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  1. You'll wait a long time for the So-Called BBC to cover this..... Massive cognitive dissonance problem for them.
  2. InLikeFlynn

    Sports what we invented

    I bow to your greater experience...
  3. InLikeFlynn

    Sports what we invented

    And bad amateur middle-aged porn. And queuing. But not both at the same time. Actually, now I think about it, crap middle aged porn with ugly people is another one of those things we invented that the Germans are now better at than us. I felt the same about the baseball match I went to in small town Virginia. Nothing happened for 45 minutes and then the stadium exploded because a guy missed the ball. Never mind that lots of other guys from both teams had missed lots of balls earlier. All in all a total mystery, but a great people watching experience.
  4. InLikeFlynn

    Your Dinner is in the Dog

    YANBU Sorry... wrong site...
  5. InLikeFlynn

    I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt.

    I'm not sure that women and men always wear football shirts for the same reasons (8.75 million men/boys play compared with 2.8 million women/girls), JD sports should feel free to market them however they want to.
  6. InLikeFlynn

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    Wimmins hour is indeed the biggest heap of shite - I freely admit that I'm not the target audience but I've yet to find a woman who listens to it. It's also based on the outdated and sexist assumption that women are at home listening to the radio whilst their partners are out working. Everything on the programme is a whinge against the evil (white) patriarchy...
  7. InLikeFlynn

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    Yup, the explanation given is that there is increased competition from commercial radio. Bollocks. There's nothing close to R4 on commercial radio. It sounds as though no one will admit that the audience is thoroughly sick of the diet of mawkish and sentimental stories on the theme of "my struggle against the establishment" which R4 serves up.
  8. Where to begin with this.... Apparently the woman in the first photo was too sexy (perhaps her head was at an unsuitable angle), so they have replaced her with an "approved" model.
  9. InLikeFlynn

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    Looks like Radio 4s ill-advised conversion to a diversity theme park has not gone down well with its largely white middle class audience: I'm one of the 750,000.
  10. InLikeFlynn

    Lucky bastards

    Fantastic - the find of a lifetime.
  11. InLikeFlynn

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I voted remain but am absolutely aghast at the way the elected scum have behaved. The vote was to leave, some of these MPs (Tory and Labour) need to be deselected. It should have been WTO from the outset, no point negotiating with the EU, just ask Varoufakis.
  12. InLikeFlynn

    Something dodgy going on in Scotland

    Ditto. The "officer class" led from the front despite the widespread view to the contrary. According to the So-Called BBC 17% death rate for the toffs, 12% for the rank and file. I blame Blackadder!
  13. InLikeFlynn

    Log Stoves

    I live in the sticks (no gas, only oil) and have woodburners in the house along with oil-fired central heating. They are effective, cheap to run (although we burn mostly our own wood) but to my eyes pretty squalid and a pain in the arse. However careful you are they create dust and mess, although that doesn't bother me much. I spend a lot of time felling and logging trees, stacking logs, bringing logs in from the barns and clearing out the grate. If you have mains gas available and your house is reasonably insulated I see absolutely no reason to have a woodburner installed. Sorry. If you want pretty, have an open fire. If you want effective, turn on the gas central heating.
  14. InLikeFlynn

    Cricket Thread

    Curran being given a whipping..... we are reaping the rewards for picking bowlers on the basis of their batting. England's ragged attack looks like a second division county side today.
  15. InLikeFlynn

    (Not) Ok to be white

    I heard about him from this forum. Someone posted his gig on gun control - fucking funny and very honest. Here's more of him if you've got an hour and half to kill. Edit to add.... enjoyed the first few minutes but it gets a bit coarse and unfunny after a while