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  1. Lots and lots of tankers. More than Israel has. It would not surprise me if a forward operating base is secured on the quiet in one of the arab states.
  2. No, but it is the easiest way to describe it. It is an invasion IMPO.
  3. There is also something interesting going on between Israel and Cyprus involving a mix of RAF - the RAF providing the tankers - and Israeli aircraft. They have even got a single Luftwaffe aircraft involved - probably got lost. Quite an interesting mix of tankers, troop carriers and early warning & control aircraft just like the Israelis first used in the raid on Entebbe and perfected in the decades since. Obviously it is just a training exercise and no one preparing for anything like a...
  4. Something heavy has been doing circuits over the Bristol Channel and South West today. Did not show up on any of the radar sites - suspect it was a tanker awaiting inbound traffic or perhaps an AWACs.
  5. Interesting article from Judicial Watch exposing how much money Qatar donates to US universities. The Qatar Connection: Judicial Watch Probes Funding of U.S. University
  6. Should I have put /sarcasm at the end?
  7. One of the crappiest countries on the planet for making anything and exporting anything is Pakistan. That is probably because we have taken millions of their brightest and best people to drive taxis and sit outside coffee houses or to wander around in pj's.
  8. Medicines were exempt from sanctions I believe.
  9. In other news, that is being pushed under the carpet, Deutsche Bank is quietly imploding.