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  1. The tamer was hitting the lions with a stick. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, that could go wrong.
  2. The killer phrase to look out for is 'I have full confidence in the Prime Minister'
  3. Is the one on the left Ronnie Barker in blackface?
  4. crenellation whoops, I had that one already. Castellation. portmanteau subfusc
  5. Yes there is. A Parliamentary vote of No Confidence in the Government. Followed by a general Election.
  6. No, but this Gordon Ramsay lookalike porn star dwarf was.
  7. Should have asked him for a doggy bag. And told him it was for your dog.
  8. Not necessarily. My Uncle got 'found in woods' on many occasions.
  9. Freeze-dry them like I do a friend of mine does.
  10. I think you are referring to OffCum.
  11. I could do that job, as long as there were no more than four sheep. Yan, tan, tethera, pethera. I forget the rest.