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  1. The GFA only gave amnesty to people convicted and still serving time. Anyone who evaded justice is still liable to prosecution. And it's not a witch hunt against the army. The alleged Hyde Park bomber will be going on trial soon and the recently named suspect for the Birmingham pub bomb who is still alive will probably have his collar felt.
  2. This is government response to their survey about longer tenancies. On page 5 they emphasise that "we will also strengthen the Section 8 possession process, so property owners are able to regain their home should they wish to sell it or move into it". Using the word home betrays the governments bias against tenants. Once the house is rented it's no longer the LLs home. It's their investment and the tenants home. Also it's going to be very easy for a LL to take the piss with that caveat. If removing section 21 is going to make any difference they need to enforce compensation to tenants who get the heave because the landlord is selling up or their kids need to use the rental.
  3. According to his github he is LGBTQIA+ Is that something to do with being gay or a new Harvard fraternity?
  4. There is a lot of ongoing effort into investigating unsolved terrorist murders. It doesn't make the news in the UK because nobody is interested in who shot Paddy McPaddy down a back alley in Belfast. The historical investigations unit might seem dis-proportionally interested in army/RUC killings but only because those initial investigations were done so poorly or not done at all first time round.
  5. Actually the answer is 3/14 which is even less. 15/63 is the probability of none of the three broken bottles containing element C, but that doesn't cause a bang because you need a mixture of both A and B so AAA and BBB need to be discounted
  6. 15/63 I expected it to be higher but there you go. Maths is never intuitive
  7. If the council ask for a forwarding address make up a foreign address. If they ask for the names of the new tenants make up a fake name. Problem solved. And as a bonus you've wasted their time with extra admin work.
  8. The riddle of the border is impossible to solve . The DUP will never allow a NI specific backstop and the EU/Ireland will always defend the integrity of the CU. The circle can't be squared and most people north and south are coming to terms with it now. Hard border it is. It will be a nightmare for all the border communities and those who cross the border several times a day but for most it's not a big deal. A bigger worry in the Republic is any loss of trade for the SMEs who export heavily to the UK. I'll also add that a hard border probably won't cause any major violence (except for a bit of petty petrol bombing etc which is par the course for NI). Nationalists will be a majority in NI within 10 years and a significant majority within 20 years. Demographics will unite Ireland faster than any violence ever will.
  9. All may not be lost. Have you given the LL written notice that you are moving out on such a date? If not you can play hardball with them and say that you've changed your mind about moving and that you won't be paying any further rent and the LL will have to go court to evict. That may give you a bit of leverage with regards to getting the deposit back early.
  10. So are we saying Netflix is a short? I've never used it but watching the stock nearly double since January seems too good to be true.
  11. Because some industries lobby hard enough to get protection from foreign competition
  12. The UK would also be obliged to enforce a border under whatever new trade deals are done post brexit unless the UK decides to have no trade barriers and anyone can import what they like.
  13. I'm not in favour of foreigners having unrestricted rights to UK property. They bid up prices and have little incentive to be decent landlords. I was only pointing out that pounds never leave the UK since they can't be spent anywhere else.
  14. Ireland and GB used the same currency at the time. A shilling taken from a farmer on the west coast of Ireland could be spent in London without any kind of currency exchange taking place. Your LL had to swap his pounds with an Australian who wanted pounds for some reason (this is all done in the background by banks but essentially that's how it works) Have a look at how Transferwise operates to see it in action.