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  1. Bakez

    PC monitor thread

    It was over mine too and I've got a massive mortgage and student loan and an unstable job which will leave me in negative equity and unpayable repayments when the house price crash happens and interest rates go to 10% Still was the best purchase I've ever made You wont regret it. Watching some of those 4k wildlife videos on it is a life changing experience
  2. Bakez

    PC monitor thread

    Bought a BenQ PD3200 4k monitor just before christmas I think its probably the best purchase I've ever made.
  3. Bakez

    elementary my dear watson

    Magic dirt theory
  4. Bakez

    Becoming a sperm donor

    Feel like it’s a very slim chance with the sort of people using sperm banks
  5. Bakez

    Becoming a sperm donor

    Surely the donor isn’t required to reply if they contact him
  6. Bakez

    Becoming a sperm donor

    Has anyone here done it?
  7. Bakez

    elementary my dear watson

    That one is a massive myth. It's due to circumference of ankles and leg/torso length. This is the physics of running and a known phenomenon throughout the ENTIRE animal population called Allen's Rule. 1lb of weight on your ankles requires a 25% increase in energy in sprinting.
  8. Bakez

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Is it true that the wall costs the same as 1 month in the Middle East?
  9. Bakez

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    We're odds on now for a mass cabinet resignation followed by postponement, unless of course the deal goes through which wouldn't be that surprising.
  10. Bakez

    Man stabbed on train

    Upload the video
  11. Dont apple etc just use their profits to pump the stock? As in, that is their entire business model.
  12. I just realised how these few year fixed are sort of a scam the bank advisor told me either get a 1 year fixed or go to another bank and get 25-30 years which his bank didn’t offer. Max he offered was 10 and he said he would never agree to it and tell someone to go to another bank with the full term fixed. In hindsight he was right. With these 4-5 years you have no flexibility and feel trapped without much security
  13. They don’t do it like that here It’s just a fixed payment for those years and then there’s a fee for any overpayment, like £700 or something if you got a 1 year fixed you can overpay whatever u want at the end of each year Interest rates have actually decreased since I’ve bought in 2015 A 1-3 year fixed now is 0.7%
  14. I have a feeling I’m fucked 110k mortgage fixed at 0.9% until June 2020 in northern EU I think by that time rates will be 4%
  15. Bakez

    Moroccan murders - almost certainly a terrorist attack

    It’s got almost nothing to do with religion. They just hate white people. Islam just gave them the method to carry out the murder. If Islam didn’t exist there would be some other cult to rally around and use to kill whites. Wait 30 years until this is rife in Europe