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  1. The Beau Brummel thread - gentlemen's couture

    Love that Congo Dandies clip - quite uplifting. I really like a bloke (or woman) to look a bit stylish. Agree entirely with EE in that as you get older you kind of find your style - of course you have to have a bit of a eye for it in the first place. Joe is also spot on with the TK Maxx tip and I would encourage looking in charity shops. My bloke found a 'like new' Grenfell jacket (as worn by Prince Philip) in one a couple of months ago for £10. Go to ones in upmarket areas for the best stuff though. EE - don't tease - you don't want to date.
  2. Could you be a male lesbian?

    You wanna get down here http://www.legs800club.co.uk/
  3. Could you be a male lesbian?

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5458999/Womens-Equality-Party-sacks-key-official-transgender-concerns.html It is complete lunacy.
  4. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Just going on dates.
  5. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Had money thrust at me for spankings, chastity, ball torture etc. so I am aware. But actually having sex with blokes - no thanks.
  6. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Ah! So financial acumen is the key. Good to know.
  7. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    A lot of blokes seem quite proud of the fact that they go off to Thailand and have sex, relationships with 'bar' girls yet I don't think I have ever heard of a bloke showing off about having sexual relations with British prostitutes. I'm not judging just curious.
  8. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Thirty odd years ago my best mates brother met a Thai girl. He was a deep sea diver, made good money and would spend his time off in Thailand - we all knew what he was up to. He was not a looker and was socially awkward so I guess we all thought good on you mate. Eventually he told the family he had met a girl he was keen on and married her pretty quickly. Just before they married he blushingly admitted to us that she called him 'BB' which apparently stood for 'big boy'. My mate knew there was no talking him out of it at that point. Because me and my mate were often round his flat as she kept an eye on it - west London, big one bed place - we went there about a month after they married in order to check the Thai wife was ok as he was in the north Sea and we thought she might be a bit lonely. My mate opened the door and we could not believe it. The whole flat was stuffed ceiling high with luggage. There was just enough room to squeeze vertically into each room. The wife was not there but my mate told her brother about it. He came back a couple of weeks later to the same scenario. Turns out she was advertising the flat as a left luggage space for other Thai people. He put a stop to it. Don't know how lucrative it was but she must have made a fair whack judging by the amount of suitcases, bags and rucksacks that were there. About three months later it transpired that the Thai brides father had murdered someone back home so mates brother had to fork out a small fortune to pay off police, judges etc. so he got off the charge. Mates brother found himself paying for the whole family back in Thailand anyway as they always seemed to be building new houses for more and more family members. By the time he had a couple of children with her he was desperate to move out of London as he then found out that she had started money lending and the police had got involved as she had hired two Jamaican guys to break someones kneecaps as they had not made the required interest payments I had gone to a couple of parties they had (the food was always wonderful) where apart from me and my mate all the women were Thai with their British husbands - mainly involved in the diving industry. One time I was queuing for the loo and about six of the women were talking in Thai and laughing quite hysterically. I asked what they were talking about. Turns out they all had unflattering names (pig body, teeny willy etc. etc) for their respective husbands and were laughing at how awful they (the husbands) were.
  9. It seems to be a matter of quantity over quality. Fuck that you tossers
  10. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    From her point of view the fact you told her you had booked an hotel for the night, bought along Viagra and had not had sex for three years meant you were looking for a shag only. I don't think the compliments were a bad thing to do necessarily. But the other things were, quite honestly, criminal As an aside are you sure you needed the Viagra if you haven't had sex for three years? Never, never diss the ex on the first few dates. Truth (or your truth) can come out when you are already involved with each other. Anyway, you are not in the market to be a 'dad' to a strangers kid so all in all better that it ended very quickly. Not embarrassing at all really. I've had far worse dates. I agree that you should visit the working girl as you need to get your 'PIV drought' out of the way. However, do not tell the next date that you did this
  11. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    This is great news. Trying to hide any hair loss is not a good look. Women do not like it.
  12. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    You are basically back where you started. You wanting "female company, do theatre, arts, etc, and be friends, but also shag each other senseless" is what most people would hope for in a normal relationship. She snogged/shagged you after that because she likes you. If she feels that permission has to be asked for you to go down the pub with your mates then fast forward a few weeks when she starts imaging you out with other women as per your friends with benefits arrangement. How your male brain has worked here is at odds with how her brain will slowly be processing this new arrangement.
  13. Television: The drug of the Nation

    In his first year of primary school my son came home and reported that he had to write an essay in class on a hero or heroine and was pissed off that he had scored badly. I brightly asked who he had written about. "Barry Scott" he replied. "Who the fuck is Barry Scott" I asked. "The bloke who makes all those bathrooms nice and clean" he answered.
  14. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    Ah! If I had been there I would have definitely chatted to him. I am fascinated by people who are out on their own.