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  1. ste

    The one percent imposter. Not what it seems

    haha - they overstepped how much she had in the initial release and had to back track. Meaning..... she is whiter than the average white American... (the whole thread below is a good read)
  2. ste

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    The npc meme is great - perfectly sums up the drones in society in an subtle unoffensive way
  3. ste

    Bye bye Treason May?

    She's too close to the finish line, why risk it? With all the noise made publicly, there still hasn't been enough letters into the 1922 committee to force a challenge... which has no doubt given her the confidence to keep pushing on. The 'brexiteer' group have distanced themselves to appear against the direction the party has gone with brexit, but only step in when, and only when, brexit has been stitched up and then come up with the political strategy to keep stringing things along with their voters . Much like what we seen at the last election with nearly all Tories (and Labour) committing to brexit in their manifestos and campaigns..... until they were elected.
  4. ste

    Bye bye Treason May?

    "Tory revolt within days" They've been stringing this along for months now, Boris, Rees-Mogg, the DUP other 'brexiteers' - its clear that it's all talk. Every time May capitulates, strong words are said in public, then more capitulation happens, which can only show what is said in private differs to the public stance and makes no difference. The amount the above have retreated over the last few months has been embarrassing, that is if what they say in public is what they believe in. The current Tories are even further left that the shower of shite we had under Tony Blair's government. May just needs to get the Brexit stitch up through, walk away with the Tory party in tatters and it'll be job done as far as shes concerned. If Boris has true ambitions to be Prime Minister, the last thing he wants it to catch this mess just as May signs it all over - i'll be surprised if he's handed his letter to the 1922 committee at all.
  5. ste

    The great crash sweepstake

    Tomorrow? or November 11th? An economist cover from 1988.....
  6. ste

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Thought i'd put this in here for something to watch whilst things are quiet for those that are interested in predictive programming in popular culture...
  7. He’s talking bollocks. Fudge Brexit as much as they can, lead us up until a few months before the next election, put someone like Boris in and expect us to vote Tory again. If the Tory brexiteers thing this will work for them, they are very much mistaken. I cannot believe the 1922 committee haven’t received enough letters yet. The above must be their only strategy to try save face for all concerned .
  8. ste

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    The problem is the Spanish still lap up the EU kool aid despite it being the root cause of all of their issues. Perhaps they need a harsher dose of reality?
  9. ste

    UKIP release interim manifesto

    I’m youginsh and think it’s bollocks. As Trump says, clean air and clean water, that’s what I want from an environmental policy. Carbon/green taxes and the nonsense surrounding it in legislation and on our energy bills can bugger off.
  10. ste

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    It’s quite some feat for May to try and make every one happy yet ending up making everyone despise her. Im no fan of hers but her speech today was pretty good I thought if you took it at face value, however we’ve been here before and have found her strong words to be meaningless. Everyone knows this, the words she used were in political circles very strong but will still be be met with a shrug of the shoulders by those they were directed at and disbelieved by both sides of the Brexit debate.
  11. ste

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Good, lets hope for a massive clear out over here too.
  12. ste

    BBC too shit to compete laments DG

    BBC aside, the problem with Netflix is that there just isnt enough recycled content around to fulfil demand. They are now finally finding out how much it costs to create content themselves and spending a lot of money to do so to keep an interest in their product. The public are currently lapping up Netflix at under a tenner a month, it’s not sustainable and will lead to a “content drought” in the not to distant future before people start paying for the content again as they do now ie proper TV subscriptions which guarantee channels and creators income to invest in content.
  13. ste

    The Wilsons

    Must be an old video. Surely he’s sold all of his properties to that Chinese consortium years ago.
  14. ste

    Diabetes - Public Health Scandal

    Be careful with that. The reason why we have so much sugar/glucose syrup/carb fillers in processed food is because of the demonisation of fat with these being used as the alternative. The last Labour government was mulling a fat tax. Much like how our government pushed the use of diesel cars to save on carbon emissions and ended up killing us with much more dangerous pollution instead. If the advice from these very same NHS doctors is still bollocks, low fat and high carb, then you have to wonder what is actually going on and if they actually want a healthy population at all. Would probably be terrible for GDP.
  15. ste

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    People know, the majority of people. The government have to spend an extraordinary amount of effort (increasingly so) to keep up the illusion that your opinions are a minority and disrupt any organisation of such.