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  1. Does that beach ever have any decent surf? Even if it doesn’t, if you want to build up some muscle in a low impact way then there’s no better way than swimming and/or surfing. And for someone who can fast for 23 days, the willpower to get into cold water should be easy. However your appetite will increase dramatically. And educate yourself about tides and rip currents if you don’t already know.
  2. If you rely on a cat for getting rid of rats you'll have to have a cat in a thousand, though it's true some are tough enough. Most are nowhere near brave or tough enough to take on adult rats - they've had that bred out of them because the tough ones are, as you would expect, less cuddly. Get some traps - proper quality rat traps, if set well enough, will catch mice or rats or squirrels, they'll chop a mouse almost in half but that's what's needed to hold a rat. Watch your hands, a decent rat trap will easily break your hand or fingers. They're more easily set if you get the type you can
  3. Am on my phone, fortunately not in public, but can't see what that is. Some advantages in ageing eyes.
  4. That is a stunning achievement IMO (I'm going to assume it's good for you even when extreme like that, I know you believe it to be). What's the next part of the plan - light keto refeeding diet and exercise to redistribute the remaining weight in the way you want it?
  5. I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about, I never buy anything I don't want or need(well, not for myself, I frequently buy shit for my wife against my will). It also seems very un-dosbodderish, from reading this thread I've been quite surprised how many of the site admit to some sort of purchasing addiction. @Hopeful is at least consistent with expectations. In the context of all this desire to buy crap, it makes the skinflinterati food budgets I've seen posted on here seem quite bizarre to me, as that's one area where I don't like to skimp.
  6. Brilliant, can't help feeling he should have been congratulated instead of imprisoned, but I suppose we have to consider the diddled clients. You should read "The Emperor" by Frederick Forsyth if you like tales of that kind.
  7. Whenever I've done weight loss regimes I've found that weight will vary by 1-2kg or even more depending on hydration and gut contents. Missus found a diet a couple of years back that guaranteed 7lb weight loss in the first week (or something like that) - I took a look at it, and no wonder, it was pretty healthy but lots of food clearly designed to clear out your guts - green veg smoothies and the like.
  8. So in fact they might be saving their families (in their mind, of course, as they're forgetting about the trauma etc) by committing suicide. I didn't know this was possible.
  9. A woman who was a friend of a friend here jumped off a building a few years back about 6 months after having a baby. She was a high-flyer stressy type with a good job. The life insurance paid out a very large sum (I thought they didn't in the case of suicide) and the husband is now bringing up the daughter next to a surf beach in Portugal. It's an ill wind.... Do these people mentioned above who commit suicide leave their families in the lurch even more, or do they also get paid out by the insurance?
  10. That doesn’t sound great, think I’d prefer to try and burn fat off using and maintaining muscles, sounds like that’s difficult to do on a “true” fast ie no food rather than the technical 800 kcal fasts. I daresay you’ll get to where you want to be in the end though.
  11. How much exercise are you doing? My guess is that the less exercise you do during the fast, the more muscle will be lost as well as fat, and that keeping up exercise (probably difficult to achieve) will encourage the body to target the fat alone. But it’s only a guess - what’s the reality?
  12. Well I don’t know that I agree with the whole global conspiracy thing, but it’s pretty clear to me that Israel regard Europe as an enemy and are taking a very long view about how to destroy that enemy.
  13. How sick are the people who've had one dose getting? If not very sick, that's good enough while not ideal. If hospitalised or worse, the whole strategy is fucked.
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