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  1. Well if Boris has a dastardly plan they are giving him all the ammunition he needs to use it ,that is the EU and the traitors in parliament They must realise at some point in this situation there will have to be a GE if BJ is sincere (i have my doubts) there are potentially 17.4 million votes for him if he campaigns on leave with no deal via repealing the 1972 community act or whatever it is the day after he`s elected
  2. Every little helps ,,,just think of the woke Gillete
  3. It`s another case of the tail wagging the dog, momentum put Corbyn where he is so the party no longer represent the electorate they represent the party members
  4. https://www.rt.com/news/471378-us-destroy-base-syria/?utm_source=browser&utm_medium=aplication_chrome&utm_campaign=chrome
  5. Have you read this,as it was you that first posted about the guy/gal https://politicalpig.tumblr.com/
  6. Well if it`s correct the fact that it`s now public would suggest there is more that we don`t know i think it`s steering exercise and a bit of obfuscation at the same time if it`s correct
  7. lt relay is worth a read regarding that and the rest of your post https://politicalpig.tumblr.com/ If correct it puts a new light on things ,the question has to be ,why is this out in the open if true ,confusion ,steering the opposition or just scaring the shit out of them ?,,,,,i have not got a clue
  8. There is a part in one of the lettesr BJ sent to the EU regarding the WA extension where it says or words to this effect "it`s not with in our best interests or the EU`s to leave under these terms And there is a part in the link where it says under the WA and what the Ben act implies we could legaly change what we liked in the WA without consent of the EU as it written now and they could do nothing about it as they have already changed it themselves without the procedure in place Then you have the "i have been forced to publish this early" from the author ,,,is this a case of steering the EU?opposition ?just the fog of war ? if you go through his twitter feed you will see they have made prediction well in advance albeit slightly cryptic which have be pretty much spot on Anyway according to them tomorrow is Meltdown Monday Ps it also has a good explanation to why there were 20 odd defectors that now have the whip again the party
  9. I think you should many of those points you make will become a little less hazy IF it`s correct it has answered many of the points that made no sense like why are the ERG supporting this deal why are the EU playing nice (that might come to an end very soon ) And above all it still has no deal as the preferred option
  10. I take it you have not read it by that comment Their are no promises other than leaving on the 31,10 just game plans and the laws they use The interesting part is why (with a question mark attached) we are not hearing much about no deal as of now They have also been pretty much spot on so far
  11. Yep i was talking only the other week about this with a former public sector Union rep but now working with the working class mostly steel workers ex miners His words were if someone said to me it would be like it is now a few years ago i would have bet everything i had on them beign wrong and the person saying it were on drugs
  12. Can someone with a better brain and legal knowledge have look at this and pick some holes if possible The way i read the above link here https://politicalpig.tumblr.com/ it`s all over bar the shouting ,but i`m sure it`s meant to read like that This part i do like and it makes sense of the situation ,but i`m the first to admit my specks are rose tinted