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  1. History - recommendations?

    I have been watching the under ground war( WW1 )on "yesterday" the lengths/effort and cost of lives they went to just to gain a few hundred yards is incredible
  2. DOSBODS DIY bodger thread

    The best trick fro cutting veneer doors with out damaging the face is to cut/score along the cut line with a stanley knife the deeper the cut the better ,then cut the door down with your weapon of choice
  3. Possibly but his party is a coalition with two center right parties
  4. Steptoe and dead child abuse dosser

    Fixed that for you
  5. I may be reading it wrong but here you go https://www.reuters.com/article/us-italy-election/uncertainty-reigns-in-final-polls-ahead-of-italy-election-idUSKCN1G010J
  6. Hes part of the party but can`t be the primeminister IIRC
  7. No hes banned to some extent but his party and two? others have formed a coalition (very smart move ) as they stole votes of each other last time around
  8. Come to wales you would be suprised can`t speak for the rest of the country Anyone that has been to UNI is a different matter ,that`s where the indoctrination starts,then peer pressure dose the rest
  9. Yes it was a bloke from the same town i think, so probably knew her
  10. Their elections are in March My money is on the right wing coalition taking it ,the press are saying it`s close so if you can out rule skulduggery it`s a done deal if the MSM are saying it`s close
  11. The Sweden is fucked thread

    They will all be called Dave
  12. Which Father Ted character are you?

  13. New leader required

    Who`s up next is Farage going to make a come back ? https://order-order.com/2018/02/17/henry-bolton-ousted-ukip-leader/
  14. The Sweden is fucked thread

    Ah you got page 3 i got 7 hide from the jews
  15. The Sweden is fucked thread

    I just get images blocked by safe search