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  1. #ReleaseTheMemo aka Watergate on steroids

    I don't think that definitely-not-gay Putin is the real villain in all of this. Yes, he has his interests and is clearly pursuing them in any way that he can - much of it seems to be due to the greed and/or stupidity of many in politics and the media here in the West rather than really sinister Jame Bond villain style attempts to rule the world. I haave no doubt that he can be ruthless as and when needed for his interests. If the Uranium One stuff all turns out to be true then so far, from the Russian POV, it does look like they were merely capitalising on greed and/or stupidity of certain poitical types in the US to get themselves a really, really good business deal. It is not as if definitely-not-gay Putin sent in SPETNAZ in the middle of the night to sneak out the uranium. They did a business deal, handed over money and basically bought something - capitalism. Of course, the real issue with Uranium One is what the people on the US end of it were doing, why they were doing it and whether it was legal or could be considered as being treasonous?
  2. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    Does anyone have a link to the Daily Mail interview with him? They have just updated their main page and, bizarrely, their major scoop video is now missing? A lot of people have sad, lonely lives and they attach themselves to certain people, build them up as messiahs in the hope that they will oneday get some mention - a tweet perhaps - from their messiah.
  3. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    People like that can only exist in a tolerant Western democracy but many people like that appear to fail to understand this. In many other countries on the planet such behaviour would result in serious injury, perhaps prison and, in quite a few countries, a gruesome death. They can be the way they want because men with guns - usually the type of people they rage against - are guarding the wall. Or, rather, used to guard the wall.
  4. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    His twitter feed is fascinating as there are people, even now, trying to defend him - what does that say about them? - but they are getting destroyed. Here's a random one that caught my eye.
  5. #ReleaseTheMemo aka Watergate on steroids

    Trump has been in a twitter row with a Facebook VP who let slip that the majority of the Russian ads came AFTER the US election - i.e against Trump.
  6. Yes. As I keep saying the day will come when they will be begging for Western men to come save them and either there won't be any left or they will just not give a feck.
  7. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Yes, at the end I believe they established that it identifies as a male despite being biologically born a female. But, hey, the video is a few months old so things might have changed in the meantime.
  8. That will be when all thw Jews, disabled and LGBTQ are exterminated I would suspect the way things are going. This is fundamental but so many of the libtards are in enormous denial about it.
  9. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    Would not surprise me if sometime this week the Mail has an interview with the woman in the US who filed the report against him.
  10. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    The Daily Mail has a history of following up such Mail scoops on Sunday with bigger scoops early in the week. There could be more to come.
  11. Mass shooting Florida

  12. Tremor South Wales?

    Best way to go in a thermonuclear war. You've probably just used up your napping whilst the world ends card though.
  13. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    It is an American thing isn't it - confess your guilt, seek forgiveness, go in for some therapy to some retreat and then reinvent yourself as the champion against the very thing that you were discovered to be a predator of, drug addict of, whatever, whatever. It's not even just an American thing anymore is it as it crossed the Atlantic many years ago for celebs. You know those celeb restaurants where they cover the walls in photos of the famous who have ate in them? I wonder if there are photos of celebs covering the walls of rehab places from the Home Counties to Hollywood and select places inbetween?