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  1. sukuinage

    Operation Nookie 60

    Damn sight cheaper in the far east and much more chance of him actually relaxing. I don't see it as a cure, thought he might have fun though! He's da Man!
  2. sukuinage

    Operation Nookie 60

    Good advice from @Alex and @JoeDavola. I really think you should find someone to chat to or think for yourself just what you are really after and why you are acting like a lovestruck teenager. Going to the far east for a month and getting laid on a regular basis could also help, but I really feel that there would be a serious risk that you would get taken advantage of by a girl who is only after your money. Maybe a month at @Bkkandrew's resort could cure you?
  3. sukuinage

    Operation Nookie 60

    Was just about to post that. Reckoned the next thread would be: "How to get my life savings back from a Thai bar girl"
  4. sukuinage

    Another example of refusing to face reality

    I think it's a rate per inch (or cm in Europe)
  5. sukuinage

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    Reminds me of my old boss who'd talk about writing COM on drawings done on Friday afternoon after lunchtime in the pub. What's COM? Check on Monday!
  6. sukuinage

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    Done that before a few times for engineering problems. Interesting how the subconscious brain can still work on problems overnight. Couple of times I can remember dreaming the answer. Good solutions too; not waking up and thinking that it's ok, the pink unicorn will sort it out!
  7. sukuinage

    Dosbods secret Santa

    I guess about the same as an apple which it resembles . I've made quince jelly and it's very nice, got the quinces given to me by my landlady at the time. I'm in btw.
  8. sukuinage

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    You can also logically think in images; most engineering problems lend themselves to images and diagrams. I remember reading Richard Feynman's autobiography where he talks about using an image in his brain (he starts with an orange) and adds and subtracts things to it as he's following an explanation. Not saying my intelligence is on a par with his btw
  9. sukuinage

    Dosbods secret Santa

    Pretty sure there's a lot of weird & wonderful things available for under 25
  10. sukuinage

    Creeping Trivialisation Of Hate Crime Law

    We seem to have adopted the French approach with the "Crime Passionnel" whenever certain people have a "sexual emergency"
  11. sukuinage

    Dosbods secret Santa

    I assumed we are virtually buying a suitable gift to the value of 25 and sticking a picture on here or summat
  12. sukuinage

    Dosbods secret Santa

    Very secret Santa
  13. sukuinage

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Funny. I was just thinking that too.
  14. sukuinage

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Chatting to my cousin's wife in the summer. She never wants to discuss politics and wants to change the subject if I start so was gobsmacked when she agreed with me that the So-Called BBC coverage is mostly lies and buillshit.
  15. sukuinage

    Cake no more

    Don't think you need to worry about libel, the thread will wander off topic towards cake in general and then slag off fat women for eating it