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  1. People sometimes wonder why bricks are the size they are, and why larger blocks are not used (they of course are, breeze blocks for example). Bricks are the optimum size to be held in one hand, while mortar is applied with a trowel. A good brickie can build a wall quicker than if it was built from larger blocks that require manhandling into place. Breeze blocks are used on internal walls because they are cheaper. But uglier.
  2. It may be that there is a compromise between performance and durability, i.e. winter tyres or all-seasons may use a compound that wears faster. Having 2 sets of tyres means 2 sets of wheels and storage costs.
  3. Life is like Tetris. Just when you think you have or your life's blocks arranged, someone drops some more weird-shaped blocks on you.
  4. I confuse them with Farrow and Ball. Cannon and Large made a great comedy team. I think....
  5. The irony of the new Netherlands speed limit is that it will affect non-emitting electric vehicles as well.
  6. One problem with the hole bricks is, I suspect, that when laying a bed of mortar for the next row, you will lose a lot of mortar down the hole. Perhaps this is intended, so the holes must be filled with mortar, to add weight to the wall. In most bonds, holes will not align with holes in the row below, otherwise you would have voids descending right through the wall.
  7. Try this: "Alexa, I am lying." Then watch teh Interwebs explode.
  8. There's mortar this than meets the eye.
  9. Well my imaginary Uncle can vouch for my honesty. I never make stuff up.
  10. Jesus, I must be the only sinner here amongst saints.
  11. I don't think it's tidal in Venice. There are no tides of significance in the Mediterranean, surely?
  12. The holes would be no use for holding the brick when applying mortar, you hold the brick in your palm and apply the mortar with a trowel in your other hand. The article is correct. BTW, if laying bricks with frogs, the frog should be facing upwards. Dodgy builders sometimes lay them face-down to save mortar, but then the wall is weaker. 1/3 bricks aren't too commonly used, but half-bricks are. The central of the 3 holes might make breaking the brick easier; I've never used bricks with holes.
  13. Happy Renting


    INTERESTING FACT #478: Grapefruit don't contain grapes.
  14. The Jerries had fuel injection on their Messerchmitt Bf109s, which meant they could happily fly upside down, whereas early Spitfires with carburettors tended to cut out*. Something to bear in mind if you are considering buying a car and rolling it. *This shortcoming was cured by adding a small flow-restricted hole in the float chamber, invented by a (gutsy? ) female engineer. RAF pilots called it 'Miss Shilling's orifice.'
  15. That was broadcast when Reagan had just been elected. For all his failings, his rapprochement with Gorbachev was a high point in 20th century politics. For a while, the world seemed a safer place.