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  1. I think this guy was late opening up his airbnb for a client.
  2. About 80% of bitcoin is held directly by people using private keys (so-called "hodlers"). If the FED started sustained buying in any appreciable volume the price would go mental. ... which is impossible when the supply is fixed. About the only bitcoin that can be bought with minimal impact on price are the newly mined coins which are usually sold OTC.
  3. Very weak, totally false equivalence. Noone is suggesting that SNACR should be banned, we are merely suggesting that he is largely talking shite. Unlike SJWs etc we will defend his right to do so.
  4. Yeah thats kind of the whole point of this thread. I support him because he is making himself a monumental pain in the arse for the establishment in a way that I am too much of a pussy to do myself. In so doing, the hitherto latent authoritarian tendencies of our governing system is being exposed. This is the way that protest and dissidence works in the modern world, those of use that cant afford to put our heads above the parapet due to the pervasive surveillance state have to contract out the activism to those that specialize in it.
  5. That list does nothing other than demonstrate how willing you are to see racism where it doesnt exist.
  6. Its not a different perspective is the same race card bullshit that we get from everywhere.
  7. You also have to balance that with situations there the establishment fought and lost e.g. bittorrent. Bitcoin has been designed from the ground up to be resistant to the likes of ExO 6102.
  8. Exactly. Declaring "enthnic group x have a much higher incidence of convictions for crime y" is not the same as saying "all members of x are guilty of y" or "no member of groups outside x are guilty of y". Anyone using these latter two straw man arguments is either being disingenuous or stupid.
  9. The spying isnt the main aim - its to remove cash so that negative interest rates can be imposed.
  10. Not everyone can fight every battle, TR has insight into the muzzer situation because that is the environment he grew up in.
  11. I think its reasonable that people are upset by 300k net immigration a year or what ever we've been having since we signed the mastrict treaty. The political and media establishment demonise any discussion of this as "racist", you arnt that extreme but you are non-zero on the race card gauge. Brexit is the backlash from this.
  12. Yeah why not, I mean its makes perfect sense that because white people commit rape we should let muzzers get away with it.
  14. Well you did start this thread I assumed with a genuine intention of learning more about it. If you are then I'm quite happy to give serious detailed answers as I have already. If on the other hand you just want idle smack talk about ponzi schemes then I'll leave you to it.