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  1. Can see why the monthly is appealing to some, but add on the initial rental and it's £9000 for two years. You'd be Billy Big Balls for a month or two. Then the novelty would wear off and you'd have tied up all your disposable cash until 2021 in a car you can't drive for fear of exceeding the mileage limit.
  2. Sons of millionaires who can afford top legal representation. No wonder the father is protesting like that.
  3. I don't like BBC angle either, there's no justification for what happened, but watching that CCTV you have to wonder what he was thinking. I've lived down there and it felt like a very safe and sleepy part of the world, never saw any violence down there. I saw a few incidents of peacocking; shouting and posturing never a danger of a punch being thrown. Always seemed funny to me coming from the North. I'd expect to see somebody throw a punch well before that duration and magnitude of verbals was reached. Think you've got 2 worlds colliding there. Pomeroy playing the shouty game, thinking it's a probability Pencille backs down, or possibly shouts back, but not contemplating it ending in violence (fancying his chances as the bigger man if it did). He's unaware he's interacting with somebody who lives by a whole different set of rules, who would do something so barbaric and disproportionate. Neither one backs down and it ends in the most awful way.
  4. Never heard that term before, you learn something new every day on here.
  5. Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee Furness. Have edited original post, but whilst I'm here:
  6. Edit; Didn't add names, Hugh Jackman and wife
  7. It's ridiculous the amount that's funnelled into their pensions. Wife works for the Local Council. She earns £11K (£18K pro rata for a 3 day week). Her pension increases £5K per year. That said the day to day working environment has been tightened up a lot. Staff numbers are reducing, people aren't replaced, less and less managers. It's gone from a very comfortable place to work, to a very difficult one.
  8. He's in for a rough ride ...
  9. I second IT security. Maybe starting with something like this: If you have free time, try programming too. There's so much free stuff available out there to start learning it or trying things out.
  10. I've got some Bose QC35s and they're great. Older version, there's a series 2 out now though. Same problem as you, I'm a developer but office noise can be distracting at times. I haven't got a clue what's going on around me at times with them on. Can see peoples mouths moving but can't hear anything. Similar for when I WFH, almost don't know the kids are there. I generally have music on as they work better than way, find it disorienting too without music. Think the cost me a bit over £200, can't believe I spent that much but very much worth it.
  11. I suspected I'd regret that post. But I hadn't realised how much until I saw that image.