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  1. Cheer up, it was down 75% an hour ago! It does rather look that way. They are going to steal it (Brexit), aren't they?
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  3. Ponty Mython

    Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder?

    Fury is no natural athlete, therefore I must conclude that he is a natural fighter. Never fuck with Mother Nature.
  4. Ponty Mython

    The new Doctor should be a woman

    Just wait until the insufferable Zoe Ball takes over the Radio 2 breakfast show.
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    Car broken down- help!

    Ta, I shall be careful.
  6. Ponty Mython

    Car broken down- help!

    Having often had to bleed the air out of the fuel system of dumper engines that had been run dry, I have always wondered whether this would be necessary on a fairly modern car diesel engine, if run out of fuel - Carl's experience suggests not, but does anyone know for sure?
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    Car broken down- help!

    Are you not circumcised, Carl?
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    Thomas Cook

    I am being a bit thick here, but I can't understand how Thomas Cook can blame its massive loss on the summer heatwave hitting bookings, whilst its revenue is up over 5%. Surely this is a simple case of margin destruction? They are fucked anyway, I don't know why tour operators still exist.
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    Where's Sarge?

    Hasn't been around for a while. I love his contributions, not least because he reminds me of a younger version of myself.
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    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    Fairy dos. Bikes don't have a huge range at the best of times, unless you go for the Ewan an' Charlie rufty-tufty GS Adventure. It's a bit crap that a 200kg bike with a small engine can't better the fuel economy of a 1.5 tonne, 2 litre, diesel car though. Aerodynamics or some shit.
  11. Ponty Mython

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    12 litre tank? Sounds inconvenient.
  12. Ponty Mython

    Fantasy investor 2018

    Thanks, Leonard.
  13. Ponty Mython

    Fantasy investor 2018

    Well done, Demo Sir - 12.5% return over 90 minutes, even after 2 months, could be hard to top. I am hoping that my real money bets (I would never wager on Saints beating Man City) come good over the next 8 weeks... This virtual investment malarkey is good fun, but on a serious note, it does demonstrate how we are all gambling, to a greater or lesser extent. Good luck all.
  14. Ponty Mython

    Fantasy investor 2018

    Kindly kick yourself in the nuts! I am trying to...
  15. Ponty Mython

    Fantasy investor 2018

    I'll have 1k on Southampton to beat Man City at 30-1. 49.5k on INFA at 0.51 GBX 49.5k on TGZ at 3.53 CAD