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  1. This declaration worries me - I remember Adelaide. Let's hope we can do some damage and run them close.
  2. Archer is on fire... Haven't seen such pace since Mitchell Johnson in his pomp. England need to treasure him. The over he has just bowled to nit Smith (twice) included a ball of 96mph....... Smith will be scarred by that blow. If not physically then psychologically. Leach is also doing really well. We may not win this match or the series but there are good signs for the future. Edit: just to add that Archer has bowled 28 overs - Root needs to rest him at some point
  3. Lovely to see Archer bowling last night and now watching him unleash a few overs this morning. On the basis of the little I've seen I reckon if he can stay fit and maintain this form he should have a great future. He looks world class. Hope to see a bit of Leach later too.
  4. Schadenfreude? On another note, here is a photo from the local Green party manifesto for the local elections earlier this year. Note that the men in the picture are all tucked away in the back row.... They won't be getting my vote. As I overheard somewhere "The Green party is like a watermelon - green on the outside but pink all the way through"
  5. No. not genetically engineered. Modern varieties are much shorter than older varieties due to selective breeding. This is for two reasons 1) short- strawed varieties are less prone to lodging (being knocked flat) in stormy weather. 2) short-strawed varieties direct more energy to the ear, giving higher yields without the need for more inputs (fertiliser etc.) Straw is now a valuable commodity for animal bedding. It fetches >£40 a tonne.
  6. InLikeFlynn


    Ah yes, the marmalade king. He had them for breakfast, on toast...
  7. And up to 4 hours of sunshine a year!
  8. I find it extraordinary that anyone watches 3 hours of TV a day, let alone that being the average figure!
  9. Yup, I agree. We got in to this pickle in the 3rd innings (and to some extent at the end of the 1st) due to our bowling. If/when we lose our batting today will (wrongly) be blamed for the result in most of the media. As you say, the best spinner and the best wicketkeeper in England are not in the team. This must change.
  10. Yup, we've been caught out badly in this test match. It's unlikely we'll be able to resist the Aussies on a raging turner. Anderson's breakdown after only 4 overs has left us dangerously reliant on our part time bowlers(Stokes and Moeen) for this test and we've been found out. I've defended Mo in the past but I'm afraid his time is up, at least for the time being. He bleeds runs but no longer seems to take wickets.... I'd like to see Foakes and Leach in the team.
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    Sobering Day

    Really sorry you got caught in this - here's the So-Called BBC link " Latest Stories Posted at 17:16 Severe accident: A338 Wiltshire both ways BBC News Travel A338 Wiltshire both ways severe accident, from Six Acre Lane to Park Street. A338 Wiltshire - A338 in Bagshot closed and queues in both directions from the Six Acre Lane junction to the Park Street junction, because of a serious accident. To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time
  12. I'm pretty certain that it will be Johnson. I'm also pretty certain it will be a shitshow. Johnson is a one trick pony. He's good at the tomfoolery, kipper waving and playing to the crowd, but doesn't do his homework. He has a reputation for not reading reports and relying on his wits, with varying degrees of success. Some on here think he's ardently pro-brexit: I disagree. I think he's ardently pro Johnson, Brexit was just a useful hobby horse to ride him to power and has served its purpose. Expect half-arsed vanity projects (remember the garden bridge???) but no progress on Brexit without a general election. The remainer majority in the house will see to that and he will value his own position more than a fight over the issue.
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    Not a huge fan of Bombay sapphire myself - it's the bastard invention of marketing men. Hence the silly bottle. Don't get me started on the sickly sweet shite that is Fevertree tonic Aldi and LIDL do excellent own label gins (oliver cromwell and hortus) but these aren't exactly present material! My favourite "posh" gins are Beefeater and Plymouth. Both excellent, timeserved, no-nonsense gins. Decent value and not made by hipster trustafarians called Tarquin... If it goes in to a G&T the tonic makes much more difference than the gin.