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  1. My partners boss has a strong family history of heart problems, he knew this from a young age and so has take steps to make sure that he does everything he possibly can to prevent problems for himself. Eats super health, doesn't smoke and drinks to moderation. Activity wise he runs regular marathons and is super active. Dropped dead last year of a massive heart attack, late 40's. I'm not suggesting he missed out on anything, or that he lead his life in a negative way, but despite know about it and doing everything he conceivably could it made no difference. That's not saying don't live as healthy a life as possible, more that knowing about stuff might not have a great benefit.
  2. In fairness that was a real possibility. We came very close a few times, I'm sure I've mentioned a few times on here about an old Vulcan pilot I knew who said it was very very close in the early to mid 80s, the USSR were up to all sorts, including at one point amassing a huge invasion force at the border... then after a couple of weeks it was stood down, the US and UK were seriously worried at that stage and were on standby. Edit : of course these sorts of incidents never made it to the papers for fear of mass panic.
  3. I think in the past when you were not explicitly paying for the delivery element (which of course you were indirectly) then a little tip was appropriate, now however you are paying. Previously it was doing you a favour, now it's a paid service. Don't use these services so not really an issue for me, on the very odd occasion I get a delivery direct from somewhere I'll tip if I have the spare change, it does seem from the reaction that it's not expected.
  4. As has been mentioned full on MRI etc will be very expensive, on the one hand it might tell you something on the other it might just say it's all fine and dandy and you are now £3k out of pocket. As for personal experience, I've paid for full blood tests which are then reviewed by a doctor. It was really interesting and covered a load of stuff and any element that was outside the boundary of "normal" they went in to detail on the possible reasons, the possible problems and a solution. You could then go on to have further more specific tests if required. I did it via this site... It looks a bit iffy, but rather than prick your finger and send it in, I went to a clinic in Harley Street and they took a sizeable sample. Can't remember which one I did but suspect it was Comprehensive Plus V, or whatever the equivalent was at the time. They have a large array of tests, a vast majority of which would be useless unless you had a specific condition and were ask by a private doctor to get one. This is the sort of thing you get, this is the first of 3 pages worth...
  5. From the article... It is not... the purpose is to immediately point out that their argument has no basis and it is a challenge to say prove it is racism. It's not a denial of racism, but if you shout the N word at somebody in the street, sure that's racism, if I decided to employ a white person over a black person that is not racism, unless you can prove there was some direct act that caused it to be. If you challenge that decision based on race then it is up to you to provide evidence of it, if you cannot then you have played the race card. Your first port of call remove any chance of discussion.... if anything it is doing the exact opposite of what's suggested here.. it's intended to silence, threaten or remove the ability to have a rational discussion about the issue.
  6. Doesn't seem to be doing a very good job of controlling STD's generally. HIV the same, the US has 10 times then number of people with HIV compared to the UK with only a 5 times the population. Of course plenty of other factors, but you would assume it to show up in the figures if doing it had any benefit whatsoever.
  7. Fucking mental, not a single mention of the word "attendance" in that entire article, how can you present an argument when you leave out the very thing which dictates the financial picture, the paying public. But wait over the last couple of seasons we have had a few record crowds at Women's football.... the bit that's left out is a vast majority of the crowd would have been given free tickets. Women's football already operates at a loss for most clubs.
  8. gilf

    Unusual Days Out

    If anybody does go down that neck of the woods (Dover/Dungerness) it's worth sticking your head in to the Crypt of St. Leonard in Hythe. Small local church, but a side room with 1,022 skulls and a massive stack of thigh bones.
  9. gilf

    Web Hosting Been with "them" for years. If you look up the registered address on Google maps it's just a random house in a small village in Devon. I wouldn't be surprised if I was their only customer.. but always had great support from them if I've ever needed anything. ------ Just read the above post about chasing payments... I forgot to pay an invoice once, realised a month or two later so emailed to say sorry and check on the status of stuff, was told "you have always paid in the past so we just renewed everything for you, pay us when you can".
  10. Unfortunately the delivery market is dictated by the seller and not the purchaser, unless as I mentioned you as a consumer choose not to purchased based on which delivery company is used and so restricting your options and not particularly practical.
  11. Surely she is the racist if she is specifying she doesn't want "white" eggs. Is it because she knows that whatever racial classification she fits in to wouldn't accept a white child due to their racism and prejudice.
  12. Hermes is the worst in my experience, had far more damaged parcels from them than anywhere else. Luckily the local Hermes driver is a really nice chap and so if there are issues it's not his doing. Agree with @spunko UPS is by far the best, they seem to be one of the few not doing it on the cheap, but that's both ends so as mentioned there is a premium there. I'll often not purchase stuff on ebay if it mentions a delivery method I'm not happy with, no point getting a bargain if it turns up smashed to bits A recent one was a vintage Sinclair TV, it was packed well enough but came completely destroyed, over and above the fact it was just damaged this was a rare(ish) item with no chance I'd be getting a replacement.
  13. It's the same with all of these "a rise in" stats, it's almost never credible. It may well be a rise in reports, but unless it's matched in a rise in convictions it's completely irrelevant. Also... So when compared with the number of football matches in the UK (keeping in mind that 63 is all football, not just professional) it's such a small number to statistically irrelevant by any measure. Why are they presenting percentage increases? Because if your headline is "Shocking report reveals 63 incidents of racism at football in 2019" it would be laughed at.
  14. Depends on what the So-Called BBC said in their defence. I doubt a presenter of a show which is fully scripted and not live, as both shows I think were, has much of an effect on the end product. Past standard competence either presenter in this case could do the same job to the same standard. At the end you get a TV program which by most measures would be identical. The only measure you could use would be number of takes, how many mistakes etc, but I doubt there were many. This becomes an even harder sell on the So-Called BBC as there is no commercial value as such, you can't claim the show is more commercially valuable based on the presenter which they might have been able to do on ITV. ------ I think if there is a positive the So-Called BBC can't pay all their women more money and so if they want presenter equality it means paying some of the men substantially less. People mention Gary Lineker, a similar claim will be incoming from Gabby Logan any minute, although Gary being a SJW will of course offer to take a substantial pay cut.
  15. A vast number of non-whites will be unable to give blood given they will have been to various parts of the world that means that they are at serious risk of passing something on. Anybody who gives blood will know the document you fill out before you start that is the check by a nurse, plenty of places on there that will flag up, it's not a 100% no you can't donate, but I suspect it will then exclude many. But regardless people from minorities simply don't donate on the same level as whites.