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  1. ste

    Icke banned from Oz, tin foil hatters beware..

    Been to see him live out of curiosity a few years ago - pretty decent event tbh.... and it lasted ages too was well over 7 hours or so but pretty well done Recommend it.
  2. ste

    Hornsea 1 wind farm

  3. ste

    Rent a ...

    Another way of raising prices, the rental (subscription) price now becomes the price it would cost you to own outright, and that cost goes up 20%. Funny way of pushing it by saying it will reduce waste too, I would expect it would do just the opposite with subscribers not wanting to rent something old, and nobody wanting 5 year old kitchen cabinets.
  4. ste

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Maybe... but Trump has hardly put a dent into the deep state, and he's running out of time this term.
  5. ste

    Diesel Farm Spotting sorry STOR Facilities

    fully agree, we need more coal.
  6. ste

    Diesel Farm Spotting sorry STOR Facilities

    Fuck me, the elderly choosing between eating and heating all because the government cannot make the "politically unpopular" decision to open new coal plants.
  7. ste

    Diesel Farm Spotting sorry STOR Facilities

    are these for those companies on 'shut down tariffs' - those that have their energy cut when it gets limited ie in a cold snap? surely they aren't used to top up the grid - although I guess it kind of does indirectly with the above.
  8. ste

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Depends if it falls between the void of when XFactor ends and Britain Got Talent begins....
  9. ste


    All from a cut in the leg? I read the article but did she have underlying issues anyway before - or did they come after?
  10. US Government shut down because they don't have a budget to work with and do not get paid. No such issue here, therefore it would be a sackable offence and a great opportunity to clear out the dregs at reduced cost.
  11. ste

    Stolen UK Cars Facebook Group

    I'd imagine, just like with scrap metal, there are a small number doing this on an industrial scale. I can't imagine the number of people exporting second hand cars to be that high, especially in large amounts. Wouldn't be too hard to ensure those exporting log the make, model, VIN and details of the cars the export (when where etc) in advance that are then randomly checked on export. Any anomalies would then ring alarm bells and provoke a proper investigation. The number of times it happens suggests it's happening somewhere in bulk with stolen cars funnelled in from all over the place - it just needs disrupting. Then they're back to driving them across individually themselves which makes things more expensive and riskier.
  12. ste

    Stolen UK Cars Facebook Group

    How many second hand cars do we legally export? A bit of common sense and initiative could clamp down on this in an instant and cut the costs of having to investigate such crimes.
  13. ste

    what are you drinking tonight

    Nowt wrong with Gin!
  14. ste

    Manchester stabbing

    Lookner live on this now