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  1. Ponty Mython

    Best UK City to live

    "City"? Salisbury gets my vote, assuming a population of circa 40,000 counts.
  2. I sold my SBGL at a net 55% profit on Friday, slightly spooked by the latest NGD news, my holdings in which are now back down over 25% on my buy price (having briefly put their heads above water prior to the latest statement). I have 4 other gold miner stocks, all of which are currently up by between 5% and 50%. I fully acknowledge that luck has played as big a part as research in my current positive position. I can afford to hold NGD, even if it goes to zero - it is my (joint) smallest position. Rightly or wrongly, I subscribe to the mantra of never selling at a loss. I may well liquidate one or two other positions soon, having learned my lesson from previous dramatic swings. Psychologically, it is interesting to observe the effect of selling a stock, only to see it rise massively; this is much more challenging than holding a stock that continues to fall, in my view. The old adage of no-one going bust by taking a profit still carries much credence.
  3. Ponty Mython

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    An elaborate prank, or something more sinister? https://www.spirefm.co.uk/news/local-news/2808127/huge-russian-flag-unfurled-at-salisbury-cathedral/
  4. Just as NGD had broken even for me too...
  5. Ponty Mython

    Great tits

    Massive tit activity in the last few days here in Wiltshire. A beautiful woodpecker has started to visit too, as well as the regular semi-urban pheasant. Nature is fucking ace.
  6. Pure genius, Stokie - have a pint of Guinness!
  7. The sum of the realistic values of the flats where I live is materially lower than the rebuild costs (verified by recent survey and valuation) plus the value of the land. Maybe we should torch the fucker...
  8. Ponty Mython

    Wannabee Workers Wankered

    You work in the public sector, I believe? Enjoy it while it lasts...
  9. Ponty Mython

    Wannabee Workers Wankered

    Lucky you.
  10. Ponty Mython

    Wannabee Workers Wankered

    I agree, but how are you going to change things?
  11. Ponty Mython

    Wannabee Workers Wankered

    But you expect your gopher to do so for ten quid an hour? This is a circular argument. Go to Singapore or Hong Kong and it is clear that (most of) the west is completely fucked - right or wrong, in a globalised economy, very few westerners understand just how hard they need to work and at what price in order to remain relevant. Work to live, live to work - it's all bollocks when you are competing against labour with a totally different mentality and set of parameters.
  12. Ponty Mython

    Tesco getting rid of folk.

    They were offering high £20ks (it may even have been £30k+) in the mid-90s, along with the A4. I went all the way through the process, but lost interest when I asked to meet a recent recruit, who was dead behind the eyes and looked like he wouldn't make 35 due to over-work. At that time, Aldi didn't open on Sundays either.
  13. Ponty Mython

    free market in pay? Don’t be stupid

    Can the system be gamed? ie could someone with absolutely no desire to teach nevertheless apply for training, including a bursary and fees and maintenance grants, then treat the PGCE as a bit of a doss? With no intention of earning over the threshold, the loans would never be repaid and a £26k tax-free bursary would buy a lot of beer and condoms...It does not appear that the bursary need be repaid if a candidate does not ultimately enter teaching. Failing the course does not seem to trigger repayment either.
  14. Ponty Mython

    Fantasy investor 2018

    Similar for me, Monday was certainly a sweaty day. I put in a dummy sell at 2p, but had always seen this as a medium-term play, so held on. I maintain the fundamentals remain rock-solid, but this is AIM...
  15. Ponty Mython

    Moving Abroad Or In The UK Where Would You Go

    Excellent suggestion - lovely people, great food and not too Latin. John Simpson (BBC correspondent, but don't let that put you off; those who have met him universally describe him as a true gentleman) picked Uruguay as the foreign country in which he could settle - and he has been everywhere.