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  1. Yeah felt the same way, totally and utterly selfish. Possibly one of the best TV shows I've seen in many years.
  2. gilf

    Cassandras of the crash

    If you fancy something similar in the mean time... I've not dismissing what gets said or these peoples credentials in terms of the prediction, but with most events there will be a handful of people predicting a crash at any point in time. Schiff is now saying the US (and by extension the rest of us) from a major recession, if not then during Trumps second term if it happens. We will see soon enough, although recession is relatively safe to predict, all out crash less so.
  3. gilf


    Did the same bought a Lenovo ThinkCentre M58P, cost £30 on ebay. Stuck in a 1TB disk and installed Centos and Plex. However another possibility, my Talktalk router has a USB port which allows you to add a hard drive and connect it on the network as a NAS, super easy to set up from what I remember.
  4. gilf

    Instant campervan - £500 or less

    Really nice video but in all honesty I'm less concerned about cooking some pasta or taking a dog for a walk and more focused on where I'm going to take a piss (less of an issue) or do a shit Does seem like a great thing to do though, would be right up my street.
  5. gilf

    Fountain Pens

    In sports (particularly target sports) eye dominance is generally more important than hand. As an archery coach I've improved a number of people's scores but telling them to switch from a right hand bow to a left hand. They will generally be ambidextrous, I suspect from naturally being left handed in a right hand world, however when they start archery they are given a right handed bow.
  6. gilf

    Migration Advisory Committee - EU migrants

    It's smoke and mirrors. I suspect what they say is true, the issue of course is the thousands of EU citizens in this country not officially in the system. For example, and it's a worn example, but as said above real, the 20 or so Romanians over the road from me in the car wash, they won't be paying tax on their earnings, they won't be getting benefits, but they are on the buses, they are using local services, they are more than likely using the NHS.
  7. gilf

    Migration Advisory Committee - EU migrants

    I work with a number of Eastern Europeans, one particularly is a very close friend. I've consistently said that if there were a similar alternative available to me, i.e. the ability to move to another country with no boundaries and significantly change my standard of living I'd be a fool not to take it. A running theme on here, I don't hate muslims, I don't hate immigrants, I don't hate gay people. I hate being lied to and told black is white, I can see the problems with my own eyes, I'm literally living and experiencing the effects that mass migration is having on life in this country. I'm not imagining it, it's not a dream, it's real and it's happening so the last thing I want somebody to do is tell me it's not.
  8. gilf

    Migration Advisory Committee - EU migrants

    Said this in relation to NHS but same for any benefit, simple one line solution. Minimum 10 years continuous residency in the UK before you can claim any benefit whatsoever. Children born here will have accumulated enough credit by 16, up until that point any claims needed for their welfare are done so via their parents (assuming they have the 10 year residency requirement). ---- As for the report, all I know is life in the UK is considerably worse than it was in the past, not all, but much of it is due to increased pressure on services due to immigration. We are getting less for our tax input (pot holes, longer wait times in NHS, transport services over capacity and so on), even if it were true that they are net in regards to tax in to the system and benefits drawn down on an individual basis that's a very poor measure of how much they cost the UK.
  9. gilf


    I moved around a lot, I completely remember where I lived, most of the addresses, less so the post codes. The issue though is exactly when I moved there and when I moved out. Not really an issue generally, but very much relevant when making a claim like this. Like most here was convinced I didn't have much dealings with PPI, but decided I'd give it whirl given that I had an Egg card and they seemed to be notorious for sticking on PPI either without telling you, or at least wrapping it up with some other change in account without making it clear, which of course is the whole point of the scandal. Some Egg customers were transferred over to Barclays and their claim process was very simple, took 10 minutes to fill out, didn't even really have to give a full history. They did however, as mentioned, ask for all sorts of work and earnings history. Works in your favour if you have a full employment history as I have, they can't argue they mis-sold if you never missed a payment or were never out of work. Got close to £2,000. I suspect the likes of Barclays don't bother fighting it, would cost them more in man power than it was worth at this stage. They gave me a detailed breakdown of the PPI I had paid and the interest payable by them. Thankfully the process at Barclays was very simple, I had a multitude of credit cards and loans in the 90's and early 2000's but I really can't remember all the details, just checked two I can remember, Goldfish which seems was another Barclays merger so would have been covered in the previous claim and Marbles who claim I never had PPI using their online checker (they could be wrong, but I suspect not).
  10. gilf

    Microsoft - back to form

    Mainly Linux Mint, with the standard Cinnamon desktop. Got that on my work desktop machine and three of my laptops. Also running Manjaro (KDE Plasma) on another laptop, I really like it but it's painfully slow to boot and it's just not as seamless as Mint. Not had a single hardware issue on Mint other than the latest gen of finger print readers on Thinkpads don't have a driver, this really isn't a problem for me. The only issue really is my main client at work sends me all sort of manner of crappy MS formats, so Gant charts, Visio documents, I just ignore them as nine times out of ten it's bullshit management people trying to justify their existence with a fancy picture. There is normally an online viewer or converter if I get desperate (possibly a bit of software to do it but never been bothered enough to look for one)
  11. For amazon maybe, but not Netflix, their annual content budget is $13 Billion, in contrast the So-Called BBC has a budget of £4bn Although agree, Netflix is crap for films. They have gone down the path of focusing on their own content, which to be honest with the very odd exception is crap. No doubt there is a massive rights issue but seems odd that the music industry has pretty much released everything (or relativlely) on streaming services but in terms of films it's non-existent.
  12. gilf

    Microsoft - back to form

    Some achievement when it's only been out 10 years Only jokingly mentioning that to say how seemingly ubiquitous these things are when they are only been around a relatively short time. I'm almost full on Linux these days, other than one laptop at home as my partner "needs" windows. Thankfully Microsoft lost the browser war, IE was a pile of crap but thankfully there never really seemed the pressure to conform.
  13. gilf

    Cancelled my Sky subscription

    Raising this one from the dead... Not Sky but Virgin Media, got an email yesterday from them saying their Broadband price was going up £3. Not a huge amount but I've only had the service for 4 months, I signed up on a "deal" which was also further discounted due to a complete and total fuck up on their part on the install. Phoned them and they offered to drop the £3 rise, told them no chance and I wanted to cancel. I suspect most of their customers will just suck it up. Seems terrible customer service to me, got no issue with a price rise but if you sign up for a deal and are on a contract then you shouldn't be getting a rise only a few months in. We are in the "fortunate" position of still having the old talktalk line. When we went with Virgin we called talktalk to cancel the broadband and was told we get that free with the phone package. It's nothing like as fast as Virgin, but in all honest I really couldn't notice the difference in terms of general usage. So it's easy for us to switch back, just plug the ethernet cable from the talktalk router back in to the switch* and job done, the amount of hassle involved in broadband as mentioned you would imagine people will just suck it up. * that itself install because of Virgins requirements to have the router in a specific place.
  14. Could go in a number of topics here, but here will do and it's related to your comment. A work colleague has just been denied a long term working Visa for New Zealand, he is fully sponsored etc, the issue is he is morbidly obese. They won't let him in unless he can drop significant weight. Fair enough really, why should they import an almost certain cost to their health services if they don't have to. I'm sure somebody will know in more detail, but pretty sure when my former brother in law was there the health service was reasonably generous, cost up front i.e. you paid for an appointment, but once you were past that it was free from then on for whatever problem you had.
  15. gilf

    Black guys and white women in adverts

    Both, zone 2 in London, so classic absolute shit holes next to very up market places. So not a small sample size at all. I'm not saying you are wrong, suspect it's pretty accurate in general terms.