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    gilf reacted to maudit in David Lammy wets himself   
    The statistics show no bias against blacks when you look at the correct denominator which is people on the street at the times stop and search used rather than all people.
    "It was noted that the statistic was obtained by looking at the percentage of the total number of stop and search incidents that a particular ethnic group was subject to, and then dividing it by the percentage that that ethnic group makes up of the population of the UK as a whole. If you then compare the figure that calculation generates for whites with the figure you get for ethnic minorities, the result is that members of ethnic minorities are ‘six or seven times more likely to be stopped’ than white people...
    The team of Home Office researchers felt it was important to know the ethnic composition of the population available to be stopped and searched in the places and at the times the police were implementing that tactic. So they went out and counted it: they identified the percentage of the street population made up by each ethnic group. They then compared that with the percentage of stop and searches that were made up by each ethnic group. They discovered that, when you looked at who was available to be stopped and searched when the police were actually stopping and searching on the streets, the ethnic bias disappeared. In fact, the police stopped slightly more white people than they should have done if you looked solely at their proportion of the street population."
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    gilf reacted to One percent in David Lammy wets himself   
    It’s a bit of a difficult one for the police. On the one hand they don’t want to be seen as stereotyping, on the other, there seems to be a certain profile for those who stab and get stabbed. 
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    gilf reacted to dgul in Freakshakes   
    They sound fine to me.  They're the modern equivalent to the knickerbockerglory that we'd have as a kid.  Perhaps on a birthday it would be down to the Italian cafe for a treat.
    The actual problem is:
    That's the problem.  Just like all the other 'sugar' problems.
    [I'll add -- the problem is these things aren't a delightful option on the walls of the cafe, but that no-one ever chose because it was just too special for normal -- we've now got cafes that specialise in the things]
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    gilf reacted to wherebee in Unmentioned history constantly being mentioned   
    Ten things not mentioned in history classes that I think should be:
    i) The horror of Partition in India - rape and murder on a continental scale
    ii) The muslim invasions of India and deaths therein
    iii) Highland clearances
    iv) Inter-tribal warfare in Australia and America before the whites came
    v) Brutal suppression of workers in the USA 1950-1920 (including using army and live rounds against pro-worker right crowds)
    vi) The white slave trade run by the Arabs for over 500 years
    vii) The part of the slave trade that took blacks to the Middle East, and what happened to them
    viii) The extermination of the pre-Maori human population in New Zealand by the Maori when they arrived
    ix) Tesla
    x) How close the USA was in WW1 from staying neutral, due to strong german populations in the NE and NNE
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    gilf reacted to PatronizingGit in Female Afghan barrister 'sacked in favour of white man'   
    Recruitment agents too, IMO. 
    They seem to cater for the 'want to be an estate agent, but not quite clever enough, so became a recruitment agent instead'
    I'm also sure that most failed estate agents proceed to set up a recruitment agency, too. 
    Perhaps its better at the top end, but in my experience with recruitment agents the 'right job' is the one that needs most urgently filling...not the one you might actually be suited to. 
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    gilf reacted to Chewing Grass in Female Afghan barrister 'sacked in favour of white man'   
    Precisely what is wrong with the education system in the UK with to many simpletons doing law degrees because they think it would be:-
    a) cool,
    b) look good to their peers,
    c) earn loadsa money.
    My lad did law at A-Level and dropped it when he went to uni as he saw the light
    The ones that carried it through all have either unrelated shit jobs or are working (2 of them) in the profession for scumbag law firms on peanuts.
    Oh, another one has become an estate agent.
    Surveyors are similar, remember one report that said the house was built from 9 inch solid brick on one page and that the cavity ties (iron) had failed on another which caused havoc with the mortgage application, the cunt even refused to apologise for the mistake.
    Estate agents, Surveyors, Solicitors - all cunts - all just in it for the money - all would sell family members into slavery.
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    gilf reacted to PatronizingGit in Female Afghan barrister 'sacked in favour of white man'   
    The only female Afghan barrister in England and Wales 
    They say that as if it should strike us as unusual, or something, that we don't have afghan lawyers coming out of our earholes.
    Frankly, i'm surprised there are any female afghan barristers in the UK. 
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    gilf reacted to Lipid in Female Afghan barrister 'sacked in favour of white man'   
    This is why diversity quotas can be damaging not just for the very people they are intended to help, but also for other people like them.
    If I had to trust, for example, my freedom to a lawyer, or life to a surgeon, I would want the most skilled person I could get, regardless of background, age, gender, ethnicity etc.
    When allocated someone from a group where there is no diversity quota, I wouldn't care whom I got as they have all been treated and assessed equally on their skills alone.
    If I were to be allocated someone from a group where there is a diversity quota, I would want someone that has definitely not benefitted from the quota.  Why?  Because their acceptance criteria will be weighed more heavily with regards to their ability.  When an diversity quota is in place, there will always be some doubt (however large or small) regarding the ability of someone who has benefitted from the diversity quota.
    Now, here come the unintended consequences!  If your freedom, or life, were at stake, would you want to take the risk that a diversity quota (that you were unaware of) was in place?  Therefore, you should ask for someone who absolutely cannot have benefitted from a diversity quota, regardless of the known existence of a diversity quota.
    Behold - the diversity quota has had a negative impact greater than the expected positive impact.
