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  1. Long time lurking

    Oven cleaning

    That`s the top end ,my mother has a mid range one it`s still going strong after 20+ years ,i have replace a pump and a inlet valve,it`s sounds as good as the day it was bought
  2. Long time lurking

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    I went into a book shop the other day whilst browsing the Muslim assistant came over He asked if i was looking for anything in particular I said yes have you got a book about immigration into the UK He replied just fuck of and don`t come back i said yes that`s the one
  3. Long time lurking

    Inspired by the Islamification of Europe thread

    For contrast
  4. Long time lurking

    The EU is always right

    Probably cleaning the bogs
  5. Long time lurking

    Q&A Area

    Can anyone tell me when house prices will fall by 50% nominally Ill get me coat on the way out
  6. Long time lurking

    Far fewer cars in the future

  7. Long time lurking

    Far fewer cars in the future

    We were not talking simpler it was complex ....simple the more there is the more complex you obviously have never had the need to fix a modern vesicle yourself And the mechanical stuff has not been replaced it`s all still there apart from a few cables which have been replaced with wires and potentiometers/solinionds
  8. Long time lurking

    Far fewer cars in the future

    Yeah right i don`t think you have a clue how complex things have become, electronically controlled power distribution on all wheel drive cars for instance apposed to just plain old four wheel drive ...they are massively complex then you have cylinder optimisation i`m sure that`s no more complex than a carburettor And EMS work or doesn't is right to a point but you fail to recognise all the cogs and gears are still there but with layer up on layer of electrical control added and that is why they are more complex simply because theres far more to go wrong Take diesels for instance 30 years ago you had a mechanic pump with a electronically operated solenoid valve and spring loaded injectors that was all that was required Now modern diesels have anything up to four fuel pumps mechanical and electronic, electronically operated injectors which can have up to 7 stages of injection per cycle operated by a ECU and a driver module which relies on anything up to a dozen or more different sensors for it to function ,each of which can develop intermittent faults within the sensor or the wiring or the connectors This is before you factor in ECU or mechanical/electrical problems with the fuel pumps DPF`s/ electronically controlled variable nozzle turbos/throttle bodies and fly by wire accelerator pedals By definition the more you add the more complex things get
  9. Long time lurking

    Loft insulation advice

    https://www.screwfix.com/p/alpha-solway-alphashield-2000-type-5-6-protective-coverall-white-x-large-42-46-chest-33-l/4026r Gloves and a dust mask
  10. Long time lurking

    Far fewer cars in the future

    That`s CANBUS for you common live a signal and a receiver
  11. Long time lurking

    Far fewer cars in the future

    Yep that`s the way i see it until they start adding regenerative braking and the like,Fisker and Toyota are claiming the next generation of solid state batteries will give something like 160k before the need to renew them if looked after What would the service cost of a petrol/derv car cost over 160k i would bet it would not be far short of the cost of replacing the battery even at today's prices which are going to fall as production ramps up
  12. Long time lurking

    Far fewer cars in the future

    Unlike a mates company car BMW 5 series that right indicator come on when you moved the stalk to indicate left ,main stealers could not fix it CANBUS ehh great until it goes south
  13. Long time lurking

    Far fewer cars in the future

    That`s a joke right ?
  14. Long time lurking

    Loft insulation advice

    XPS instead of EPS as it`s not flammable ,well it is but the fumes it produces extinguishes the flame the down fall is it`s expensive but on the up side IIRC 25mm of XPS is equivalent to 75 or 100mm of EPS https://ewistore.co.uk/shop/ewi-450-polystyrene-silver-insulation-50mm/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIq8ztwpLR3QIV1eF3Ch2s_gm3EAQYASABEgLaA_D_BwE Secondly why do you want to insulate between the floor and the ceiling ? just concentrate on the roof making sure you leave a cavity to the felt as the timbers/roof need to breath as for the parts thats already plaster boarded there`s no easy fix for that one the easiest would be boarding over the existing stuff with insulated /laminated plaster board still a lot of work and cost
  15. Long time lurking

    Favourite Youtube Videos