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  1. Oh. That must have been a little painful. I hope the love at first sight was aged 5 in that case.
  2. He can't run down the clock if his government is overturned by a vote of no confidence and a GE is called.
  3. ^^ We're a right bunch of pikeys on here... (#metoo)
  4. Can't help but second the recommendation for First Direct by @gilf above..
  5. No. Round 1 of indicative votes in March. There have been other votes since, but as you can see, 400 against No Deal, no PM will be able to turn that around unless there's a referendum to back it.
  6. That's not the way the DUP see it. (OK, they're cunts who evidently pay no attention to their own electorate either, but at the moment their votes count a lot)
  7. We're talking about Bojo here? Clean he ain't... I think this scenario could play out as you have outlined, with some variation. Unfortunately I think Corbyn would win in those circs, and win for possibly a long time, until an IMF takeover. The Tories normally win power when they are a broad church, as a 100% Brexiteer party they'll be disadvantaged in FPTP.
  8. Remember No Deal wouldn't be a piece of cake on the Irish border arrangements either, so no certainty Bojo would be able to get even the DUP onside, never mind his own Remainers.
  9. Don't think so. Remember only about half Tory MPs voted Leave, and of those who voted Leave, only a few wanted No Deal.
  10. That wouldn't stop the no-confidence vote to be launched by Labour and backed by some Tory Remainers. No Deal got trashed in the series of indicative votes a while back.
  11. They'll have to have a GE to get that through the Commons, they have at least 150 Remainer MPs, many of whom would rebel and support Labour in a no-confidence vote if No Deal was the declared intention, so they would all have to be replaced. Edit :- I think they(the Tories) may do this - elect Boris, yuck, and knowingly hand power to Corbyn while saving the party in the longer term. Boris will promise first that he can get a better deal, when he can't he'll go for No Deal, a Remainer MP rebellion will bring down the government, Corbyn will win the GE and deliver Brexit in name only plus a load of other shite. Eventually the IMF will take control of his bankrupt government and the UK will have the recession it should have had in 2009-2012, but much worse and with many more mouths to feed.
  12. Yes. That doesn't help now though. Something has to give in order for the situation to move forward. I have very little fear that another referendum would overturn 2016 unless No Deal or Treason's Deal had to win 51% individually. Fairly confident Remain vote would be lower except in the young. MPs can't agree, so the people must decide again, and to be fair to Remainers, what "Leave" is will be slightly clearer this time than it was in 2016.
  13. It isn't ideal, but there are now no ideal options. Do you have an alternative that would move the situation forward? No Deal and Treason's Deal will not pass Parliament with the current MPs in situ, no matter who the Prime Minister is. Without a revolution and a change in the system of democracy, everything must pass through Parliament. Brexit Party might win well in the EU elections but will not be able to gain many (if any) MPs in a General Election, and if it did they'd be Tory seats, and Labour would be in government. If grass-roots Labour and Tories, in all Leave constituencies, moved to deselect all MPs whose voting patterns have hampered Brexit and replace them with Leavers, that might do it. Haven't heard this is happening.
  14. Then Leavers will have to suck it up, that's democracy. But I don't believe that would happen, apart from in the cucked and naive young I'd say attitudes have hardened against the EU. Some Remain voters from the first referendum I know would now vote Leave. Even Remain is better than the current shambles, currently immigration is continuing, and government is constantly tied up with Brexit, unable to do other things.