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  1. That's better. Excellent work (if it's yours). Treat yourself to a bogey.
  2. Sorry to hear about your Dad. PPE doesn't prevent Coronavirus. It does reduce the odds of getting it however. I expect the NHS were rigorous about the PPE, but no system is perfect. Shit does happen. But we can all do our best to reduce the likelihood. Shame that the armchair medics here think they know better than the medical consensus, and are proud in their ignorance, and want to wear it as some sort of childish badge.
  3. It must hurt when you are faced with conflcting conspiracy theories. Do they want you covered or face in the open to be tracked? Decisions, decisions.... And... did you?
  4. Good stuff. The Police CCTV has your biometric data now. Carry on.
  5. Wow, you are a revolutionary who puts Che Guevara and Mao Tse Tung to shame. Unwear your mask with pride. You will go down in history. Statues will be erected. Impressed you went onto a website to tell everyone about it. Kudos.
  6. If you are going to resort to retard meme crayoning, at least have the originality to do your own. I'm most disappointed in you.
  7. Just pointing out that your attitude to hygeine is that of a public snot-muncher. Same mindset. As you dislike covering up, here's the ideal gloves for you. Keeps your hands warm, and fingers free to hoik out those tempting yummy bogeys. Or just pick your arse, if that rocks your boat. Hygeine be damned! Do what you want!
  8. Well done, you finally found the shift key. If you are having a go at everyone you see wearing a mask, then you really need to chill. Treat yourself to some nice relaxing snot.
  9. I am increasingly convinced that mask-haters are closet snot-munchers. Don't give a shit about hygeine, don't give a shit about spreading disease. And the masks get in the way of their favourite finger-food.
  10. People don't need getting ill from flu either. So where are the stats showing how many get ill from the vaccine?
  11. Ah, a cartoontard as well. DOSBODs really should have a children's section, where those that think these wanky sketches are some sort of intellectual triumph can congregate.
  12. I do. It's a bit pathetic how people congregate here to proudly announce that they won't wear a mask, and get so upset that anyone else chooses to. There is a hint of uneasy AIBU subtext to it all.
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