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  1. Here is Patrick Byrne's blog post on it all. https://www.deepcapture.com/2020/10/finale-the-deep-states-hillary-clinton-bribery-blackmail-sting-the-maria-butina-rape-murder-gambit/
  2. Remember Patrick Byrne, the billionaire tech CEO of Overstock - mentioned in this thread several times - who went on live TV last year sounding like a crazy guy talking about Hilary Clinton, a deep state and corruption at the highest levels of the US government? Listen to this podcast from about 25 minutes in. 30 minutes in total. It will partly blow your mind, partly make you think "Yep, I can believe that!". Jeesh if true! Says that Durham is investigating his allegations which are outlined on his blog. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-laptop-and-details/id137810
  3. 33 year old gets 1 week in jail for sex with 15 year old. Guess the genders of each. https://nypost.com/2020/10/23/ex-flight-attendant-serves-week-in-jail-for-having-sex-with-teen/ Ah, feck it. You will want photos.
  4. Plus that show is almost worshipped by Democrats and by media types on both sides of the Atlantic. It was made during the Bush years, almost as if a fantasy of what America could be like if Bubba had not won.
  5. He was going through a divorce so must have been lonely and stressed. Perhaps Rudy has had other female interviewers asking him if they could remove his microphone after an interview? Whatever went on does not negate the info he has got from the laptop.
  6. Not according to TPTB. Do not give them an excuse.
  7. That is really interesting. So the Standard Hotel WH is within a short walk from the building the special forces raided last year. No coincidences.
  8. The Standard Hotels seem to be a go to place for Democrats and their supporters. Two - the one in West Hollywood and one in Manhattan - have lots of Dem politicians, Hollywood types and Silicon Valley billionaires staying at them.
  9. If you type 'coventry school' into twitter you can see the photo. DON'T post it here folks as the school says he is 15 and it is illegal to post photos taken in a school of school-kids online without permission. I see other papers have picked the story up now. Let one of them post the image without his face blacked out.
  10. Asylum-seeker pupil who ‘looks 40 and has thinning hair’ pictured after joining Coventry school as 15-year-old https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12999800/asylum-seeker-pupil-coventry-school/ Interesting read. A school girl questioned his age.
  11. Apparently yes. Online ordering from Argos or Currys, Boohoo, etc, is OK but you can't go to Currys or Argos. No shops but online OK. Fucked up.
  12. This is a bit surreal. I will get to surreal in a mo. Very interesting Bannon video today. First part is him talking with Giuliani. To be honest, nothing new is said other than Giuliani talking about the FBI not investigating the video despite having it for a year. He might have said more but I whizzed through. Then Jack Posobiec comes on and he has some very interesting things to say about what they have found. Matthew Tyrmand also joins in and adds. In passing it is almost mentioned that the laptop is of big discussion within Washington circles. In other words, TPTB are talkin
  13. Sudan and Israel peace deal. Trump has just been holding a press conference in the Oval Office.
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