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  1. Yep i made that exact same point in another post with the caveat every country in the wold are probably chasing the same commodity from the same manufactures at the same time ,upping production buy tens of millions in a couple of months is always going to be a big ask
  2. Astonishing if true If the above is true and chlorquine is proved to be the answer by other countries ,i think we could see the guillotine again
  3. I seen on the news what has been done so far to source what they have in a couple of weeks is impressive if that is the case ,i really think this has been planed for a while , oxygen vessels of that size for starters are not an off the shelf item ,and would take a week or so to manufacturer at least and they were shown being installed last week
  4. It`s seems these stories come out a couple of days after lock down ,ditto before
  5. I`m thinking they are more scare stories to nudge the young into compliance ,could be wrong but you can see a correlation country to country as they go into lock down , We were all told the young were not effected before lock down Two days in my guess is the young are not playing ball then you get the scare story
  6. Im sceptical about these stories ,if any demographic is going to ignore the lock downs it`s going to be the young especially so after they were being told it does not really effect them when all this started
  7. Do they come with free brad band ,,,sorry but it`s starting to sound like a dick waving contest ,,,to be seen to be doing more than thy neighbours
  8. That test cannot determine if you have had it,it`s and antigen test you have or you don`t have it then add to that the asymptomatic cases that will never have seen a test ,,,we just don`t know Look at Germany close to 1 millon tests 72K positives 325 deaths The medical officer also said in that briefing the NHS has been planning for this since January he`s either lying or the NHS is incompetent if they are still short of PPE ,,,,with the caveat maybe half the world has been chasing the same supplies from the same manufactures since January Also when asked about the 3 million antibody tests ,,,he said jack shit did not even acknowledge the question
  9. Without a doubt PCP especially when using pellets is very unreliable /in accurate once you get much above 1000 fps
  10. From the link https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/experimental-drug-holds-promise-treating-coronavirus-n1158316 It`s looking like the key is to stop the virus reproducing which i suppose is logical ,it`s long been suspected that viral load played a roll in medics that have died after treating many who are infected
  11. Zinc is what does that after the malaria drug makes it possible for the zinc to enter the virus ,where did they discover it Youtube ? the trial some doc in the US done in the last week or so ,the hypothesis has been on youtube for over two months France has done small scale trials along with the US who are currently looking at a 70K plus trial in NY
  12. They say 7 if you are living alone if you are living with some 14 as you could still transmit the virus the other person is likely to catch of you
  13. Are you saying you know this actually exists ? a stand alone different class with just air entitlement ? The problem with live round is the hoops you have to jump through regarding suitable land etc I`m lead to believe Fac air dose not have the same requirements if it actually exists