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  1. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Marine Le Pen sent for reprogramming

    I'd have sent her for evaluation after the pre-election TV debate with Macron. She was so crap I wondered if she wanted to lose. Have seen her speak fairly well so am sure she is capable of better.
  2. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Graduate meet crap job, crap job meet graduate...

    Nah they're just people trying to better themselves - if they weren't allowed and encouraged to come, they wouldn't be there - it's the politicians and lobbying employers that are responsible.
  3. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Croydon cat killer

    One of these would :- (it would shit in your neighbours gardens and no other cat would dare approach your garden) Or one of these (your neighbours might object to their cats being killed though). Less drastic solutions include planting loads of lavender and rosemary and sonic deterrents.
  4. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Croydon cat killer

    Are there any known serial killers of humans operating in the area now? Would the police know if there were, or are they too busy looking for hurty words on Twitter? I ask because that's what animal killers are reputed to move on to....
  5. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Aussie flu

    You're seemingly immune to everything anyway. (thinking of the STIs thread here) Yes I don't know if the sun on it's own would be enough - I also return fitter than I am at any other time. It's sometimes quite a shock though - one year I was eating breakfast in shorts on the last day, returned to heavy snow and didn't see the sun for 23 days as it wasn't yet ski season and Geneva had the nasty cold/fog combination that it sometimes gets in Nov/Dec. (yes I counted the days) You would rarely go that long without a glimpse of the sun in Britain.
  6. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I thought she was alright. At first glance, just another Aussie bird who thinks she's way better than she is (I noticed it was a trend over there, they ain't humble!) but to be fair, she's a smart girl and is a lot more attractive than the still photo suggests. She has understood the issue of hypergamy perfectly IMO, though she didn't offer any solutions, but at 26, if she gets it, she'll have time to get her head in the right place. Just being a young attractive female who has grasped the problem puts her in a minority of 0.0001% IMO, so congrats to her.
  7. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Aussie flu

    Come surfing in the Canaries in November instead. Massive boost to fitness and Vitamin D levels - I never get flu if I do that! (OK ok I may just have been lucky)
  8. swiss_democracy_for_all

    MDMA and autism and Dosbods meets.

    Ditto. But I now regret not taking it at the time, I think it would have been good fun and might have changed my perspective on some things.
  9. swiss_democracy_for_all

    MDMA and autism and Dosbods meets.

    Attitudes to all drugs are all about culture, heritage, religion and what feels normal or acceptable to you. There isn't much cool-headed dispassionate analysis on the subject. Alcohol would surely be banned if it was new and not part of our cultural heritage. I think there's a case for looking at the potential benefits of drugs of all sorts, What if MDMA hadn't been a party drug but was a new medicine being tested?
  10. swiss_democracy_for_all

    MDMA and autism and Dosbods meets.

