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    gilf reacted to Carl Fimble in Tablet Remorse   
    I’ve had contact, calendar and note syncing for years on Nokia’s, Blackberry’s and Windows devices. I’m pretty sure Apple don’t do anything others weren’t already doing. 
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    gilf reacted to Snark in Man smashes up new hotel with digger because 'he hadn't been paid'   
    Too many managers, sitting back, taking their slice of the pie, and when it all goes tits up they hide under their desks, sack the labourers, give themselves a nice redundancy package and retire on massive pensions.
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    gilf got a reaction from Great Guy in Man smashes up new hotel with digger because 'he hadn't been paid'   
    This thread is all talk about late payments on invoices and hard times for contractors, I've no doubt that's the case.
    But read the Daily Mail story, he was due to be paid £600 on Friday and due to a banking error it didn't arrive until Monday (he didn't bother checking his account). He may well have suffered this fate one time too many and it's pushed him over the edge but it's hardly worth that sort of reaction.
    Regardless of any legal ramifications he's fucked his short - medium term employment prospects.
    On the construction front I know of a number of large companies gone to the wall in the last few years. Great in the good times, but structured in such a way that any down turn it quickly unravels.
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    gilf reacted to One percent in An other of Browns free money for everyone! scheme ends   
    I think that’s fair. Isn’t it how it works if you have actually contributed through paying your stamp?  
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    gilf reacted to Alonso Quijano in An other of Browns free money for everyone! scheme ends   
    I've seen some furore over this. Basically a pensioner still gets his pension, but the augmented couples allowance doesn't kick in until both are pensioners? Seems fair or is there more to it?
    I've seen quite a few older guys with Tai brides!
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    gilf reacted to SNACR in Man smashes up new hotel with digger because 'he hadn't been paid'   
    Yes, I'm somewhat dubious on his suitability for such rapid elevation to dosbods people's hero status.
    He could be a poor down trodden salt of the earth worker, on his uppers, sticking it to the man or just as easily be a chippy petulant bell end with a short fused anger management and aggression issue.
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    gilf reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Worcester child acid attack in court   
    Not sure with those names but I think they might be Albanians or Kosovars or Roma Islamics. If I wanted something bad done, these would be the communities where I would start looking, while hiding my identity as far as possible.
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    gilf reacted to Option5 in Worcester child acid attack in court   
    What makes this even worse is that they all have good old traditional English names.
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    gilf reacted to sarahbell in Question Time   
    I've watched the episode with Ms Abbottamus on. Bruce is a crap presenter, giving it more chat than she needs to, but only about as much as Dimblebee did towards the end. She started it stood up in front of the audience rather than sat down which IMO is a sign of a personality with an ego problem
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    gilf reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Question Time   
    She could improve over time but I don't see it.
    If Bombards Body Language analysed her, the main problem is nerves, she's not relaxed, constantly twiddling her pen, and determined to appear in control.
    Fiona is fine on Antiques Roadshow and as a news presenter. I simply can't see why BBC chose her to replace Dimblebot other than they wanted to tick the box marked 'woman'.
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    gilf reacted to One percent in Settled Status   
    Careful turning over those stones, you might find a politician. 
    And still we voted leave, even when our betters told us not to. 
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    gilf reacted to Wight Flight in Settled Status   
    That really needs to apply to everyone.
    Not just immigrants.
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    gilf reacted to PatronizingGit in Settled Status   
    tbh, I've no problem with EUropeans staying. They entered here on the belief they would have freedom of movement, and while we certainly should have the ability to say 'no more' after brexit day, to apply the law retrospectively and say get out, seems wrong.
    I'd far rather the government re-open every single case file of every Nigerian, Pakistani, Indian and West Indian who came here after the 1961 immigration act (as of when they had to get work 'vouchers' to enter). When studies have been done into immigration fraud, its generally uncovered 80-85% (or 95% in the case of Bangladeshis) lied about something or other to gain entry. Whether that be qualifications, funding, job offers, existing family etc. 
    Its not Europeans who are raping their way through the north of England, or turning inner cities into stab-fests, its muslims and africans. Start doing everything possible to remove them, not the Polish plumbers.
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    gilf reacted to One percent in Settled Status   
    Much more simple. Let them stay but no benefits and no access to services unless paid for upfront. 
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    gilf reacted to Dim Ray in Settled Status   
    I never really understand the highly skilled migrants argument.
