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  1. I've been to a cat cafe, you can't actually touch the cats unless they approach you, at least in the one I went to, but I think that's a generally agreed principle. I think anybody who's had cats know they are generally wankers, and the last thing they want is you touching them. I think this is particularly a problem because most of these cat cafes get the cats from animal shelters where a lot the animals would have been neglected and so they are not the confident sort of cats you might be used to at home. i.e. they won't be interested in approaching a bunch of strangers.
  2. I think the recurring theme here is that men (if they keep in shape) generally age far better than women.
  3. Very interesting stuff, I've been down this rabbit hole for the last 25 years +. I've read many many books on this alternative time line of history and I'm convinced that there was a previous much older "civilisation" than we currently recognise. However that very much depends on what you consider advanced, for me it isn't a long lost equivalent of the present day but something akin to say Rome or Greece, but much much older. Certainly possible they could have developed a very good understanding of mathematics and basic science which was lost but is echoed through various cultures and creation myths. Graham Hancock (and others) was of the opinion that this civilisation was destroyed and the remnants went out in to the wider world to distribute this knowledge, it's an interesting theory, I suspect there is some truth in it but at a less contrived level. Simply the expansion of knowledge throughout the world by normal means over time. In some places it stuck, in some the very act of getting through the day without getting eaten by something meant it fell by the wayside. As they say Necessity is the mother of invention, I think the fact we happily went for possibly 100's of thousands of years in a pre civilised state and then there was a massive boom is just coincidence, @Frank Hovis presents a decent model for why that might have happened. I suspect there could well have been a prior civilisation that had some other drivers to push them to advance at a different rate. Lest we not forget that even now, but certainly 100-200 years ago there were vast areas of the world, African in particular which housed people that have no advancement at all, still effectively living a nomadic hunter gather life style. Perfectly possible therefore that this lost civilisation(s) could exist in a frame that also includes our current understanding of human development. Imagine for example total nuclear destruction of say Europe, you land in a space craft find nothing in Europe at all, but go to some remote part of Africa and find a very basic society, yet with some inexplicable items. OK that's a reach because complete destruction of our civilisation, while possible at human level, would leave plenty of finger prints. Going back to Atlantis, one of the best books I read about it focuses on the sources, which is exclusively Plato. He himself quotes that the actual information came to him via one of his mentors from Egypt.
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    I watch a lot of football, season ticket holder at Arsenal, when there isn't a game there I'll go to watch the local non-league or Millwall and I'll generally be streaming the bigger games across the world. I'll watch the ladies football on the So-Called BBC also. I've watched a lot of this Women's World Cup, it's no surprise to me, but it's genuinely been awful quality. The games are either a total mis-match or just incredibly scrappy. They can't string more than about 3-4 passes between them, ball control is absolutely non-existent and about 95% of crosses fail to beat the first woman, let alone find a team mate. I think the So-Called BBC has made a bit of a mis-judgment, women have every right to play football, but they have over promoted it and rather than doing the sport a favour it's potentially damaging any progress they might be making, because now the spot light is on the curtain has slipped and we can see what it really is, a poor imitation of the real thing. As for Cameroon, it's all a it Zaire in 1974, as if they have driven round Yaounde the week before the tournament in a mini bus asking random people in the street if they fancy a free holiday to France, no need to worry about knowing the rules, you can learn them as you go a long. Of course the So-Called BBC will be going on for hours and hours during the commentary about how great it is for young girls in rural Cameroon, ignoring the fact they probably haven't got access to a TV and are busy walking 10 miles to get some fresh water. On VAR... hmm not really sure at this point. I think as a TV viewer it's not much of an issue. But the last couple of days there have been some major incidents, the Cameroon goal being a good example, but another last night with Brazil, goal goes in instantly given off side so outside of the initial burst of excitement you see the line woman's flag, it dies down and on we go. But no all of a sudden it's up for review, not offside and we can all now celebrate. It's coming next season in the Premier League, will be interesting to see how it operates in the stadium as a live experience, not that well I'd wager. Having said all that, I do prefer the idea of getting a decision correct.
  5. gilf

    Do you floss?

    Never floss, never had a filling. I do however brush my teeth twice a day, every day. I think teeth are a bit like general heath, you are either the sort to get problems or you are not. Most people I know are generally healthy, the odd cold here and there and that's about it but I'm sure we all know one or two people who have a catalogue of health problems, one after the other. While the health service is somewhat aware, I really don't think there is much thought given to making sure we get as many minerals and vitamins in to us as kids to make sure we have a strong base going forward. Edit : I've got a sweet tooth, I don't now but I've eaten plenty of sugar in my life time, although in fairness not so much as a kid which links in to the last point.
  6. I suspect a vast majority of their customers are completely unaware of the ad. They are one of those mega corps however, the success of the brand is less about quality and more about financial steam rollering, their great power is ubiquity. I suspect unless they come and punch customers in the face they can do pretty much what they fancy.
  7. What I want to know is whats wrong with the 20% of people who don't like a bacon sandwich.
  8. Appealing to 6% of the population, seems rather a risky strategy given that you might piss off a lot more than 6%* They have a similar sign up in the Local Sainsburys. * Not saying it would bother most people, but if we are to believe the So-Called BBC et al, then you only have to look a bit gay before a bus load of people are beating you up.
  9. Suspect it's got little to do with the company itself, more a case of a marketing/advertising agency full of Uni failures. They come up with the "angle" and then the company goes with it. We keep hearing about a lack of diversity in the board room, I very much doubt it comes out of there, only takes one link down the chain to go with it. Advertising in the past was an easy game, short of saying your customers were cunts whatever you did worked to some degree. A bloke with shaving creme all over his face and jobs done. So I doubt the higher ups ever got involved.
  10. I always use the official car parks, generally the company is paying but I find them to reasonable and on the odd occasion I'm travelling for my own purposes I'll pay for it. Never had a problem with them and the good thing about the longer stay ones is there are very regular bus services as opposed to a bloke in a mini bus who may or may not be there, or god forbid leaving your keys. On the surface they might seem expensive, but when you factor in the cost of an alternative it's often negligible. For example partner and myself on a train is virtually the same price and hell of a lot more convenient. Also very much depends on when you are going, for me most of the time the short stay at the terminal is virtually the same as the long stay, won't be in your case given the length, but generally worth a look.
  11. I lost 9 stone, didn't go near a gym once. Cost literally nothing.
  12. Not exactly that, but that's roughly how Mastodon works So not peer hosting as such, but you can create a node an decide what does or doesn't go on.
  13. Pemberton and Shersmith are brilliant writers, sure an amateur would have fucked it up, but any half competent actor would have looked excellent playing that role. Love Inside No. 9, some are a bit hit and miss, but most of the time it's excellent.