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  1. You should have cracked one out.
  2. Well, as I said, I agree if its not many who write, then they will ignore it. You can only do what you yourself can do though. ie the Right Thing. You're either part of the solution or part of the problem. A bit like Brexit really. Personally I stand to be disadvantaged by it in 1 or two ways, but I still voted for it and will continue to do all I (easily) can to campaign against it. Because its the right thing to do.
  3. Thats the stuff to give 'em - the old cold steel! They dont like it up em! They cannot countenance it!!!
  4. I think the naive comment was for me, actually. Thats fine, Onesie, Im not naive, rather, where ploitics is concerned, extremely cynical, but you cant seriously think that MPs will ignore a sudden large increase in post all about 1 issue? I agree if its just 2 or 3 then they'll probably ignore it.
  5. Not really. If I were an MP, I would want an intern that would give me a digest of the contents of the mail sack or the email in box. If I were told that there were a shed load of messages telling me that if I didnt do X, then they would not vote for me next time, I would be a fool not to take notice, wouldnt I?
  6. Well Ive written to my MP a couple of times about Brexit and will shortly be doing so again. If enough do the same, hopefully we wont be ignored - after all, she cant ignore it when she gets voted out, can she?
  7. Almost as if the west had been disproportionately influenced by some alien culture for the last decade of two.
  8. Certainly beats Letwin and Cooper. BTW I’m having real trouble in understanding. 24-36 hrs ago everyone here was saying how much they hoped Boris’ deal would be voted down by parliament. Now that’s happened, it’s all doom and gloom. Also a few posts up, the possibility that the Letwin amendment might be toast was accompanied with a doubtful looking emoticon. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Regarding the extension, if the EU high command see fit to grant one, doesnt the UK still have powers of veto? Cant our MEPs (all Brexit) just veto our own application for the said extension?
  10. That can’t be right. A couple of days ago I watched a half hour news article propaganda piece on German National TV state population indoctrination service, telling me that despite importing 2M muslims over the last couple of years, the rise in anti semitism was due to the far right and the AfD. An official statement from the AfD that they were fundamentally and unreservedly opposed to anti semitism, was treated with disdain.
  11. When I said “I would”, I didn’t mean discuss the meaning of life with her...
  12. @billfunk Agree again, but wouldn’t it then be too late?
  13. I would. certainly an improvement on those thick heifers who were queuing up to moan at Boris for using hurty words last week.
  14. @billfunk Agree with everything, but I just have one question. Do you think we will have Islamic councils/ local government/ national government earlier with PR or the FPTP system?
  15. “We expect that people will be armed” https://m.faz.net/aktuell/politik/inland/tuerkische-militaeroffensive-zehntausende-teilnehmer-bei-kurdischer-demo-in-koeln-erwartet-16440801.html Tens of thousands of Turkish and Kurdish demonstrators expected in a big demo in Cologne today about the border skirmish, some of them armed. Further confirmation (if needed) that if you import the third world, you also import third world problems. Hows that Integration going again, Merkel?