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    Ina reacted to Anglepoise in Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2   
    Sky reporting the DUP are going to vote against her sellout again...
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    Ina got a reaction from Rowley in Carol Phwoarderman   
    She clearly has serious mental health issues.
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    Ina got a reaction from OurDayWillCome in Islamification of Europe   
    Jeez we’ve had some windy weather this week.   Storm Gareth and now storm Hannah.  Just waiting for storm Mohammed or Abdul.  I don’t think the Met Office dare.
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    Ina got a reaction from One percent in Carol Phwoarderman   
    She clearly has serious mental health issues.
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    Ina got a reaction from swiss_democracy_for_all in Carol Phwoarderman   
    She clearly has serious mental health issues.
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    Ina reacted to Sgt Hartman in Carol Phwoarderman   
    Is that cosmetic surgery or just some elaborate corsetry/push-ups?
    She looks, well I dunno. I think I probably would though her arse is comical.
    My biggest shocker recently was watching a program that included an interview with Catherine Zeta Jones. The program was discussing her role in The Darling Buds of May and good Christ she was absolutely stunning in that. Then came the interview and I was treated to the sight of someone who looked like they had stood too close to the back of an airliner as it went full power to take off. 
    It was just sad TBH. She looked bloody ridiculous.
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    Ina reacted to Carl Fimble in Carol Phwoarderman   
    I take it she is mentally ill?
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    Ina reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Carol Phwoarderman   
    Old hat.
    My wife's sister just had a load of cosmetic surgery that she definitely can't afford. 
    She's late 50s, and nothing is going to bring that youthful desirable look back.
    I'm genuinely concerned she's going to flip completely when the penny drops. 
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    Ina reacted to spygirl 🏆 in Arcadia   
    Lord Cunt is trying to do a fast one rents, cva without going bust.
    World best retailer my arse.
    Leveraged cunt.
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    Ina reacted to stokiescum in Minor acts of defiance   
    I will pinch 4 pints of milk and a shit load of fruit from work tonight like normal I might add
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    Ina reacted to spunko in Death of a Z lister   
    What do you suggest he should have done instead, started a thriving career delivering parcels for 14 hour days alongside Piotr? 
    Delivered pizzas for Deliveroo?
    If you don't have family connections and aren't gifted with intellect you're going to get bumfucked, millennial. If you can earn a career whoring yourself out to the media then why not. 
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    Ina reacted to SillyBilly in Death of a Z lister   
    Aye. For want of a better description there is always a danger when "chavs" (a.k.a. Michael Carroll the lotto winner), plastics (a.k.a bimbos) or the generally thick make a lot of money too quickly. While most reasonable people would start budgeting and subsequently enjoy a comfortable life over several decades these people succumb to lifestyle inflation (billionaire ambitions) and a lack of comprehension that the income source will be short and sweet. They extrapolate out way beyond where anyone will be interested in them. Katie Price is arguably the best example. She should have a paid for house with a few million in the bank at this stage and falling gracefully out of the limelight. Now she needs to whore herself and her life out to keep thje bailiffs from the door. Instead she has blown money on endless pink cars, horseboxes, scammed out of cash by a series of 20-something sterioid ravaged personal trainers and the rest on staff and cocaine. That sort of stupidity deserves everything you get.
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    Ina reacted to Frank Hovis in Death of a Z lister   
    Festival concessions are licences to print money.
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    Ina reacted to PatronizingGit in Death of a Z lister   
    As we all know, the white male suicide rate in the US has spiked over the last decade or so.
    Anglosphere countries seem worse than the rest of the west. Generally stable, rest of west falling.
    Though looking into the UK stats, all the fall in suicides here has been due to fewer over 60s killing themselves. The 20-40 age range are killing themselves as much as ever. We don't break down by race like the US, but given the general propensity for whites to kill themselves more than blacks or muslims, i'd guess the UK exhibits a similar trend to the US, given around 25-30% of 20-40 year olds in the UK are now non-white, compared to well under 10% in the 1980s, when the series begun.
    Drop down last table. 
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    Ina reacted to Frank Hovis in Death of a Z lister   
    That's a bit bloody harsh tbh @Great Guy and I won't quote it in case you wiish to edit it.
    Katie Price is the prime example IMO.  "Worth" something like £40m at her peak through her books, fashion lines, and TV shows (as in discounted cash flows of her businesses on the assumption that their earnings continued to grow, rather than having £40m in investments) and held up as being a success with her big house, staff, flash cars, and string of horses.
