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  1. "Bum titty bum titty bum-bum-bum. Got that?"
  2. Is the house itself open to the public?
  3. I tried tossing a bin into a hedgrow, but it was too heavy.
  4. Maybe you have a leak. Is your butt plug in firmly?
  5. Dry periods are ended by, and therefore followed by, rain, by definition.
  6. Oh, Nearby nearby Fenstanton.
  7. Where is Nearby? Never heard of it.
  8. I used to have an aerobatic stunt kite that I liked to fly on breezy days. But it was always getting tangled up in it's nylon cords. And the bugger would try to peck me to death when I tried to untangle it.
  9. It would make more sense if lonely people could just pay 1p to a checkout operator to have a conversation with them. I could engage Mavis on the till with a chat about Baroque architecture for 1p. Or perhaps Brexit. Yes, I'm sure Mavis would love to talk about Brexit.
  10. "I hear that Niki Lorder has died." "Lauda." "Sorry... I said I HEAR THAT NIKI LORDER HAS DIED."
  11. Store all your passwords in an encrypted document. Then you only need to remember one password. And if you forget that one, you're totally ****ed.
  12. I'd love to be a TV detective. They always drive classic cars, it is a rule in the police force. I'd be a detective on Lundy Island, and drive a 5-wheel Rice-Mogg Pentacar, and solve crimes involving stolen puffin eggs.