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  1. Not read this whole marathon but you seem to be floundering. Your equating your personal insecurities with your lack of female attention. Mistake. So long as your clean and presentable to their friends then, circus freaks aside, looks and physical stature are pretty unimportant, unless your a complete shortarse. Very few men stimulate women sexually on appearance alone, and keep them stimulated. Unless your genetically blessed then don't bother trying. You need to offer them an out, whatever their misserable, mundane life is, and it will be despite the front, they will have an out fantasy in their noggin and it's your job to offer this. I'm not talking gaming them or putting up a front but genuinely looking for someone whose life you can improve by taking them on your journey, or be genuinely interested in going on theirs, you have to figure out your journey first. This is why apps don't work for the majority of men if your looking for a long term relationship. I've figured this out, not by trying but by, mutually, reflecting on why relationships have ended and more often than not it's a failure to deliver the 'out fantasy' or the destination changes for one or both. It's the failure to see this early that leads to cheating, bitterness and resentment. Most 'instant physical attractions' relationships fail as they have no mutual destination and once the fun of the fucking wears off you have not a lot left. So stop looking in the mirror and start making a life plan, start the journey and as long as that journey is interesting someone will want to tag along.
  2. Derangement borne out of an iferiority complex, bullied at school, virgin til mid twenties, rediculed by his pupils but feels he's an authority figure that deserves respect and to be listened to. When your average pleb answers back in a reasoned and eloquent manner their inner child escapes and squeems and squeems. Pathetic but rather sad at the same time.
  3. Judging by your average Spanish burd then the hair removal cream is an essential, the dildo was just to while away the hours while the former did it's job.
  4. I don't look too deeply but if they overtly piss me off then I don't buy. Gillette is the only one so far. Other than that I'd be claiming moral superiority for not buying stuff I never bought anyway.
  5. Top rated comment for now, absolutely nails it.
  6. Whilst there's no doubt the smallest of the new minis is bigger than the old minis you have to remember Mini is a manufacturer range and not a single model so there are some big ones and some smaller ones. The models are as different as the Fiesta and Focus or Golf and Passat, they just have the same fugly styling. The smallest and largest. Mini First = 3.7m long (Original 3.05) Mini Clubman = 4.3m long (Original 3.16) The original Clubman was a just a remodeled shell on the old chassis, the new Clubman is a totally different car. Pretty much all the comparisons made use the Clubman Vs... which is a little disingenuous.
  7. GBDamo

    Get a life FFS

    That's fucking boomers for you that is.
  8. is it just me or does that look like an Allegro?
  9. If you don't have one a good book is the IET On Site Guide (OSG) which gives most of the common rules and regulations and is a must for the self builder. Amazon or any electrical wholesaler. The Big Blue Book, 18th Edition wiring regs is pretty impenetrable.
  10. Were on the 18th now, but as you're going all RCBO then there's not much to add. There's no supplementary bonding as your all RCBO protected. If your Gas/Water/Oil mains in are in plastic pipe or there is an insulating section of plastic directly as the service enters the property or if the internal pipework is all plastic then there is no mains bonding required. Some of the Zs targets for final circuits are lower than previous editions, if that's not too technical. You might want to read up on Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) as there may be a requirement or there may not and to be quite frank most of the industry doesn't really know, me included. Same goes with Arc Fault Detection Devices only even less people understand this requirement, again me included. Basically both can be deemed unnecessary by the client on cost grounds, SPDs are relatively cheap and probably worthwhile, AFDDs are horrendously expensive. This big enough?
  11. I salute your work ethic and determination. Just be careful buying cable from carboots, there is a lot of fake, and genuinely dangerous, cable about. Your RCBOs need to be compatible with the CU (Requirement of the IET wiring regs.) they are to go in, no mixing brands, so if you've got a mixed box buy a CU compatible with with the majority. Do be aware RCBO failure is more common than MCBs so if they're not new they could be faulty. Can't see how you could go wrong with accessories and back boxes if you stick to brands. Don't mind fielding questions if you have any.
  12. MK for me although they have become a bit hit and miss of late. Crabtree, Schnieder and Click are all similar but if you want to give me a chubby on give me Hager, lovely stuff but pricey and not that commonly stocked.
  13. Being in the trade they tend not to try it on. Having said that if I'm in one I don't frequent too often I always ask the price and remind them that "I haven't got any Vaseline with me so go easy" It's usually enough to let them know that you know.