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  1. Yes of course. Next question? To be fair I have found that paying some attention to my health and wellbeing is worthwhile, my life would have been improved if I'd given up gluten earlier, but I still believe most supplements to be a con in the context of an already healthy diet. Vit D for Brits and other people in poor climates that work indoors is probably the only one that is difficult to question.
  2. You mean stokie or boyo Gareth?
  3. Can you become gay? Anyway have fun with your throbbing seat, Harleys are just Sybians on wheels, but please don't post any links like the one @sarahbell posted on the rugby player thread.
  4. I associate Harleys with large leather-clad gay men with moustaches who may or may not be a bit hard, but like to dress as if they are. Am I wrong?
  5. Dare I ask how you found this?
  6. @spunko has there been any recent change to the forum software? Having various difficulties logging in and posting depending on what browser and IP is being used, can’t seem to stay logged in.
  7. ^^ Fortunately this is unlikely to ever be repeated in the US, if anything I’d guess that backwoods Republicans are going to tool up even more as time goes on.
  8. This idea has been a reality dating show in France since forever. Farmers can be seriously isolated in France though - much bigger country.
  9. Excellent. Provocative and establishing the ground. Mind, to get away with that kind of thing, you have to leave a woman in a breathless, exhausted mess - just like men, they’ll make quite extreme compromises for sexual pleasure that’s a bit above the norm.
  10. Homes for migrants next. Got to get those Romanian Big Issue sellers off the streets.
  11. What happened to your Mills and Boon date, or was that really someone else's story?
  12. How old are you? Unless you’re over 45 I’m struggling to see the issue. Even then in some exceptional circs it could work, and whether or not it’s a relationship possibility, you should still be looking to shag her, she will think you’re a twat/wimp or gay otherwise.
  13. Anyone is allowed it seems. Doesn’t Diane Abbott have a kid? Luckily only one so she can’t lose count.
  14. Bingo. HS2 and other sundry scams have to be paid off...