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  1. Eccleston is only returning in revamped audio version. Whittaker stays I think.
  2. As we were - NS&I somewhat tardy in updating our accounts - so saw email this morning and logged on to find 5 x £25 =£125 for me and 2 x £25 = £50 for the wife. Faith restored although wondering why it took so long for prizes to show and why I now am regularly queued to log onto NS&I.
  3. Not a sniff this month for either of us - both with 50k holdings. Will cash in if this happens again!
  4. I once saw a Transit van hit a Red Deer in Notts. The deer shrugged himself down and bounded into the forest. The van was write off. I have also picked up and butchered a Roe deer hit by the car in front of me here in Somerset. To be honest I wouldn't do it again as it was too messy and smelly but there was a lost of meat, but quite tough. Farmed deer are usually more tender in my experience.
  5. Crystal Palace - so they are reclaiming tiles after its destruction in 1936?
  6. Interesting. We had the same experience with rain in the square in front of the cathedral in Milan last year. First thing we knew was the pigeons suddenly flew off en-masse. Then the african guys selling sunglasses, fake watches etc ran past us and then we had to quickly follow them into the underground for shelter.
  7. Staying up tonight to see it - have already seen it now with binoculars but will stay up to hope it rises enough to be more visible coming up out of the horizon glare from Bristol to our North.
  8. Yep - always disappointments - so far but one day - and better to not miss that one day when it happens.
  9. First thing that occurs is that you should be playing online - no lost tickets and they let you know if you win- 2 very BIG advantages.
  10. Same here - one more number would have given us £96 - shame!
  11. It has been a long long time coming for us Leeds fans.
  12. Good month for me with 6 x £25 = £150 wins. Wife had 2 x £25 = £50 wins. Both from max £50k holdings.