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  1. Who has been out with their submarine and mini-torpedoes then?
  2. This figure is exaggerated, for reasons that have been covered multiple times. I'm not sure if what comes across as an ideological opposition to wind farms is preventing you from analysing the newer technologies, they've come on a long way, from something completely unviable 20 years ago. But there will as you say be some duplication of generation capacity until better storage can be included. Regarding the self-sufficiency thing, IMO it would be folly for the UK to fail to make use of one of it's best resources, it's nearly always bloody windy! It would be better if it had a round dozen of massive fiords like Norway it could use for hydro and pumped hydro to back it all up, but hey you can't win them all. I'm not such a fan of solar in the UK, especially not on farmland, the European map of annual sunshine-hours demonstrates why this should IMO not be encouraged apart from on existing and all new roofs (industrial and domestic). Unless there's a storage breakthrough, which would change the game for all resources.
  3. No, the prices are just going to have to become variable according to supply and demand. On windy nights it's going to be very cheap, in cold grey winter high pressure systems when they have to fire up all the gas stations to 100% capacity it's going to cost more. The government needs to bite the bullet and get on with this. This "little" beauty will be on line in 2023. 3.6GW, and out there on Dogger bank it will be very rare for it to be entirely becalmed.
  4. I think everyone must be slightly different, because my experience of goretex lined boots has been generally more positive, though not perfect. I think the technology has improved from it's origins. My feet must sweat less than yours as I've never had a problem with them not being breathable enough, even in last summer's heatwave, if I'm wearing the correct socks, and I rarely overtop my boots and if I do it's a clean Alpine river, so a high quality goretex-lined boot suits me.
  5. There are (currently expensive) ways of finding out. But in answer to your question I think loads are dodgy. Poncy overpriced farmer's market honey - just don't go there IMO.
  6. Good offer for casual walkers in the uk, that, but not good enough for Sgt Hartman's requirements on wintry fells and Munros. No Shrek sizes either.
  7. I've noticed a slightly unhealthy (IMO) tendency to wish for this kind of thing on Dosbods(not accusing you in particular of this as you didn't specifically say it was a good idea to be fair). It speaks of a singular lack of imagination, let's say it killed 20% of the population. That's 20% of your family and friends, or if you're a bit unlucky, more. The "big one" will come IMO when the robot servants are ready, and it will be out of a lab. Vaccines will be available but not to most.
  8. I'd say that :- 1) the euthanasia laws already need a review, very frequently when a person has cancer. and 2) maybe if people don't die of cancer then more will get to die like this.
  9. Sure. There have been a few scares before that have come to not much; it's impossible to know if this is a big one that will cause global havoc or not.
  10. It always surprises me that they want those silly youtube handbag tarts. These men are seriously rich, surely they could be a bit more discerning?
  11. Returning to the OP about this being a pandemic, surely unless a low transmission virus like this shifts into a fast-transmission one, I don’t see how it can become a pandemic. The next pandemic will be all around the world with cases in all continents before we even know it’s begun, I would think. (It will be released from a lab IMO, but that’s another debate)
  12. I suspect it’s not just a question of water or they’d grow well in NW Britain.
  13. Oh dear, apologies for the laugh, even my wife knows that if she threw my walking boots in the bin she'd swiftly follow, that is a sacred man-object NOT TO BE TOUCHED. Calmly read thread again from beginning, there are lots of recs.
  14. I think the husband is not a beta male. He doesn't look it (a pic is seen in the video) , and I don't believe he'd attract that kind of woman if he was. It seems to me they were lucky to find each other. It's not necessary to behave like one of these black Chad "fuck all dem bitches" red pill youtube "advisors" to be alpha. Of course, if she turns round and changes her mind and divorce-rapes him, that'd change my view. But it seems unlikely any time soon.