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  1. I still can`t work out how actually gave birth to the children
  2. I am convinced it`s health tourism ,either that or it`s just our immigration is generally un healthy I was shocked and this was 18 years ago when my daughter was admitted ,at how many kids there were Asian /African there was no correlation with the general population It was the same a couple of years ago when i needed A&E
  3. They can change your tariff at will remotely and they will
  4. I think he`s enjoying it all
  5. They will all be charging a higher rate at some point so you will still be in the same boat,but i suspect if you have an electric ycar you would still be quids in Caveat if my theory is correct,but there is no other logical explanation for them Quite possibly so ,flats normally have designated parking i`m guessing it will come with a charging point
  6. The future of cars is electric ,fuel duty will be collected at source just as it is with petrol and diesel IIRC all new built houses from this year on will have to have a charging point
  7. No they are all doing it they are mainly government funded to do so
  8. Well well who would have thought it
  9. It was only a matter of time before push came to shove
  10. I was getting worried ,the doctors was the point of call Ricky started it
  11. Are we though ? until it happens it`s a contender for this thread In think that was a rebuttal to the EU`s we will stop access to our financial markets if they don`t get access to our waters which was a rebuttal to us saying.....you see the theme At this point it`s all filed under i`ll believe it when i see it but as you say it`s a step in the right direction compared to May`s approach
  12. Well they say we get what NE America /Southern Canada has at some point ,,,so be prepared
  13. Every day you see one side say we will do this or that then the next day the other side comes back with a then will will do this in retaliation It`s like the longest my dad is bigger than yours argument withe a bit of good cop bad cop thrown in by the EU for good measure Noe the less it`s going to be interesting to see how much water these threats hold when push comes to shove My starter for ten Then we have the it`s that secret it`s on twitter plans