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  1. Islamification of Europe

    I think there are a lot of "token" Muslims in the UK. Stick with it mainly due to family etc. More tradition than religion. But like the odd drink and pork pie. I've worked with a few.
  2. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    Some people really are brainwashed.
  3. Language course would be useful and interesting ?
  4. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Completely nullifies the entire point of having it
  5. Islamification of Europe

    She got roundly taken apart though. Good to see a large number of "Brown" people saying fuck these IS scum. Good to see. Nothing to do with skin colour imo. All to do with attitudes and values.
  6. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    I'm all for a very basic CI. Nothing more.
  7. Islamification of Europe

    She probably would have personally greeted them at border control with a baton in her hand. A Tunnocks teacake and black pudding.
  8. Islamification of Europe

    Yes he is. It's actually ok to watch. Majority clearly on the side of let them rot. Maybe there is hope for the UK afterall ? The anger and fear of speaking out could be bubbling over.
  9. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Benefits. Contrary to popular belief - the US spends vast sums on this.
  10. Islamification of Europe

    Burd talking about re integration Glimmer of hope. The bloke saying they're not welcome here is getting lots of support and applause. Far more than the opposing view.
  11. Islamification of Europe

    BBC big questions on now. Question "Should all IS returnees to Britain be punished?" What the fuck. Why is this even being questioned.
  12. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    Banned for the truth. How very 1984.
  13. Tremor South Wales?

    Not true. Each single number up on the scale is double the energy released. The above is from my brain and Google was not utilised so may be incorrect.
  14. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    The problem with our Brendan is he does this whilst looking extremely creepy. A big no no. He needs to work on that. And buy some crusty rolls. Maybe some eyebrow work ...
  15. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    It is claimed that Mr Cox drunkenly harassed a female employee at the charity in London, forcing her against a wall outside a bar, holding her by the throat and telling her: ‘I want to f*** you.’ This is almost textbook planning of how to pull burds on here