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  1. They have been building a similar block in the centre of Swansea over the past 18 months. I was shocked when I saw how thin the girders of the steel frame are. But there seems to be a vast number of them as each floor seems to be divided into small boxes. I imagine the girders per floor signal where the boundaries of the flats are. They then lifted what appeared to be a ready made bathroom inside a box into each flat and built some kind of wall around each to form the boundary of each flat / corridors. It just seems to be very unsubstantial to the untrained eye. Then lots of cladding on the outside which seems to be taking a very long time to complete. Lots of these student blocks have been built.
  2. Looks terrible. Hope everyone got out.
  3. Invasion of the Country Snatchers. They have been decades in taking over the public sector. They speak a language I do not understand. They think in ways that I cannot comprehend and which seem totally illogical to me. After taking over the schools, unis, councils and media they progressed to Parliament. The sad reality is that they look on ordinary Brits as if we are the aliens because we do not speak the language, we are not on board with the causes and the ideology. They seem barking to us but we all look like bigots to them.
  4. They are refurbished so ignore them. Personally I think you would be better off with a tea bag and a flask of hot water. Should be able to make one last a year.
  6. IGNORE THIS - THESE ARE REFURBISHED. Be quick. There is ONE black oneb left on the Delonghi Direct site for £115 delivered. 9 silver ones left. IGNORE THIS - THESE ARE REFURBISHED.
  7. Ah, they were for sale when I looked. You have to be VERY quick. Ebay started a 20% off sale today for selected sellers and Crampton & Moore are not only one of the sellers in the sale but are the cheapest seller for those on ebay. However, they often restock their ebay store and the deal is on till next Wed at midnight. If you want one then kept rechecking those pages frequently.
  8. Found it in silver or black for you for £112 delivered. Silver Black Doubt you will get it much cheaper if at all.
  9. There is a load of deals over the past year at the below link. Have a read of the comments below each deal as there is good info. Highly recommended apparently but you want that sale price.'Longhi+Dedica+Style
  10. It was £116.68 in Amazon's last Black Friday sale and £101.15 in the Boxing Day sale (28th Dec)
  11. These are always on sale during Black Friday sales which could be anytime from now through to the end of the month. Should be able to get it for about £115 to £120.
  12. I do. I thought everyone does.