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  1. Most attractive woman on the planet?

    Mass football violence was always a herd mentality thing from what I could tell, same thing as riots. If there are just 3 individuals your average person wouldn't get involved, increase that to 300 then inhibitions and the fear of being caught go out the window. So what ever kick starts that reduction, be it leaded petrol, ecstasy or different policing follows the same trend as when it spirals up i.e. people of the edge abandon it as quickly as they took it up in the first place. Still plenty of it about if you are in to that sort of thing, just that those motivated enough to be involved know the risks.
  2. Bad start to the day

    Bizarrely almost exactly the same situation, car in for a service so had to walk to work. Walking through the park and bird shits, however unlike yourself it drops past my face and inches from my clothes and on to the floor.... as @Sgt Hartman says, I'll let you decide the luckier of the two of us.
  3. Dosbods Chatroom?

    I tend to only use this place during work hours, I already feel like I miss out on a ton of stuff which then becomes some sort of DOSBODS meme which I'm permanently excluded from (not a complaint or a problem). At least with the current format I have a chance at least of clicking on the dot and joining back in to a conversation where I left off, or at least seeing what's gone on. On the odd occasion things have progressed so far over a weekend say it's not worth catching up and so there tends to be a number of threads I simply don't look at. A chat room even if you could see a history would be far too much to read as they tend to include all manner of nothingness, in a forum format, I at least, will consider what I post carefully to make sure it lays out my position fully so as to not leave things open, or at least enough that there doesn't need to be 10 pages of clarification. With a chat room there is far too much back and forth, not really an issue but it is very much exclusionary in nature for those not involved. If that's what the people want then all fine by me, but I suspect it will be the straw that breaks the camels back for me leaving* * Sounds dramatic, not meant to be I've said before while I really do value this place it's all a bit too depressing. Depressing with the ability to contribute fully I think I can handle, depressing but on the side lines I don't think I'd bother.
  4. Indifferent Indians

    For those items Eat in Restaurant £1.50 + £3.25 + £7.45 + £2.45 + £3.65 = £18.30 Take away £1.00 + £1.95 + £.625 + £2.50 + £1.58 = £13.55 (minus 10% discount collection given I'm about 50 yards away*) --- Pretty sure not that long ago the eat in price in most places would have matched or been similar to that takeaway price, distinctly remember most main courses being sub £5. * It's a block of flats and I still see people getting it delivered, lazy bastards.
  5. Indifferent Indians

    That's definitely my experience, it seems to have increased in price massively. Food of course has increased across the board, but it seems for Indian it's more than doubled. Despite the fact I don't share the experience in a drop of quality I think @Roger_Mellie pretty much summed it up, we have moved on, Indian food was a beacon in a land of generally bland food back in the 70's now it's one of so many options.
  6. Indifferent Indians

    Honestly I've completely the opposite experience of people in this thread, I think the number of average/bad curries I've had I can count on one hand. I do however live in London (boo hiss) and there are so many that a bad place simply wouldn't last more than 5 minutes I suppose.
  7. Indifferent Indians

    Best one of a fair few in Dulwich, I go in there often enough. Not had the Sunday Buffet though. Best thing about the place IMO is it's old school, dark with moody lighting. I'm over in Nunhead, live opposite Spices which is really good, takeaway only. Only other one in Nunhead is 2 Sisters, which I've mentioned on here before, you can read the leaflets on why all women should wear full head coverings while you wait (I'm not joking), needless to say I don't use them.
  8. Styx for Governor

    I'm not saying you are wrong, but Seb Coe, Glenda Jackson, Martin Bell, Ester McVey etc... so neither do we if they bother running. Difference (between they names you mentioned and Styx) is that all of the above were backed by the two main parties. It's also a little easier in the US for two reasons, firstly you effectively pay your way on to the nomination and secondly you can get directly elected as a local mayor based on your name and personality, that's a far more visible role than is achievable here.
  9. Cousins

    I've got 7 first cousins, I expect I seem them maybe once every other year. When we were in our 20/30's the ones on my dad's side used to meet up semi regularly just as a group. Now it's the usual funerals or big occasions, i.e. parents birthdays, anniversaries. We all get on well enough, but once every other year is more than enough to catch up.
  10. 50% Savings Rates...

    That's correct, although unless the tax credits are below £50 a month then all the money saved under this scheme will have come as a result of receiving the tax credit in the first place. But anyway I've no desire to argue with you as I say I broadly agree, any opposition comes from a rather jaded position based on my own personal experience of people I know on benefits. Equally those people wouldn't be saving the money anyway so it's rather a moot point. Totally agree on the second highlighted point.
  11. 50% Savings Rates...

    I agree with you (on this and your original comment) however I suspect we differ in our optimism. Although I might be more strongly in favour of that statement if it was capital they accumulate from their own efforts rather than being given as a handout. I suspect this won't move a single person off benefits, could be wrong.
  12. Tear up in London this weekend?

    I live about 5 minutes away from Goldsmiths, you would all be welcome to sleep on the sofa. Seems mental really because if you want to stay in a place which is an anti-advert for the benefits of uncontrolled immigration then New Cross would be the place, total dump flanked by Deptford which is even worse, Old Kent Road and Peckham.
  13. 50% Savings Rates...

    Hows does that make sense though, if you are receiving tax credits then surely there can be no justification for it to be available to be saved. You get tax credits because you need to money to pay for the essentials of life not sloshing around as extra cash.
  14. Free bus travel for under 25s

    Still there, you get kids just jumping on the bus, going one stop and getting off again. Stupid decision, in school time so say from 7-9 and then 2-5 would have been fine but no, it's free all the time. "If you live outside the UK, you need to apply at least 4 weeks before you arrive in London." How they can justify that though I'm not sure.