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  1. Ina

    Sheffield school riot

    1988 - 89 I did my teacher training in Sheffield. Great city no real divisions or problems in schools apart from the odd pikey family and Muslim boys having zero respect for female teachers. Today it is a totally different planet. Steelworks gone and with that the proud working class. In a different job I drive regularly from M1 to the hospitals through the former working class suburbs. The tension between the Muslims, the whites (now underclass) and the EE Romany community is obvious. And the shit and rubbish on the streets is unbelievable.
  2. Ina

    Freshers Week and bewildered parents

    My friend’s son is currently at Manchester Uni. He goes everywhere by Uber as it is so dangerous and she pays only for peace of mind. I read somewhere that one of the greatest pleasures in life is getting pissed with your adult children. My oldest 2 have left uni recently but youngest is still there. I regularly visited to take the flat out for a good lunch and drinks. The other parents do the same when they visit. It is a nice arrangement.
  3. Ina

    Over 75s free TV Licence going?

    The over 65s are on the whole very wealthy in respect of income and savings. The government and establishment know that the economy is skewed in their favour. Putting the increased age for the state pension aside, it (licence fee issue) is a typical “test the water/ public opinion” announcement to see if there is an angry reaction. TPTB know that younger people sooner or later will start to get angry about inter generational robbery.
  4. Ina

    Black guys and white women in adverts

    For the past couple of decades I have seen thousands of families as clients to deal with wills, Probate, Powers of Attorney etc. I am being completely honest when I say I know and have dealt with less than say 5 or 6 families of mixed race. Dad Asian (Indian, never Pakistani or Bangladeshi) and mum white British. Yes I deal with a slightly older demographic but mixed race relationships are rare and not nearly as common as the MSM portray. And I don’t work in the back of beyond but in a very busy city centre office.
  5. Ina

    Chopper out in Hull

    I’ve noticed more and more that the reader comments on Mailonline are being moderated or completely off as they are in this instance. Very worrying trend is the suppression of free speech.
  6. Ina

    Islamification of Europe

    It’s not working love. Any DIY tips gratefully received!
  7. Ina

    Islamification of Europe

    I have a blocked drain on account of my youngest son chucking the left over contents of a chip pan down it. Just been in to town to get some caustic soda to unblock it. 3 friggin supervisors required before I could walk away with it.
  8. I’m currently working 2 days a week in planet Barnsley. The biggest gripe the locals have is the massive influx of East Europeans in the HMOs on the road out to Dodworth from the town centre. It has really skewed the demographic. The town centre is like a ghost town as I’ve never seem as many empty shops in prime locations in my life.
  9. Ina

    Islamification of Europe

    So yesterday I had to go and register a death at the Hub, Merrion House, Leeds City Centre. It is a local government epicentre that deals with any and every public sector issue but mainly housing. I think me and the Registrar were the only British born natives in the building with the rest comprising of Pakistani/ Bangladeshi and Western Africans. In front of me in the queue were a Muslim family registering a birth comprising of parents and 5 kids under 5. The Registrar was very relieved to deal with someone whose first language was properYorkshire and rolled her eyes as we discussed foreign names to the extent they have had to introduce new procedures in case of an innocent typo error. We have a demographic time bomb ticking away that needs to be urgently addressed. Look forward to Sweden on a Sunday night.
  10. Ina

    Famous people you've met

    I know Jonny Bairstow very well. Nicest bloke in the world.
  11. Ina

    Mental health and kids

    Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The inventions of the devil.
  12. Ina

    The Everywhere Is Fucked Thread

    In West Yorkshire and particularly around Huddersfield which was the textile capital of the world circa 1900 there was a saying, “clogs to clogs in 3 generations” ie the first generation were born poor but worked hard and built up a business. The second generation grew the business only for the 3rd generation to blow the lot and end up back in clogs. It is so true of the aristocracy and other new celebs. I used to teach the grandkids of a v well known author and I reckon they’ll be back in clogs before long.
  13. Ina

    The Spain is Fucked Thread

    They are all young, male and in need of a shag. Either they pay for it or what’s the alternative? I don’t know a single woman of any age class or race that would voluntarily screw one of these blokes. It is a demographic disaster.
  14. Ina

    are the queen and Prince phillip dead?

    I’ve often wondered if HM Queen has ever counselled Blair, Brown, Cameron and May on the downside to uncontrolled mass immigration.
  15. Ina

    Carnival of Destruction

    On weekends like this the Police pray for rain. It’s pissing it down in Leeds so perhaps Chapeltown will be quieter then anticipated. Not sure what it is like in West London at the moment.