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  1. They could be "meant" to be tyrannosau testicles, but they were apostrophes. I really, really expected more from you.
  2. Not only that its a catastrophe with an apostrophe, I like that.
  3. Maybe with Nabraskan Nora with the pneumatic norks but not a fourteen year old child, that's abusive.
  4. Yoga? If that's true then string the cunt up.
  5. I'm sorry to challenge the hive but bollocks, yes you can say what the pictures showed, thats just salacious titillation.
  6. Oh thats reassuring, I've been bleeding out of my bell end for eighteen months and using a tampon up the japseye, thanks Tampax.
  7. https://www.motors.co.uk/car-57672645/?i=0&m=sp Might have to drop the seat for the bike though.
  8. Not a funking chance, that randy old goat lay back expecting his wrinkly old pecker to be polished.
  9. That looks straight out of the Jeffrey Epstien handbook of entrapment. In that situation I, and 90% of honest straight males, would have been up her like a rat up a drain pipe.
  10. There is nothing logically incorrect in that statement and I have used a similar methodology when fault finding. Example, I have a fault on a circuit, a know known. Testing shows it is on one leg of that circuit, but not where, a known unknown. This known fault could be the underlying issue or a sleeper that is not causing the symptoms, i.e. there is another unknown fault elsewhere, an unknown unknown. It makes perfect sense. Don't get me wrong Rumsfeld is still a smug cunt.
  11. Untouchable without a doubt. You only need to look at Nancy Pelosi uptrend, "Donald Trump will not be president" like it is her decision. They think they own the world.
  12. Always the postman, never the letterbox.
  13. Not only that but the lack of erosion for a part that has been entirely exposed throughout history tells us that the head is not contemporaneous with the body which has been buried for vast swathes of time. If I recall correctly it was unearthed during Roman times, after an unknown period buried, and then buried again until the 1800s. Its all a bit nuts as the head has clearly been reshaped but this was in dynastic times. So, the body can only feasibly(according to academia) be less than a millenia older that the head. Yet the weathering is completely different 🤔 Someone's talking b
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