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  1. But if prices fall, the amount that you will be able to free up for your kids will also fall? Tricky balancing act, given how percentages work?
  2. Jo Swinson on Jeremy Vine show now. Despite my thinking that the So-Called BBC was lumping on the Lib Dems, Jezza is making her squirm. Fucking car crash of a politician.
  3. In the UK or Uzbekistan, sure, but in Canada or New Zealand?
  4. Back in the news for this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-50649826 But what the fuck happened to launch their share price recently?! Certainly made a monkey's uncle out of me. Clown world.
  5. There was a young lady called Sally Who enjoyed the occasional dally She sat on the lap Of a well-endowed chap And said "Sir, you're right up my alley". Credit to The Crown.
  6. https://www.contiki.com/uk/en They won't fuck you off if you're 36 or 37 either.
  7. Whether 40 or 70, surely at some point Muzzer heaven is going to run out of virgins?
  8. I thought you were referring to DOSBODS for a moment...
  9. Tobias Ellwood: "A stark reminder of the dangerous and diverse threats we continue to face but also of the incredible bravery and professionalism of our emergency services in so swiftly closing this incident down." Subtle. I like it.