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  1. What surprises me is the government seems to be almost pushing the message that the vaccines won’t stop infection and transmission. Given their propensity to lie about everything, I would expect this aspect to bd downplayed a lot more than they are doing. Why?
  2. Maybe most aren’t, and are just being diagnosed with having it by a discredited test? PCR false positives Increased testing Someone ill with covid is tested every 2-3 days, every positive test goes down as a “case” Deaths within 60 days of a positive test.
  3. Yep. What always amazed me was the sheer breathtaking arrogance, that they felt no need to feel their way, to subtly and discreetly find out if I might have the same political views as them. It was just a given that all civilised people would automatically be anti Trump; because they had been brainwashed to think that way, everyone must be the same. Of course if you were to make your feelings known, and politely enquire why, you always got the same crap regurgitated back at you, racist, misogynist, bleach drinking, pussy grabbing, blah blah blah.
  4. Yeah but never mind all that. I wanted to see 4 more years of lefty’s heads exploding 🤯
  5. Do you actually need the app or can you just tell your employer that it’s sounded the alarm? If you really do have the app, then it’s a free holiday with house arrest.
  6. As so often the case with the left, it’s rather hard to tell. Another gem from the same publication. https://theconversation.com/coronavirus-wearing-a-cloth-face-mask-is-less-about-science-and-more-about-solidarity-138461
  7. Have you seen this from an Oxford professor and practising GP? I think if I were a patient of hers I’d be looking to find a new doc ASAP. https://theconversation.com/joggers-and-cyclists-should-wear-masks-heres-why-153110
  8. Because they won’t have the energy to resist / say no, and so it’s an easy way to get the vaccinated stats up?
  9. Well what would you do if you were a min wage drone doing a pointless job? Get into an altercation with the risk of verbal abuse, assault or legal action for discrimination? Or just take the easy option, look away and pretend you haven’t seen anything?
  10. You are aware that Google search results are tailored to your previous browsing history?
  11. He might be just a name in a grey suit, but there is an incredibly dangerous man in that suit bearing that name.
  12. Dude, just ignore xyy. He will get bored and inevitably find someone else to annoy. Personally I was very pleased to see you back here as I remember you as a good poster on ToS. It never crossed my mind that you’re not who you say you are, but if you’re not I guess it will become evident in the coming weeks. I hope you stick around.
  13. Hmm, I hope not. Try turning the situation round and looking at it from the side of the covid believers. How long would you be happy to wait for things to get back to normal? Before you could se your family again? go to the pub? Go on holiday? I believed once and I think if I still did, I would put up with and encourage the lockdowns in the belief that these things were just around the corner. Is that hope and belief going to endure for another summer? Year? How did the story of Chicken Little end?
  14. Oh I quite agree. I picked a jar of caviar as an example, as it is so obviously not an essential, but arguably the quintessential height of luxury, and would therefore be the perfect prop to troll plod when they try to enforce the states bullshit laws. Some quails eggs or pate de fois gras would probably fit the bill nicely too.
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