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  1. Almost half of what they were a week or so ago they were 17/10
  2. Never pay for anything that involves the National trust fecking parasites
  3. My exact thoughts ,i have thought all along it`s been a pantomime, the timing of thenpublication of the Guy Verhofstadt video says it all ,as that was filmed a long time before it was realest
  4. They have not got a clue what they are doing ,this just enforces what TR is saying a cynical mind would think this is the plan
  5. Same here ,which is hard to believe But as a caveat ,flats are falling ,i`m guessing this is S24 related and it`s the only section of the market that has any volume .also seeing loads for sale with sitting tenants
  6. I think that`s more than doable ,he`s a grafter he`s done the leg work whats his opposition done ?
  7. It looks like Germany is for sure It don`t look like anyone one has told here that most have come for the benefits
  8. Anything is possible ,but you would have to be pretty dumb to think one MEP representing your side is going to change the EU I`m now coming to the conclusion that the Left /MSM/ the establishment and every thing in between have one proscribed game plan for dealing with the likes of TR ,but he`s not only circumvented that plan but he has turned it 180 degrees and used it on thoes very same people,but what i do find hard to believe is those people have failed to realise their predicament
  9. With the videos now on line,it`s plain to see GMP were complicit in the actions of those causing the trouble I`m starting to think Tr will be an MEP
  10. The account has a blue tick,that means its a verified account As for the question it looks that way
  11. Well worth watching this is part one of fourteen at this moment in time Some of their finished work
  12. Under the WA do`t they keep there salary for the term ?
  13. An academic studying offensive jokes ,and there`s me thinking monty python was satire
  14. I`m still going with the forbidden fruit theory with that one ....nothing on this planet is more curious than the human race