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  1. DTMark

    Peterlee's got talent...

    FWIW leaving out the hi-fi bit: I think she's worked out exactly how to hit certain note patterns - Otis Redding, was it? and people are mistaking a very good mimicry of someone else's voice with having something distinctive and soulful of their own, and this will be / would be exposed if she gets any further in it.
  2. DTMark

    VPS Recommendations

    We still use VPN UK. It's actually about the best one we've used. Most of them overload their networks so they eventually collapse and you have no choice but to move on if you can't wait for them to get it sorted or for everyone else to leave. It does shave off a fair bit of speed. Occasionally it slows to a crawl. At certain times it does deliver most of the underlying connection's speed though not necessarily when you might think e.g. in the middle of the night. Trying it just now a an example - our connection is actually running really slowly this morning, downstream would normally be close to double that. It is a 4G connection so it's variable but it's not normally that variable. Might have caught it at a bad moment. While both tests are always variable depending on when exactly you run them, this is at the better end of the sort of experience you tend to get with VPNs of the ten quid a month variety. Without the VPN: With the VPN: Sorry I came in at the end and didn't read the OP. Playing around with some providers recently this one came out quite well for cheap cloud machines: https://www.cloudspaceuk.co.uk/ Cheap, performant, portal works well etc.
  3. DTMark

    A celebration of 1970s music

  4. DTMark


    I have to say that I despise the original with a passion. Goes back to my youth when one of my mates put the Cranberries album on replay on the way back from a night out in London and I could hardly wait to escape the car. They were a bit like The Beach Boys - great in small doses. After an hour I felt like I'd rather have listened to Kylie's I Should Be So Lucky on replay for 24 hours. The cover beats the original. Not to speak ill of the dead but I couldn't stand her fecking voice. Like a vocal rendition of the imagery from Ghosts n' Goblins. Right, I'm done with exploring 2018's biggest UK hits. I've listened to the lot of them (well, at least one minute of each) and almost all of them are diabolical.
  5. DTMark


    I shall check them out, thanks This is decent. A real piano, too!
  6. DTMark


    Well, that's by far the best thing I've heard all evening. The drums are great and Johnny Marr would enjoy the guitar melody.
  7. DTMark


    This has all the stars and the instruments. It punches and relaxes when it should. Lead vocal Is decent. It's just a bit.. well, ordinary.
  8. DTMark


    Don't apologise Go find something marvellous from 2018.. (and pop that one in the 2000's music thread, it's decent) Here's one that's all-melody and quite funky. And yet instantly forgettable. I wonder if my criteria have become stricter over the years thanks in part to @NTB's influence..
  9. DTMark


    I really like that (note the delay in reply - yes, I did listen to all of it). But, it's from 9 years ago.. The challenge is to come up with something from this year that's wonderful. A masterpiece. I've set myself the goal of achieving that this evening. Not much to ask eh? Playing through stacks of stuff. Starting with 2018's best-sellers. Moving from one to another rapidly. I have odd musical tastes. And I can fall for the instant gratification cheese very easily. This thread will bear testament to that at times. Yet, I do find that much English music falls flat. Thanks to my penchant for melody. The Italians have this right. Latin-spirited? Creative? It has beauty. It is poetic (when you can speak the language, otherwise, it's basically meaningless). Even much of the pop music has a certain quality that ours does not. It doesn't have to be pop or dance. Actually, some of my all time favourite music is not dance or pop music. And that Chicane track is neither. It has beautiful melody with meaning. It "connects". Laying down a drum-beat and a synth and shoving a vocoder vocal over the top of it isn't enough. That seems to be about 90% of the English stuff that I hear. But as was ever thus. Most music is.. of the moment, OK, banal, forgettable. 2018 must have more to offer..
  10. DTMark


    I still have the 7" single of that I do listen to music that's in English but I find so much of it "charmless". Pertinent to '80s stars (or was that Taylor Dayne), this one from 2018 has been huge. It's... alright. It goes along and then it ends. Memory buffer wiped immediately and forgotten.
  11. DTMark


    It doesn't. But that Chicane track above reduces me to tears. Listen to the lyrics set against that piano. All about loss.
  12. DTMark


    Shameless repost in two pages. The song of the year. So far. Just outstanding. The power and the beauty. OK, it isn't a real piano. But I couldn't ask for much more.
  13. DTMark


    Ah, but I love the Italian stuff. And dance music. Which often doesn't have any lyrics so it doesn't matter where it's from. And yet, it would be nice to hear stuff that's in, er, English from time to time. Like that Frank Turner one above. The brain doesn't have to work quite so hard to interpret the lyrics.
  14. DTMark

    Taxes to rise to pay for the NHS

  15. DTMark

    Taxes to rise to pay for the NHS

    Nope. £49 a month. Private. There aren't any NHS GPs. That you can see.