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  1. Oh FFS now you're just being ridiculous.
  2. A duck duck go search provides some interesting neighbourly Information. I won't quote here as a live case. But yes - he seems like a lovely lad.
  3. What the actual fuck. The "airbrushing" discussed when this even occurred was the complete lack of description of this bloke due to the fact he was not white. Unless you have re written history - this is still very much the fact. The actual details of the story are another aspect entirely.
  4. What exactly did white bloke do wrong ? Argued with him ? Followed him ? Get stabbed in the neck ? That appears to be it. The only thing that's getting weaker is your defending of this scum bag. Yet this hasn't been mentioned yet ? It would surprise me very very much. Still wouldn't make much difference either way though.
  5. Well find us just one where loads of folk on here stuck up for the bloke actively carrying a knife and stabbing someone in the neck who hadn't laid a finger on them. Let is know how you get on.
  6. The only clear cut thing we know about the story is that - however aggressive we want to make the white guy out as - he didn't lay a finger on stabby black bloke. And stabby black guy had a knife on him and when he had an argument with a person who was also aggressive - he stabbed him 18 times. First in the neck. I know your not usually the first to play devils advocate with these types of story. But I honestly must be on another planet if I can understand where you and others are coming from here. Jesus Christ. It sounds like stabby yardy let's all act like wee tough gangsta type training FFS.
  7. Well that was an incredibly quick way to prove my point. Thanks all. Oh well that's fine then.
  8. Ok - when it comes to things like this - only one thing really makes people put their bollocks on the line. $$$$$ If the stabber has NOT got previous for assault, possession of a weapon , violence - whatever. I will pay £1000 to the charity of anyone caring to partake in this bets choice. If he does ? They do the opposite. Now let's see where the real feelings lie on this case. Everyone is welcome. Money - mouth.
  9. How do you know he walked away from the argument ? His first comment - so we are told - is telling the big bloke to get off at the next station for a Barney. He may well have said come through here lets sort it out. Are you related to this scum bag piece of shit or something ? I'm beginning to wonder........
  10. You mean the guy that didn't have a knife and didn't stab someone 15 times - the first one in the neck ? Wow. Wow. Wow. Who carries a knife and stabs someone else - the first blow - in the neck ?
  11. I've just got to raise this again. So you are comparing two white burds going into a country with widespread knowledge of horrendous attitudes to women and telling folk it will be great they are all so lovely - with a bloke getting on a train in Surrey with his young child ? Fucking hell. Fucking fucking hell. Fucking fucking fucking hell.
  12. Nope they were dumb to put themselves into the situation they did. And the folk who murdered them were utter scum who deserve everything that comes to them. What do you think of train bloke ?
  13. What I'm saying is I'm shocked folk are starting to defend the piece of absolute shit who stabbed a bloke to death* in front of his child. *this is agreed by both sides of the case so perfectly fine to state it. And yes. We are not being told or shown the whole story. And zero sound either to make a view on it.
  14. Sorry forgot to add - in front of his child. And because he had an altercation with someone else on a train. I'm actually speechless.