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  1. Swimming is one sport where people can end up significantly overweight afterwards. Serious swimmers train so much that they have to cram in the calories e.,g. chocolate bars before and after meals. Trouble comes when they stop the four+ hours training/ day and continue with the eating. Head trainer at my son's club was huge but was a previous DDR national champion and European medallist
  2. I can recommend the Sony RX100. There are various versions with the pricier being able to do 4K video. Not cheap but I've had the mk1 for several years and pretty much stopped using my SLR because of it.
  3. Typo /Captain Mainwaring mode on "I was just waiting to see who would spot that one first" /Captain Mainwaring mode off
  4. Any suggestions for local parking? Bit wary of leaving my car as it's a German number plate. Had a quick look for taxis and about 120 for both ways
  5. We're flying late afternoon so I'm staying at my brother's in Kent the night before. Thanks for the other suggestions
  6. Look! I need sensible suggestions! I'm getting triggered here!!
  7. Just tell them it was Jan Sobiewski and the Poles
  8. I'm flying from Gatwick in July, will be away for 8 days and am looking for recommendations for somewhere to park. Thought I'd ask the DOSBODS hive mind before booking somewhere random
  9. I buy mine from Clarks. Pretty hard wearing and around £50
  10. whose Couldn't resist correcting when you're writing about peoples' command of the English language
  11. Exactly the problem. People who think that legislation is a substitute for actually doing something
  12. Strangely enough that's how I celebrated most days during Ramadan
  13. Mine weren't that impressed by the couple of Judith Kerr I read but they loved all of the Julia Donaldson books. I used to know "The Gruffalo" and "Room on the Broom" by heart