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  1. Fortunately you haven't specified decent climate or actually wanting to live there so you have a lot of Wales and some of the North to go at......
  2. Tax avoidance - a moral duty?

    I have a slight problem with the concept of tax avoidance being a moral duty. It seems a convenient way of covering selfishness to me. I've noticed that people who put forward the idea of tax avoidance being a moral duty are among the first to complain when services that are paid for with taxes are poor. A debate about what is fair is valid. I was enraged by IR35 when it first emerged, and never obeyed it. But if everyone behaves like all the white African contractors/businessmen I've known, or like Amazon/Apple/Starbucks/insert-name-here and contributes nothing, where will the state be? We need the state, just not like it is in the UK. It's perfectly accurate to point out that especially since Brown taxes are being badly mis-spent on benefits and other inappropriate things but starving the state of all income is not the best response IMO. What is the best response? Probably to work towards a democracy that you can actually believe in, or leave the country, I suppose.
  3. People are different. Some people prone to sinusitis can be sick for weeks because some selfish cunt brought a nasty cold to work. I very rarely miss work , maybe a day or two a year, because thanks to regular fasting and exercise I am very rarely ill, and like ccc am not paid so don't feel guilty about that, but I detest snivelling coughing "heroic" people near me at work, or indeed anywhere. Work from home if you must work to feed your self-image, everyone is different and if working when sick makes you feel like you're special, fine, but don't bring your bloody microbes to share with everyone.
  4. But all your colleagues have missed 2 weeks a year from catching your flu and colds which you insist on bringing to the office?
  5. Tax avoidance - a moral duty?

    Systematic among those I’ve come across. Amongst other things. If the IR targeted white Africans they’d recover billions IMO.
  6. Tax avoidance - a moral duty?

    A little imagination and you’ll be fine. It’s a big world. Not a white African perchance?
  7. Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    On the 10 o clock news the Beeb have been trotting out a line about how the the Windrush issues have arisen because since 2010 immigration policy has been tightened, then tightened further(the words used by that lying-by-omission bitch kuensberg). Nothi WTF! Over that period the non-EU immigration has been rocketing and the EU/nonEU totals have been over 300k a year! So they obviously want the millions of new Benny claimers more than the mainly now-integrated people from the 70s. Now why would that be?
  8. Humans are what they are. If they can't be sacked, some will take the piss, and others will see this and participate at least partially. It's stupid to have anyone who is unsackable, the unions should never have gone that far with workers's rights because it's not actually in their interests.
  9. Rat deterrents

    Would it be cruel to put a collar on them that emitted a bird warning call with every movement? Preferably at a frequency that humans can't hear for when they're in the house! I wonder if I've just invented something for Dragon's Den?
  10. I wouldn't be a copper for all the tea in China. Dealing with the dregs and the corrupt and the broken, day in day out. Then the stupid system allows for pisstakers to swan off to Thailand for 6 months on full pay? You'd give in and end up doing that yourself, or quitting, or topping yourself. So while I don't imagine for a second they're my friends, I'm glad they exist and I don't have to do it.
  11. Very, very poorly

    Nope what? Can't see anything controversial there. Ticks are more common on dogs but cats still get them. (but usually summer). Gut rot lasting a few days is nasty, weakening. Get well Mr Mellie,
  12. Dosbods Chatroom?

    Rather like BPD women always targeting the right men, cats seem to have extra senses and know instinctively which dogs they can do this with and which they can't. Have never seen a cat attack the "wrong" dog and get chomped, they just seem to know.
  13. Very, very poorly

    Rash and feeling poorly, hmm. Combination of ringworm and toxiplasmosis you've caught from the cats? They're viral and bacterial and fungal sinks. OK, I like teasing cat-lovers but this is also a fact..... They also bring in ticks, like dogs do so can bring in all sorts of nasties via that medium. You red arm, was it round a certain point?
  14. Apart from pissing off everyone, will it actually make any difference to her case? i doubt if HR will be able to say that largeing it up abroad is unsuitable behaviour or breaking her contract in any way, no matter how unreasonable common sense says it is - the doc who signed her off will just say she needed to do that to de-stress. Oh, and I wouldn't unless drunk or stoned, despite her fit body. Something nasty-looking about her IMO, someone to be avoided, looks pikeyish.
  15. The only female copper I've ever known was a complete charmer - beautiful, sporty(England hockey team), bright and a nice nature, I was a bit jealous of her boyfriend tbh though he was a good bloke too, and realistically I knew she was out of my reach as I was young and poor. Unsurprisingly she didn't last long as a copper - when I asked why she'd left she grinned and said she'd swiftly got very tired of being in a minority of one, and wouldn't elaborate any further.