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  1. Nastiest Most Horrible Forum

    Actually, there really ought to be a full stop after Sgt in your user name.
  2. Fatter, longer, heavier - Cars

    Back in the day, Ford used to do the opposite. When they introduced a new model, the previous model would be stripped down and a no-frills version would be marketed under the base level no-frills name. They would introduce a new Anglia. The old Anglia became the new Popular. They did this 2 or 3 times
  3. Fatter, longer, heavier - Cars

    The French are people who call a windscreen a break-wind.
  4. Fatter, longer, heavier - Cars

    It's OK, I think Eye-Spy made a speeling mistake too. The DS 23 Estate Safari should be a (shooting) Brake, not 'Break'. I like the Birotor's 'special hub caps'. I bet that was a clincher in the salesroom.
  5. Fatter, longer, heavier - Cars

    I don't care if it's only 99 bhp, I'd give my eye teeth for a well sorted DS.
  6. Fatter, longer, heavier - Cars

  7. Hold the Front Page

    This thread is for news of such monumental importance that it must be drawn to everyone's attention without delay. A garden shed has fallen into the sea at Helmsby. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-43448270
  8. Clothing bank theft

    I raise you Cor byn
  9. Snow Track.

    Is the road too steep and icy to get to the Old Ferry Inn in Boddinick then?
  10. Clothing bank theft

    I tried to open an account at my local clothing bank. I asked if I could have clothes with squares or cross-hatch patterns, but they said they didn't do check accounts.
  11. The big bogus hate crime thread

    As I underrtand it, 'hate crime' is merely a categorisation of an existing crime, that is also perceived as being motivated by hatred of a racial, ethnic, etc. group. So if someone is assaulted, it is a crime. If that crime is also seen as motivated by hate, that crime is categorised as a 'hate crime'. There is no hate crime, unless the action would also be a crime, even if it were not motivated by hate. The term 'hate crime' seems to me to be calculated to raise tensions in the community, and serves no useful purpose.
  12. Snow Track.

    The Kennomeat Cup.
  13. Who do you think actually did it then?

    I think you did it.
  14. Nastiest Most Horrible Forum

    Excellent. I didn't understand a word of it, but excellent.