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  1. Whilst I agree with the spirit of your point i differ in that I feel the EU are not a meddling external influence rather our parliament blanes the EU when it wants to do something unpopular. I also think rooting out the Machiavellian cunts will be harder than we hope.
  2. Yes but you ave a vagina AND sense, a very rare combination.
  3. Don't, just don't. Somebody couldnt wait for the carpet to go down as we were having guests. Only then to agree with me that the walls and woodwork needed painting. Your point was made and reiterated several times and quite vociferously.
  4. See you're in 'precious me' mode again. Glad you're proud of yourself though, Made a particularly nice job of laying a new carpet on the stairs amd landing then redecorating. I sat back with a beer and was proud of myself for that, still no BJ mind.
  5. Truth is no one has a fucking clue and is clutching at any straw that supports their stance. Threre is a whole lot of straws being cast about so lots for everyone, regardless of stance, to grasp at. Intentional?
  6. So, are we out yet? What the fuck is going on? Boris's deal voted down, now the Cummings's master stroke? Another three years of fucking about?
  7. Was watching a program on BBC4 last night about Eric Clapton and his early career. I was amazed by how gifted nearly everyone was technically but they had a few advantages. 1, Generations of black music to reinterpret. Thats genuine, not a snide comment. 2, A technological revolution in mixing, editing and instruments. 3, An audience that waseager, expectant and interested beyond the wet panties and screaming. Edit, 4, Drugs, fuck loads of drugs. So bands of grotty, unattractive, socially awkward teenagers could form and thrive on a huge ciruit of musically knowledgeable, varied and appreciative venues/audiences. Today music is a prepackaged product, made to a formula and sold fully formed on platforms that are wholly owned and controlled by an industry. The musicians fall into very narrow brackets of 'what sells' and 'do we have enough exposure in that genre' The 1975 were formed to fit a formula, from the sons of industry veterans and promoted beyond their relevance by the So-Called BBC
  8. New thread required, "Famous People You've Pissed Next To" I once had a piss next to Jonathan Edwards, the tripple jumper, in Ely cathedral. Also spent a morning eating Vauxhall Motorsports bacon sarnies with Melanie Chisholm and Brian Adams before spending the same afternoon with Jenson Button, who ponced four cans of Carlsberg of me, do have a box of free RAC caps that we got him to sign along with other shite. Once raced Guy Richie up Zig-Zag hill, near Shaftesbury, him in his Bentley me in a Fiesta. Had him too, until the straight at the top. Talking to Jools Holland in Gillingham Tandoori, asking who he had at the Llama Tree festival, he said he was trying to convince Bruce Springsteen to play a set, I said I was no fan only to be introduced to Bruce, who was sat next to him. Well there you go, no need to invite me to any meets, thats literally all my interesting stories.
  9. Jeffery Epstein, Prince Andrew, Lord Britton, Lord Janner, Sir jame Saville, What a party...
  10. GBDamo

    HPV vaccine

    If i had a pound for every parent who thought their daughter was a paragon of sexual virtue. Suppose some have to be though so you may be one of the lucky few.
  11. GBDamo

    HPV vaccine

    It's a numbers game, 44 deaths in how many doses Vs how many lives will be saved in years to come. Of course this is macro thinking and we, as individuals, think on the micro level. No number of saved lives will outweigh the loss of a loved one will to us. Someone has to think strategically though.
  12. .....and how would you like us to fuck of enlightened one?
  13. GBDamo


    Men find attractive women sexy. Women find attractive men sexy, women also find powerful men sexy and rich men sexy, they find frenemys men sexy and exotic men sexy and even violent and dangerous men sexy. Women are more complex but like to evelvate themselves as somehow more morally superior. All they have done is developed a million and one excuses for their monkey brain choices that. The monkey brain tells them all the above give their offspring a perceived advantage. Mens complexity runs to;- arse man, tit man, leg man but at least we're honest about it all.