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  1. Like English the Italian language imports words and phrases and they use them quite often. It is a bit odd. For example an open day is normally called exactly that instead of aperto giorno.
  2. Italy's answer to PC World having a "something lost in translation" moment
  3. It's one of my favourite books. He does get off the island after about 28 years. The film version with Pierce Brosnan is OK. The book is much better.
  4. Watched a really charming film last night. "Sotto il sole di Riccione" (Under the Sun of Riccione) Italian, has English subs, and my perfect film in a number of ways: it has a stunning romantic 90s-esque electro soundtrack from my favourite group, TheGiornalisti. Fantastic performances. Really well-drawn characters. The wit is sharp and laugh-out-loud funny. It's just that I wouldn't normally choose to watch a romance comedy about a group of young twenty-somethings finding love in Italy's equivalent of Southend. But it's so nicely done, so funny and so perfectly complete. Harmless and really enjoyable fun. 8 out of 10. https://www.netflix.com/watch/81176235
  5. I suggest a cheap one that can be replaced easily and economically
  6. Bizarrely, Heineken. It's 31 degrees here and very quiet. Noel Coward was right.
  7. The usual. Pictured next to a tomato.
  8. The Terror - Netflix Starts with promise. First four or five episodes are competent if not exceptional. Beyond that it's an absolute, unremitting pile of shite. Are all AMC series like this?
  9. Maybe.. it doesn't seem that way, though. It comes across more as an eagerness by the owner - since all places are independent - to make you happy so you go back. Then again - drinking in cafes is relatively expensive.
  10. Crisps are quite popular here. unlike in Britain where you pay for every effing thing you get a bowl of crisps, olives and/or popcorn free with every round, everywhere. The ones above are gluten free handed out by our local bar/cafe 50m from the entrance to the apartment block.