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  1. Bollocks, I bet he's just a DOSBODs reader and has nicked @JoeDavola's plan to hit on them in churches
  2. He's a Teller, not a canvasser (those people who ask to see your card on the way in)
  3. Well if we're doing an award at the end of the year for "Thread title that looked promising but ended up hugely disappointing" then i vote for this one!
  4. I think you're missing out on the original joke ;-)
  5. No, he was only renting it ;-)
  6. Unfortunately though, you can't really vote for him as he's #2 on the UKIP list behind Laurence Webb (who's a complete carpet-bagging twat)... frankly neither of them are on course to get a seat, so it's a wasted vote Brexit Party for me
  7. This is like a game of 'Equalities Top Trumps' - i'll just sit back and wait to see which group is the most protected... Popcorn!
  8. Deutsche Bank is the underpinnings of the entire EU project. This is huge news (i've been watching it's share price since 2013). When that goes, the ability of German manufacturers to develop, build and export goes down with it. Wish it'd hurry the fuck up and die Huge.
  9. Why can’t we just enter a song next year called “so long, farewell, go fuck yourselves we’re taking our 39 billion and we’re off, good luck with all the muzzles” i mean, it’s not as if it could actually do any worse is it? ... we’d probably get 24 points form Russia and Poland!
  10. It’ll be BRX for me, but reckon you need to add UKIP into the poll -at least on here anyway!
  11. So what? So Nigel’s got a friend who’s minted who wants to pay for nice stuff. Wish I had a mate like that. ‘Funny how you never hear the left complaining about Karl Marx is it? He never had a job in his life and was bankrolled by a wealthy friend.. but that’s perfectly fine of course
  12. is this the same Corbyn who wants 16 year olds to be allowed the vote? Mmmmm wonder if that's just a coincidence?
  13. Coming 'an honourable 5th place' means the grand sum of fuck all in politics. So my vote will go toward the anti-Eu party which is most likely to win, thus The Brexit Party. We need a solid victory to show that the UK still wants to leave. Anything short of that will be played by the MSN as a desire to Remain. Sad, but true
  14. If it was really meant to enforce immigration (rather than try to convince voters they are doing something about it) Why is it only written in English?