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  1. I'm not sure what's happened to my FB page I received a 30 day ban for posting a meme of the inbred who milkshaked TR. The ban has now come to an end but the page doesn't appear to show up in searches. Normally, when I post something, I immediately get likes and views. Now I all get is one or two views. It took me 4 yrs (on and off posting) to reach 4k likes on the page. Seems FB have basically shadow banned the page ?
  2. Wait until some of these remainers end up with a mosque in their town or an immigration centre in their street. Wait until the inbreds start using their driveway as mosque carpark and their cable wire gets cut and dog shit pushed through their letterbox, should they object. Wait until the infidel sluts start wearing head scarfs or just decide to convert for an easy life. Wait until the demographics in their quaint little village gets shifted overnight by a Labour government and suddenly they have packs of wild savages laughing at the only two police "persons" on duty. Farage will be long dead by this time and no-one will remember the Brexit party. Ukip might be called something by else then - but it won't be forgotten.
  3. Globalists quite openly discuss mixing us out with African savages @ 1 hour 23 mins
  4. Off topic but I'll leave this here.
  5. Seeing as I'm banned from Zuckbook, I'm now only on Twatter. Please consider following me https://twitter.com/FilthyKafir #islamificationofeurope follow me, follow you back. Inshallah
  6. Yer they offered me a box but I don't watch TV or have a licence. Virgin don't seem to want to compete ?
  7. My deal with Virgin has come to an end. I was paying 30 a month for fast fibre (not sure what speed) but now they have increased to 42 per month. I called up and asked what they can do to keep me and they said they would double my speed for 35 a month. I do use torrents but because I got a naughty boy email, I now use a VPN which is slow but secure. So a super dupa speed connection make no real difference to me . I think it's Talk Talk + Plus Net that have access to the fibre network and they are doing a deal for 22.50 a month with an 18 month contract. Does anyone have experience with either of these ? Thanks in advance.