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  1. I've been doing keto for 4 weeks now. Down from 100kgs to 93.9 -with no additional gym work or any increase in other exercise. Basically it seems weight is just dropping off me if i keep my carbs under about 50g a day. So just under stone in a few weeks - it's like magic FYI i'm still able to do my strength training sessions too (not dropped any ability to lift etc). Benching 5 reps at 100kg at the moment, so looks like i'm not losing the muscle either! I'll be on the cover of mens health by the end of the year ;-)
  2. I thought a "Ewbank" was a Welsh Glory Hole?
  3. I had the utter delight in thrashing her in a public debate on our EU membership. The best bits were when I gave rebuttals to her bogus economic theories and have the assembled crowd laughing at her. Happy days
  4. why not Council tax set at 0.5% of the property value per year. Then people might not be so keen on HPI - and it'd be fairer way of taxing. Plus if you're elderly and living in a mansion, more reason to downsize and free up housing stock Buy my maths most homes under about 300k would be better off
  5. I don't care. Milka chocolate is divine, they can do whatever they like as far as I'm concerned! (The one with almonds in it is quite simply the nicest thing i've ever put in my mouth)
  6. The problem with the "they're only having a laugh / a bit of a dare" mindset is that if you let them get away without any punishment (either by the public lamping them to the ground, or plod arresting them) then they'll continue to escalate it as they've not met any resistance, and i'd rather they got a whack now, then a 9mm from a copper's G36 in a years time. Little shits like that need boundaries - they've probably never been told "no" in their lives, and will go on to become involved in serious criminal activity unless brought into line. Ideally quite harshly. ==== *apols, meant Glock - the G36 fires 5.56 doesn't it - amateur mistake
  7. Disagree. If one of those kids on a bike ran into an elderly person, or fell off and landed on a kid - they're off to hospital. Riding those bikes in a supermarket is a full on assault, and i'd have defended myself and been pushing those cunts into the shelves then stamping on their wheels to bend them out of shape. Then as soon as one of them took a swing it'll be game over for them
  8. I'm with @Roger_Mellie if i'd been in that store i'd have absolutely fucking twatted all of them. Riding like that in a closed environment is an assault, and taking them down is defence. However first thing I'd have done is find something solid and long, and shoved it in the spokes of the front wheels. Little fucking twats Pathetic store workers also. Man up you bunch of cunts "ohh it's not my job to do that..." tit's this attitude that's how they get away with it.
  9. Does this mean you can now see as normal - e.g. short and long distance? Or did fixing the short issue bugger up when you're looking at things far away ?
  10. this classic from our local paper: A Bournemouth Councillor makes racist tweets, then claims she's "15% Jewish" Clearly an attendee of the Dianne Abbott school of mathematics
  11. I post this one to the facebook wall of single female friends who are turning 40... one of them unfriended me
  12. I doubt Nigel is keen on a public agreement between cons and TBP - mainly as TBP's best chances are in the north and North-East amongst the old Labour vote. If TBP is seen as helping Boris and the Tories, then it'll not go well for them there after all I'm not saying there wouldn't be a select pact mind you!
  13. I presume you took the appropriate precautions when shagging his mum?
  14. OK as indicated on the other thread - i've looked into this (not deeply) and the best options seems to be: Setup new company in place like Seychelles or Saint Kits & Nevis (where you have to lodge $35k to even start legal action) Say company shares are 51% you, remaining 49% divided up by the offspring. Company is held in a double-blind trust. So if anyone does every find out the directors name, it's not yours. Though shares held in secret there show ownership to you and offspring with instructions that your shares go to offspring in the event of death Buy property in the UK through the company (granted stamp duty is 15% for this type) That way no one will ever know the identity of the person that owns the company that bought it. Double bonuses: if you ever want to sell the house, you don't sell it. The buyer just takes control of the company you created (no stamp duty ever again) If you still hold the company when you die, then it's not listed as an asset - so you pass it on to the kids without death taxes
  15. Same as @swiss_democracy_for_all too please! however I'd have thought that buying it through a family trust would suffice - though granted you'd get stuffed for stamp duty at about 15% - though you'd never have to pay it on that property again (as next time you sell the company that owns it - not the actual property) Set up shares 51/49 you/him, then he gets it when you die without any death duties either Happy to be updated on this though!