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  1. Interesting debate and I actually think that @Rave has a point, in fact several. I think our government has been particularly cowardly and sneaky here in the way they have dealt with the situation. They are avoiding us finding out exactly how someone with Bangladeshi and "unknown nationality" parents suddenly has British citizenship. I see this as important as she is undoubtedly the tiny tip of a very large and murky iceberg of dubious British citizens. I think that sending her to Bangladesh is a method of avoiding all nasty questions on this point and agree that this is unfair on the Bangladeshis. The other nasty thing about the whole episode is the tacit, if not actual, support in the past for regime change in Syria from the UKs licking up to that complete cunt Obama's regime. The UK has helped bugger up the country whilst letting scum like E bah gum in there to terrorise their people. I see that the UKGov is partially responsible for the actions of people like her. I agree with the point that this should also not be the Kurd's problem. UKGov should deal with this themselves. I see two possible solutions: Bring her back to stand trial for all the alleged crimes and ensure that all those who radicalised her are also prosecuted Hand her over to the Assad regime to deal with her crimes Neither are simple, straightforward solutions. I'd choose number 2, if possible, particularly "pour encourager les autres". Whether that is a practical solution, I don't know I don't class myself as either an SJW or even someone who is particularly compassionate. My problem is that I see that there are so many things wrong in the UK that E bah gum is not the main problem. The problem is the avoidance of the big questions such as: Why the fuck was she allowed to be in the UK in the first place? How come we have thousands like her? Why do we let these people become radicalised and cause problems in the UK and abroad? Just WTF are UKGov planning to do with all the other fuckers like her? Until such things are sorted out she is only going to be one of many problems in the future. Oh and if anyone wants to fight me on my opinions I'm a big Geordie who does judo so come over and see me!
  2. You reckon @The XYY Man should be the "Oldest Member"?
  3. Similar to a lot of places. Where I lived in Basingstoke the house prices have gone up considerably since 2001, the flats not so; in some cases they have actually gone down in price
  4. I think the pitch is the height over the rise so 610/1570=38%
  5. Yes, excellent book, highly recommended.
  6. sukuinage

    Three Gorges Dam

    Funny, the exact same thought had occured to me too
  7. I don't understand it either. I've never experienced it in Europe, mostly spread around by unemployable wankers and freeloaders I guess. I'd love, just once, for some of these insisting that discrimination exists to be put on the spot and asked to prove it with hard evidence. Unfortunately most journalists and polititians come into the aforementioned category of wankers and freeloaders!
  8. And in all the other countries in that region where I've worked: Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar...
  9. This was a major bone of contention between the Pankhursts, who were happy to get votes for women on the same basis as men and the Labour party who saw that this would only increase the numbers of middle and upper class votere
  10. Think you're doing a bit of the 4 Yorkshiremen there. I remember cadet camp with Reveille being at 06:15, still bloody early though. I went to Swinderby and Kinloss back in the late '70s. Night exercises were great fun!
  11. Probably exactly what he is. Presumably has a pension and does this as a "nice little earner"
  12. 2. The elimination of those who can't count