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  1. man o' the year

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Sir - I salute your insight and precision. A most appropriate and powerful image in this context.
  2. man o' the year


    Yes I heard too that the only way to make money from Alpacas was to sell Alpacas to another fool.
  3. "Dr Wednesday will see you now Sir."
  4. man o' the year


    Did you swap the family cow for it?
  5. man o' the year

    DOSBODS Milestone
  6. man o' the year

    DOSBODS Milestone

    Interesting - as I have considered a sideline as we get through so many cans of melting them down. £20 worth from the scrap yard, of aluminium cans, take up a lot of space even when crushed.
  7. man o' the year

    DOSBODS Milestone

    Not come across that before - Is it a clever way to install some spyware on my computer? Seems very "remote access". Maybe you work for those ethnics who for some reason represented themselves as being from Bristish Gas and tried to con my mpan number from me yesterday. She was surprised when I told her that her guess was abolutely correct. Then her supervisor came on to verify and to show he was who he said told me how much I spent on electricity last month. "Two thousand pounds" he said. "Exactly Two thousand ?" I said. "And six pence," he said. He was not correct.
  8. man o' the year

    So, David McGreavy
  9. man o' the year

    So, David McGreavy

    I was thinking reading though that he was maybe so infirm that he would be physically incapable of repeating such a crime. However from the picture taken in 2009 I would say that he still is fit and so still poses a real danger. If his brain was that big a bunch of loose screws before in 1973 I would say there will always be the potential for mental regression.
  10. man o' the year

    will they ban

    The care conundrum is a strange one as every one thinks it won't happen to them and when those unfortunate enough to need it realise it is too late. I think equity release is more often being used to escape otherwise inescapable debt.. It is usually a very bad financial deal and may only be banned if, as is likely, it is exploited to undeniably usary proportions and they are unable to successfully legislate for control.
  11. man o' the year

    Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2018

    Just realised I was a winner back in January -
  12. man o' the year

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    It did get pretty exciting if you were towards the front with bits of burning cotton wool falling on you having been soaked in liquid oxygen and ignited ( 1h 34m).
  13. man o' the year

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    When young I saw this lecture frquently and then again when I taught. I used to love the Nitric Oxide and Carbon Disulphide (at 46min 45 s) . It was like a blue comet shooting along the tube especially in the larger tube. He was an amazing man and real inspiration.
  14. man o' the year

    Bye, UKIP

    Can I ask why people are not fans of TR? It seems to me in the past that he may have attracted the wrong types (football yobs) but that does not seem to be the case now although some of them linger. I don't see that he can be blamed for that and he is virtually alone on taking on the Islamification of the UK.
  15. man o' the year

    Bye bye Treason May?

    This is the clever way of upping the odds. We were always told it was irreversible so, for example, we would have to give up the British Pound in order to be re-admitted. Clever on the part of the EU. How far sighted they have been. Whereas British dimplomacy skills seem non-existent. She makes Neville Chamberlain look like a genius.