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  1. ... and had the fucking time of his life doing it.
  2. These days server admin is make-work, all the "admin" an be done in a few simple scripts to spin up amazon (or whatever cloud provider) instances.
  3. I have / had a whole host of minor things wrong with me that have in general defied orthodox medical diagnosis and treatment. Having scared myself shitless by googling symptoms which come up as aids or cancer (seems that pretty much everything does) and then had a doc look at me go "cant see anything wrong" I now no longer google anything medical ever, I'd honestly rather just keel over one day than waste any more times stressing over what I might (but probably dont) have.
  4. I cope with being in a position beyond my ability by not giving a shit.
  5. Next time you see his wife (if shes a looker) "I can do yours when youve finished"
  6. We leavers all know that the pro second vote lobby is 100% remainers wanting to over turn the result. They know that we know it. Not sure why either side is wasting energy on pretending otherwise.
  7. Look you want to remain, just have the bollocks to say so and stop hiding behind all this oh I want people to have another say, they didnt know they were voting for blah blah sophistry. We can then have a sensible conversation about it.
  8. General elections and referendums serve different purposes. Referendums are one-off votes, unless you care to provide counter examples of ones that have been repeated ...?.
  9. As long as youre happy rarely having sex with attractive women.
  10. goldbug9999

    Where then?

    I possible explanation for me is that I'm extremely introverted and thus find it hard to "sync" with another person in real time, thus I've had to develop a skillset around self learning out of necessity.
  11. goldbug9999

    Where then?

    I think I can count the significant things that I've learned face to face with a human instructor on the fingers of one hand. Not sure why I have such difficulty absorbing new concepts directly from someone else, I don't know if my brain is wired differently to other people or if I'm just a bit thick , well I don't think I'm too stupid as I have people queuing up to pay very decent amounts of money to do coding. Paradoxically I seem to be very good at explaining things to other people, someone at work once said that "explaining things is your super power". Weird indeed.
  12. I tend to agree, but I think once the brexit issue itself is resolved what is the "brexit" party now ? at best a minor variation on the tories. If I was starting a party I would do what UKIP are doing, play the long game, get traction with the youtube generation. Pick a message that resonates with people (freedom of speech / political correctness angle).
  13. Well thats just it, I dont, I say bring on the new guard of political youtubers. There is plenty of of choice for someone wanting a traditional statesmen so I welcome having an alternative. Maybe its an idea whose time hasnt yet come, but its worth a shot.
  14. Its a ballsy strategy. We should not underestimate the reach of the likes of Sargon and Dankula, they have 1.5 million subs between them, to give some perspective the official BBC news channel has 4.5 million.
  15. Indeed, we can only get away with such a flagrant missallocation of resources because the easy option of importing labour exits. I find it utterly bizarre that anyone could conclude that the solution to our poor and deteriorating education and training system is to import yet more people.