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  1. goldbug9999


    Any day now surely ... (I hope noone here still has large alt holding)
  2. goldbug9999

    Car Broken Into

    I always use hard drive encryption on my laptops, I would a disaster of epic proportions if someone who new what they were doing got access to all my logins.
  3. goldbug9999

    Operation Nookie 60

    Hurrah. You need to be playful cheeky, take the piss a bit, to those who say "but I'm not like that really" well I say bollocks, what are like with your mates - DGAF ? taking the piss a lot the time ? borderline offensive sometime ? well take that and add a bit of flirtation and incidental physical contact like touching an arm of shoulder when talking (whats called "kino" in the pua community) and your sorted. The key is that your not learning to put on an act, you are learning not to put one on as in go into beta-male-supplicating-to-attractive-woman mode.
  4. goldbug9999

    Amazon Tax..

    Someone out there has already ripped it, just go onto one of the torrent search sites and download it, tales literally seconds of effort once you know what your doing. I mean you already own the album so it make no odds whether you or someone rips the CD.
  5. goldbug9999

    Amazon Tax..

    Why does anyone still use a CD player in this day and age ?, even if you store the raw PCM data (i.e. uncompressed) you still fit a thousand albums on a 1TB hard disk. Then you just need to run an optical s/pdif cable from computer to your hifi amp.
  6. goldbug9999

    Hunt for TONA's new babe magnet motor

    I've had an mx5 and a lotus elise, compared to a normal car an mx5 feels vaguely sporty and agile but after driving an elise it feels like a transit van, elise (and evora too apparently although I havnt driven one) is just in a different league.
  7. goldbug9999

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    Why ? did you catch something off her ?
  8. goldbug9999


    Nice going, if I started trading I would be the guy who is down 20% to fund your gain. In other news BTC now > 50% dominance again, thinking that we might get a severe panic of alts into BTC at some point.
  9. goldbug9999

    Payday Madness

    Its a pincer movement, the low paid have crippling rents and are then forced into taking high interest loans to cover any unexpected cost. I'm coming to the conclusion that we need public housing which is as pervasive as public transport, the gov needs to build say 2-3 million low-end homes (2 bed flats / 3 bed houses) and set the rents at say 30% of the net income of someone on minimum wage. I remember when I was a kid and nearly everyone lived in a council house, most people had enough disposable to live a relatively stress free life.
  10. goldbug9999

    Payday Madness

    And the rest is squandered
  11. goldbug9999

    Payday Madness

    Those benefits are soaked up by rents though, but your right in as much as its basically pointless to work for less than about 45k, may well just go on the sosh.
  12. goldbug9999

    Payday Madness

    Its an inevitable consequence of our rentier psuedo-capitalism. The cost floor for private rental property will always rise to the level where the lowest paid strata of workers have zero or near zero disposable income.
  13. goldbug9999

    Operation Nookie 60

    Its probably a shit test of sorts. We have to bear in mind that a lot of these female machinations are not them consciously setting out intentionally to mess people about, its just that they are subconsciously compelled to filter out "nice" guys like TONA by their evolutionary programming, shes probably sitting at home at a loss herself as to why she acted like such a cunt with bloke who was a good prospect on paper.
  14. goldbug9999

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites "the concept of common law marriage has no legal validity in the UK " EDIT: if his ex is taking the piss he can probably get back the house he "gave" to her, assuming he didnt go as far as actually getting the deeds transferred (and if he did that would be a taxable event of massive proportions which would probably bankrupt her)
  15. goldbug9999

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    If they arnt married shes has no valid claim on his assets, he might have pay some maintenance for kids that are biologically his but thats it.