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  1. InLikeFlynn

    Avoiding cancer thread

    Good point! I forgot exercise. It's also a pleasure in all sorts of other ways. Keeps me semi-sane.
  2. InLikeFlynn

    Avoiding cancer thread

    1. Stop smoking, try not to drink too much. 2. Lots of veg in your diet, go easy on the bacon 3. Keep your weight at a sensible level 4. Be safe in the sun 5. The big one. Be lucky. Cancer is a stochastic process, and all the healthy living in the world may not be enough.
  3. InLikeFlynn

    Cricket Thread

    151/9 Can't see anything other than an Indian victory.
  4. InLikeFlynn

    Cricket Thread

    The ball's swinging hard and late this morning: England have had a good start to the day but I reckon they will struggle to match India's 329 and are a long way behind in this match already.
  5. InLikeFlynn

    MSM and juror intimidation........WTF!?!

    How can I take a man who doesn't own a shirt seriously?
  6. InLikeFlynn

    How Rich Are DOSBODSers

    Fixed that for you Frank!
  7. InLikeFlynn

    Jams and preserves

    Thanks for the tip. One for the Christmas stocking this year.
  8. InLikeFlynn

    Gardening What are you sowing now?

    Wow, that's dry. here in the SW we had spits and spots of rain last week aloing with lower temperatures. The ground has recovered a bit, then about 24 hours ago the heavens opened. When did you last have rain?
  9. InLikeFlynn

    Hunt for TONA's new babe magnet motor

    You cruel bastard, I can't unsee that.....
  10. InLikeFlynn

    Operation Nookie 60

    I was always shit at dating: I also haven't made a move on anyone since I met my wife 25 years ago so take the following comments with a healthy dose of salt! Seriously, as the tripod says, I know you've had a tough time emotionally but stop the self-deprecating shit in front of women this minute. It's poisoning your chances. Keep the conversation light, fun and flirty, and don't appear needy. Make a move fairly early on in your acquaintance and if you are rebuffed call a polite and friendly halt to things whilst leaving the door open if she ever wants to get serious, keeping things light all the time, then drop all contact beyond the absolute lowest level required for politeness. Never show resentment: you should be long gone before you get to this stage. I wonder of you need to have a few more "irons in the fire" so that you don't invest too much emotional energy in any one woman from the outset. It will help you look more unavailable.
  11. InLikeFlynn

    Gardening What are you sowing now?

    I seem to have spent most of the summer watering but am now getting BIG crops of courgettes, the carrots and french beans are producing nicely and the runner beans are about to start. Had a goodish crop of broad beans earlier in the year but that's over now. potatoes ongoing. The dry weather has meant that I've not replanted anything into the spaces cleared so it's looking like winter and spring will be unproductive.
  12. This is very true. Through my work I got to know a bit about this company: all I will say is that I have never been tempted to hold any of their shares.
  13. InLikeFlynn

    Jumpers for goalposts

    Brought up on the edge of town in the home counties I miss water voles, small tortoiseshells, grey partridge ... Fewer people and much less traffic. The smell of a smoky pub... and real pubs, before they all became posh pubby restaurants for the London weekending crowd.
  14. InLikeFlynn

    Boris the buffoon strikes again

    I agree, but Boris is playing a game here. He has seen Trump rise to power by saying similar things and is putting his stall out. I don't trust Johnson one iota, he's a single issue politician. That issue is his own advancement.
  15. InLikeFlynn

    Boris the buffoon strikes again

    Naff off Warsi: Old Etonians should not be a useful political battleground for Muslim women