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  1. gilf

    Black Friday deals

    Can't be the case, we were being told the other week that the supply chain is now so finely tuned that everything literally rolls off the back of a lorry and on to the production line and the back out the other end on to the same lorry with not a grain of rice wasted. Brexit was going to destroy this utopia. But seriously as mentioned, it used to be a case of routing round the sales racks looking for that coat in your size because it was literally all the stuff they couldn't shift for the previous season, 9 times out of 10 you wouldn't find what you wanted in your size. You only need to spend 10 minutes in say HMV with the literal 4 foot high stacks of Harry Potter videos in the Sale to know it's now a complete mis-match between sale price and cost.
  2. Totally, the make up of people at board level will reflect the people further down the chain. Tech firms are highly specialised, you can't have the classic middle management layer that doesn't have the industry knowledge. My own experience with women in the tech sector is that businesses are desperate to employ them, but there just isn't enough to go round. I remember one time here we all get very excited by a candidate, Italian, young, female. Pretty much had the job based on the CV, but due diligence and all that we got her in for an interview... turns out it was a bloke with a "girls" name. I've worked in a few industries, IT is the least sexist of all of them from what I could tell. I've worked for loads of women without an issue and it's never seemed to be a barrier to their advancement (the fact they are female as opposed to having to work with me). The issue is there are just two few in the industry.
  3. gilf

    Irish border is non-negotiable..

    I get what you are saying and would agree that might be the political opinion, but I'd disagree on the last part, I would have said a fair number of people were swung by images of a certain Irishman sticking two fingers up a fishermen exercising their democratic rights.
  4. gilf

    Gender commute gap ......

    Sorry missed that comment, was too occupied on working out how heavy cats might be.
  5. gilf

    Gender commute gap ......

    I've never been convinced it's one. Granted the only firm bit of information we know is the narrator is going to St Ives, the destination of the cat thieves however is unspecified. You could assume the narrator is walking quickly, but I suspect carrying 343 cats is going to slow you down, not to mention numerous toilet breaks for all the wives (if my experience of ladies on long trips is anything to go by). Could well be that they are being taken over, but still heading in the direction of St Ives. @Frank Hovis perhaps you can confirm is there some sort of regular cat market in St Ives?
  6. gilf

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Saw a black cab plastered with that this morning, personally I'd refuse to get in it if it was in prime position in a taxi rank.
  7. gilf

    Helping my kid through GCSEs

    I'd be a bit cautious about watching "hollywood" productions of Shakespeare, at least from a study perspective. There is good reason why a film version tends to be in 2 hour range, while the acted plays tend to top out at over 3 hour, they get cut, sometimes significantly. Having said that there is a growing trend recently to piss about with them on stage also, especially if there is a name involved. However you seem very much on the case, just something to be aware of. To be honest you don't want to over do it, but this page is very good if you want to find a more local/low key production. productions.html Generally I'd recommend the Globe over RSC but that's gone a bit mental too recently, had YMCA in the middle of one of the play last year.
  8. gilf

    Shopping under the threat of mass extermination

    There are generally on pedestrian areas, traffic can still flow freely on the road.
  9. gilf


    3 things needed to be a radio presenter 1. Press the right buttons at the right time and hit cues 2. Talk inane bullshit to fill time 3. Never swear As I've said about TV presenters, I'm not claiming it's a difficult job, but I think getting the right mix of all three of the above is a little more difficult that it might appear. Number 3 is possibly the most difficult of those, especially for people who are good at 2. Find a "good" one (in the context) and you stick with them, as long as they are not driving masses of people away then it's low risk to carry on with them.
  10. gilf

    Big spunky IVF thread

    Yes it's NHS BUT specifically Live Birth rates, those figures above talk about Clinical Pregnancy Rate which I'm assuming (further research confirms) then doesn't include a multitude of later problems, miscarriage, still birth etc etc (those sound drastic but I think it'as fairly "normal" for a fertilised egg to then get later rejected) If you are talking about IVF then from a clinics point of view their job and area of responsibility is getting the egg fertilised and then implantation. As far as they are concerned job done. I'm not dismissing either of the above figures (NHS and Private), but of course a clinic is going to present the best stats possible, ultimately for a couple going for IVF I suspect the only statistic they are interested in is are we going to have a baby. Also to say I'd have little doubt a private clinic would be more successful that the NHS, if not from the mechanical side but the whole process from start to finish. Of course whatever you do, you want to be doing to the place that gives you the best change at every stage. Edit : I might be sounding heartless talking about it in those terms, I'm just tackling the argument that a baby via IVF pays for itself. Totally understand it's a very emotional issue for people.
  11. gilf

    Big spunky IVF thread

    OK how about this then as a pragmatic solution, you can have as many goes of IVF as you like. If it results in the birth of a child it's free (on account of it eventually paying back the cost via tax), if it doesn't you have to pay for it. Just of interest look up the success rates.. 29% for women under 35. 23% for women aged 35 to 37. 15% for women aged 38 to 39. 9% for women aged 40 to 42. 3% for women aged 43 to 44. 2% for women aged over 44. Those seem pretty dire to me.
  12. gilf


    Think I'll give it a miss..
  13. gilf

    Big spunky IVF thread

    Point taken... difference is I'm more than happy/willing to pay for the pills myself.
  14. gilf

    Big spunky IVF thread

    Not just related to IVF, but loads of my partners friends are now having kids in their later 30's and early 40's. Pretty much every single one of them has had some serious complication, either themselves or their child. I genuinely believe that anybody should be able to choose to do whatever they want with their lives, women focusing on a career in their 20-30's is absolutely fine, however it's a compromise, you can't do everything in life. People of my age are possibly they first generation where this is a thing and I really don't think it's turned out how they wanted/imagined it to. A significant portion of them won't be having kids, which I know for a fact is devastating to them. Makes total sense to put a time limit on IVF, if you are not trying to have a baby when your body is in the prime condition for it (25-30) then that's your decision, not sure why somebody else should pick up the tab.
  15. gilf

    Big spunky IVF thread

    Agree, it's harsh but my opinion is that if nature doesn't want you to have kids tough luck, it's not meant to be. By all means pay for it yourself, but not sure why we are paying for it. Too many people in the world already.