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  1. ccc

    Brexit Betrayal thread The Irish passport angle is utter shite. That costs €80 and requires a lot of paperwork. Who the fuck would do that to save having to pay €7 every three years
  2. ccc

    ASA bans gender ads in UK

    We will never know unfortunately
  3. ccc

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I would totally agree about the personal details thing normally. However it was all public and from himself. You don't go on twatter with your actual full name replying to every famous person going and expect to remain anonymous ffs He just didn't want people joining up the hairy persona with the Twatter one. No idea why. His TOS persona was if anything slightly less nasty than his twatter one He also "outed" me on TOS for postings I've made over the years on another football chat site. That was a laugh. Seeing as I had regularly put links onto that football site on TOS to show examples of the average blokes feelings on house prices etc... I'm an open book and always have been. These sneaky online abusive types however can't handle that as they have all different personas all over the place. They very much want them to be kept completely separate. Still at it eh.
  4. ccc

    ASA bans gender ads in UK

    I'm not sure. Last year we had the 2nd highest official non EU immigration numbers on record. And from what I see most appear to work for Uber or in the local kebab shop. That's if they work at all. And all this whilst the Tories in power. They haven't just failed to stop what that cunt Blair started - they appear to have actually accelerated it.
  5. ccc

    Chelsea racists

    Not quite true iirc. The Yids themselves were told to cut this out as well - and they have been singing it more themselves as a result. Fair play to them.
  6. ccc

    Beautiful Old Buildings

    If so that's a bit of a shame.
  7. ccc

    ASA bans gender ads in UK

    Yep that was the turning point imo. Not saying if the Tories had stayed in power it would have been much different. The last decade has proven that beyond any doubt. It's still a line in the sand of shitness though.
  8. ccc

    ASA bans gender ads in UK

    We are already past it. And that's not being negative. I'm generally an extremely positive person. But there's no point denying it. Nearly everything is turning - rather quickly - to utter shit.
  9. ccc

    Beautiful Old Buildings

    The Dean bridge in Edinburgh isn't exactly a "building" but I think it's worthy anyway. You can walk right under it if ever up here along the water of Leith. Amazing to look up at. So simple and solid. It brings in a huge amount of traffic every single day from the west of Edinburgh. Yet I can't in my entire life remember any time it had scaffolding up on it for any type of structural work. It's almost 200 years old. Built by Thomas Telford. One of his final projects. Genius is an over used word. But that bloke fully deserves it imo.
  10. ccc

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Well I didn't think it was possible for them to become bigger cunts. Looks like they have managed it. I won't even bother pointing out my issue with the story.
  11. ccc

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Two. First one - some other random poster - think it could have been hairy on the wind up - kept on posting pics of some naked porn star. I eventually - like many others - quoted them and stated they probably shouldn't be doing that. I got banned for "posting offensive pictures". What the actual fuck. I replied and asked how this as fair ? Zero response. Second one - stating private details of a poster. I posted details of a public twitter account - that was public - with public details of this person - they publicly showed to the entire world happily - with their full name present. Now technically I suppose the second one was correct. The first one - total bullshit. Anyway - worth it.
  12. ccc

    Broken nose

    A GA is not something they do lightly - sounds a lot of hassle. If we didn't squander the NHS money on every Tom dick and Harry from across the globe that should have been seen to within days. Total joke. Best of luck to him. Don't think so. He really should go get it seen to. Brutal but they left him open to do it. You could see him getting his elbow ready.
  13. ccc

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    So amusing when he realised I knew who he was. His attempts to squirm out of it were hilarious. The amount you can find out about someone is incredible. Worth TOS ban
  14. ccc

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I will just add an example for reference. The Twatter of Hairy from TOS. He must be the classic batshit loony remoaner. In the past 24 hrs he has tweeted or replied to the following. Talk about "Look at me look at me !!". It's fucking tragic. Treason May Terry Christian Andrea Leadsom Deborah Meadon MP Nick Bowles Dara O Briain Laura Kuensberg Gerard Batten Piers Morgan Twatter really was invented for folk like him. A narcissists dream.
  15. ccc

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I think she won the vote tonight and got whoops from most of her bench as most of them are remainers - and know she has zero interest in anything like a real brexit. Turkey's and Christmas. Good timing.