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  1. Ina

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Wish I could be with you. Just wait til we have a Leeds one. Total respect to everyone who attends.
  2. Ina

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Excellent reporting on Russia Today. Our MSM are as usual underreprting.
  3. Ina

    Islamification of Europe

    Yesterday I met with a funeral director in Yorkshire. I asked him if he ever arranged funerals for Muslims. He replied “ no”. A funeral firm in Bradford has a monopoly. He went on to say that when a Muslim dies in hospital or at home all the usual agencies have to drop whatever they are doing so that the deceased Muslim “goes to the front of the queue “. This means the medics get the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death ready immediately and signed off ( for non Muslims this can take up to 4 days, especially if someone dies on a Friday). A death cannot be registered without this certificate. The Registrar then accommodates the family and issues the green death certificate the same day. This is unheard of for non Muslims. The bereavement office at the hospital again puts the family “to the front of the queue”. If the death is referred to the Coroner then the Coroner will read the medical notes and do a post mortem that day. For non Muslims the PM can take up to 2 weeks. He added it is quite normal for a Muslim to die on a morning and the body be on a plane in the afternoon for burial in the country they were born. The cemeteries of Yorkshire are full so new ones are being developed to cater for Muslim burials. Those Muslims who arrived in the 1960s and 1970s are now starting to die in large numbers.
  4. Ina

    1980s photos of Manchester

    Agreed. Every town, city and major motorway is gridlocked from 7am to 9.30am Monday to Friday and again from 3.15 to 6.30. I have started to plan my journeys more and more carefully. School drop off and pick up is now worse than rush hour. The ring road round Bradford is something else. Built in the 70s to serve a controlled indigenous population it is no longer fit for purpose.
  5. Ina

    1980s photos of Manchester

    So uncongested compared to now. An infrastructure in place to serve a national population of c55m as opposed to 80m today.
  6. Ina

    DOSBODS Black Friday Dissenters

    I am currently on a train to Edinburgh full of stupid Wimmin taking friggin selfies and discussing Black Friday bargains. They don’t sound very cheap to me mind.
  7. Ina

    The great big Rice thread

    Agree 100%. Pudding rice is a quarter the price of the more fashionable stuff.
  8. Ina

    Dosbods secret Santa

    No worries love. I don’t want to screw up the maths.
  9. Ina

    Dosbods secret Santa

    Count me in. Had a busy few weeks so apologies for not joining earlier!
  10. Ina

    Islamification of Europe

    I’ve always been seriously in to my architecture. Currently all the hideous looking Mosques are tucked away down the back streets of town and city centres. I foresee in the next decade that they will start to build them in more prominent locations. They are eyesores.
  11. Ina

    are the queen and Prince phillip dead?

    I have a feeling this year’s Christmas broadcast will be the Queen’s last. I suspect early stages of dementia. The Establishment apparently hope that Charles’ reign will be relatively short. They believe the future of the monarchy lies with William and his family. I agree, the Queen must despair at the state of Britain.
  12. Ever since he erected that wind thing outside his Notting Hill townhouse I thought fake on every level. No passion in him whatsoever. A reporter asked him once why he wanted to be PM. He replied he thought he would be good at it. The only thing he understood was the Tories were perceived as the “nasty party” in 1997 hence Blair’s victory. He recognised the toxicity but had no bloody idea what he wanted to do with Britain. I hear Sam Cams fashion line is not performing hence they may need the money. First thing he did when he left Downing St was to take the 3 kids out of state schools and privately educate them. He has spent the last 2 plus years boozing and writing his memoirs. He is no Alan Clark.
  13. Ina

    Islamification of Europe

    I’m currently on holiday near Abelour in very rural Aberdeenshire. This part of Britain remains totally unaffected by uncontrolled mass immigration. There are pheasant shoots going on as I type. This morning I went to a local car boot/ market. Never seen so much knock off oil rig kit for sale in my life. Life goes on in these rural communities as it has done for generations. Like rural North Yorkshire towns like Helmsley the impact of Islam is zero. Britain is massively divided between those parts that are affected and those parts untouched. Back to earth with a bang on Monday when I drive through Harehills.
  14. Ina

    Virgin Mary an inspiration to Dykes.

    I think surrogacy is far more widespread than most people could ever imagine. IVF is beyond commonplace and gruellingfor couples. My in laws were part of a medical mafia who were all of the view that the ideal age for pregnancy was 20 to 25. Sadly for economic reasons this is not feasible for tax payers.
  15. Ina

    Sheffield school riot

    1988 - 89 I did my teacher training in Sheffield. Great city no real divisions or problems in schools apart from the odd pikey family and Muslim boys having zero respect for female teachers. Today it is a totally different planet. Steelworks gone and with that the proud working class. In a different job I drive regularly from M1 to the hospitals through the former working class suburbs. The tension between the Muslims, the whites (now underclass) and the EE Romany community is obvious. And the shit and rubbish on the streets is unbelievable.