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  1. If I were you i'd ditch the requirement for a built-in DVD drive, and just buy a large screen tablet instead. The days of 'proper' laptops are coming to an end! Especially if all you're doing is a bit of surfing, email and porn
  2. You won't be able to eat Pizza anymore if we don't get a deal ;-)
  3. This is all bollocks. This woman just wants to feel that her life here is important and that she’s in control. In reality it’s neither Look at what this birth strike does for her. Firstly it lets her think she’s somehow helping to save the planet. Big ego tick. Don’t worry, you’re not a talentless musician that no one will remember in 10 years, you’re like a superhero saving us all.... er.... And what about not having kids? The reality is she’s probably sulking over a string of ex’s pumping and dumping her and not wanting to commit. Something which she’s beginning to panic about as the wall is getting larger and she hears the ‘tick tick, tick tock’ grow louder in her belly. So her subconscious has managed to convince her that it’s her choice to not get pregnant, it’s her choice to not let a man do that to her... not all all because no decent bloke wants to, oh no. Ergo, she’s in control of her body and saving the world. Not that her life to date has been insignificant and she’s about to start losing what little attractiveness she has left.
  4. the last few weeks of posts on this page is why the left are winning (or at least have been) Set the right-wingers against each other by suggesting if someone is, or is not a Jewish conspirator .. then let them argue about that detail rather than concentrating on the bigger picture. Grow the fuck up all of you and take this stupid argument somewhere else. What happens in Court over the next week is far to important to get sidelined.
  5. Personally i'm looking forward to when the EU economy implodes and takes us down with it... Then we all get to say "I told you so" and it'll be almost impossible to find anyone prepared to admit they voted to stay!
  6. Either that or it was the mother of all Shit Tests, and she's gagging to jump your bones now...
  7. Told you ;-) Well done to the Hindu in charge at Google and YouTube!
  8. So does Stokie's.. well, in the way that there always seem to be a load of crazy women dancing around the end of it
  9. Guys, this thread (and the DOSBODS collective) should happily be able to cope with a bit of pushback and an alternative view. After all, most of what we normally think would be considered 'alternative'. So I warmly welcome @Deluded Old Scrapper Bird, and would politely request we keep the "Fuck offs" to people who express a positive opinion of Owen Jones, or think Dianne Abbot "has got a point".... whether or not they bring a smiley face in the first place Having a higher percentage of X Chromosomes won't do us any harm... and it'll make Topless Fridays' a bit more fun now won't it? You have told her about Topless Fridays - right?
  10. Actually no, you have it the wrong way around. The gist of this thread is that women should go after men who have higher standards. Such things as having respect for women, having a decent education, a good - if boring - job, and the ability to provide for them and any children. But of course many (if not all) of these types of men are not arrogant ripped gym bunnies, and thus can't be used by their girlfriends to show off to their friends with. Ergo they have a 'low status' in the eyes of most females, who would far prefer to be with a Brad Pitt look-a-like even if he was a penniless drug abuser, an alcoholic or violent toward them... But he makes her friends jealous, and that's all that matters. I'm afraid you are reaping what you have sowed.
  11. So Tom Watson thinks that the CEO of Google, A US Citizen who happens to have been born in India (and is probably a Hindu), is going to close down the account of a man famous for criticising Pakistani rape gangs? er... Surely Tom doesn't look at all brown-coloured men and think they're the same does he?