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  1. The Masked Tulip

    Football star goes missing over English channel.

    Then it would be G and not N. Nor would the FAA be sticking their nose in. The trust or rich person that owns it will have registered it as being based at X and when they registered it, in the US, the physical geographical location could be pretty much anywhere.
  2. The Masked Tulip

    Football star goes missing over English channel.

    N-reg aircraft are numerous in the UK and across Europe. They are usually owned by trusts or by rich people. The US reg means that they can, allegedly, circumvent UK and EU regs which some consider more restrictive, and more costly, than the FAA rules. Think of flag of convenience re shipping.
  3. The Masked Tulip

    Football star goes missing over English channel.

    The weather forecast last night was showing a large band of heavy snow across South Wales from basically the Severn as far West as Swansea and north to the Beacons. If the pilot was alive it would be interesting asking him what his plan was if, upon reaching his destination, visibility made it impossible to land and/or if Cardiff was closed.
  4. The Masked Tulip

    Football star goes missing over English channel.

    Single engine aircraft - check. Single pilot - check. Widest part of the Channel to cross - check. Bitterly cold sea temperatures - check. No survival suits - check. Night time - check. Icing conditions already reported earlier at 3,000 feet - check. Severe weather warning, ice and snow conditions forecast en route and at destination - check. Part of the world where cold and warm air mixing is known to result in low visibility conditions - check. Saved a few quid on the Eurostar or a Ryanair flight though.
  5. The Masked Tulip

    Fuckin' Weather

    I have been experimenting with bits of swede, leek and carrots. They do not seem to like swede or leek. Carrots not sure yet. Odd, as they love the leaves in the summer.
  6. The Masked Tulip

    Think i saw a UFO today.

    A lot of these things are insects really close to the lens. The lens does not pick them up immediately so they appear to come out of no-where at high speed and disappear super fast. Then there are tricks of light refracting on the lense. I wish the guy in these videos would talk faster but then his long videos would be over really quickly. I look forward to his video on supermarket trolleys filmed by a 2 buck drone camera from half a mile away.
  7. The Masked Tulip

    The US Supreme Court

    OTH, not being able to get rid of the senior judges does offer some protection for the safeguarding of law if a dictatorial executive were to gain power.
  8. The Masked Tulip

    Darwin Award Candidates

    She had a phone and was able to call for help but the temperatures got her. Lucky that the phone had a signal. But did no good.
  9. The Masked Tulip

    Darwin Award Candidates

    Gigi Wu - Taiwanese lady who climbed mountains in a bikini. Fell off a mountain into a ravine 2 days ago, injured leg and apparently froze to death before rescuers could reach her.
  10. The Masked Tulip

    Fuckin' Weather

    That should confuse the natives. Probably the first time lots of them will have seen snow.
  11. The Masked Tulip

    Fuckin' Weather

    I think that is every day somewhere on the planet.
  12. The Masked Tulip

    Fuckin' Weather

    Lots of snow heading for Kent from Calais - bloody French! Edit: My mistake - snow heading to Calais from Kent. Bloody wonderful. Spiffing. Nelson. Tea. Warm beer on a hot day.
  13. The Masked Tulip

    Fuckin' Weather

    Very cold rain in Swansea. Chilling. They say it will turn to black ice between now and tomorrow but the forecast says that 3 degrees will be the lowest. Perhaps some cold spots will freeze.
  14. The Masked Tulip

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I could not possibly comment. But lots of female presenters, journos and actresses I have known have been in relationships with head of TV depts, senior TV producers or politicians prior to getting their big break role / jobs. Or they are the daughter, niece, etc of the above. Must be pure coincidence.
  15. The Masked Tulip

    trans madness

    Imagine people being convinced that you are trans when you are not.