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  1. Who is old dirty ? Anyway I ln general terms I don't think the combination I did is a big deal. Very confusing for my brain no doubt though
  2. ccc

    Owen Jones

    He hit someone and should be charged and found guilty of that and that's it. The rest is just pantomime. Have a read of this. Fucking outrageous. No proof required. Just as long as the judge "is sure" of something then that's it. In her ruling Judge Studd said that while it could not be proven Healy had been performing a Nazi salute in the photograph, she was "sure that [Healy] holds particular beliefs that are normally associated with the far right wing" Hoping something happens is perfectly acceptable. It's entirely different from inciting violence etc.
  3. I tried some for a laugh one night when I was reeking and on some of the sniff. Really didn't like the next few days. Just felt very dazed. Like in a haze. Weird. And I couldn't wank it was brutal I can see after that how they "work". But I don't think they really help the root causes. Long term usage seems a terrible idea.
  4. Hopefully they don't change my zero tax goalposts. The present version of my car has to pay tax apparently and it's on the newer updated "cleaner" EU standard
  5. Diesel is now the bad one when it didn't used to be. My car is the wrong euro standard. We won't even be in the EU so who knows. Just an excuse to fine more people.
  6. My car is so nice and friendly to the planet that I pay £0 cat tax. And it's 6 years old. However when Edinburgh introduces a "green" city centre regime - my car will be deemed too dirty and nasty to the planet that it won't be allowed in. And fined if I do. It's ridiculous.
  7. ccc

    Unusual Days Out

    It is a castle but it's fairly spectacular and you can camp just before the path that leads over to it. Well we did not sure if you're meant to. Dunotter castle. Good chance of the northern lights too if you time well.
  8. Probably better getting a nice big house in the sticks of NI. Corporation tax at 10% and 5 bed places available for £2-300k. Bit shooty but aside from that.
  9. Looks cracking. Aside from healthcare and the horrendous climate - lovely.
  10. ccc

    Curry thread

    As already said - just chill the rice quickly and reheat properly and your chances of getting sick from it are close to zero. People just don't do the above properly. That doesn't make it unsafe. I usually reheat in the microwave and add a little water whilst mostly covered to get it steaming again. Perfect.
  11. ccc

    Curry thread

    Good rice is incredibly easy to make - can be left steaming for an hour so timing is no issue - and can also be chilled quickly and good for a week.
  12. ccc

    Fuckin' Weather

    You clearly don't know much about people. They plan a BBQ after work even though the weather clearly states it will be pissing by rain by then. They also go out to work without a jacket coz it's sunny - when it's going to be pissing it down on their way home. They also sit most of their day on their phones so this information is available Instantly 24/7. I think there is a thread on here about these type of people.
  13. This been mentioned ? If this goes ahead the collective implosion of the Scottish nats and extreme remainers could cause earthquakes.
  14. These things will happen so not that crazy - well a little bit. It's only if she is actually selected that my foil hat shall be positioned.