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  1. Shatner's Bassoon

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    Some interesting Centrica news. British Gas finally able to compete with the smaller energy firms after years of hemorrhagging customers: Partly this will be a result of the smaller companies running unsustainable business models and being exposed to volatility in wholesale prices. That said, I work for the company and can say that the focus on costs for the past 3 years has been utterly relentless. Admirable of course (if I hadn't been so personally affected ).
  2. Shatner's Bassoon

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    genuinely laughed out loud at this
  3. Shatner's Bassoon

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    Royal Mail blamed declining letter volumes. I work for a large energy company - we send over 100m letters a year through them currently. By 2021 the aspiration is that this figure will be zero. It's a no from me.
  4. Shatner's Bassoon

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    ha, my wife's from Egremont and I'm from Whitehaven. We live in Manchester now but still have vague thoughts about retiring back up there at some point (maybe in the next few years if DB's tips pay off). Houses still cheap as chips, you've got the sea on one side & the Lakes on the other. But, like DB says, it's massively isolated & not sure I could hack it on a permanent basis.
  5. Shatner's Bassoon

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    Interesting. Good knowledge sir.
  6. Shatner's Bassoon

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    I'm originally from Whitehaven. Now that's rough... Anyone got any views on uranium as a contrarian bet? Massively bombed-out, unloved sector since Fukushima. Only option I've found so far for exposure is the amusingly titled Geiger Counter Ltd
  7. Shatner's Bassoon

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    Found this article quite thought provoking re. positioning for Brexit. "If Brexit is an economic success and I adopted a brace for impact position, then I look a bit stupid, but I get to live in a country that is doing well, though I’ve lost money on my ISA I have gained it in the future income stream of my pension...If Brexit leads to a 10 year recession, that’s at least a third of my life blighted by that from now on"
  8. Shatner's Bassoon

    Return to ToS: Website Improvements

    What doesn’t help either is that you have a high profile member who has a weird obsession with stalking new people and immediately calling them out as ‘trolls’ for the flimsiest reasons, then making absurd claims that their views are irrelevant because of the size of their post count. Not to mention the weird practice of digging up posts that somebody made 6 years ago. It’s no wonder that people don’t stick around long.
  9. Shatner's Bassoon


    Morning anxiety is largely down to a spike in cortisol levels upon waking. Mindfulness meditation would help manage it over time, but this supplement should help in the interim:
  10. Shatner's Bassoon

    Catalonia and the Catalan Rebellion

    If you fancy a Sunday evening dose of schadenfreude, check out the comments in response to Guy Verhofstadt's weak statement where he refuses to condemn the Spanish government. Lots of Scots Nats starting to realise that UK = bad/ EU = good might have been a tad simplistic all along...
  11. Shatner's Bassoon

    Finland terror stabbings
  12. Shatner's Bassoon

    Van crashes into pedestrians in Barcelona's city center

    Yep, though checkpoint is probably a misleading term. The Guardia, police etc will often just block a road randomly to catch drink drivers etc. In this case, obviously in response to a specific threat. Often people use social media to alert others to where they've set up so they can be avoided. In this instance, the authorities have specifically been active on social media asking that people don't do this (for obvious reasons).
  13. Shatner's Bassoon

    Lazy Co-Workers

    Ahem, for next level dossing you need one of these...
  14. Shatner's Bassoon

    Fear the anarchists

    One of the key drivers behind this is the advent of Airbnb and its role in driving up rents and house prices. In tourist places your local greedy buy to let villain would rather let out his apartment to tourists at an exorbitant weekly rent. An apartment that used to cost 600E a month now goes for 1000E a week in high summer. It creates a housing shortage, destroys communities and the remaining locals now have to put up with the sound of suitcases being wheeled at all hours, with pissed up tourists & stag parties cavorting round the place having Top Bantz. More Top Bantz: In Ibiza's case, this has happened on such as scale that it can no longer attract key workers from the mainland as there's nowhere to rent for a reasonable sum. This has left them short of police, nurses and people to serve the tourist hordes. I don't really blame the locals for getting off their arses and fighting back tbh.
  15. Shatner's Bassoon

    Explosion at Manchester Arena

    I live in Manchester. My girlfriend's a nurse who's had a horrific few days with parents trying to identify their mangled children. One detail that I'd forgotten until I read this was that a policeman had told her that there were 2 explosions but they weren't reporting it yet for some reason.