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  1. Its her attitude that's the issue - not particularly what she did.
  2. I'm one to break rules. And I wouldn't drive into a run like this burd did. However if I did and was cornered ? I would at least have the self respect to pretend I don't know and apologise profusely of my innocence. To do that and then tell the bloke he would have to contact the place I was meant to go ? With zero indication I've done anything wrong ? Beggars. Utter self entitled cunt.
  3. "You can phone the workshop" What an utter utter cunt of a woman. Needs a slap.
  4. It also has no impact in rents. Millions of people arriving in a crowded country immediately saying "Tell me where I can live and how much rent I have to pay" has absolutely no impact on rent levels. None. Zero. Am I doing this right ?
  5. This isn't so much the So-Called BBC as the police but they still report with no questions asked as per usual. So apparently we are to believe that when asked for a description of her attacker - the alleged victim could tell details like if he had shaved or not. A fairly precise height. A detailed description of clothing. His body shape. And a pretty accurate age range. However when the police asked if his skin colour was like Rab C Nesbitt, Michael Jordan, Jackie Chan or ghandi - her mind drew a complete blank. Along with zero recollection of his accent as well. This utter bullshit really must stop. This is actually endangering other women by continuing this PC nonsense. I will quite happily stand corrected if it turns out I've got this wrong. Chances are slim though. The description makes no logical sense. The lack of "White male with local accent" tells you all you require.
  6. ccc

    Smoking Hot Gingers

    You need to read more on the mysteries of Mick Hucknal. He's apparently a king shagger who has done so many incredible burds George Best would be jealous. Fair dos to the ginger cunt
  7. Well if my experience of the stuff is anything to go by they will have zero memory of what actually happened the next morning - but be shown many a photo of them having the time of their life. Its memory eraser.
  8. Now I'm peddling fake news !!
  9. Released on the 9th of APRIL.... D D D D D D
  10. ccc

    Royal Wedding or Cup Final.

    This is also uncanny. Phil the same age. Basically everyone thinks all us gingers look the same. Fucking wascist cunts !!
  11. I've noticed little interest aside from what the TV tell us.
  12. ccc

    Places you'd like to visit

    Yes please !!
  13. ccc

    Places you'd like to visit

    Airdrie. Middlesbrough. Merthyr Tydfil. In that order.
  14. I've two today. Strange this. For all their love in of all things lbgtixwv - the So-Called BBC have for some reason squirrelled this away on a back webpage. I wonder why..... Long story. On three people from differing backgrounds who are going to the royal wedding. One veteran amputee. Another born with amputee issues. The third learning difficulties. So what tagline from this huge choice do they go for ? "I get to go to the royal wedding and Donald Trump doesn't" Utter utter cunts.
  15. ccc


    And Geordies are actually Jocks.