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  1. Replace the bunged up rads, rads are pretty cheap.
  2. GBDamo


    I think there are those above the Clintons and Epstein et al. They were passed a message at daddy Bush's funeral that it's time they stepped back, stopped protecting and interfering as this is what "we" have. This is going to be allowed to take targets only to a certain level. I think the Clintons, Obama, Epstein, HRH are all below that level, unfortunately for them.
  3. With all things in officialdom there is a correct way of doing things and a myriad ways of nearly doing things but failing. People spend years learning this stuff and feel they have achieved value for doing so when in reality they are simply perpetuating a clique, intentionally designed and maintained to keep the plebs out. It's how they justity their existence. Tommy failed because he didn't do exactly the right thing, if you're not a national hate figure Doris on the desk would kindly direct you to where you need to be, in this case the Clerk of the court. This is one of many official systems that are designed for you to fail at. In the vast majority of cases the failure is inconsequential as blind eyes will be turned to resolve the issue, as it's in everyones best interests. If you're Tommy they'll bring the hammer down. He should have known this.
  4. He may as well have asked Ethel down the laundrette, the Clerk of the court is the correct official to ask, apparently. He has kind of scored an own goal here, it would appear.
  5. Listened to an enlightening discussion on R4 yesterday about Tommy and his contempt. It was a bunch of journalists basically trying to justify their own existance and making out what a minfield court reporting is, and wallowing in the schadenfreude of Tommy thinking any mug can just rock up and do it. They were saying that;- 1, They'd have know to check with clerk of the court if there were any restrictions on reporting. 2, Tommy's reporting could have jeopardised up coming trials that were linked, which he'd have know if he'd checked with the clerk of the court. Both valid points if delivered in a rether gloaty and sanctimonious way. It would appear that his conviction is sound in law but one that has been delivered totally disproportionately.
  6. £50. Say 10 miles/30 mins travel each way. Thats £4.50 s 45p/mile =£9.00 Wear, tear and maintenance of equipment?? Plus business management. £5.00 per job?? So now we're down to £36.00. Or £12.00/hr x 40 £480/week. Not extortionate for running your own business. Some people know the peice of everything and the value of nothing.
  7. GBDamo

    Green People.

    I have no problem with somebody being offended about something that I have said to them about them but if someone gets offended on behalf of someone else they can fuck right off.
  8. That's a priceless line and could fit so many situations.
  9. Exactly this, i was raised JW and while there were some very hardcore believers most were in it for the comunity, a sense of belonging. The real zealots could be be hard work but their prime motivation was to protect the congregation from "worldly perils" and to convert people to become witnesses, as equals regardless of background. Not once was their ever a hint at violent thought, after all "ours is a vengeful god" so the big fella will deal with that when the dust settles. Islam is, in it's entirety, wholly and utterly incompatible with the moders civilised world, it has not been enlightened. The moderates most of us know are either still there for family/community or tourists but they are not true muslims in the same way i was no true JW, i drank, smoked, shagged, swore, wanked (often) and eventually went my own way. The sooner these medieval throwbacks start to leave en masse the sooner it'll reform and eventually become toothless, like all the best religions.
  10. That should be the format for the next CWC. See who can take it of Stokes... ..and live.
  11. Just give over with the joint winners bollocks, this aint primary school sports day, we have winners and losers, today NZ were losers but the lost with all pride intact. The way things should be done.
  12. Djokovic is one of life's natural villains through no fault of his, just the way he looks and his manner. He does deserve more credit. I just think Federer is a joy to watch, he is so elegantly efficient in everything he does, he makes it all seem so effortless. Oh and Vettle fucked up again, "four time world champion" my left conker. Granted he has the titles but he's no champion.
  13. Counting wickets doesnt work as the wickets for each team dont fall under the same circumstances. You saw this today with Rashid, Archer and Plunket in effect having a free hit at the end of an over with the likelihood of losing their wicket which was only possible as England had the wickets in hand to sacrifice. Whereas NZ lost all their 8 wickets under normal circumstances, they had no choice, the wickets were taken not given. Having said that I think the best team won but the best performance was from NZ, they made all the right call, each player played beyond their par. I feel for NZ they played their socks off and lost to a better team putting in a mediocre performance. But then again maybe NZ got to play with the freedom of the underdog but England's class shone through in the end. Why Woakes didn't bowl the super over I'll never know, Archer was always a massive gamble which ultimately paid off but only just.
  14. I'm still recovering after that, not sure i will. Shame about Federer, would have been a perfect three from three with LH winning the British Grand prix.