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  1. Bloody hell, It seems like most of the presidents in South America have been up to their necks in corruption for the past few decades. I know we knew, but still shocking. I recall Lula (beeb's favourite poster child) being on the news a few years ago but didn't realise about the rest of them. I wonder what gave them away ...
  2. We once crawled under a train that was parked on the tracks in our way, coming home from the pub totally pissed. Probably wasn't very smart.
  3. There's got to be a good joke about macron and god in there somewhere. It's like a mythological battle.
  4. The easyjet website is an absolute pain if you are booking an onward flight and want to change your search. For some reason it's very difficult to clear the departure and destination fields, so you keep getting a pop up saying "you can't fly there from there". The rail booking sites used to be a pain if you were booking the sleeper to scotland, as every time you wanted to change the search, you had to go back to the start and reenter your gender (for the two person cabins, espite the fact that I always just book a carriage seat). It seems to work a bit more smoothly these days though.
  5. I kind of noticed this happening about 10 or 12 years ago. I usd to spend a bit of time perusing computer tech shops, and I noticed that they had a lot of music gadgets, that I never reall worked out what they did. I suppose they were probably streamers, but they used to say things like "experience your music as you've never experienced it before" or "take back control of your music system" and have "lifestyle" pictures on them. There were also various video encoders, but none explained what they differently did. Did they have hardware to help encoding? Did they use different codecs? No idea. The price varied from about 20 to 200 quid, and the only difference I ever established was they had different crappy software with them, which was inevitably useless compared to anything you could download for free anyway. I just bought a fitness band (because it was on special offer at 15 quid) but the box literally didn't even say what model was in it. let alone what features it had. I also bought a strip of LEDs. You'd think they'd all include as basic, the volts, watts, number of LEDs, current standard measure of luminosity, and equivalence to old light bulbs as standard. Nope. They contain some limited subset that makes it almost impossible to actually compare different brands. Want to have the latest gadget? Surely one of the most important things is battery capacity and estimated recharge intervals. You'll be lucky. Even basic things like a liquidiser might tell you they have a "smoothie function" or "turbulent flow technology" or some such, without telling you what that would actually do. How does it make better smoothies than just liquidising it please? The most amazing thing is, even looking at the manufacturers's websites is often no help. Just the same marketing gloss. Even looking at Amazon doesn't necessarily help, unless there is a detailed review of actual real life experience by an actual user. (some love to give to Decathlon here - they do have some charts comparing different products in their shops) Bit of a thread crosser with the death of retail.
  6. Me too, mainly because it just works as a reliable download manager. But manjaro don't even have it included as standard, and even finding the torrent files can be an effort these days.
  7. The europeans have also been claiming that systems are now in place to cope with no-deal. To be honest they have to as politicians, just as they previously had to say it would be a catastrophe. In fact, it doesn't matter if parliament rejects "no deal" as it doesn't really exist anymore, There seem to be various measures being enacted to prepare for iit that would make it a "minimal" deal
  8. Would formerly have been ignored as a lark. but it has to now be judged in the light that the ruling elite has decided angry twitters contravening the groupthink is sufficient grounds to imprison people.
  9. Nature is awesome. And a lot of the man made environment. Not the ugly stuff, obviously.
  10. Justin Trudeau looks like the college doofus that the jocks trick into getting elected president for a bet in an 80s american high school movie.
  11. He deserves some credit for correctly recognising "moral hazard" even if he did cave in subsequently. (It's weird, I love that term, but I can never remember it and have to google "Mervyn King quotes". Must be something about the incongrouosity of the words together)
  12. Considering the lifestyle - touring, drinking, exhaustion, late night driving - and the presumably extensive universe of unknown bands, the statistical probability of an unknown band dying in a car crash must be quite high.
  13. Wouldn't putting your foot down in an electric car waste energy/money/ and emit greenhousyness in the same way it would in a normal car?