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  1. Stokie's fucked though, given his preference for the tradesman's entrance.
  2. That is a really badly named video IMO. I was hoping for some analysis of the economic consequences of letting the pandemic rip and comparison with the economic consequences of what is being done.
  3. The figures regarding average deaths per year and cause of death are available for the U.K. if you google, I daresay for Italy too but perhaps in Italian. Other deaths aren’t stopping because these Covid19 deaths are occurring, although some who were in the process of dying of something else are just brought forward a bit. It looks as though 100 a day is no big deal statistically, a slight uptick perhaps, but by the time there are 1000 Covid19 deaths a day it’s a massive uptick, because people are still dying of other things.
  4. Would be nice, yeah I think that says it all. Wishful thinking. 1000 deaths a day in Italy now. Coming soon to the UK.
  5. Apart from your penultimate one which is just your Klannish fantasy, that's a pretty good list, most of that will be tried or is already in the pipeline I'd guess. The stripping of wealth will be only below a certain level as well, the wealthiest will be going in the other direction.
  6. I reckon the virus is a genuine threat in that if it is allowed to let rip as debated in my thread quoted here, it will kill many people, millions even, though mainly old. But as Carl has said, it’s been seized upon as a means to move us a few steps nearer to the Matrix. So if people were less poncey, got on with their lives, cranked up the crematoria fires for a year or so, wept for those they lost (I could easily be one), kept the economy going and took advantage of the population drop to re-establish a more pleasant population/space/infrastructure density, well, I reckon my daughter would have a better chance in the future than she may in the future the bankers are creating now.
  7. Hold on a second , you eat quiche. No-one, not even in the NE, makes quiche with Primula. Therefore you definitely eat other cheese. Wouldn't surprise me to find your fridge full of lah-di-dah cheeses (with a special cheese compartment at the correct temperature of course) and lightly chilled Moselle, making you the NE equivalent of the mockney Jamie Oliver.
  8. I reckon this is an inflammation thing that worsens with age - have a healthy few days then fast for 24 hours drinking water and it comes back with a vengeance. But the majority of the time now sinus issues, allergies or general old crapness mean that my sense of smell is feeble. My daughter has inherited my sensitive nose and she has it all the time, but luckily for her not the same nose in appearance! She was complaining about how something smelt and tasted the other day, and I remembered in my childhood pleading with my implacable Dad that the butter was old/off, he couldn't or wouldn't taste/smell the difference and made me eat it (yeah I know he was right whether it was a bit off or not, but it disgusted me at the time).
  9. We would know. Talk to anyone who is dealing with Covid19 patients, they'll tell you. It's true that the 80% could pass unnoticed, maybe even 85%, but the "top" 15% of cases in terms of severity would not pass unnoticed. Whether they were medics or not. As I said in an earlier post, if for some bizarre reason in the UK population it's 98% that have very mild symptoms rather than the 80% elsewhere, the the hypothesis of it having been circulating for some time becomes credible. But why would the UK be different?
  10. I have relatives who work in hospitals in the UK, none of them believe this was circulating in December. That is not to say there were no other lung infections circulating, there were. If Covid19 had been around then all the medics would have caught it as they don't protect themselves that well, they mainly rely on youth and immunity either via flu jabs or acquired over years, I'd like to believe that half the UK population have already acquired some immunity, but I don't believe it.
  11. There's a lot of wishful thinking on this subject on this site. I don't believe for a second this was circulating in the UK in December. Watch the videos of the badly hit people struggling to breathe. My wife has seen some of the patients at the hospital where she works (and these are not the worst-hit ones, they haven't got ventilators). It's on another level if you're hit hard by this, not like common flu, and would have been noticed for sure, plus all the medics would have caught it. The only way it could have been circulating in the UK for so long would be if by some miracle 98% of UK people got mild symptoms instead of the 80% everywhere else in the world.
  12. We have an Indian outsourcing company, they're working from home ok so far.
  13. Extremely optimistic IMO. If half of the UK had already had the virus, what would be the reason for the Italian outbreak being so much worse than the UK one? Although there are more old people in Italy, there is no shortage of them in the UK. Plus many more medics would have been infected.
  14. There might be quite a lot of houses like that on sale soon.
  15. I have questions about these “recovered” figures, are they only from the hospitalized people who are allowed to leave? I doubt if patients with milder symptoms who stay at home are retested and registered as recovered. And surely the fatality rate should be measured as a percentage of the total number of cases? Yes it will lag that way but it will be accurate if enough testing is done (pretty clearly not the case in the UK to date).