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  1. Long time lurking

    The cult of corbyn

    I think Diane was caught short
  2. Long time lurking

    Jordan Peterson

    From the social side i would agree but the financial disparities play a huge role in enabling the division side, Brexit did nothing but fuel this animosity but yes it`s starting to look like it`s TPTB are orchestrating/taken advantage of that feeling of division The juries is out for me whether it`s a big plan or just the loony left gaining a larger platform ,i suspect it`s a bit of both as anti establishment parties seem to be growing rapidly across the western world,IMO the balance of power will use anything to stem that flow and a bunch of useful idiots are prime cannon fodder for them to use Just take ATFIA from what i can make out they seem to be fighting for exactly what they were fighting against years ago
  3. Long time lurking

    Jordan Peterson

    It always goes this way when times get hard ,when everything was booming it the early 2000`s there were verey little in the way of issues we are seeing now
  4. Long time lurking

    Catherine Tate vids.

    I`m the same wit The Office i just don`t get it
  5. Long time lurking

    Rescued injured Sparrow Hawk - But everywhere is closed!

    Inflaition has bypassed that market i was paying 2p each in the 80`s
  6. Long time lurking

    Rescued injured Sparrow Hawk - But everywhere is closed!

    It`s been about since the late 90`s it`s obviously not 100% as far as i know ,i know a falconry center that used this method along with artificial insemination to breed unusually high % of female falcons/hawks http://www.thepoultrysite.com/poultrynews/28806/high-temperature-during-incubation-boosts-hatchability-growth/ There still seems to be a bit of difference in opinion in the academic world though
  7. Long time lurking

    Songs that use interesting instruments

    An interesting take on a conventional instrument
  8. Long time lurking

    Computer assistance required please!

    Can you download that to a usb and run it that way ? are there any add blockers that are compatible ?
  9. Long time lurking

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    And i thought it was just me
  10. Long time lurking

    Mental health thread

    I should have also said in my original post the film(s) bust many of the myths pedaled by VI`s and governments concerning cannabis ,those who have no knowledge other than the MSM/Governments/VI`s take on this mater its a must watch as the info is coming from highly qualified people
  11. Long time lurking

    Rescued injured Sparrow Hawk - But everywhere is closed!

    It used to be not to sure now as you can manipulate the sex of the chick via incubation temperatures so there is far less" waste" Edit for link https://www.independent.co.uk/news/a-drop-in-temperature-can-change-the-sex-of-chickens-1238516.html it`s not 100% so probably all males sold to falconers
  12. Long time lurking

    Rescued injured Sparrow Hawk - But everywhere is closed!

    Exactly ,they would be killing far more to ,when food is plentiful they will kill almost for the sake of it in the wild, eating just the best parts leaving the rest And yes it`s for sport from the owners perspective ,but it`s where the owner gets most of what they feed their bird ,like i said you don`t get tins of sparrow hawk food ,day old chicks from chicken farms is the standby food but it`s no good for the bird in the long run they need natural food for the well being /fitness
  13. Long time lurking

    Mental health thread

    I have been following the story for years ,just look at what the share price of GW pharmaceuticals did the day after the last in the series "weed 4" was realest on 30/4/2018 gutted i missed that one On the whole it has been the lobbying by big Pharmaceuticals that has prevented these treatments being used for decades
  14. Long time lurking

    Catherine Tate vids.

    I think it was only broadcast in Wales ,there`s quite a few episodes on Youtube , and some classic performances by Margret John