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  1. Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon
  2. Think it was cancelled at the very last minute (ie within an hour of broadcast ) it was recorded and they'll show it later, they aired Mrs Browns Boys instead, so even more reason to dislike the CUKs. Reading around it was because it was recorded after the elections were confirmed - still no idea why nobody cottoned on beforehand though or the exact rules they have.
  3. Haha cheers - kept it within the rules, although still expected it to be taken back It definitely helped reinforce the message the the CUKs are pretty amateurish and disorganised, a lot of comments and the news articles state this with a lot of infighting on the remain side about them splitting the vote. Novelty has worn off now but it still gets quite a few views so i'll keep retweeting stuff for the time being - a lot of the pro-brexit stuff I retweet from accounts I follow elsewhere gets a lot of traction off the back so hopefully spreading some stuff for people to think about and share elsewhere.
  4. It's a shame it got cancelled - HIGNFY reached out to me and was going to feature the hijacked twitter account, logo and memes featured on it I was the one who managed to nab their old twitter handle in the week... they re-branded and renamed their party including changing their twitter handle from @TheIndGroup to @ForChange_Now but didn't get to the old name in time - so i nicked it and re-branded it to be pro-brexit The account is at their old address - I keep updating it with pro-brexit stuff every now and then.
  5. Possibly. If you were posting it for unsavoury reasons - you would surely have been aware of the backlash about to come and wouldn't have done it at all, which makes it plausible he just wasn't thinking.
  6. Sky still have the audacity to charge extra for HD content, they'll be in for a shock in a few years - more and more will wake up to the fact 50,60,70 quid plus a month just isn't worth it - next financial squeeze comes and things like sky will suffer which are usually quite insulated in a recession as people used to spend more on entertainment at home to save on entertainment outside
  7. Well I was firmly committed to UKIP over the Brexit Party - but living in the NW Tommy will definitely get my vote.
  8. Same feelings. I will be voting UKIP - I have my doubts about the reasons for his return, with Farage having spent the last week not focusing his sights on Labour and the Tories, but mouthing off against his former party. As such he's damaging his own side, and simply moving votes between Brexit parties. Very suspicious as to his motives.
  9. here we go... not sure how this relates to the first extension (and other court case)
  10. Yep - they won't give a shit if turnout is less than 10% as long as they are the two parties battling it out for 1st and 2nd Their vote volume will probably collapse, but in the council elections the Tories and Labour will walk away with a similar number of seats combined, only for it to roll the other way between them next time - they both need bringing down.
  11. Looking at the EU polling has Tories in 2nd on 23% which is just 1 down on last time..... who the fuck will still vote Tory? Surely you go into this either Remain or Leave - in either scenario the Tories offer nothing in the EU elections. Local I get to some extent.... but either this is massively wrong, or we're fucked as a country...
  12. The reason why Oborne 'changed his mind'.... and why it is widely pushed and he managed to get it plenty of airtime at the drop of a hat....
  13. Its a pretty string Labour seat and will stay that way. Labour win but reduced majority, tories second but vote collapsed, UKIP third making small gains but nothing spectacular - all will spin the result as an endorsement of their position and nothing will really change.
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    They'll be bailed out by the government in 10 years when they start shitting their pants and losing their mind and realise they have no money, no equity, one of them needs to move into a home and the other cannot sell their property to move into something smaller to pay for it.