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  1. NowTV sent me a survey today asking me why I had left them. I identified as 'other'.
  2. She has a runner or she is a runner? How will she get over the hurdles?
  3. If only we were MP's we could open up a whole new negotiation play. Anyone want to bargain for the comfy chair, a lemon ice cream maker and the use of Macron's wife and daughter twice a month? (That's an old 'Not The Nine O'Clock News' sketch btw.) Use them whilst you can. All French, Germanic and Latin originated words are verbotten after BREXIT.
  4. You can have her. I want the one a few steps behind in the black bottoms.
  5. I just want to point out how fit and healthy those French dancers look towards the chubbster dancers that often appear in UK and US videos these days. Some of those ladies have superbly toned legs. Even the bloke dressed up in drag has a better pair of pins than many female dancers over here IMPO.
  6. Sourby was on with Andrew Neil earlier shouting over most of what Farage said. At one point she ranting about being afraid to go home.
  7. That French video is very good satire and exactly the thing that has been denied to us these past 3 years whilst our luvvies have hurled a never-ending diatribe of pro EU abuse at us.
  8. Yes, there is a strong sense of training there watching him move, aim, shoot and move.
  9. What you say sounds completely barking. But add it to the stories of what happened at the mosque with what people saw what happened via the video... and then WESTERN govts removing all trace of the video.... Crazy conspiracy land is no so crazy.
  10. Apparently the So-Called BBC is running with the petition story but not mentioning that thousands of votes are fake ones from other countries.
  11. I feel a tad sick having watched those videos. Are kids watching this stuff? What goes through young girls' minds watching this stuff?
  12. This anti Christian stuff is just in our faces now. The banning kf crucifixes in the workplace. The targeting of Christian bakers. So many turned a blind eye or, like some of the LGBTQ lot, sneered. I keep saying it - who is working in this public departs like the Home Office, Immigration, BBC, etc, with their positive discrimination policies.
  13. Is there a video? Which one served first?
  14. Worth reminding again - libel law is different in the US to the UK. What would often be libel in the UK is often - not always - protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution.
  15. Maybe - just possibly - the penny is slowly dropping. I have pointed out on here before that when it all goes to sh*te that you will not be able to find a single luvvie who was ever pro open borders, pro endless immigration and pro islamification. "Me? Nah, not me mate!" Bit too much to expect Fivelive to have then immediately interviewed a gay person who would have said how victimised they felt by the demands of muslims. I mean, it would be hard to find a gay person at the Beeb.
  16. Yes, Q likes to jump on these things. Everything that happens in the world is all because of some US centric deep state. Q says so. @MrPin just posted that he is about to set fire to his bottom before commencing a tour of the UK's A&E departments. No doubt Q will later post that this is all part of the plan and that the deep state caused Pin's red bum.
  17. That is just one example. Other media outlets report the same thing. Perhaps all taking it from the same source - could be a police statement. If you read the article it says that the kids were loosely cable tied and that some managed to get their hands free. Look at what is said rather than dismissing it because you may not like the messenger.
  18. Did NC use the line 'religion of peace' during the programme? I had to stop listening to the Fivelive breakfast programme as they would seem eager to trot that line out when there had been yet another islamic terrorist attack. They have also been quick to get muslims on to tell us how they feel victims when, yet again, there had been muslim terrorist murders here in the UK or elsewhere. I actually find it hard to believe that NC would challenge any muslim in that way. Listened to the guy for well over a decade on Fivelive but had to stop a couple of years ago. Would make me feel sick.