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  1. Good sense of humour - fat. Nice smile - fat. Best feature is my eyes - fat.
  2. He could have had a 100 actual shags with hoes for that money.
  3. Indeed, its just free market efficiency - prices always prices always rise to maximum the market will bear. Likewise women's expectations of mens behaviour rises to match whatever the most needy simpish men will provide.
  4. The best defence against obsession with a particular woman is the always have several on the go.
  5. goldbug9999

    BLM UK

    DM is probably the most articulate right wing commentator around, really good stuff, everyone should watch at least one of his interviews.
  6. I guess I was trying to rebut this idea that we could swap out our chavs for some other race/culture that would say "you know what - I'll work my bollocks off for a worse house and less money than you are going to give me for free".
  7. Sorry I dont buy the whole fetishising other countries or cultures to be "hard working". Humans are, me included, almost universally lazy fuckers unless given the correct incentives. The benefit munching chavs are our fault for not creating the right incentive structure. The countries with less over spongers are the one where they just let people starve, not because they are intrinsically harder working.
  8. Indeed, this isn't about the merits of the individuals or specific types/races of immigrants, its about managing the size of our population.
  9. Reality is that european and asian countries, with nod to the gulf (egypt) built modern civilization through centuries of graft and ingenuity, meanwhile africa has contributed sweet fuck all to anything. Now all of a sudden WE owe THEM ??, fuck right off TBH, this whole BLM thing about the idea that you can just let other people do the centuries of graft then rock up and take for yourself.
  10. Rents in Germany are something like 40% cheaper, I think we have a cost of living problem rather than a wage one myself.
  11. Scroungers are just rational economic actors, like (as much as it gauls me to say it) BTLers and the immigrants themselves. The system that creates incentives for these things is the problem. As you say the problem is lack of linearity between effort and reward. For zero effort you get x, for a fuck load of effort you get x + a little bit so why would any sane person do the latter ?.
  12. You simply cannot effectively provide key services like health education and transport effectively when the population is increasing fast, no matter skilled/qualified/rich the immigrants are. And that is just a relative change, I also dont want an absolute change in population size - we have enough people already.
  13. Likewise if someone were to call me a nationalist that would be a reasonable observation of my expressed views and not an insult.
  14. My observation that you are a leftie was intended as a genuine observation of your position, not an insult.
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