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  1. Mirror Mirror

    Merkel’s Coronation, or the german election 2017

    Me too. Would probably have voted to leave anyway, but you have perfectly summed up why the actions of that woman (who’s name I will not mention) made it a no brainer.
  2. Mirror Mirror

    Lauren Southern banned from UK & deported by UK Border Force / Police

    Regarding that interview with Lauren & Stefan, I thought the most telling bit with regard to the level of deceit which we have reached (anyone know, is there a more concise term for that?) was the bit where the interviewer stopped Stefan from talking about differences in average IQ between races. This is scientifically proven researched fact, but he stopped him from talking about it on the pretext that it was ‘offensive’. ”In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.
  3. Mirror Mirror

    Another example of refusing to face reality

    #whoknew? But #3 probably has a bush to rival any of the blokes beards. You can see the razor / shaving gear on the floor just to her left.
  4. Mirror Mirror

    Who Should I Vote For

    Having seen the results of countries recently appointing female leaders, defence ministers, home secretaries, chiefs of police, you can probably guess which way I voted.
  5. Mirror Mirror

    Another example of refusing to face reality

    Pic 1: just No 4 obviously, but might lick 3s fingers depending where they have been. Pic 2: No2, 1 and the rest, not interested. etc, you get the idea by now 😜
  6. Mirror Mirror

    Islamification of Europe

    Did they really? They didnt exactly do much to promote the nuclear family, did they? (Tax policies, promotion of alternative lifestyles) They allowed the cost if housing to become completely detatched from wages, sonthat many couldn’t afford to have families.
  7. Mirror Mirror

    Islamification of Europe

    Ah yes, but not until long after you and your fellow ministers have long retired, with your gold plated pensions and bodyguards for life.
  8. Mirror Mirror

    Cant take it anymore ... Student Union bans clapping

    QED. (theres certainly some retards at the SU who are upset by it)
  9. Mirror Mirror

    Wonder if this will catch on?

    OK TMT, you have the advantage of me there; I dont watch TV.
  10. Mirror Mirror

    Wonder if this will catch on?

    Not so sure, From the article, “We’re not aware of any other country that has legislated for the potential of a penalty to be applied if people do not divulge their passwords,” said Terry Brown, a New Zealand Customs spokesman. Border officials, he said, believe the new fine is an “appropriate remedy” aimed at balancing individuals’ privacy and national security.
  11. Mirror Mirror

    Wonder if this will catch on?

    Since the beginning of October New Zealand immigration personell can demand the password to your electronic devices. A refusal carries a US$ 3000 fine and confiscation of the device for 'forensic anaysis' I wasn't thinking of going anyway, but that';s another country off my list of places to visit (and spend my tourist dollars). https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/02/world/asia/new-zealand-passwords-devices.html
  12. Mirror Mirror

    Sugar and Alzheimers - Huge impact

    Whats it made from?
  13. Mirror Mirror

    Sugar and Alzheimers - Huge impact

    Yes. Ive heard of this, apparantly developed mostly by northern Europeans a few millennia ago. https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2012/12/27/168144785/an-evolutionary-whodunit-how-did-humans-develop-lactose-tolerance?t=1538482587117 Clearly, if you think "fake bacon" is in any way acceptable or to be recommended, you must already be a sufferer.
  14. Mirror Mirror

    Javid is cracking down on middle class coke heads

    Just legalise drugs and have done with it. No mater what the law says, if someone wants to get a bag of weed or a couple of grams of charlie and get high they are going to do so. By legalising it, you remove the criminal supply chain, probably improve purity so less OD ing and poisoning, and might even raise a bit of revenue as well. When has prohibition of anything ever been a success?
  15. Mirror Mirror


    If all else fails, I hear this method is pretty effective...