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    gilf reacted to assetrichcashpoor in There'll be no peace in Northern Ireland   
    Blame brexit, don’t mention anything else ... 
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    gilf reacted to Austin Allegro in When did it all start to go wrong?   
    One of the problems of saying 'where did it all go wrong' is that one tends to forget to ask 'where did it go all right?'
    We're assuming that we've been cheated of some sort of ideal society by the actions of a few individuals, whereas in reality we've probably had just as many moments in our history where things have happened for the best. Winning two world wars for a start (imagine what might have happened had we lost them). The abdication of HM King Edward VIII in favour of HM King George VI. The end of communism. The end (more or less) of the IRA, the election of Thatcher in '79 which may have stopped a relentless downward slide; victory in the Falklands; the Brexit vote (ok that's been betrayed, but its betrayal may actually help it rather than hinder it).
    The older I get the more I think that conservatives are chasing a world that could have been, but never was; and lefties are chasing a world that could be, but never will be.
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    gilf reacted to Hail the Tripod in When did it all start to go wrong?   
    Diana's death, when the news media decided that they could get far more mileage reporting on how people feel about events, than factual accounts of the events themselves.
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    gilf reacted to The Masked Tulip in When did it all start to go wrong?   
    I think the so-called alternative comedy lot have a lot to answer for.
    Some of them seemed to go out of their way to target the estabalished comedians - perhaps it was their only way of removing so many of them that were seemingly entrenched in very lucrative TV contracts. Perhaps it was just the right time and a change was needed. But the alternative comedians often derided, indirectly if not directly, many British values, cultural norms and, of course, the Establishment.
    Now that several of them are living outside of the UK in places like California, Oz, etc, is a bit grating to say the least.
    Something fundamental haappened after 911 also IMPO.
    Instead of going after the bad guys they seem to haave been given a 'get ouf jail free' card and the focus was put seemingly anywhere else other than at Saudi. I think this emboldened them enormously. If you can help fund aand/or plan 911, murdered thousands of people in the most powerful country on Earth and there is no come-back then what are you going to think and do going forward?
    After 911, and espcially after the fall of Iraq and the collapse of Libya, the islamification of Europe and Western countries just seems to have taken on a life of its own. I don't think it is mere coincidence.
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    gilf reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in When did it all start to go wrong?   
    May 1st 1997.
    To my everlasting shame, at the time I wasn't unhappy with the result. One lives and learns.
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    gilf reacted to Caravan Monster in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    Nige's speeches and debate performances are most entertaining but I don't think he or the brexit party are what they appear to be, so long as Gerard Batten remains leader I'll be voting UKIP. Distrust polls because they could be used to manipulate voting.
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    gilf reacted to Libspero in The one percent. No wonder they don’t want a land tax   
    I thought land was only particularly valuable if it had planning permission?
    I think it’s been inflated a bit recently with people using it for an IHT loophole,  but broadly speaking I thought most people could afford an acre somewhere if they wanted?
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    gilf reacted to Frank Hovis in AI industry is "horribly white"   
    The unchallenged belief of everyone cited in that article, and of the journo themself, is that it is a desirable goal to have a workforce at all levels reflecting population percentages of race, gender, trans and however else they divide people.
    Their demand is for an equality of an outcome as the overarching aim whereas surely the overarching aim should be development of the technology by those who are most interested in it and capable of developing it.
    The goal is decent AI.
    Why on earth would you want to do as they are suggesting below? Why would you want to not hire candidate A who is highly intelligent, motivated and experienced in AI and instead hire candidate B who doesn't know much about it and shows little aptitude. 
    Why would you not hire on simple merit? What is the benefit of picking a second rater over a top candidate purely because the top candidate is a white man?
    As @Stuey said you can only afford to indulge in such damaging practices if you are already successful and wish to virtue signal; because all it does is make your company worse than it could be.
    changing hiring practices to increase the number of underrepresented groups at all levels.
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    gilf reacted to dgul in AI industry is "horribly white"   
    There are many industries where there is a racial and/or gender bias -- but this is almost always because 'this is how we do things'.
    AI is new.  There is nothing stopping anyone just entering the field.
    Actually, there is a block -- it is relatively hard for a middle aged person to enter the field*, so there is a very likely age bias.  Everything else is just 'not being interested in that weird subject 5 years ago'.
