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  1. NHS - envy of the world

    I had to pay for it. As I'd signed up to an annual plan, some of the tests were routine, part of that, and therefore included. I needed some additional tests and so in addition to the monthly subscription (£49) I had to pay, IIRC, something like £135 for the first set and about £150 for the second follow-up set.
  2. TV: box-sets to watch

    We've raced through Gomorrah S3 to the finale tonight - absolutely brilliant. Series 1 - 10/10 Series 2 - 7/10 Series 3 - 9.5/10 One of the best series I've ever seen. On many levels, words simply fail me. Outstanding.
  3. I dont like the word replace thing as it makes posts harder to read and is "putting words in other people's mouths" as it were. Maybe I am just a little old-fashioned.
  4. Who do you think actually did it then?

    While I agree that it is far from likely that our State sanctioned this in any way - that the theory can have any credence is because we have seen that our own government will lie to us in order to take us to war.
  5. Who do you think actually did it then?

    When trying to solve any good crime mystery, consider motive but also timing. Why *now*, specifically? What was the consequence of not acting to remove him *now*?
  6. Nastiest Most Horrible Forum

    Or that you can tell the difference between 16 bit 44.1k and 24 bit 192k with 100% accuracy. People will be very quick to tell you what you can and cannot hear. Red rag to a bull and all that.. Nyquist-Shannon said... Edit: have never tried different digital cables. The problems with our historical implementation of the digital chain start way further back than that. I have experimented with speaker cables. The difference is so incredibly marginal that unless you're comparing cheap bell-wire with fat expensive high strand wire, you should buy something decent, stop pissing around, and invest the money in the cartridge or a really good MQA DAC. Hi-Fi forums are great fun.
  7. 2018

    Nice track. Reminds me of Strike's classic U Sure Do from the 1990s.
  8. Soundtrack to my brain right now.

    (pantomime style) "Oh no I'm, not!" OK, actually, yes, I am. I am a picky, difficult to please individual. (And, for clarity: not being facetious) Even I don't know what I like with what you might call a degree of "consistency" Mind you, YouTube is playing back my history playlist ATM and Rickie Lee Jones has just come on with the marvellous "Last Chance Texaco". The track before it was a trance one. It's all a bit.. random. To slightly misquote Robert Langdon in 'Angels and Demons', "My heart tells me that Neil Young is a gift I am yet to receive".
  9. Daft Punk Bollocks

    I'm confused here, is the track in the OP from Daft Punk? I quite like it - remember it quite well. I've never really "got" Daft Punk. And that's coming from someone into electronica. It just washes over me. For me their best effort was probably the Pharrell Williams collaboration in 2013, "Get Lucky". But then that doesn't sound much like them. One of my most valuable 12" singles is their dull 1997 track "Around the World" played only once, still in pristine condition in its original shrink-wrap. When last I looked: apparently, at times, people will pay up to £35 for that.
  10. Who do you think actually did it then?

    Russia did it: .. based on the type of weapon used and the historical precedent set with the murder of Litvenenko which was indeed traced back to Russia, who more or less told us to "fuck off", and the victim's past identity and history. The UK did it: .. because it's all part of the ongoing narrative to paint Russia as being responsible for everything. And, in that context, and precisely because of this, P-utin (can't stand that replace thing) can simply giggle and paint a narrative that the UK is a dysfunctional paranoid little country.
  11. TV: box-sets to watch

    Must get the DVD of "Stranger Things" - partner watched it and thought it was great, it's one of those that I can't watch streamed because of the dizzying Netflix frame rate problem. I did see a few little bits and pieces and it looked very good. Meanwhile.. "Beneath the Surface" Danish - airing now on BBC4, available on iPlayer We're up to date with the broadcast episodes, it's worth a watch. Will report back.. "The Young Offenders" Irish, BBC3, iPlayer link The first episode of this is absolutely hilarious in places. Really endearing. Not exactly a must-see, perhaps, but it certainly has its moments.
  12. Tube incident

    The passengers on the train who were injured, and their relatives, would he furious at that interview. Imagine if Treason May - in response to the Grenfell tragedy - said something along the lines of "It's sad news, but keep things in perspective. There weren't very many people killed, and I see no reason to change anything nor take any action".
  13. Tube incident

    Good old Douglas Murray. Someone please give me half an hour to treat the apologist on the left of the picture to the same approach with which I treated a mobile phone provider this week by dogmatically sticking to the facts.
  14. Tube incident

    Unsurprisingly, the write-up in The Times goes into far more detail about the individual than the lightweight piece in The Guardian.
  15. Tube incident

    ^ somewhere in the earlier pages of this thread, I posited that this individual may well have had reason to hate this country precisely because of the circumstances in which he lived. And that I was certain that these would have been researched thoroughly so that we do not ensure that our generosity is not misplaced and that people would not be placed in danger, that being a red line which we must not cross in our desire to be hospitable. I was being facetious at the time. The write-up I've read says he made it to Calais and then 'arrived in the UK'. It doesn't say how. So we have a criminal who may have entered the country illegally, with a questionable background and who may be a risk. And we placed that person with an elderly couple. His behaviour was appalling and he drove them to despair. Then he turned his hand to mass murder. Who is accountable to the passengers on the Parsons Green train?