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  1. Top TV Themes

    For years i've collected a playlist of TV Themes - mainly for use at parties as a quiz. Trust me - it's actually a really good laugh to see people who's different ages may span 20 years get so excited about old TV they remember Of course its also amusing when one person correctly guesses "Baywatch!" and then gets laughed at by everyone else. Her's my list if you want to track them down PS - i order them like this (by length) so people don't get extra clues as you would if it were alphabetical
  2. You can't 'give' offence, it can only be 'taken'
  3. Tommy punches a migrant in Italy

    Someone should stand in front of a copper and hit a muslim with a stick - then compare speed of arrest and reaction... y'know, just to prove the muzzles aren't getting treated differently
  4. Who do you think actually did it then?
  5. Clif High

    Ignore if you're not in the Crypto space... But does anyone buy his reports? If so, what do you think of them?
  6. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Can we not just go all 'mumsnet' and refer to him as DNGP from now on? You are Dianne Abbot and I claim my £5
  7. Default

    Hope they get another 19 months interest free period on another card when this one ends then...
  8. Default

    Not sure... though if it's down to 50bn and we're paying more than that in debt interest - then boom! Job done
  9. Default

    So if, as reported last week, the UK is no longer running a deficit -isn't now the perfect time for a sovereign default?
  10. excellent adverts

    well if you will play with a tinky winky...
  11. New Car Registrations

    the purpose of the new style indicators is to show everyone that you have a new car. Most cars now don't look any different from previous models, so you need another way for oneupmanship
  12. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    In that scenario I imagine thousand of millennials complaining about losing their 'right' to twitter... and then wondering why it was getting colder... probably bloodyTory cuts I expect ;-)
  13. Telford, twinned with Rotherham

  14. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    What's the betting some of this nerve agent is found in Speakers Corner this weekend and any planned speeches have to be cancelled as the area is sealed off?