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  1. ste

    Bye bye Treason May?

    This. The deal is terrible in it's entirety, only overshadowed by the audacity May had in stitching up NI.
  2. ste

    Minimum wage to tackle poverty

    we need to start unpicking the mess tax credits have put us in before and scale these down with any rise. you'll be surprised at what a full benefits package add up to when its fully loaded with tax credits on NMW and all the add ons
  3. ste

    The ‘StarCircle’

  4. ste

    Bye bye Treason May?

    There's only one reason the fired Home Sec was invited to attend Bilderberg this year then invited back in to cabinet in prime position to make the next move when May goes... Press already setting the scene.
  5. ste

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Don't think its just limited to France, or unconscious either - at least not in my case.
  6. ste

    Read my lips - more new taxes

    Tax tax tax, and this is under what they call a 'conservative' government.....
  7. ste

    Anyone bought/tested the Apple Homepod

    Whats wrong with Sonos? Admittedly I only have the speakers in the kitchen and bedroom - but they're pretty decent, had them for years and struggle to beat the combo of ease of use, software integration and quality
  8. ste

    Bye bye Treason May?

    here we go....
  9. ste

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Almost wants you to vote Corbyn to teach these “business leaders” that keep writing open letters to thwart decomcracy a very harsh lesson.
  10. ste

    Missing buses

    No chance. I have lived in Manchester car free for 18 years. In the next few months I will have a car. No joined up thinking, overpriced, at the mercy of disorganised transport authority. I’ve never known it so bad. Unless you are going towards the city centre, you’ll be pissing away a fair chunk of your free time using (and most defiantly waiting for) public transport. No more for me.
  11. ste

    Bombs sent to Hildebeast and Hussein

    Oh boy I hope this person is caught - we all know exactly the type of person it is and it would be better for the republicans they are caught rather than letting the media run away with things. And as soon as they are the story will be dropped....
  12. ste

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    There’s still three weeks to go, even the big items of recent weeks/days such as Kavanaugh, stormy, Kanye, warren etc have already left the news cycle and died down. Unlike a presidential election that voters turn out for mostly, the mid terms are all about boosting turnout on the day as voters are more lethargic.... a later treat will be more likely to get voters out.
  13. ste

    The one percent imposter. Not what it seems

    It gets better
  14. ste

    The one percent imposter. Not what it seems

    haha - they overstepped how much she had in the initial release and had to back track. Meaning..... she is whiter than the average white American... (the whole thread below is a good read)
  15. ste

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    The npc meme is great - perfectly sums up the drones in society in an subtle unoffensive way