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  1. I think you'll be surprised how many people will still believe the propaganda even after it's clearly proved to have been false. The alternative would be for these people to admit they were wrong, and were hoodwinked by the Government. Given the choice between being seen to be a moron, or digging in and continuing to look for any 'evidence' that supports them, their ego will put up one hell of a fight
  2. Was out and about today and needed to grab a McDs just to keep me going. Walked into the ‘restaurant’ behind two uniformed PCs grabbing their lunch. They masked up, in fact everyone else in there did too. I stood in the queue next to them sans mask and waited for it... they didn’t say a thing. Was a bit disappointed frankly!
  3. Thanks for the in-depth info (as normal for the DOSBODS collective). I think i'll go for a smarty sim as it's unlimited: https://smarty.co.uk/data-sim Any recommendations for a good myfi router to buy?
  4. It might be very doable.... if the great vaccination program is indeed the mass extinction event, then by 2030 there might only be 500 million of us. Piece of piss to make all new cars electric then to cover demand.
  5. Anyone ever tried a broadband solution that DOESN'T involve having a cable into the house? Maybe a 4G myfi box, or satellite connection? Any advice what I should look for?
  6. Why are you all fucking complying with this bollocks? Just go about your daily life ignoring the lockdown. The more compliant we are as a nation, them more things they'll dream up to make us have to comply with. This second lockdown isn't here because some people didn't so what they were told in the first, it's here because most people did!
  7. And great source of food if things get too bad ;-)
  8. You can't do that - we all promised her we'd never share them
  9. Sure, but that’s mostly due to all the fancy electronics in the Range Rover, eloquent RR sport etc. The defender is nothing but ‘barn door engineering’ o wheels. If something breaks you normally just need a mallet or an angle grinder
  10. I think I’d rather catch the covid and die than be seen behind the wheel of that monstrosity. Man that’s an ugly ugly car!
  11. Maybe. What would be the reasons to choose that over the defender?
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