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  1. Not a ball boy or girl in sight.
  2. That compound is very interesting IMPO. But the destroyer off the island was out out. by one person who had no means of proving what he was claiming. I saw another odd thing on a drone vid of the island today - looked like steps and rows of seats at either side over-looking a kind of patio. Sort of like a mini ampitheatre. I think that compound and the sundial are more interesting than the so-called temple.
  3. It is the same in my area. I go on from time to time and the same old faces are there. I can only assume that they are all enjoying dating so much that they never settle down. Or they await perfection. Your avatar is a sherrif badge. What does a knight look like to you? Your avatar is a sherrif badge. What does a knight look like to you?
  4. Lots of babies born 9 months from now.
  5. Sounds a plan. There is now a storm warning for my area later this evening. It is blue sky and roasting hot at the moment. But now they are talking of flooding and damger to life.
  6. “FBI agents on site and police instructed witnesses to delete any video and photographs of the event and cleared out the bar, according to reports”
  7. The Sun is talking about something.
  8. I went for a ride earlier. Stupidly went to Tesco, filled up a pannier and then cycped back up tye hills. I had the good sense to walk most of them and keep in the shade. I want to go back out but my brain is warning me not to. Have closed all the curtains and hiding behind the sofa now. This could be the day that the Earth caught fire.
  9. This is when socks and undies should be put in a freezer for a few hours. Never tried it but think I might later on.
  10. There is an Amazon lightning deal tomorrow morning around 8AMish for dome fitbit thingy. Looks like the model you want. Edit: It is just a strap.
  11. Taxi firm advertised for drivers stating we 'do not want Pakistanis' Very stupid publicly saying this even if their customers feel this way. Interesting that they refer to another taxi firm which hires them - I wonder what the ethnic make up of that taxi firm is. I find this quite shocking but not unexpected sadly.