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  1. Long but interesting. Listen to it as a radio broadcast.
  2. This is going to sound wacky - I think the EU is going to offer NZ EU membership. It would be a move out of the blue and designed to screw Brexit. Oz would say no and the US would not want it but NZ... is a woke and cucked nation. Ideal EU material.
  3. The twitterati are not happy.
  4. Massage therapist who accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault dies
  5. Neighbour of mine goes out twice a year to SA. I ask him if he is worried about these things. He has not a clue that they are happening. I do wonder if Graham Norton still has his holiday home in Cape Town? It briefly became a gay celeb haunt it seemed. Although I do wonder how much of that was PR marketing for Cape Town just like Dubai gets celebs to market itself? Maybe lots of strong, athletic dark skinned males appealled to a certain pale UK demographic. The horror that this woman and her baby went through does not bear thinking about.
  6. Yes, I see what you mean. Just let the alligator loose on a plane so that the kids can play with it whilst mum & dad, or whatever they self-identify as, have a gin and a kip.
  7. There's no incentive to - public funded bottomless trough. Plus when you employ people on the basis of the language they speak rather than ability first perhaps you are not getting the best?
  8. Oh, give it time. Has there not been an S4C version of one of the baking programmes? Sianel Pedwar Heck has had 40 or so years making the programmes that others make but in Welsh. You have to keep the same tiny pool of Welsh speakers in Welsh TV land fully employed.
  9. BBC One Wales is not giving us the delights of Sue Perkins in Japan but a programme about Gareth Thomas and his HIV. Not that I am watching it.
  10. We have discussed this before on various flu threads. You are more than free to do so again. But for those who do get a shot this is just a reminder to get their shot.