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  1. sukuinage

    Dosbods Spirits club

    Quite partial to a drop of this also
  2. sukuinage

    Dosbods Spirits club

    Can't beat this one if you're in Germany €8.99 for a half litre. Mixed with Schweppes Dry Tonic
  3. sukuinage

    At last, Boris is good for something

    I guess you don't like my mate Boris
  4. sukuinage

    The Big Socks & Boots / Shoes Thread

    Bit late on the response here but I've got some Keen walking boots and walking sandals. Pretty good quality but mainly bought because they have clown-sized width fittings for my comedy feet . Reckon the ones I've got are H fitting as standard so not for those with skinny feet.
  5. sukuinage


    Or the 80s ... ... and divvent tell me ahm not friendly or ahl smack yer!
  6. sukuinage

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    I remember when sister said that our mum, who'd listened to R4 for decades but was now suffering from Alzheimers, said she didn't know what R4 was. I realise now it wasn't the Alzheimers.
  7. sukuinage

    Radio 4 audience falls.

  8. I only know Two Ball Lonnen and Silver Lonnen. Used to drive down Silver Lonnen regularly
  9. sukuinage

    The most corrupt countries in the world

    That's how it was with a large company from a nation equally (in)corrupt as the UK (according to the list)
  10. sukuinage

    The most corrupt countries in the world

    You mean he was paying "consultancy fees"?
  11. sukuinage

    Shop shop shoptastic flop

    Sounds great. My comment was slightly tongue in cheek
  12. sukuinage

    Shop shop shoptastic flop

    Is it coz people have to use sign language coz they're not allowed to talk?
  13. sukuinage

    Snow in europe

    It's enough for my skiing holiday next week!