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  1. Lewis has always had a whiney streak, he's not in the Vettle or Rosburg class mind. I've always defended him but he is starting to wear a bit thin. There is something about these movements that appeal to/prey on the insecure.
  2. GBDamo

    Escape from LA

    "Not Fucking Around Coalition" Is this a political statement or one about black fathers?
  3. Fishing with dynamite will land all sorts of bottom feeders.
  4. A hand grenade would do that.
  5. Do you have a leesance for your minky?
  6. Fair point. Staff costs however include all manner of costs. Things like NI and employers PAYE could be cut if the government doesn't have to pay it back out in tax credits.
  7. Well after 6 pages I'm non the wiser. The point wasn't to argue about how much tax we all pay but to discuss whether low wages were an indirect form of taxation. I looked at Asda who make c£800million per year, pre tax. They could pay their staff significantly more and still be very profitable. The money Asda pay in tax is effectively coming from the low pay of its staff. It's about discretion, a lot of people subsist but given the opportunity many would save and better themselves, granted many wouldn't. Social mobility is dead.
  8. GBDamo

    Escape from LA

    It looks like they were going to run the barricade the agitators were on the opposite side and probably out of view to the on coming car. The driver did brake and swerve, although too late,and almost came to a standstill before thinking better of it and taking off. Now, in the same situation and in the current climate, what would you do? Stop on the motorway and put yourself at the mercy of the mod, or in danger of other traffic? Turn around and go the wrong way back down the motorway? Then after the incident, what? Stop to offer assistance? Right! People make poor judgement calls when stressed. Again, these retards should not have been where they were. Their fault. Dressed in black on a live motorway. Their fault. Attempting to block fast moving traffic, Their fault. Just look how much effort goes into lane closures on motorways. Hundreds of meters of lit cones, speed restrictions and signage, AND NO PEOPLE. Because someone will even miss that lot. TL,DR fuck em.
  9. It's a position that I am accepting not proposing. If you feel it's not true then share why.
  10. Men want women for how they look, anything else is a bonus. The list of why women want men is still being written and in a hundred years time it will still be a work in progress.
  11. No evidence but from a hard cash perspective it makes sense. I've heard it a few time and it feels correc.
  12. I've heard this, or similar, stats quoted often in the defense of not over taxing the rich. I don't dispute the figure but my thoughts have been that the whole concept is skewed to keep us forever thankful for this selfless benevolence. Is it not more correct to focus on how low wages facilitate an economy that allows vast profits? Yes, from those vast profits tax is paid and from those payments social benefits are doled out. Surely higher wages would lead to a lower welfare bill and thus lower taxes? Please help me form this into a coherent argument or convince me it's bollocks.
  13. And because they're told the drag applied to the wheel is applied be the other groups.
  14. That is exactly what BLM, ER, Antifa are there to stop. Keep all the protest prone rebel hamsters running round the eternal wheel, going nowhere, achieving nothing. White hamsters on the climate wheel. Black hamsters on the BLM wheel. Bearded hamsters on the jihad wheel. Middle class/educated liberals hamsters on the Antifa wheel. And before long, the white working class hamsters on their own wheel. Keep running, keep protesting, keep angry, and hate at each other. But most important, keep consuming.