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  1. The aide, or the MP? Sounds like both to me.
  2. Ah ok. If that means the filthy money of the house of Saud French might not be enough.
  3. Why Arabic? lm yaktub (whatever they say) Learn French, nearly all the Arab world speak it, and a lot of other African countries.
  4. They do. Nothing to do with secret dykeism, simply pure feminine jealousy/competition. They "check out", to use the American expression, other women more than we do - you will at least check them out a bit less if you've just had a session that's left your balls painfully empty, they won't.
  5. Seems to me they received a fine for being a bit unnecessarily cuntish to vegans/vegetarians. I hadn't realised that was against the law.
  6. Definitely on the wrong forum for one of those. I think any who harboured such ideas have had them knocked out of them, most recently @mooncat69 ! Try
  7. You were lucky, there's barely a female arse worth looking at in the UK outside the posh university towns these days. @ccc that's magnificent. ^^
  8. Yeah my lass will soon be entering that phase, she's 10. The intention is to try and prepare her for male attention in all it's forms, good and bad. I am very doubtful that anything I say will be considered much - I reckon I'll be saying it mainly to make myself feel better to know that I at least tried.
  9. There is no way that burd is from Sunderland. This is what they look like (and this is a looker by their standards)
  10. On the Tube opposite a busty 16y0?
  11. They seem to distinguish a bit between Muslims in the UK - who are all paragons of all the virtues in the So-Called BBC's narrative, even those that attend radical Wahabi mosques, and Muslims abroad, where only the ones getting a serious shoeing (eg Rohingya) are paragons of all the virtues. A British Muslim has to explode a bomb or behead someone before the So-Called BBC admit they're not all that nice or cool or vibrant. And they have utterly failed to address the issue of the grooming gangs being mainly Brits of Pakistani origin.
  12. Oh Mr Pin , you're so binary, shame on you.
  13. You'd want to keep her just around the corner for visits though.
  14. Best dog I've known was a Lab-collie cross that combined nearly all the best elements of both breeds. I daresay that wouldn't be guaranteed to occur with every such cross though. The chapter in White Fang where the dog is learning the new laws/rules of the soft suburban Californian south having moved from Alaska describes exactly what her learning process was like, any owner of an intelligent loyal dog should read it.
  15. And your garden is full of catshit and piss, or will be soon.