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  1. No room for Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon ex leader of the EDL the barrel`s not long enough
  2. Yep We will stay for two years and pay subs, we will then argue like fuck for months with no one backing down the EU look like cunts to the British in an attempt to educate the remainers we then leave by default no side losses face and the UK looks likes it still has democracy ....well i`m hoping i`m right I thought i had a good sleep last night
  3. Country File was anti EU last night the deal has been done Country File was anti EU last night the deal has been done
  4. Another couple of days closer then It`s like watching the slowest of slow motion car crashes
  5. We be going on the 29th My money is on she goes back to the EU comes back with feck all tables it for the 3rd time loses and says fuck it we will be not much more than days away by that point ,it would not surprise me if she resigned
  6. https://www.rt.com/news/454114-utrecht-shooting-several-locations/ Shooting at 'several' locations in Utrecht - head of Dutch counter-terrorism agency
  7. My sarcasm filter is set on zero , and i`m still undecided
  8. Yep it`s possible it could have that effect even if they did block a extension
  9. I know it`s not good for the health but i have BBC news on, the rolling headlines at the bottom of the screen regularly has Britain leaves the EU on the 29 by Law when any brexit interview is broadcast Make of that what you will ,but it definitely has a subliminal whiff about it
  10. No description of the attacker yet ,that`s as good as a description in the fucked up world we now live in
  11. That depends on the dup pulling support before then ,there is no guarantee the same with labour abstaining ,the latter i don`t believe is possible for the whole party, way to many Labour MP`s are in leave constituencies ,they would be seen as those that overturned their vote ....MP`s are there for the troughing
  12. i still reckon they will .if need be ,they will do nothing until they have to hence the silence and the might be`s They might not have to do nothing if so the no posturing stance now will make things far easier in the future for them...basically they are hedging there bets IMO
  13. Nothing set in stone but.... https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1101563/Brexit-news-UK-EU-Theresa-May-Brexit-deal-delay-vote-Nigel-Farage-Matteo-Salvini-Italy