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  1. You can't easily use redundancy to get rid of dead wood.
  2. It used to be right, nearest the door until the nipper came along then I let the missus be near the door, I know, chivalry ain't dead. So left. Are you stood on your head?
  3. As you're in it or as you look at it from the foot? Detail man!!!
  4. They are, in order... Asda, Dorothy Perkins, Lidl, Lidl, Netherlands. Albert Heijn, Netherlands. TKMax.
  5. All I could muster, very therapeutic. Considered emptying the bin to get one last one but gave myself a slap.
  6. Distinctly less retarded racket this week than last. Only one neighbor out with trumpet and pans but they work for the NHS, literally blowing their own trumpet.
  7. Just make sure it is of the same power (kW) or less than the old one. Cable size dictates the maximum size.
  8. It's a huge problem with discrimination law, anyone in a protected class can be one or all of the following, 1, A proper cunt. 2, Totally useless. 3, Often absent. and it makes it very difficult to manage them. The correct route would be to pick up on the behaviours early and offer support to help adjust them, before disciplinary procedures and dismissal. This will show a willingness to help or will be used as evidence of victimisation, "everybody else acted the same but they never got xxx".
  9. First couple of seasons it was great, it then got tedious. Seems to be a pattern with these shows, start with a great idea but can't close it out or have to keep milking it.
  10. We have been conditioned by fear for half a century. For far too long we have been looking through the lense of "What could go wrong" instead of "What can we achieve" If necessity is the mother of invention then comfort is its grim reaper.
  11. Spent a weekend in a chicken coop dormitory for a football tournament in my youth. Got royally wankered and stumbled back to the coop with only four hours until breakfast. The guy in the bed opposite was giving a local lass an Olympic standard rogering, hats off he was on form. Did not sleep a wink. Far too pissed to even consider a wank, well I did consider it but was far too pissed. Breakfast at 07:00, kick off at 09:00, sent off at 09:17, in bed form 09:20, woke up at 15:00, then right back on it, those were the days.
  12. GBDamo


    Well ,2 days and I've watched it all, and on the whole enjoyed it. Yes there was a liberal smattering of SJW bollocks but not enough to spoil it, nowhere near as bad as Discovery. Not a bad way to kill time and unwind.
  13. Do you know anybody that has died of C19, not someone who has died with it but because of it.
  14. I'm in the market for a nice fruit bowl, had three or four but the missus chuked them as we had no shelves on which to put one. Tn days of this madness, we now have shelves but no fruit bowl.