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  1. I cant get my head around Primes pricing strategy, you can watch some recent big release films and series for free yet have to pay £3 to watch some film from the 90s, there is just no logic behind it.
  2. Its like any of these services, you will get massive value for money for the first 3-6 months as you go through their back catalogue. After that its merely just "ok".
  3. I think there should be some sort of rule where you have to report a crime at the first reasonable opportunity otherwise you deemed to be complicit.
  4. So what about childhood sweethearts who had underage sex and then went on to get married - can one of then all of a sudden turn round and accuse the other of a crime ? doesnt sound reasonable to me.
  5. Well that kind of the idea - that nearly everyone will do some work, rather than the current relatively binary choice. Basic income means that you always benefit from work in a proportional way which is very unlike the current system which is highly non-linear and means that the only rational choices are working like a slave or gaming the benefits system.
  6. No brainier really - super strict immigration policy, a target of say 50k to 100k -ve net migration. Everything else flows from this - much less competition for housing, public services and infrastructure, generally improved quality of life for everyone. Some honorable mentions: Swinging property tax on foreign owners - 5% capital value per year. A 5% interest rate surcharge on all non owner occupier property loans. A general shift of taxation away from earnings to assets/wealth/investments (LVT etc).
  7. If its on zero cred its definitely bollocks, I dont think that site has has single one of its wacky made up stories actually amount to anything in the decade I've been aware of its existence.
  8. Its more complicated than that - you have to trust that the seller will not cancel their tax until evening of the last day of the month because if they do, due to change of ownership the tax for that month is immediately void (even though they have still paid for it). To add insult to injury you cannot overlap the tax so if you wanted to immediately tax your new car, you cannot until the seller has cancelled theirs thus making it literally impossible to ensure that the vehicle is not technically untaxed for some amount of time. So you buy a car, you drive it home and seller cancels the tax on the internet, you drive past an ANPR camera, your fucked (to be fair I dont know if your allowed some grace period to get the car taxed again but I would assume not).
  9. Music a consensus game, if "most people" think something is good then it is by definition. People who dont get this are usually into clever music like jazz or fusion and other such self indulgent shite. And to anyone who says I just don't understand it then please feel free to ask me about tritone substitutions or whatever.
  10. As I've pointed out many time, seems people on here are generally too stubborn to accept they are doing exactly what TBTB want them to do. I mean if you were some rich and powerful anti brexit VI, what your strategy to overturn a narrow referendum loss be ?? - easy, launch a war of attrition in order to induce non voting apathy in a few % of the winning side voters. I cant believe that the relatively switched on people here are walking right into the trap thats been set.
  11. Well you already shagged her, thats the main thing,
  12. If was a billionaire I'd just buy up the rest of her life, a bargain at a mere 17 million odd quid (based on 30 years).
  13. In the long run everyone would be better off, even those we on paper lost value in their house. Imagine how much more vibrant the economy would be if everyone had say 10-20% more disposable income especially those on low incomes.