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  1. Sectarianism is as bad in Scotland but has a much lower profile. The Edinburgh derby, Hearts and Hibs, is becoming as bad as the Old Firm.
  2. I was at bbc North this week. Listened to 2 producers gloating about “the splintering of the far right”. A presenter lost the plot too when someone questioned them on climate change.
  3. Ina


    DM reporting an electrical short circuit. Comments have been moderated. WTF is going on in this world. We are beyond Orwellian.
  4. There was an inevitability that because DM was so influential in the 2016 referendum things would change. They have. The Telegraph is behind a pay wall however I understand it is the last bastion of pro Brexit left in the MSM. The reader comments are 100% pro Brexit and as the DMs when they are not moderated. The level of censorship on that site is a joke. The Establishment are terrified of populism and anyone who questions Globalisation is shut down immediately.
  5. It’s not just a night out though is it. I’ve recently spent £180 on breakfast and Bloody Mary’s at 10am. Also £160 on a round or 2 for 5 of us in London at 2 pm.
  6. I love a Spoons. The least judgemental places on the planet. Tim Martin spoke extremely eloquently at the Brexit rally on 29.03. He is constantly being criticised for low pay but actually pays his staff far more than the living wage. What I like is if your mates are in a Spoons and your not you can buy em a round on line!
  7. A massive new office development has opened up in Leeds City Centre incrementally over the last 4 years called Wellington Place. Until last month it has been 100% private sector. Last month HMRC took a few floors of one block. It appears to be staffed by very scruffy Muslims to a large degree. I am noticing more and more an increasing gulf between private sector and public sector workers in respect of ethnic background. Recently I had to attend a meeting with Leeds City Council Adult Social Services. Never in my life have I seen so much positive discrimination. These people wouldn’t last 2 minutes in the private sector.
  8. Ina

    Rose Hanbury

    Seriously thin for a mum of 3. My late best mate taught girls PE and was trained to look for prominent collar bones.
  9. Ina

    Rose Hanbury

    Kate is seriously anorexic. Must be a nightmare to live with.
  10. Just to add that whilst the 2 rallies were very different in social class and atmosphere the common link was the total disconnect between the people and the politicians and MSM. At the Leave meansLeave rally this manifested itself in speakers pointing at Parliament and pantomime type booing from the crowd whereas at the UKIP rally it was the obvious anger at no representation for white working class Britons.
  11. I arrived at Westminster at 3.30 yesterday. There were 2 stages set up for rallies. There was the main Leave means Leave rally in Parliament Sq plus a smaller UKIP rally nearby on Parliament St. The Leave means Leave rally started at about 4.20 with a huge welcome for the 50 or so hardcore walkers who had marched from Sunderland over 13 days. Swiss Bob from Going Postal was amongst them. There was then a succession of speakers including Kate Hoey and Ian Paisley Junior culminating with Nigel Farage. Nigel got a rapturous welcome. This rally was very middle class and civilised. It finished off with Rule Britannia so had a last night of the proms feel to it. It finished at 6. The UKIP rally was still going on so lots of us moved from 1 to the other. The difference in the 2 was unbelievable. The first thing I noticed was the UKIP lot booed every time Farage was mentioned. It was far more of a football crowd. Lots of veterans onstage and Football Lads Alliance flags. I stayed to hear Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon who did not mention Muslims. He did say “we are not extremist we are mainstream”. Bar a few drunks I saw no trouble but I did leave slightly before the end. No idea how many people were there. Police presence was massive. 2 helicopters so sometimes difficult to hear the speakers.
  12. I’ve come dowjn by train from Yorkshire today. Will be at Parliament Square soon.
  13. Ina

    Carol Phwoarderman

    She clearly has serious mental health issues.
  14. Ina

    The Changed

    The demo has just finished in Leeds City Centre. It brought the buses to a standstill for 20 minutes. The protesters are hanging out in the Trinity shopping centre ogling the latest clothes in Hilfinger etc. Doesn’t look like anyone is heading back to school. Nice long weekend.