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  1. Basically no there is not , but speed and feed rates will be significantly different between the two but it`s all basically numbers controlling the speed ,direction and distance each axis travels CNC =computer numerical control
  2. The speed is controlled by the G code which in turn controls the speed direction and distance of each axis independently ,speed is entirely dependant on what it`s set at via the code that is controlling it ,it`s the same for all CNC controlled machines whether it be a mill lathe or 3d printer ,some might have more axis's and they will all have different speed parameters /requirements which will be dictated by many different factors from the power of the spindle motor to the type of cutter/print head used ,the material being cut or used for printing but feed rates are all set by surface met
  3. There is now cad/cam software available some has integrated slicing software (the important part for 3D printing ) so it almost a one stop shop so to speak
  4. I`m sure i read somewhere there was something like 3.5 rooms to let for every person registered with room letting advertisers ,as the post above at these prices every room has to have someone in paying their share
  5. Well it`s only videos like that that i see ,i just can`t believe that really is the long and the short of it It`s the same as the online/social media campaign ,Trumps looks like it has Hollywood running it and the dem`s is like they have the film club at the local junior school at the helm
  6. Is it just the bias in my twitter feed? have anyone seen videos like this regarding democrat rallies ? i have yet to see a single one
  7. I could well believe it it`s going to be IMO a landslide just like Labour here the last GE, the parallels are identical My money is on they will be arguing amongst themselves after they loess regarding why they lost just like labour did here ,they just can`t see what they are doing ,they believe everyone thinks the same as them they cannot comprehend they are a very small minority What`s changed ? the MSM no longer control the narrative the dems have yet to work this out but the electorate have
  8. I`m sure there is no correlation and we are not in a casedemic for the life of me i can`t figure out what`s driving the fear here
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