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  1. ccc

    US White Clock

    I don't see why discussion of a particular segment of the UK ethnic populations movement is anything to get tetchy about. We are constantly referred to the % of "BAME" football managers in England for example and that's all fine apparently. It's just statistics.
  2. Just how much scum do we have in this country
  3. Anyone know what comments they are referring to ?
  4. Well it's not murder is it ? Manslaughter maybe ? Not sure what the US call it.
  5. ccc

    Owen Jones

    Well they were all wearing "far right" t shirts as Jones somehow knew they were "far right" so should be pretty easy to locate.
  6. Chicago is great in the summer. I lived there back in 2000. If there is a cubs game on that's always a good way to waste away some hours.
  7. Have you ever read a newspaper ? Or watched the news ? Incredible.
  8. Ruffling feathers is fine. Making stuff up and being an utter dick when it comes to a subject is not. I have no issues with Snacr on any other subjects. I don't hold grudges or judge folk based on single topics. He has some good car and truck knowledge.
  9. The reason they use is always "Kids with mums in prison end up with poor stricken desperate childhoods" Coz yes kids with dad's in prison do so much better. It's absolute 100% sexism. Should the police not be investigating this as a "hate" crime ?
  10. The evidence is all there. You can find it yourself. Snacr is full of shite. No you made shit up and got caught out with it. Just give it up. Your charade is far too obvious. Only thing worse than a troll - is a troll who doesn't know what they are doing. Have a look at Trump's Twitter for tips. Best of luck.
  11. What are you talking about ?