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  1. Isn't there a convention when following roads, rivers and railways in an aircraft - is it keep left or right?
  2. An extreme 'interview without coffee' as military types say?
  3. It does look like him.
  4. eCall is going to be a whole new world of problems. The basic system uses an eSIM, a built in SIM that will carry info such as the VIN. I hope that will be encrypted before transmission, otherwise someone could read the VIN through the windscreen and find some way of spoofing it. eCall transmits some other information when activated from inside the car or by an accident; airbag deployment, and location, manual or automatic transmission, and timestamp. An in-Car microphone is enabled. It will be illegal for any agency to remotely initiate a transmission. Yeah, right . It is anticipated that there will be an explosion of third-party applications, using the mobile transciever, GPS, and it's implied connection to OBD. Insurers will monitor your every move (I bet they will get your consent by some tickbox and small print when you subscribe to an application) and so will law enforcement agencies. Your car dealer will use data to invalidate warranties. You will pay a subscription for the privilege of being surveilled and restricted. Alexa will know everything about where you go, what you see and what you say in your car. Whoopee. And you can't hide, because other car's cameras will have NPR and be able to locate you too. I expect the enhanced platform will be Lnux/Android in some form. Of course there will be no security vulnerabilites at all. Send me three notarised HB pencils and you can have them.
  5. A digital currency, Carcoin, will be used wirelessly so your car can bribe other cars to get out of the way.
  6. My Uncle did. He did donuts in front of the Judge, who was not impressed. Especially with the American spelling.
  7. I think the Fat Tony character is unfair to gangsters.
  8. Aircraft must stay above a minimum height over populated areas. However, on approaches to airstrips and runways this rule is relaxed for some reason, which is convenient because in order to land and take off, the aeroplanes have to get close to the ground. Remember, if you can read a plane's registration with the naked eye, the pilots can also read you car registration and house number, and they are vindictive bastards. You may come home one day to find your prize marrow slashed and rude words written in the dust on your Mini Metro.
  9. More questions arise than answers. I doubt they close airspace for normal Royal flights, and what is a ' security incident on board'? A Royal taken ill, as speculated already in another thread?
  10. I didn't say they were yellow. By not watching in not colour, I inferred that they were not white.
  11. When I don't watch TV, I don't watch TV in colour, to save even more money.