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    The real problem is that there are thousands of people willing to sign up to eye-watering mortgages to buy these poor quality, undersized little shacks on overcrowded estates. PS to add that 45% of his bonus will have gone straight back to the taxpayer in income tax, so a bit of a win for the government.
  2. InLikeFlynn

    Operation Nookie 60

    Sage words. You'll also be able to get lots of decent advice about motorbikes on DOSBODs whereas the quality of relationship advice here seems a bit suspect... Quite. I was never a womaniser and can't claim any expertise however the "manosphere" stuff (never been there!), whilst offering some insight into human sexual dynamics, seems to horribly over-simplify and objectify women. The few women I have loved and known well have been rather more complicated than the blogs would suggest.
  3. There's a lot of truth in this - how on earth does the taxman know how much everyone has in all their pensions? Trying to get a statement for my wife's NHS pension has been near impossible, totally fragmented IT systems
  4. InLikeFlynn

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    Huge increase in (UK) tourists down here in the west country this year - weak pound discouraging people from traveling abroad?
  5. InLikeFlynn

    VAT for private schools -- Hammond again

    This. It only slips out after many years and a stiff drink..... those that are getting grandparental help do not advertise it. There are also lots of kids being paid for by family trust funds, even at less expensive private schools. It's not in any way obvious as the parents may well have good jobs as well Some of my extended family are in this position: he is senior in a FTSE250 company but her family has pots of cash. The school fees for three children at top schools (~£100k per year at today's prices) were paid for by this, but you would never ever know. Another case. A very old friend, city job, family trust and 2 kids at day school, again you just wouldn't know from outside. Edit to add: In my naivety I sent my parents to grandparents day at the kids school. Hugely well attended and I thought it was a charming gesture from the school until someone pointed out to me the real reason of the event! The GPs are a major customer.
  6. InLikeFlynn

    VAT for private schools -- Hammond again

    Your numbers are optimistic Plan - more like £15k - £40K Not sure on the exact figures as it is the one subject that is never discussed but most of the fees at my kids school are paid by grandparents. The parents' flash cars are on PCP. Not surprisingly, the main reason that kids leave the school is financial. The addition of VAT would finish off many private schools which could cause serious headaches for local councils having to find hundreds of school places with only a few days notice. I'm very surprised that a conservative government is considering a policy that the Blair government rejected as too "old left".
  7. I don't know many very rich (8 figure) folk but the few I do are very good at passing wealth down the generations long before death. School fees are paid by grandparents, who then buy grandchildren their first homes etc. Farms, estates and paintings are passed on soon after and clever trust structures are used to protect assets. The difference between the really rich and us ordinary Joes is that we can't afford to divest ourselves of our assets before death as we may need them: the rich have enough left over not to need to care and can afford legitimate legal advice to protect themselves. Inheritance tax is a tax on the middle classes. The poor and the rich don't pay.
  8. InLikeFlynn

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    I still use "wireless" to annoy my teenage children
  9. InLikeFlynn

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    forthcoming film the verb "to let" (seemingly always replaced with the ugly, ungainly and confusing "to rent out") I've got thousands more.....
  10. InLikeFlynn

    Community fridges

    Thought had crossed my mind, but pretty sure it's not!
  11. InLikeFlynn

    Community fridges

    OK, it's fess up time....I'm not really proud of this but you started it! I had a flatmate who use to nick all my Ribena. I would buy it one day, go to find it three days later and it had been opened and almost emptied. Got so cross that one night on returning from the pub to find another bottle half empty I pissed in it to fill it back up to the top. The bottle duly emptied over the next week or so and I explained what had happened to my flatmates when we were all together one evening. I added that this would explain why the flavour of the last bottle might have been a bit weak yet slightly salty. The culprit went very pale. He is now very senior at one of the big accountants....
  12. InLikeFlynn

    Cars and air pollution

    There's some truth in this - the move to electric cars will cure much of the pollution however the HGV/Bus problem will need another approach.
  13. InLikeFlynn

    Head of interpol missing

    I will dig out my pith helmet!
  14. InLikeFlynn

    Good Comments beneath Guardian Article

    All the Guardian readers are busy trolling the Telegraph pages and vice versa....
  15. InLikeFlynn

    Sloe Gin

    Blackthorn is everywhere, it's a mainstay of the British hedge. The funny thing is it seems to be very patchy in terms of flowering or fruit set, by which I mean that a very small proportion of the blackthorn round me seems to bear fruit in any year. I've no idea why this is the case (frost damage to the blossom, inadequate pollination) but it's very striking. There are also bullaces and wild plums which make equally good gin, all members of the same genus. I like my sloe gin 5 - 10 years old, but you need to make lots initially to get the stock levels up!