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  1. This deserves its own thread. #trollingtheguardian on Twitter
  2. He's still bitter about Margaret Thatcher. Didn't win, did you Michael?
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    Thanks. He's not a leader, is he. And Jeremy said..
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    I think I'll just give up on it. The time can be more usefully invested in trying different wines. Grazie a tutti!
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    This is my laptop from the UK with all UK settings except for the time zone which is set to Italian time e.g. one hour ahead. IPv6 leaks If this test shows an IPv6 leak either disable IPv6 on your system or use the IPv6 enabled VPN pool (ipv6.openvpn.ipredator.se). No IPv6 connection leak has been detected. DNS leaks The DNS leak test will force your browser to issue a number of DNS queries. It will then analyze which servers made the DNS queries. If the listed DNS servers are not from the list of authorized DNS servers you need to reconfigure your systems DNS settings. No IPv4 or IPv6 DNS leaks have been detected. WebRTC leaks This test will check if WebRTC is enabled in your browser. If WebRTC is active it can be used to decloak your VPN IP and discover your real IP addresses. Disabling WebRTC varies between the browsers. Please run this test with all the browsers you use! Result Local IP addresses: Public IPv4 addresses: Public IPv6 addresses: No leak.
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    They seem to have this pretty well sewn-up. I've tried two other VPNs - with variable IPs - with the same result. the So-Called BBC must keep their database of VPN IPs up to date very efficiently. No more University Challenge for us. I think that was probably the only thing we did actually watch on the So-Called BBC on a weekly basis. Can we just get on with privatising the So-Called BBC. Now that Doctor Who has been ruined there's nothing much left to lose, though to be fair University Challenge was dropped by the original commercial channel.
  7. In all honesty I tend not to really notice non-PC comments that much. And there is a gulf of difference between something that is rooted in homophobia and something that's just a little ill-judged. I have a tendency to make those sorts of comments myself (in different contexts) even with people that I don't know well enough to venture such things and to blurt out things that I think are really funny, and even giggle to myself, when, later, my partner will point out that they were probably not appropriate. Anyway, back to EE - I've logged in this morning to be presented with a sort of wall-mural style series of different plans which appear to be arranged in no particular fashion whatsoever. It's the same thing that you see on TV where the manager of the team is stood in front of a wall of corporate logos cunningly arranged in such a way that one or two really stand out, those are the ones you're supposed to notice. Leaving aside the ones with "swappable benefits" like BT Sport which is of no interest whatsoever and Amazon Prime which won't actually work from here anyway since the licensing arrangments are different in this country - all the Montalbano I have on there - the Italian stuff - won't actually stream in Italy, ironically - there are a range of plans which start from those with 1Gb/mo which even I would easily get through, up to 100GB or more which I doubt I would use, but then if get stuck somewhere here with no Wi-Fi the tethering might be useful. It is useful for me to keep the UK mobile number for a while at least so it's worth doing. I'd heard data was quite expensive in the UK and the prices for that sort of thing over here are about half of what they are in the UK (seems to be the case for most things actually) but they all seem quite expensive - starting from around £25 per month. I was expecting more like £10. Is this normal..
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    Good link, thanks.