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  1. £120 ffs 97% accurate. So that's going to be a lot of false positives. Bit risky. You get that and I assume they have to send your details onto the track and trace nonsense.
  2. Spain has incredibly few solar panels on houses considering the climate. Asked my dad about it and apparently local government makes it very difficult. In bed with the big energy companies no doubt.
  3. ccc

    Macron doubles down

    I don't for a second believe he wouldn't pander to Islam if he could get away with it. He's a parachuted in global shill remember. But whilst the French can be arseholes they do go out in numbers and riot if things don't go their way. Fair play. He knows if he doesn't do this and instead panders to Islam - there will be a million angry french marching down the champs Elysees next week. My opinion anyway.
  4. It will have been viewed as more or less a training incident for the SBS. They knew it was just a pile of angry Nigerians chucking shite about and waving sticks. A semi "real" incident with very little danger. But better than the normal training stuff as variables out of their control.
  5. I would be a bit careful if I were you. You are sounding incredibly militant about this entire travel thing. And now you're putting up videos of people going around airports killing everyone. It's a computer game but still a bit Folk have been tracked and arrested for far less than this.....
  6. I did actually have a Guinness yesterday. First ever Was too bitter though - could only manage half. Where though... Could have been in my kitchen and in making this all up. Who knows !! This is because these countries are ruled by savages. What's it got to do with the DEADLY VIRUS ? This type of nonsense went on long before this covid nonsense appeared. This is the covid section of this site. If you want to complain generally about travel then fine but it should be in off topic not here
  7. The ones to actually clean yourself in are closed. It's just more control.
  8. This thing and most of the rest of the shite going on is being driven by too many women in positions od power + social media. I don't care if that sounds sexist - I think it's the truth.
  9. So I'm maybe being a bit dumb here - but what's the downside ?
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