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  1. Exactly. He paid for it for the thrill and the lack of bullshit he would normally get for simply wanting his boab sucked. Here's $60. Suck it then fuck off. Thanks. Didn't quite work out mind
  2. ccc

    Identify film quote

    Was it a film about pegging ?
  3. "I'm totally heterosexual"
  4. I am glad the bloke is dead. It benefits society. What's not to like. Indeed.
  5. The person did something to stop the dick continuing to cause people hassles and stress. He also couldn't operate his brakes properly was doing a Wheely and didn't have a helmet on. My sympathy for him is less than zero. The world is a better place without him.
  6. People should be allowed to openly chase and run over these scumbags. Then reverse over them to ensure they are removed from society permanently. And then given a medal and bought a pint.
  7. A hard Brexit will mean Britons in the EU have to buy insurance from firms in the country they live in, even if they would prefer not to, or struggle to speak the local language. fucking incredible.
  8. Because they do it. Not me. I'm just pointing it out.
  9. As others have said it's culture not skin colour. How many people on here have ever had an issue with for example Malaysians on here ? They are both brown and Muslim. But nobody seems to have issues with them.
  10. What perhaps 1 or 2 out of hundreds ? That's just society in general. I just don't see the big deal.
  11. Yes only two ? They are all there to see right now.
  12. The reason certain subjects come up on here a lot is simply because it's one of the few places left you are "allowed" to discuss certain subjects without immediately being told you are Hitler the second. It's just Hunan nature that's all. And even with that - every time I've been in a discussion like this I've gone and looked at all the threads on the first page on here and the number of these "popular" topics is actually quite low. And as of right now that's 2 topics out of over 30 on the subject of Islam / immigration etc. That's really not "taking over" the discussion on here by anyone's standards.
  13. I walked around Manchester in the dark and I wasn't raped !! Shame as I was quite horny at the time.
  14. I am from Yorkshire and I am a vegan.