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  1. Senior WHO Official Cuts Off Interview When Reporter Implies Taiwan Isn’t Part Of China A senior World Health Organization official appeared to pretend he couldn’t hear a reporter and then cancelled the call when she implied Taiwan was a separate country from China.
  2. Interesting bit in this about a NHS radiographer worried about not having the right protection but being told to trust the policy.
  3. Politics. The NY Governor and Mayor are both Dems. The Governor's brother is a US news anchor. I suspect there is a lot of spin for Dem politicians by Dem biased media. I was referring to France but take your point.
  4. I suspect it is because they have worked out how many key people they have - medics, police, military, power plant workers, etc, etc and, of course, politicians. By the time they do those sums then they need a big chunk of the drug for them. That is the most likely reason the drug has mysteriously vanished.
  5. There's a lot in one tin. Don't worry, I suspect they will be eaten before the night is over.
  6. He is saying that the best chance they have currently is the malaria drug but that the stocks have disappeared / been stolen. He references some of the stuff that the Chinese have said about the malaria drug. He says that people are talking about more complicated/expensive treatements but they do not have them now but they did have the malaria drug and they have gone.
  7. If that turned out to be true people like Macron would be lynched. I think the South Koreans and Singapore are the most honest sources of info in all of this. In that video I posted earlier the South Korean doctor said they were investigating the malaria drug.
  8. I read in another article about a recent death in Wales that autopsies are going to be a minimum of 6 weeks. Which suggests, to me, that they are not going to ever get around doing them. Or intend to leave the bodies for so long that there is no risk of infection. I imagine a lot of people will die from the virus but there will be no confirmation, just suspicions. If it was the virus then I hope his young family are not infected. He was also a chef which would raise questions of food handling. Does any of it matter though - we are all going to get it or have to get it.
  9. Only 27. Young dad died three days after falling ill with what he thought was a cold Thomas Davies was a 'devoted' father to his four-year-old son and 10-day-old baby
  10. The plight of rough sleepers in Wales as services close their doors and streets are left deserted