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  1. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Wtf happened to respecting women?

    Yes, intolerant law enforcement helps a bit I think, Swissies are humans, not angels, but if you know that getting pissed up and lairy will result in a beating as you’re arrested by gun-toting cops, criminal charges, fines and potentially the loss of your job then it tends to focus the mind a bit.
  2. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Wtf happened to respecting women?

    Sounds lovely. Maybe you should move to Switzerland, if you want civilised behaviour! There's a festival on down the road near Nyon at the moment, and I can guarantee there won't be anything like that. When I first went, it seemed a bit tame next to UK festivals - clean, organised, decent toilets, limited drugs consumption, no fighting and shitting in public etc. However as time has passed, I've come to prefer it.
  3. swiss_democracy_for_all

    "Smart" meters debacle

    It’s necessary to enable development of more renewables and adding them to the grid while not forcing the non-renewables out of business. If done fairly and correctly increased peak pricing should be accompanied by cheap electricity when it’s sunny/windy, so people will start buying Powerwalls and converters to take advantage of this, but of course there’s no guarantee that fairness will be considered.
  4. swiss_democracy_for_all

    The normalisation of female obesity

    yes you did say that. I'm a bit sheltered from the fat storm in Geneva and Paris, didn't realise villages had become lardy.
  5. swiss_democracy_for_all

    How depressing

    as long as I get a few days away from missus now and then, a bit of wine and plenty of exercise keeps the black dog away. If meds became necessary it would be divorce.
  6. swiss_democracy_for_all

    The black eyed illuminati

    I thought exactly that. Could find another way of causing Liz Hurley to “eat pain” though...
  7. swiss_democracy_for_all

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Will replace my double post with this comment - when I first came to France in the 70s as a kid, there wasn’t a fat person to be seen, and I was stunned by how well they ate, even though almost-raw horse steak required all my best manners at the time to eat it without complaint (it tasted ok and I guess I was always a pragmatic boy) I’ve just watched a program where an entire village in rural west France did a health kick for 100 days with the aid of TV coaches, there were lardies everywhere. In 40 years their cuisine and lifestyle has been Americanized. While their cities have been enriched. Bollocks.
  8. swiss_democracy_for_all

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Yeah if there had been no-one next to me taking a picture would have been easy. I have to be fair, they looked happy together, and she certainly wasn’t your average landwhale except in appearance. Aren’t female maths geeks quite rare? I thought of the film “Shallow Hal”, maybe he sees her differently!
  9. swiss_democracy_for_all

    The normalisation of female obesity

    pic is deceptive because difficult to take it. She's huge, at least 20 stone, and he's slim, an elephant and it's mahout. Maths geeks, high level I think. She's no slow-witted fatty, sharp as a tack. Close couple. They ate a very healthy meal except for diet coke so I wonder how she got fat. If it werent for the contrast in their appearance.....
  10. swiss_democracy_for_all

    The normalisation of female obesity

    couple opposite me in train.
  11. swiss_democracy_for_all

    The normalisation of female obesity

    I think you should probably mention that you're also doing enough yoga to become a teacher soon. This will certainly have played a huge part in the weight loss simply by making more muscle everywhere, which increases your metabolic rate. Do you get bad breath on a keto diet btw? I did Atkins once, years ago - it was effective but boy did I need those little sugarfree mints.
  12. swiss_democracy_for_all

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Well there's thin, and there's other types of thin. This man is very thin and has the kind of body that very thin yoga types achieve, he probably wouldn't appeal to all women but that isn't necessary - he would probably appeal to some. Who cares if fatties don't want you?
  13. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Making money from blogging

    Richard Gere, is that you?
  14. swiss_democracy_for_all

    Making money from blogging

    I get confused between the various terminologies. Is what Pewdiepie does called blogging? He surely must make a lot of money as he has 60 million followers. The last one of his I saw was excruciatingly stupid and dull footage of him and girlfriend mucking about with a paddling pool or something, but he has done some interesting ones. DT - you could try putting on lingerie and playing the drums, that seems to be popular, you might find a new niche!
  15. swiss_democracy_for_all

    The normalisation of female obesity

    You misunderstand, it's a control thing. If you're fatter and less fanciable it is : a) less likely you will stray. b) a sign that you're not bothered about doing so. c) less pressure on her to maintain herself. She doesn't prefer you fatter, she just wants to be the hotter half.