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  1. I've used it to transfer (a significant amount) from USD to GBP when my Mum moved back. They were very good for me and I never had any issues. Had to pass a few checks and provide information early on, but after tha it was plain sailing. I think the saving was around £3K on £100K worth of transfers versus a traditional bank. I broke it down into smaller transfers of £10K to mitigate the risk of not being FSCS protected. Would use it again without hesitation.
  2. Can anybody find up to date stats on National Insurance Registrations? Up to 2014 there's data, followed by an upsurge after which they appear to have lost the ability to track or publish the statistics, odd that.
  3. Before the election they were talking of raising the higher rate of tax to £80K, that was quietly dropped, now they're mooting this. Same old shit different arsehole. Personally I've avoided promotion because of the tax bands, if they do this I'll be considering a 4 day week. Yet another reason productivity is bumping along the bottom.
  4. This video's great too. Wish I was that mobile, I think my heels come off the footplace too much when I'm starting the catch.
  5. Good decision in retrospect. But it's swings and roundabouts. Prior to that though I'd bought 2006 as a FTB. I was young and naive (prior to discovering TOS) it was pretty much at the top of the market. So at the time I was realising a £10K loss, >£20K loss if you take into account renovations and time spent. Yep Tories have been a let down. We all thought they were the free market party and that sense would prevail, but that didn't happen. In their defence Low Interest Rates/Booming house prices is a global thing so not just about their policies. They've tried to sort out BTL chancers, that's no longer such a lucrative route. MMR looks like an attempt to contain the craziness, but I'm not convinced on that one, maybe its impact is yet to be seen. Don't think they'll crash the market, but they may won't have a choice, DB's thread holds a bit of hope. Maybe there's a way to prepare yourself for the next downturn so you're in a position to act when others aren't.
  6. Similar here. 2011/12 I was happily saving money, whilst prices dropped. 2013 Osborne introduced HTB and thanks to TOS (for all it's faults and things it got wrong) I knew what it meant; time to bite the bullet and buy before as the HPI started again. Didn't realise it was the start of another 6 years of it though. Does feel like we just gone over the cusp of peak stupidity again and are on the way down. Maybe that's why they're about to drop interest rates again.
  7. Thanks. Is interesting to get an alternative index, it gives more of an insight into what's going on (since Rightmove Trends is long gone). You know when HaliWideMove come out with a 0.1% growth figure it's been manipulated.
  8. It's all over here in South Manchester, good areas, bad areas No matter where, they go where the expensive easily stealable cars are. Almost never hear of any 'traditional' burglaries now; TVs are too big and not worth very much. It's lock snapping to get the car keys, then in and out as quickly as possible and off with the cars.
  9. Think others have already covered it but: Jan and Feb can be pretty lifeless months. Once you've got the things you want to you start to look around and think "What now?" We've reduced ourselves to commenting on Harry and Meghan Maybe time to learn something, take a risk, do something you've been avoiding etc.
  10. 'Stunt cock work is a very common "workhorse" position in the pornography industry.' It even has a wiki page:
  11. Gets worse the more you look at it: Engaged after a year of dating. Married 9 months later, so less than 2 years from meeting to marriage. Sprogged within a year of being married, so 2 or 3 months of marriage (maybe less) before he has to play stuntcock. Leaving the country before the baby can crawl That's some going in 3 years; he's being railroaded from one stage to the next just about as fast as she can manage it.
  12. She's got him to move Country now. Isolate him even further from his family and friends? Take him to a country with more favourable divorce laws?
  13. Came here to post about that. Best job advert I've ever seen. I'm not smart enough and too old for it, but would apply to similar in a heartbeat. Lots of food for thought in that post, will read up on those papers later.
  14. A relative works for the AA I think a few on here have (probably rightly) warned against investing in them. He was on a final salary pension scheme. That was closed and he was moved on to a (still generous) scheme where he contributes 10% then the company adds 22%. Now he's being moved onto a contribute 5% and the company adds 7%. That's one heck of a pay cut. These things aren't usually isolated. One by one all the big firms closed off final salary schemes, wonder if they'll all start reducing their defined contribution schemes too?
  15. Friend was a pilot for Thomas Cook. Made redundant, got a job offer with Jet2. Only problem is it's a different type of plane so he has to fun his own training for just shy of £30K before he can start the job.