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  1. Ok so I'm back y'all. I called my Mom about my results because they were not what I was expecting. I was super excited to find out about my heritage and something that led back to Europe. And obviously that was not the case. I'm just finding out that my maternal lineage is 100% African. My Great Great Great Grandmother was a black woman. So technically speaking in my maternal lineage we just starting being white recently. A lot of my disappointment right now is coming from the fact that I was expecting to have a European lineage. My mom is a dark skinned woman, there have been traits of grandparents having black skin. I didn't get that trait, but it's in my DNA. Clearly because it showing up that it is black. Clearly it isn't exactly the news I was hoping to get.
  2. Napoleon Dynamite

    'The World really has lost the plot' Thread

    I thought this was a parody account, but alas no.
  3. Napoleon Dynamite

    How Populist are you?

    Same as you. You mustn't be from Yorkshire either
  4. Napoleon Dynamite

    Carpet Cleaning?

    I've hired a Rug Doctor on a number of occasions. It's pretty good.
  5. Napoleon Dynamite

    Ipswich school reports '30-year-old pupil' to Home Office

    What I wouldn't give ...
  6. Napoleon Dynamite

    Jordan Peterson

    Another decent interview:
  7. Napoleon Dynamite


    Prefer Apple, but don't mind a glass of Orange either.
  8. Napoleon Dynamite

    Autumn Budget

    Yep it's £860. Bad calcs on my part, I had lower tax at £12K rather than £12.5K. I think the Child Benefit clawback threshold has stayed static at £50K since it was introduced (in 2013?). I'm concerned about the Pension Tax Reforms, but think touching them would be dynamite. So all good for another year.
  9. Napoleon Dynamite

    Autumn Budget

    That's quite decent for somebody earning in that region. By my calcs (ignoring NI) a £50K earner in 18/19 pays £8360 PAYE. In 19/20 it's £7600. So £760 less to pay, that's a fair amount of money. The marginal tax after that is horrendous if in receipt of Child Benefit (and Marriage Allowance) though.
  10. Napoleon Dynamite

    Operation Nookie 60

    Sounds like a barmpot. Don't beat yourself up over it.
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    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes? F**king hell. Yet more infantilising of men, a list of real gems ... Can't talk about feelings. My Dad never told me he loved me. The #metoo movement has opened up communication between genders. I do think if us men were taught to be more vulnerable, we could be more compassionate and empathetic. Not learning the emotional labour stuff We like to show off but not put in the boring maintenance work in relationships. It's like we still need play dates organised for us
  12. Napoleon Dynamite

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Yep, was going to say similar. In the past when female friends have tried to set me up it's always been with somebody unsuitable (as in. I can do a lot better than that unsuitable). Whereas when blokes have done it (my girlfriend has a single friend you should meet thing) it's been with girls I think are a bit out of my league.
  13. Napoleon Dynamite

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Good man. I'm always rooting for you and TONA when I read the posts.
  14. Napoleon Dynamite

    Inappropriate music suggestions for Joe's date

  15. Napoleon Dynamite

    Cars for the non-petrolheads

    That model's 15/20 years old. They got the rest of the car right.