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    She looks a bit renee zellweggerish.
  2. There's quite an interesting intelligence test linked within this article. In the sense that the questions, puzzles etc seem to be nicely constructed, I have no idea how reliably it measures intelligence. Doesn't give an IQ score, but rather your percentile amongst participants. (I'm not 100% sure if it'S working correctly, as I get taken straight into the tasks rather than the strt page, but that may be because my cookies remember where I was)
  3. I've noticed a few youtubers who have undergone fairly impressive transformations over a relatively short time, and I've been meaning to gather together a few examples, and as this cropped up, and the work seems to have been done already, thought i may as well start. And very contemporary of course.
  4. By the way, if you can't work out who the ignorees are that people are mentioning, that means it's you!
  5. Another bloke who comes across as quite personable and somehow can just waffle away for hours repeating what he said last week and still leaving you with the impression that you need to watch next week's episode to learn more. Thought this suggestion was particularly useful, strip the recipe down to a simple instruction sheet/schedule. Could be applicable to other tasks.
  6. I remember second hand coats were very popular at the time. I wonder if it's still the case among students/ young adults. Coats are relatively a lot cheaper these days.
  7. I heat mould my skates based on a wooden cutout of my foot. Would probably work for stretching leather footwear. Trace foot on a plank, cut out, smooth off, cut in half, slide in the front portion, push to end with rear portion. Very easy once you get into the swing. edit, I should say, it did take quite a bit of initial experimentation to find the most appropriate shape.
  8. I think a significant proportion honestly believe that the country will be flooded and/or desertified in their lifetimes. It seems to be predominantly among the young, who obviously don't watch news or documentaries, so it is interesting to wonder how this misinformation was originally sown..
  9. Just read yesterday that theres been a big reduction in US cancer rates. New treatment for melanoma. random google article
  10. You can pick up a 1 lb/kg bag of rice to trick it into thinking your a different person, and deduct 1 from the answer. I don't know if it's universal, it certainly seems to be common. Maybe more expensive ones have better accuracy and trust themselves to give you the true figures.
  11. Weighing scales that remember your weight and then just repeat that number if you use them again within a minute or two (if it's within a kg or so). I like to do my own averaging.