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  1. Soft lad

    Starting your own business

    That's pretty good though?
  2. Soft lad

    Good computer tools for your trade

    I use this
  3. Soft lad

    O2 network down

  4. Soft lad

    O2 network down

    Software issue
  5. Soft lad

    O2 network down
  6. Soft lad

  7. Soft lad

    The Germany is fucked thread

    its like the wrestling.
  8. Soft lad

    Beware, the Twatterati.

    check out the comments
  9. the antidote to all this is to show kindness.
  10. Soft lad

    Black Friday deals

    any good?
  11. Soft lad

    Have I been radicalised?

    The demon + an angel on each shoulder comes from Christian Theology. Demons + angels are real things that can manipulate our thoughts, so the theology goes. But it is the self that decides what to do. The human is the only animal which can decide what to do. Become more angelic or more demonic. Lord of The Rings is fundamentally a Christian work. Gollum is the character who was a Hobbit but got overwhelmed by the demons and lost the self which makes decisions. So he speaks in the third person "don't let them hurt us precious "
  12. Soft lad

    Islamification of Europe

  13. Soft lad

    Have I been radicalised?

    its the ale.