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  1. It is worth listening to 20 minutes of the below video from about 7 mins in. Gary tells how he and his wife have been screwed over by the Dems in San Francisco and California - business destroyed, taxes up, told that white people are bad, kids taught it in schools... and why they are now moving to a Republican state. Edit: From 7ish minutes in.
  2. A friend of mine in Oct 2016 asked me who would win. I said Trump. He scoffed at me telling me that he had not seen one Trump bumper sticker during the campaign, but had seen endless ones for Hillary. He lives in Portland. After the election he went into denial for several months. Then for about a year to a year and a half he had full blown TDS. He still does not like Trump but says he is voting for him. He has also bought guns for self defence.
  3. Feinstein's driver was Chinese, not Pelosi. Pelosi's hubby has big investments in Xhina, allegedly.
  4. That would involve Trump having lost to Biden. Unless they are going to do massive postal fraud it is not a certainty. No, IMPO much better to have frail Biden bow out honourably and for messiah Clinton to ride to save America from the orange Yazi at the 11th hour.
  5. I don't think Biden has dementia. I don't think he wants to be President. I think it is a stay out of jail move re the China and Ukraine money. He'd rather keep the money over being in a stressful job for 4 years. I think he is likely to stand aside for Hillary by October. Allow her 4 weeks of campaigning because she too, in the last election, proved she did not have the stamina for a long election campaign.
  6. Unless you are a hot female on my list you can leave my pole, honeyed or not, alone thank you.
  7. You're confusing Poles with Ukrainians. You're confusing leading with buying.
  8. Apparently they had no idea whose wall they had climbed over.
  9. Nah, the West have those new funky invisible aircraft. Plus a deep penetrator can be fired from 50 plus miles away. There was huge Western military traffic of fighters, AWACs, tankers and jammers in the Eastern Med yesterday between Cyprus and the Lebanon / Syria coast. Israeli, UK, US and Italy had forces in the area. I doubt they went there by chance.
  10. The Jerusalem Post reports Wednesday: While ultimately the report presents no evidence that Hezbollah stores were involved or to blame in Tuesday's tragic disaster which wiped out the economically vital port area, Israeli media is strongly suggesting there could be a link. And the report details further based on UK media sources: The investigation that uncovered alleged Hezbollah stockpiles of ammonium nitrate had the involvement of Mossad as well.
  11. I think the warehouse stored lots of arms underground. I think a bunker buster took it out in a single penetrator bomb. The hidden explosives then went bang. No one is going to claim they did it because of the civilian deaths, injuries and damage.
  12. ‘Woke’ Women Roundly Mocked For Preferring To Date White Men
  13. Some airlines, retailers, oil companies. BP, Burberry, Greggs, IAG, Easyjet, Dixons Carphone.