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  1. steppensheep

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    What was the actual offence?
  2. steppensheep

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Paul isn't actually a lottery winner, it's just one of his little fantasies lives. He still has a couple of sock puppets on TOS.
  3. steppensheep

    Is Brexit going to happen at all?

    I think what's fascinating is the unpredictable nature of events and the somewhat haphazard way our constitution and democracy works. It's not grand plans like they do it in Europe, but evolution. Sometimes there will be mistakes, but eventually "natural selection" leads to the right outcomes. Things that seemed negative turn out to be positive. May's general election result looked very negative for brexit, but it's now clear if she had improved her bargaining position, we would probably have ended up with even less brexit. That campaigner who went to the courts to ensure that parliament had a meaningful vote was the hate figure of brexiteers, but it turned out to be a (very thin) lifeline. This is why I am reluctant to get involved in any activism, as it's impossible to predict what is for the best. That said, my main hope is GE and corbyn brexit.
  4. steppensheep

    Tonights vote - how many will vote to depose Treason?

    No idea, but I'm up for surplus prezzies. 123?
  5. steppensheep

    Modern Method of Auction

    There seems to be a mildly useful thread on the other place. Seems like the main beneficiary is for the agent/auctioneer. But it sounds like not a complete scam, and potentially interesting if you want a quick result and willing to accept a bit of a loss. edit: a couple more forum threads. It seems most people don't really like it. I'm beginning to think it's actually more akin to conventional sales transaction, except the period of offers/bidding is limited (although if it doesnt get any interest in can be resubmitted) and it basically creates a lot of incentive for the parties to complete the transaction. So, extra certainty, a little quicker, and big fees for EA. Do you know any sites where you can watch without registering or anything?
  6. Does anyone know how these work? They seem to involve low value properties and (as far as I can tell) high participation fees. I think that could effectively make them part auction, part lottery. Or any info on any online house buying. I'd like to understand how it works in practice.
  7. steppensheep

    The dud Kangaroo bounce thread

    It's a bit sad that for many years previously the anglo economies were prospering under conventional economic policies. The last decade they seem to have gone wholly 3rd world mode. Just keep borrowing and we'll all be rich.
  8. steppensheep

    Username change poll/feedback

    Can we out the users that have changed name? They sound a bit shifty to me.
  9. steppensheep

    Question for the baldies (the fully shaved ones)

    You're starting to look like your avatar.
  10. steppensheep

    BBC Sport Pages SJW Politicisation

    I've heard this Sterling story raised half a dozen times on various news programs, and I still don't know what the actual complaint is. It's like they just need to say, this racist thing happened, and your not even supposed to think about it or question it, because it's just self evident that it must be true and the details are totally unimportant.
  11. steppensheep

    The numbers only DOSBODS weekly weigh in

    Time to get the pre xmas numbers in ( a bit early, but the parties will be starting soon) 10st 10lbs or a nice round 150lbs, 68kg. Lowest I've been for at least a decade I've been on a bit of a rollercoaster. Probably would have been quite entertaining to have posted the weekly figures, but I've been down to 10st 8lbs and back to 11st 6lbs in the meantime. I think I can stabiise at this weight, although I probably will put a couple of pounds back on over the next few days, just judging from what I have in the fridge.
  12. steppensheep

    Good computer tools for your trade

    Not watched, but this has now appeared in my youtube recommendations. Presumably spunko has been selling my clicks to facebook or something.
  13. steppensheep

    Why are channel 4 such arseholes?

    In the absence of a general "why are the media such arseholes" thread, this can go here as it's on channel 4. Personally, I'm fairly politically neutral, but the current stupidity and dishonesty of the left and the media make me outraged. It's just unfathomable he's practically a lone voice.
  14. steppensheep

    The Most Racist Countries on Earth

    I do think western society is less racist, but to be fair, all those countries (apart from japan , south korea) are made up of multiple tribes that dont really like each other. Europe has benefitted from its evolution into relatively homogenous nation states.
  15. steppensheep

    HMOs for sale

    Another thing I've been wondering about, what's been the effect of student expansion on non university towns? In the old days, 95% of 18 to 21 year olds lived with their parents or moved nearby. Even 10 or 20 years later they probably lived fairly near their home town. Now 50% move away and I assume most don't go back. It must be quit a significant t change.