    [* It possibly isn't -- I worked on neural net systems 20 years ago, and that ancient knowledge isn't readily convertible into modern belief theory.  Or, my favourite explanation -- hardly anyone knows how these systems actually work, they just know how to set up the libraries]
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    gilf reacted to Errol in AI industry is "horribly white"   
    As far as I'm aware China has a massive AI industry. Are they only employing white people as well?
    Indeed, many believe the Chinese to be leaders in the field - and not a white person in sight.
    These people also need to get through their heads that 'diversity' is not something to be aimed at. Diversity = weakness and has been the downfall of empires throughout history. Far better to hire the best AI people. If they happen to be all white men then so be it.
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    gilf reacted to Bingobob in AI industry is "horribly white"   
    The people that write this stuff are not like us. They are the enemy.
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    gilf reacted to Dave Bloke in AI industry is "horribly white"   
    more  claptrap from Die Sturmer
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    gilf reacted to sleepwello'nights in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 3   
    My rambling opinion is she thinks of herself as Margaret Thatcher 2. This lady is not for turning. By doggedly sticking to the strategy she originally decided on she thought that eventually the public would admire her for seeing it through. She doesn't have the political instinct MT had and refuses to see that she has lost public support but has convinced herself that she is doing the right thing.
    Has she been got at, not sure. She is certainly very stubborn and has taken to lying through her teeth to achieve us leaving the EU on worse terms than staying in. 
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    gilf reacted to A_P in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 3   
    Probably been wooed with the promise of free stuff by some canvassers. If they took the signs and put them in their lounge windows I don't think it takes much 
    On a more serious note it's not a good sign for the Tory party.
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    gilf reacted to spunko in Money from TAT   
    Yes like guitars. Or motorbikes. 
    What about joining CAMRA?  When I'm older if they are still going I'll be a member.
    Getting pissed under the guise of saving old pubs and trying different ales, what's not to like. 
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    gilf reacted to Roger_Mellie in Money from TAT   
    Oooooh, she says
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    gilf reacted to Roger_Mellie in Money from TAT   
    Classic build up and let down. Trouble is it's not a functional piece of furniture. Pretty much useless and there's probably loads of them about. 
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    gilf reacted to Virgil Caine in Money from TAT   
    The programs all seem to miss the point that the reason most people collect things is because they have an interest in them. I have always wanted to go on one of these shows, slap down £100 in tenners and ask the expert to value it because ultimately all these shows are about people cooing and salivating over a pile of money.
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    gilf reacted to Rave in Money from TAT   
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    gilf reacted to One percent in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    I like the cut of his jib. He gets my vote 👍
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    gilf got a reaction from Great Guy in Money from TAT   
    Very much so, I don't generally watch it but flicked over when it was on the other night.
    A small Jade lion, accompanied by a story of provenance from a Russia palace with untold riches looted during some war or other... met with ohhs and ahhs by the owner until the big reveal £5,000. A tidy sum no less but really didn't meet with the build up.
    The ones I love are the "modern" collectables, a tatty Jaw purchased in 1979, worth about £25 but if they had kept the box £500. Well worth cluttering up your house for close to 40 years. In relative percentage  terms massive increase in value but even with the box it didn't seem worth the effort.
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    gilf reacted to TheBlueCat in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    Presumably all of the (12?) UKIP MEPs who defected to the Brexit party will also be candidates. Given that they only officially launched a few days ago I’d say they are doing pretty well. Based on their surge in the polls I would also expect them to sign up a lot more candidates pretty quickly. 
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    gilf reacted to Southmartin in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    As many of you know, i've been involved with the Kippers for a while. My instinct now tells me to put my vote toward whichever party looks to have the most support nationally
    At the moment it seems that's the Brexit Party... by quite a large margin
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    gilf reacted to The Masked Tulip in Notre-Dame   
    Macron announces a competition to design a new spire.
    Why would you do that? Why not replace it with a replica? Is there an agenda? No doubt.
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    gilf reacted to TheBlueCat in Brexit Party - European Elections   
    Agreed, none of them are to be trusted. For me, the most important thing is to send as many pro-Brexit MEPs as possible to Brussels and, based on the polling, voting for The Brexit Party is the now the safest way to do that.
    If everyone who voted leave were to vote for Farage then he could come close to a clean sweep of seats. The last thing we want now is for the Brexit vote to be split.