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  1. "Er, I , I , I am reminded at these times of the philosopher Aelius Galenus of Pergamon, who was physician to the Roman Emperor Collodus, who in the year 189 AD faced a pestilence in Rome that was killing thousands a day...."
  2. My ex used to complain that I farted in my sleep. I explained that they weren't farts, they were botty snores.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-51627564 Yes, if your idea of 'having fun' is 15 seconds of plummeting off 200m cliff.
  4. Don't conflate all muslims with terrorists. And don't conflate all Brexiters with racists.
  5. There will be some flight bans, and also cancelled flights that no-one will want to take anyway. If an airline goes bust, they aren't going to pay for any Boeing planes they have on order, adding to Boeing's problems. Watch the US GOV illegally prop Boeing up.
  6. Happy Renting


    So she's going to Bristol to Not Go To The School There. I am also not going to the school in Bristol. Have I been co-opted without my consent?
  7. I think several airlines will go under because of the inevitable flight restrictions that must be coming soon. Will that in turn be the final nail in Boeing's coffin?
  8. Surely Gina Nadira Kaur, then, not Singh.
  9. Oh FFS, XYY's pictures of the Moon were tedious enough, don't you start.
  10. Erranta was the one who would 'find' hidden number or letter combinations in everything, and post them in technicolour text. Numerology, etc. Masonic levels, secret messages, the lot. Erranta could find a pattern in a Jackson Pollock.
  11. The Sick Nations Rugby tournament.
  12. You know what you have to do. Self-immolation.
  13. Oh FFS, don't you know anything about aircraft? The air blowing out of the bottom is what keeps the plane in the air. Introducing the air through the ceiling helps by sucking the plane up into the sky.
  14. I am thinking of booking a room at the Ritz or Savoy. If I am going to be holed up in quarantine, it may as well be somewhere comfortable. Hopefully at someone else's expense. Who pays for these quarantines?