrant
  4. Bakez

    Treason May, does it again

    looks like this will come true
  5. Bakez

    How to make democracy work

    Democracy doesn’t work and especially not in populations that aren’t homogeneous
  6. Bakez

    Black guys and white women in adverts I knew before I read the article that they wouldn't use a single white man in any photo
  7. Bakez

    Croydon cat killer

    quite the dexterity for a fox tbh perhaps theyll be filling out fraudulent claims forms for grenfell tower victim benefits next
  8. Bakez

    The Second Invasion of America

    If any of you think what is happening there won't happen in the US and Europe, you are deluded. The wheels are already in motion
  9. Bakez

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    I wouldn't be surprised if we actually get a hard Brexit, except that when it happens there will be no government after mass resignations a few weeks before the date
  10. Bakez

    The Belgium is fucked thread

    Brussels train station is like something out of Children of Men
  11. Bakez

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    There’s still another 3+ years to go before any form of brexit happens
  12. Bakez

    leaked google meeting video

    This is also why decentralised internet will be increasingly demanded in the future
  13. Bakez

    leaked google meeting video

    Seen this a few days ago its like a parallel realm where it’s so insane that in one mind I think it must be an elaborate hoax, except it isn’t
  14. Bakez

    VPN questions

    I run a Skywire node and I do use it as well to watch stuff like iplayer or stream something from the US Skywire is more than a VPN and maybe in a few years will be like TOR with a whole separate network
  15. Bakez

    Black guys and white women in adverts

    Well according to dating site data, white men are overwhelmingly preferred, or rather, its probably the top 10% of white men that get every single woman. I'm sure I read some article about this where the narrative that this was a bad thing and how dating was racist, forgetting that its obviously the top group of white men that women prefer, of which being white is just one factor