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  1. 42-year-old man wrongly thinks he can still have ‘massive weekends’ A MAN is desperately clinging to the belief that he enjoys spending the whole weekend binge drinking. Stephen Malley, who now has hangovers lasting several days, claims he loves a ‘proper bender’ even though he spends the rest of the week quietly weeping in the toilets at work. Friend Wayne Hayes said: “Steve thinks there’s some manly honour in getting so shitfaced every weekend that he wants to die from the moment he stops drinking on Sunday until he starts again on Friday.
  2. Just started Fargo - late to this one, I know. Is it just me or is there something of the Jordan Peterson about the nutter?
  3. DTMark

    trans madness

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  4. Watching Shetland at the moment. Actual conversation: Me: Why do all the men look like Annie Lennox? Partner: Was she Scottish? Me: Yes. Partner: That will be why.
  5. Two series so far on Netflix. It has a gorgeous gay guy in it, not that this information will attract many but it's a really unusual aspect to the storyline so I thought I'd mention it. It is really thoughtfully done. There is more to the series. Set in Rome, not Naples, focusing on Roma people and city corruption. It's not in Gomorrah's league though S2 shows they took more than a few tips from the best TV series ever made. Gomorrah S4 - partly set in London - coming very soon.
  6. What is it that makes living in Italy so healthy?
  7. I don't know why but there's some aspect of that which appeals to me. I suppose it's because their culture is so "heart-on-sleeve" and emotional. But that's "when viewed from here". Given time, it may well drive me mad.
  8. There's a line in one of the Dan Brown films, I think, maybe the first one, when one of the police officers who appears homophobic makes some reference to Italian geniuses who happened to be gay and Robert Langdon says "That must be terribly inconvenient for you"
  9. I remember a comment on here that made me giggle that ties in with that - might have been you - "Most Italian men are basically useless"
  10. That's a very Italian thing indeed.. "Mama's recipe" Since I'm vegetarian their diet is close to what I eat anyway. Italians are among the healthiest and longest lived in Europe, presumed by many to be because of their diet.
  11. We'll rent initially. We could pick Brescia, Bologna, Turin or Ferrara. Ferrara is a "nice size" and very pretty, plus it's very cheap. From there we can explore - fast trains to/from/between all the major cities in the north - and decide the next move. I know this is an odd thing to say, but Italy is "honestly corrupt". An example: in this village developers submitted plans for 85 new homes with various promises about the resulting look and certain facilities. I have the plans here, since I was on the village committee at the time. They also had to "donate" £250,000 to be used by the village for "improvements". Let's just say the consultation on usage wasn't exactly transparent and there's no evidence of anything coming of that. After that was granted, they began building and the resulting development is nothing vaguely like what was on the planning applications. It bears almost no relation whatsoever except for the number of houses and they've only done phase one because they can't sell them so years later, it still resembles a building site. None of the planned amenities were provided and one area of it has been turned into a wedding venue which is woefully inappropriate given entry and exit is down a tiny back lane. Buses get stuck, people get lost, they knock on the doors of neighbouring houses at all hours, park on their lawns, ask if they wouldn't mind if they come in and get changed.. people have actually sold up and moved on. Or tried to. Literally nothing has been done about any of this. Back-handers. A lot of the corruption in Italy is of the same variety (see Suburra La Serie, Gomorrah etc) - clearly Italy is indeed more corrupt and in many ways basically useless, rubbish piles up in Rome's streets because their state services are so piss-miserably managed, they have "baby pensioners" which are a constant source of annoyance for people - these were civil servants allowed to retire at 50 which the country could ill afford.. I could go on. I just think that our corruption is "more sophisticated" - see Brexit for a worked example.