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  1. steppensheep

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Have a look at Hardtalk. The whole tone of the show is normally confrontational, even combattive. In fact I don't usually watch, as I find this style of aggressive questioning and constant interupting so annoying. This week's guest was a professor of gender and race studies. I don't think I've ever heard someone on the So-Called BBC being allowed to talk uninterupted for so long. The questioning was just basically inviting her to expound her views. The interviewer even seemed to have modulated his voice a little, to sound more encouraging and empathetic. The interviewee was fine. Nothing particularly contoversial to say.
  2. steppensheep

    Axes of Evil

    You had a list ready prepared? I think we allready know how the ranking of religions go.
  3. steppensheep

    Axes of Evil

    Just wondering about who the bad guys are these days. My ranking: North Korea Russia China Saudi Arabia, Turkey Israel, Serbia Iran USA UK EU My criteria would be, in order of decreasing evilness, murdering your own citizens or opponents, invading neighbouring countries, war in distant countries, oppressing own citizens. There's obviously a lot of personal subjectivity. Somehow I find targeted assassination more evil than causing hundreds of thousands of deaths in foreign wars. I actually like most of the countries on my list.
  4. steppensheep

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    I believe it pretty much 100%. It the simplest, most plausible explanation.
  5. steppensheep

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    I suspect it was Hairy that did the trolling here with the BruceBanner account. Also suspect yellims is a sockpuppet on hpc.
  6. steppensheep

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    [He] "Insulted* her.... Might have been confusing.
  7. steppensheep

    Ways to earn extra money

    I always quite fancied helping people screw their ikea cupboards together. I'm sure there'd be a market, I don't suppose it would be much of an earner though.
  8. steppensheep

    Trump's progress

    it's only a regrettable aberration if you get found out.
  9. steppensheep

    This killer Pret Baguette

    I did wonder myself if there was any foul play - there does seem to have been a bit of a sequence of unfortunate events. Apparently they were her favourite ingredients, but presumably she'd never eaten in Pret before, or she'd have known it was dangerous. And considering they have apparently been being cautious all these years, you'd think they would know exactly what signage to look out for or to question. At best, father got careless, and desperately wants it to be someone else's fault. With apologies for my cynicism and insensitivity.
  10. I haven't got round to trying bubble tea yet.
  11. steppensheep

    Carnivore diet

    Had a nice bit of liver and onions for dinner. Probably haven't had liver more than a couple of times in the last 40 years. Wiil have it with bacon and mashed potato next time though.
  12. steppensheep

    Twitter Tiffs

    I realise this is an unfair criticism as it's not really twitter's fault, but I think it's ruined the discussion on ukpolitics on reddit. Half the posts are now twitter links, which nobody bothers to go and read, they just react to the headline (tories, boo, brexit, boo, lib dems, hooray) so the debate is even more pointless than on the relevant twitter thread, where at least most of the commentators know who the authur is and the reasons or context of the post.
  13. steppensheep

    Twitter Tiffs

    140 characters is not "content".
  14. steppensheep

    Cold Case: Dosbods investigates
  15. steppensheep

    Migrants and tax credits

    I wonder if just stopping housing benefit might have a dramatic effect on the number of chancers.