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    Blow Up Dolls

  2. The Masked Tulip

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Seems incresingly like a desperate and badly thought out - it is the establishment after all - to divert attention from UK involvement in the Clinton stuff by trying to force the Russia bogeyman agenda.
  3. The Masked Tulip

    Blood Moon?

    I got up a few years ago around 2AM to watch the Moon, which was a tiny spot up in the sky, turn red. It was impressive, just a bit underwhelming due to the position of the Moon.
  4. BAE and EADS has been wanting to merge for years but Merkel has put a stop to it a few times citing that BAE is too dominant and that it would be a take-over rather than a merger. Sounds to me that this sale is more positioning for a forthcoming merger.
  5. Looks like the only major 'tank' contract at the mo was won by the Getmans recently.
  6. The Masked Tulip


    Oh brave new world...
  7. The Masked Tulip

    Uranium - huge potential?

    Been following some gurus who have been tracking the uranium market. Worth a read: (The below link might not stay free for long. It might disapppear.)
  8. The Masked Tulip

    Tablet Remorse

    I am keeping an eye out for an Xiaomi tablet. My Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro - that is a mouthful - is so impressive for £155. Regular updates. I would be tempted to take a punt on the brand for a tablet in the £150 and under price.
  9. The Masked Tulip

    Tablet Remorse

    What brand and model is it? A lot of the cheaper android tablets are not very good. Touch screens are not that responsive, android is often a few versions old and the screen resolution not brill The Samsung's are very good but they charge a premium, sometimes more than ipads. If you pay £100 and under then you get what you get. If you start paying nearer £200 then IMPO buy an ipad for £250 from one of the Chinese sellers.
  10. The Masked Tulip

    Hoax hate

    More anti white racism it seems and being ignored. Those boys will be middle-aged when white people are forecast to become a minority in the US. I wonder what rights and preferences the manority population will gove them then?
  11. The Masked Tulip

    Islamification of Europe

    A place to discuss the new and events surrounding what many people see as the Islamification of Europe & the UK.
  12. The Masked Tulip

    moped rider stabbed to death

  13. The Masked Tulip

    Islamification of Europe

  14. The Masked Tulip

    moped rider stabbed to death

    brilliant. Love it.
  15. The Masked Tulip

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    I suspect, come the Spring, there will be coach trips to Paris to look at the yellow vests, visit a museum or two and have a nice meal in a Paris restaurant. It is all dying down now isn't it? The yellow vests went so far but no further. All Macron has to do is to wait.
  16. The Masked Tulip

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    I had a nasty run-in with her. I suspect that I am not the only one raising an eye brow at this. I am shocked. I am disgusted.
  17. The Masked Tulip

    Windsor Davies

    He was the lead in a BBC rugby comedy, 'Grand Slam', back in the 70's - obligatory viewing in Wales for a few decades. I just watched it now on youtube. Dire. Absolutely dire.
  18. The Masked Tulip

    Windsor Davies

    I think she featured in the tabloids a lot. Now shut up and touch your toes.
  19. The Masked Tulip

    Killed by pigeon

    When I was a kid there was a small garden in the centre of Swansea - fountain, benches, grass, etc. A pensioner in a grey flasher mac and a flat cap, whether it was pouring down or a hot summer's day, would be feeding bird seed to the pigeons. But that was where the pigeons mostly were. Then they concreted the park over. The old fella(s) died and the pigeons, which were once mainly located in the little park, then took over the city centre. They now control most of it but are in an endless war with sea-gulls.
  20. The Masked Tulip

    Windsor Davies

    Everything in the Universe is just 3 degrees of separation away from Sharon Davies in her knickers? (Those stockings need to be higher. Perhaps there has been a Cosmic Bang somewhere.)
  21. The Masked Tulip

    Windsor Davies

    'Never The Twain' with Donald Sinden was hugely successful. Ran for 10 years throughout the 80's.
  22. The Masked Tulip

    Windsor Davies

    Is this her latest tinder profile pic?
  23. The Masked Tulip

    We are women, we are strong ....

    I was surprised to learn that female fire fighters in both the UK and US do not have to pass the same physical tests as men do - why I was surprised I do not know. I then saw that there are quite a few videos online of female fire fighters failing at doing some physocal tasks - knocking down doors, etc. Nothing to give a second thought about unless you are trapped somewhere and wondering who is coming to try to rescue you.
  24. The Masked Tulip

    We are women, we are strong ....

    Now you are just being flirty.
  25. The Masked Tulip

    We are women, we are strong ....

    You need to enter a BDSM relationship as a submissive sex slave in order to get a regular all lver body work-out. Failing that, move close to Sandringham or Balmoral and regularly try to cross the road without Stavros hitting you.