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  1. They clearly need a shorter wavelength - China used secret microwave pulse weapon Indian soldiers
  2. Shrtest I saw for Trump was 1/7 on Paddy Power. Now 3/10
  3. Begins to look like that may be the only gain.
  4. £50 each this month for wife and I both from maximum holdings.
  5. Just the same denial as here. Woman on Young Turks has just said that Bidens mistake was to run as "Republican Lie". ie not left enough. The delusion is so familiar.
  6. Young Turks highlighting turn round in Pennsylvania and Ohio
  7. Same thing happening in many states. Initial Biden leads rapidly eroded as more of count comes in. Well motivated Bideon supporters had voted early. Trumps support out in ofrce today.
  8. It seemed strange that Washington DC was boarding up with the track record of Trump supporters compared to the left and Bidens victory secured. It now looks as though they were wise to board up. How long before the major tantrums start?
  9. As I said before Ohio drifting Red wards and just turned.
  10. Worringly if Biden turns only 3 states = Wisconsin, Philadephia and Michigan then he will win. He looks favoured in Philadelphia but not Michigan. Ohio too would be enough.
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