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  1. The man is effeminate necromancer, he's riding it sidesaddle.
  2. 2022: Campaigners protest that BAME people are 'under represented' in satircal literature and comic cartoons.
  3. For my tenth birthday I got a hat. If I was really good, my parents would let me wear my hat while I sat at the attic window watching all the other children play outside. I loved that hat.
  4. The ginormous rear windscreens are for seeing where you're coming from.
  5. Ah, Prince Philip probably does have valves. Maybe the problem is with the heater current.
  6. You are obsesssed with posting about Meghan.
  7. So I see! So I am up by 10% after 40 years! If the OP wants a DMM they would be better off with something like this for under £4 on eBay: Even cheap DMMs ar remarkably precise and accurate.
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