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  1. ccc

    Poll: Male sexual thoughts

    Chicks / blokes love that look.
  2. ccc

    Poll: Male sexual thoughts

    And when meeting a bloke for the first time ? Do you get the instant can't help it eyes up eyes down "would I" reaction ?
  3. ccc

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Again - TOS thread is a great example. I think aside from one rampant remainer all the rest have either came out finally and admitted it's for their own personal reasons - or they've let it slip. One of the most amusing aspects is the constant "I'm doing so fantastic out of brexit I may retire to my yacht tomorrow but I decide not to" remain chat. I don't believe a word of it.
  4. ccc

    Facebook falling

    I want to know why he got a knighthood.
  5. ccc

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I think on both sides in the "middle" most are pretty reasonable. It's at the extremes where you get the crazy ones. And even though I am a brexit voter - I find it difficult to think of many times I've heard a "hard" brexit supporter saying things that made me think they were batshit crazy. Remain side ? They seem to be all over the place.
  6. ccc

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Nutters on both sides. Like everything. But on this count remain is like Real Madrid playing Alloa Athletic. Just look at TOS thread as an example.
  7. ccc

    Question Time

    Just turned over for a laugh - lasted about 30 seconds. It's actually mental torture.
  8. ccc

    Carnivore diet

    Good way of putting it. I feel exactly the same. I'm working from home a lot just now and finding it very easy to do a couple of days 17-18 hours with absolutely nothing. I find I can get to noon or so with barely thinking of food. When in the office? Complete opposite. As you say - it's just habit.
  9. ccc

    Waitrose Rename a Sandwich Because It's Sexist

    "Wish all these burds would stop burning their bras - fucking idiots. I could have been a housewife - would be amazing. This lot will all be big lesbians with no children and nothing better to do with their time" A quote from my burd. Just now. When telling her these two stories. This is what your "normal" burd thinks ify all this nonsense.
  10. ccc

    Bye bye Treason May?

    This is the same argument brought up by remainers. They both fail to note that as people get older their entire "Let's all live happily ever after and the world will be such a wonderful place" attitude gets worn away by reality. The actual brainwashing in schools these days is pretty extreme though. Luckily lots still see through it.
  11. ccc

    Bye bye Treason May?

    The SNP don't want another referendum soon as they know they won't win it.
  12. ccc

    Waitrose Rename a Sandwich Because It's Sexist The correct response - that would have probably got about 95% support from the public - their CUSTOMERS - would be shut up and stop whining.
  13. ccc

    trans madness

    That's a bit of a coincidence.
  14. ccc

    trans madness

    Yep the testosterone thing sounds like total bullshit. People like Semenya are a different story. Theirs is not a choice. So whilst I see her smashing what look like wee girls in races - I can see the other side of it. For those who were born a bona fide bloke physically ? Nah. I don't agree they can just take hormones then go out and compete against women. Totally unfair. But I do want one to - and then come out to say he was just making a point whilst holding up a suitcase rammed with cash.