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  1. gilf

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Insulin resistance, a well documented and known problem. The bigger you get, the worse it is, it's cyclical in nature in that your body is starved of nutrients and energy even though you are consuming more than enough food to cover your daily requirements. The more you eat the worse it gets. It makes you lethargic, increased hunger and of course causes weight gain, compounded by the fact it literally blocks lipolysis so a person going on a diet is doomed to failure. In my view it's the biggest cause of obesity, problem is as mentioned the "cure" is to eat the very things that cause the problem in the first place. Fixing it requires a complete 180. ---- This is the root of "food addiction" IMO, I won't comment on the whether it's a "real" addiction or not, but same effect.
  2. gilf

    Selling it for a friend

    Same here, they also now auto select it. It does make the shipping process easier but the hassle factor increases massively. Recently lost on on some computer equipment, while I totally get buyer protection I suspect it's putting your rank and file punter off.
  3. gilf

    Selling it for a friend

    Suspect that's it, especially electrical goods. Effectively means they can deflect questions about defects etc.
  4. gilf

    World Cup 2018 - Knockout Stage

    While I get what you mean, football has changed. Used to be relatively level in terms of quality and so any meeting be it at the world cup, league, national cup or whatever you were there to win, be it England, Outer Mongolia, Liverpool or Colchester United. Then money got involved, lots and lots of money. It's now turned in to a game generally where not losing is the key aim and it's turned a hell of a lot of games in to terrible things to watch. Taking that goal as an example, can't think of a single instance this world cup where any player has had that much space or time on the ball.
  5. gilf

    Neil Hamilton-A man misunderstood?

    I don't think you get anywhere near parliament as a Conservative MP without being very capable, you also need a healthy dose of cunning and out and out nasty streak. I don't mean that in a negative "conservatives are all evil" just that it's such a solid political party that you need to be tough as hell and want to play the political game. In terms of Hamilton, it's cyclical that cunning got him in trouble and the Conservatives equally used that political nous to destroy him. I think the biggest issue is somebody like Hamilton jumping ship across parties, certainly cross over between UKIP and the Conservatives, but it just looks somebody desperate to gain power and control by any means possible.
  6. My point is sort of ruined given the first example was number one for about 3 weeks , but seems a common theme that many of these songs were not that popular when they came out, at least not in terms of chart success. The thing about Gangstas Paradise however is it's about as radio friendly as a rap record is going to get (given it was from a film soundtrack, in-itself relevant in that it had huge marketing budget). Might be more interesting if they regularly played Gimme That Nut by Eazy-E
  7. gilf

    Refusing Promotion at Work (or not)

    I'm sort of in between Type 1 and 2, probably more on the side of 1. I've always loved messing around with computers since I was a kid, but it's always been a job to me, aside from the odd thing here and there I've never done any programming outside of work. I don't have some great portfolio of projects I've worked on outside of those that I've done professionally for somebody else, once 5pm roles around it's out the door and outside of entertainment (web, videos) I don't touch a computer. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy it when I'm at work and it's a real privilege to be able to do it. As for promotions, everywhere I've worked I've been promoted in a short space of time. I'm not sure if it's connected to this Type 1 or Type 2 style, however I've always been very good at office politics and I find managing people easy. It's probably because I'm a ruthless underhand bastard, I think you also need to be brutally honest in all aspects. I've turned down promotions from time to time, I've certainly engineered my career in such a way that I get the right mix of development and management. In a very similar situation to @lipid work for a great company, little to no stress, strict 9-5. I've done contracting in the past but it didn't really appeal to me. We do a specific mix of technical work that I don't think I'd be able to replicate anywhere else, it's pretty much the perfect job for me and I get to completely dictate where and how we go technically. One of the great things and I'm sure it's true of many here is that I've enough experience and a decent CV that any decision I make is easily countered by quitting and getting another job at the drop of a hat, that takes a huge amount of pressure off. ---------- As to the original questions, lets highlight the key terms in your post... Sounds more like you don't want to do it and you want confirmation (which is fine, it's what we all do) You haven't said a single positive thing about it.
  8. Never take anything titled LGBT seriously, doesn't make sense. LGB you can group by sexuality, the T part has nothing to do with sexuality, it's gender based. I don't think I've seen anything promoted as or in support of LGBT that's not been a bit mental. As somebody who has grown up and lived in major cities all my life I've been totally blind to anything like homophobia or racism, it's just never entered my consciousness. Can understand that's not true for all, but I really do think we are progressive enough these days that this and race based stuff is scab picking on a massive scale.
  9. gilf

