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  1. They will no doubt be keeping an eye on social media ect to gauge opinion ,they have been quite good at front running the changes I think we are where we are simply because the majority were OK with the situation ,if mumsnet are turning that would explain the ramping up of project fear the last week or so if that don`t work ,looking at the US it will not be long before we follow
  2. I`m not sure how UC works ,i think it`s a bit like working tax credits it`s possible to be working and on UC in a means tested way ,,,i might be wrong But i agree with the sentiment ,the unemployed have already had an increase in dole ,it seams like the only people not getting anything are the people keeping the country going
  3. Chicken pox,small pox measles the list goes on If there was no immunity EVERY infection would lead to a death it`s that simple ,the only question is how long it lasts Sars 1 T cell immunity was found in everyone they tested that were infected 18 years ago
  4. The vaccine is working wonders then ,IIRC they at around 30% already done ?
  5. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13831951/rishi-sunak-boost-universal-credit/
  6. I have had this conversation whit an elf and safety guy at work in a round about manner ,i asked where do we dispose of the used masks we are forced to wear ,they said in the bin of course ,wheres the clinical waste bin i asked
  7. Regarding what is know about Vit D3 my money is one it`s all about getting the results they want ,sun and Israel are inextricably linked
  8. Well worth reading the article in the link Is this the reason for everyone delaying the Pfizer second dose ? and Pfizer "restricting supply" could this make Pfizer liable ? It looks to be specific to Israel ? On January 6, the “Cooperation Agreement for the Collection of Epidemiological Information from the Real World” was signed, in which Pfizer promised the State of Israel vaccines that would vaccinate all residents except children and those who could not be vaccinated. In return for advancing Israel over other countries, the State of Israel will provide Pfizer with epidemio
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