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  1. Seems odd the Germans can completely disassociate from their history (the two bloodiest wars in history and an out an out holocaust), yet the British are eternally guilty for their colonial past.
  2. Best thing you can do it issue loads of Freedom of information requests. Such as "Can you tell me how many HB pencils were used in each department in the last 14 weeks". Make it as specific as possible but realistic so that they can use the defence of "we don't know" and use odd time scales so they can't just pull out a yearly, quarterly or monthly report.
  3. Better than a vast majority of the ex-player pundits IMO. Issue is though that if you watch women’s football on he BBC then you won’t ever see a man, no male presenter, no male reporter, no male pundits. Should work both ways, no reason to exclude men from coverage of th female game.
  4. Don't have an issue with Womens football, as I've said before I watch it often enough. But presenting it like this is trying to suggest it's on an equal footing, it's not, not even close. The aforementioned game attracted a crowd of 13,000 as proudly announced on the So-Called BBC What it doesn't mention is it directly followed the men's game, ticket got you in to both games. BBC Headline Record 13,000 Attend Womens Rugby Reality Headline 69,000 People couldn't be bothered to hang around to watch inferior product even though it was free,
  5. Prime example right now... Highlights : England Thrash Scotland to Claim Grand Slam.
  6. I did look at him but I wasn't making the real life Private connection.
  7. My guess would be some sort of TV/Film link, but not coming up with anything.
  8. This is the think that I find most perplexing about the whole thing, we only had a vote because the EU refused to negotiate even before we had a referendum, all this talk about May's red lines being an issue, what about the fucking red lines they drew up during that process, this notion we can influence from within is complete nonsense, proven before we had a referendum and only further confirmed since. Got no issue with EU's position, just rather not be part of (and pay for) a club if that's the way they run it.
  9. I had an interesting reaction to the situation this morning... I was at the station waiting for my train, there is a women who I see every day, they wear a full on Niqab (so postbox type). Not sure how to express what I felt really, although I suppose a little bit of sympathy because it must be difficult being somebody so outwardly Muslim after such and event.... then I immediately checked myself, thinking hold on I was thinking exactly the same during the last time Muslim terrorists decided to murder innocent people. Not sure what I'm trying to say with the observation really.
  10. Agreed, like those disenfranchised black youths that have never fought in a war and been smoking cannabis constantly for years so all chilled out an relaxed. Really doesn't take much to light the touch paper and get people on the streets, even as in the case above when they are not even concerned with the central issue.
  11. In all the media coverage of the issue and when they trawl out a Joe public remainer every single one of them has skin in the game. It's never, I think we should remain in the EU because it delivers benefit X, it's something directly relating to them. I could take about 15 minutes of coverage during my drive home from my parents last night, the So-Called BBC in their wisdom were in Berlin talking to British people and getting their reaction to the vote... FFS talk about Turkeys voting for Christmas.
  12. They have a few of those in London on some of the routes. It's an old article but I've seen then recently, well at least a lot more recently that that article. I think the C10 route uses them.
  13. gilf

    Jackboot Britain!

    Professionally I don't think I've ever been to a company and the whole call recording thing isn't a total mess. Lost tapes or more often than not the system simply not working at all. If you were ever making a call that was potentially important record it yourself, not sure how you stand legally there, would be interested to know... I don't mean you recording calls generally but recording the call in the knowledge that a prompted has already been given by their side. So come the inevitable issue and "we have lost the tape" you can say no problem I recorded it as well.
  14. I'd suggest a course of action. Get all MP's to submit a list of all rape and death threats over the last 5 years, then cross check that with actual rapes they have suffered and real attempts on their lives. From there work out a statistical basis for the likelihood of the event happening. Even accounting for Jo Cox (assuming Thomas Mair send her a death threat, if not then you can ignore that one) I'd speculate the figure is about as close to zero to mean that these "threats" are completely irrelevant and meaningless. There is a massive disconnect in their thinking, in the old days if somebody went to the bother of writing a threat, sticking a stamp on and walking down to the post box, you might (and do mean might) give it a second thought. Posting a message on twitter is such a low value act that is meaningless. The fact they don't recognise this (I'm sure they probably do) demonstrates a total lack of intelligence or an underestimation of the intelligence of the population at large.