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  1. God that reminds me of a chip shop I used to visit on occasion, and I’d usually have a steak pie, Pukka I think the brand was. One time I was eating the pie and the bite I took exposed an enormous piece of “animal pipe”. To make it worse it was a junction where a smaller bit went onto a bigger bit, the bigger bit being easily the diameter of your finger. Still makes me heave to think of it 3+ decades later. 🤮
  2. The problem which I think would be hardest to solve though would be overtaking. Without some kind of transponder system to allow the overtaking car to communicate with the overtaken car, and maybe limit its speed to 10? Mph below the overtaking car, then overtaking manoeuvres would be lethal. Maybe better to drop the idea after all, or just limit it to my road. 😂
  3. True, but it would be easy for them to update the database at the same time as they put up the temporary speed limit signs, and your car would then download the latest info, almost in real time. Would mean that all cars would require a SIM card or similar. Not sure how you would deal with data outages, but maybe not a problem, as probably 95-99% of roads don’t have temp speed limits. Smart motorways are covered in cameras anyway aren’t they? So while technically being able to exceed the speed limit, I doubt many would as they would be certain to be caught. You don’t see many speeding through 50mph average speed segments do you?
  4. I guess instead of a dodgy sign reader, all the car needs is a map of all the roads with information about their speed limits, a bit like a satnav. Pretty sure I’ve had a hire car which has displayed the speed limit of the road you’re in on the dash.
  5. Cheers! I don’t dawdle (unless I have someone hassling me behind, then I slow down 😂); on the contrary I tend to get a move on where it’s fit to do so. But that’s a fair cop. My tolerance of fools has a very low threshold. Never 😇 Now I’ve said that, just watch me wrap myself round a lamppost next time I get behind the wheel! Actually I dislike driving these days; roads too full, but when I do, I do try to do it to the best of my ability.
  6. Pie Minister do a very nice range of pies, Steak and ale I think it could be Moo & blue. Don’t know about S & K as I don’t eat offal so wouldn’t know.
  7. Well I’m a “motorist” too, but unlike 90% of other drivers I observe, I don’t speed in built up areas, don’t use my mobile phone when driving, don’t wait at the (often wrong) side of the road at night with my headlamps on, don’t hog the outside or even middle lane on motorways, don’t park across white lines in car parks because I’m too lazy to do one more shunt back and forth to put the car properly in the box. I do however, move from the 2nd lane of a motorway to the 3rd lane if someone is indicating to come out of the 1st lane to the 2nd, to make room for them, if I’m in queuing traffic and there’s a crossroads, I leave a gap so that anyone wanting to come out of the side road to turn right can do so and isn’t blocked in. In a stream of traffic I do let people coming the other way turn (their) right in front of me as it helps them out and doesn’t cost me anything, but again these are behaviours that I seldom see these days from others. Could be these people are in the right and I’m the inconsiderate arsehole, as you suggest, but somehow I don’t think so. I’m probably guilty of being a grumpy old man, but as an ex Formula Ford racing driver, ex rally driver and member of the IAM, I don’t think Im guilty of being a bad driver. Im done with this thread now as I can no longer be arsed arguing with folk who use the fact that they break the law to claim the moral high ground. Happy motoring! 🚗🚙
  8. They did that in Istanbul too. Unrelated tweet. Comments are interesting.
  9. Most of the time? How are you to know whether it’s an appropriate time to speed or not? How do you know if there’s an unsighted bend coming up, or a privately run kindergarten where other people’s kids might suddenly run out? Sorry but although I fully accept the point that some limits are set arbitrarily too low, it’s arrogant to think that the law doesn’t apply to you. How could you think otherwise? If you disagree with a limit then lobby your MP or council. The bit about limits being appropriate for different times is interesting though. In continental Europe I’ve seen lower limits near schools that only apply 8-10am and 14-16 pm, or they have motorway limits which apply 10pm to 6 am for noise abatement (consideration for those who live nearby. I expect they get ignored too since the omnipotent motorist knows better). My example above is just that, but as far as I can see it just proves my point, that a lot of drivers are selfish, and think that their time is more important than the safety of others. Roll on the day when all cars are speed limited to the area they are in (easy with gps).
  10. Largely agree, apart from the bit I’ve highlighted; there I think you are giving them too much credit. Try driving along a 20mph road at the speed limit and see how long it takes for someone to start following too closely, possibly flashing lights, sounding horn and trying to overtake, because he or she is far too important to respect the rules and have you delay them by 1 or 2 minutes. And I don’t think they’re assessing any dangers; they are thinking about what they are going to have for dinner, or Coronation Street or reading Facebook or any of the myriad other things which moronic drivers do because they feel safe in their SUV with its crumple zones and multiple airbags and they don’t give a flying fuck about anyone else around them (if they are even aware of anyone else around them). Ahhh, that’s better 😂
  11. Good. As I started off by saying, I disagree with the 70mph speed limit on motorways and have no problem with people exceeding it when conditions allow. It was set in the days of drum brakes and cross ply tyres and I seem to remember there was a proposal to raise orbit 85 a few years back but that never got much further than the starting gates. My post about the higher risk of death and injury to pedestrians due to the V2 relationship was clearly referenced to 30 zones where it’s sometimes not fit to drive at 30mph let alone the 40s and above (often while on the phone) which you see from some of the ignoramuses.
  12. Sorry but that’s the typical arrogance of car drivers. You don’t own the road, you share it with others, cyclists, pedestrians, young, old, maybe in good health, maybe poor of sight or hearing, or only able to walk slowly across the road with the aid of a stick. The rules are there not just to make your life difficult, but for the protection of others, and like it or not, they apply equally to all. Just saying 😜
  13. Here’s the thing. I agree that speeding often is not a contributory factor, that it’s an easy way of catching people, that cameras are often placed to raise revenue, etc etc. However if you hit a pedestrian at 40mph in a 30 limit road, the energy you are imparting to their body (made of flesh and bones) with your car is 78% higher than if you were travelling at the speed limit, due to kinetic energy = 1/2 MV squared. And over a 20 mile journey the time saved would be 10 minutes. If that 10 minutes is important to you then get up earlier and set off 10 minutes earlier; don’t put my life or the lives of my kids on the line just because you think you’re too important in your tin box on wheels to have laws applying to you. Not having a go at you especially, Sleep well, just quoted your post as it contained the point I wished to make.
  14. Depends. 90-100 mph on an emptyish motorway (do they still exist?) in good weather, I would agree. Other times, not so sure. Might be “victimless” until a kid runs out and you kill or maim them.