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  1. PHE produce a weekly new cases report by health authority. This is as at week ending 25th June with the rate cases per 100,000. Sorted by descending order: Leicester - 140.2 Bradford - 69.4 Barnsley - 54.7 Rochdale - 53.6 Bedford - 42.0 Oldham - 38.6 Rotherham - 33.6 Tameside - 33.3 Blackburn with Darwen - 32.9 Kirklees - 30.3 Data is from here National COVID-19 surveillance data report week 26: More specifically Tab 9 of spreadsheet here:
  2. Rates keep on dropping, Barclays have just done a 1.99% 10 year fix. You can service £260K worth of debt for £100 a week, £260K is a lot of money, £100 a week isn't, it's quite a contrast. I think things will lock up and stagnate for a bit. I think it will take rates to rise before prices start dropping.
  3. That's an old one. Interesting analysis of it from 6 mins.
  6. On mine it's "Settings"->"Google (Services & preferences)" Brings up a "COVID-19 exposure notifications" option up I never knew was there. I've not updated the phone since March so that'll have been pushed automatically.
  7. Agents are increasing the prices on stuff that's coming back to market after falling through. Here's an example: Nov 2019 - Marketed at £495K Feb 2020 - SSTC Jun 2020 - Marketed at £510K So a sale falls through but Rightmove reports 15K price increase.
  8. If I was you I'd have somebody put it on a ramp and check for rust underneath. Mazdas are good cars, but a lot of them have been plagued by rust issues. I had a 04 Mazda 6 which suffered, although I've got an 11 reg one now and there's no a sign of it.
  9. 20 year old kid took his own life after racking up $700K losses. Sure it doesn't apply to anybody else on here, but goes to show some of the leverage out there.
  10. I don't like posts like that, it's usually congenial on here, but now you mention it I'm sceptical too. It's quite an eventful life for 26, posts read to me of somebody older, but maybe I'm just a boring jealous old fart.
  11. I think the popularity of SUV's finished off the Accord. Honda's CRV is a big seller. Pity as the Accord would be the perfect car for me, don't want something as big/expensive as a CRV at the moment.
  12. After the Lockdown, Police Brutality and Riots I thought things could only get better for the USA. How very very wrong I was:
  13. That's fair enough. I still like to get an understanding of it, but will treat it with scepticism. I've been meaning to read a Taleb book for a while so will take a look at that too. My virgin media childsafe blocked that, so it must be good. Looks useful, will use it to see if the books are worth all that money.