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  1. That puts Mike in line for a job at a public sector organisationn of his choice.
  2. Is he the tall blonde one on the left?
  3. You did see the photos of our politicians attending weddings of Indian billionaires didn't you?
  4. Q needs to tell us what colour boxer shorts Trump is wearing. Then we get Trump standing at the top of the steps of AF1 and his trousers fall to the ground. That would confirm it. Or would it. Trump probably wears solid gold boxers every day of the week except Sundays.
  5. Interesting little video about this painting.
  6. I suspect they are emails with documents or images attached. Each item being a separate indictment. So it looks enormous but probably is not that important in number but rather in whatever is said within them. Or it could be nothing.
  7. Needs to lose the first minite of that video. I suspect most will not watch even the first 10 seconds. Shame really. People want a nice tune.
  8. I suspect that if you sat down with her and talked her through it that the denial would be suffocating. These ideologues are frightening.
  9. No. I also wonder how we get your size.
  10. Did she really? Well, well, well.
  11. Sounds like another move to silence anyone who questions islam. Free speech and our democracy are under full scale attack. TPTB seem too scared to confront or do anything about islamic extremism so now they are going after anyone who puts up a hand and asks why this is happening.
  12. I think Carl is hinting for a birthday pressie. Let's have a whip round and buy him this.