    World Cup 2018 thread

    This is top level sport so it's all on the margins, there won't be much difference but enough that Rashford taking a shot he has done in practice thousands of times during this season with a Premier League Nike ball just misjudges how much contact he needs to add some spin. 9/10 times it won't make a difference but with more nuances touches could be way off. Seen loads of over hit passes this world cup, especially on longer through balls.
  10. gilf

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Don't dismiss the fact that it's a ball they are not used to, a possible reason that the first few matches there were a lot of mis-placed passes etc. Happens most World Cups, takes a few games for players to get used to a ball. Not justifying anything, should have done better.
  11. gilf

    Annapolis shooting

    Not sure this specific incident can tell us much, but on a broader level I think in a very short space of time the wider public have gone from trusting all they view/read to complete distrust. A multi pronged problem, access to news outside the mainstream, 24 hour coverage and so more "opinion" than ever before as opposed to simple fact reporting and possibly most importantly the mass media simply not representing what people on the ground are actually seeing (loops back to the first). With regard to the second paragraph, what we are seeing currently, especially in the middle east is an ideological war and not state based. The Geneva convention goes out the window, rather that bystanders, journalism is in fact a major target as they are the ones opposed and reporting against (at least potentially) the very ideology they are fighting for.
  12. gilf

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Used to be the case that no South American team had won the world cup outside of the Americas (one exception Brazil in 58), equally no European team had won it in South America. Brazil won in Japan, and then Germany obviously the last one in Brazil, but yes that sort of suggests the climate and location was relevant in the past. I suspect a more significant development is the way the European leagues have raced ahead in both quality and more importantly money. Pretty much the whole Brazil squad plays in Europe, two exceptions, third choice keeper and second choice right back, same with Argentina just two, third choice keeper again and Pavon, who will be on a plane to a European club soon enough. No doubt about it Brazil still produce top quality players, but as you say there are no surprises there. I can't think of many Brazilian players ever playing in the English leagues, close to a third now play here. I'm not saying England would beat Brazil, but most of the team either play against them often or are team mates.
  13. gilf

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Friend of mine is over there, complete England nut. He and a group of lads went to a fan park and met some Russian holligans, they told him that under normal conditions they would already be dead, but Russian fans have been told in no uncertain terms that there is to be no trouble whatsoever.
  14. gilf

    Spanish to be most widely-taught language

    While the obvious choice, when teaching a language I'd think it's a bit of a wasted effort if you can't also read/write it effectively. I know some kids learn chinese at school, think my niece and nephew did a bit, but it was minor kiddy stuff at primary school. I suspect come then end of a kids education there is a far better chance they would have a good grasp of French, Spanish or German, both written and oral (no sniggering at the back please) than Mandarin. Personally I'd think it would be great to have a universal language, something everybody spoke. If there was a real drive to do that I'd get behind it and learn whatever it was, sadly won't ever happen and we do have the benefit of speaking English, so about as close as that's going to get.
  15. gilf

    Spanish to be most widely-taught language

    Indeed an utter joke of a statement. If there is a language that's losing importance it's French, used to the language of Science, deposed by English of course. Anybody here speak Telugu or Marathai? I suspect not and I suspect most of you have never heard of them, but more people in the world speak those as a first language than French. 3 times more people speak Portuguese than French. Spanish is the 3rd most widely spoken language, although it's dwarfed massively by English in terms of second language.