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  1. It wont be in the IT/software dev field, every job ad I see is now "fully remote working" or "one/two day(s) a week on site". These outnumber the "remote until covid is over" ones by about 10 to 1.
  2. Canary Warf is the very epitome of arse end of nowhere hated commutes, extreme ball ache to get there even for most Londoners, incidence of insufferable cunts is off the scale. Going to be a fucking wasteland.
  3. Kinel ... and people tell me bitcoin is risky ...
  4. As a matter of fact it is. There is standard bitcoin facility called BIP39 which maps a 24 word phrase to a set of private keys. If you have the phrase you can use any of the various software and hardware implementations of BIP39 to recreate the wallet. https://coldbit.com/can-bip-39-passphrase-be-cracked/ TL;DR even using a relatively restricted dictionary (2048 words) even just a 6 word phrase would take over a thousand years to guess. 2048 ** 6 being 7.3786976e+19 permutations.
  5. The spectator youtube channel has been pretty good so far so I have reasonably high hopes for it. The wokerati on twitter are hailing it as the second coming of Hitler & faschism so if they hate the prospect of it so much then its got to be a good idea.
  6. Good to see someone bringing the proper dosbods perspective to the issue.
  7. Yes, one think I've found that I've gravitated towards eating two meals a day, a big breakfast at 11 - 11:30 and dinner at 6 ish. I would find it really annoying to have to go back to early morning breakfast and a 12:30 lunch.
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    Thats right, its due to the built in difficult adjustment which makes the mining harder as total hash power rises (and easier if the reverse happens) in order to keep the issuance rate more or less constant.
  9. goldbug9999


    Your not the first person to think this way. Many companies these days however have specific rules about using their electricity to mine bitcoin. I mean it is essentially theft.
  10. goldbug9999


    More specifically the mining consists of using random input to a hash function to try to generate a hash within a specific range of values.
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    Random alt-coin-of-the-month pump and dump
  12. Plenty of the first two, not enough of the third sadly.
  13. Thats what I do, I keep mine in an open/libra office doc with a strong password. Its only ever opened on a clean built (no internet connection ever) linux laptop. I keep a backup copy of the file on a usb stick and on dropbox.
  14. The comments on FT bitcoin articles is like reading swiss mechanical watch makers talking about the introduction of quartz "but theres no moving parts and it doesn't tick, noone would ever buy one" lol. Seriously though it shows that a high proportion of supposedly clever people with lots of money still don't get it and thus how early we still are and how much potential remains. BTW - if you can give the title name for FT articles then we can google them and bypass the paywall
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