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  1. It certainly removes the animal element, but I'm not sure how it's sustainable or good for the planet? Surely it's going to take a fuck ton of energy? Have a look at the about us page... Yet again it's white blokes doing all the proper work, about time the rest of the world started to pull their fucking weight when it comes to saving the planet.
  2. St Marys Cray.... wouldn't want to live there even if I was getting the £1,000
  3. Literally nothing.... and it's not due to a lack of rental properties plenty in the area.
  4. As I've said in terms of that it's one or two across the whole football community across and entire season, one in several million levels. As you say, footballer referees get absolutely abused week in week out by players.
  5. You used to be able get some good stuff in charity shops, but I have seen over the last 10 years or so a trend that anything half decent is priced accordingly. I think it's two fold, a newer breed of "helper" who are less interested in the root cause and so less keen to get things moved out the door and more concerned with "profit and then mechanisms that make it a lot easier for ordinary folks to appraise something, ebay and the like. Used to be the grannies would just be really pleased with the 50p or whatever it was was coming in and went on to feed the cats. Don't have an is
  6. Well it's customs based so it's trade with non-EU countries, but yes it's nothing to do with Brexit (even if maybe it is linked in the fact they held off doing it until the deal was agreed).
  7. Well indeed. Welcome back anyway, remember you for TOS and it was good to see your name pop up on here earlier.
  8. Why would that help? Surely if those are things we might know about the real BoltonFury then any fake BoltonFury would have similar access to that information. I'm thinking this is some elaborate double bluff
  9. Likewise... I'm not completely unsympathetic, I'm just not having it used as yet another stick to beat Brexiteers with. I'm more challenging the "look Brexit is a disaster" element than the practical realities for a business, which as you say will be sorted out in time. --- Do people know the EU changed the customs process on the 31st, not Brexit related, regardless of where they have come from. https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/news/new-form-customs-declaration-low-value-consignments_en I think this for example is the source of the problem for DPD.
  10. It's just bullshit as presented in the video. Unless of course suppliers routinely sent a full lorry to somebody without telling them what's in there. You are correct in that it's a problem, but nothing somebody on minimum wage couldn't be doing. I've no doubt a separate customs form is needed, I very much doubt that's written out long hand.
  11. I'm not doubting the checks at all, what I'm saying is any competent business already has the facility to produce the required documentation with a little bit of adaptation, explicitly so in the case he mentioned. I said on the Brexit thread, they have had 4 years to plan, yes absolutely they didn't know what the outcome would be but there were two options broadly. 1. Carry on as normal 2. Revert to standard import/export and customs rules. What we have is the second, it was predictable and plan able. Had it not happened businesses would have been no worse of for having a f
  12. That video just sounds like complete bollocks. The claim is that the main issue is one of paper work, now with cross border checks loads need to be itemised where previously they were not. So for example a load super market stuff was just that, not it needs to be itemised individually. BUT... I worked in retail for years, those loads were and completely itemised. Maybe not for customs purposes but I really can't imagine it's that difficult to do that. The bloke is talking complete bollocks, he then goes on to talk about double import duty which correct me if I'm wrong is also no
  13. Few reason, it's more densely populated for a start and so yes more things immediately on your door step, also a lot easier to get in to Zone 1. I know you know this, but London is big, like massive getting on for 15 times the size of Belfast. Living in Zone 6 and going in to central London is the equivalent distance wise* to the centre of Belfast and living in Antrim. It's just a magnitude of difference getting back to Zone 2 as opposed to Zone 6 to the point it puts no limits on you. Most of London (in terms of Zone 1/2) has 24 hour bus services, normal routes not special services.
  14. Indeed, very few places in the world like London. I don't meant that in a "very few places as good" it's not just a city, it's a mega city, one of only two Alpha++ rated cities in the world. There is nothing remotely close to it in the UK, it gets shit on by the rest of the country (which is fine and valid in lots of instances), but globally it's a hugely important place on so many levels. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_city#Alpha_++ But yes living central offers a lot of great advantages, if of course that's your thing.
  15. I have lived in London pretty much all my life, but for the most part out on the edge in Zone 6. I could never understand the appeal of living further in, just seemed crowded and mental. The outer areas seemed to offer the best of both, a slower pace but all the "good" central bits a 20 minute train ride away. Then I moved in to Zone 2.... fucking brilliant. Lived there for the last 8 years and absolutely loved it. Have moved back out now as my partner and I split, it's obviously not been the same the last year as all the great things about it have been off limits, but still would still l
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