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  1. If the house comes furnished the cat may scratch things, particularly the sofa. If the cat urinates on the carpet the smell will never come out (forget what products tell you) and you'll need to replace the carpet. You'll need a decent, powerful vacuum cleaner to get the hair out of the carpet. If the cat can't do its business outside, you have approximately 20 seconds after the deposit is made into the tray to get it into a bin bag before the smell spreads. If going for a breed, choose one that doesn't mind staying indoors.
  2. This is great. 13 minute episode - it's part of a series.
  3. I saw this, so I decided you needed to see it too.
  4. That's shit, too. It's just not as shit as the Paul McCartney one. Made even worse by having Paul McCartney "singing" on it. He has a voice that sounds like the exhaust of a car with an 800cc engine.
  5. I emptied the bins. I put the rubbish into plastic bags. Then I took the bags downstairs to the basement and put them in the cupboard where they wait to be collected.
  6. Up until a few years ago I'd have said that universities were one of Britain's great institutions and something to be proud of. Then the societal cancers of intersectionality and Wokeness began to flourish in these places.
  7. Words cannot even begin to describe how much I despise this song.
  8. Well, that's taught me something. I wondered why things were mentioned as being on Netflix but I could never find them. Like this. If I disconnect my UK VPN so the connection is from an Italian IP - and refresh the Netflix page - as if by magic, it appears. The list is completely different. Thanks, might watch that later.
  9. Possibly.. but with the word at the end, doesn't it take the noun form? https://www.abc.net.au/education/learn-english/learn-english-practise-or-practice/8433568 This is exactly the sort of thing that makes sense to Italians with good language skills. I reckon if you asked everyone in Britain for an example of a verb and a noun only about 70% of people would be able to give one.
  10. I believe that many Italians learn English at school and that focuses heavily on grammar. But then, ironically, most Italians' English grammar is not very good. Probably the most common error being to forget to swap "you do" for "do you" to form a question instead of a statement, since in Italian, the question is identical to the statement but spoken with an upward inflection. English grammar is probably more straightforward. It is more "left-to-right" in terms of sentence construction. Italian has something called the "reflexive" which means that "I have sent you the document" is actuall
  11. "When did Madonna get her new nose" must rank as one of the oddest and most unexpected questions I've seen on here in a while.
  12. DTMark


    "Say what you see" Probably designed by an Italian.
  13. DTMark


    I can't quite believe that show is still going.
  14. It's a long series and the quality remains mostly high - it doesn't have the usual plethora of filler episodes. I think the only thing wrong with it being that long is that it doesn't tempt you to watch it all over again. Some fantastic moments (that episode with the man lying underneath the stolen cashpoint..) and one of the best TV series of all time.
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