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  1. Why would I bother when I can call up an NGO people trafficker boat and be picked up a couple of miles off the African coast and be brought to Spain, Malta, France etc?
  2. I’m sure the point has been made before, but how is the Irish border different to the Swiss border? Also, the EU don’t seem to care much about the EU external borders with North Africa or the Middle East, why should the Irish one be any different?
  3. Because the prick who signs the contract is long gone with his bonus by the time the shit hits the fan.
  4. No doubt we will soon hear from the assorted diversity coordinators / SJWs / useful idiots, about how "disgustigly brown" the area is and how they need more diversity.
  5. Maybe they'll allow in a load of economic migrants (under the guise of being refugees) to undercut their competitivenes in the jobs market?
  6. You can save yourself the money by changing your name by deed poll (cost £200) to match whatever plate happens to be on your car. Signed, Mr. GK51 TNC (with acknowledgments to Viz, probably)
  7. @Rave @Long time lurking @onlyme Update. Well, I took the car to a garage and told them that it wasnt the plugs, ignition coils or compressions, but they wanted to fault find the problem by the old method of substitutions. Because I had only tried 1 new spark plug in each of the three positions and 1 new coil likewise, he declared that test to be invalid and inconclusive. He was not prepared to have a look at the injectors until he had replaced all three plugs and coils, which was going to cost £350 parts and labour so I told him to stick it. I thought the whole idea of fault codes was to allow the technician to go straight to the problem and not waste the customers time and money substituting random parts until they chanced upun the faulty component? Anyway, I bought a new injector and fitted it to the no2 cylinder, where I suspected the problem was, and car runs smoothly again, and the engine warning light has extinguished itself. Time for a celebratory cup of tea 🍵 and thanks again to those who offered advice!
  8. Totally agree! Ive just watched it and it was really really great. The actors, the sets (never been to the USSR / Ukraine, either now or in the 80s, but the clothes, street scenes, cars, telephones etc etc looked authentic to me). Not at all dumbed down either. Nuclear Physics is a complex subject and to understand what went on that night you need more than a rudimentary understanding, and in my opinion, they pitched it just right. Dont miss it!
  9. Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there; I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sun on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning’s hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circling flight. I am the soft star-shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there; I did not die. Im having these three plus the reading, and if you dont like it, Im gonna substitute 'Echoes' for Comfortably Numb - all 23 1/2 minutes of it
  10. Ha! Gordon Brown says that, he who probably contributed to Brexit as much as any with his stupid tax credits. (not to mention his moronic gold sale) If Brown says that Brexit is a bad thing, you can be pretty sure its the right way forward.
  11. Im sure there are exceptions to every case, but in general I think my point stands. The NHS seems happy to treat people regardless of where they come from, and whether they are entitled to treatment, by virtue of having paid NI contributions, or being in possession of relevant health insurance or reciprocal healthcarr arrangements from another country. Once that treatment has been carried out, the NHS does not seem particularly vigourous in recovering the costs of the treatment. Other countries dont seem to display anything like that largess to theor foreigners. As someone who has paid (a lot of) money into the British welfare state, that doesnt strike me as being particularly fair.
  12. How many foreigners do you think you would find in a German / Italian / Scandinavian / Canadian / American / etc hospital being treated at the host country's cost?
  13. Clearly not there to represent his constituents since his constituency (South Bucks) voted to leave, in the Brexit referendum.
  14. 😂 Vulva facials! I certainly enjoy those on a regular basis, but obviously I’ve been calling them something else all these years.