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  1. Thing is she is up for a challenge, not a kids portion.
  2. gilf

    Escape from LA

    A bond is just the US equivalent to bail in the UK as far as I know (it's called a bail bond). It's basically a financial incentive not to do a runner. The difference over there is bounty hunting is legal and so you can get a third party to stump up the cash and they then effectively put a price on somebodies head. I think in practice it's the bounty hunters that act as the bond provider, so doing both jobs. i.e. they stump up the cash and if you don't turn up to court they do the leg work to track you down, although they also do just bounty hunting work for families that put up bond money or the authorities themselves. Just looking at it now they seem to charge 10% or 15% for the privilege, so $50k bond for a $5k fee. Say as the UK you don't have to pay a bond, it just means you have to sit in jail until trial. Once you turn up in court you get your money back - I don't think it's got any component on guilt/innocent.
  3. That's a hell of a turn around which would suggest there was already something in the Japanese consciousness that allowed such a dramatic switch. They are known for their rigid societal rules and structure so I guess it's not too much of a problem to turn from one behaviour to the other. The treatment of POW's in Japan went way beyond simple neglect.
  4. gilf

    Escape from LA

    Seen as glorious events in battle, both effectively defeats. However both big propaganda events which bolstered support for the war effort in both cases.So a defeat you would almost want to engineer in a war if you could.
  5. Depends on the industry, my experience in IT is anybody without a degree is pretty good, well grounded and a decent worker. BUT... part of the reason for that is they wouldn't have got anywhere near the job they do now because they would have been filtered out years ago had they not been capable. They have had to work hard at it, the weak ones get weeded out quickly and never make it to the required level. I'd say half the people going to university these days do so because they think they should or don't want to enter the job market. Anybody stopping at A levels and looking to get some experience are worth a try because they have at least show a bit of ambition.
  6. I think that's because they thought it was a very serious academic study by a very serious professor with a big long wise beard. Finkel is possibly one of the best current minds on the subject of ancient Babylon and ancient cuneiform scripts, but he is also a bit of a card and a joker. Not watched the whole thing in a while, but note sure what level of making it about him there is, but he "found" the cuneiform tables, deciphered them and then commissioned the building of the boat... so it's about him and his work rather than a dry academic study.
  7. Indeed, more women attempt suicide, but more men actually succeed. Just another thing on the list that men are better at
  8. gilf

    Escape from LA

    Pretty much sums up Europeans and Native people... Rushmore took 14 years, Crazy Horse was started 78 years ago and isn't even close to being finished, lazy bastards.
  9. Best bit of advice I got when I got divorce was avoid lawyers and court at all cost, that was from a local solicitor who asked to check over the paper work. He said I was being generous in the terms we had agreed but he said any attempt to make it fair would be very quickly swallowed up in fees and headaches. The courts don't like hard numbers and prefer a percentage figure of assets, we did that and priced it up in such a way that my ex-wife got a bit extra due to her inputting a sum of inheritance during our last house purchase, wasn't much but game her a bigger percentage than me so that based on projections it would be that chunk and then 50/50. Problem was come the actual divorce and house sale it sold for considerably more than the estimate and that meant a far bigger payout for her. I think in the end I got lucky, missing out on a good few thousand stings a bit but it was done with and a line drawn, would have been a nightmare going to court etc.
  10. They simply didn't sell enough to make it worth the bother. It's a classic loved by many but they are not the ones shelling out for new Land Rovers.
  11. gilf

    BLM UK

    Pardon the pun but it's a massive own goal by the premier league and the likes of SKY to have supported BLM so visibly. For years they have had anti racism initiatives in football, the latest of which was Kick it Out. They were well structured, did good work and had a clear message and plans to tackle the issues. That was thrown in the bin for a Marxist group with none of those things. It's made them look like total idiots and it was only a matter of time before the mask slipped and BLM started to tweet or send out their core message which I think for the most part really isn't one the resonates with the general pubic even if an anti-racism message does. This is why you don't jump in to politics if you don't have to, unless you know fully the message that's being promoted.
  12. I was because I'd explicitly watched it for that reason. I'd heard of via the reputation of that scene. I'd say it would have been quite an experience if you had gone in to it without knowing much about it. I said above it's a 2h 15m film where the action is packed in to the last 15m or so, but the previous 2h were also great, just a completely different pace and style of film.
  13. This one is really good and the game is excellent, you can play it online.
  14. Brilliant stuff, I'm a big fan of Ivring. Anything with him in is worth a watch on Youtube. The book he wrote about the the ark is good, if a little more academic than the presentation above.
  15. Word of warning for this thread, if you watch too many videos from here it serious fucks up your Youtube suggestions. I literally had a video of Jim Davison (yes that one) fitting a new thruster system on his boat today.