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  1. That one for those automatic garage doors. Crocodile, I think. Now, actually, there's nothing really wrong with the advert. But then I'm not the target market. I'm not sitting in a grand four-bedroom 1960s or 1970s build house with a pot of retirement cash desperate to find a home, with a fifteen year old car that I bought from new (probably a Rover of some kind) with five thousand miles on the clock and thickly resplendent with last Sunday's polish sitting in the garage to protect it from.. rain. I don't honestly believe that adding an automatic folding door to my garage is going to add any value to it. Actually, I don't even have a garage. So none of it is really relevant to me. It's just that the presentation of it makes me think of The Simpsons' monorail episode.
  2. DTMark

    TV: box-sets to watch

    Looks like ITV3 are rerunning Vera starting Monday at 9 then every night. Brenda Blethyn is exceptional. It is beautifully shot. So much so you may spot the sudden shifts where an interview with a suspect cuts to some stunning scenery miles from anywhere inaccessible by road and wonder what they're doing there. Some plots are strong and solvable and some are ludicrous like most of the recent Midsomer Murders. But it's well worth watching. IIRC the first couple of stories aren't great and if anything it gets better as it goes on.
  3. DTMark

    Litter Trays

    You get about 30 seconds between the deposit into the box and the rankest foulest smell pervading the hosue. Some of the cat litter brands purport to 'absorb' smells but I don't see how. One with a 'hood over the top' may keep some of the smell in but then the cat may not use it. The only way I can think of is to have the tray somewhere vaguely near a window or source of ventilation from which the smell may escape but the cat cannot. And hear it and be very quick about getting rid of it when it's done.
  4. You could always collect a stack of cardboard boxes and use those to build a partition. You can order a pack online - a moving home pack - but that defies the point which is to save money. Albeit you could then use them when you wanted to move again. When done with them, collapse them and they'll slide under the bed. Ready for next year..
  5. DTMark

    Trivial Things that annoy you

    Lovejoy. You can say "Just don't watch it then" - but partner likes it. That theme tune. Sets me on edge immediately. The faux-posh people. The infantile "plots". The ridiculous people wearing ridiculous clothes. The pieces to camera. Ian McShane's puppy-dog eyes. The sense of banality about the whole thing. Even The name "Lovejoy". Everything about it is loathsome.
  6. DTMark


    Eurovision usually offers up at least one that has a touch of quality about it. What a cracking clean, happy pop tune. Especially the percussion that makes it.
  7. DTMark

    Kingsmen- worth a watch?

    Don't remember that much about the first one but a score of 7 is coming back from somewhere - entertaining enough to be worth a try. So, yes.
  8. DTMark

    TV: box-sets to watch

    We've run out of things to watch now. So much so, that we even sat through Hetty Wainthropp Investgates the other day. I never did read Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - always meant to, Adams was a genius, so I watched E1 of the Netflix adaptation. "I've got a shot!" some of it is hilarious.
  9. DTMark

    Boosting phone signal

    Is it in a valley (doesn't need to be deep) and/or surrounded by woodland?
  10. DTMark

    ASK FRANK...!!!

    Would the country be better if it were run by the Army?
  11. DTMark

    Boosting phone signal

    Is that actually one of the USPs of this college - that you live relatively monastically by modern standards and cut yourself from the world off in order to concentrate on your studies? Doesn't sound like such a bad idea but I imagine it's more attractive to those of us who have moved on a few more years than it is to people at that age.
  12. DTMark

    Jordan Peterson

    The point about freedom is one of the most interesting. I think that the thing that has been lost with religion cannot be put back again. It's the fear that not complying with religion will lead you to be smote in some way. I don't mean that you imagine that a great big finger points from the sky "It's you!", but that people were conditioned to believe that there was some consequence for defiling religion. I'm not sure it ever was the religion that "bound people together" as such. It was the collective nature of that fear. Peterson himself describes the tale of Adam and Eve. Why didn't they eat the apple earlier? Indeed "giving in to temptation" might impy "someone is watching you". After all, who will know?
  13. DTMark

    Boosting phone signal

    A signal repeater isn't going to be of any use unless it can be placed somewhere between the transmitter and where you want the signal (works quite well in sparsely populated areas and over distances). And they're illegal. Our house is a weak signal area (both voice and data) which is partly due to distance and partly because the house has very thick stone walls. So we have a 4G modem upstairs connected to a roof antenna pointing at the transmitter and that supplies the data connectivity to the house and all devices. My phone uses Voi-LTE which I think means it doesn't use a "voice" signal but instead carries voice over the data connection (Phone <> WiFi <> modem <> 4G home connection). Thus solving the voice signal problem. It wouldn't solve the "there's no data signal here" problem. Depending on the "lay of the land" height may be everything and it could just be that living in a flat on a higher floor will just about get a meagre signal. But even if it did the latency would be dismal for online gaming if it's just clinging to the edge of a signal and dropping out.
  14. One of the last three surviving motors from the original factory stock for my 1967 turntable originally made in West Germany. About £85 IIRC
  15. DTMark

    Wow that's different

    Had something similar with a film recently, some probably obscure film in which the characters meet the Devil in some kind of basement and flee while this is playing. It's some old classic and distinctive Spanish (maybe Cuban) techno that's probably a bit banging for most, but it fitted that scene perfectly. Can't remember the name of the film though.