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  1. goldbug9999

    Minimum wage to tackle poverty

    +1, its probably not as bad in france but here raising wages for the low paid is pointless as rents will rise to soak it up.
  2. goldbug9999

    Good computer tools for your trade

    Linux, because its ubiquitous in software dev environments. Docker, a lightweight command line driven virtualization environment, marvelous tool that allows you to do stuff like pretend to install a database to run some tests. Intellij for java/scala/groovy coding, makes working on ridiculously large and complex codebases feasible. webdriver, a test tool that allows script driven simulation of a users actions on a browser.
  3. goldbug9999

    Office365 - Wow, It's Actually Good

    Its only taken them what 10 years to catch up with google docs ?.
  4. goldbug9999

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I know were all espousing the keep it peaceful line, but ... if you should happen across mr jones we will all look the other way if you were tempted to give the cunt a slap.
  5. goldbug9999

    Revolut card adding cryptos this Thursday

    This sort of bullshit is why we need to bitcoin to hit big time adoption.
  6. goldbug9999

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    He need to man the fuck up. Its as simple a that. Really no good can come from listening to that shit.
  7. goldbug9999

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Its not the unavailability, its the fact that another woman has already decided your worth having so you assumed to be desirable until proven otherwise. This is called "pre selection" in PUA language.
  8. goldbug9999

    Bye, UKIP

    I think he just isn't a natural revolutionary, he has no real insight into the UKs deeper problems. This isnt new, I challenge anyone to find any recording of him where he talks about banking or corporatism a being a problem.
  9. goldbug9999

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I would say the opposite, I've watched various antagonistic interviews of him and hes never really put a foot wrong, his narrative is very well honed I would say. If anything he lets himself appear to get wound up but is actually in complete control, this often wrong foots the interviewers when he instantly switches back to calm and reasonable.
  10. goldbug9999

    Tommy Robinson thread

    In the short term you may be right. At some point you have to stop dancing the MSM's tune though and letting them be the moral gatekeepers, trump is proof that its possible.
  11. goldbug9999

    HMOs for sale

    And mortgages on HMOs has business loan level rates so 5-6% so waste of time unless your mostly buying in cash.
  12. goldbug9999

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    See its not just me making a load of shit up. Now you've just got to internalise it.
  13. goldbug9999


    Just book them to come to your hotel room, I mean what are they going to do - bring an entourage of heavies with them to mug you ?. Also check out those "travel companion" websites. In general if your a single bloke then going on holiday on your own is way better because you can get up to all sorts of dubious shit, it really is a case of "what happens in xxx stays in xxx". I say that as someone is who practically autistic on the introversion scale, first time you do it you will have some jitters but you will soon get over it. Remember that youve got your whole life to sight see and a be a tourist travelling with family and friends, on the other hand you have only a limited window as a lone single young bloke to indulge in various forms of depravity so dont fucking squander it by chickening out or taking people with you.
  14. Timing markets is a bit of a mugs game especially in crypto where there are no fundamentals. Either take a punt on the future viability or stay the fuck away TBH.
  15. goldbug9999


    Yeah some countries still have this thing called "law and order", quaint isnt it.