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  1. I see among the questioners we have a token ****. Where is the Sikh, or Jew or Hindu ? Maybe there is a Christian there already?
  2. Hunt made a speech without using the word "entrepreneur". Disappointed as that is one of our drinking owrds tonight!
  3. Even more perplexing is that apparently it was "Christianity Class".
  4. The death of 9-year-old Rhuan Maycon was a case that shocked Brazil. The report released by the Federal District Civil Police revealed that he was alive when he was beheaded by his own mother, Rosana Auri da Silva Cândido, 27, with the help of comrade Kacyla Pryscila Santiago Damasceno Pessoa, of 28. The initial coup was given in the chest followed by 11 stab wounds in the back. Investigations found that a year before the murder, women had amputated Rhuan's penis. To the police, Rosana claimed that he wanted to be a girl and so did the procedure. The woman further claimed that she did not feel any love for the child and that she disrupted her relationship with Kacyla. In his profile on Twitter, Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro published a video questioning the silence on the part of the media. Eduardo connected the case with the so-called gender ideology and quoted advocates as Erika Kokay and Jean Wyllys. This same silence was also questioned by the singer Buchecha in social networks. "A lesbian mother and her partner cut a boy because they wanted him to be a girl. They cut the child's penis and murdered it. I have not seen any LGBT activists or artists express themselves with the usual vehemence, political parties of their own causes - wrote Buchecha The relationship of the case with the ideology of gender was also raised by the actor Carlos Vereza. On Facebook, he warned of the deconstruction of sexuality on international ideological grounds. - In addition to being castrated in his masculinity, the two ideologues, without anesthesia, tried to create the female sex instead of castration. The construction of sexuality is replaced by chaotic pansexualism, an all-erotic vow, decontextualizing the structures of Judeo-Christian civilization. Federal Rep. Flordelis laments that something like this could have been avoided since the boy's custody had been given to his father. Member of the Commission on Human Rights and Minorities, the parliamentarian points out that once again the right of the child has been neglected and criticizes the ideology of gender. - "I am concerned about the introduction of this ideology into the pedagogical practice of schools. This will have disastrous consequences for the lives of children and families. What is most serious is that we want to introduce this proposal silently in the Municipal Education Plans, without the major stakeholders, parents and educators, being called to discuss it. Those who adopt the term gender are not wanting to fight against discrimination, but to deconstruct the family"
  5. No chance of smooth bone until the osteoclasts get to work undoing the overwork of the osteoblasts.
  6. Having broken my Femur in the past the idea of himcoming back after 6 months as a docotr has just suggest in an interview is unlikely, The remodelling of the of the bone around the break forms and much thickened area on the bone which last for a several years afterwards. This in itself would impede efficiencient muscle movement in the area of the break..
  7. It looks like Poppy Willow may be doing GCSE retake Maths in sixth form. Still a complaint like this may gain enough sad- sap marks to push her above the pass mark this time! = Result.
  8. If you find this entertaining feel free to visit my hotel 2 or 3 times a month as rodding the drains is one of my usual activities. You would nt believe what people consider to be flushable ! just because they have no "ownership" as at a hotel.
  9. Even allowing for Japan larger population (127 million compared to 67 million for UK ) the car sales figures look impressive compared to ours:
  10. I have not been to China but was in Japan last year. If China is going the same way as Japan with cars the type of cars produced by the UK (and the USA and Europe really) are completely unsuited to that market. The Japanese are buying tiny fuel efficient cars. Surprisingly at the moment they are not electric nor hybrid. We clearly stadn little chance of selling our cars there while they are looking for these by the million:
  11. Only £25 for the missus this month but a total of £150 for me. Both with max holding. Total winnings now £725 in 5 months.
  12. We are always told she is with friends rather than alone. I have no reason to believe it to be a white lie to keep Mum and Dad calm. There have been occasions when they have called in at the library in the early hours on the way back to Taly from a night out. One of her friends was in the student union when this happened we have now been told. She is generally pretty sensible.
  13. Sandown ? - I can still feel the Weaver fish sting!
  14. The university library near there is 24 hours. It is a worry for me as my daughter among many others is often there and sometimes into early hours.