    Saw this and thought it might be interesting to some. It's a serious subject but as usual the small boy in me had the thought that if we ever have a Dosbods meet we should all have some! Groundbreaking trial finds MDMA reduces social anxiety in autistic adults As final trials move to establish MDMA-assisted psychotherapy as a legal and legitimate clinical treatment, a new study has recently been published demonstrating the results of the world's first clinical trial for another, albeit more controversial, application – treating severe social anxiety in adults with autism. MDMA, or 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, is perhaps more commonly known by its recreational moniker of Molly, or ecstasy, and despite its initial clinical and therapeutic uses, the drug spent several decades under heavy legal restrictions. More recently though, it has undergone a renaissance in research circles, and pioneering work from Rick Doblin and a large team of scientists has led to the previously taboo substance now sitting on the precipice of FDA approval for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In 2013, Alicia Danforth collected hundreds of anecdotal reports as part of her dissertation research. The accounts, gathered from years of online discussion forums as well as original data collection, examined the first-person experiences of autistic adults using MDMA. A very significant majority of these accounts described how the drug increased empathy and ease of communication, driving Danforth to establish a clinical trial examining the drug's effects on autistic subjects in controlled conditions. The trial commenced in 2014 and spanned three years, ultimately comprising 12 autistic adults. Anxiety was measured using the Leibowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS), a broadly accepted scale that assesses social phobia. The design of the study was similar to the process effectively developed by Rick Doblin and the MAPS team for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD. Initial dosages were lower than generally administered in psychotherapy contexts to account for an anecdotal tendency in autistic individuals to have extreme reactions to sensory stimulation, but after these lower volumes were well tolerated, dosages were escalated in the later stages of the trial. As with the PTSD studies, the MDMA sessions were integrated into a larger regime of psychotherapy sessions. Two MDMA sessions, spaced one month apart, were bookended by three non-drug integrative psychotherapy sessions. The subjects were initially randomly split into placebo or active groups, but six months after the first sessions the placebo group was then administered an active course. Tracking LSAS scores the MDMA-treated group showed significant clinical improvements one month after the two MDMA sessions. And perhaps more compelling were the six-month follow up results showing the effects were most certainly not transitory, holding strong long after the initial treatment. Lisa Jerome, one of the other researchers working on the project, suggests that MDMA seemed to allow the subjects to relax to a point that helped them manifest latent social skills. "These findings show that MDMA and psychotherapy can help people, maybe by giving people a whole new set of experiences with social interactions," explains Jerome. "MDMA isn't giving people something they didn't have already, it's helping them use what they had all along." It's undeniably early days for this kind of research, and despite the significant outcome measures, the scientists do note this is a very small sample size. Another limitation readily accepted by the researchers is the imprecision in autism diagnosis methods. Autism is not a simple or straightforward condition, so it is fair to be skeptical about how generalizable this kind of MDMA-assisted treatment could be. However, in regard to a more specific type of autism-directed social anxiety, it is reasonable to conclude these results at the very least justify a need for more research into the area. Danforth does explicitly add that autistic individuals should not take these results as encouragement to go out and self-administer MDMA. While this research does establish a safety profile for the treatment and suggest potential benefits in controlled settings, there is certainly still more work to be done to develop clearer and effective models. "We hope that the good safety profile and encouraging reduction in social anxiety symptoms will inspire funding for new and larger studies," says Danforth. "It remains to be seen how the mainstream autism science community will respond to the new data." The new study was published in the journal Psychopharmacology.
  11. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Operation Nookie 60

    I think we should have a poll.
  12. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Fat shamed by Piers Morgan

    Morgan has balls. Annoying, but he has balls. The stunt with Brett Lee showed that. He's quite restrained in his remarks about the hideous inky tub of lard IMO.
  13. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Electric/ Self-driving cars and other disruptive tech

    I agree that semi-autonomous vehicles are pointless - if you can't trust the damned thing then I'd rather drive myself. I don't even see the point of them as an interim measure, I'd rather just wait for full autonomy. The Audi will have about a 250 mile range but will charge very fast with a suitable charger - 80% of range in 30 mins. Still a big no from me - not available until next year, and similar range to the Hyundai Kona EV, which is already available in CH and costs about 30k GBP less. Lot of money for a four-ringed badge. For the moment I think Tesla and the Koreans are ahead of the others, these premium marques are going to struggle if they can't offer corresponding extra range to go with their high price tags IMO.
  14. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Electric/ Self-driving cars and other disruptive tech

    Supposedly 70,000 Model 3s in last quarter, and still increasing the rate though more slowly. Smokescreens of lies being thrown up by both Tesla and opponents so difficult to be certain of truth. Edit :- Oops no sorry, it's less. So many sources saying so many different things it gets confusing. Yeah latest estimates for the quarter seem to be in the region of 50,000 depending on who you believe, so 200,000 a year, but that's still huge compared to anyone else. I really hope they don't go bust, I reckon if they do it will set back vehicle electrification by 5-10 years, the other makers won't care.
  15. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Electric/ Self-driving cars and other disruptive tech

    Not sure that VW are really taking EVs seriously yet though. Lots of impressive-sounding talk, but their first dedicated EV factory planned to open in 2020 is to make 100,000 vehicles a year which is a drop in the ocean. (they made 10.9 million in 2017) Tesla are already making Model 3s at 280,000 a year, and ramping up more and more.