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  1. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    She's minging, slightly chunky, and has a nasty dissatisfied-looking face anyway. Surely at 48 (but looking about 60) having been divorce raped once he should have woken up a bit.
  2. swiss_democracy_for_all


    Flogging Molly sounds more like @The Masked Tulip 's cup of tea.
  3. swiss_democracy_for_all

    My Word! Average household monthly spend

    yes. Wife = triple expenditure. kids = x 2 again so total = x6.
  4. swiss_democracy_for_all

    When the oil (and sand) runs out

    Have to say I don't think anyone is trying very hard yet to reduce oil consumption. In fact, not convinced anyone is trying much at all. If it's north of 100 dollars a barrel, motivation to do so will jump (again) and renewable energy plus related tecnologies will accelerate. Seems to me that while Saudi and the other oil producers like high prices, they also know that this is the way to kill the golden-egg-laying goose early.
  5. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Mevagissey fights back against incomers

    Anyway Spygirl nailed it - all second properties need to be heavily taxed, and if they're holiday only, even more so. Won't happen, of course, with the elite being rentier dominated. But it should. Is that a list of all towns in Devon except Exeter? (I pretty much agree by the way) Not that keen on Barnstaple either.
  6. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Mevagissey fights back against incomers

    By the sound of it I don't think many of you have lived in rural Cornwall apart from Frank and Wahoo. You'd have a lot less sympathy with the twat Cornish if you had. The only non-twat Cornish I know live in the Canary islands! Incomers(that live there, not holiday homes) in the villages double the average IQ in the schools, confuses the hell out of the teachers to have some kids that aren't sub-normal to teach. And what's this about people from around London being "characterless"? What does that even mean? I'm a bumpkin from Glos but have never developed this Royston Vasey mindset.
  7. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Ahh was pikey

    Exactly. They live in a parallel world and don’t care. Islamists haven’t targeted Eton or gatherings of poshos, just pleb concerts in Manc. Pikeys haven’t targeted areas where the elite live, just ordinary middle class citizens.
  8. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Ahh was pikey

    Get modern. Crowdfund a new thing called Scumclean, maybe not on Kickstarter though... Rent 100 of the hardest Albanians from a selection of local car washes , go to pikey camp, tell them they can keep their takings and to kill no-one. Loose the dogs and place your bets. Film the events and place on one of the less MSM controlled channels ie not YouTube. Video goes viral, then a real debate will be had.
  9. swiss_democracy_for_all

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Congratulations, I thought I was the most miserable git about WC footie but I can’t come close to this!
  10. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Ahh was pikey

    It’s not that. Pikeys have always been scum aiming to parasitise. The problem is that pikeys have been recognized as a “minority” instead of just seen as the disparate bunch of lawless scum that they are - this combined with the stupid hate crime laws puts the police in a very awkward position.
  11. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Yep the other day a female friend was talking about male impotence, she’s 50, partner 62, I said you only know a man is impotent if you send an attractive and pleasant 30yo woman to his bed first thing in the morning when he’s had a good sleep, and he still can’t. She looked daggers at me for an instant but admitted the truth of this.
  12. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Sandals For Men - Are They Truly Destigmatised?

    When you have bloody massive feet and it’s hot, you dgaf what is deemed stylish or not, however Riders sandals are considered de rigeur in the surf world, and they are by miles the most comfortable. Tricky to get 47s or 48s though.
  13. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Well she's 9, and in her 80% female class the bitchiness and manoeuvres for status between jealous females has started, until this year it was very limited. So I'd say you're right, but if they already know how women behave - why do they so often fall for their supposed friends' lies when they're older?
  14. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    #metoo. I can't decide if this is the kind of thing I should be explaining to my daughter when she's older. "Your friends might all be lying bitches and you can't trust other women on many subjects especially anything to do with your relationship - remember that jealousy is fundamental to women" seems a negative message for a father to give.
  15. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Women are like sheep for this stuff, they always want what other women have, so if one has a shagpiece, be it fireman or schoolboy, they want one. If one's unhappy with husband, they may follow so you will get clusters of the kind you're describing. When my ex left me in the 90s, precipitating the most fun period of my life after I'd wept and raged for a bit, 3 other women in our circle quit their husbands - when I asked one of them why, she said that we seemed a good couple so if we couldn't make it they definitely couldn't. She genuinely thought this was a relevant and rational thought. Oh, and this too....