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  1. man o' the year

    Royal Wedding or Cup Final.

    I am no royalist but am somewhat dismayed by the polarization of comments from the Mail and to a lesser extent here on Dosbods. For my own part I think that the new generation of the Royal family ie William and Harry could be a source of hope, unlike the previous 2 generations who have in my opinion behaved shamefully. They both seemed to have married for love unlike their own father and in their apparent efforts to use their positions to do a little good I can forgive the cost, the duplicity and the faux multiculturalism.
  2. man o' the year

    Interesting Visit to Barclays this morning

    I have been in a similar situation and lost a dream house which was on at a bargain price for lack of being able to secure a mortgage. We are now reconciled to either paying cash for a house when we see what we want or, which is more likely, sitting on a pile of investments like yourself and living in a different way. While we live on our hotel premises at the moment and for the next 3 years at least this is not a problem. After that we may feel differently and want to buy. It will however have to be a hell of a house to part me from the pile of cash and the security that brings. Incidentally my credit score last time I looked was the absolute maximum possible. Yet still banks ALL said no.
  3. When younger I always thought I would crack up when my parents passed. I thought I was past that after being married and in a new life for 25 years. It seems there is some chance that may not be true.
  4. man o' the year

    For a chuckle. Pikey test.....

    The test is a pretence - doesn't mention lucky heather not tarmac for your drive once.
  5. man o' the year

    Interest only mortgages and the feckless elderly

    I know of at least 2 couples nearby on IO who have not paid nor made provision to pay their mortgage capital. One will be able to but the others have MEWed and will not be able to. This could easily be a new trend.
  6. man o' the year

    For a chuckle. Pikey test.....

  7. I could highjack your thread for my own depression. Really have been a bit low. The recent weekend where we picked up nothing more than a crap review on Twat advisor from a cunt from Winchester has not helped but truth be told I have been very close to the edge a few times over the past month or so. It maybe hangover from losing parents but there is no way out of that. A contented life in the North would be better but cannot move for 3 years.
  8. man o' the year

    Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2018

    Just found out that one of my heros Ivan Mauger the most amazing speedway rider ever passed away on 16th April. I saw him ride at Exeter with Scott autry and Belle Vue with Peter Collins. I rarely saw him fail to win. He deserves a mention here.
  9. man o' the year


    Blackpill in Swansea has the most deceptive speed camera I know of. Cost me 3pts and £100.
  10. man o' the year

    Fuckin' Weather

    We enjoyed the sunshine in a walk into Bath. We went to book our flights for our summer holiday. It was always unlikely we would do it in the travel agents rather than independently. This was confirmed by the fact that part way through our 45 minute stay in the travel agents the girl searching for flights forgot our desired destination. She was smiley and talked a lot about the weather though bless her!
  11. man o' the year

    reducing the girth

    I too overpay and have just had a letter from the building society. They say I can reduce my mortgage term, for which they now say they will charge me £40, or can recalculate the amount I pay for the remainder of the term of the mortgage (about eight and half years). This is the first time that I have had such a letter despite always overpaying and the first time a £40 fee has been mentioned which I assume is on top of the exit fee charge which I am sure I will also eventually have to pay. Previously the mortgage has been recalculated automatically just as it has when there has been any change in interest rates. My thoughts are that I will continue to overpay the newly recalculated amount but will be careful on the last years recalculation so that I may then pay a nominal amount for remainder of the term which in effect will mean that any charge to hold deeds safely,if this still exists nowadays, is avoided as the building society themselves still have a (small) vested interest.
  12. man o' the year

    Unjustified faith in new technology

    I have the feeling that the whole computer software industry is a victim of its own corruption. If apps,operating systems and all other software was only designed to do what it was needed to do rather than the other crap that is going on in the background , storing and shifting data about us surreptitiously then internet traffic would be a fraction of what it is and everything would run very much faster with fewer crashes.
  13. Keep trim and get stuffed!
  14. man o' the year

    Rip Off Shite Britain

    We had customers recently who asked for a quote for a new kitchen and minor alterations. They rejected the quote and the builder then sent them a bill for £4,000 for doing the quote. Seems laughable but it seems it is almost at court case stage!
  15. man o' the year


    I am surprised she has times to have other friends with all that going on.