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  1. Only the guitarist john sykes went on to have anything approaching a career.
  2. Alcatraz Dio Gillen Band (Mr Universe) UFO Micheal Shenker Whitesnake Oh dear how could I forget ... Saxon
  3. Patchy output over the years but the seminal Van Halen album are "Van Halen" Diver Down And 1984 .. Which was obviously the inspiration for this (NSFW)
  4. No mention of the scorpions yet, probably start with Animal Magnetism. Blackout is a brilliant album too ..
  5. If were taking a quick detour into improbable AC/DC covers ..
  6. No matter what symptoms you google for anything it always comes up as cancer or aids.
  7. Anyone who has owned a house for the last 10 years or more has been gifted huge amounts of the next generation money via its appreciation.
  8. goldbug9999


    Episode 1 was actually pretty good, the last 3 episodes though barely had enough interest to make a single episode. They all felt really short , every time the end titles come up it catches me by surprise as so little has happened. Think I will leave watching the rest until they are all out. Also I am struggling with the star trek tropes - the jokey banter with the ships holograms, aliens that are just like humans but with funny ears etc etc.
  9. Yes indeed. The neutrality of the office of speaker has been carefully husbanded over hundreds of years, a lynch pin of the mechanism of government for the worlds oldest democratic institution. This absolute monumental cunt has shit all over those centuries of tradition for his own personal agenda.
  10. OK so the problem I have now is that we are the wrong side of "that" oscar speech and just cant bare to look at his fucking lefty SJW cunting face any more no matter how talented an actor he may be.
  11. Oh come as someone with some physics knowledge its surely obvious that a worn watch which the body keeps at a pre known stable temperature will be much more consistent than something in a laptop which varies all over the place.
  12. Yes the timing was was absolutely perfect for maximum impact on sentiment.
  13. I'm pretty sure most people would be more productive per day working a 4 day week which would offset much of the on-paper loss of productivity.
  14. Your employer is making money from your work, lets say 3 times what they pay you. Lets say earn £100 / day, your employer is therefore receiving income of £300 / day for your work. If you take extra unpaid holiday your employer is losing £200 a day for each day you take off. IOW their loss is not your salary, its the potential earnings for them from reselling your work for a profit.