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  1. I can't open the actual PIE page for some reason, but the transaction numbers you quote are the same as in the land reg page, the table in section 4.1 I took the quote from section 4.2 The land reg data is still incomplete at 3 months. They estimate it as being 85% complete
  2. I used to mention this from time to time on the other site, without getting much response, but you can't take the previous year's comparative from the latest data set. To be comparable, you have to take the estimate made at same point last year. Apparently even property magazines don't generally understand this, and the land registry themselves have previously used this misleading comparison. However, it seems at least the land registry themselves have worked it out.
  3. steppensheep

    OAP serial killer in Exeter

    Maaaaam! I've brought me.washing!
  4. Yup. Really disappointed it never materialised. And the airport.
  5. steppensheep

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    Recently saw a film reviewer tying the superhero epedemic to the fact there are no comedies being made anymore. Can't remember the explanation though. Sorry.
  6. steppensheep

    Your Dinner is in the Dog

    I'm the opposite. Not too bothered about guest being late or not materialising, but some of them probably have starved to death while waiting for me to produce the meal. I do get annoyed by people snacking just before dinner is to be served though.
  7. steppensheep

    Trivial Things that annoy you

    That baking parchment starts to char at about 170°C whem I bet they could easily make it heat resistant to over 200°C to make it reusable.
  8. steppensheep

    Why are people such C***s?

    I was housesitting for my sister while she had a shed reroofed. The guy had made an error on the invoice, and my sister told me the correct amount that was due. He wad a really mild mannered, sandl wearing type of guy but when I told him it was only x, he went absolutely ballistic for a few seconds, until he realised I was right. I guess a lot of people tried to screw him over.
  9. They've been replacing the water main in the village. Doesn't look anything unusual. Digging a trench about 5 foot deep. Pipe only looks about 6 inches, I was expecting it to be bigger. I asked them if there was any unusual problems. Nope, normal job. They've laid about 200 metres in 6 months.
  10. steppensheep

    Trivial Things that annoy you

    There's a bloody great tractor towing a fuel tank that drives up and down the road alll day outside my window at 30mph, that makes a really annoying pulsing throbbing noise. Not sure if it's the engine or road or air resistance or something. I've only just realised it's just the one vehicle, somehow it seems even more annoying when I thought there was something about the road that made all the lorries were unusually noisy.
  11. steppensheep

    Why are people such C***s?

    It must be our age I suppose. Young people dont give a shit about the environment. I saw for the first time a couple of coffee cups on a lane near me. Someone must have driven them about 30 miles to throw them out there.
  12. I suspect they'll be ending up with another massive taxpayer subsidy - either from us or wherever they end up going.
  13. steppensheep

    Munro Bagging

    I bagged a biggie.
  14. steppensheep

    F35 grounded

    Triggered a random memory about the Tornado collaboration ... surprisingly confirmed by wiki...
  15. steppensheep

    Question Time

    He's morphed into Baldrick