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  1. I have never heard it put this way and I must say I think what you say is both true and powerful. Thank you.
  2. We are 4 - 15 yr old, 18 yr old me and wife. Lakes one day but not this time.
  3. But not as hot nor humid as Japan last summer.
  4. What time of year were you driving? If in high summer was the parking impossible? That is my major concern. We will not be driving in Naples as such only picking car up and driving out to Salerno. Looking to do this as Amalfi accommodation is stupid prices whereas Salerno is much more reasonable and has good road to Pompeii and Herculaneum.
  5. Yes - agreed. Such is the nature of our holidays at the moment. It is partly about trying to give the kids a flavour of as many different places and experiences as possible. We have been to Italy before but they haven't. Although I have never been to Venice so far.
  6. After pressure from my eledest I have booked our flights for our holiday this year - early August 2 weeks. We will fly to Milan (£280 for 4 of us return is pretty good I think). Travel Insurance bought. Itinary at the moment : Vernazza, Pisa (just for an afternoon) Florence, Rome, Naples. All by train. Then hydrofoil for an overnight on Stromboli. Back to Naples to hire a car but stay in Salerno. Hire a car for Herculaneum, Pompeii, and the Amalfi peninsular. Train back from Naples to Venice. Then back to Milan. Any comments and advice gratefully received.
  7. I have your same concern. My need to snooze/nap has rapidly increased recently. I do find that staring at a laptop is very soporific. The effect on me recently is quite extreme. I tend to rise early (often 5am) and sometimes return to be for half an hour before 7am breakfast service but otherwise stay up. I have tried cutting carbs recently to lose wait and have some other recent medical problems. Almost all are related to lack of exercise. Sitting nursing the hotel and waiting for the phone to ring is not conducive to taking good quality exercise. The hotel business also means inevitable late nights and occasional broken nights. One of the latter recently was especially draining. Thankfully I still seem to be able to reverse this when away from the hotel. It is one of the reasons we are looking forward to "retirement" although we do intend to buy another hotel but to be more supervisory than hands on. In this mode, especially when travelling I spend virtually no time watching TV or on the computer. I feel much healthier for it.
  8. If it weren't for SATs I would suggest that little real teaching would occur in Primary schools. We had a report for my daughter giving a ridiculously low reading age. When we queried it was discovered the teacher had asked for volunteers to read and had done assessments that way only. My daughter had not "volunteered".
  9. In my experience those were the ones becoming OFSTED inspectors.
  11. Actually speaking from an experience of 23 years teaching 4 out of 10 would mean that it is a low rate wanting to leave teaching. In my time of teaching a very large proportion of teachers spoke of intending to leave. I was in fact one of the very few who did and now looking back almost all are still teaching and many in the same roles they were 13 years ago when I left. The inertia of a regular paycheck is great. I would imagine now it is much harder to move to anything close to a teaching salary nowadays.
  12. The flying butresses around the sides and back were quite spectacular and will have gone when the load they bore (the roof) went. A tragedy simply interms of architecture. In terms of the attack on our society I fear I cannot fully express my feelings tonight. Not even here on this understanding backwater. I feel this is likely to be just the beginning. It saddens me the way that I feel tonight in comparison to the way I felt about the NZ massacre. I really should have felt more despair about the killing of 50 fellow humans but I do not. There is no denying that I feel a tangible us and them split in my emotions. There are a million questions and consequences to this quandry.
  13. I think we all know the answer to that one it is just that nobody is allowed to say it on mainstream media. It is a metaphor for what the libtards have done to France/ Europe and keep extrpolating. Churches burn, priests stabbed. I weep for the society I so desperately want back.
  14. Are you sure you hadn't driven to Lourdes to refuel?