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  1. NZ was always fertile ground for lefty appeasers. They have a very strong desire to be seen as being a "nice" country and to be seen to be doing the "right" thing. This is a sentiment that lefties find very easy to manipulate.
  2. It’s just attention-seeking, there’s an alpha-male grammar nazi on the forum who makes her tingle.
  3. ^^ Is there money in romantic faction? I reckon it should be posted elsewhere though, cynical old blokes are a tough crowd!
  4. Yeah, very nice but I'm a bit uncomfortable with women that are braver and harder than me! Cheetahs not all that scary but still, enough to not want to play around.
  5. I would like to hear the context of that, it was a bit too short to be 100% sure of his exact meaning.
  6. That's a shockingly bad piece of Owen Jones- style tripe. Not sure it's proof of anything though.
  7. Old hat. My wife's sister just had a load of cosmetic surgery that she definitely can't afford. She's late 50s, and nothing is going to bring that youthful desirable look back. I'm genuinely concerned she's going to flip completely when the penny drops.
  8. Well if you care to lay out the alleged grand white genocide plan in all it's details, in Stealth if you like, that way you will perhaps feel more secure, I can say where I think it doesn't make sense. Assuming that afterwards I still think it doesn't make sense, who knows what revelations await. I'm not watching any long tedious videos based on false or unscientific premises though. Don't wish to be rude but that's your usual response when a question is asked. Just what you believe the plan to be, approximately who is executing it and why, please.
  9. Real enough for some like Brenton Tarrant, that's for sure. It's not a coherent enough idea to make sense to me.
  10. I haven't missed the different way things are reported, no. However I would have expected major Internet giants like Twitter to be forced to comply with the law, take down clearly racist content and ban the users concerned. Maybe I don't understand how Twitter works, I've never been interested in it.
  11. Ah, Twitter. That explains why I haven't seen it then. Aren't Tweets like that illegal, don't they get banned for that kind of thing?
  12. Do they? I don't recall ever reading anything quite as extreme as that, but then I don't frequent leftist media.
  13. Yes, I have a colleague who was seconded to Geneva for a couple of years, she couldn't wait to get back to Paris. Takes all sorts.
  14. Paris is really expensive in anyone's terms. I was on a work evening out there a couple of weeks back, in a fairly posh area, glanced in an estate agents window and was stunned at the prices. They've risen by a factor of about 15-20, I'd estimate, from the time when the Euro started. Similar prices to Geneva (which means to say already extortionate) but local wages are about half.
  15. ^^ You actually listened to.all that, in that level of detail? you are, ahem, very patient.