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  1. It could be a good answer if you need for example two email addresses (mailboxes) and each person needs to be able to see the same contact list (and calendar). Just glancing at my GMail account which I rarely use - that has a contacts section but I don't know if it can be shared across mailboxes.
  2. Harder-edged electronica doesn't normally do songs about heartbreak terribly well. It's not really the right subject material, is it This one's an exception and in this particular mix only. Electronica with lots of emotion, really beautiful lyrics superbly delivered and I find the bridge/comeback bit genuinely moving. Down streets of pain you search for light Searching, searching for peace In the mirror see your tears, see your enemy It's you girl, why can't you see
  3. We had the misfortune to watch a 4 part thing called Safe House. The plot is so obvious you can work it out by half way through. The characters are difficult to care about. The actors seem to know it's shite so nobody really cares and even Chris Ecclestone can't be bothered.
  4. Oh, if only. I'm pretty sure it would grow on the balcony but we must behave ourselves. Actually, low-strength weed is legal in Italy and is sold in plenty of "head-shops". Though it's not quite the same as I remember. Lots of CBD but not much THC.
  5. Like a wasp. It can be used again and again.
  6. You can break your thumb punching someone if you don't know what you're doing, and your ability to harm them would depend on a greater degree of skill. I suspect the temptation to sting people would be irresistable. Maybe it's just me.
  7. Suppose that humans were (and always had been) equipped with a reusable sting built into the index finger of one hand. Not permanently harmful, but powerful enough to cause between mild and excrutiating pain to anyone we chose to sting with it for perhaps 30 seconds. This would certainly bring swift resolution to situations where people push their way into queues. But, do you think that the human race would look roughly the same today as it does now?
  8. In London, "spot" may refer to the price set twice daily by the LBMA which is no longer published by them and while used in some trade circles is becoming irrelevant. The LBMA "AM" morning price is basically the same as the live price was at circa 10:30.
  9. Thanks. It had a major overhaul a month or so ago to get rid of that brash blue colour and fussy typeface and bring the front-end HTML up-to-date. It seems to have been well-received. Another client has asked if I can "make their site look exactly like that one"
  10. You could try these. If you go in person today you get the quoted price, if you send in the post you get the price on the day it arrives. https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/sell-scrap-gold.aspx There's an offer at the moment if you key EXTRABONUS into the voucher box at the bottom of the long form. Disclaimer: I built the website so I have a special interest.
  11. "Would someone please take a look at the nails in my chest?" IIRC - LOL This book remains a mystery. One of life's little mysteries that may or may not be solved in the fullness of time.
  12. 1997 (though sounds more like 1989) Almost everything about this song is perfect
  13. Try Michelle Paver - Dark Matter. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Matter_(Paver_novel)
  14. This question has been bugging me for about a year. I forget about it and then memories return. At this point I suspect it's less about re-reading the novel and more about validating the memories I think I have.
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