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  1. A very close friend’s son is a doc at Grimsby Hospital. Just had an update to say they have only 14 patients who have tested positive and 2 deaths - old. Big town.
  2. Also factor SDLT in to the equation. Who the hell can afford that? I think that will be the first thing to be reformed in an attempt to stabilise the market and postpone the inevitable. The big test will come as said upthread when the BTL and Airbnb merchants try to offload and get any equity out while they still can. Chronic over supply.
  3. What concerns me is the immigrants and non immigrants who make up the massive black economy. The hookers, car cleaners, waiters, nail bar workers, County lines dealers, tens of thousands of Uber drivers whose income has just fallen off a cliff with no back up unless already in receipt of it. What life must be like for the average Job Centre Plus worker in the next few weeks I dread to think. It is only a matter of time before it kicks off in our cities as income drops, house arrest continues and 3 people to a room in a tower block with a blocked bog. Commercial burglaries are up. Domestic down. I used to see literally hundreds of taxis on my morning commute - now none whatsoever.
  4. How the hell in the bizarre times is anyone going to be able to pay SDLT?
  5. I think things are moving at an alarming pace. It goes way beyond the Licence Fee and I’m of the view that over the last few months there has been a mass default. The Courts do not have the capacity to deal with non payers like they did a decade ago. My only concern is that if the Bailiffs/Enforcers turn up whilst I’m working my family won’t tell them to stuff it like I would. I get the feeling that people are cancelling DD and SOs to all the utility companies, not paying any sort of tax including Council Tax etc. The times they are a changing.
  6. Sticks. Very popular on the streets of Wakefield in the 70s.
  7. Ina

    Ahh was pikey

    Forgot to add I have seen the cctv coverage along with Police and others. 6 bulky Pikeys on steroids.
  8. Ina

    Ahh was pikey

    So yesterday I had to attend the aftermath of a clients’ burglary. Fortunately they were away when it happened otherwise god knows what. They are a bit flash and live in a large detached house with a Tesla and Merc on the driveway. On day one the burglars got in to the house and nicked the Merc and designer clothes. Day 2 6 of them came back in balaclavas and gloves and emptied the house. They stole everything including a dyson hairdryer but did not touch any apple product or the Tesla presumably because of tracking. Clients are beyond distraught. Police scenes of crime attended. No fingerprints etc. Case already shut by Police. Everyone Be vigilant.
  9. HTB funds at least 70%. Depreciation is worse than a 5 series BMW. Shitstorm coming.
  10. Those slim gift bags for bottles of wine. Just spend the £1.50 on a better bottle. Also twats using fog lights in mist and drizzle. And xyy pushing the boundaries. Don’t frighten the horses.
  11. I reckon the debate over the Licence Fee in the last 2 weeks will have prompted a lot of people to cancel their Direct Debits. As a result it will cause the inevitable ending of it sooner rather than later. Capita cannot chase everyone. If only a few thousand choose to defend a summons or claim it will bring the Court system to a halt.
  12. To disgress slightly my old man was a bit of a rogue and often ended up on remand in the 1970s. These were the days when the accused was allowed to “challenge” up to 3 members of the jury they didn’t like the look of. The most popular programmes in prisons at the time were Stars on Sunday and Songs of Praise as prisoners profiled the judgemental types who were likely to find them guilty.
  13. This is speculation only. I’d be very interested to guess the terms of Boris’s divorce settlement with Marina. I reckon that in return for a lump sum, monthly maintenance and 50% of his future earnings (Ray Parlour case) Marina will not write about the marriage. She seems to have given up her legal career as far as I can see.
  14. Stunning countryside. It has rarely been so brilliantly described as by Orwell in “Coming up for Air” written I think in the late 1930s. Sadly it is quickly disappearing due to chronic over population. Apologies for digressing but I cannot believe how many new build slave box housing estates are springing up next to motorways.
  15. Ina

    New labour leader

    I have met Kier Starmer. Friend of an old friend. He is a geek and a legal swot who has never got or understood the Northern working class. He studied law at Leeds Uni in the 80s but must have had a gap year or 2 as he is a 62 birth. After Leeds he went to London to do his bar exams. Whilst studying for them at his flat in South London a burglary took place whilst KS was in the flat. He didn’t even notice it and is quite scared that this will come out as it shows how un street wise he really is. Married late. Took the kids to Centreparks. Whilst DPP in 2008 made a big thing about giving up his chauffeur driven car to work and taking the tube instead. His mother in law died this week following an accident. There is a news blackout on the circumstances. Fucking Tony Blair double strength but I reckon he will win.