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  1. ccc

    Escape from LA

    Because Trump. Or something like that.
  2. It's quite intriguing to read. So many folk obsessed with things that really aren't important. Like me and Tennents lager for example..
  3. ccc

    Fuckin' Weather

    If this is the result of this virus then carry on Jockland has been like the Costa Blanca for the last month. And it isn't even summer yet. I think we know what comes next February was so wet it was ridiculous. Since then been the opposite. I'm hoping the next few months could be in between.
  4. ccc

    Fuckin' Weather

    When Jockland is the hottest place in the UK for three days running - you know there is something wrong.. #Greta #Covid
  5. If you had been on the Ching you could have had a full house
  6. ccc

    Escape from LA

    So it's supposedly a policeman ?
  7. It's simply propoganda. Plenty of things he does they can legitimately go at Trump for. But that's not good enough. They have to make things up too. Which completely removes any legitimate issues with Trump they may have. They have reduced themselves to propoganda race baiting scum. Only those with brains and an open mind - in my opinion - can see through this. It's so incredibly obvious I find it difficult to understand why so many are blind to it.
  8. I used to work in Burnaby but I never pushed any old women over Not that I remember anyway.
  9. ccc

    Escape from LA

    Shouldn't laugh but what did she expect. Took a black cop to put her down obviously as any non black cops know if they do it - and it's entirely justified - it will be all over the msm.
  10. This thread is sorely lacking in non necessary pictures of dosbods blokes in various stages of undress trying to impress burds who don't post on here
  11. ccc

    Escape from LA

    His first documentary. Outrage at US jobs in the car industry offshored to Mexico. Well I never...
  12. ccc

    Escape from LA He's fully deranged.
  13. Think it was about 300 out of 700. But that's assuming the testing was accurate.