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  2. I have a theory that global warming is actually caused by all the hot air that virtue signalling sjw's produce.
  3. This is actually just evidence of his immaturity and poor judgement. Funnily enough, he came across in the interview as quite pleasant.
  4. I heard lenny henry tell it, presumably in 80s or 90s when he was still occasionally funny.
  5. In dominic cummings we trust.
  6. They havent shown much interest, but it was the main concession that cameron tried to get from the eu pre referendum.
  7. Interesting. Hard to imagine a 33 year old being in charge of a bank. I never really u derstood how this crosselling is supposed to be such a goldmine. I can see there'll be some savings, but dont see how they can be what you bet the bank on. Im a customer, so itll be interesting to watch.
  8. To be fair, there are probably plenty of other reasons why casual labour jobs are harder to come by. In the old days, many organisations probably automatically employed casual staff to cover holidays, even if they did more harm than good, because the workforce/unions etc would be outraged at the assumption that the existing staff would be expected to cover. Probably still happens in nhs and local govt. Plus all the other reasons that have made all forms of employment more demanding for everyone.
  9. What did you used to tell them 20 years ago?
  10. Didnt even notice until it was explained. Im not very good at facial recognition.
  11. steppensheep


    I wonder if it was supposed to be an "attempted suicide" rather than an actual attempted "suicide". I probably wouldnt expect to actually die if i tried that.
  12. Surprisingly honest assessment of the remainer psyche from the guardian. I spend a fair bit of time reading reddit ukpolitics, and it's an almost perfect summary. The only thing i can think of that needs a bit more emphasis, is their curious mix of believing themselves to be smarter, yet thinking their infantilisms are furthering their cause.
  13. It would be a nice touch if one of the assistants came back as the doctor.
  14. steppensheep

    The R Word

    Isnt the point of the stockbuilding to avoid shortages rather than hedge prices? Have you posted your views anywhere on how brexit will impact business and trade anywhere? Are you expecting gridlock? How much extra work will it be? Are you resourcing anything to outside europe?
  15. steppensheep

    The R Word

    As most of the stockbuilding involved imports, it should have had a negative effect on gdp, offset by the actual economic activity involved in importing them.