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  1. I saw Julie Delpy in concert, and the next day I saw her in my street trying to get into the block next door. AND SHE WAS STILL WEARING THE SAME TROUSERS! I've always regretted not shouting "YOURE STILL WEARING THE SAME TROUSERS!" even though I realise it would have been a poor etiquette. More importantly, I could have asked her if she need to use my phone, as I just lived on the first floor. It was the days before mobiles were common.
  2. No help, but co-op's "finest" or whatever used to be really good a few years ago, but now it's distinctly mediocre.
  3. What's with fitting all these motors? I assumed you cyclists enjoyed the pedalling.
  4. I don't worry about death much these days. I used to occasionally think it would be really traumatic when a friend or family member died, but I don't think it would bother me that much these days. I find my detatchment a bit weird. in fact
  5. Just heard the French commissioner got rejected by the EU Parliament (seems to have got a lot leas attention than with the Hungarian and romanian rejections). Apparently been fiddling the expenses, but no worse than the average french or EU politico, so being interpreted as a deliberate snub for macrons recent gerrymandering of the spitzenkansidat selection.
  6. Repeat the experiment with a weight attatched to his tail I was going to mention this in the darwin awards thread (self nomination) but as weve got onto domestic science, I squirted some spray oil into a plastic container - about the size of a smartie tube with a solid plastic stopper - that I was going to soak some bearings in. gave it a little swirl and it blew not only the stopper out, but base of the container shattered. Could have got a nasty schrapnel wound. I guess the solvent/propellant in those spray oils is quite volatile.
  7. There was a load of speculation that like minded right wing governments in Hungary or Italy had been primed to veto the extension last time which turned out to be incorrect.
  8. People (ok, thin young women around 20ish) who eat their purchases in the supermarket before paying. I'm sure they're trying to signal something, it's either. look at me, I'm so thin and healthy that I I can eat whatever whenever I want, or, I'm so busy I have to fuel up whenever I can get it. It just seems a bit infantile.
  9. Being my usual contrarian self, when I visited london (and a few other towns) earlier this year, I was surprised that thr general urban environment had improved a bit, e,g they have pedestrianised a bit around/near victoria station. Being my usual critical self, such things always make me wonder why they didnt do it years ago.
  10. There's a quite a few interesting looking bakeries that have opened in the last few years near me (in berlin), seemingly run by various young european (white) refugees. In theory I dont eat carbs, but I finally cracked a couple of weeks ago and had an absolutely wonderful danish pastry. Went in a donut shop yesterday, I noticed they were vegan, but didn't really think much of it. I suppose I vaguely thought it was just the sort of virtue signalling that young people insist on these days, and the baked wares were presumably made with all the necessary chemicals and tricks to make them taste like actual food. Was the probably one of the most disgusting things I have eaten in my life. Smelt vaguely of damp washing. The cream filling looked like polyfilla. The most shocking thing (apart from the 2.75ā‚¬ price) was the cafe was full of people either pretending they were enjoying them, or it was so long since they had eaten actual food they no longer realise what it's supposed to taste like.
  11. steppensheep


    The thing is, what they are actually predicting in the worst case scenarios seems entirely tame and totally manageable by other policies. The glaciers are melting (can't even think of a comment to emphasise how trivial this seems), the polar bears are endangered (like all big mammals) and people who live on the coast are going to have to move house in 100 years time. Mainly agree although if they actually do think they can change the temperature of the planet, I imagine it will start to get very expensive. Hopefully some of i, like electric cars, actually will make the local environment a bit ore pleasant and actually measurably save lives.
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    I bought the cheapest - 20ā‚¬ for 120gb. I'll let you know when it fails. Unfortunately, I accidentally detatched the ribbon cable to the usb ports (the permanently attatched end, not the connecter/socket end). I tried supergluing it back in what I thought was probably the right position, but no luck - although there is power to it so I can still charge my phone. Anyone got any tips? here seem to be only 4 contacts in usb ports, but the cable seems to have much mor wires in it. I cant quite work out what I have to match up
  13. I think it's actually impossible to have an universally consistent answer to every topic. One of the reasons I don't get into debates about difficult topics (brexit, climate, war etc) is that there is always some point where rational and logic gets tied in knots and you just have to accept your gut feelings or prejudices. Humans and civilisations are too complicated.
  14. I've been looking for an excuse to post this video. The continuation of the two main parties may not be as inevitable as it often seems. (Actually, I wasn't sure what quadrants he was referring to some of the time, so not quite sure how convincing it was, but the general idea that changes in the major concerns of the day might affect who gets to be the two main parties seemed pertinent. I'd say LibDem, pro globalisation,, europe, elitism and global weather bothering, versus brexit, pragmitism, localism, would make sense.)
  15. A canzuk deal might just shut the remainers up. It doesnt even have to be pure FOM, just a 12 month visa renewable if youve got money, job, not been a drain or a criminal - how EU FOM should be too.