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  1. Mirror Mirror

    Diet fizzy drinks - just don't

    Most probably thought up by the "Milk Marketing Board". A bit like other groundless phrases dreamt up for advertisements but dressed up as if there were a scientific basis. Anyone remember, "Six slices a day - The well balanced way" for bread? or "A Mars a Day, Helps you work rest and play"? Im sure there are many others, probably even promoting smoking as a healthy habit, if you go back far enough.
  2. Mirror Mirror

    The Project fear 2.0 thread

    Just in case anyone were left in any doubt that voting to leave was the right thing to do!
  3. Mirror Mirror

    Barbarians at the gates

  4. Mirror Mirror

    Being a nation of land whales has its perks?

    Dead heat in a Zeppelin race, as Ive heard it described.
  5. Mirror Mirror

    Trivial Things that annoy you

    True, hence the old joke about the bank manager having promised not to sell beer. So I guess the wheel has turned full circle and paying for a round with Applepay is just the modern day equivalent of cashing a cheque with the landlord.
  6. Mirror Mirror

    Trivial Things that annoy you

    I hardly remember a time when there were no cash machines, or maybe I do, at the beginning of my working life, I remember writing out cheques for cash, going into a bank to cash a cheque and being paid in cash too, in a wage packet. But I do remember checking if I had enough money ie cash, before committing to buy something. Maybe thats why I dont feel complete unless I have plenty of folding on me.
  7. Mirror Mirror

    Trivial Things that annoy you

    Why? they probably operate on small profit margins and if they take credit cards they have to absorb the cost of doing so. In the present age with the authorities' war on cash, I think they should be applauded. When TPTB succeed in making cash obsolete, then they can really introduce -ve interest rate policies and there will be nowhere to hide. I really dont get this reluctance to use cash, whats better than a nice wad of money, Arthur Daley style, universally accepted, anonymous, untraceable. Personally I feel naked if I dont have at least a couple of hundred on me in cash. Also I was in a pub the other day and there were a lot of 20 somethings there, looking like they had been playing football or similar. They were buying drinks and paying either with cards or Applepay, sometimes for 1 fucking pint! If I had been the landlord, Ive had barred them.
  8. Mirror Mirror

    TV License

    Just browsing through this thread and I was going to put pen to paper to argue with you about your position here from June. Then I thought about how well the So-Called BBC had covered the Gilets Jaune protests in France and have decided that for such incisive, in depth coverage, 50p per day is actually too cheap.
  9. Mirror Mirror

    Politicians lie. Who would have thought?

    The Times repertory today that she has been jailed for 3 months for perverting the course of justice. She now stands as an independent MP and will keep her £77 000 salary as, according to her solicitor, it is her only source of income.
  10. What colour are they outside?
  11. Mirror Mirror


    Or a Bier? No its never too early, its 5 O' Clock somewhere!
  12. Mirror Mirror


    Ship to shore?
  13. Mirror Mirror

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Not sure where you work but I don’t think it’s anything you would do in the dark, goes from HK on the island across to Stanley. Have a look at the Emjoy Hiking app
  14. Mirror Mirror

    ikea virgin

    Just been reading the obesity thread and how to maintain bone density. Synchronicity at its finest my friends, everything in the universe has scthere for a reason, including the Ikea floor plan. Skip the shortcuts, do your skeleton a favour!
  15. Mirror Mirror

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Wilson trail etc? I thought HK had some of the best walking in the world.