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  1. man o' the year

    Anti-materialist heroes

    Before tax?
  2. There may also be some who went into the army/forces and became driver's in the army. This means that they had to do no civilian driving test on coming out of the forces after the war. My father was in this category, driving without having ever done a driving test. He was sensible enough to realise when it was time for him to stop. This was mainly because although he had never had an accident which was his fault he had a few over 50 years which were the fault of others. He realised if this happened he would no longer be able to cope with such a situation.
  3. man o' the year

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    I am(was) a great radio 4 listener. I listen much less now than I used to and more often to plays than anything else now. I also made a New Year resolution to stop listening to James O'Brien on LBC. I used to listen every day and saw it more of "keeping an eye on the enemy" than anything else. I have not listened this year and will continue to avoid.
  4. man o' the year

    Premium bonds

    First draw for us(wife and I). Each £25 from maximum holding. How long does payout take typically?
  5. man o' the year

    Wannabee Workers Wankered

    Derek Sandy ?
  6. man o' the year

    Fuckin' Weather

  7. man o' the year

    The ultimate video

    1' 26"
  8. man o' the year

    Fuckin' Weather

    South of Bath - about 5 inches - almost all schools already closed - daughter delighted. Still snowing.
  9. man o' the year

    New tech and other new things nobody actually wants (bar numpties)

    The modern drive for recycling and monetisation of waste which brings 5 lorries per week along our tiny country lane each collecting a different form of waste, decorates all the local contryside with litter on windy days and brings monitoring of our recycling centre which means dumping in fields and hedgerows is rife..
  10. man o' the year

    Something dodgy going on in Scotland

    Is this the same case? There are some very suspicious patterns in there.
  11. man o' the year

    Beard Transplant .... why?

  12. man o' the year

    illegal waste carrier fined

    I have been driving along that road between Ollerton and Bilsthorpe recycling for a few months emptying my parents' property. To be honest they are much more relaxed at the Nottinghamshire recycling depots. Here in Somerset they are awkward and unhelpful. We have number plate recognition on cars at the depots here too. Consequently dumping in hedgerows and farm fields here is rife and much more of a problem than I see in Nottinghamshire. In the rural area near our hotel in Somerset it is almost a daily occurence and must cost hundreds of thousands to clear up. In my opinion the guy has been shafted by some petty jobsworths. They undoubtedly exist in Notts as weel as Somerset.
  13. man o' the year

    Weirdest/worst job interviews.

    I had an interview with Kodak. The woman spent the whole time desribing their superior films over Polaroid type self developing techologies. She delighted in making me feel insignificant. I feel reassured that the short sightedness of Kodak may have eventually made amends for her nastiness.
  14. man o' the year

    (Less) Power to the people

    The clue is in the song. My careers interview was like a scene from Kes. He opened with " So which pit s'tha gooin' down ?". My parents had other ideas fortunately.
  15. man o' the year

    (Less) Power to the people

    My community was torn apart and 3 deaths within a mile of home. Lots of hangiver from that. Thank fully my family out of coal by then but both grandfathers were miners.