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  1. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Football star goes missing over English channel.

    If you thought there was any chance of someone being out to get you, you certainly wouldn't choose to take a small plane from a private airfield over the Channel at night in January. Well, assuming you had an IQ higher than 50, which isn't always the case with footballers. Sad for his family and the family of the pilot. I suppose there's a possibility they'll find nothing at all if the plane went into the water and sank without breaking up with both of them still inside.
  2. swiss_democracy_for_all

    whats with this layout

    Haha I don't think I'd start shooting anyone else before myself, I'd assume as incontinence and incapacity looms then DGAF will multiply as well. That said there are fairly regular cases of old blokes shooting the missus and then themselves in CH, or vice-versa. The sight of your aged body, awake or not, being consumed by lions might be a little traumatising for any children watching at the zoo, but I guess you could argue it would also be educational......
  3. swiss_democracy_for_all

    How Britain's £239billion buy-to-let bubble burst

    Yes I previously thought of him in a fairly positive way as the best PM of my lifetime. Given recent pronouncements of his it looks more like he didn’t shaft everyone when PM simply because he didn’t dare to do so, rather than because he thought it was wrong.
  4. swiss_democracy_for_all

    whats with this layout

    Alcoholics or drug addicts to a man, hmm....
  5. swiss_democracy_for_all

    How Britain's £239billion buy-to-let bubble burst

    Only because the Cameron govt was too gutless to do it’s traditional disagreeable Tory job and cleanup the mess left by Labour. They carried on many of the Blair/Brown policies and are now every bit as guilty, although they didn’t start it all.
  6. swiss_democracy_for_all

    How Britain's £239billion buy-to-let bubble burst

    While immigration stays around 300k, interest rates are low and nothing substantial is being built it’s all still viable for those with plenty of cash. Change any of that, and the game will change too.
  7. swiss_democracy_for_all

    whats with this layout

    Alex Higgins? Great snooker player to watch, but not sure the feelings going on behind that tortured-looking twitching face would have been much fun to experience. Did James Hunt make the top 5?
  8. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Worcester child acid attack in court

  9. swiss_democracy_for_all

    luxuary items

    But it misses out the first part of the cooking of good rice. Which goes like this :- Chop 3-4 cloves of garlic finely. Add to pan with small amount of olive oil and one cup of quality long grain rice. Salt to taste, approx half tsp. Lightly Fry the garlic for a minute or two, stirring the rice around so the rice is coated with a bit of the salty garlicky oil and the flavour is infused. Add two cups of boiling water, bring back to boil then turn heat down and cover. When all water is absorbed and bottom layer of rice just starting to crisp, hey presto, perfect rice. After I learned this plain boiled rice seems a bit shit.
  10. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Worcester child acid attack in court

    The Romanians at work hold more or less the same opinion of the Roma, though they don’t openly say Hitler was correct. They are delighted so many have left Romania. You couldn’t even create an island homeland for them all, because their culture is fundamentally parasitic, so if they were alone on an island there would be no-one to parasitise, they’d all starve.
  11. swiss_democracy_for_all

    I've No More F**ks To Give..

    Brilliant. Thought it was going to be about Brexit at first!
  12. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Who needs an EU army when the Germans are in control of the production of tanks

    I'm not a weapons historian, so you may be right. My understanding was that their tanks were superior but the Russians were able to manufacture thousands of T34s against hundreds of Panzers. Sure the Germans were beaten but realistically that was due to strategic errors and over-reaching themselves, not lack of quality of their equipment or soldiers. Oh, and Donald Sutherland of course.
  13. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Sorry - had you misunderstood me? I'm well aware he's not wrong. After WW2 the British had to give up their empire, but the Americans didn't see the French as a rival and allowed them to keep theirs. It gets dressed up as being something different, most are "independent" states, but that's essentially what it is still. Mind you, the way Paris is now is part of the price.
  14. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Worcester child acid attack in court

    Not sure with those names but I think they might be Albanians or Kosovars or Roma Islamics. If I wanted something bad done, these would be the communities where I would start looking, while hiding my identity as far as possible.
  15. swiss_democracy_for_all

    luxuary items

    Marry me! Oh - too late for both of us. Never mind, in another life I'll make a sensible choice. Maybe.