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  1. Indeed. Focus and others said 20000. Laughable. Thats 1/4 of a big football stadium FFS, a child of 5 could tell you that wasn’t right. By coming out with such intelligence insulting lies, surely they are just alienating whatever readership they have left who aren’t completely brainwashed? Ah well, another one gone.
  2. Germany. Völklingen. 5. Aug 15:27 https://m.bild.de/regional/saarland/saarland-news/kind-angefahren-verfeindete-familien-clans-gehen-aufeinander-los-72234696.bildMobile.html Enemy family clans go for each other. An 18 year old man tried to turn his car round and ran over a child who was on the pavement in front of the Cafe Istanbul. Members of the child’s family went after the driver and his car, beating and kicking it and him. He fled the scene but came back later, when increasing numbers of foreign family members poured onto the streets. The police were I formed of a mass brawl involving around 40 people, when they arrived at the scene, the fight was over but there were 80 people from opposing family groups on the streets. The police positioned themselves between the 2 groups but there were repeated outbreaks of them screaming at each other. It was difficult for the police to sort out the situation due to the language barrier. Import the third world...
  3. Masks now compulsory in the open air in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Tick tock.
  4. Well that all seems very reasonable, right and proper as they like to say. Or they could just wait 3 days for the virus to decompose.
  5. Would tip me over the edge. Get them to sign a piece of paper saying that you do not want to wear a mask and that you are happy with the risk to yourself in not doing so. They acknowledge that should you yourself become ill as a result of forced mask wearing for reasons including but not limited to asthma, viral or bacterial infections as a result of re breathing your own exhaled air, or fungal infections for the same reason, you will hold them responsible and will seek recompense for same through the courts if necessary.
  6. These sort of people are so wrapped up in their own self righteousness that the last thing they expect is physical retaliation. Throwing the coffee over the burrito guy would have been almost as much of a surprise to her as it would to him. Her ego just couldn’t cope with being not obeyed and so she lost her temper and her violent streak, which I suspect is never far from the surface, took over. Its the boyfriend I feel sorry for, as any other day of the week he would be on the receiving end of her anger (actually I don’t, as he obviously had made his bed and lies in it). I expect when she calmed down she was shaking like a leaf when the realisation of what had happened hit her.
  7. Yeah, all about signalling that youre doing the right thing. A bit like if I shower in the morning, then go to work, having touched a few things along the way, then use the toilet. Society says and expects that I wash my hands afterwards, but as long as ive managed to avoid pissing on my hands (I usually do) why should I? My old chap is certainly cleaner than my hands were before my visit; its been thoroughly showered an hour or so ago and has been in my pants ever since. Its certainly cleaner than my hands, so logically, perhaps I should have washed them before I used the toilet? Of course this is all predacated on my not having touched any toilet door handles etc, but as I think I have written here before, I never do, and luckily the toilets at work can be entered and exited by swing doors that you can push with your knee, elbow etc. In any case, Ive got this thing called an immune system, which through correct diet, moderate exposure to sunshine, moderate exercise and 8 hours of the dreamless each night, seems to keep me out of trouble. Reagrding the mask facist and her cucked BF: I bet she will think twice the next time she thinks about playing at being an amateur Gestapo bully.
  8. Well they, and almost every other legacy news agency, invariably pick the picture of Trump with his mouth open in mid Hitlerian tirade, just to show (in case you were still in any doubt) what a racist misogynistic loon he is. There must (hopefully) be armies of picture sorters fearing for their livelihoods.
  9. Then the stupid fuckers shouldn’t have been so fucking stupid as to make mask wearing compulsory just as the outbreak was tailing off.
  10. How’s this for hypocrisy? German SPD (liberal) politician Saskia Esken Tweets about BLM demos and COVID demos. ”Thousands of Covidiots celebrate the second wave in Berlin, with no distancing, and no masks. They are jeopardising not only our health, but also our success against the pandemic, and the revival of the economy, education and society. Irresponsible! ” 2 Aug 2020 ”Tens of thousands of demonstrators show solidarity all over Europe for BLM, and protest peacefully against racism and police brutality. Thank you! Even if Corona forced us to socially distance. We stand together and fight racial discrimination.” 6 June 2020
  11. I know it’s the so called but what an absolutely shit report. “A spike in Melbourne “. No numbers, just a list of numbers in the following lines of text talking about (cherry picking more likely) statistics for other countries.
  12. @Melchett Hey Melchy, how about this then? I and a couple of others did this thought experiment, as you requested, formulated an answer and asked a couple of questions of our own. Not trying to be argumentative, but would genuinely like to see your response and opinion.
  13. I think it’s a result of the “ we are all winners” doctrine that has been pushed in schools since the late 90s. People have grown up being told and have been ‘educated’ to believe that they are special, that there are no losers and that you can make whatever you want in life happen for you- very little effort required. I used to think that this would result in a generation of very disappointed dissatisfied and disillusioned people , when they started running up against some of life’s harsh realities, but I didn’t think it through to see that they would turn this disappointment, dissatisfaction and disillusionment on the rest of us in their bid to try to change the world to fit their view of it.
  14. Hope you told them why. If enough people do so, then maybe they will add their voice to those telling the government to stop this monstrous tyranny.