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  1. This might cause a slight hiccup but I reckon Covid has done for Trump anyway. Problem is his main achievements are outside the US, and most Yanks don’t give a shit about any of them. His achievements in the US have been scuppered by Covid - he’d have won easily on the back of low unemployment and booming economy, but now? Nope. I’m expecting a big Biden win, followed by a war in the Middle East or North Africa somewhere within a year, or maybe even elsewhere, and Europe flooded with refugees again.
  2. Understandable reaction. But in the process they ruined their children, and their children went on to elect Blair and Brown who ruined the nation.
  3. Some Subaru engines are bulletproof and do massive mileages with no problem, others are very much not. You'll have to do your homework to make sure you get the right one, there are plenty of websites with this kind of info.
  4. Are you the only person in Canada that likes estate cars then? Amazed you can't get the Mazda 6 4wd estate, that would seem to be the perfect car for Canada to me. Bloke at work has one, it looks very similar to a Volvo.
  5. Yes if reliability is the main criteria, a low-mileage Japanese car that was built towards the end of the production cycle for that particular model is the way to go.
  6. Happy to say the Swiss haven’t yet descended into the realms of imbecile wokeness that would allow a 40yo man to claim to be 15. I mean wtf, really? Insisting that we must believe every word that desperate migrants say is even worse than the believe wimmin brigade. Afaik there are now blood tests for age that are very accurate. https://www.businessinsider.com/its-now-possible-to-tell-someones-age-from-blood-at-a-crime-scene-2016-6?r=US&IR=T
  7. Using the criteria you’ve specified there aren’t many options in budget on that Canadian autocar link. Golf estate 4wd is about it. However : From curiousity I put the same criteria into the Swiss autoscout thing and there are some fucking ace bargains on big 4wd estates, which may or not be available in Canada on another link. Most cars are sold globally I think?? Mazda 6 4wd estate and Ford Mondeo 4wd estate, diesels are dirt cheap because no-one wants them, petrols still good value. This is fucking ace for the price but would be thirsty. 260 horses with that bri
  8. Everybody is different, for sure. That said, I can't see how anyone could do 100 correct-form press-ups in one set without a decent amount of muscle, that's quite impressive. I never quite got to 100 when I tried it over a few weeks/months, plateaued in the 80s, maxed at 91 and lost a bit of interest after that.
  9. Well yeah, you've detailed a few times roughly what you eat, and frankly it wouldn't allow a sparrow to grow to it's full size, never mind a 6ft 2 bloke. I doubt if you'll change that now though, you'd have to want to, and I'm not sure you do. On the plus side, you're more or less living like one of those life-extension reduced-calorie folks that were on one of Michael Moseley's programmes, so you might look like a stick insect, but you'll probably still be alive 40-50 years after my death, by then with cash savings of 70 million Global_currency_credits, enough to buy 4 houses and an isla
  10. She looks very similar to a burd who passed my missus and I and gave us a big smile/hello on one of the rare occasions she actually came out for a walk. After the burd had passed, missus said "Now I see why you like going walking on your own". "Tut tut, so cynical", I said.....
  11. Should have taken her on a day out to Beachy Head at this point.
  12. Seems a bit of a shame - I daresay you'll get most of what you want eventually, but more will end up in the lawyer's pockets than should have been the case. Is he even taking legal advice? Maybe the lawyer is a bad lot as well, they all seem to make an attempt to generate conflict.
  13. Fucking hell, come on Switzerland, this is not a good time to be late to the party as usual. Fingers crossed they’ll follow suit very soon......
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