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  1. I recall watching a documentary about the building of the railways in the 1800's. So many young lads suffered terrible injuries or were killed as a result of detonators going off early. Ditto the mines. So many youngsters were used moreorless like the powder monkeys aboard RN warships of the time. We are incredibly fortunate to be living now and not back then.
  2. Some of the best people I know are trans squaws with Scottish ancestry. Talking gibberish... again.
  3. Coronation Street was the big advertising revenue generator for ITV for decades. The ratings have been falling and falling. Had a big slump last year. I don't keep an eye on the storylines myself but I occasionally see headlines on the tabloid websites about the latest storylines which suggest to me that the programme has gone ethnic and woke at the same time. No idea if that is the reality but, if true, then no wonder that audience is turning off in droves. Coronation Street used to do some nitty gritty stuff that was relevant to most people. I suspect it does not touch upon things like Brexit or muslim child-rape gangs. But it also used to do comedy very well - some of the best audience rating years came when it had some superb comic actors and storylines - and blended the comedy and the pathos incredibly well. I suspect that has all gone now. Life is tough enough for all of us. The last thing that any TV programme or film should be doing is preaching to us - especially preaching SJW stuff. If I was Emperor of the World one of my first laws would be that all actors, celebs and TV presenters have to wear jester hats with bells on. It would be very hard to listen to George Clooney, Meryl Streep or De Niro is they were wearing them. God, I miss the days when all 3 used to prop up the bar in the Rover's Return. No idea how I got from Corrie to Hollywood wokeness but it seems natural.
  4. Any plans on it lasting for a 1,000 years?
  5. I initially assumed that she was sexually aroused at the thought of all those dominant, strong Africans and Middle Eastern men that she had swamped Europe with. She clearly is aware of this and is trying very hard to control it. It could be a number of things. Hyperventilation induced panic attack for one. But I suspect it is more serious along the lines of whatever it is that Clinton has. Of course it is possible that a Soros-like evil villain has placed implants into the skulls of both Merkel and Hilary. Just a public warning to remind them who is boss. Let's see what the docs say in tomorrow's papers.
  6. I think more likely the Russians doing it as a counter move to attacks on their networks. Look at all the attacks on UK mobile networks and banking in the past few years. There appears to have been a tech way underway for some time.
  7. ITV is the M&S of UK TV. Most of it viewers are aging and it is desperate for younger viewers. But attempts to get younger viewers alienates their core audience and does not attract the young. It is destined to become a small production company selling a handful of shows to the streaming firms.
  8. Libra is supposed to be balance and the decider - the scales - of right and wrong. Methink FB is rubbing noses in it.
  9. There is a video on liveleak of two men drowning in the Niagra river in Buffalo earlier this year. One saw a log that he wanted to have and jumped in to get it. Despite being mere feet from the bank the current just below the surface was so strong it began to drag him under. His friend, who had been saved by him a few years ago from another brush with death, jumped in to help him. It is heart breaking to watch the current suck both of them under and to their deaths.
  10. Share price has basically halved in the last year. Big longterm downtrend. They are stuffed.
  11. Wait in for someone to telephone at a certain time.
  12. Make them the minority then no one will care.
  13. They still want the oil pipes from Saudi to go through Syria to Turkey and on to Europe. Iran and Russia are in the way as they back Assad.
  14. Dental tape rather than floss. Weekly. Dental pic daily on plaque that builds up overnight on the back of my bottom teeth.
  15. Trump is having a bit of a thing today about who really is responsible for 911. He says that we all know. Zerohedge is implying that he means Israel. I suspect it is some country beginning with SA, but I think Iran will win the golden ticket.
  16. You have no idea. These high heels are killing, especially when I ride my bike.
  17. Fuck them. Fuck them all for what they are doing to our democracy. I am feeling a bit hormonal.
  18. Conspiracies within conspiracies I suspect. Could simply be stress and heart disease.
  19. I thought the same thing. How that car got in there, let alone escaped, is beyond me as there are purpose built barriers and loads of police at either end of that road on a weekend. Plus Swansea is full of CCTV and a permanently manned CCTV control unit so why no footage of the car elsewhere.