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  1. Agree completely although I think the refereeing has been pretty good so far this WC (with the exceptions you've noted). There were some dodgy decisions against Ireland as noted by @Horrified Onlooker; however, I think Japan were the better team on the day. I hope the Scotland match goes ahead - that could be a belter.
  2. The problem is that there aren't 20 world-class teams. I'm not sure whether it would be better to keep it to 16 or whether it's better to let some of the minor teams compete (with the problem that they lose heavily) and at least give them the chance to experience another level of rugby and maybe inspire them to improve rugby in that country. On the whole I think it's better with the 20 teams.
  3. Reckon we've a good chance against Oz but I think the All Blacks are looking a little too good at the moment
  4. He's a pretentious twat who's managed the feat of disappearing up his own arsehole at least twice.
  5. Yes, just popped over for the first time in months. Don't think I'll be going back. Absolute lunacy.
  6. Wife's present(s) will vary from token up to a few hundred depending what I find. Kids will be a couple of hundred and either money or something useful but with lots of little presents as well. They're late teens/ early twenties now so not really kids anymore and Christmas is more about getting together again as two have left home. Nephews and nieces probably giftcards; they're also not kids anymore and a couple of them are already working. Haven't bought for siblings for a long time - my brother and I stopped buying for each other long ago but still kept buying for my sister until her kids came along.
  7. Well you wouldn't want them to starve... ...would you?
  8. "Black bastards rape our young girls but violet gives willingly" is what I learned in the days prior to any sort of correctness whatsoever!
  9. I now speak German with a regional accent - Geordie
  10. Germany was great when I applied 20 years ago: Residence permit was dependent on having health insurance, which was dependent on having a written job offer, which was dependent on having a residence permit! Went round the loop twice before going to the company offering me a job to say either break the loop and make me a written offer or I'm going elsewhere. The Foreigners Office in Germany back then only employed people who spoke German in a strong, regional accent and who hated foreigners
  11. Yes, the above is fine unless you're wearing trousers which you have to hold off the wet floor with one hand whilst using the other to wipe your arse and the third to help yourself balance.
  12. Strangely enopugh women's footbal became popular in the years between 1914 and 1918. I'm struggling to think why though.
  13. There are a few interesting places in Saudi; I've travelled a lot of it. Problem is that some of the more interesting places I've been to are near the Yemeni border so nowhere I'd want to visit at the moment! Wor lass came out for a week when I was working there. The traffic during the Eid holidays absolutely scared the shit out of her and she's not usually nervous.
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    Realised that long ago. Fortunately alcohol does and I only buy it in glass bottles