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  1. I suffer from insomnia periodically. So I listen to World Service all the time whose job, on behalf of the Blairite Global Elite, is to indoctrinate the rest of the world with their agenda. They have 2 big issues right now and have had since approx 10.03.20: 1. To ridicule Trump in every headline, snarky comments 2. To totally exaggerate Cov, especially Brazil etc i get the feeling the 2 may be connected. Lockdown USA and postal votes in place of the good citizens of Texas rocking up at the ballot box in November. On a separate note I received the nicest email ever from Ms K Hopkins. Will reply and update.
  2. There is a large Polish Community in Barnsley. I tend to meet them in Nursing Homes where they work as Carers. Their game plan seems to be to come to South Yorks as a couple in their 20s. Buy a house. Have a couple of kids on the NHS. Put the kids through primary state education and as soon as the eldest is 11 sell up and head back home. The reason they head back home is their disconnect with uncontrolled mass immigration from Somalia and Pakistan. They are very matter of fact about the shit show.
  3. Edinburgh has been protected. It is one of the most beautiful and civilised cities on the planet. Unlike London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manc it is unenriched and 95 % white. The Scots have quite deliberately ensured it has been ring fenced.
  4. Just watched Villa and Sheffield take the fkin knee. I am a lifelong LUFC and Wakefield Trinity supporter. This won’t happen in West Yorkshire. Jesus the Don Revie Stand at Elland Road would go ballistic.
  5. Leeds City Centre today. 2 and a half hour queue for TKM. Fucking insane. No queue at Waterstones but ridiculous shit so that if you touched a book you had to carry it to a quarantine trolley. I touched 12 just to fuck them off.
  6. Xxy you are a legend. Never has there ever been a better time to set up your own business and be self employed. Rake the benefits system. Get to doctors and get the sick benefits eg pip etc. Take a few weeks to recover and you will come out stronger.
  7. I’ve always had an inkling about BJ and lack of Covid. Whereabouts on Twitter? That said something has happened to him psychologically and he’s bottled it. He’s a lazy bugger with zero attention to detail. A mate used to teach Classics at a private school in Oxford. For 10 years every year Bozza would turn up to speak to the 6 form on the subject. Every single year he failed to bring a speech. They got wise to it after the first time and thereafter printed some stuff of the internet for him to read out and embellish. He was always very grateful.
  8. I’m watching the live stream. If the Police using riot shields shift the patriots from the Cenotaph then allow BLM move in and riot then they have lost the country. The silent majority have had enough.
  9. I think it is the Football Lads Alliance that the MSM refer to as the far right that are turning up in London today to protect Churchill and the Cenotaph. I’ve just tried to google them but cannot find the website - usual censorship. I think there will be trouble today as for the last 3 months blokes have been deprived of their usual outlets to let off steam: pub, bookies, all spectator sport and actually playing sport. There is a lot of pent up anger.
  10. Ina

    Fuckin' Weather

    My brother just got a local firm to repair my mother’s garage roof. 3 cracking young lads. They finished at 3 pm having completed the job. I thanked them, gave them a bud each and told them to go home. Oh no Darren the boss has some fking app so if they start the van engine before 4 he gets an alert. Ffs.
  11. On the nail. Joey is well remembered along with Pol Pot and his murderous regime, the Blue Peter garden getting vandalised and On the Move. I think there are a lot of confused kids out there being indoctrinated by state education and getting a totally different take on the real world from parents etc.
  12. I cannot get my head round the amount of road works that have begun since April. It is as if the Local Authorities want to bring total gridlock to every City Centre. The 2 main routes in to Leeds from the North, the A64 and M621 have major works on from now until 2022 simultaneously. Previously this would never have happened. Factor in the Park and Rides are shut and most folk are too frightened to use public transport I would say it is deliberately planned. Extinction Rebellion couldn’t have done a better job. York is the same. The area round the station and inner ring road is down to a one way system.
  13. I have a sister who works in a Yorkshire Uni. She has worked there for 25 years in Research. She heads up a team. For the fucking life of me I have no idea what she does. They produce reports for the public sector. Other public sector people check them. Sometimes read them. They read other public sector irrelevant shit. They get funding from the EU. She voted Remain. Obvs. Not surprisingly her team are very worried about redundancy. The Unis will be the first of the public sector to fall.