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  1. Yes there are people who service them to Rolex standards with Rolex authorised techs for less than £200. Watch doctors in Tring for example. Not sure how heavy but if its gold, then I would expect it to be quite heavy, Never handled a gold one but the stainless versions are not unduly heavy due to the lightweight strap. Reason to own? Well I can see where Wight flight is coming from, there are such people around, but I bought and wear mine because it pleases me to do so. I still enjoy looking at it and its a good quality watch; no need to take it off in the shower or for swimming. Keeps quite good time (for an automatic watch - Im fully aware that a £2 casio from the filling station will keep better time, but thats nit the point) and its kept its value to boot.
  2. Fair enough, youre entitled to your opinion. Im not a wanker but have nothing to prove so I wont be taking you up on your offer.
  3. Wow, wish I had clients like that! Well Ive got a stainless Submariner, which I wear all the time, not sure I would with a Gold one though, due to the much higher value. I paid about £3k for mine second hand nearly a decade ago and they're going for about 5 odd now so I think you can saythey keep their value. Obviously if you buy a new one you take a bit of a hit though. I used to feel really self conscious wearing mine when I first got it, but that didnt last too long, anyway a stainless Submariner looks like a lot of other watches from a distance, so theyre nothing that special. Some people wear them all the time, even for doing physical work, others just for special occasions, some live in safes and never see the light of day. I wear mine as I say nearly all the time, but take it of if Im working on the car, or doing any sort of DIY where it might get scratched. The Submariner date has a date display and a magnifying lens over the date window, wheras the plain one doesn't. Dont know much about the insurance thing, but I think up to a certain value (probably not £30k) watches should be covered under normal household insurance.
  4. Yes. I put the "started in America" post in because, back in '07, everytime Brown spoke about the economy, he would mention the 'credit crunch', or some other term other than recession, and immediately follow it with, "Which started in America", usually before some more waffle about how the Uk was ideally placed to weather the storm, because of our "low debt"
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  6. “Which started in America”
  7. In the first pic Bond is drinking a mint julep.
  8. Yep. There was a woman speaking on the Jeremy Vine show last week, all proud because she bought loose veg in paper bags, had re usable sanitary towels and drove an electric car. She had done her bit and so was being all superior. There was no mention of the fact that the electricity for the car had to be generated somewhere, and of the environmental impact of the production of the batteries.
  9. How weird would it be if you flicked through a few images and it generated a picture of you, or your SO?
  10. I bet she hasn't been fucked for years.
  11. Believe what was printed in it.
  12. Oh yeah, I know of that remark by him of course. Basically I just mentally categorise him with all the other pro EU facists who seem hell bent on getting their way by whatever means necessary. I agree it might have scared them for 5 minutes before they put their thinking caps on to work out new inventive ways of subverting democracy.
  13. Ok what in particular should I read? and it must be said, Brexit hasn’t happened yet. If that was their plan, wouldn’t they have come up with some incentive to get them over to Britain while they still could?
  14. No from what I’ve seen the vast majority of migrants who Merkel admitted to Germany are still there, not moved on to UK. Why would a Polish politician have taken part when they flatly refuse to take any migrants?