    Shouldn't we be educating our own population properly and giving them a chance to do the well paid, highly skilled jobs? 
    That would also mean we could stop stealing the useful people from poorer countries
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    gilf reacted to Great Guy in Settled Status   
    When we voted for Brexit did anyone else think a lot of EU migrants would be asked to go home? Brits have never really been asked if we wanted millions of EU migrants coming here. Yet somehow EU migrants are the victims because they're getting asked for £65 to stay here? Tbh, I bet EU migration costs the average Brit a lot more than £65.....
    Dont get me wrong. I'm cool with highly skilled migrants that contribute more than they take out. However we should really be getting rid of all EU migrants that don't contribute. I'd suggest that must be over half of them....
    I think this is another case of the politicians not delivering Brexit... 
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    gilf reacted to spunko in Boiler Insurance - con?   
    Does anyone have this? There seems to be blanket coverage on radio and TV for the British Gas cover "from" "£9 a month / £108 a year. I have always overlooked it (as I do all insurance) as a con for the financially illiterate.
    The fact that they promote it so widely suggests a huge profit margin. Anyone got it and think it's wonderful?
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    gilf reacted to Sgt Hartman in DIY SOS - The big build   
    Mrs H. is quite involved with the rehabilitation of people who have been grievously injured, usually by other people being fucking idiots.
    You'd be amazed at how little time some of these people do compared to the level of damage they've inflicted. Especially when it involves cars.
    Current one she's working on, a child who had their leg taken off and a family member was seriously injured and put into a coma by a pissed bloke speeding in a residential area. He crashed into them as they were backing out of the drive. And now another family member wants to kill themselves because they had to sign the consent forms to have the child's leg amputated - without consulting the other family member as they were in a coma.
    The guys sentence?
    Less than 2 years... he'll serve half that.
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    gilf reacted to Dipsy in DIY SOS - The big build   
    Read about this in the paper. I don't understand why they were convicted for violent disorder, why not attempted murder - too difficult to prove? Their victim can't move or speak, his life is effectively over, so his wife's as she is now his carer and these little turds get between 18 months and 5 years (which I assume they'll only serve half of). There's something very, very wrong with our justice system.
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    gilf reacted to Wight Flight in DIY SOS - The big build   
    The co-pilot has got the latest one on now.
    The bloke they are fixing the house for is a paraplegic after being beaten up by football thugs.
    Two things strike me.
    The thugs got three years but this guy is going to cost the state millions. If you father a kid and bugger off, the state will take 30% of your income until the kid is independent. I think if you disable someone the same rules should apply.
    Second. British workmen are bloody brilliant. But to a man they are British workmen. We are constantly told that we can't build anything without the immigrants. 
    Well it appears we can.
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    gilf reacted to spunko in luxuary items   
    Pasta should be cooked in stock or very salty water. You are "meant" to use sea water equivalent salt levels, ie for an avg saucepan you'd be adding 2-3 tbsp of salt. I love pasta - it's a shame it's not healthy in large quantities.
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    gilf reacted to One percent in I think I'm getting too old for all this...   
    And this is exactly why I don't do linked in, bluffer's paradise… 
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    gilf reacted to Sucralose Ray Leonard in Northern Ireland   
    Give em the island. Who cares that youre not governed by the twats in westminster? 
    As a YORKSHIREMAN i dont wish to be ruled by them either. 
    Wont stop them believeing in the same sky fairy but with slightly different rules, will it.... 
    What, it wasnt ever about that??? 
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    gilf reacted to wherebee in Northern Ireland   
    If the equation is shag possibility + shotgun to the head possibility, I'd reconsider your choice, Joe.... 
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    gilf reacted to Rave in Northern Ireland   
    Missed this thread the first time round. The solution to the border problem from the UK's perspective is obvious: leave the customs union, and then just don't do anything. Let the Irish put border posts in if they want to (or if, more likely, the EU force them to), but don't do anything to stop people or goods entering NI from the Republic. I personally think we should be in EFTA anyway and hence should continue with freedom of movement, but Ireland's not in the Schengen area in any case so it's not as if it'll suddenly become a back door into the UK. We should endeavour to co-operate with the Irish as much as possible, to do otherwise wouldn't be very neighbourly, but since one of the major points of leaving the EU is to gain the ability to make better (I.E. freer) trade deals with other nations we really have very little to lose by not 'defending' our border. Which was 'open' long before the EU came into being anyway.