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  1. sukuinage

    What date do you get paid?

    Last day of the month for me. Doesn't bother me as wor lass has normally started Christmas shopping in September so no big hit in December
  2. sukuinage

    The Wilsons

    Not going to happen... ...pretty sure nobody on here would piss on them if they were burning
  3. sukuinage

    The overpriced tat thread

    Oy! Living in Germany most of my wine costs less than £3.50 a bottle.
  4. sukuinage

    Walking boots thread. (please merge if there is already one)

    Have a pair of Karrimor walking shoes, hard wearing and comfortable but the worst grip pattern ever. Pattern goes straight from side to side to if you're trying to walk in snow you slide sideways nicely. Use my proper boots for the winter.
  5. sukuinage

    Christmas traditions

    Not too weird. Always have a curry on Christmas eve
  6. sukuinage

    This is so, so, sad. Heartbreakingly sad

    Strange that. I've also visited dodgy countries including the odd "stan". Had a knife pulled on me once - in Manc.
  7. sukuinage


    Just standing in for XYY man
  8. sukuinage


    Did you ever get up at the crack of Dawn?
  9. sukuinage

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    I made one once but I think I got away with it
  10. sukuinage

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    That's been his plan for a while. Not sure if it's got much to do with fiscal reform though, more trying to load the Germans up with the French pension debts. Everytime some idiot here in Krautland talks about the wonders of the EU I ask him if he'll be happy paying for the French to retire at 55 whilst he's working til 67.
  11. sukuinage

    The Germany is fucked thread

    CDU actually
  12. sukuinage

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Soldat "X"?
  13. No, just mentioned Trump as if he somehow had something to do with it failing
  14. sukuinage

    Disappearance of academic articles

    As it's only a throwaway reference in the Guardian it could be that there is no truth in it whatsoever
  15. sukuinage

    Disappearance of academic articles

    Should we cross this thread to one about a chap called Mohammed?