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  1. Have they ? Wales you are allowed to drive five miles now for exercise ,every beach car park and country park car park are still locked in my part of the world
  2. All the numbers explained here ,over 3k "other" deaths a month they are deaths resulting from no medical services available,cancer, cardiac,, etc I read somewhere that there has been 100`s of deaths due to dental complications mainly infections due to untreated abases`s
  3. I know two people that were stabbed by "witches" ,they do themselves no favours
  4. Yep we hit peak before the lock-down started I think there is either more to all this (tin foil hats at the ready ) attempted regime change in China ? The track and trace APP is either about being seen to be doing something or another way to drag this out even longer in an attempt to achieve the above or another motive,as the app will be next to useless when 50-80%+ of people are asymptomatic
  5. I`m pretty sure they can do all that here ,whether it`s automatic i`m not sure ,i know if you have given your bank details to any government agency they can get access without taking you to court ,they just make an application via a phone call to a court
  6. This is why i can`t workout why some are up in arms about their perceived civil liberties being rode over rough shod ,if you have a smart phone they went the day they switched it on
  7. Whens the asymptomatic track and trace APP being launched,you know the one that tells 50% + of people that don`t know they have the virus to self isolate
  8. He`s saying you as in facefuck behave like a publisher and you will be held liable like a publisher,
  9. Italy is the spanner in the works it`s to big to fail and they wont be another Greece ,the EU bails them out no strings attached or they leave that is their stance The Germans won`t have it though as it will be them that`s paying This is going to be one hell of a game of who blinks first
  10. The Germans have passed laws to stop that ,Italy are threatening to sell their own bonds which by all accounts would leave the EU no choice to be the buyer of last resort , i think the Germans have put a stop to that happening regarding the EU as they would be the ones paying for them ,Italy are refusing to take loans from the EU they want grants ,so get the fuck out looks like the only option for Italy It`s going to get interesting at some point soon
  11. Guilty of plagiarism i`m afraid
  12. Got to be worth a punt at 3-1 https://www.betfair.com/sport/politics/european/12236428/next-country-to-leave-the-european-union/924.222362427
  13. I have no mission ,i`m just pointing out the inconsistency's which there are many ,the MSM have all been saying she had the virus which is factually wrong as she has never said she has been tested But she said her son came down with the same symptoms as she had the same day/next day and was tested at hospital up in Durham ,,,he tested negative It`s all a witch hunt nothing more ,the stupid are falling for it though
  14. No i`m saying she said" if this was the virus" ,are you saying anyone has said she tested positive including her self The part in bold tells you all you need to know ,and that is she does not know if it was the virus ,i`m pretty surer i had the virus in Febuary ,do i know no i don`t