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  1. No But if you're determined to ignore the above: Consider a pre DPF model. Be prepared for a big bill or two (~£1K) if the worst happens Ensure it suits your type of driving. They're motorway cars, they're not for stop start short distance commuting.
  2. A search for Gear4Music found me this post, updated the values out of curiosity. Feb-17 Jun-17 Apr-19 Boohoo 100 220 195 Gear4Music 400 700 180 W7L Warpaint Cosmetics 150 285 102 GOCO Go Compare 75 96 79 PRISM Blue Prism 520 848 1632 PURP Purple Bricks 157 435 150 BXP 65 46 IQE 66 68 Shows you how crazy AIM is and why you should take care. Investing £10K in Feb 17 makes you £9K by Jun 17. Investing £10K Jun 17, loses you £2K by Apr 19.
  3. Motorola G6: The G7 is just out, so you can get good deals on the G6. I've had a G4 previously and it was great. I prefer Apple stuff, but can't justify the premium, you don't get enough for your money.
  4. I think he's great. Leave Nicolas Cage alone you bunch of bastards.
  5. Seriously though, a big part of what I believe in is giving to my kids, building them up. I can't comprehend your situation, but I bet you've got a lot to offer your kid. It's not right they're denied that because of an acrimonious split.
  6. It's interesting the way you got into it. I've not been bitten by the bug yet. Maybe I'll try upping the distance a bit and see if I can get to 10K. Model C's look much better value than the one's I've seen, will keep an eye out for one up North.
  7. That's some contrast in times. Good thing is that you know you've got loads of room for improvement. Will be rewarding to see those time dropping. I like the machines, but I'm a very infrequent user. Just do a 2K or 5K after weights occasionally. Best I've managed is a 7:11 2K (1:48) and a 18:50 5K (1:53), so your peak times are better than mine. What training plan did you follow in the past? Have you bought your own machine? I keep on looking on eBay, but haven't bought one yet. It's a lot of money, but I guess I could sell on for similar and I won't have lost much.
  8. Not a forum, but for a different take on things try: Starter for 10 ...
  9. defenestrate - Throw (someone) out of the window
  10. On the same day the State News Website were running a story on Asian Gold thefts:
  11. The run through the estate I'm living on. I'm 200m away, doesn't affect me, houses nearer than that don't have much problem selling Nobody knows. Officially there's no problem, anecdotally people don't like them. They can be noisy when it rains. 130m doesn't seem that close. Could use it to get the price down.
  12. You sound like me, next to nothing or far too much. Although every time I've tried 2 nights in a row in the last 10 years I've failed miserably.
  13. JD & Coke on a Friday or Sat night, but that's about it for me these days. Used to get smashed every weekend in my 20's, but more than happy with things this way now. Rarely go out these days, but if I do 5 or 6 drinks and I'm very merry. Towards 10 I'm smashed and the next day will be a write off.
  14. All depends on your budget. For just under £300 I'd be looking at something like this: If you could get by with a very basic old one, you can find them (on eBay) for upwards of £100.