    As was always inevitable the fashion cycle turns and younger models replace her.  Her businesses are now worth zip, her house has a big mortgage on it, the staff have gone, and the horses have been eaten sold.
    How many people, or in her case women though probably men for the chap above, saw her as the pinnacle of success and it being their dream to emulate her, to be her?  Millions based on her book sales and viewers.
    Now it's shown up for the sham it always was and people switch onto the next fashionale Instagram celeb.
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    Ina reacted to SillyBilly in Death of a Z lister   
    Must be difficult for them to try and maintain their desired high fashion and celebrity lifestyle with a burger flipping income. Any death like this is tragic but the underlying sickness is society that allows these people to become role models. They are then thrown off the show with no discernible talents and with dwindling fame and have to deal with the crushing blow of having to then earn a crust on the tills at Tesco. I imagine that comedown is enough to knock a lot of people off the edge, as is beginning to show. Young people seem to lap it up though, my sister was entralled by these sorts of shows when she was 16-20.
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    Ina reacted to Frank Hovis in Death of a Z lister   
    Yes, people have no memory of the past.
    It was one of the absolutely standard ways for footballers in the 70s to lose all their money: buy a restaurant in London, brag about, watch it eat your money.
    Similarly the arrogant helicopter flying hotel "magnate" who bought The Grosvernor Hotel in Torquay from Mark Jenkins during the third series of The Hotel decided he was going to take it all posh.
    He brought in John Burton-Race (went bankrupt in 2009, good form there) to open a restuarant in it, spent a fortune refurbishing it, and so hero worshipped JBR that he actually renamed the hotel after him.
    This largesse took the group into administration and two of his hotels were forcibly sold by the administrators.
    Restaurants eh? Pie in the Sky.
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    Ina reacted to crashmonitor in Death of a Z lister   
    From toxic reality to a toxic business. The figures rarely stack up for restaurants, too many overheads, too labour intensive. Look how Jamie's done. Make money as a celeb, lose it on a restaurant.
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    Ina reacted to One percent in Money bags.   
    Problem is, there are so many people gaming the system. The child tax credit scam seems to me to be way more lucrative. As @Van Lady said above, it was 25k over four years. Feel sorry for the bloke tbh. 
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    Ina reacted to Van Lady in Money bags.   
    Yeh, I have some empathy for this bloke. His life story was probably like you posted.
    If he knew the system he would never ever have deposited the cash in a bank.
    He claimed £25k over four years in jsa and housing benefits. Hardly a fortune! Also he cared for his stroke sufferer wife for 20?  years. Obviously disabled benefits were being paid in this case. How much would his care giving cost taxpayers if she had no one to look after her? Much more IMO.
    I think this man has just been unfortunate in life and has been decent looking after his spouse then plunged into turmoil when she died. If a person is disabled, mentally challenged and “no spark” it must be difficult to care for them. If they’d been living the high life on benefits I doubt any cash would have been saved!
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    Ina reacted to One percent in Money bags.   
    Must have been pretty switched on to have accumulated that kind of money whilst being a carer for 20 years.
    Reading between the lines, his wife was disabled and so, I’m guessing here, the bennies weren’t not means tested. Then she died and he finds himself on means tested bennies as a single person, no employment history due to caring and then with a suitcase full of money, which he probably did know nothing about.  
    Then, he panicked and went to pay it in without thinking.  
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    Ina reacted to null; in Money bags.   
    In no way condoning what he did, but that was my thoughts exactly - paying it into the bank was a dumb thing to do.
    It's often the case that criminals are not the sharpest tool in the box and their stupidity is their downfall.
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    Ina reacted to One percent in Money bags.
    A widower who claimed more than £25,000 in benefits after banking a suitcase of cash left by his late wife has avoided jail.
    Kenneth Eastwood, 63 - described as 'utterly dishonest' by Teesside's top judge - was overpaid £25,486 in benefits over four years.
    The judge did not believe Eastwood's account that his wife, who had suffered a large stroke, saved up a suitcase of money without his knowledge.
    what an idiot. Why not just leave it in the bloody case or slowly build up a cache of gold coins  
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    Ina reacted to One percent in Fuckin' Weather   
    All looks to be on the west side
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    Ina reacted to The Masked Tulip in Fuckin' Weather   
    Still howling. I think someone is outside my front door making whistling sounds.