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  1. Good Catholic. Didn't want his sperm to go to waste. Probably why he felt the need for them to be fully utilised when Jackie was busy at the hairdressers. (I just had a big sense of deja vu typing not just the above but also this. Am I stuck in a Time loop?)
  2. KC-X is the United States Air Force (USAF) program to procure its next-generation aerial refueling tanker aircraft to replace some of the older Boeing KC-135 Stratotankers. The contest was for a production contract for 179 new tankers with estimated value of US$35 billion. The two contenders to replace the KC-135 aircraft were Boeing and EADS, following the elimination of US Aerospace, Inc.[1] The current KC-X program follows earlier attempts by the USAF to procure a new tanker. A 2002 plan had the USAF leasing Boeing KC-767 tankers, followed by a 2003 modification where the USAF would buy most of the KC-767 aircraft and lease several more of them. Corruption investigations revealed wrongdoing in the award of the contract and the contract was canceled in 2005, setting the stage for the KC-X program.
  3. The US markets are at a key turning point - they either break through resistance and shoot up or they head back down. Usually they have an affect on the FTSE. Might not be so dramatic this time as people look to buy value. I suspect I will be buying some airlines and both greggs and spoons for my pension this week. Seems back in lock-down March that everyone was on ASOS and BOOHOO buying bikinis for their hols.
  4. Never going to happen. The UK is run by vast numbers of middle managers with no skills other than flipping through powerpoint presentations and filling in Prince 2. Hence why we are constantly told that "We don't have the skills!". The absolute last thing these people will want is to rebuild the UK economy re manufacturing or tech or anything - it won't even be a consideration for 99.9% of them. They might have to learn something. Anyhow, most of these people were key to destroying much of the UK tech and manufacturing sectors. That's my Monday morning rant.
  5. TUI is up 30% this morning. No doubt, short covering, but it looks like the markets have turned and we will see pubs, shops and airlines bought up now.
  6. Is Boris more focussed on avoiding the technical recession than on the virus? Anyhow, The Sun will be offering flights to Spain for a tenner before we know it so all will be well. Presumably, they rounded up all the doctors and scientists over the weekend and transported them to some forgotten place like the Scottish islands or to Wales.
  7. I take it is all over now then - Boris is opening up the schools, shops, estate agents and garages. No second wave. Give it a week and we will all be scoffing Greggs' sausage rolls and knocking back pints in Wetherspoons. Two weeks after that everyone off on a hol to the Med. Excuse me for being thick but it seems that it only has taken a bank holiday weekend to change the tune from a second wave approaching in June which will be worse than the first wave, to panic over and what virus are you talking about.
  8. Interesting thoughts - from a US perspective of course - but worth a listen as China is discussed.
  9. Dominic Cummings Celebrity Conservative Guru Card Mask £2.85.
  10. Update (1445ET): Virginia public health officials just reported a record jump in deaths. VIRGINIA POSTS 1,483 NEW COVID-19 CASES, BIGGEST SINGLE DAILY JUMP SO FAR -- LOCAL MEDIA 17 days have passed since VA. started reopening.
  11. Yogi and Boo Boo were never like this. Maybe he should have thrown away the bag of sweets? Or would that have just caused the bear to rush forward. This is what happens when you forget the picnic basket.
  12. There's a 'pub singer' somewhere in the distance singing 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. I do hope this is not a rehearsal for Thursday clapping.