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  1. Can't be bothered with trying to scroll through that link. Fat bird a bit less fat? Whoopdee-doo.
  2. Having done quite a bit of business with Russia, I would be happy to invest in their potential. The tricky bit is how.
  3. Ponty Mython

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    Wasn't that Frank Hovis?
  4. Worst "I went to Oxbridge" post ever!
  5. But she is bat-shit mental...
  6. Yes. Re-watched on YouTube a while ago, still relevant, still brilliant. Great to see the early careers of some big players too.
  7. Perseverance pays. Series 2 was a step down, I think I only persisted with it because I was in Spain at the time and enjoyed the linguistic challenge, but it was worth it to get to the good fruit of series 3. No idea about the fourth series, set in Mexico, but I will dip into that after finishing 3 again.
  8. Narcos. Series 2 took a dip, but the third was mind-blowing.
  9. Surprising. Guildford has always had an undercurrent of malevolence, at odds with its up-its-own-arse snobbery, but I would have put Petersfield near the top of the genteel scale. Bastard of a commute into London, too.
  10. I hope these cunts rowed out to the rig, rather than relying on a boat with an engine... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-48578847
  11. Ditto northern Patagonia in Argentina. I have a relative of a friend who lives there, apparently huge tracts of land are being fenced off and protected by armed guards, much to the concern of locals. If it is the End Of The World As We Know It, Patagonia ain't a bad place to be. Lionel Shriver's "The Mandibles" hints at this. Conspiracy theory? I think not...