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    Saw a travelogue about some french cyclists touring UK. They got their bikes nicked in Newcastle. It was a few years ago, but it's stuck with me.
  2. They really should get rid of May in the meantime. The longer she hangs around, the lower the starting point for the next leader to rebuild. Just stick the deputy in, whoever that is.
  3. I had a bit of sirloin that accidentally got reduced from 7€ to 1€ recently. Quite tasty, but not as good as some of the slightly cheaper cuts I've been trying. Impressively tender though.
  4. Things you used to quite enjoy but are now a pain in the arse... The May week fun fair in my local park. Sure it used to be only for a week and it seemed quite nice to have a bit of excitement and livlieness. Last year I started to think it was going on for an awfully long time. Checked this year, and it goes on for 3 and a half bloody weeks. Plus two weeks setting it up and two weeks taking it down, and the paths are still covered in mud a month later. And the grass will be dead for most of the summer. And it's just completely tacky, noisy shit that just attracts all the scum from the neighborhood. The park is normally full of families playing, people walking their dogs, frisbee throwers, slackliners (bloody impressive, they're about 60 m long and 5 m above ground), people sitting around their campfires, strumming guitars and singing songs. There's also just been "the International festival of culture" which, despite it's name, is actually fantastic, but I cant be bothered going any more - despite the great music, great food, and great atmosphere. Instead I'm pissed of that the Library is closed, and the paths are covered in broken glass for the next few weeks.
  5. You said it yourself, 65 year olds. Light drama, 30 to 50. Counyryfile is one of he few things I quite like myself. Used to know a few young 'uns who loved the antiques road show.
  6. This is actually just the So-Called BBC joining the list of supposedly reputable organisations scamming pensioners who don't know better and don't need their service out of easy money through inertia (cf, banks, insurance companies, phone, electric, gas charges etc). Contrary to the myth, over 75s don't watch the telly. There is zero programming for them apart from - I believe it still exists - songs of praise. None of my mum's friends watch telly, because they've no idea what's going on, it's too loud, and there's too many young people using bad language and having sex on it. Even in the old people's home, none of them watch it. They might have it switched on, but only because the carers encourage them to sit there quietly.
  7. steppensheep


    Have you tried taking it up with the flat earth society? It's worse. The bald ones look unnaturally bald, and the hirsute ones look like they spend far too much time and money on hair products.
  8. The development of the internet economy is like the railwayfication of Britain. Lots of money will disappear into it, but we should still have something worthwhile when the dust settles.
  9. Politicos love creating new problems which they can spend the next few decades trying to solve, and everyone forgets about the old indigenous problems until they reach the point that they can't be ignored.
  10. I bought a cabbage today. THREE FUCKING QUID!
  11. Also, I've been mischarged by Aldi twice and it's an embarassment and a pain to pester a cashier for your money back, holding up the queue for 2 minutes. It would be a pain in Lidl as well, but despite shopping there at least 10 times as often it's never happened. Again, I assume they have better systems in place.
  12. Lidl seems to have much better systems and controls for their non food items. It all gets cleared out and replaced twice a week, and many of the items look deceptively appealing. Not only does Aldi look a mess, there's never anything remotely interesting looking in the junk.
  13. Stories of crime and violence (native or immigrant) disappeared from German TV and national press after 2015 (have started to reappear a bit though). German reddit brought in a new rule: "No local news" which allows them to delete any posts about crime or violence.
  14. Thanks wight_flight and roger_mellie. Good suggestions. It's not just the passwords actually. Trying to use my mail or YouTube seems to be a pain in the ass these days. They seem to have added a lot a features which haven't really improved functionality but just make doing the basics harder. Apart from my age, part of the problem is I've gone a bit "off grid" the last few years, and just don't have the habit of organising my whole life through my phone. I used to like being able to do useful stuff online, but now it seems like dabbling is impossible, you are obliged to fully commit to the new paradigm.