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  1. Fuck me, this is painful. Just die, fucker.
  2. Zoe fucking Ball being paid £1.4m for losing half of Radio 2's breakfast show audience. Way to go, sister.
  3. The last ten years alone would fuck me completely!
  4. Surely that is a guaranteed CV trip to the bin (I tried it)?!
  5. This is a good point, but it is rather difficult to disguise your age when you list your work history!
  6. Bugger - I can't seem to be able to open a short position on this. Anyone else had any success?
  7. The lovely Susanna features on a new song by Travis. I have to say that she looks rather more modified than in the above photo, in fact I reckon she might be Natalie Imbruglia's mum:
  8. From the horse's mouth: WuFlu victims in care homes are not being admitted to hospital, quite the contrary. They are dying in situ. If an inmate requires a hospital visit for other reasons, they must then be quarantined in their room for 14 days. Good luck with the dementia patients. GPs are not visiting care homes at all, they will only carry out video conversations. As they are required regularly to ensure no foul play, care home staff are walking around with video phones, showing the inmates as being alive still. When an inmate carks it, no doctor will attend to confirm death, so
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