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  1. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri Story a bit low key but some great typically original movie characters. Nice natural humour and kind of feelgood, despite the rape, murder, cancer, suicide, divorce, arson and horrible disfiguring burn injuries. It even gets a rating of 8.2 from imdb.
  2. My bank branch just got robbed. Dozens of police cars. Like at least 50. not doing anything dramatic though. Hope they didn't get my shoe box. (Postbank, Hermannplatz if you want to google. Apparently used tear gas.)
  3. There's a cashier at Lidl that keeps trying to short change me €2. She got me twice but Im on to her now. I usually check my change at the packing table so its a bit late to go back and complain, but checked tonight at the checkout, and €2 short again. I honestly dont think I have ever experienced this before, apart from mix ups over 20/10 notes etc. Surely the Supermarkets must have systems to catch this sort of thing. I thing shes tried it on me every time Ive had her over the past few weeks, so either she had me down as someone who didnt check their change, or she's raking it in.
  4. I think its actually doctors who hate it when the public have their own ideas about medication. And they just love exciting new expensive drugs. As annoying than the overt dismissal of chloriquine (which i have no idea if it is effective) is the desperation for buy/use remdesivir, despite it also not being particularly successsful in trials.
  6. I didn't realise quite how much I am uninterested in sport on television - Im happy about it's existence as an individual pursuit.
  7. If we ever get the app working, people will realise how low the real risk of an individual contracting it is - except when it goes exponential - which will cause an increase in risky behaviour, like wild incestuous island partys or visiting southhampton, which will actually increase the number of infected, so you could get to meet one sooner.
  8. My hand mixer has dough twizzly things. Works unexpectedly well, but I only make small quantities.
  9. Not just the healthy bacteria, but your natural oils are part of the defence. Dry or chapped skin will be vulnerable to infection.
  10. Not checked the FT today Spy? Time to start cashing in your winnings.
  11. I've been meaning to do a thread about the demise of sensible road/traffic practices being taught to children. In my local park which (admittedly rather bizarrely) serves as family playground and training track for amateur race cyclists, parents seem happy to allow (possibly even encourage) their children to wander randomly across the track or play at the junctions, etc.
  12. I think Canada and Aus had first dibs.
  13. I dont think it needs watching (I didn't) but the title is comforting.
  14. I cant believe kloppy's been there five years. seems like only two or three.
  15. I try and dodge down the next aisle.