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  1. Ponty Mython


    Harlequin ladybirds are nasty little cunts.
  2. Mellifluous, it's almost onomatopoeic.
  3. Volvo S80 V8. Build quality to shame any of the Germans, lovely noise. A touch nose-heavy on the handling and not as quick as the Starsky and Hutch sounds would have you believe, but proper cool.
  4. Unlucky. The trick is to find a woman who doesn't want children (on the basis that you can't stand the little fuckers either).
  5. I have the opposite experience, Spunko, unless this is a very recent change of tack. I worked for a company that invested a lot of time and money into ensuring that its reviews were universally excellent (and largely fictitious), when most genuine customer feedback was zero stars, such a shit-show were they running. Marketing-driven, indeed...
  6. I got my Fireblade through the front door and kept it under the stairs of the place I was renting some years back. Getting it in and out was a massive pain in the arse, to be honest. Plus my landlord had a fit when he saw it, worried about fire risk, so I had to agree to hide it elsewhere.
  7. I have some (slight) insight into the world of fuel additives, via former employment. I cannot but conclude that, were they in any tangible sense effective, they would be bought out immediately by one of the oil majors.
  8. DB, I recall you citing $1340 for gold in an earlier post? It touched that last week, could this be the pull-back before the rockets are engaged, in your view?
  9. This Chinese-built engine doesn't fall to bits: https://cdn.wartsila.com/docs/default-source/product-files/engines/g-sets/brochure-o-e-auxpac.pdf?utm_source=engines&utm_medium=generatingsets&utm_term=auxpac&utm_content=brochure&utm_campaign=msleadscoring
  10. Drawer, surely? Academic standards...
  11. Equiniti are cunts to deal with.
  12. "City"? Salisbury gets my vote, assuming a population of circa 40,000 counts.