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  1. Ina

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Week 14 and the GJs are out in larger numbers than ever in major French cities and not a mention on R4 or World Service. The latter led throughout the night with the situation in Venezuela. Nothing in the main part of the Sunday Times and given this massive story is right on our doorstep I would have expected something. The Review section focussed on GJ in a book review and that is the only referral in 2019 so far. There is definitely a D Notice. The Establishment are terrified of a European Spring. MSM are plugging the Remainer rally in London on 23.03. If it was a pro Brexit rally there would be silence.
  2. Ina

    Aggravated burglary then killed escaping arrest

    It’s in the names and the photos. Sadly they will have been bred from birth that aggravated burglary is a normal way to earn a living. We don’t get that mentality but it is prevalent.
  3. Ina

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Agreed. GJ protests were reported on bbc world service in the early hours but nothing whatsoever on R4. The Sunday Times has a massive international news section but no mention of GJ at all this year.
  4. Ina

    katie price shot down allegadly

    There is a home for severely disabled kids and young adults near me. For most of them their quality of life is zilch. I’ve become obsessed with the massive number of taxis coming and going all day long. Why the hell do they keep need to move them about? Mini industry in my view.
  5. Ina

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    Anyone who listens to wimmin’s hour regularly cannot be in employment. People in full time work don’t listen to day time radio or watch daytime tv. Genuinely I have never watched Loose Women. The only people who listen to the wireless in working hours are tradesmen who have music on. That’s why the So-Called BBC don’t get Brexit. The workers, us, can’t listen 9 to 5. 5 live is a pc disgrace. I gave up when some stupid bint was commenting on the Grand Prix and started blathering on about climate change during the race. A couple of presenters with Manc accents and they think they are in touch. Are they fuck. Rant over.
  6. Ina

    Why are people such C***s?

    Where I work we have a cunt tax. If a client is clearly a cunt we double their bill. That’ll fuckin teach em.
  7. Ina

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    For the 12th consecutive week it’s kicking off again across France. Zilch reporting here. WY Police currently undergoing intensive riot training. TPTB are bricking it and know the UK is on the edge.
  8. Ina

    Islamification of Europe

    A couple of year’s ago I was doing the secretarial annual appraisals/ job chats in the residential conveyancing department of a law firm. Last one of the day was S who was 65, been a legal secretary for nearly 50 years, about to retire. Not someone to patronise. Eventually we got to the last question, “what’s the worst thing about your job?”. She said “dealing with X’s Pakistani clients”. She went on about rudeness, unreasonable demands, constant haggling over fees, wanting to avoid stamp duty etc. Total incompatibility.
  9. Ina

    The Tent Shanty High Street

    Tents are on every roundabout in Leeds City Centre.
  10. Ina

    luxuary items

    The problem is the 30 pairs of stilettos that most wimmin under 45 own. In 3 decades society will look back at them as instruments of torture and laugh in the same way as we looked back at Chinese foot binding in 1900. £600 for a pair of Loubitins ( red soles ) is insanity. Matching handbag too. Then they can’t afford the MOT.
  11. Ina

    The Peasants are Revolting, warns IMF

    Last week spent half a day in Planet Barnsley with a really nice grounded client. A welder. I spend a lot of time there and have always visited the Central Barnsley Lild to stock up on cheap booze. Last few times I’ve been in it has been full totally of EEs. The half mile radius out from central Barnsley used to be lovely stone built Victorian terraces immaculately kept which are now HMOs. The front gardens are full of junk and the whole place as a result is an eyesore. The same as Blunkett said about the EE/ gypsies in Sheffield. I asked the welder why Barnsley is full of EEs. He told me the whole truth. There is a ASOS warehouse just outside Barnsley ( on Amazon scale ) it is massive. ASOS constantly advertise in EE for operatives on £8 per hour. They arrive, move in to a HMO, work there for 2 months and leave ASOS. They are schooled by other EEs as to how to rape the DWP and housing benefit. They bring their families across. Then the whole cycle repeats. He added they drive like nutters, cause no end of booze related trouble which goes totally unreported. The natives now stay clear of the town centre. In 10 years a town has changed beyond all recognition.
  12. Ina

    luxuary items

    Tell her when she cops it, it all ends up in a skip. If she wants to get rid of the tat beforehand get her to do a car boot. Every bag 50p and there will be old wimmin on mobility scooters trying to get her down to 25p. Real eye opener.
  13. Ina

    luxuary items

    That’s shit. Ridiculous addiction. We are not all like that. I’m the main breadwinner supporting 4 blokes. I own 2 bags and 3 pairs of shoes. I was the same as your missus in my 20s 30sand early 40s. I grew out of it. Hope the rest of them do.
  14. Ina

    Favourite Food?

    My mate runs the crab stall on Leeds market. In a decade crab has gone from being a poor man’s food to a rich man’s food. Her best customers are the rich students at Leeds Uni who buy it for their Uber posh dinner parties. Second best customers are the pikeys who are obsessed with oysters.
  15. Ina

    Favourite Food?

    Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. Just been to Bookers for rib eye, Waitrose for fresh horseradish and Majestic for awesome South African red. Roast potatoes and veg. In celebration of all things British and fuck the House of Commons tomorrow.