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  1. It's ok, now that the EU has banned memes this sort of thing won't appear again
  2. Don't think Macron would like that, his activities may lead to him being thrown off it
  3. Never understood why. Had one years ago for a pharmaceutical job: Channel Islands, tax free, great salary which increased every time I said I wasn't interested. Even topped my Saudi salary at the time making it obvious it was a fake. Couldn't see where the scam was though. Eventually told the bloke to piss off and stop annoying me.
  4. I know quite a few contractors in oil & gas who've worked in Holland. I've a had a few job "offers" in the past from people which were obviously fake though
  5. I don't think we need an argument section. I'd be quite happy to argue with you if I thought you were talking bollocks (real bollocks that is, not just that fuelled by Stella). I think most of the forum members are pretty decent, civilised people but there are a few who remind me of one of Billy Connolly's classic put downs: "Don't let the hair fool you. Ah'm no a hippy; I like violence!"
  6. I think they let you sit on a stool these days
  7. Or even the most expensive
  8. sukuinage

    Viager UK

    That would be the one!
  9. sukuinage

    Viager UK

    I remember a similar thing in France a few years ago. The deal was that if the new owner died first the house would revert to the previous owner. The woman was in her eighties... ... lived to be 113! New owner died about 5 years before her