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  1. Yes I suppose I do like maps. It is geocaching on line. I dont like paying so just do the free games - one of which is the daily challenge. This involves you being dropped somewhere on google maps and you ahve 3 minutes to plot on a map where you think it is. Five different places in the daily challenge. You also get one other free game each day. If you pay (ugh!) then there are more and different games. Wife and I have been doing the daily challenge each day. We do the 247 Sudoku challenge too. What a life we lead! Just 15 minutes or so diversion.
  2. 23,513 on daily challenge today. Any one else playing?
  3. When it started I went to bank to make money available to see things through. It has not been needed. With money spent on hotel we even get cheques back from the VAT man now!
  4. It is all about headlines and impression given. If the press showed pictures of hospital corridors lined with dead and dying people voter would punish so crazy money and lockdown channelled to avoid. It is the same with £££. If we can change record unemployment to supporting jobs then we look good to the voters. Money would be the same but it would be called "unemployment benefit" instead of "supporting people and businesses.
  5. Hotel. We are probably in a similar situation - but don't do any normal work. Would prefer things back to normal but the redecoration and improvment of the hotel (still on going) has been beneficial.
  6. My own hospitality business has already received £36,000 in grant since Covid began.
  7. This. But of course you should consider reduction of VAT to 5%, business rates holiday, furlough pay and several substantive grants which has meant that their company has paid negative tax this year too.
  8. What happens if you are in the UK and want hear what Stefan Molyneux's views on the killing of George Floyd are ? Bitchute censorship
  9. £25 for me and nothing for the wife both from maximum holdings. Looks like we will have to find somewhere else for the money but with pension and pension lump sums our ISAs are already maxed out. Anyone else feel we are being set up for a crash to relieve us of our savings?
  10. My family has aspired to great and impressive levels of mediocrity - no fame. Having said that and with most strands going back to 1700s and some to 1600s and a few to 1500s they are all British. In fact the areas involved are impressively small. I sometimes think I must be the most pure bred Englishman in the country. But I may have f*cked that up as in the 1500s my wifes family came from France. I should say in praise of my ancestors that they have unfailingly been well represented in fighting for their country. On the flip side coming back down a strand from a 5x great grandfather the
  11. Not quite such a free market as you may think. We have 100Mbps bonus paid for by the governement. This boosts us to 300MBps on one input and the other is still 200Mbps. We are only paying for one 200 Mbps. After years of BT this package with Truespeed is a breath of fresh air. They are great to deal with and the service is incredible. As such we have invested internally to ensure the signal is everywhere, including internal phones. We successfully run 8 channel CCTV over it and there is still plenty for my daughters to watch youtube at the same time as I am streaming football. My cas
  12. Interactive Investor = £9-99 per month irrespective of your holding.
  13. I have watched the video and he was definitely a complete and utter arsehole by doing nothing. He should be ashamed of himself but does not seem to have the intellect to show any compassion.
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