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  1. DTMark

    Bye, UKIP

    There's just a chance that two new parties could be formed by the splitting of both the Labour and Conservative parties.
  2. DTMark

    Bye, UKIP

    Exactly this. Sadly its at a time when we most need a focused UKIP.
  3. DTMark

    Bye, UKIP

    Spot on. For those complaining that Farage has "turned", become "part of the Establishment".. Might it just be possible that he is a principled man who sees no alternative but to break with UKIP?
  4. DTMark

    PayPal Instant bank transfers

    Most are basically worthless. If something is only going to fetch a few quid I can't be bothered cleaning it up. However some are in-demand. On the first day, Now 26, an Oasis LP, a Roxette LP and a Stephen Stills LP all sold, circa £90 total.
  5. DTMark

    PayPal Instant bank transfers

    Every time I withdraw money I get the message that for security checks to take place it may take up to 12 hours. Then the money arrives almost exactly 12 hours later. It's almost as if nobody is doing any security checks and this is just an excuse to delay the withdrawal. Were PayPal not so untrustworthy I might leave a balance on there but as it is, I'm withdrawing everything as soon as it arrives in there.
  6. DTMark

    New Website

  7. DTMark

    PayPal Instant bank transfers

    I thought I'd finally try selling some of my old vinyl. The main channel is Discogs and most people expect PayPal and some protection. I added the bank account so as to withdraw a few payments. I was told I was setting up a direct debit. No, I don't want you to have open authority over my account and you do not need this to pay me. I click Cancel. It then says I can still continue anyway and withdraw my own money. I complete the process and then withdraw. It says "Instant" and then "Connecting to Bank" and then fails saying it might be up to 12 hours. Oddly the first withdrawals took precisely 12 hours to show. So it's not "Instant".
  8. DTMark

    PayPal Instant bank transfers

    Can anyone see what is wrong with this picture. Do these things happen only to me? Did I take the wrong pill?
  9. DTMark

    Latest additions to M+S's list of shit-towns

    Weirdly while much of Blackpool is piss-poor with crap wages and unstable employment, the bits to the north and south and the bit in the middle near the park are quite affluent. When Southerners move up there, the existence of moribund but recognisibly middle-class things like Marks and Spencer adds a veneer of respectability to the place.
  10. Her brother appears to run a factory which churns out endless dull, samey programmes about what life was like in days gone by.
  11. DTMark

    Skiing, what's the point

    Oh, right. Haven't read the whole story. Yes, it hurts if you fall on it since it's constructed of a mesh that's like really sharp brillo pads. Good practice for when you go..
  12. DTMark

    Skiing, what's the point

    It has been a long time, others might be able to confirm but my memory is telling me that it's actually easier to ski on real snow than it is on artificial slopes (the specific word for that is eluding me at the moment).
  13. When I got four right in a row I was left wondering if the show was a repeat since that doesn't normally happen. Would explain it.
  14. Victoria Coren-Mitchell was on a show with someone, can't recall who - may have been Vic Reeves, and asked if he'd ever seen her show. "Not a whole one", he replied. Marvellous answer. Yes, we do watch it, there was one episode recently where I got four back to back. That is however rare. When the answer is revealed I usually find myself wondering how anyone could ever have got it. Unless the trivia is my sort of trivia. I recall one round where the first clue was "The Pirate Planet" and could immediately get the connection - Douglas Adams. He wrote several Doctor Who stories including that one. But who actually knows this stuff? Apart from me and maybe a dozen other people who happen to surface on that programme. Also, why is every other contestant a web developer?