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  1. Yes, you beat me to it. Regarding Izal, I always remember Ben Elton doing a routine which involved the stuff. He described how it didn’t absorb anything, just spread it around. The punchline was that it was possible to take a crap resulting in a relatively clean arse, but after using a few sheets of Izal, finish up with a fresh turd on top of your head. 😂
  2. Article from Bild. its in German butcher thrust of it is that German politicians have demanded action after the recent spate of wedding parties blocking motorways. There were 6 cases last Saturday alone in Duisberg, typically where Turkish or Lebanese wedding guests stop on motorways and party, often with fireworks and starting pistols, obviously causing massive inconvenience for others. While one Gregor Holland called for confiscation of cars and long driving bans, there were other lame suggestions that people should plan wedding celebration using bicycles. Maybe this type of cultural enrichment will be catching on in Britain soon? https://m.bild.de/regional/duesseldorf/duesseldorf-aktuell/nrw-politiker-fordern-stoppt-den-wahnsinn-der-hochzeit-korsos-61423124.bildMobile.html
  3. Closed down. 😂 https://summit.news/2019/04/23/vegan-feminist-cafe-that-imposed-18-gender-surcharge-on-men-closes-down/?fbclid=IwAR3eIFtqyUnBzewShsDpylUZGaDZWXldNPUYETFDEevcQehDHB7lhqJYwAw
  4. No, the mistake was in electing to use self service in the first place. Why do people do this? It just hastens the demise of the normal manned checkouts, and it never seems to be hassle free, as borne out by the experiences up thread. My standard answer when asked if I’d like to use the self service check out is to ask if there’s a discount for doing the store s work for them. There never is. I realise this probably makes me a predictable bore too. 😂
  5. Ian Tomlinson https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1371913/Ian-Tomlinson-confrontational-police-G20-riots-inquest-told.html
  6. Absolutely. Donald Trump's father is on record as saying that Donald is the smartest person I know. (have a look on Wikipedia what his brother and sister do for a living)
  7. I agree, but Ive written to Farage explaining that I can’t give him my vote unless there’s some co ordination of candidates and collaboration with UKIP. Good, as long as they are squabbling amongst themselves, they hopefully won’t be able to produce much legislation to fuck the rest of us over.
  8. Probably been posted here before, but relevant, especially points 6 & 8.
  9. Yeah, but 4 lines of text without a single piece of punctuation meaning that it's barely readable? Ive read through it twice now, but I'm still none the wiser as to what he is trying to say, and now Ive given up; life's too short...
  10. So all women should view all blokes as (at least potential) paedophiles?
  11. For me it was Merkels border opening in 2015. Had it not been for that I would probably have bottled it and voted remain at the last minute, but she stiffened my resolve ( as it were- mind, obviously there’s no way she’s going to stiffen anything else). I digress. Learned a lot about the EU since then of course and looking forward to voting for some “populists” in the upcoming elections!
  12. Ok Sounds like its a lot worse than I imagined. Actually I’d just made my post when I read about his unsavoury habits in the newspaper (which like the So-Called BBC I would never pay for but it was given to my on my train journey)
  13. Dude, I’m a professional white collar bloke but I’m sure there are people who have met me once after I’ve been doing some manual work, gardening, sport etc when I haven’t exactly been shower fresh and smartly attired. they may even remember me as a dirty smelly scruffy fucker too, but they would have a false impression.
  14. 1. UKIP 2. Brexit party 3. whatever is on the ballot paper that is as far right of centre as possible 4. Con Lab filth no chance 5. Spoilt paper
  15. Oh I dont know. I expect the EU will give her a few meanlingless trinkets, so that she can sell her "deal" to thickos like Cooper, Letwin, half of parliament and half the electorate. Im convinced that the whole thing is scripted and orchestrated behind closed doors, in secret negotiations with the EU. Coopers last minute No Deal bill, was probably 2 years or more in the making.