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  1. I can`t see that outside of the public sector which were/are always a sure bet for Labour stragely i think if anyone are going to lose votes to labour it will be the Greens I know labour have lost the working class vote via steptoe where they go is anyone's guess though
  2. OK your predicted coalition ,if there is one labour will not be part of it it will be a Torie coalition I have never seen so much hatred for the Labour party from it`s once core vote if someone said this would be the case even two year ago i would not have believed it but i see it day in day out now
  3. I have been saying for a long time the traditional working class find Steptoe&co toxic the only chance of your coalition is if that demographic vote BP ...an anecdotal which is a few year old ...they see Farage more Tory than the Tories
  4. You were a welder working on these were you not ?
  5. All this sort of shit only came about after they found oil https://twitter.com/beforesharia?lang=en
  6. Well considering US free speech laws (is it part of of there constitution?) i would say it was fecking monumentally dumb
  7. Mum i was arse raped when i was in jail i think dad`s taking monopoly way to serious
  8. Yep i can not understand why any party has not destroyed Steptoes save the NHS angle by explaining in a simple way what PFI is all about and the costs involved and who singed the deal
  9. The same sort of demographic i work with day in day out not one of them has a good word to say about steptoe&co I also work with an ex teacher that has just changed career he`s gob smacked by the hatred for Labour to the point of disbelief
  10. Not me i could buy tomorrow mortgage free but choose not to No party will willing crash the housing market that is my point both parties are guilty as the next and i think steptoe in power causing economic chaos is one of those things that one should be very careful about what you wish for , The bottom of the housing market in my neck of the woods (2011ish) came with hash employment opportunities at that point in time i would have bought but it was not possible even with a 50%+ deposit as my employment was too hit and miss to secure a mortgage My biggest fear now is another 2008 financial crisis as it will be as much about bail in`s as outs this time around the ground work has already been done to facilitate this
  11. Remove brexit from UKIP under Fararage and you had a Torie manifesto that is all anyone needs to know Now remind me where was Gerard Batern leading UKIP ?
  12. He was a Torie before UKIP as for the rest of the sentence try joining the dots it was obvious from word go ..complicit rather than thick
  13. I think you are way of the mark on that one on many levels and the Labour party was the party that facilitated the the inflation in house prices so are as guilty as the Tories are for under pining them Like i said very few on here will argue against the merits of a HPC the only deluded ones are those that think any political party will facilitate it happening the last 20 years is all the proof anyone needs