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  1. The Madness of Crowds (Amazon link) Thought I'd get in first with this one. Douglas Murray is one of the finest commentators of our time. He writes lucidly and with frank honesty. It is captivating and addicting. 'Douglas Murray fights the good fight for freedom of speech ... A truthful look at today's most divisive issues' – Jordan B. Peterson I have the audiobook narrated by the man himself. Only on chapter 4 so far, but it's just outstanding. The first section is "gay" and - must admit I'm a bit torn here in that this is not a position I especially wish to speak from but I do so when it is relevant, which, here it is - he speaks for me. It is so incisive that it has me laughing out loud at times. Taking a fly-by of some of the comments that come up in relation to these things, listen and the answers are there. Answers for everyone. Titania McGrath's review is here, and it's just as hilarious. For those keeping up at the back "she" is the alter-ago of Andrew Doyle who is another gay commentator and utterly hilarious, parodying the social justice warrior to perfection. Both his play featuring Titania - and Murray's book - have received poor receptions at The Guardian which should be the signal for everyone of sound mind to dive in. Listen and have the madness of the social justice warriors' world and its societally cancerous effects explained to you in detail. Giggle to yourself as he makes sense of the world. Post your reviews when you've read/listened..
  2. In answer to thread title: no. How can an Anti-EU party qualify for that description? In business and politics it is sometimes easier and more effective to start again from scratch - having learned the lessons (UKIP: the "loons and the fruitcakes") - than to try to adapt what you have and take the customer base with you. The idiot Gerald Batten decided to abandon the UKIP raison d'être and change the party into the Anti-Islam party thus consigning it to history. Farage, a principled and intelligent man, then had little choice but to disassociate himself from the Batten/Robinson train-wreck and since he's still needed, went on to form his own party utilising the lessons he learned the first time and has attracted a pool of talent and created a highly slick operation which has had the Conservatives on the back-foot ever since holding them to account over Brexit. Farage was and continues to be a thorn in the side of "the Establishment".
  3. Not current but worth seeking out: 11.22.63 Adapted from the Stephen King novel. Basic plot: man discovers "worm hole" that enables him to travel to 1960, and undertakes a mission to prevent the assassination of JFK. I haven't read the novel, but this is probably JJ Abrams' finest work. And unlike crap like "Under the Dome" this mini-series is well-paced, credible (if you overlook the time travel aspect) and will keep you glued to it in a way that so many other King adaptations don't. Watched it when it was new, and thanks to my research on "The American Dream" I was keen to see it again. It is a near-flawless recreation of the look of those earlier times. I would suppose. It is lovely to look at. If you like convincingly realised sci-fi and most especially if you want to immerse yourself in America in the 1960s, this one's for you. Not sure if it's on any streaming services, I bought the DVD as an impulse buy in the supermarket IIRC. https://www.amazon.co.uk/11-22-63-DVD-James-Franco/dp/B01CZT1CRI
  4. Not disagreeing, just playing provocateur (I think I know the answer, just testing my own thoughts): Why so? It wasn't as if people disillusioned with America were going to move to the Soviet Union instead..
  5. DTMark


    They are worthwhile and they do work, most especially as a replacement for the operating system drive (fast boot times), the drive/array used by a database server (fast seek times), and a replacement drive to rejuvenate a laptop since they typically have (had) slower hard drives.
  6. Ah, the One2One song (was it?) - those ads with the brown-skinned lady when mobile networks were in their infancy and SMS messaging was only about 50% likely to work most especially on that particular network Inherited the CD from partner's collection but must admit I've never heard it. I do remember that single fondly.
  7. Might I get you to expand a little on this.. Are you suggesting that when communism fell, the competition aspect between capitalism and communism was lost, leaving only one ideology, to the detriment of the worker?
  8. This happened again this evening. Open browser, expect it will be logged in, but it is not. This time I actually tried to log in. And got this: This *might* just help to explain if cookies and sessions aren't working properly - if that error code means something? I then closed the browser, opened it again, and I was already logged in as I'd expected to be the case earlier when I looked.
  9. OMD original Babylonia cover
  10. I might be as on-the-money about this as I was about UKIP (giggles to himself and raises wine glass) It's not about the if, it's about the when. But Brexit is the joker that could change the whole hand.
  11. That may be so. But Corbyn has been a godsend for a hitherto (under T May) disaster of a Conservative party. I find it very hard to believe he will go, and as I understand it, there is no mechanism to remove him, so the party must split. Could be another storm in one of so many teacups - we will know soon.