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  1. His add for new recruits to his No 10 skunk works says he`s a good un Anyone who says they need weirdos and misfits to apply in this day and age has my vote https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jan/02/dominic-cummings-calls-for-weirdos-and-misfits-for-no-10-jobs
  2. You said that to that boar so why the fuck did his face look like that when it was running away
  3. No it`s time and 0.8 now the unions sold us down the fucking river on double time
  4. Well i went to the quacks on the 12th of feb with an incredible pain around the area of my kidney/liver this was after the CV symptoms had cleared up His first question after me telling him why i was there, was have you had a dry cough have you had a fever have you had trouble breathing i said yes that was a weak ago it`s all cleared up now ,lift up your shirt let me have a listen to your chest I went there with kidney/liver pains ,he also made a provisional appointment for me in case i don`t feel any better in a few days , he also made me promise i would let the surgery know either way, this is unheard of The GP`s were on the look out well before March with the caveat the guy i know who was in an induced coma did go to the same doctor as me so it could have been just my doctors
  5. Which is bullshit i know someone that was in a induced coma in early Feb from it it was diagnosed as cv in March they brought him out of the coma early April I had all the symptoms including loss of taste and smell first week of Feb and i know a few i was working with had the same before March we all work right the way through Feb and most or March
  6. But But it kills all the old people in care homes just like the flu does How many die from the flu each year ,i bet no one knows anyone that died from it outside of a care home /hospital that did not have significant other problems Ok you win
  7. So that`s the end of education forever then ,is that what you are saying ? This virus will not be eradicated ,even with a vaccine which is looking doubtful we will ever have a 100% effective vaccine
  8. Can`t watch her duck lips just make me cringe