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  1. I guess that is part of how relationships with big age differences have to work. I’ll give your missus a change if she wants to visit Paris in September (Geneva too risky, my missus is dangerously jealous) , she looks nice from the back at least.
  2. Loads of them here. Even saw a Model Y the other night which I didn’t think had even been shipped to Europe. The Model S is easily mistaken for a number of other cars, bar the badge.
  3. You can guarantee that at least some of the animal rights people were partaking of those girls while researching the coconut-picking monkeys.
  4. I'm not sure it's a conspiracy, I just think it's stupidity driven by Twitter hysteria and several generations of everyone becoming a bunch of pussies that can't look death in the eye. I don't believe for a second the WW2 generation would have been so poncey, and we know for a fact the WW1 generation were not.
  5. Thanks, I'll take a look. But it's not really for the weight that I'm having to make changes, though like most people I'd be slightly better minus a few kilos, certainly surfing and snowboarding would be easier, but appearance wise I look better as I am. I've been getting some nasty health symptoms which I thought might be related to my nut/chocolate/wine excesses, and so far it looks as though I was right as I'm better if not yet on top form.
  6. Yeah I don't mind eating healthy, but I like enjoying myself too and do not want to live like a monk! Half a packet of Brazil nuts with some Swiss chilli chocolate and a glass or two of nice rich red wine after the evening meal at weekends used to please me, didn't seem to make me fat as long as I kept up the fasting, and I lied to myself that it at least contained some good nutritional elements. (I knew it was excessive really of course). Now I can't have it and am sulking like a 3 year old girl.
  7. They don't want us (the IT lot) in the office because maintaining social distancing and running the canteen is easier without us, so we are actively discouraged from going in. We're allowed to go a max of 2 days a week and have to book the days in advance.
  8. It’s actually directly inherited from our chimp forebears/cousins. They’ll co-operate while they perceive “fairness” is being applied, and withdraw co-operation when they feel it isn’t. Something politicians would do well to remember. Especially in Oz where the humans have evolved a bit less......
  9. This one is possibly true, but it was rather a long time ago. Now that black footballers are proportionally over-represented in both the top clubs and the national team, so this kind of issue is obviously no longer a problem, can't we just call Jack's misfortune the past and forget about it? No, of course we can't.
  10. The seasonal variation of this coronavirus seems to have gone out of the window in Texas and Florida and other southern US states. My guess is the rapid spread there is aircon-based.
  11. Either their test of the March 2019 Barcelona sewage sample was contaminated, or the Covid virus mutated sometime later in 2019 in China and became more deadly and more infectious. Those are the only two explanations for this that I can think of for this, anyway. Anyone else?
  12. Give him a tinny and that’s @ccc. Ironic how two men looking so similar could have such different tastes!
  13. I know. But my guts don't agree with some of my tastes any more, I wouldn't ask the question otherwise - that combination has to be very occasional now. The way things are going I'll be living on salad fish and meat only in another couple of years.
  14. I have a question you might know the answer to Joe. If someone wanted to get the nutritional benefits of eating a variety of nuts (brazil, pecan, almonds, peanuts) and dark chocolate without actually eating the nuts and chocolate, what supplements would they have to take or what alternative foods could they eat?
  15. I am not generally attracted to jailbait girls at all, in films or in real life. And I'd always told myself that the only one I'd ever fancied much was probably an older actress dressing and acting younger. The other day I checked though, and embarrassingly, she was 13 when it was filmed. Oh well.