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  1. Bossybabe


    Dodgy technology.
  2. Bossybabe


    Only happens to thick twats...
  3. Bossybabe


  4. Bossybabe


    Surely it’s about accepting the ref’s decision.
  5. Bossybabe


    Students stay silent in seminars over fear they will cause offence. FFS.
  6. Bossybabe


    Parents video school sports events to allow them to challenge results. I give up. *puts head in hands*
  7. Bossybabe

    London - Grenfell House

    No, but it was a great aroma...
  8. Bossybabe

    London - Grenfell House

    Back in the late '80s, I was inspecting the medical on-call rooms at a famous London teaching hospital. I came across a family of [probably illegal] immigrants. they were cooking curry on a camping gas stove in the middle of the room. In a HOSPITAL. Madness. I called security and they were out quick smart.
  9. Bossybabe

    Presenteeism endangering productivity.

    I think it’s being caused by ever-harsher sickness-management policies that can result in employees being sacked for being ill, even with a genuine, GP certified illness. They’re all shit scared and as a result bring their viruses to work, spreading them around. This isn’t a good idea. When the predicted flu pandemic comes, no one will stand a chance if everyone who has it has spread it at work. People will die needlessly. “Woe, woe and thrice woe”, to quote Frankie Howerd. 😷🤧😪
  10. Bossybabe

    Presenteeism endangering productivity.

    I have to admit that I’m on holiday in Oz for a month, so am very well. 😉
  11. It seems the work ethic is returning. The Times today Pisses me off when colleagues come in coughing, sneezing and spluttering all over me and their patients.
  12. Bossybabe

    Films to depress the f**k out of you

    On the Beach
  13. Bossybabe

    DOSBODS First Anniversary

    I’ve been absent of late due to pressure of holidays. Happy birthday, Dosbods and felicitations to King Spunko and all Dosbodsians.
  14. Bossybabe

    Tillerson Gone

    Are we expecting a volcanic eruption, then? Oh! Pompeo, not Pompeii. Sorry...
  15. Bossybabe

    End days: EMP coming tomorrow

    Fuck! Where did I leave my tfh??? Have you been reading Von Däniken again???