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  1. InLikeFlynn

    Rimless toilet. Anyone got one?

    Gimmicks. get one of these.
  2. InLikeFlynn

    Is Brexit going to happen at all?

    My guess. Government will fall when May's Brexit deal is rejected by parliament. Either a general election or some sort of emergency government involving a Corbin-led coalition, there will then be an immediate extension to article 50 followed by a second referendum structured to split the leave vote. Remain will win and we'll go back to being EU members.
  3. InLikeFlynn

    Tonights vote - how many will vote to depose Treason?

    Yup. Still an excellent presenter and genuinely enthusiastic about the subject but looks thin, drawn and rather odd with the new red hair. I wonder if all is well at home.
  4. InLikeFlynn

    Women drinking pints instead of half pints

    Nor does sillybilly..;-) I've seen titled girls drink pints.
  5. InLikeFlynn

    DOSBODS Milestone

  6. InLikeFlynn

    Countdown to Christmas

    Shit. Must try harder. I do have a red nose though...
  7. InLikeFlynn

    Countdown to Christmas

    I've been solidly pissed for the weekend - does that count?
  8. I'm not sure how big the turnover is on all the darknet markets but I suspect there is quite a volume there. There's a longstanding bitcoin/crypto thread on TOS: some of the early adopters have made some serious gains. In contrast, those who entered the market in the last year or so have largely been roasted. Bitcoin is now mainstream so I can't see where the next big rally could come from in the absence of some major adoption by the conventional economy.
  9. InLikeFlynn

    Rip off Import Duties

    This leaves more questions than answers! ..... And why 3?!
  10. InLikeFlynn

    Buying a PC

    I know you said new, but if you can look past this 2nd hand i5s with windows 7/10 can be had from specialist refurbishers on ebay for about £100-150. I've had a few of these over the years and never had a dud. The depreciation curve on computers is even steeper than cars but without the increasing repair costs. Every 4-5 years I wipe the drives, freecycle the computer and repeat.
  11. InLikeFlynn

    Buying a PC

    That fits. We used to get between 200 and 800Kbps.... about 2700m from the nearest cabinet.
  12. InLikeFlynn

    War with Russia?

    Have they? I must have missed this.
  13. InLikeFlynn

    War with Russia?

    True enough, but Russia is not run by the Russian people, and the leadership is not necessarily driven by the "Russian culture" that we celebrate in the west. I don't think Putin is inspired by Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky..... The Putin regime is extremely nasty and increasingly flexing its muscles outside its own borders. On one hand I can't get too excited about Crimea/Ukraine etc. as these regions have fluctuated between being Russian provinces and independent states over the past few centuries and Russia has an interest (valid or otherwise) in them, on the other hand the methods and culture of the Putin regime are not just unpleasant but a threat to the wider world. Whilst I don't subscribe to the "greater threat than ISIL" comment we should bear in mind that the new head of the army has access to the full range of intelligence on Russia that we will never see and his views should be taken seriously. There's sometimes a tendency on this site (although not from you Frank) to mistrust the MSM to the extent that people accept the narrative from Moscow, via RT, Sputnik, Saker etc. . This tendency is most obvious in all its florid nuttiness on the rather demented "Something happening in Salisbury" thread.
  14. InLikeFlynn

    So Assange Wasn’t Exaggerating..

    Not true. They can and have.
  15. InLikeFlynn

    Favourite Christmas Movie poll

    Ermm... Sound of music. Obvs. No other comes close. Not even "It's a wonderful life".