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  1. Never believe a word that C*unt says, he will never (to able to) buy a house. Other than the one that he owns in France, of course...
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-55103706
  3. I fucking hope so, because I am in with him on Tesla! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-55103706
  4. Why would hpc be pulled, given that it was anti-Brexit, anti-Trump and, largely, pro-immigration?
  5. Tell them to adopt an Australian accent? To be fair, the French do the same - "Je vais le faire demain".
  6. I agree; conversely, those that study a foreign language learn to appreciate the importance of English grammar. I would also add that, once one foreign language has been mastered, the learning of others becomes much easier.
  7. Book sales flagging, get a mate to publish the story of their dream on the BBC website; no impact on sales, so burd goes missing. Then miraculously found, cue a third BBC article and news of a new book! Simples.
  8. Salisbury Plain has been booming to the sound of war games since the day Biden declared victory...
  9. Sorry, Frank, but, as Spy alludes, UoS is a bloody good university (OK, it's not Oxbridge and, no, I didn't attend!).
  10. Does that not seem rather unreasonable and one-sided? Doubtless it is buried deep in their Terms and Conditions (which of course I have not read in full!).
  11. I have my suspicions, I must say... I fancied a pop at BLNK on Monday, would have cleaned up on Tuesday. Any of these bullshit firms riding on the back of the Tesla bubble are fair game, in my opinion. I tried a while ago to short NKLA when fraud allegations first surfaced; again, some cunt made a killing by going short, but it wasn't to be me!
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