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  1. think this has got to be a joke. Don't know nowadays
  2. not suspicious https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-54629771
  3. A couple I now of doing well. 1, went into pizza restaurant in S London. I was the only person in there. Spoke to the owner and he said he's making more money than he ever has because of takeaway/delivery. 2, Serviced apartments are doing ok because hotels have shutdown they are getting all the key workers that were previously staying in hotels.
  4. Iceland PM keeps her cool. It was fuck all. Why bother putting the clip up.
  5. didn't realise @Bedrag Justesenwas a man of the cloth.
  6. reminds me of Private Frazers (from Dads army) tale of his mate getting cursed by a witch or something. After telling it, the rest of the gang say 'so what happened to him?' Farzer says 'Aye he died..... he was 82'
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