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  1. She's probably gathering up all the tweets in preparation for a full-page special about racism.
  2. What's amusing me, reading all the tweets, is that everyone was watching the same thing and yet posting slightly different numbers. It didn't help that the video kept dropping out every so often
  3. Result: Boris Johnson: 92,153 Jeremy Hunt: 46,656 Spoiled ballots: 501
  4. Whichever 'side' you're on this is a great cover
  5. Walthamstow is a shithole. So is Wood Green. And Finsbury Park. You're welcome.
  6. My interpretation was that Darrow knew that Thomas was pretty drunk and wasn't going to be doing much talking. Looks like there might have been a break and some coffees consumed, after which point he pipes up a bit more
  7. Never thought I would see one of these. Spotted at the pub last night. Incredible little creature.
  8. Wow. Watch what happens with some clever editing.
  9. I don't have much I can contribute to this thread. Obviously. So I'll just put this one up again.