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  1. Soft lad

    Sausage theme park fails because Brexit

    Nothing to worry about. The Greggs theme park will be ready soon.
  2. Soft lad

    What a woman
  3. Soft lad

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    If this guy could talk I bet he'd tell you a few tales.
  4. Soft lad

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    this is from last year but yesterday the guy got 24 months in the jail. BBC had a story yesterday that said he filmed her dying. Seems to have been removed now.
  5. Soft lad

    What a woman

  6. Soft lad

    What a woman

    Thats why use poetry to get these ideas over.
  7. Soft lad

    Fuck the EU

  8. Soft lad

    What a woman

    it was during his conversion. first he realised that you need the meta physical to make society/the world work.
  9. Soft lad

    What a woman

    That's what CS lewis said.
  10. Soft lad

    What a woman

    cool people make the world a cold place.
  11. Soft lad

    What a woman

    of course you should be very angry about that. I am . doesn't mean you throw the baby out with the bath water. Things have to be corrected which I think they have been. Looks like the peados have moved to charitys. fraud + corruption is still a problem. The devil can go anywhere.
  12. Soft lad

    What a woman

    there's alot more to it.
  13. Soft lad

    What a woman

    but look how quickly things fall apart with out the transcendental. See dobods thread for one example.
  14. Soft lad

    What a woman