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  1. Lovely jubbly pukka. Not

    There were aspects of Oliver's work that I admired but as always the truth behind the mask is far from the impression given. It seems to look as though he was little other than a good self publicist. The problem is that such a large proportion of the populace swallow it all. I recall "chicken cooked under a brick" on his menu for ridiculous money. So many failed shining stars - Jamie Oliver, Anthony Worral Thompson, Andrew Davis, John Burton Race etc etc. All built on sand.
  2. Lovely jubbly pukka. Not

    Is it just another situation where the small business man, ie their business's suppliers who get caught. Seems his staff too are owed money. Meantime the business can borrow as if there are no consequences, pay large amounts of money to directors and then go bust leaving behind the consequences of the wreckless way they have run a business. Meantime in the real world many of us run businesses without debt and would be turned down for it if we sought it.
  3. Lovely jubbly pukka. Not

    Yes - the accounts are on the documents from companies house : see last page
  4. Lovely jubbly pukka. Not

    The accounts for the group under Bath seem to suggest directors have borrowed £540,000 from the company.
  5. Lovely jubbly pukka. Not

    The old Poon's restaurant on Lisle Street used to be excellent. The food was good, the wine excellent and the deep fried milk was incredible. All great value (for London). Never the same after it moved round the corner to Leicester Street.
  6. An eventful day with my 94 year old mother who seemed on her last legs so this morning rang 111 for advice regarding what to do in terms of keeping her comfortable. Needless to say we were put in the machine and spat out. This started with the usual questions from 111 which I guess they had to go through but it produced the result their end where she was certain Mum was having a stroke and sent an ambulance. Of course the ambulance persons knew it was not a stroke but said she needed to be admitted to hospital for tests that they otherwise couldn't do. This was really nothing more than emotional blackmail and the number of times by this time that I had asked whether it was really necessary was already beyond count. Anyway next to hospital where a very sensible doctor agreed her systems were gradually shutting down and we discussed the options. I said I wanted her home and he said he would try to arrange it. Returned to say he could not arrange the package required as it was the weekend and consequently duty district nurses were being difficult requiring for a example a hospital bed at home before they would allow her home and so many other stipulations so the doctor was going to arrange admission. I asked what if we just take her home? I said I would ring my wife and we would take her home in the car. He returned after a while and said he had arranged transport emphasizing that although we had made that decision which he agreed was in Mum's best interest and he could not arrange any support package we should not hesitate to call for help if she became distressed. So eventually transport arrives and we are back home. The stress of journeys to and from hospital and not having the care we would have been able to provide if we had her at home have taken their toll but nevertheless Mum has rallied somewhat and is certainly happier and safer now at home. So I am relieved that a doctor had the common sense to enable this to happen despite the system and others involved clearly saying no.
  7. Biggest rocket ...

    Have to say that was pretty cool especially the recovery of the boosters.
  8. Holidaying in Kabul

    It's a holiday in Afghanistan Take the kids and take the wife
  9. The Greatest Briton Who Ever Lived

    Strangely that list appears to make him the greatest living Briton.
  10. Pregnant PM in NZ

    Good grief - now two threads extolling the supposed virtues of Thatcher. In my experience the most evil politician. And I have little respect for any politicians so we are starting with the bar pretty low.
  11. Is Stephen Hawking dead? Mail conspiracy theory

    "I just want some orange juice."
  12. It's not ordinary steak, it's M&S steak

    I recently made a vegan moussaka and used cauliflower as mock bechamel. My research showed that vegan/vegetarian cookery shown on websites often has mock products or parts pretending to be meat based. I can understand this but it can lead to confusion. My manageress reported going to another cafe a little way away from us and hearing a debate by someone who had ordered a vegetarian breakfast then wondering whether the bacon was real or not. Turned out it was a full traditional and the "chef" had not read the order properly and had missed the word vegetarian. I do sometimes have vegetarian meals or even vegan but I cannot ever imagine the time when I or even my children would be confused regarding the authenticity of bacon or similar.
  13. The current NHS crisis

    This all sounds very reminiscent of the experience with my own father. Two years of postponements and excuses until repeated pneumonia left him unable to have the hip replacement operation he was promised having been told initially he was fitter than most patients. He didn't last much longer then when no hope of rehabilitation remained. My advice would be go private and go soon.
  14. usefull xmas presents

    Not a present but I did start using our hotel ricer for mashed potato for the first time over the holiday. It is ace.