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  1. man o' the year

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    Is it that fruit juice fucks with your brain so much you become a SJW idiot?
  2. man o' the year

    VAT for private schools -- Hammond again

    Answered my own question:
  3. man o' the year

    VAT for private schools -- Hammond again

    Am I correct in thinking that there was recently some fundamental change to National Insurance payments for state schools which basically meant they were paying from budgets for the first time?
  4. man o' the year

    Quiz: how many people can you get into a two up, two down?

    Of course this is a direct consequence of Ramanujan showing that 1+2+3+4+.... = -1/12
  5. man o' the year

    Quiz: how many people can you get into a two up, two down?

    Or a van - (Not sure where I saw this yesterday - probably on dosbods - apologies if so.)
  6. man o' the year


    I do recommend "The man who knew infinity" . Ramanujan was remarkable.
  7. man o' the year

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    Metaphorically I have bosses like this!
  8. I was fortunately close enough to my parents to prevent these scams even before I started caring for them. I recall them proposing such a scheme and that and an unneeded hearing aid for £2k were quickly warned off. It is worse than that. Council funded care costs are subsidized by those who pay privately - only paying about two thirds of the costs individuals pay usually.
  9. My first reaction was that will never happen because the left are too powerful. However my second reaction was that it is actually the super giants in Pen's parade who actually prevent the equitable and real merit related distribution of wealth and income.
  10. A scam born out of a perceived unfairness. Spend a lifetime building up savings and buy your own home and then be shafted by the government for care costs in comparison to the feckless and squanderers. It is no wonder that there is desperation to protect assets when both parents and their off spring see they have no chance to keep inheritances and see what others get away with. This is just another symptom of those on benefits being better off than those who work and pay their way.
  11. man o' the year

    Cheap shite with no reasonably-priced alternative

  12. man o' the year

    Just eat. Just Feck off

    The new one we are seeing from our competitors is not including breakfast on agency websites. I cannot understand , for the price of a breakfast, why they would give themselves the hassle. To be fair though many customers seem so dense they book anyway and only subsequently realise there is no breakfast included. Read the reviews and there is complaint after complaint over the same issue.
  13. man o' the year

    Just eat. Just Feck off

    They are all the same coupon companies etc. I really don't understand why they have businesses sign up. Especially since by reading some of these places reviews the customers using "incentives"are some of the most vociferous complainers and critical reviewers.
  14. man o' the year

    F35 grounded

    They are probably quite influential. They checked out a day early today as with the incoming weather they were afraid they may miss a dinner date with their own MP who is rather good friends with a rather splendid chap who represents our own constituency. They also live next door to the latter's mother. Yet as I say previously they were strong remainers.