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  1. ccc

    is joe root a batey boy

    I'm going for the bevvy.
  2. ccc

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Stokie if I am ever down your way I'm coming out for a pint. Or ten.
  3. ccc

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    You seem to think and plan too much when wasted. I just carry on till I fall asleep on a bench.
  4. ccc

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Thinking about this it's easy for folk who don't give a fuck and are quite confident (like myself) to say to others that are not just to grab their balls and go for it. Probably a bit unfair. But I do still think the general premise is true. How you go about it is another thing though. My top advice is learn not to give a fuck. Say something unexpected and watch everyone's faces be shocked. Then walk away and realise nothing has changed. It's an eye opener. I do it all the time. Just for amusement sometimes.
  5. ccc

    is joe root a batey boy

    I will be at game on Wednesday I shall ask him.
  6. ccc

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Fucking hell I skimmed through He just needs to grow some balls and get a bit of confidence / arrogance. FFS just fake it if it isn't you - and once a few fall for it - it will come naturally and then it's "real"
  7. ccc

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Apparently 4 poisoned - 1 dies. They would be better off using bleach or Drainol.
  8. ccc

    Trump's progress

    I've always thought considering others have previously "built the wall" his wording could have been better. Let's finish the wall. That sort of thing. It instantly changes what you think about the meaning. Aside from that. He's doing ok considering the almost complete opposition he gets.
  9. ccc

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    My choices of preference. (1) All this faffing leads to a no deal. All hell ensues. Yet two weeks later everyone realises it wasn't that big a deal and gets on with it. Damp squib. (2) The moaning fuckers manage to get a 2nd vote. Leave win by a larger margin. Someone who actually gives a fuck about it is in charge of our negotiations to leave and we do it properly.
  10. ccc


    Anyone who thinks the men in strip clubs are the ones in positions of power has not been in many of them. The strippers hold almost all the power compared to the punters imo. (Unless they have been forced into it etc but that's another angle)
  11. ccc

    Question Time

    What should have been said. No one ever talks about black on black slavery.
  12. This is two bods sparring for first time. Well apparently - although I think whilst not great - bloke in black shorts has done this before a good few times. Bloke in red shorts however is clearly spanking new to it. Compare to a couple of good fighters sparring / fighting. It's a completely different event altogether. Now they are wearing gloves and all. But if a bloke who was used to this scenario and comfortable in it - ended up defending himself outside a pub against some aggressive tool who had as much experience as Mr red shorts ? You can imagine the outcome.
  13. Unless I suppose you know how to fight and are also very fit. If so this would probably be the perfect scenario. Knacker them then batter them.
  14. Agreed. I don't see the point of doing any type of martial arts training if you don't at least occasionally leave the gym thinking fuck that was a sore one to the jaw or similar. It's also confidence and ability to relax. With just two years basic boxing experience I would be pretty chilled if someone (Non fighter) just started swinging at me. Instantly into position, hands up, light on toes - just the basics really. If they didn't know what they were doing I think I could quite easily give them a quick controlled smack on the nose to speed up their voluntary exit. Without that training ? I'd be shitting myself and swinging my arms around off balance like a useless maniac. See any YouTube of pavement dancing to see what it looks like. Hopefully I don't get a chance to try this out for real but if I do I will let the dosbods massive know how it turned out. Only few times I've been hit out and about they did it out of the blue then ran away. So wouldn't have made any difference anyway. I do feel a bit tougher though - and that would probably come across in attitude and the eyes. Possibly even better for self defence. A look saying very clearly - don't even bother.