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  1. This thread is all talk about late payments on invoices and hard times for contractors, I've no doubt that's the case. But read the Daily Mail story, he was due to be paid £600 on Friday and due to a banking error it didn't arrive until Monday (he didn't bother checking his account). He may well have suffered this fate one time too many and it's pushed him over the edge but it's hardly worth that sort of reaction. Regardless of any legal ramifications he's fucked his short - medium term employment prospects. On the construction front I know of a number of large companies gone to the wall in the last few years. Great in the good times, but structured in such a way that any down turn it quickly unravels.
  2. gilf

    I think I'm getting too old for all this...

    Wikipedia confirms it... In October 2017, it was revealed that Microsoft had ceased active development of Windows 10 Mobile due to its low market share and the lack of third-party development for the platform. When MS stop developing it, with no clear replacement then that really killed it dead at that point. While Windows has generally had long term support MS have always been very quick to kill projects they have no intention of replacing. Well done for putting the effort in though, the whole problem was so few did. Chicken and egg problem, not enough apps, so not enough users and so no drive from the app developers to do develop an app.
  3. gilf

    I think I'm getting too old for all this...

    Seems like it I was a long term Windows Phone user, really liked it but eventually it became too feature less to warrant the effort. I gave it up about 2 years ago when one of the few apps I did use was dropped, pretty sure it was announced then that MS had canned the project so only a matter of time until they stopped supporting it.
  4. gilf

    Becoming a sperm donor

    I think that's more in cases where it's been a previous relationship which has broken down and the woman has then decided she's having a baby anyway. While sperm donation it was more about pre-fertilised eggs, same difference if you ask me. Can't find it right now but there was certainly a case of that relatively recently. Still total madness.
  5. gilf

    Right To Repair

    I've always taken the view that if somebody else can fix it so can I. Problem is these days it's less and less likely somebody can actually fix it. But it's getting more difficult, replaced the seat belt tensioner on my car pre MOT the other month, job took about 5 minutes. Problem was it took about 3 hours to visit various Halfords to find the exact torx bit to remove the seat. No idea why they can't user a "standard" bolt, nothing special or important to warrant using anything else from what I could see other than making it difficult for you to do it yourself.
  6. That's certainly part of my grand plan, the space both physically and mental to do less and be fulfilled more. I'm generally OK in the spring/summer as I'm out most weekends in the woods doing archery, it's the winter that's the issue. Part of the problem I think is there is plenty I could be doing but I feel like none of it is ultimately worthwhile.
  7. There are way more cars on the road than there ever used to be, but I think the biggest change is the pattern of traffic. We would spend most of out evenings out in the road playing football as kids. Rush hour it was buys outside of that time it was perfectly fine, Sunday totally dead. I'm not disputing the data but more cars means more hazards, therefore less opportunity to play in the street or a kid to travel on their own to a playground or park.
  8. In the past toys were expensive, I know I didn't have too many and when I did get them it was absolutely Christmas and Birthday only. A trip to the toy shop was a fact finding mission only, no chance I was getting anything. A feature of most households I know with kids is one significant corner of a room literally stuff with plastic toys about 4 foot high (not an exaggeration), I know all my toys went in to a small plastic container about 50cm x 40cm. Not a woe is me, but just a contrast to the sheer volume of stuff kids tend to accumulate and goes back to the original point of how unimpressed kids are with a present these days, they do seem to be special enough.
  9. I admire your optimism but I actually think the reverse. The easy availability of information for me means that people will be less inclined to actually learn anything, no need to because it's there on tap. That in itself brings about a situation where you lack genuine research skills and the ability to piece information from different sources together. As a whole I'd say the human race will benefit from an easier exchange of information, but your average man in the street will be a little bit less informed and capable. We have already seen this with computing, I was born at a time that meant if you wanted to get a computer to do anything useful you needed to understand some reasonably technical stuff and how to deal with it. That's gone now, a computer for most people younger than say 30 is just a tool, it just works with no fuss and mess, that connection to the machine has gone. It's really difficult to get decent IT people these days, in my view for this reason. Same in many ways with modern cars, my dad for example did all his own repairs and servicing, won't touch a car now as it's far too much effort. Back to the original post, I'd certainly say there are far too many distractions for kids these days. I've personally got a very short attention span, difference is when I was a kid the amount of options was so limited there were times when you were genuinely bored.
  10. gilf

    500 homeless have died this year

    As has been said a few times the figures are meaning less without a contrasting total figure. I suspect it would rank slightly higher than a general level of death in the housed population, but would it rank in comparison to serious alcoholic and chronic drug users, which I suspect a high number of these people fall in to. I know people in the homeless charity sector, your sympathy runs pretty low when you hear most of the stories and how much help they have been given to turn their lives around. I think for lots of people being homeless may well be a possibility in a very short time scale, but being a long term rough sleeper is a very different matter.
  11. gilf

    500 homeless have died this year

    I'm massaging the figures a little bit but for all intents and purposes Labour have been in power as long as the conservatives have in that period, so surely must account for 50% of the blame.
  12. gilf

    Its titsmas, jugs for everyone!

    She lives quite close to where I work so I see here a fair bit out and about, as I do a fair few other TV personalities of a similar ilk. She looks exactly the same in person as she does on the TV, which is a rare thing as most of the others look like absolute shit. Friend of mine knows here brother really well so they have met her a number of times and says she is genuinely a lovely person.
  13. gilf

    How to deal with NPD/BPD colleagues.

    Been mentioned on here before (not claiming credit, but subscribe to the view) that underlying any interaction between men at work is a threat that one or the other will result to a punch in the face if pushed beyond the limit. It's a nice natural balance that keeps everybody in check.
  14. gilf

    Mini Rant thread

    Because it's low effort charity, require minimal effort on part of the donator, yet delivers (to them) maximum feel good credits. I'm sure these same people throw away as much food as they donate.
  15. gilf

    What would Jesus do?

    Best bit about this story is the uproar a few weeks ago when a picture of her and Corbyn (the second in the article) was used in connection with the legal mis-deeds another female Labour MP. The paper was just using a a few weeks too early