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  1. The rocket was fine, it returned to earth and landed successfully. All the major nations can track the launches satellite and confirm if its in orbit or burnt itself up failing.
  2. I want a GT86 now! It's so refreshing to see such a advert. No need to ban it but the SJW, soyboys, establishment will always block what doesn't fit their view point
  3. Quite different across counties,. i.e Engilsh vs American sign requires a lot more use of both hands than the later
  4. It's bonus virgins till Saturday evening. I expect more than one. Warned people at the start and took a slice of belittlement and scorn, till Manchester occurred.
  5. The double speak, the use of language it not just sinister it's actually evil. It scares me just how deluded, brainwashed and indoctrinated the left, the old media, social media and hence the general public are, it's seeps into everything. DOSBODs might have been born in classic thread on the over ToS, but it might have awoke the readers and red pilled them. Hell, even the ToS was originally a place where people saw through the bulllshit and propaganda. At the moment the internet & new media still have a voice to provide an alternative view while they are no-platformed by the mainstream. We know TPTB don't like that and will try to remove the freedoms it currently provides; they are destroying the people, country and culture they are elected to protect. For what reason I do not know, but as a wise men LBGT of no sexual preferred orientation said judge them by their actions not their words. I believe (probably like most) it will continue to get much worst before anything changes the direction of group think & society. Hopefully the pendulum will swing back before it's all too late.
  6. Looking at google maps, it's clearly it's the same location. Just low angle, wide lens on narrow street. The columns are concrete but oval in shape hence the how they look different sizes. Red dots for bodies. First photo from wheatsheat, can see A-board to left of body. Green square highlights manhole grid in in foreground of 2nd photo.
  7. Mention of this is for Allah on this page. No video tho
  8. Lurker


    Saw this on reddit today in the What are some biological life hacks that actually work? thread if you take a warm shower before you get in bed, your core temperature will drop as you lie in bed (because it rose in the shower) which your body reads as a stage of falling asleep, leading you to fall asleep much faster.
  9. LBC witness from bar/resturant incident said the 'big knife' attacker was white/Mediterranean looking with trimmed beard.
  10. This worm is not longer encrypting thanks to the kill switch domain been created, however I'm not sure if the backdoor/infections have also stopped as well. Either way there will be variation already out there ready to infect. Microsoft have issues patches for the older windows systems, how long they take to get applied is anyone's guess. Ever big seems to have issues keeping track of old servers, stuff than that's officially been replaced yet not de-commission and 'there in parallel', black boxs that no-one even knows exists, or random VM's running anywhere with bespoke crap that was meant to short term work around till the firewalls could be opened (back in 2004) etc.
  11. There seems to be amazing opportunity for Elon Musk / Tesla to change the world is ways that maybe even governments can't stop. (I'm not sure governments can react fast enough) Have you seen Tesla's Gigafactory 1?
  12. Saw this article via reddit Tesla battery researcher says they doubled lifetime of batteries in Tesla’s products 4 years ahead of time Today's electric cars/battery/range will as stated above look like 1990's mobile phones in 10years time.