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  1. But if Police always go around in pairs, how can they legally stop someone without breaking the no more than 2 congregating rules?
  2. Thinking back to my engineering degree days, I seem to recall coreolis acceleration would be negligible, but for this conversation important.
  3. Thank you for the thoughts. I am unlikely to have been your boss as I try and avoid that responsibility. I've assessed myself against your list, when should I start therapy?
  4. I've done this test a few times, and get a consistent 35.
  5. At 40 I am being assessed for Asperger's, because someone at work "just can't stand me" and has decided I am bullying him. I may or may not be Asperger's, but I have been reading up about it. I recently watched the programme about Chris Packham, and it was like my words and thoughts in someone else's voice. I am having real problems at work at the moment, I think this is because when I have been successful (and I have been very successful), I have been able to change my environment to suit me. My current work environment is very unchanging. With loving parents, I am sure
  6. If she has been in open water, a call to 111 might be in order https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/leptospirosis/ And make sure they are aware she has been kayaking. When I used to do work where I was at risk of this, I had a card to give to a doctor as it is easily confused with the flue, but much more serious. Best wishes
  7. Just imagine a Labour/SNP coalition negotiating British!
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