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  1. Jo Brand would have thrown acid. Purely for comedic value, you understand.
  2. More of an ITU V.24 man myself. DEC made a V.24 to RS232 conversion cable.
  3. A collection of collective nouns.
  4. Looking back at old clips, it was topical but not very funny for the most part. A friend who worked in TV saw an episode being filmed. The actors/puppeteers made quite an effort to get 'in character', with the puppets preening themselves and fussing about 'makeup' and fidgeting nervously before the cameras rolled.
  5. They gave Balir an easy ride and IIRC left Brown alone. We needed some vicious satire in the Brown & Blair years.
  6. A warehouse of ammonium nitrate A mouthful of teeth
  7. A lot of crows A lot of starlings A lot of cows A lot of arrows A lot of people
  8. The location matches pics of the building that exploded. I see no sign of welding taking place in the pic. It does show the presence of the nitrate.