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  1. Pigeon or half pigeon are my recommendations for other great hip openers. If they feel horrendous the first few times you try them then your hips are very tight. The stretch then actually becomes quite pleasant. Be careful with the knees though. Do a Google and you will see the different options in terms of front leg angle. I go for about 45 degrees. Enjoy.
  2. Be smart with the words. Retaliation is not a good one. Self defence is advisable. "Will be forced to defend himself" Perfectly acceptable within the law. Retaliation is not. That's a pretty decent combination. If I can be arsed I may try judo myself.
  3. I think it's the other way around as they eat when dark?
  4. Well yes possiblity at school can't really remember. But that's school and not a boozer. Although there are similarities.
  5. Nothing as exciting as that I'm afraid. But I will keep my options open.
  6. This is a good point. The punch in the face tactic is still the #1 advice imo. However it does depend on who is getting it. And if they are a stabby person then yes that standard advice may not be ideal. But if not - smack away Nice one People thought you were a bit of an unlikely psycho. Job done. Some things are really simple in life. You just need the balls to go through with them.
  7. I just cut down on gluten and dairy as I realised it's the base of most of the UK diet and there's no need for that much of it. I still have it regularly but cut it by maybe 70-80%. No bread at all though - and I was very surprised to not remotely miss it in the slightest. Still love cheese and all. Good idea on the section. I think hip stretching is a possible very good idea. Not had it myself luckily but the logic seems pretty sound.
  8. This is being covered extensively on the So-Called BBC.
  9. Come on it wouldn't be right for the So-Called BBC to speculate before the full 100% facts are known. Well unless it's a white person Vs non white people. Then they are labelled as far right within minutes.......
  10. He needs to learn to hit back. Doesn't matter if they still beat him up - it will start to ease off. Bullies - like anyone else - don't like a punch in the face.
  11. The "cheerers" in pubs when a barbod drops a glass. FFS how can anyone - even after a few pints - think that's amusing.
  12. I had flare up of eczema type thing maybe 5 years ago. After discussing on TOS and looking at a lot of stuff online I decided to start taking Vit D most days and also stopped using soap regularly. Worked a treat. May have been a coincidence of course but I'm still at it and my skin is generally in good health. Had lots of issues when younger but today at 41 possibly the best it's been. Cutting down gluten and dairy maybe helped too. I did get so many top tips from TOS. Shame he only thing it regularly failed on was fucking house prices. Try regularly stretching your toes. Especially your big one. Meant to really help. I've not had PF luckily but I think a few times I may have had the beginnings of it. Now regularly stretch my toes / Plantar fascia and also have wee roller I use after exercise on it. Seems to help ease things off. And of course stretching of the other end of the equation - calfs etc.
  13. Nah not along those lines. It's also a scenario in which I firmly believe I am due this money - and to be honest a lot more - in the circumstances. The "losing" side of this equation has made a hell of a lot more than £1k savings in terms of what I have provided. But it's still not something I probably would have done previously. Now I just think fuck it why not. Morally it's my money 100%. Technically probably not.......rather a grey area Anyway enough said.
  14. My line of work. I do contract work through a ltd company. All above board.