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    They were throwing out a disk drive (with removable disk) at work. I decided I didn't have the time to work out the interface to my home computer so I gave it to a friend. The disk was 15 inches across anfd the whole drive was 19" rack mounting, top-loading. I occasionally wonder what I might have done with that 1Mb of storage.
  2. Happy Renting


    Sounds like it.
  3. Renault 16. I went in one in the late 1960s. So futuristic to me I thought it was a spaceship.
  4. Scotsman confusing telephone lines with power lines, 1889. The crowd was not equipped for upkilting.
  5. I didn't really. But I'm glad your upvote indicates an interest in the practice.
  6. New York, 1887 New York, 1903 Kansas 1911 Vancouver, 1914 Stockholm, 1913
  7. Yeah, too romantic. I proposed to my wife by slapping a post-it on her arse after a doggy style shag.
  8. I've paddled in the Arctic ocean, complete with a Mr Gumby knotted handkerchief.
  9. Ley lines. They cause flatulence.
  10. Ho does it take 40 hours to swap an engine?
  11. Nowaday's It's illegal to clamp someone until they pay a fee. But I don't think it's illegal to clamp someone until you feel like releasing them. (IANAL)
  12. Mr Glover wants to spend the night with children in the dark.