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  1. I've always been surprised how popular the 'magnetic knee pads and ex-officer's hitch-hiking pants' look has become. Five years ago it wasn't that common but nowadays pretty much every bloke over 45 is kitted out like this round here.
  2. I see the QVC deal has sold out now but I took your tip and looked on ebay. I've just bought a 3 month pass for £5.99 Got the code instantly thru' ebay messaging and have just tried it out - works perfectly, That's less than £2/month until 13th Feb. Thanks, TMT, for the suggestion.
  3. It's not very clear but that figure refers to all their used cars - not just Leafs. (If you click on the link where it says 3485 used vehicles it shows a whole range of different Nissans).
  4. Are you sure about the 3500 used for sale? Just looked at Nissan's website and it shows 613 used Leafs. Still a lot mind....
  5. Spent the whole day at a BCA auction a couple of weeks ago - 340 cars all coming off lease at three years old. There were a couple of Leafs and a BMW i3. The Leafs were starting at £8k and not getting bids (for a car that was £29k new and only had 15k on the clock). Even allowing for the fact that it was the holiday season the sale was incredibly quiet and many of the lots went 'provisional' ( i.e. not meeting the reserve). There seemed to be a huge disconnect between what the leasing companies want for their stock and what the dealers/punters are willing to pay. I'm pretty sure we're about to see a collapse in second-hand prices within the next month or two.
  6. Are you sure? They've had automatic fish filleters for years:
  7. Good, I'm not going senile. ......and neither are you, EE
  8. Looks more like Lesley Judd from Blue Peter to me.
  9. My wife has a diesel estate which she uses to commute to work. I work from home with occasional trips out to see clients and thought the car club set-up would work fine. In truth it did for a while but there's now a couple of privately owned electric cars nearby whose owners are overstaying their charge times and basically using the chargers as free parking. I'm sure all these problems can be solved by clever pricing (Tesla in the US now restricts your free charging if you overstay by more than 15 mins). It will all be sorted but at the moment it's all a bit 'wild west' TBH.
  10. Definitely won't. I had a test drive in a Tesla S a few months ago as part of a car club open day. My high speed blast down the A1 completely flattened the battery and took it out of service for an hour whilst it was recharged. If you drive a Nissan Leaf at 80mph you will see the range go down by 1 mile every 20 seconds or so (although the range will recover and climb back up once you slow down). Electric cars are, undoubtedly, the future. At the moment the main problem isn't the range or even the cost - it's other electric car users. I've had to give up using the car club Leaf due to other users parking their cars on the local charging point. If you have your own driveway and can install a charger then it's all perfectly viable but I simply couldn't recommend it if you're dependent on on-street charging.
  11. Did anyone else have a darkroom? I had one for years and am shocked looking back at old photos just how much kit I ended up with - all to produce some 'arty' prints of rocks or whatever. Definitely was a hobby for those on 'the spectrum'. I doubled down on my madness by starting a holographic studio that used a pulsed ruby laser to make 3D holograms of live subjects. Caused myself a world of pain with that. I'd just got it all working well and had orders coming in when Agfa - the only manufacturers of holographic film at the time - decided to cease production and left me with masses of completely useless (and unsellable) kit. I made the move into computer based 3D graphics and manufactured 3D scanners instead (hence my username) which actually worked out for once. I don't really mourn the passing of traditional film.
  12. Mentioned earlier in this thread that I've been using a Nissan Leaf for the past couple of years. Rented from the local car club for an all-inclusive £4 /hour which seemed ok. I'd come to realise, however, that this electric car stuff was just adding another layer of hassle to my life and so, last weekend, I took the bus to a car dealer and bought a Golf, a diesel Golf. Stopped at a petrol station on the way home to fill it up. What a fantastic experience - the smell of petrol and diesel wafting through the air sent my heart soaring and I found myself sniffing the nozzle in the way you might sniff your index finger after a romantic encounter. I flicked through the multi function display to find the figure I was after and there it was ' Range 650 miles'. I kept repeating it to myself ' six hundred and fifty fucking miles'. Hallelujah. Hydrocarbons truly are the nectar of the Gods. We are so lucky.
  13. "Another product off my shopping list then". and mine.....
  14. I think the halal sticker on the carton is to tell you that there is no pig-derived gelatin in the sweets.
  15. My grandfather during the war. He was asked to volunteer by the Navy, even though he was in his mid forties, due to a critical shortage of trained divers . Looked like he was having fun but my father told me he was actually in a state of shock having just recovered two bodies that were stuck 20 feet down in lock gates that had been hit by a parachute mine. He had to use a crowbar to get the bodies out (he knew both the men). Not a pleasant job