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  1. Is it kidney beans that mustn't be slow cooked? I forget, there is something that can poison you cooked that way.
  2. Are you a bit of a chubster then, onesie? I’ve no reason to suppose this but most burds who talk about genetics are chubsters who like the booze too much.
  3. Why bother? They're winning. Eventually they'll be a majority by dint of immigration and birthrate, more and more senior elected positions. London mayor now, a PM within 30 years. Big attacks risk rousing opposition.
  4. No, in Mogadishu that little pack of hyenas would probably get some extremely rough justice from someone, be it the authorities (religious or otherwise) or the kids relatives. It's only in Western Europe we're so fucking stupid as to invite more of this behaviour by making excuses and letting it go unpunished.
  5. He'd have had to be quick both on the uptake and his feet, which is not the case for the average teenager. Poor twat was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  6. I think his general point is correct though, that Dosbodders seem to want all gorgeous young women to magically age like Liz Hurley (it's probably surgical too of course) or else retire from public life and not sully our screens with their ageing bodies and faces. That's how I feel too, but I also realise it's unfair!
  7. 45yo women (mostly) can’t “accidentally” get pregnant, so if you want to fuck lots of 25yo women and you’re rich you need to be very rich, like Mick Jagger.
  8. Yes 2 of my all time favorite meals were in Catalonia and San Sebastián. A cynical Frenchman I know calls the Catalans “Spaniards that work” but they also cook, sometimes brilliantly. If they ever get independence (unlikely) I reckon it will become a haven for anti-EU escapees from round Europe.
  9. Last year I did my bit, chose a present for someone, and it was all so fucked up that no-one knew who had received what, and many received nothing. Public sector organisation. Hence Scrooge this year.
  10. Just looking for a more obvious connection/reason for them to target you with coffee machine ads. not sure they listen to conversations (yet).
  11. Are you registeted on this site with the same email address as your FB account?
  12. Ok, I give up, I don’t see it. Well, I sort of do, but I have an objection to raise. Italians had good coffee long before the world went all zero-hours. Mostly not at home, admittedly, but in cafes in every street at 1000 lira a shot. So there was never any real need to drink instant shite as the British did and still do. So it’s the cheapness of the machines and bringing the world into our kitchens you object to because they represent globalization, and many of the other effects of globalization like migration are unpopular on here? It’s probably true that a coffee machine manufactured in the UK by trained UK engineers, craftsmen and robots would cost many times more..... I’m having some difficulty distinguishing between your perhaps excellent point and reverse snobbery about coffee.
  13. Those that say Froggie food is overrated have probably just not experienced it at it’s best, they’ve gone downhill as a cuisine country at an astonishing rate since the 70s. Now it’s not that easy to get a good French meal in France if you’re a tourist and don’t know where to look, and on top of that they ruin the cuisines of other cultures because they can’t and won’t cope with anything spicy. When I first tasted the home cooking of traditional French home-maker housewives who didn’t have another job and shopped more or less daily for fresh produce in local markets, then crafted this into superb meals, I was dumbstruck by how well they ate compared to the pretty awful British food of the same era in the 70s. That French world has gone, and those ladies didn’t teach their skills to their daughters. At the same time Brit food has improved rapidly, it started with the TV chefs like Keith Floyd. Other cuisines - German and Dutch food is shite IMO except for the herring things. No-one deserves to eat the croquette balls of meat-flavored slime that the Dutch are fond of eating in their work canteens. Thai (in Thailand) is one of the best. Sicilian too. Argentinian but only for the best meat.
  14. No, they’re not all bitter, the state has seen to that, but it was never their fault in any way. Ever. The big boy (the man) did it and ran away. On here at least, you haven’t acknowledged one iota of fault, it was all him.
  15. I visited zim in the 90s. The white farmers were still living like Arabian princes while paying their workers nothing. So while it may be worse now than before because the black elite are even worse cunts than the white elite, they still asked for it by being cunts.