    Equality of opportunity is essential, but equality of outcome is insanity.  I'm sure I've heard that somewhere...
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    gilf reacted to Banned in Female Afghan barrister 'sacked in favour of white man'   
    Maybe her ability is the real reason she lost the work.
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    gilf reacted to Sgt Hartman in Female Afghan barrister 'sacked in favour of white man'   
    A solicitor called her, in the current environment, and told her she was being binned for a white bloke instead?
    There's more to this than that. No self-preserving legal firm is going to expose themselves to the fallout generated by that sort of action.
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    gilf reacted to sarahbell in Malibu fire - James Woods   
    I don't like him in Family guy!
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    gilf reacted to Frank Hovis in Microchipping staff   
    I don't do contactless payments, I don't do internet banking, I don't do pay by phone, and I'm certainly not getting microchipped like a bloody pet dog.
    I am me and not some malleable consumer tracked and monitored every minute of my life to provide me with "tailored advertising" as though that's a good thing.
    Go fuck yourselves you who would make humans drones from birth.
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    gilf reacted to One percent in I have seen the future   
    I play it every week. It’s a small price to pay for my fantasy. And yes I know it’s a tax on idiots. 
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    gilf reacted to Great Guy in I have seen the future   
    The paradox is that the people that play the lottery are probably the people that couldn't really handle having a large sum of money. 
    Imho, winning something like £10k is probably the "best" sum of money for a 17 year old. It's enough for a good holiday and a cheap car. But it's not enough for someone to say "fuck it, I'm finishing my studies and going to magaluf". 
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    gilf reacted to Byron in Asia Bibi - UK afraid to grant her asylum out of fear of islamic violence   
    what sort of peace do you mean?
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    gilf reacted to TheBlueCat in Asia Bibi - UK afraid to grant her asylum out of fear of islamic violence   
    Maybe? Also perhaps because his campaigning background is as an actual persecuted minority (it was fucking shit being gay back in the day) he's retained some empathy for people in a similar situation (in the way that Twitter mob has never done)?
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    gilf reacted to TheBlueCat in Asia Bibi - UK afraid to grant her asylum out of fear of islamic violence   
    The older I get, the more I like Peter Tatchell. That's not something I would have predicted I'd ever say 30 years back.
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    gilf reacted to Sgt Hartman in YAY...the So-Called BBC are so happy. They found a Nazi!!   
    Does the 'National Action Group' consist of these three knobheads or is it a wider threat? 
    To be honest, I'm going to question the level of threat posed by people dumb enough to call their baby Adolf and stick pictures of themselves dressed as a KKK member on social media. We're clearly not talking international levels of sophisticated terrorism here.
    They just seem like a couple of deeply unpleasant neckbeards to me.
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    gilf reacted to dgul in Government-subsidised plug-in cars may never have been charged   
    Funny thing, incentives.
    I read a while back (can't remember where) about the mess that Renault did with the Zoe (EV) -- they had some sort of offer on where the monthly rate was really low, and they made it back on battery hire, where the more miles you do the more you pay.  So they were all bought up by a pile of pensioners who proceeded to make bugger all use of them (and thus Renault didn't make it back on the battery hire).  Then, three years later, the market had an excess of tiny-mileage Renault Zoe, all of which had the same monthly costs as a new car and thus weren't readily sellable, which pushed down resale value, which increased the depreciation of the new car, which disincentivised buyers...  Oh, and all the while the 'embedded energy of manufacture' in the batteries just sat there doing nothing.  
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    gilf reacted to JackieO in More madness from Ireland   
    I'm an Irish Brit duel national.
    The Irish are pretty cucked atm.
    A reaction against the grip the Catholic Church had on them and globalist money.
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    gilf reacted to Byron in Remembrance Zealots   
    My gut feeling is that it is slowly becoming a way for indigenous British people to show solidarity in the face of mass immigration and cultural vandalism by the  elites.
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    gilf reacted to Bingobob in Remembrance Zealots   
    imho the reasons and madness behind WW1 and WW2 were the same - German expansionism coupled with a US desire to cement itself as the world's dominant power by overseeing the destruction of the 'old world order'. I think the selling of WW2 as a war of idealogy is little more than an attempt by politicians and the establishment to hide the fact that they essentially sent millions to their deaths in two identical conflicts a mere 21 years apart. 
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    gilf reacted to Fully Detached in Virtue Signalling, old as time   
    I do shit loads of really good stuff. I'm like Jesus, the Good Samaritan and Mother Theresa all rolled into one.
    But I can't tell you lot any more about it, 'cos that would be virtue signalling. So you'll just have to take my word for it. Trust me, I'm a good 'un.
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    gilf reacted to Sgt Hartman in Child management techniques   
    Oh I like this.
    To be honest, I've been chucking toys out on the sly. Not much loved ones but that plastic shit that takes forty batteries and breaks after a week. Been to the tip twice now.
    I know that all my efforts will be in vain come Christmas as my parents and in-laws hire a JCB in order to dump a shitload more colourful plastic tat variants into my living room 'because the kids will love them!'.
    If by 'love them' they mean 'give them a cursory glance before abandoning them in the garden until I chuck it in the bin after which, 100 years later, it washes up on a tropical beach alongside a million other pieces of discarded millennial Christmas shit', then they may have a point.