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  1. Platform to publisher that`s all it takes to finish them I think we are going to see the highest value game of chicken the world has ever seen
  2. Because it would offend and be racist to point out the facts They have simply painted themselves into a corner with their own PC narrative and it`s not just this issue they have checkmated themselves either
  3. I`m disappointed i though this thread was going to be about blue people using the tradesman's entrance
  4. You have never been to Sandfields have you
  5. Well it says it all they locked a bloke up for painting "Islamophobia is questionable" on his house yet an already banned hate preacher is allowed his own tv channel ,one hell of an effective ban is that But on the other hand it don`t affect me because i don`t watch it
  6. Well the MSM love the ROP they go to great lengths to project that view and suppress whats going on in reality just like they did with jimmy Savile This is what most on here find worrying yet you seem to see it and acknowledge it yet it don`t worry you that the MSM and the government tried to cover all this up because they fear they would be called racist and also offend a whole community It seems to me your concern is all about what affects you and nothing else I`m going to take a guess here ,,,,,you have no kids do you ?
  7. But but the 4 by 2`s rule the world and control the banking industry so he must be good ....right
  8. So have they announced the result yet ? It`s all a pantomime
  9. The trades in that game are on a knife edge something has to give very soon I just finished a six week job 60 people, trades split between welders ,fitters, mech and pipe, riggers i reckon over ten percent said it was there last job and will only be looking for the odd day here and there when it suits them all were past retirement age The company struggled to man the job in the first place There are some youngsters coming through but there is less and less left to bring them on you can only learn the basics in tech where most of them have come from
  10. If you look it`s every where i have heard the exact same argument from the horses mouth so to speak ...it`s the establishment led by the Jews then you have the likes of people on here saying the exact same thing ...who`s being had As for control of media outlets just look what Saudi has it`s fingers in they are major shareholders in Twitter and few others
  11. I see the very same argument/ theory being used by the radical arm of Islam one could argue they are using it in a my enemy is your enemy sort of way when it comes to the JQ whos being had then ? Someone is pushing that agenda - conspiracy and it makes far more sense if it was being propagated by radical Islam than the non Jewish westerners
  12. Nope just shit at spelling and grammar
  13. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this one https://www.politicalite.com/exclusive/exclusive-senior-prison-officer-suspended-for-supporting-tommy-robinson-sacked-and-reported-to-police-scotland/