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  1. One of my best mates uncle. Saw him on TV one time and asked my pal as he looked so like his brothers. Rather unexpectedly he replied yes he's our incredibly smart uncle.
  2. Not particularly. I just learn a bit of the local lingo and I am polite. That's all it takes.
  3. No it won't be. They will love me as per usual. It's very difficult being quite so popular as I am.
  4. Was in kefalonia last year was class. That was just one of my ten holidays last year.
  5. I have swam at Coldingham plenty before and it's not been too bad. Even spring time for surfing and it was decent. Chilly to get in at first of course.
  6. Oh yes I can hardly count the number of times I was attacked in Spain by people whose businesses and livelyhoods were dependent on me being there.
  7. Yep even in Berwick can be 17c or so this time of year.
  8. 8 just this morning. No offence - but are you actually retarded ?
  9. This has happened forever. They lease out places for 5 years thinking they will do well. Then realise they are in competition with a hundred other places on the same street. Then go bust and leave a year later. Watch any "new start in the sun" type show.
  10. Yep everything will be shut and all the Spanish business owners will just fuck off to the UK. Can I have the drugs you are on please - they seem amazing.
  11. I had over a week there after the UK changed their rules. Not a single plod seen. You need some new bait.
  12. So just looked at my flights. Both have about 50 seats already paid for and seats selected. Finger in air I would guess maybe 100 seats sold so just over half of flight. Can't see why the airline would cancel it. Would cost them money and hassle. Flying it even if zero people turned up would be a better option for them. I think we may be treated to some more real time live seethe in a few weeks.